Misguided Justice


Unreasonable or unsuitable because of being based on bad judgment or on wrong information or beliefs:

He was shot as he made a misguided attempt to stop the robbers single-handed.
The company blamed its disappointing performance on a misguided business plan.

Synonym ill-conceived

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Fingerprint match clears man after 36 years in prison following rape case

1 The Man Wrongfully Convicted for 36 Years || STEVE HARVEY

Gepubliceerd op 8 mei 2019

In 1983, Archie Williams was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison. This March, thanks to The Innocence Project, he was cleared and finally released. Today he told his story to Steve.

2 Fingerprint match clears man after 36 years in prison

27 mrt. 2019


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Fingerprint match clears man after 36 years in prison following rape case

A man serving a life sentence following his conviction for a 1982 rape and stabbing was freed last week after a match in a fingerprint database led to his exoneration.

The Innocence Project, a nonprofit focused on wrongful convictions, announced Thursday that Archie Williams had walked free after a Louisiana district court commissioner vacated his conviction after 36 years in prison.

“Mr. Williams first wrote to the Innocence Project for help in 1995. He was 35 years old,” Vanessa Potkin, the project’s director of post-conviction litigation, said in a statement. “Today, he walked out of prison at age 58.”

The commissioner, Kinasiyumki Kimble, moved last month to search an expanded FBI fingerprint database using prints left decades ago at the scene of the crime — a proposal to which prosecutors agreed.
Multiple fingerprints were left leading into the bedroom of the Baton Rouge home where the attack occurred, according to the nonprofit, all of which were ruled out as Williams’ at the trial.

The result: Fingerprint lifts taken from the scene led to the identification of another man, Stephen Forbes, who had confessed to multiple rapes after a 1986 arrest near the location of the crime for which Williams was convicted, the Innocence Project said.

Forbes died in prison in 1996, according to the nonprofit.

“If Commissioner Kimble had not insisted on, and First Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings had not agreed to, a fingerprint search, Williams would have died in prison,” Emily Maw, senior counsel at the Innocence Project New Orleans, said in a statement.

Maw urged Louisiana lawmakers to give incarcerated people legal and open access to evidence that could prove them innocent and to allow experts to inform jurors how witnesses’ memories can unwittingly change over time.

The nonprofit said Williams was convicted “almost exclusively” on an identification by the victim, who identified Williams after seeing his photo a fourth time. Williams’ mother, sister and friend testified that he was asleep at home when the attack unfolded, the group recounted.

Williams’ relatives burst in tears Thursday after Kimble announced he would go free, citing “powerful evidence that Stephen Forbes committed this crime and Archie Williams did not,” according to The Advocate.

The newly freed man left courthouse surrounded by relatives, the newspaper reported.

“The sweet part about it is that I’m free, but the bitter part about it is that I’m not totally free because I inherited a family while I was in (prison) that’s just as innocent as I am,” Williams said,

3 When Prosecutors Withhold Information, Innocent People Go To Prison—or Worse.

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Gepubliceerd op 28 jun. 2016

When it comes to deciding what evidence a jury should hear when deciding innocence or guilt, the American criminal justice system entrusts prosecutors with extraordinary power.

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The Private Eye Trying to Prove an Innocent Man Was Sentenced to Death


Kenneth Clair has spent more than three decades in prison for the rape and murder of a young woman in Orange County, California. But he’s been seeking a retrial since ever since private eye CJ Ford uncovered the fact that the county DA had tested DNA evidence found on the scene and that it didn’t match Clair.

But the DNA testing isn’t the only piece of information the county withheld in this case. Prosecutors failed to disclose that the county had offered deals or incentives to multiple witnesses who testified against Clair.

In the case of Kenneth Clair, who lost when facing a prosecutor who purposely withheld information in multiple cases over the years, Sanders believes there are lingering questions that only fresh examination of the evidence can address.

“What else wasn’t turned over?” asks Sanders. “In a case like Clair, the right outcome, at the very minimum, is to give him a new trial.”

