Fujitsu, Gareth Jenkins: Hidden Truth & Systemic Injustice

Gareth Jenkins Post Office Scandal: 'They clearly wanted me to say everything was perfect'

Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry live: Crucial prosecution witness Gareth Jenkins says Post Office ‘tried to put words in my mouth’ | Law Gazette

1 Enjoy the Brilliant Work of Lawyers Grilling Gareth Jenkins

LIVE Post Office Inquiry questions former Fujitsu engineer Gareth Jenkins for final day

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Well done
Miss Page and
Mr. Sam Stein KC

The brilliant lawyers in the adjacent video

At minute 55 in the video: loose language.

The expression “loose language” refers to the use of words or phrases that are vague, imprecise, or not carefully considered. When Gareth Jenkins says “this is loose language,” he likely means that the wording being discussed is not specific or accurate enough, which could lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations. In the context of a legal inquiry, precise language is crucial to ensure clarity and avoid any ambiguity that could affect the outcome or the understanding of the issues at hand.

Gareth Jenkins, the Intellectual Expert, Distinguished Engineer, and Horizon IT System Architect, is a Cambridge graduate with a degree in mathematics.


Notice: The content of the video starts at 26:30.
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2 It is a perilous undertaking to present something that is as it is, as perfect

The Legal Expert and Distinguished Engineer, Horizon IT System Architect, was failing because he was not independent.
He worked his entire career for Fujitsu, which was part of the prosecution team, and was a key person responsible for wrongly imprisoning Miss Seema Misra.

“The defense by Ms. Page is outstanding in her questioning of Gareth Jenkins regarding the well-known questionable quality of the software (photo below: the lawyer next to Ms. Misra and her husband)
Nick Wallis, in his book, describes his contact with a programmer who joined the team and provides an account of the total lack of competence among those who created the Horizon IT system.

The inconvenient truth,
simply put, was that
the program code was very poor,
and this was the reason for the subpostmasters’ shortfalls.

The subpostmasters were completely innocent,
yet they were prosecuted and
convicted for something they didn’t do.

And not least, over 230 were even put in jail.

The video resumes at 1:37:45 with Mr. Sam Stein KC questioning Gareth Jenkins.

  • The British Post Office is a prime example of a system that is fundamentally flawed. Gareth Jenkins, despite his reprehensible lack of ethics, is merely a cog in the wheel.
  • A corporate culture described by former subpostmaster Sir Allan Bates as ‘beyond repair’.
  • This becomes evident in the continuation of this webpage, which illustrates how documents should be updated on a large scale.
  • Besides the other mentioned web pages regarding Gareth Jenkins at the bottom of this page in point 7.

At the end of the questioning, at 1:25:00,

The sentence below in double quotes is the most important one in Gareth Jenkins’ entire talk.

Gareth Jenkins explains:
“that he was trapped in a situation
he was doing something he shouldn’t have done“.

The idea that presenting something
as both inherently flawed and perfect simultaneously
is challenging and risky

Seema Misra and husband Davinder and lawyer Miss Page

A former senior Fujitsu engineer has denied knowing the “gory details” of remote access to the faulty Horizon system which caused Post Office subpostmasters to be falsely accused of having taken money from branch accounts.

Gareth Jenkins told the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry he thought any remote access would have been visible to subpostmasters and could be distinguished from changes made by third parties, although he acknowledged he knew it was “theoretically possible” this might not always be the case.

Mr Jenkins worked at Fujitsu, formerly known as International Computer Limited, for the whole of his professional career before retiring in 2015, and had been a “distinguished engineer” since the mid-1990s.

His evidence about the Horizon system was used in the prosecutions of many subpostmasters, including Seema Misra, who was given a 15-month prison sentence in November 2010, when she was eight weeks pregnant.

Previous witnesses to the inquiry have claimed Mr Jenkins may have committed perjury due to his failure to disclose knowledge of bugs in the Horizon system to the subpostmasters.

3 Fujitsu engineer Gareth Jenkins grilled by a lawyer

Post Office scandal: Ex-Fujitsu engineer denies hiding problems with Horizon during trial

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Post Office Inquiry: Engineer denies hiding problems with Horizon during trial

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This was in the early years of the Horizon IT system

The email from Gareth Jenkins about the problems below dates from 2005.

