Between the hammer and the anvil

Tussen hamer en ambeeld

With the choice between two unpleasant or distasteful options; in a predicament or quandary. 

Prepositional phrase (idiomatic)


Met de keuze tussen twee onaangename of onsmakelijke opties; in een hachelijke situatie of dilemma.

Origin: Referring to the metal on a blacksmith’s anvil, which is beaten with a hammer.

WordSense Dictionary

The expression “between the hammer and the anvil” generally refers to being caught or trapped between two opposing forces or choices, often in a difficult or stressful situation. Here are some key points that can be associated with this expression:

  1. Dilemma or conflict: The expression suggests being in a situation where one is faced with two opposing forces or choices, like being caught between a hammer and an anvil that are coming together to create pressure.

  2. Pressure or stress: The expression conveys a sense of being under pressure or feeling trapped between two conflicting options, with little room to maneuver or escape.

  3. Difficult decision-making: It implies that one may have to make a tough decision or choose between two equally undesirable options, with no easy or obvious solution.

  4. Being stuck in a no-win situation: The expression can also indicate being caught in a predicament where neither option is ideal, and the outcome may be negative, regardless of the choice made.

  5. Need for resolution: It suggests a sense of urgency or the need to find a resolution to the conflicting forces or choices in order to relieve the pressure or stress.

  6. Limited options: The expression may also imply that the available choices are limited or constrained, and one may not have much control over the situation.

  7. Symbolism: The hammer and anvil are tools used in blacksmithing, and the expression can also carry connotations of being in a situation where one is being shaped or molded, often through challenging circumstances or experiences.

Overall, the key points of the expression “between the hammer and the anvil” revolve around being caught or trapped between opposing forces or choices, and the stress, pressure, and difficulty associated with such a situation.

Gebruik waarheid als je aambeeld, geweldloosheid
als je hamer en alles wat niet standhoudt
wanneer het wordt getest aan het aambeeld van waarheid
en gehamerd met geweldloosheid, wijs het af.

Mahatma Gandhi

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