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These things I command you” Jesus’ own words from the 4 Gospels

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1 mrt. 2019

Of all the beautiful things Jesus is recorded as saying in the 4 Gospels, His direct commands are so easily overlooked. So here they are! In canon order. From all four gospels, (and Acts from the resurrected Jesus). I hope you love them.
I did not include ‘implied commands’, like the ones beginning “If you…”, or the ones that begin “whoever does this or does that will be…” as they are more like promises than commands. I tried to include only those things Jesus said that are unambiguous commands: “do this; don’t do that”. However, “peace be with you” is included as I could not tell if it was a blessing or a command. Maybe it is both?
Also, where Jesus quoted OT scripture or rebuked Satan is not included as He starts with “you have heard it said…”

Nonetheless, these are the commands of Jesus. 234 of them. In Jesus’s own words.

Also, please accept this FREE Commands of Jesus PDF:… – I will send you the Commands of Jesus from all 4 Gospels in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, as a free PDF download.

I uploaded a version WITHOUT the music. It is also slightly slower paced and meditative.

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In the 4 Gospels of the Holy Bible are over 230 commands that Jesus gave on how to live; how to be made whole; how to know better the kingdom of heaven; how to receive God’s Holy Spirit; how to do God’s work in life; and how to become reconciled with God. Throughout the 4 gospels many are repeated. In 2 of the Gospels you will find Jesus’s own words on what is referred to as “The Great Commission” ( 33:24 and 49:13 ) (“go into all the world…”). Jesus’s Greatest Commandment in the gospel of John; instructions on receiving the Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost in the synoptic gospels (1:22:49); implorings to follow Jesus; and all the commands in the gospel of the Holy Bible in the words of Jesus.

Only commands of Jesus are included in this video (and the pdf), except those such as Jesus’s instruction to the Samaritan woman at the well to ‘give me a drink’ (John 4-7).

Apart from these, I have endeavoured to make the list complete. Implied commands, scriptural-promises and ‘if’ statements are not included as they are not strictly commands, even though many can be seen as implying instruction. Good for you if you read them this way.

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Gospel of Matthew: 00:38
Gospel of Mark: 33:56
Gospel of Luke: 49:30
Gospel of John: 1:23:19
Book of Acts: 1:37:46

The Great Commission in Matthew: 33:24
The Great Commission in Mark: 49:13
“If you love Me, keep My commandments”: 1:31:09

Godsdienstonderwijs met lef (Rik Torfs)

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1 feb. 2019

Didachè studiedag 14 januari 2019: Jongeren in de godsdienstles Van weerstand naar nieuwe onbevangenheid in zin-zoeken? Tekst, powerpoint en andere lezingen op…

Jesus Christ – Life Changing Quotes

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21 feb. 2021

Powerful Quotations from Jesus Christ.

1 Sir David Attenborough On God

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8 mei 2012

Some wise and honest words from Sir David Attenborough on the subject of God, Creation, Genesis 1-3 and Richard Dawkins (from In Confidence: An Interview by Laurie Taylor)

2 Sir David Attenborough’s View on Science & Religion | Life on Air | BBC Studios

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3 nov. 2008

Sir David Attenborough explains his views on science and religion in this very personal interview with ex-Monty Python, travel guru and self confessed Attenborough fan, Michael Palin. Great video from BBC biographical show ‘Life on Air’.
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The Dark Side of Mother Teresa

