Rigged in many ways



To arrange dishonestly for the result of something, for example an election, to be changed:

Previous elections in the country have been rigged by the ruling party.

Cambridge Dictionary

rigged, a setup, a set-up, a put-up job, fix

“Rigged in many ways,” I can provide some general information and possible interpretations of the term “rigged”:

  1. Unequal treatment or biased systems: “Rigged in many ways” could refer to various systems, such as political, economic, or social systems, being biased or unfair in different ways. For example, it may suggest that certain systems are designed to favor certain individuals or groups, while disadvantaging others, leading to an uneven playing field.

  2. Manipulation or tampering: “Rigged in many ways” could also imply that certain processes or mechanisms have been intentionally manipulated or tampered with in multiple ways. This could refer to situations where outcomes are predetermined or influenced by external factors, resulting in an unfair advantage for certain parties.

  3. Lack of transparency or accountability: “Rigged in many ways” might suggest that there is a lack of transparency or accountability in various systems, making them susceptible to corruption or abuse of power. This could refer to situations where rules or regulations are not applied consistently or are intentionally ignored or manipulated for personal gain.

  4. Complex or multifaceted issues: “Rigged in many ways” could also indicate that a particular issue or problem is not straightforward and has multiple dimensions or aspects that contribute to its complexity. This could refer to situations where a problem requires a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to address its various rigged elements.

It’s important to note that the interpretation of “Rigged in many ways” may vary depending on the specific context in which it is used. To fully understand the key points of a specific article or content, it would be necessary to refer to the original source for accurate and comprehensive information.

1 The man who rigged America’s election maps

17 okt. 2019

The story of the man who gerrymandered America.
When Republican mapmaker Thomas Hofeller died in 2018, we learned exactly how far Republicans were willing to go to gerrymander political districts – and rig elections to give themselves majorities in statehouses and Congress.

The expression “Rigged card” or “Marked card” typically refers to a playing card that has been tampered with or altered in some way to give an advantage to the person using it in a card game or gambling situation. The key points associated with these expressions are:

  1. Tampering or alteration: The card has been intentionally modified or manipulated to give an unfair advantage to the user. This can include various methods such as marking the card with invisible ink, scratching or bending the card to create identifiable marks, or adding substances to the card to make it easier to identify.

  2. Deception: The use of rigged or marked cards is generally considered cheating, as it involves attempting to deceive other players or the casino or gambling establishment where the game is being played. It is typically done covertly, with the intention of gaining an unfair advantage over other players.

  3. Illegality: The use of rigged or marked cards is illegal in most jurisdictions, as it is considered cheating and undermines the fairness of the game. In many cases, those caught using rigged or marked cards can face legal consequences, including criminal charges and financial penalties.

  4. Detection: Rigged or marked cards are often designed to be difficult to detect by casual observers or other players. However, casinos and experienced card players often employ various methods, such as specialized equipment or keen observation skills, to detect the use of rigged or marked cards in order to maintain the integrity of the game.

  5. Consequences: The use of rigged or marked cards can have serious consequences, including being banned from casinos or gambling establishments, losing winnings or bets, damaging one’s reputation, and facing legal repercussions. It is generally considered unethical and against the spirit of fair play in card games and gambling.

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2 Deaf Man Scam Prank

25 mei 2011

Supposedly deaf man doing sign language asks people passing by for donations. Then he picks up his cell phone and starts talking to someone and the prank victims get angry.

The game of public policy today is rigged in many ways.

Het overheidsbeleidsspel is tegenwoordig op veel manieren doorgestoken kaart.

Those things are rigged, I think.

Well, it was all rigged.

What if they find out this was rigged? – No.

Die dingen zijn doorgestoken kaart, volgens mij.

Nou, het was allemaal doorgestoken kaart.

Stel dat ze weten dat het doorgestoken kaart is.


What they mean, I think, Mr President, is that the election was clearly rigged.

Wat men daarmee volgens mij wilde zeggen, mijnheer de Voorzitter, is dat de verkiezingen duidelijk doorgestoken kaart zijn.