The circumstances


A fact or event that makes a situation the way it is:

I think she coped very well under the circumstances.
Obviously we can’t deal with the problem until we know all the circumstances.
She died in suspicious circumstances.
We oppose capital punishment in/under any circumstances.
Under no circumstances should you (= you should not) approach the man.
The meeting has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.


Events that change your life, over which you have no control:
They were victims of circumstance.
We were obliged to go by force of circumstance.


How much money someone has:
Grants are available depending on your circumstances.
By now she was alone and living in reduced circumstances (= with little money).

1 Stopping The Cycle Of Incarceration | Jon Feinman | TEDxCambridge

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Gepubliceerd op 22 jun. 2016
We are currently spending $64B – $80B a year to incarcerate people. But what if that’s not the best solution? What if our current solution is actually the cause of the problem. Jon Feinman discusses how our instincts play into a system of mass incarceration, and how we can focus on including people rather than segregating.

As founder and executive director of InnerCity Weightlifting (ICW), Jon is focused on aligning the vision, strategy, culture, and growth of ICW to increase economic mobility and social inclusion for young people at the highest-risk for violence; all while shifting perceptions, so that the factors that lead to segregated pockets of violence fade away changing the course for future generations. Building upon his experience with AmeriCorps and as a personal trainer, Jon received his MBA from Babson College in 2010 where he launched ICW.

2 Innocent Man Imprisoned for 24 Years – Now His Ex-Wife Wants His Payout

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Steven Phillips was wrongly convicted of sexual assault but then exonerated and freed after 24 years in prison. He received a settlement worth $6 million from the state of Texas, but his ex-wife Traci Tucker, who divorced him around nine years into his sentence, sued for a cut of the money.
She actually won, but Phillips is now appealing the decision. Does Tucker deserve the money? If so, how much? How much pain and suffering do the spouses and other relatives experience when a loved one is imprisoned? Should Tucker have sued the state instead of her ex-husband? Does anyone else deserve Phillips’ money?

3 Ohio Innocence Project 2018

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19 apr. 2018

You can donate to the Ohio Innocence Project online here:…

4 The Price of Freedom (2006) | 60 Minutes Australia

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Gepubliceerd op 27 apr. 2017

Corruption, threats, shady backroom deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, that’s just part of it. On 60 Minutes the first time – the real story of Michelle Leslie. You be the judge, this time with all the evidence. Reporter: Liz Hayes Producers: Glenda Gaitz, Lincoln Howes

5 Trapped: Part One | 60 Minutes

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Gepubliceerd op 10 apr. 2018




6 Trapped: Part Two | 60 Minutes

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Gepubliceerd op 11 apr. 2018

7 Trapped | Extra Minutes

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Gepubliceerd op 11 apr. 2018

8 The secret network of women who watched over Rahaf Mohammed’s escape – The Fifth Estate

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In première gegaan op 4 mrt. 2019

An untold number of people have been credited with helping Rahaf Mohammed escape Saudi Arabia and make her way to Canada. There’s little talk, however, about the help of a secret society to which Rahaf gave a public face. It’s a network of like-minded young women who’ve only met online yet have taken the courageous decision to put their lives in each other’s hands. This network has a presence in Canada.

9 Bomb Squad Recruits Kid To Diffuse Car Bombs Prank

28 okt. 2011

Police officer from the bomb squad stops cars to search them for hidden explosive devices. When he finds one, he enlists a little kid to go retrieve it and make it explode in a garbage somewhere far away from them. 
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!