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24 feb. 2021

growing up i realised that real heroes never makes in to history or textbooks.
hiyali debbarma
As a child we were taught so many great things about all these heroes, now as a grown up I’m slowly realising how much over glorified they were and little we know of the truth…..
Roasted Peanuts
Never put people on pedestal. Never idolize people. Each of us humans will always have our good and bad sides. It’s just a matter which side weighs heavier…
Just Another Mortal
The Nobel “Peace” prize has proved itself to be a joke on so many occasions.
Steve Glen
It’s funny how my textbooks brainwashed me into believing that she was some kind of angel.
bby moon
$30 million is such a disgustingly large amount of $, the fact she brought tht in yearly and couldn’t even bother to install water heaters in her shelters is so appalling 😭😭😭
Shelby Brasfield
She refused people treatment telling them that their suffering would bring them closer to god but when she was dying she got flown off to a top medical facility in California. She is despicable.
Mychaela Beauregard
as someone who went to a catholic elementary school with her name on it, her presence was literally pushed EVERYWHERE. we’d see videos and read books on how “amazing” she was, now I’m seeing things a WHOLE lot differently
The older I get, The more that I see That grown ups aren’t heroes They’re just like me.
Sakshi Singh
When the devil approaches you, he won’t look like the devil
Charles Rae
I have been suspicious of Mother Teresa ever since I read how she wouldn’t give patients painkillers because ” suffering brings us closer to Jesus”.She was an ignorant peasant who had little or no medical understanding, but a slavish attitude towards the Catholic hierarchy. No wonder John Paul loved her!
Still Born
As a trained nurse I visited her famous hospice in Calcutta in 2000 and was shocked at the insensitivity, sometimes cruelty and lack of dignity afforded the inmates. People who view Mother Theresa’s work as bystanders are swayed by her reputation and their own misguided ideas about the ‘unentitlement’ of the poor to be treated like human beings instead of animals. I was disgusted at seeing old women lying curled up on the floor of the bathroom and buckets of cold water poured on them as their bath. Indian ladies whose hair had been cut short and then they were dressed in short, immodest hospital gowns – against all social customs and expectations for even the lowest caste women of that culture. A nun who insisted on pressing an unripe head boil and then refusing to give even the mildest analgesia. Disgusting. And I’ll bet it’s still going on today.
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Zosh Does Stuff
As a Catholic, I appreciate this video. It’s like you mentioned in the beginning, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god.” It’s incredibly important that we never idolise anyone in history and look at everyone critically. Sadly, this is not done very often for saints.
Jigoku Chou
“and in the Catholic church, there’s perhaps no greater hero than Mother Teresa” Jesus: 👁👄👁
Sheridan Honore
I would love to hear the exact details about the questionable handling of her order’s finances. If she wasn’t using that money to help the sick and the poor, where did it go exactly? I’ve heard investigators say that you should always “follow the money”.
I read an article about Teresa . There were claims of human trafficking babies worldwide. Those in the clinic/ orphanage are in deplorable condition
Vanessa Thomas
No matter how “Good” we try to be, we ALL have a Dark Side. The important thing is to Not let the Dark overcome the LIGHT within us.
Ella Eadig
I remember during the 90s watching an expose about an orphanage run by Mother Teresa’s organisation. There was absolutely no structure in terms of the care of the children, which meant that when it was feeding time for the babies volunteers would just pick up the nearest child, given them a bottle and then move on to the next. This of course meant there was no record kept about which babies had been fed and which hadn’t, so many babies went unfed for days without anybody even knowing it.
Alexis G
“And in the catholic church, there’s no better Hero than mother Theresa” well idk JESUS is pretty high up there, you’d think.
Lia Noronha
as a Roman catholic from India… i never knew any of this… like damn… this is one of those cases where you can use the quote “don’t trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar”
aaliyah ashley
This narrator could read the ingredients to a cereal box or something like “the meaning of life” and I would not retain any information because I’m so enthralled by his voice.
Random Asian Kid
The higher the pedestal, the bigger the shadow is cast. And we all know what lies in the dark.
Aamen Talukdar
As someone from Kolkata we also grew up thinking she was a saint until we actually read about the horrors she subjected people to. The same people who trusted her and went to her for help. She wanted people to suffer for Jesus. She had no compassion for anyone.
Clare Jennings
Kinda scary how the dark sides of people get swept under the rug
Jo-Anne Lewis
Due to her “connections” with those extremely wealthy people, who are now known to have been involved with pedophilia and human trafficking… as well as the Catholic Church itself, I would wonder what other activities she might have been engaged. Needless to say, she was a hero of mine many years ago – as the welfare of children has been my thrust as well.
Siddhesh Misale
There isn’t a dark side. All her sides were dark. Missionary business at its best.
“Imperfect like everyone else” is a massive understatement. She baptized kids without their consent, didn’t sanitize anything even though people told her to do so, took “charity” money for herself, and just greed. Makes my boss at work look like a Saint
Bandana Chaulagain
As a child when I read about mother Theresa I always felt something was off cause I wasn’t ready to believe that a Christian nun would help people without any ulterior motive. Not saying that she was outright evil but my text said she was like a saint well she wasn’t she was a human with motives.
Jackie Newcombe
I don’t remember Christ saying that pain was good, he was a compassionate healer!
Thomas Livingstone
Her whole life was an exercise in gaslighting the poorests into blaming themselves for the problems caused by colonialism.
She said there’s no point in washing needles that she is repeatedly using on patients? How awful. Yes, there is a point. Ask the patient who’s getting the needle in their arm if they want everyone else’s diseases.
l met her just after she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Very excited, standing waiting in a small line of people…When she came to me I gave her water from Lourdes and some money in an envelope. As I spoke to her, I looked into her eyes, and a huge feeling of fear and horror gripped me. It was not till many years later after reading a book on her…..I fully understood.
She died in a fancy hospital. She didn’t even believe in the suffering she thought was piety in others
Eugene Noah
Hard to be judge. Even Billy Graham cant escape controversies. For me she had done great job. She was a beautiful woman in her young age,but chose that hard life. May God bless her soul.
Rosemary Allen
As a young person, I never liked her facial expression. I have always found one’s instinctive reactions to be a pretty reliable guide!
sarah elliott
She had all that money and kept those poor, sick people living in squalor. She allegedly told one that every pain they felt was a kiss from Jesus🙄, to which the patient replied to her “please ask him to stop”. When she was sick she got the best possible private medical care.
Geraldine Ibañez
Everyone: talking about how their textbooks brainwashed them into thinking she was nice Me, who has never heard about her: I can relate to this
Denise Salles
Missionary Position, Christopher Hitchens is a great short book about M. Teresa. It’s frightening, to say the least. How is it that when M. Teresa needed medical care she was flown to the Mayo Clinic on a private jet, and yet she did not allow the suffering and dying any pain medication, but told them their agony was a “Kiss from Jesus.” No thanks, ain’t no saint of mine.
Mello Serenity
im surprised more people didn’t already know this or at least hear about it
Madeleine Perkins
As a Catholic, I agree with this view of Mother Teresa. Her methods were questionable and the church did not examine these practices. As far as the money? Where did it go? All so-called charities should be vetted.
Samantha Darling
I got in trouble when I said Mother Teresa had her downfalls while in school.
Yasser-the-Egyptian Mummy
I’m 51, I knew since I was a child that she trafficked children. My father told me her story as an example of never just listen, rather think and dig in things by myself. Dad, I love you.
ruby Muasya
I went to a catholic school and I remember celebrating her in events …this really hit. Hard cause I grew up hearing about her.
Meanwhile people in India : We Have Said This So Many Times Before. She let innocent people suffer, That’s not how a Saint is…
Abigail Auger
As a Catholic and growing up, I’ve always had this off feeling about Mother Teresa, I never knew why but now I do…