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Kenneth Clair’s death sentence earlier this year for murky reasons unrelated to evidence disclosure. He continues to serve a life sentence and is seeking a new trial.

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Exonerated: Thomas Raynard James

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29 apr. 2022

Thomas Reynard James speaks with Kendis Gibson after being exonerated for a murder charge after serving 30 years in prison.
K. M.
An amazing and resilient man. He has a calling to fulfill. 🙏🏼
Laura Anne
Praying for you Thomas!
Toshea Collier
I believe he is going to do very well. Welcome Home❤
Linda Jevahirian
how can he not be bitter? amazing survival.

Thomas James is free after Justice Project finds him innocent

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28 apr. 2022

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday the Justice Project’s legal unit found a man was wrongly convicted for murder in 1991. He was freed on Wednesday.
Big High Test
This is as bad as it gets. This man got stripped 32 years of his life because the Miami justice system is racist and lazy. Unbelievable. Big lawsuits might follow this.
Curtis H.
I would never be satisfied unless all surviving jurors and prosecutors in my case were immediately stripped of their freedom and sentenced to life in prison.
Lance Leavitt
Justice for an innocent man. I don’t know his attorney but she is a true American hero. Thank you for bringing the truth out into the open.
Hopefully he’ll be able to adjust. The world is different from 30years ago
JQ’S Queue
He spent more years of his life in prison the he did as a free man wow. No amount of money can ever buy that time back.
Hiske Bekkering
Best argument against the death penalty. No doubt have innocent people been executed for crimes they did not commit. Fortunately in this case, justice can still be done. I hope Mr. James will enjoy his new found freedom, and fulfill his dreams.
I bet he learned some good Gospel music in there.
Taylor Wasser
Oh Kathy didn’t want one more presser with a red jumpsuit and cuffs??

Thomas Raynard James Walks Out Of Prison, Exonerated After Spending 30 Years Behind Bars

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28 apr. 2022
CBS4’s Bobeth Yates reports on how Thomas Raynard James who spent three decades in prison for a murder he has always denied he committed, is now a free man.
Big High Test
Good now make him the next Mayor of Miami. It’s only fitting.
carpe diem
they need to change the justice system in the united states it’s terrible to be innocent for 30 years in prison time is precious and never to be made up, completely destroy someone s life, poehh, thomas raynard james, i am so glad for you, in freedom now, poehhh, god bless you and your family and the system have to pay you a lot of money back

