‘To hit the nail on the head’ versus ‘a fractured society’

Hit the nail on the head

To describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem.

I think Mick hit the nail on the head when he said that what’s lacking in this company is a feeling of confidence.

Cambridge Dictionary


“To hit the nail on the head” represents precision, accuracy, or the act of identifying or solving a problem perfectly. It’s about getting something exactly right or addressing an issue directly and effectively.

On the other hand, “a fractured society” signifies a broader, more complex issue—a society that’s divided, fragmented, and experiencing social, cultural, or political tensions and conflicts. It describes a state of disunity, with various groups or segments feeling disconnected, leading to social discord and challenges in cohesion and collaboration.

So, in a way, these expressions represent different ends of a spectrum. “To hit the nail on the head” focuses on precision and effectiveness in solving an issue, while “a fractured society” paints a picture of the larger societal divisions and challenges that might require a more comprehensive approach to address.

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20 apr 2018