Empowering Angel
Glorifying suffering. No words.
Finally, a video about how sketchy of a human Teresa was. Hopefully, next they’ll cover Ghandi and how awful he was.
Joseph Gonzales
I am a deep admirer of Mother Teresa. She was completely sincere and undertook great sacrifices to implement her ideals. The criticisms are plausible. The issue for me is what reforms should be undertaken. I would say reform is a condition of life in the Roman Catholic Church. Reform is perennially necessary.
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Merlinda Villa
In our HUMAN NATURE..there is always the dark side of a person.. I always look at the good, the positive sides of a person.. Mother Teresa is a woman of prayer, humility, courage and servitude. Thank you Mother Teresa for your selfless commitment to humanity
Edit Vaida
“There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future”- St. Augustine
anggoro arif
“Can you believe that? Me, not a good kisser! That’s like Mother Theresa, not a good mother.” ~Joey Tribbiani, 1994.
Sophia Atkinson
This is shameful! I heard about this a while ago. I have no respect for these people who part-take in the works of evil but hell is waiting for their demonic souls.
Gustavo Ramos
To the people say they miss Ryan and Shane you do realize they have their own channel called “The watcher”. I actually like when they post other stuff on this channel some stuff are pretty Interesting in my opinion. (for anyone wondering; yes Shane and Ryan still work for buzzfeed I follow them on Twitter)
unapologetic Ella
This reminds me of one time after a argument my Catholic mom left me homeless all December and she would text me to wait outside our local Costco to get a plate of food from her 😬🙏🏽 jeez thanks mom.
Karma 9
How could her charity be called noble when her ulterior motive is to convert the helpless downtrodden? A charity is charity when the deeds are done without any expectations.
Kelvin Morris
So basically she had a Savior Complex
Μικαέλα Τουλιατου
I really can’t understand why suffering is presented as “God’s trial”…. There is nothing worse than fanaticism and religiousness. After all, many crimes were committed under the “canopy” of religion…So sad ! We should always be sceptical and refrain from idolizing people and make them symbols.
Kressin Harris
It’s a bunch of demon possessed alchemists celebrating each other’s secret wickedness. That’s what history has become.
molly hunter
coming from a christian: one of jesus’ most important things was to never help the poor for self serving reasons or for show. she clearly missed this part
She is the best example of why missionary work is wrong and why noone should trust them.
Still A Fine Line
My grandma closely worked with mother Teresa. My grandma told me that you would not be able to receive treatment or care from any of Mother Teresa’s healthcare centre’s, or live in her old age home or orphanage if you did not accept Christianity. She also said that most people were not very crazy when they came to mother Teresa but instead they were made mad. They were not treated nicely. Kids were beaten up, locked up and starved if they questioned the nuns. Old people were not treated with care. She actually gloried pain and suffering instead of trying to treat them. My grandma even told Mother Teresa to install a water heater, but she did there is not enough funds when in reality she had recently received a few million dollars from some foreign businessman.
Meer tonen
Laura Meszaros
Although a figure from the long gone past, I would like to see someone do an expose of Thomas More, who is always glorified as a heroic saint but who persecuted and tortured Protestant dissidents during his office as Lord Chancellor, and even had several burned alive.
Jorsanne de la Peña
My Religion teacher spoke highly of mother Theresa and she’s her role model. My teacher (sisters of the church) told us that we should try to live our life following her path and the books we studied in catholic school never mentioned her “dark side”, only her good deeds.
Nathan Self
I read hitchen’s book on mother Teresa. Highly recommend it. They couldn’t even bother to buy beds for these people, yet they are the highest-paid missionary in the entire world
Somdev Rao Madala
Any agency/entity would definitely and doubtlessly would lead to disaster, when there is secrecy and no public scrutiny. Mother Teresa definitely sinned by not being open and secretive. Institutions that supported her are guilty and sooner or later pay for it.
Liam O'Shannessy
I’m happy you put in a couple links so i can do my own research! its better than making baseless claims without remembering to link where you got the information
Mother Teresa is like those people who film themselves “giving to poor”. It’s all for clout.
“There’s no point” … she’s got a sense of humour eh? 😂🤣
Real Shady
I mean Atleast she started off with helping people and then became a bit careless but atleast she did something instead of us just feeling sorry and posting things on insta and fb
The moral of the story is: You don’t know what people are like behind closed doors
Time Slip
We were always led to believe the Mother Teresa was so good. It appears she was not. Jesus did warn us when He said : “Beware when people speak highly of you, because that’s what they do to the false prophets.” For a church that has done so much harm, it shouldn’t be surprising that their Poster Girl has some nasty faults.
Katherine Jackson
My own mother believes that you didn’t complain about being sick because you would go to heaven. She was in a nursing home and she had bruised and all she said, it was nothing. That’s the old way the oldest time. How old was she. !!
This is why I’m a skeptic of holy figures. Nobody is purely good and innocent
Mukund Kumar
Just because Teresa had believed in something, doesn’t mean that she should force someone else into believing the same thing. It was her blind believe in Christianity that made her convert the people she helped. She didn’t spare even the dying ones. She forced them to convert in the name of the help she provided. It is like terrorism, though people are converted instead of killed. She has sinned. Karma remembers. She will have to pay for it in the next life if not this.
There were more things that I was hoping to see but I don’t think I should say that But what she has done is commendable
At one time, a deaf man prayed to mother Teresa, the next day he can hear, and live the rest of his days blind.
Thania Keka
A person who is a witness to a truth must directly see, hear, and feel. That is positive law. But if not, then it is called slander.
Rimita Wahlang
Those eyes who looks for the good things will only see good in others where as those who looks for the bad thing will only see bad in others no matter how good they were. That’s human nature
Andres Cruz
do Gandhi next. cuz that mans was problematic af
MaryRita Gies
I’m a Catholic. I’m not surprised that Mother Teresa made huge mistakes. While Mother Teresa definitely made huge mistakes, I believe they were because of her cultural context and personal ignorance, not because she was an outright hypocrite. I really wish there was more consideration for this in this video. The narrative here assumes the worst without considering a lot of different variables. Of course, it sells because the newest trend is to discredit any person whose overtly religious, and thereby any religion. Kinda of annoying, tbh. Most of it reveals more about the intelligence of the one leveling the criticism than the character of the person they’re critiquing.
Meer tonen
“There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” St. Augustine
Ellie Smale
“if you do good, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Do good anyway… The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.” Mother Teresa ❤
Alphonsus Ugonna Onwuemeka
Have you ever wondered why there are no video or photo evidences (internationally recognized) of all the atrocities and inhumane treatment stated in this video (even with abundance of spy cameras present at that time)? She’s definitely not perfect especially in running a large organization like hers, but there’s only a small handful of people who can measure as much as half of the good she has done ✅ God Bless MOTHER Teresa.
Ian Daniel
The self flagellation of the order inflicting pain on oneself says it all. She was willfull and cognisant of what she perpetuated which places her in the order of a maligant narcissist rather than that of a saint.
Ehsan Ansari
The name teresa comes from the Persian word “tarsa” which means the person who deters others from committing sins. “Tars” in persian means “fear”.
Morning on Earth
How does a loving heart get a heart attack?! Impossible. She must have been suffering for tremendous guilt or internal-conflict for exploiting the poor and the sick, which resulted in heart attack and eventual death.
Elaine T
it’s such a shame how much India idolizes her – none of my relatives would even consider any criticisms of her and view her as a literal (pun unintended) saint who could do no wrong. It’s the exact same situation as Gandhi – like I understand they both did a lot of good for India but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the bad things too. People are human and in no way perfect and i feel like it should be more normal to acknowledge the sometimes terrible things the people you idolise did edit: i have appeared to offend some people by generalizing the majority of India. From one Indian to another I’m sorry – almost all of my relatives are Catholic and basically worship her. You can’t say I’m wrong about Gandhi though, especially if you consider the older generation