Judge exonerates Miami-Dade man after 32 years of wrongful imprisonment

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27 apr. 2022

Thomas Raynard James walked into prison on March 6, 1991. He was supposed to serve life, but corrections freed him on Wednesday afternoon — after 32 years and 52 days behind bars for crimes prosecutors said he didn’t commit.
Pedro collazo
They owe him a new life!! God bless this man!!
Eye witness testimony can’t always be trusted. Glad you free now bro, hopefully you get a hefty payout.
Big High Test
He should sue the county and state for this. This is criminal.
Peanut Gallery
They should give him a bill for housing and feeding him when he knew he was there under false pretenses.
Chris J
I don’t understand why his previous conviction and record matter. He didn’t do the crime. So, pay the man his money. Period!
Cut the dude a ten million dollar check, at least.
Arthur Bouye
How many other people has the criminal justice system failed??
James West
There was no other evidence how many people are locked up because of one persons picking them out gross
Whether he had a record or not before he was charged and convicted of this is irrelevant , the fact is he was wrongly charged and convicted of THIS crime and was innocent , he was wrongly sentenced to jail for THIS crime , he spent 32 years in jail for THIS crime when he was innocent so he absolutely SHOULD be entitled to the 50k a yr that the state now owes him . The state is just f*cking him over yet again and screwing him yet again and taking from him yet again . smfh
Xiomara Arroyo
That’s messed up! He deserves that $$$!!!!!
Susan V
Sue the snot out of them!
Ron DeSantis Needs to Make sure this man gets his money and more
Salt Life
Give him the money he deserves!
Life Is Poetic be Stoic
This man ought to be drove around picking out any home he wants. Any vehicle. $1.5 million dollars is fair. He deserves that much. Plus pyschological evaluations and help paid. Plus another 1 million dollar for pain and suffering. He can never get back those lost yrs. He might even go back to prison because he can’t adjust. Everything needs to be done to help him.. Alot of vultures are coming after his 💰 money.
Yayo Kaine
32 years?! Pay em !!
Angel Reed
Brother, sue the Hell out of them……Now!!
Adam Torres
It’s always a blk man. Everytime I see one of these wrongful convictions, it’s always a blk man, and sometimes blk women too, and they want to tell you nothing’s broken.
Samuel Johnson
They better make him whole, NOTHING less, 32 years, the state of Florida BETTER MAKE HIM WHOLE.
Writtenhouse Security
So where is the evidence that he did not do it ????? 🤔🤔 Did the other guy confess or is he not alive now? 🤨🤨
D.J. Shout revelation
A damn shame! Enough is enough!
Archie Burson
$50,000 per year doesn’t come close to being enough
😅 that’s only 1.6 million! They should be happy to give him that 😏 I was thinking he deserve at least 5,10 M’s
Clinton Williams
It don’t make sense because of his past record he isn’t eligible for money the state owes him.
Not eligible for the money. You have got to be kidding me
anthony gutierrez
That’s some bull chet right there.
A Aa
Where is the BLM. They love stuff like this. Way to make money
kevin d
Free Ronel Desinor he was wrongfully convicted from broward county completely innocent case was also on the episode first 48

Family Of Victim Speaks Out After Accused Killer Exonerated

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27 apr. 2022

Thomas Raynard James has been exonerated of the 1991 for the robbery and shooting death of Francis McKinnon in a Coconut Grove apartment.
I know how that family feels but the system didn’t just fail them they failed an innocent man as well. My condolences to the family and who ever killed him he’s probably in jail or dead. I believe they got the justice. But the one who has the last say is the Mighty man upstairs named God!
HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN
You’re in America, just take the check and the forced apology. YOU FORGET YOURSELVES

Man freed after wrongfuly imprisoned for 3 decades

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28 apr. 2022

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday the Justice Project’s legal unit found a man was wrongly convicted for murder in 1991. He was freed on Wednesday.


The “it’s horrible” got me.. it’s crazy how there’s so many innocent ppl are in prison.
Big High Test
This is as bad as it gets. This man got stripped 32 years of his life because the Miami justice system is racist and lazy. Unbelievable. Big lawsuits might follow this.
Greg Greg
Well that’s crazy this man is so strong to endure this🦾 shows you how stupid the police 👮🏿 and the justice system are sometimes it’s just one after the other and they don’t even check the spelling😱
Next time you have a bad day, reflect on having 11,680 days stolen from you. Even if he gets some sort of restitution, 32 years gone. Be it Military Service, Company Employment, Marriage, or a Prison Sentence… 30 years is considered a lifetime. Dude lost a lifetime of experience because some folks couldn’t be bothered to review facts or functionally utilize evidence, and too many folks were focused on finding someone to blame, rather than finding the actual perpetrator.
AffordableWebsite Rescue
I’m glad his mom got to see this day
Kandy Johnson
This is happening to my sister right now!!! We have been through hell with her case! I’m so glad he is finally FREE! PLEASE BE A ADVOCATE FOR THE INNOCENT!! WHAT A GREAT ATTORNEY!!! I pray for my sister.
Salt Life
Everything in his life should be free for the rest of his life!
In the times we are in, even if he’s finally free, he still lost.
Rhiannon Rose
Doesn’t surprise me he wants a job lol he’s ready to be a functioning member of society.Sounds like an awesome man with big plans.he deserves the best.Bless his beautiful mama she got to see it!!!!Good luck to him!!!
Alwyn French
God is good all the time, all the time God is good. It’s a blessing to see you out of jail. Amen
Quality Flooring Manitou Springs CO.L.L.C
Now it’s time to file that big old lawsuit and get paid. And whatever you do do not show no remorse because the state of Florida surely does not!
But, the guy who committed the robbery and murder is still out there!
Michael. Abosaid
It ain’t racism if most of the criminals happen to look like him. They just got the wrong guy. He ought to get paid heavily for this instead of now “hoping to land a job”.
He deserves millions but yet he has to find a job
Congratulations Bro – enjoy your life as a free man
Melanie Medina
God we ask you to help the transition of Thomas James to be successful. We ask that you give him the opportunity to speak at law schools, police academies and forensic schools to tell his story and that it may never be repeated again. In Jesus name Amen. 🙏
They owe him so much. It’s always a Blackman fits the description and boom detained and deprived from their rights.
john brown
Hopefully he sues for 4 trillion.
Shirley Murray
Wow, it’s always someone black in these situations 🤨🖤..
Melanin Visions
What’s the name of the book he was carrying?
Gertrudis Vazquez
Y porque No ponen en prision a todos los delincuentes que hay en Miami vendiendo drogas, robando etc? A los inocentes los culpan de cargos que no son. Que injusticia.
Ms. Elite
will they pay him?
Bill Wilson
well, he was doing time for all the crimes he never got charged with !,,,no glucks for him !

