Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Be neither fish nor fowl

Like one thing in some ways and like another thing in other ways

Cambridge Dictionary

It’s used to describe something that doesn’t fit into a specific category or isn’t clearly defined. It conveys the idea of being in between or not belonging to either of the referenced options.

Neither fish nor fowl” can be used in a situation that is called “het stelt niet veel voor” in Dutch.

Both expressions convey a sense of something being unremarkable, insignificant, or not particularly impressive.

They can be used when describing a situation, an object, or an event that lacks significance or fails to meet expectations.

For example:

“Dit nieuwe restaurant heeft een vreemde mix van gerechten op het menu – het is eigenlijk noch vis noch vlees. Het stelt niet veel voor.”

“This new restaurant has a strange mix of dishes on the menu – it’s neither fish nor fowl. It’s not particularly impressive.”

Both “neither fish nor flesh” and “neither fish nor fowl” are idiomatic expressions in English that convey a similar meaning.

They both describe something or someone that doesn’t fit into clear categories or doesn’t belong to any particular group.
They imply a sense of ambiguity or not fitting neatly into established classifications.

While they might have subtle contextual differences, they’re often used interchangeably to convey the same idea.

The key points of the expression “Neither fish nor fowl” are as follows:

  1. Uncertainty: The expression suggests a lack of clear categorization or classification for the subject being described.

  2. Ambiguity: It implies that the subject does not fit neatly into any specific group, category, or definition.

  3. In-between state: The subject is characterized by being in an intermediate or ambiguous position, not clearly belonging to one particular group or another.

  4. Not fully satisfactory: It conveys the idea that the subject is not entirely acceptable or does not meet the expected criteria of any particular category.

  5. Unconventional or unusual: It may describe something that is unique, uncommon, or does not conform to standard expectations.

  6. Challenging to understand: The expression suggests that the subject’s nature or characteristics may be puzzling or difficult to grasp due to its unconventional or undefined status.

Overall, “Neither fish nor fowl” is used to describe situations, objects, or individuals that don’t fit into conventional molds, creating uncertainty and making it challenging to place them into specific categories.

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