Meer tonen
Lo que he aprendido es que solo las personas que están haciendo o que han hecho el mismo trabajo, pueden decir cuan duro es, cualquiera sea el trabajo… :/ Al parecer este tipo de personas que tratan de hacer el bien en este mundo – que lo necesita tanto- necesitan de nuestras oraciones 🙂
I studied at a Catholic School and this shocked me, I was led to believe that she was a perfect angel/saint.
Mae L
She probably cared much about her image in front of camera than the real management behind the scenes.
Nancy Sloan
The awareness of physical and mental disabilities is the positive that has come out of this tragic event. The worth of every individual is of utmost importance.
Mia Long
It’s quite funny how when confronted about the deplorable & neglectful conditions of her camps she diverted to “Jesus wants it this way”; but yet in Leviticus 15 the Lord speaks on how to properly contain sickness & the importance of cleanliness so others don’t get contaminated😐😩🤦🏾☝🏾📖🙌🏾
Kendrick Perkins
“Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.” – Christopher Hitchens
Raghavan N
The moment you realise that you have been fully fed lies at school.Religion is possibly Mankind’s biggest blunder.
no matter how you help people there’s always gonna be flaws in a person, everyone is born a sinner
Namjin Sope
I’m trying to do a report on her about how she was a hero , but after reading the comments and watching this, i dont think i can ( i honestly dont know why i clicked the dark side of her while trying to do report about how good she is)
Mother Teresa to the patients: Suffer your sufferings, that’s how Jesus wants it Same ” Mother” when her health goes downhill: so which VIP Hospital are you going to put me in?
Luca Cesare
Bonus r/badhistory on Mother Teresa: “Her nuns refused to install an elevator for the disabled and handicapped in their homeless shelter in New York to make them suffer” While the news itself is true, it omits a key detail. By refusing an elevator, the touted implication that they’d let the inmates suffer is mistaken; the nuns stated that “they would personally carry all of them up the stairs”[60] since they don’t use elevators. While it is valid to criticise her asceticism on ethical grounds, it is dishonest to leave out the detail that they pledged to personally carry the handicapped, giving a false historical narrative implying malicious intent. There also were some communal issues involved in the Bronx home. The nuns estimated the costs to be about $500,000 in repairs and had already spent $100,000 to repair fire damages. There were also reports about “community opposition” and “vandals undoing the repairs”, raising the price of the home beyond what they could handle. They found that a $50,000-150,000 elevator was above their budget. It seems like their asceticism might not have been the only factor as to why they left the project. I have also contacted some past volunteers of the charity, some who are medical professionals, to get their experiences as well. They are posted as an addendum in the comments. Fin.
Meer tonen
Omg I heard the re-using of needles part & as a nurse, I just cringed 😖 jeez that’s so bad 😕
Nigel Marvin
I’m surprised by the amount of Catholics in here that are thanking for sharing this video, my expectation is that there would be a lot more hate, especially from Catholics. But being a Catholic as well, I am going to join the bus and thank you for showing this video. I never knew this about her. From this video, I think it teaches that every person, even if that person is a Nun or a Monk, has a dark side and is filled with controversy.
Mr Triceratops
“In the Catholic Church there is probably no greater hero than Mother Teresa” No dude thats Jesus and the Virgin Mary my dude
Kpop X Anime High
And to think I thought she was truly a good person without any fault my whole life until now. Why don’t they write these things in the books? I live in Bangladesh which is near Kalkata, India and we’re taught about her in our bengali and english subjects like this pure human being🗿
Hugh burkeman
Claims and rumours, that’s what he states, throughout different generations ,we have seen people with good intentions that have been victimized and accused of wrong doing . Mother Teresa is and will always be a saint and what she did for the poor nobody in this lifetime can match that dedication to help the needy….. I see alot of comments with so much hatred , that hatred reflects on what and who you’ll are in this timeline.
The fact that even adult doesnt even know what going on is terrified
Pirjo Oinonen
There is a video in Swedish that shows when Mother Theresa became obsessed and how and got help later from an exorcist priest and she became as usual as she was then before it happened.
From my experience, those who are praised for being good people always turn out to be very bad people.
Beej Price
There was a young teen boy who needed a simple surgery. She said if she sent him to hospital she would have to do that for everyone. So he died in her loving care. I worked in a nursing home. I would be spending the rest of my life in prison if I behaved like Teresa. She deserves neither the name mother, nor saint.
man as a catholic I did not know any of this. I wish my school taught me about these things and helped me become more open minded.
“white woman in the colonies” – I never taught of it that way, but it makes a whole lot of sense. There were people in need everywhere, no need to go so far from home to do good. Only problem was that those people close to home were already christians. Brr… This story freaks me out
Robert Duffy
Well, here it is, published on YouTube so, it MUST be true…
Al O.
Imagine making her into a saint despite all this controversy. Big oof.
Even if u consider all of her dark sides, u should appreciate the good things she have done
Ernest James' Music
Christopher Hitchens said it best, “She wasn’t a friend of those that suffered, she was a friend of suffering”…
Luth razak
Nobody should be put on a pedestal, because in the end we are all flawed beings. “There is no light without darkness” Mark Frost
Loved your video!! Have been doing so much research on her and others!! Can’t wait to show you my vid and thank you for showing the other side it’s not easy!!
Ella D
Mother Theresa pray for us 🙏 She might not have done some things to the book but she brought love , food , shelter and so much more to people that had absolutely nothing , I will never belive what was told in this video because her all life was all about love and forgiveness and helping the poorest people , but we all have the right to choose what to belive. May God Bless U all ❤
Echo Echo
I’ve met some people who do good not because they are just innately good and want to do good because it’s good to be good, but because they expect some form of reward–praise, adoration, acknowledgement, ticket to heaven. I’m still glad that they are doing good even if their reasons seem insincere. it just made me realize that even the best of the seemingly good people still possess a very human quality of seeking self-preservation.
Nathan Self
Her goal was to expand the church, not suppress poverty or sickness
Lovely Therese
If she lived in this time, she’d be cancelled in a blink of an eye. Just like that
Sahil Jindal
Mother Teresa refused to provide medicine to the suffering. She used to say that suffering is a sign of God’s love. People under her “care” would soil themselves and still she refused help. As someone rightly said, she was a friend of poverty, not a friend of the poor.
Debbie Pretty
I have read that despite her questionable medical care she gave the poor she would fly to California to get 5☆ medical treatment herself
Tessie Tesoro
Mother Teresa received Nobel Peace award with accompanying amount of money. As she arrived in India Ghandi told her to pay tax to government of India from that money she received from the award. And Mother Teresa paid her tax.
what i learn after watching vids like this: EVEN THE MOST GOOD PEOPLE ON EARTH, HAVE A DARK SIDE AND MANY HATE THEM FOR IT. man no one escapes criticism
I feel now I grew up surrounded by lies.
The fact that she’s a canonized saint says far more about the Catholic church than it does about her. She was corrupt and psychopathic as hell.
Matthew Broderick
Mother Teresa was so “dark and evil”, that Thousands of people from India, attended her funeral to honor her memory for all she did for the people of India, the sick and dying and outcast and leper and children! Doctors and nurses were moved by her compassion and service and followed in her footsteps by volunteering to assist her wash and bathe and comfort the dying, those refused by Hospitals for being terminal!
Aastha Sinha
It’s disturbing how so many people don’t know this…or they just refuse to accept it?
Esther Nwabuaku-Olu
I hate the fact that y’all make it look like every single famous person who’s living now or died in the past is bad and has a dark side. There are still good people out there!!! This lady died ages ago, let her rest in peace.