Wrongfully convicted man enjoys first day of freedom in over 32 years

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29 apr. 2022

One day after his release from prison, Thomas Raynard James is happy to be a free man.
This is not justice. the justice system here is backwards. 32 years of his life was stolen, and he is owed more than compensation.
AffordableWebsite Rescue
I’m so happy for him and his family!
Honeya Fun
What a bittersweet story, on the one hand, thank goodness he’s finally free, on the other hand they stole his life and he’s just one of the many and most of those many never get the justice. Sincerest best wishes to Mr James and his family, and hopes for the brightest of futures. ❤
A.J. Franklin
32 years!! No amount of money or apology can give that time back to him. This is an example of the criminal justice system rushing to convict rather than doing an extensive criminal investigation.
I appreciate he’s optimism. But, I still want him to get compensated for how much time was lost. I want his mama to have her bills paid, and I want whatever family he’s got to be better off.
To hell with that bs T. Get those bags!!! Sue the city, county, and state!!! You’re well within you’re right. 32 damn long years, what an absolute shame on them. They’re are hoping and wishing that you forget, then after 2 years, they’ll be in the clear and forget all about you. Get your justice Thomas!!! Take a good chunk out of the federal money they oh so desperately depend on. Get it Thomas!!!
5ivestar Finesse
If he was wrongfully convicted, where’s the justice for him?
Maybe 1000
This is my reason against the death penalty. Sometimes mistakes are made, and I would not be able to live with myself if I had anything to do with killing an innocent person. As it is they can never give him back the life he should have had.
Scott Johnson
I’m glad you have been released for something you didn’t do. Now sue them.
Raymond Chadd
I hope they pay the man for being held in prison for those lost years This man saying I don’t have any bad feelings towards know one is not right But in saying that Jesus knows who’s behind it all Pity this person Judgement is coming sooner than he thinks
Peachy Queenie
Why am I hearing about these cases every single day. I hope he gets paid.
Jack Simmons
He still looks young
Wanda Bellamy
That man can’t get that time back, So the least you all can do is pay him 1 million for every year…that’s a little compensation…he needs to get a “Damn good lawyer”
If he’s really innocent, good for him. And pay him a few mill for his time and suffering……the witness ID’d him at the time and said she’d never forget his face………..now, 30 years later, they got her to recant her testimony…….who knows
Felecia G Miller
Thank God he is free now pay the man for his time.
Big High Test
Spending “nearly” 30 years? Yeah it was 31 years in prison. Good job Channel 10.
Pay him,he lost a chance ,to marry,have kids,all that time wasted his kids would have been working adults now .he could have accomplished a lot in 32yrs,pay him and next time be 100% sure you are arresting a guilty person
Philo McMasters
Pay the man! $$$$$$$
Memememe 1
Are they paying him for the wrongful conviction??
christopher hennessey
Sue for wrongful conviction.
marroon rider
where oprah? he deserves a little reality series
Deputy Dawg
Get it right before you convict….
Kim k’s Buttplug
My man in Ralph his first day out fym
Big High Test
The Miami justice system is pretty much a modern day slave plantation.
I bet he learned many Gospel songs there.
At least pay him $320,000

