The Quest for Justice


A long search for something that is difficult to find, or an attempt to achieve something difficult:

Nothing will stop them in their quest for truth.
She went to India on a spiritual quest.
[ + to infinitive ] She does aerobics four times a week in her quest to achieve the perfect body.

Cambridge Dictionary
1 A heartbreaking story of a 13-year-old homeless boy

1 Former Homeless Student Surprises Teacher (Emotional Reunion)

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7 jan. 2020

JeVon McCormick ( was homeless when he was a student. As a child, he faced horrific abuse, racism, and poverty. When he gets invited to speak in his hometown, he has a surprise reunion with his high school teacher, Mrs. Porter. He honors her in his speech, and they are both brought to tears.

2 “My father was a black pimp” | JeVon McCormick Speech @ Small Giants

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7 feb 2020
To learn more about JeVon:

3 JeVon McCormick Returns Home, Emotional Surprise

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2 jan. 2020

After paying the bill for his birth, JT McCormick is invited to speak at the hospital he was born in. But the trip home wasn’t what he expected.
I never heard of you before today, but I just wanted to say, your story touched me in the deepest way. I raise a nephew whose parents were addicts. His father was a pimp. His mother was one of the pimp’s women. My nephew finished college, in Audio Engineering. After college, he went into a deep depression and hasn’t left out of the house in 2 years. I think I will show him your videos, because it will show him that he can go on in spite of his parents. I’m so proud of what you have achieved 💜
Soumyajit Panda
Now, I’m 19 years old, studying Pharmacy,, Once my father told me ,, “whenever you face any problem try to understand it properly,, try to solve it ,, because Adversity always presents the opportunity for introspection. “ &obviously your mom says right,, ” don’t judge anyone because everyone have a different story “ Truly inspiring,,, whatever you’re, you deserve it,,, love from INDIA ❤🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏

4 You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know | JeVon McCormick

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JeVon McCormick survived a childhood marked by abuse and neglect. He barely graduated from high school and does not have a college degree. In spite of these obstacles, JT refuses to consider himself a victim and embraces the opportunity he has—as President and CEO of Scribe Media—to inspire young people facing challenge and other Evergreen leaders.

In this moving, deeply personal talk presented at Tugboat Institute Summit 2019, JT describes his journey of Perseverance and shares key lessons of his experience.

5 “I Should Not Be Here” Inspirational Speech | JeVon McCormick

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6 jan 2022 ATLANTA
JeVon McCormick, President and CEO of Scribe Media, delivers an inspiring keynote to thousands of attendees at the Crisp Game Changers Summit in Atlanta.
2 Time to get back to Liam Allan

Following on from the first webpage:

  • Even Theresa May had to answer questions about Liam Allan in the House of Commons! 
    • “Scotland Yard is reviewing all current rape and sexual abuse investigations
    • The Prime Minister has promised to “look again” at the procedures of sex crime investigations after two rape trials collapsed in the space of a week.
    • Theresa May was tackled on the issue after Britain’s biggest police force announced every live case will be examined in the wake of the controversy.” Sky news Wednesday 20 December 2017  The Guadian
    • The Prime Minister responded to a question to Tory MP Nigel Evans, who himself was cleared of a rape charge in 2014.The backbencher spoke at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday after meeting 22-year-old student Liam Allan, whose rape trial was thrown out last week after it emerged a detective had failed to hand over text messages on his accuser’s phone.
3 Untangle the tangled knot
De verwarde knoop ontwarren

To unmess this mess
To resolve this issue
Thorny issue
Untie the knot

6 Belle fille se fait arracher sa robe

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24 okt. 2012

La belle fille demande aux gens de surveiller ses affaires pendant qu’elle va à la toilette extérieure. Malheureusement, sa robe se prend dans la porte et deux petits voyous en profitent pour lui arracher et se sauver avec. La fille se retrouve nue et prisonnière dans la toilette. Mais ce n’est pas si grave, elle se fabrique une robe très hot avec du papier journal.
Hot girl asks people to hold her things while she goes to an outdoor public toilet. Unfortunately, she gets her skirt stuck in the door and a couple of little brats spot the opportunity for mischief and yank it out. The girl is left completely naked and trapped in the bathroom, but no biggie. She simply takes a newspaper and fashions herself a brand new trendy dress with it.
Une présentation de la chaine vidéo YouTube officielle de Juste pour rire les gags. Bourrez-vous la face des meilleurs et plus drôls gags de caméra cachée jamais tournés.
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious hidden camera pranks.