Jimmi FX
I am a Catholic..Mother Theresa didn’t make any miracle but JESUS makes miracles..Mother Theresa is the same boat like us…
Michael Cox
4:18 She wasn’t trying to use the needles repeatedly. She was trying to tell her people “there’s no point” like there’s no point on this needle can you get me another? 😆
B Amit
Lady Teresa did what she could for creating her name. I dont blame her for creating name and fame for herself! It is the gullible people who really thought her as a saint or divine being or something. She was a great saleswoman in the religious business. Thank God I never thought of her as something even remotely divine or flawless. I always knew she was a normal woman and not spiritual in the real sense. Lord Jesus certainly wasnt much served by lady teresa.
Anand Suri
Atleast, she is being disclosed after her death. Jesus didn’t want any of the things she was doing to poor people.
Poverty is oppression. Normalizing struggle is a poverty mindset.
Noble Indian chief
I remember in school.who is also a father of a church punished me for mistakingly speaking one word in hindi , speaking any other language other than English is barred in my school which is named after some catholic saint I’ve no idea of . I remember how my parents were given chance to convert and they could pay half of my annual charge in school. They did eventually cause we were poor. But I still don’t believe in any of those. But buying someone’s belief was a bizzare experience.
Catherine Deng
To say that she was imperfect would be an understatement
Ted thesailor
When asked why she didn’t wash the needles with hot water, she replied that there was no point…
Merlinda Villa
Any human person has negative and positive attitudes.My faith tells me to focus on the positive attitudes of the person.. I love Mother Teresa despite her shortcomings and mistakes…This means she is really human.. What can a person get when her “darkside” is revealed? Will Vatican nullify her sainthood?
This made me realise im more saint than she is
TK Escariot
She had a deathbed exorcism because she felt the “tag of the devil” if I remember correctly. That was concerning in my opinion for a holy woman needing to be exorcised from the clutches of satan….
“Objection, evation, joyous distrust, and a love of irony are signs of health ; everything absolute belongs to pathology “ – Friedrich Nietzsche
aditi singh
I visited missionaries of charity facility during a donation drive once a few years ago.a centre formentally sick and old abandoned people. It was an experience I still don’t know how to feel about. Our school always held a function of sorts to celebrate her birthday, would invite nuns from MOC and give them supplies. Detergent, food, etc. I was the anchor/organiser in her birth centinerary programme too and found all of this out while researching my material. So it felt uncomfortable singing her praises when I wasn’t quite so sure about them.
Nausheen Nishat Bidushi
Everyone has their own good side and dark sides…it depends both on that person and us… For that person it depends on which side he/she wants to nurture and for us it depends on which side of that person we decide to see. -my opinion
Drew Cook
I was interested in your comment at around 6:40 “she was awarded the medal of freedom from Ronald Reagan, who at the same time he was celebrating mass, he had proxies murder four American nuns and the catholic archbishop of El Salvador” but found upon further research that there were many factual inaccuracies. 1) The Archbishop was killed 3/24/1980 the four Nuns were killed on 12/2/1980. Ronald Reagan took office on 1/20/1981. 2) Even if he had been in office, it would certainly be overstating it to say that he had proxies carry out the killings. While it is true that the American Government supported the Junta Government (Which is awful, to be clear!), I couldn’t find any evidence that indicates that America had directed that action in anyway. I can’t see any motivation the US government would have for wanting an archbishops and four nuns killed. I went through your list of links to see where your statement might have come from, but I did not find any mention of El Salvador in any of them.
Meer tonen
annette kiel
I was there with few colleagues in KLM. Mother Teresa was treating her person el very badly. They told me that secretly.
Adrien Le Voyant
I met Mother Teresa she was humble and unassuming I saw a doctor marry a volunteer in normal hriday and immediately after the doctor did his rounds of the patients. I was a volunteer myself and learnt much from the experience
Rahel Argaw
In my country, the only missionary who look after HIV victims is Mother Teresa charity. At least she tried. May God bless her soul.
Bethal Tv
They left out the part about her being tied to human trafficking
The press gave too much attention to Mother Teresa. It was too easy to trot her out each time they needed an example of selfless devotion. Other groups like Oxfam and UNESCO and the Red Cross are doing much better work because they think things through in more careful and thorough fashion. However those groups don’t have the apparent romance of the “selfless” nuns, many of whom may have been emotionally blackmailed into sacrificing their lives. The press should take time to think through their choices instead of turning some people into cliches.
lenard iwaizumi
I am a Catholic myself, I’ve been reading a lot of saints lives. I’ve heard about mother Theresa and how they glorify her about helping the poor and needy. but let me tell you this, I never felt anything when I stare at her. I don’t know how to say this, I never feel God in her. she doesn’t exudes the aura like every other saint even at their death you can feel them being holy. when I stare at mother theresa I feel nothing, not even saintly aura. aside from that, unlike the other saints who did simple little things with humble, love and care towards helping people.i feel like in her case she is exploiting the poor. I’ve also read saints who glorify suffering for to show their devotions to God, but it’s mostly on self inflicted sufferings aside from the vows of the different congregation. unlike the ridiculous “mother Theresa of not giving proper medical care towards the poor, because suffering bring us closer to God.” thank God for this video, I’m more aware of what kind of person she is. yeah some people might say that each saint is not perfect and some of them have a bad past,but mother Theresa keep doing this things all throughout her life the pain and suffering she instilled on people. unlike other saints who beg and prayed to God and change for the better after they have sinned.
Meer tonen
Sadly I visited this organization in my city and it was badly kept …I think she just wanted to create a name for herself…true missionaries will have a legacy through their work and not be idolized this much
Rohit Kothari
True charity is selfless and has no motive.. i.e. no motive to convert. What is defined as religious charity in the west & is tax-exempt would be classified as a business in most parts of the world.
Yury F
You can always find imperfections in any person if you want. But the author of this video just envies reverence of Mother Teresa’s life in the world and vilifies her. Why? Just probably because he is not able to be as pure in intentions and loving for people as the Mother. Has the author tried living the same way for the poorest of the poor? Has he given everything to God and the poor? I do not think so! Hut he condemns her… Anyone can be desagree with beleif of he, but humiliate and vilify her on Youtube is inadmissible!
Daniel Andrews
It’s not an “untold” story. The “story” has been told a lot of times. It hasn’t been heard, that’s all.
Anandi Chatterjee
My school is just opposite to where she has been buried and I have been there a couple of times. I personally find that place a bit creepy but I always see foreigners going there to seek her blessings or smth 🙂
Valerie Kim
im utterly shocked by how brain washed i am from the text books im reading in school making her the “goody good person” when she’s not.
Awoken Entertainment
Wow I’ve heard about here my whole life, but never knew of the dark side until today…
Pat Comyns
Our creator will help her to judge herself, I hope her spiritual soul will be able to see her mistakes and be happy with the good that she did.
Jasmine Smith
Honestly I think most These “priest” and “saints” are truly evil,no man is is holy as Jesus
Rahil Malhotra
Indian here, surprising many people didn’t know about the dark side of her! Same is the case with Gandhi and Nehru!
omst Tunstall
If all or some of us did an ‘ ounce” of what mother Theresa did in her life. The world will be better place. Why look for negativity.
Summer Elise Jack
okay why tf did I spend my whole life thinking mother Theresa was a fake person and that it was just another way of saying Mother Earth ????
Michel Rodriguez
Evil can never love and glorify good while it’s living. she being endorsed by all these institutions tells a lot .
Progressive Libertarian Viewer
I don’t believe these new found “truths” about the likes of both mother Teresa in this case and the great Ghandi in others. I question the integrity and sincerity of those doing the research and putting together the presentations.
