It stands to reason

It stands to reason

Said when something is obvious or clear from the facts.

It stands to reason that If 20 percent of the earth’s population has 80 percent of its resources, then it stands to reason that 80 percent of the population has only 20 percent of the resources.

Cambridge Dictonary

The English expression equivalent to the Dutch saying “Dat staat als een paal boven water” is “It stands to reason” or “It’s as clear as day.” This expression is used to convey absolute certainty or the undeniable truth of a statement or fact.

The expression “It stands to reason” is a phrase used to indicate that a conclusion or statement is logical, sensible, or highly probable based on the available information. Here are the key points associated with this expression:

  1. Logical Inference: The phrase is often used to introduce a statement or conclusion that can be reasonably inferred or deduced from the given circumstances or facts.

  2. Common Sense: It implies that the idea being presented is in line with common sense or sound reasoning, making it a plausible or self-evident conclusion.

  3. High Probability: The expression suggests a high degree of probability, indicating that the outcome or conclusion is likely to be true or accurate.

  4. Clear and Obvious: It conveys a sense of clarity and obviousness, emphasizing that the conclusion is so apparent that it requires little explanation or argument.

  5. Rationality: “It stands to reason” reflects a rational approach to problem-solving or decision-making, where the conclusion logically follows from the given premises.

  6. Implicit Understanding: The phrase often assumes that the listener or reader will easily recognize the validity of the statement without the need for extensive explanation.

  7. Assumed Truth: It operates on the assumption that the information provided is widely accepted or known, supporting the logical connection being made.

  8. Persuasive Tone: When used in communication, the expression can carry a persuasive tone, encouraging others to accept the stated conclusion based on its logical merit.

In summary, “It stands to reason” is a phrase that emphasizes the logical and sensible nature of a conclusion, indicating that the given information leads naturally to the stated outcome.

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Journalist & Broadcaster Sonia Poulton reflects on the TV drama about the Post Office scandal that destroyed lives & says people responsible must be held accountable – not given more high paid & influential leading roles.  / soniapoulton  .

At minute 3:30: Jo Hamilton
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Post Office Barrister Richard Morgan KC Compares Post Office Case against Lee Castleton to a ‘Second Hand Car’ as he testifies to the Post Office Inquiry.

He tells Jason Beer KC that had he known about unaudited and unauditable remote access by Fujitsu to Horizon that he ‘thinks’ he would have been uncomfortable acting in the face of such adverse information for their case.

He says he would have ‘kicked the tyres more’ to ensure that he was comfortable with the case he was brining forward on behalf of the Post Office.

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