Prosecutors find man was wrongly convicted of 1990 murder

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27 apr. 2022

In 1990, two burglars burst through the front door of an apartment in Miami-Dade County. One was masked; the other was not. Francis McKinnon walked out of his bedroom armed with a gun.
Highly Favored
there’s no amount of money that you can give this man to repay those 32 years
Big High Test
This is as bad as it gets. This man got stripped 32 years of his life because the Miami justice system is racist and lazy. Unbelievable. Big lawsuits might follow this.
Vince H
An AG that does the right thing is so refreshing!
Crazy32 People
Just sad and unfortunately it’s mostly POC…
Darren Belizaire
Better get $3 million
Ernestine Reeves
Pay him thz makes no sense

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Prosecutors find man was wrongly convicted of murder in 1991

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Prosecutors asked a Miami-Dade County judge to exonerate a man who was wrongly convicted of murder. The prosecutions’ Justice Project found the man was wrongly convicted of murder in 1991.
Big High Test
This is as bad as it gets. This man got stripped 32 years of his life because the Miami justice system is racist and lazy. Unbelievable. Big lawsuits might follow this.
Nessie Zee
I’m happy for him, but damn you can’t give anyone back even a second that they spent doing something they didn’t want to do. Pay this man!!!!
Uncommonly Common
Was that a book written by him? If so, they should’ve acknowledged that during the report
My Goodies Store
Thank God, but he is one of many many many and many. Hopefully he can rebuild his life with the settlement, which is not nearly enough for all the time he will never get back.
Phillip White
A lie don’t care who tell it

Prisoner claiming innocence for 32 years may have life sentence vacated

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27 apr. 2022

A man who has been claiming innocence for 32 years may be getting out of prison.
Trina Jacquillard
God Bless his case gets dissolved quickly and his freedoms released as soon as possible… he’s been through too much but deserves soo much
Big High Test
Striking similar features? You can’t be serious WPLG. I hope this man sues everything the Miami-Dade SA office has. What a well-organized slave plantation that office is.
Norman Delisser
Dammmm the law makes mistakes too only things work out right cause he lost a lot of time just be strong brother
Cole Matt
It’s another time to set a goal for the year, one need to set goals and take bold steps in achieving them. Remember success is not obtained overnight, you have to stop procrastinating and try what you have always wanted to improve in you’re life and well being. Investment will take you closer to your dreams.
They need to do better investigating instead of trying to rush to solve the case made sure they have the right person before destroying an innocents person life.This is just sad
Lou Sensei
Been seeing a lot of stories like this lately. It makes me both happy and sad 🧐
Luis D. Martinez
“Soon anonymous tips began pouring in…” cuts away to a guy dialing 911 on a rusted payphone! Oh Miami, you never disappoint! Set Mr. James free!
Can someone explain why it takes so long to release innocent people yet we release criminals on bond everyday?
Charles Hamilton
Thirty two years, jeez, break out the checkbook
Wow!! Witness account is only 40% accurate.
Gamer Gamesmanship
Why he look younger than when he first went in🤔
Kate Lane
Settlement around sentencing
Ginio Lamy
They look nothing alike
Jake L
Wow. That sucks.

4 Dropping Car Keys In A Sewer Prank

12 jul. 2012

Police officer from the bomb squad stops cars to search them for hidden explosive devices. When he finds one, he enlists a little kid to go retrieve it and make it explode in a garbage somewhere far away from them.
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