Nisha Vasaikar
Remember no one is perfect, not us writing remarks nor the author of this video creation. Easy to criticise people who make an effort to do good. Better than supporting criminals.
Madison Hernandez
As a catholic this is Wong ( her practices may be correct) but the greatest person in the Catholic Church is Our Lord and savior
Imrandi Khandi
She is probably the reason why church scientifically has more paranormal activity than a cemetery
its insane that more people don’t know all this about her, especially indians. i remember when i was 6 years old we had a school play and i had played her and they portrayed such an idolized version of her
feven girma
I am really sorry to hear this…..may jesus help you to see the unseen love and charity she had during her life time…..may mary be your guide my brothers and sisters 😭🤲🤲🙏🙏
Samm B
If any of this is true about her then she will have to answer to God ,God sees everything and knows everything only he can judge us🙏🏾
Malar Naga
I hv always loathed people like this who take advantage of a poor hungry or sick person just to convert…now with all these details im speechless… i hope many more people will become more aware of this kind of evil people
Pray without ceasing
This reminds me of the accusations leveled at Jesus by the Pharisees. Most of them are true, but taken out of context or without understanding what Jesus meant. Be careful not to call evil good or good evil. It is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Paraphrasing Mother Theresa, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” What are you going to do the lessen the suffering in the world?
Christine Morawska
Watching these significant facts about dark side of Mother Theresa – I have to share opinion about Mother Theresa from Special Source – Polish mystic, spiritual teacher Jan Zbigniew Popko. Mother’s Theresa mind was HAUNTED by religious believes, ideas causing her greed and inhumanly treating people. Otherwise Mother’s Theresa dark side should be discovered by society as inhumane behavior of person who didn’t display human being with loving heart open for others – just for religion sake. Thank you for documenting real facts about Mother Theresa for other people to learn about human behavior , which we are all should share , not only for exclusive, religious rituals and believes. By myself I am deeply spiritual sharing, and giving for others. Christine – Krystyna
Meer tonen
There’s no such thing as a saint. Those who claim they are or are claimed to be have secrets they’re hiding and needs to be questioned
Teresa Gardner
When I learn that someone is Catholic, all I can say is I am sorry. And thank you for bringing this to light. I had heard she was not who people thought she was. Yes all about money. So sad when you hear about someone that’s supposed to be doing good to others and not.
After The Storm
The Turning podcast does an excellent job asking the hard questions about mother Teresa.
Monie Basri
Omg I thought she is a good person…I am Muslim and I was like wow everytime (in my youngest days) people talking about her..even in school,my school next to church so everybody praise her…
Well, her only mission was to convert …and as we grow up and learn politics, we have started to realize it now…. cannot believe that people like her are so revered.
Wincy Telly
The more I know about the world I feel everything we do here is meaningless… completely meaningless.. What is wrong? and What is right? Just millions or billions of people say this is right.. it’s accepted as right and vice-versa….. this just happens when you see/judge others in your perception but when you see things in their perceptions you’ll never find a good or bad.. rather just different.. 😊
She also forced people to convert to catholicism in order to “heal” them, and left them to suffer while she got the best care on her death bed. What a hypocrite and vile person. She caused a lot of pain
Andrew Soon
When religious people do something nice, you’d better think about their motivation and even the true nature of their act.
Jest Marc Romanillos
As a Catholic who serves regularly in the Church, I appreciate this video. But the Church is evil not because of its doctrine but because of the people in it. Which is why my faith never changes despite this. Might as well learn from her mistakes and teach people in my ministry to be better Catholics.
Midnight Mary
Her papers were full of her complaints about no longer believing and when she confessed and went to the Vatican to get help about her loss of faith they told her basically fake it till you make it because she brought in so much money.
Tamara Martin
She gained respect for her service.
Ashwin prasad
Seriously!! Very shocking!! Never heard about this before!!!
People on either extreme ends of religiosity (hating God and loving God so highly) are often hypocrites with bad personality. As everything else, be moderate.
Now I realized that We indians are too emotional and innocent overwhelming that anybody came and fools us … In our text book Mother Teresa despite as a compassionate goddess 😂
Vidhan Sharma
We finally have someone addressing Facts! She definitely did good by providing for those who needed it, but ignoring all other aspects just for the sake of one is blatant foolishness in my views.
Jenny Mila
Devil always shows herself/himself as a shining light 🙏🙏no surprised
Clarus Stük
Having an upside down to what we are trying to do is different than being a villain. My mom met her and she did have a good capturing spirit just in the way she looked at you. The way she thought wasn’t what we today know to be the most efficient at helping but it was aligned with her time and context of when she was raised. What we were taught wasn’t wrong about Madre Teresa. It just was simplified as many things we learn and wasn’t been critical of the general problem of volunteering to help other poor countries and refugees that we still have today even with all the sanitized equipment and “better” managed funds. What we must get from Madre Teresa is that she started a volunteer organisation for the most common basic person to join and help who can’t be helped showing to the west what’s going on and putting a permanent mark in history in the end of a good purpose. People who venerate her aren’t going to be focused and fixed in her method down to the letter, they’ll follow her intention and main objective of doing good. A villain like Hitler will push you towards objectives like power over others, superiority over superficial aspects and so on. She doesn’t. So don’t take this as oh they’re criticising her method than she was evil. Contextualize it. As in my own volunteer work I had hard times with the older generation ways but I wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them and they did teach me good things even if in harsh ways. I’m sure now, more knowledgeable nuns and volunteers are taking her organisation to a more equilibrated and efficient level. So don’t go cancelling what great people have achieved like Mandela and Gandhi bc they were more complexed than what you were taught but learn to do better what they did by learning from their steps and also don’t be surprised if you find yourself with upside downs to what you do.
Meer tonen
Ange Kwiz
How hateful can people be… even the good you do will be turned against you.
I’m not catholic but seeing documentaries and hearing how priests speak in a way maybe they had something to do with her money in sure they convinced her to put that money into their churches instead or she could’ve been doing whatever with it 🤷🏽‍♀
Helen Boula
I truly believe that everyone has a dark side and we just don’t see it and that is just the truth because we’re all human beings and we have flaws and summer worse than others you don’t dare expose yourself that is the truth and I’ll always believe it so Mother Teresa yes as she had her Dark Side just like I do like you do everybody does
Abhilasha Singh
Would love to see the Indian media cover such cases after they get over themselves
For those who understand I will give an esoteric explanation for her actions. In the reality of the reincarnation of the soul, each soul reaches certain levels of wisdom and clarity. There are four main stages of the soul’s advancement and each stage has 9 substages. Most so called ‘young souls’ are born in undeveloped countries. Mother Theresa’s soul was on a 1.8 scale. All 1 stages of the soul have to do with surviving and a very basic understanding of Divine Laws. Thus it is no coincidence that she still saw suffering as something positive in the souls’ advancement. Her intentions were good but as a still primitive soul, she didn’t have the knowledge nor the wisdom of higher level souls. We can blame her for that but she didn’t know any better. Was she a saint? I don’t believe so, but of course it depends of what your definition is of sainthood.
Meer tonen
Kathleen Devine
When I was young this lady had cartoon books about Catholics . I have no hate on them. There’s good and bad in all . But it’s sheding some light on it.
Francis km
Yes, many evidences to establish a prejudiced hypothesis 🙄
Wunderin Wynd Feather aka Skjeren
Good stuff!!! Thankyou! Keep shining light on evil pretending to be gd…👍🏽💪🏽
Bashkim Dervishi