Post Office Scandal – Gareth Jenkins

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14 jul 2024

Some critical analysis on what might have been revealed by Gareth Jenkins’ testimony to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry.
00:00 – Start
02:10 – Dirty wizard or
05:55 – 1. Move fast and break things
09:31 – 2. The moralisation of technology
11:46 – 3. Computer code is moral code
17:14 – Conclusion

4 Post Office investigator Graham Ward a man in trouble

Horizon IT Inquiry: 4 Graham Ward – U-turn or what?

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In première gegaan op 23 jun 2024
This contrasts what Graham Ward said earlier in the inquiry (Feb 1st 2024) and later (June 20th 2024). You decide…


Graham Ward was the Post Office investigator who helped put former Subpostmaster Noel Thomas away. Whether he did so by perverting the course of justice is something the Metropolitan Police (his current employer) will be looking at very closely, after today’s evidence session. The Metropolitan Police are core participants to the Inquiry.
Mr Ward was called back to the Inquiry after his first evidence session on 1 Feb this year. During that evidence session he was taken by Jason Beer KC to various emails surrounding a witness statement drafted in late 2005 by Fujitsu engineer Gareth Jenkins which was going to be used as part of the Post Office’s prosecution case against Noel Thomas.
Jenkins had written in his statement that a zero value transaction (an issue being raised as evidence of Horizon error by Mr Thomas) could be caused by one of three things, the third one being “there has been some sort of system failure – such failures are normal occurrences”.
Graham Ward did not like this. He told his colleagues it was “potentially very damaging”.
Beer took him to a marked-up version of Jenkins’ witness statement sent in an email by Ward back to the Fujitsu team. By now it was early 2006. In the body of the email Ward had written that it was “important” to get the attached witness statement right “and ensure that we’re not embarrassed at court, we certainly could be if we produce the statement accepting ‘system failures are normal occurrences’ end quote’.”

Embarrassed at court – system failures are normal

5 Post Office and Fujitsu Management FAILINGS Laid Bare

Post Office and Fujitsu Management FAILINGS Laid Bare

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7 feb 2024

Post Office and Fujitsu Management FAILINGS Laid Bare during the Phase 4 Closing Statement to the Post Office Inquiry by Hudgells, the solicitors representing a number of convicted subpostmasters due to the Post Office prosecutions.

Management failings at both the Post Office and Fujitsu stem beyond a lack of oversight but also wade into encouragement of the approach taken by employees at both organisations in the battle waged against subpostmasters and the dogmatic adherence to ‘Horizon is robust’.

We hear how reputation of both Post Office and Fujitsu – and the success of the Horizon project – were put above anything else

Post Office Inquiry: Watch as former company secretary Alwen Lyons gives evidence.

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6 The lawyer’s conspiracy with his client to downplay important matters

In the British Post Office Scandal, the lawyer’s conspiracy with his client to downplay important matters was a critical issue.

SPM’s are All Liars and Criminals. This is what Andrew Parsons thought of the Subpostmasters

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15 jun 2024

SPM’s are All Liars and Criminals. This is what Andrew Parsons thought of the Subpostmasters when he was prosecuting the innocent.

He didn’t even take personal responsibility for his actions just saying things like “his company” “we” etc. Never, I did those things

The Post Office had a stranglehold on the narrative regards the Horizon system and anybody who dared to contradict Vennels and Perkins were quickly dealt with.

Somewhat similar to Putins stranglehold on his narrative regards Ukraine.

The Metropolitan Police have got together an 80 strong task force to look into whether or not perjury or perverting the course of justice took place.

And if it did, then what? Given the Met Police’s record of late there is no real point in this task force.
I bet all the heirarchy of the Post Office at the time, have got twitchy nether regions and worried sick about spending time in one of the Kings hotels for bad people.

Fujitsu employees ‘dragged over coals’ if they admitted issues with Post Office software | ITV News

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1 feb 2024

A former employee at a Fujitsu call centre who dealt with queries from sub-postmasters about the Horizon system told ITV News that staff would have been “dragged over the coals” if they admitted the software had problems.

Nate Orrow worked at Fujitsu’s Stevenage call centre for two years, between 2010 and 2012.

Speaking exclusively to ITV News, he said that when sub-postmasters were required to balance their accounts, the call centre would be “back to back for hours” with queries.

7 Four more webpages about expert engineer Gareth Jenkins
8 A paradigm case of a sub-postmaster journey with an shortfall by the Post Office’s Horizon

A sub-postmasters journey: the story of Tim Brentnall

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3 jul 2023
An explainer of a paradigm case of a sub-postmaster or -postmistresses’ journey from being presented with an unexplained shortfall by the Post Office’s Horizon system to being convicted of dishonesty, a conviction eventually quashed in 2021.

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