The Blacksmith’s Secret

The expression “the blacksmith’s secret” is often used to convey the same meaning as the Dutch expression “het geheim van de smid.”

Both expressions refer to a secret or a special technique that is known only to the person or people who practice a particular craft or profession.

The idea is that just as a blacksmith has his own unique methods and tricks for working with metal, so too might someone in another profession have their own secrets for achieving success.

Rat In Cheese Prank

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22 mei 2011

Shoppers at the mall are asked to keep an eye on a fresh cheese stand, when two cheeses suddenly hop off the table and start running all over the place. But the cheeses aren’t possessed…sticking out of the delicious cheese wheels are long, disgusting rat tails! The cheeses make noise and squeak as they scamper off to find a rat hole to hide in.

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