So if I “claim” that I was praying to an individual in the hope that I am cured of some illness and then I say it worked they are one more lie away from getting canonised. 🤣🤣
Stephen A. Smith
known this since i was in middle school. my catholic school friends thought i was crazy for saying she was not a saint, or even necessarily a good person.
RD Castillo's Youtube Diary
I really just hoped you’d do the same as the infographics show but it looks like you take unfounded witness testimonies about her.
yassar ali
I think that buzzfeed should do a series of these “dark side” episodes on historical figures not just religious, but some like ghadi, winston churchill just to name a few. I think it would be interesting.
Euggie Monad
In 1988 I worked for a week in Mother Theresa’s House of the Sick & Dying in Calcutta. I had no medical training. One day I was told to mop the floor around the sick people, like what you see in the video. I was pushing the mop around, just kind of going thru the motions, when she came up behind me and grabbed the mop out of my hand, started doing my job, and said, “You see? This is how you do it. If you can’t do this then I don’t need you here.” Needless to say, that got my attention and I did a better job. But her brusqueness was startling.
A wise man said “People simply say that their society has failed. They do not even know the people whom they are idolizing are not idols Society always picks up the wrong idols”
Veronica D. Giovanni
My friend who is Catholic watched this and said: “Wait…Mother Theresa was a white woman!?? Oh my merciful goodness. I thought the woman was from India!” LOL!!!! The funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time!
Pratyusha Bala
Think about how you would feel when you,a doctor, performed a surgery, and the patient gets better then they claim worshipping to a mortal made her free of cancer
not aditya
Thanks for this. Honestly many people in India are waking up to this. Using Pain and Suffering to subvert and convert dying people is just abhorrent.
Danimals 05
I am catholic and I agree with a lot of this. We are taught that everyone is born with original sin, or in other words no one is born perfect and will never be perfect throughout their life. Saints are human and are not perfect people. Think of saints as honored people on the church, they are in no way as perfect as god. Church is man made which means it will never be perfect, it is your relationship with god that matters.
Your claim at 8:03 makes little sense given that mother Theresa didn’t come from a rich nor powerful nor western country. She came from northern Macedonia. Moreover, she is more a representative of Catholicism than a representative of ‘white’ ‘westerners’, and Catholics are majority non-western.
Man, this is worse than when mother Theresa ODed in Stewie’s car
Percy K Santiago
Not sure the extent of the accuracy of this documentry. But she served the poors and people suffered by deseases. Atleast she did what she could. May God bless her.
She also advocated against the use of condoms during the AIDS epidemic and pushed abstinence only sex education, which was disastrous.
juju Bee
my mom worked with mother theresa in calcutta when she was 18 and says she was really intimidating and she was kinda scared of her.
Sashi Malli
I’m a catholic from Ceylon Isles(Sri Lanka). Everyone has a good side and bad side. Because we aren’t Gods. We are humans. We all have a good side and bad side. So Mother Teresa should has a good side and dark side too. It’s the nature of the humans.
“Mother Teresa was less interested in helping the poor than in using them as an indefatigable source of wretchedness on which to fuel the expansion of her fundamentalist Roman Catholic beliefs.”
pc willis
people in these comments slandering her couldn’t do half the good deeds she did
Моя Семья
Jesus said, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:3–4)
Ig: juliannarvivas
Saw a video of her, and she was approaching so many things with heresy, she isn’t a saint.
She died on the same day I was born, and growing up in a Catholic home, I felt so lucky and blessed to be sort of “connected” with her in some way. But when I learned about the sketchy stuff she did, I was greatly disappointed. I knew saints were people too but goddamn was she problematic.
Arctic Wind
Isn’t it ironic people are still believing in saints when it only needs a government paper to be declared as a saint?
r r
Can’t believe people still see her as a Selfless saint.
Mae L
It’d be great if they could track down where all the charity money went.
she still did more, good than many people would ever do in two lifetimes. People see a coupe wrongs and all of a sudden, all the rights disappear.
I’ve always known that there’s something creepy about her… Same as others up there…
Patrick Valencia
This video just show that no matter how good you are,do good things to others, there will always be people who will put you down, see negative things, and will make bad things out of you.
Ambujam Ramiah
Can you touch a leper with your hands?Mother Teresa did! Don’ t find fault with e person whose loving kindness are very well known all through the globe? If you cannot findgoodness in her life why would you throw trash on her like this? This shows how corrupt your heart is!
Shubham Shah
As an Indian myself I have also heard that she was “CONVERTING ” poor people’s religion by offering them a bag of rice
Marcelo Baio
Blessed mother Therese, a real Saint, over her complete devotion to the poor and care for people ignored by the world, had to carry the burden of criticism from “science people” because didn’t follow “hygiene protocols”. The enemies of the Holy Church are many, but the love of God is bigger.
It’s about time this was revealed.
Neil Rowland
Anyone can make any claim at any time, but where is the actual evidence?
Vinod Sailesh
In these times it ought not be our look out to look at the dark side rather look or introspect in to our own selves and find out – How bright is our inner core.
Truthtalk 29
This is so f-ed up. Somehow there’s something in her face that shows she wasnt all too innocent
And iiiiii’ve beeeeeen WAITING for people to talk about this more. It’s low key common knowledge but a lot of people really don’t know
Margaux Ann Taras
People are often unreasonable and self-centred Forgive them anyway If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives Be kind anyway If you are honest, people may cheat you Be honest anyway If you find happiness, people may be jealous Be happy anyway The good you do today may be forgotten Do good anyway Give the world your best and it may never be enough Give your best anyway For you see, in the end it is between You and God It was never between you and them anyway – Mother Teresa
Meer tonen
God knows what the truth is, but if someone indulges in religious conversions then that’s evil. 🙏
Did this video cover about her conversion activities or not? If not lemme tell she converted thousand poor orphan kids in Indian subcontinent and not only that extremely poor people were allured to become christians only by the cost of Few dollars of rice, and food This lady is pure evil can’t people praise her smh…
intan vlogs
as a muslim, i learned a lot from this video n convinced that no one is a saint and at least a saint have a sin😄
Book Worm
What good did she do because all I’ve ever heard were the horrific ways she treated people. I️ don’t actually see why she’s idolized
Flavio V
I agree that she was human and was not perfect maybe she had made some mistakes but says that she was evil is totally wrong and not far, she had no family no children, she didn’t gain money for herself or for her family, she didn’t profit from her fame or money, she continued live in those miserable conditions for herself. The people that judge and accuse her see just the half of the story, she didn’t obligate anyone she just helped people from ther point of view and gave everything to those people
Felix W
Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. – Voltaire
Sohini Dutta
Well…did not expect this. We have always been taught about how kind and generous she was and I would have never imagined in a million years that even her story would turn out to be this tainted.
rano spiteri
The Bible says Only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgment upon others (implying that no one is faultless and that, therefore, no one has such a right to pass judgment).
Pete T
The Peace Prize awarded in 1971 was made by Pope Paul VI. Pope John XVIII died during Vatican II between 1962 – 1965
milly thomas
No good deed goes unpunished. Am not surprised that they will come out with such videos. Nobody said she is God . Given the circumstances she did the best she could as a human being. The dark side of her is still fairer than your fair side.
Francis Uva
at least she did something to care for the disadvantage which no one in any churches can…
Philip Cullen
She knew what she was doing…big time…played the game well.. disgraceful…
Ironically she makes a lot of average people look like saints
Cristelyn Narvas
At the end of the day we didn’t realized that all the saints has a dark side, even on Jesus time He even uses imperfect person to spread the word and good deeds.
If people talked about her as what she actually was, I’d have less objection to the Sainthood designation — She was an extremely effective messenger and fundraiser for the Catholic Right Wing. That’s what she was. Does that make her a Saint? I would say no, but you could say yes. But to act like she was this great servant and friend of the poor is a farce.
Dorcas Christina
Did anything which you said in this video as the dark side seem logical? Just because you don’t like a person, pls don’t create videos or bring up things against them to defame them, just because you say she did so , is not gonna justify it or make her wrong, or just because I say she did not do, is neither gonna justify it, the God who sent her knows her and her works. You need not go and find the dark sides of people, if you can’t appreciate their works just keep quiet, just because one can’t do like her, pls don’t do this to a person, who did something we can’t. Love does not hate anyone, be it a sinner or a saint, love is pure, Jesus loved us not because we are righteous but because we are all sinners.
Myster Dankin
“Every saint has past and every sinner has a future” -Oscar Wilde
Yara Volkov
A “mother” is a treacherous term.
Aayush Chandra
Whoever needs to be portrayed as a perfect figure, well, they needed it. Each coin has two sides, no matter how much you try to hide it.
Mary Cahill
Mother’s life was thoroughly investigated by the Vatican. After all was said and done, she was officially declared a saint. India has awarded Mother their highest civilian awards, and she won the Nobel Peace Prize. She was closer to God than any of us will manage in this life.
Angela Barry
I was raised by a woman like her
Ganesha adyatma
i share this to my friends but they said its not true 😂
Amit Singh Dhillon
For every saint there are a billion sinners and wicked devil incarnate monsters brilliantly disguised as human beings on planet earth .
Yasith Sashrika
Sometimes even if someone is good, people may criticize.
as a non Roman Catholic, I have curious questions: -what does it take for a person to become a saint? -why do people become saints? -what is a saint? -are humans worthy of becoming saints?
Meer tonen
I’m catholic myself but I do question the ways of the catholic church. We’re supposed to see everyone as an equal and have no one to fear but God, and yet we have do activities in honor of saints, popes, and other religious figures. And this whole mother teresa situation, how did they turn a blind eye to this, there was no way they didn’t know what was happening inside of her health centres. We have strayed so much from what Christianity really is, that it all seems like a money making scheme to me.
They really should revoke her titles imo. This should be known by all that idolise her
I’m Indian and I’m really surprised tbh. As days go by, I keep losing more and more faith in humanity.
Loretta Hines
According to article in ‘PARADE’ in 2012, a psychologist study showed that children need to know (1) that things don’t always work out (2) and you need to know about your ‘Family History’! My comments: Find out how your parents and others were treated by who they thought were their parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins, great uncles/aunts? Who were their enemies and what happened: who got after them, tried to harm them or who tried to kill them or who killed them? Did they go to school: where, when and how? Why didn’t they go to school or further their education? A group member’s comments below: A foundation (family history) is so important … even if just stories about a parent’s life experiences. Agreed, we need to raise children to be resilient. The other part psychologists are saying, it is important that parents allow children to solve their own problems. Too often parents step in to fix, but we will not be here forever to solve their problems.
Meer tonen
she’s far from a Saint. mostly impressionable works to receive recognition.
Maria Acayo
I am a Catholic but don’t even know much about her. I also studied in a school that looked at her as a patron saint we used to pray to her but unfortunately I didn’t even know much about her. Just knew she existed and was also kind
Salvador Prado
She had such an evil heart!!!
Vanessa Royer
Always loved her and her work.
I think she did what was necessary to save lives… even tied people up. I think maybe volunteers laughed at miserable kids…it’s not her fault. Being worshiped by that crazy woman is not her fault either.
Frank Ribery
We Indians have been saying that out loud. Our previous govt which was extremely towards minorities unjustly covered it all up. That Nehru award was a hot oil on our bruise (Nehru didn’t just do that. He was basically anti Indian. Talking about mother Theresa, she was basically helping kids who would convert. Locals have been saying what she was doing from that time but nobody were listening
Salvador Prado
She was one time possessed by the very devil, one of the priests made an exorcism on her.,
Devara Rajitha
Leave this precious, God fearing and compassionate lady alone. We don’t even deserve to touch her toe. Can we wrap in our arms a sick person with skin diseases and feed him? – So, why do you create false accusations on a person who does that? “questionable political contacts”? – obviously she is renewed for her charitable work – the way she took care of the poor and needy. presidents, queen and princess of many countries used to wait to meet her. That is the respect they have for this woman, unlike you. “Suspicious management of enormous sums of money”? – Do you even know by the time of her death she only had two pairs of saris and a bible. She could have easily been the richest women in the world with all the funds that she received in her life time, But she is not. “There’s no point” – Yes, it is very true that communicable diseases that are contacted because of unsterilized needles is identified only in the 80’s and 90’s and it is not fully communicated to the roots of the society. She is a woman of good heart and not a doctor. She may not be perfect. But, she is incomparable to any of us. Only God judges us, not humans..
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Cement Head
The Bible tell us, trust no men that they would deceive you.
Paulo Tolić
“There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” -St. Augustine
olive Rachel
I have worked in the Sishu Vihar for children close home and found them doing a good job. I did not find anything what is shown in this clip. Orphans who would otherwise be left helpless and languishing were cared for with love and dignity. Been a few times to the Home for the Dying and they were also given dignity in dying and death. It’s easy to point fingers at others but if we can strive to be atleast 1% of what this human lady did this world would be a better place for all.
My Indian dad has said time and time again that her public image is fake and fabricated. It’s hard not to believe him after reading and seeing all these facts about her. So many sides to the story that we still don’t know.
Lyn Davis
I really don’t know how or why she was canonised to sainthood ,,,,yes a lot of dark side with her the way she treated the elderly
Maria Russell
No one can pronounce anyone as a saint only God can
It is hard to make connection and perform a social service during those period of world were the political, economical and social situations weren’t favorable. In 21st century it is easy to point out a mistake and criticise with scientific research. But it is hard for a person who is not well-educated about humanity and without a masters degree to perform such social service worldwide in those times. It comes from within for her! Which isn’t coming out for all of us! It takes wide thinking to realize individuals and their contributions in respect to the existing internal and external environment. She still deserves to be respected! People can make mistakes but, it can be forgiven by the best part they contribute for the world! Gandhi wasn’t a best father or family person but still he rescued India and remains as the father of Indian nation, respected by the world for his words and action!
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Kristóf Szabó
Wow, I love you guys😉 It takes a lot of guts to make a video on a topic like this, so Hats off👍
Yenny Umpierrez
El desconocimiento, la duda, la desinformacion y desconfianza son como monstruos.. El que este libre que tire la primera piedra…. Quien? Ninguno de nosotros! Mas vale en lugar de juzgar a otros nos ocupemos de nuestra propia alma. Solo Dios nos juzgara… o por aqui hay alguien que se crea Dios..? LA HUMILDAD Y SENCILLEZ SON NECESARIAS.
War Mysteries
We remember hearing about abuses and neglect in her convents and care homes. Can a lifetime of good deeds wash away stains of bad?
Maribel Paunil
I believe in the goodness of Mother Theresa
Carlo Rodriguez
Honestly, I’m not even Catholic but most of these so-called atrocities done by Mother Teresa appeared to have happened out of ignorance rather than actual intent to harm. The sanitation, health risks, and even the mismanagement of finances look to be more of a cultural problem. We should just accept that people are flawed creatures and these so-called saints that people revere are all still human.
Justina Maimagani
What did people not say about Jesus? I am not surprised that people would look for a dark spot in the light. I love Mother Teresa