Bridal slaves

1 Slavery: A 21st Century Evil – Bridal slaves |दासता: एक 21 वीं शताब्दी बुराई – दुल्हन गुलाम

16 nov. 2011

In the midst of widespread poverty, fueled by economic inequality and rampant corruption, a new form of slavery – bridal slavery – has flourished in India. Women and young girls are sold for as little as $120 to men who often abuse them.

2 India’s Slave Brides |101 East | भारत का दास दुल्हन

16 nov. 2016

101 East investigates how every year, tens of thousands of girls and women in India are trafficked into slave marriages.
10 Nov 2016 23:05 GMT International Women’s Day, India, Human trafficking, slavery
Minute 15, 20, 23
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3 Young Nepalese girls become sex slaves

11 apr. 2009

Bonded slavery may be illegal in Nepal but it is a tradition that thrives in parts of the country, with parents selling their daughters to make ends meet.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley reports on what has become a life of servitude for many young Nepalese in the southern Dang district.


4 Actresses speaking out against sexual assault in India | Unreported World

21 mei 2018

Bollywood #MeToo: Unreported World is in Bollywood to investigate how the #MeToo campaign has taken off in India’s leading film industry. Sahar Zand meets some of the country’s top actresses who are speaking out against assault, sexual harassment and rape. In a country where attitudes to women are changing but where many people still hold conservative views about the role of women and where victims of sexual assault are often regarded as shameful can the Me Too movement really gain momentum? This episode first aired on 18/05/2018.

5 Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade | 101 East | दुल्हन और वेश्यालय

8 mrt. 2018

They have survived rape and the slaughter of their families. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya girls and women fled Myanmar to escape a military crackdown.

In Bangladesh’s refugee camps they thought they would be safe. But inside the tents that house almost a million Rohingya refugees, women and girls are being bought, sold and given away.

Girls are being forced into marriage because relatives can’t afford to feed them, or are being lured to brothels with the promise of good jobs. We investigate the dangers still facing Rohingya women, and meet the people seeking to exploit them.


6 Asian brides for sale | 101 East

22 jul. 2011

101 East investigates the dramatic increase in South Korean men marrying mail-order brides, up from almost none a decade ago, overturning centuries of prejudice against interracial marriage and creating a wave of cases of divorce and abuse.
More than a third of South Korean men in rural areas married foreign brides last year. While some unions are happy, the industry has also led to sex trafficking, domestic violence and murder.
Authorities are cracking down on illegal agency activities but the Korean government is facing calls to implement a stricter screening of interracial marriages.

7 Stolen Brides (Kidnapping Documentary) | Real Stories

14 okt. 2016

A one-off special that documents a mother’s struggle to recover her daughters after their father abducted the pair, exposing them to sexual practices and holding them as ‘Stolen Brides’.
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8 What Price – Bride Price? full documentary

26 mrt. 2013

What Price Bride Price?

Bride Price or lobola is both a cherished but highly controversial culture practised throughout Africa. It is the price paid in cows or money by the groom to the parents of the bride.

This inspirational documentary tackles important side effects of bride wealth, namely child marriages, domestic violence and poverty. It features a cross-section of survivors of domestic violence, judges, community leaders, policy makers and rights activists.

The makers believe there are various aspects of the practice of bride price that violate the Constitution of Uganda as well as binding International Human Rights laws.

We take the viewer into the lives of ordinary Ugandans as they share their experience on dowry.

This enlightening documentary also provides a wealth of information on the practice of Bride Price in different cultures in Uganda.


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Notes for Journalists / Editors
MIFUMI Brief Organizational Profile
MIFUMI is a developmental NGO and women’s rights organization. The organization has worked for over ten years to reduce the burden of poverty; addressing issues that hinder development by initiating developmental projects. MIFUMI particularly protects women and children experiencing domestic violence and bride price related violations.

MIFUMI’s position on various issues around the practice of bride price is as follows:
1. Bride price should not form an essential ingredient of marriage, it should be non-obligatory
2. Bride price should not be refunded when a relationship breaks down. In 2015, MIFUMI’s appeal case in the Supreme Court finally bore fruits; the demand for refund of bride price upon dissolution of a customary marriage was declared unconstitutional thus putting an end to a practice that tied women in loveless and violent unions.
3. At the death of a woman, before the payment/completed payment of bride price, burial should not be prevented and bride price should not be demanded. (MIFUMI has successfully embedded this into the Tororo district level policy through the Bridal Gifts Ordinance)



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9 Africa: Will You Marry Me? (Full Documentary)

18 okt. 2014

In Africa, woman is not Adam’s rib, at most, she is his shoulders and spinal column. For the vast majority of African women, even today, in the cities and in the countryside, their greatest dream is to get a good husband and have many children. We will approach different cases as beauty contests, polygamy and arranged marriages.

10 Child Brides in Tanzania

29 okt. 2014

(Nairobi, October 29, 2014) Child marriage in Tanzania limits girls’ access to education and exposes them to serious harms. Human Rights Watch documented how child marriage severely curtails girls’ access to education, and exposes them to exploitation and violence – including marital rape and female genital mutilation (FGM) – and reproductive health risks.…
Bride Trade. Fighting Tanzania’s child bride tradition.
More films about Africa: 
In Tanzania, it is against the law to marry underage girls. The punishment for those responsible – the husband and the parents of the bride who allowed the wedding to happen – is up to 30 years in prison. Nevertheless, there are families who continue to follow the tradition and attempt to marry their daughters off when they’re as young as 12 or 13 years old. An early marriage means the parents will no longer have to take care of the girl and will receive cows in exchange. Cows are a staple of Tanzanian village life and some consider them more valuable than their own daughters. Local authorities and activists are working to prevent child marriages, often interrupting such weddings. Rescued girls are taken to a shelter, where they receive schooling, many for the first time in their lives. Families who hope to marry off their daughters early don’t send them to school, as they believe an educated wife is likely to be opinionated and disobedient. So she won’t be worth so much in cows. 
Many girls here, such as Kristina and Agness, both 13, were saved from marrying older men during their weddings, while 16-year-old Leokodia escaped her husband after years of abuse. Numerous parents and grooms have either been imprisoned or are on the run. Local activist Paulo is working on preventing such sad consequences for families. His mission is to convince people that daughters can be more useful when they’re educated. They can get a good job instead of being traded at a young age for a few cows. He has his own example to back it up – his daughter received an education and now works and helps her father financially.

11 India’s child brides for sale

1 feb. 2017

12 The wives abandoned by British Asian men – BBC News

27 sep. 2016

Wives in South Asia are being used and abandoned by the British Asian men that marry them. There are calls for this to be recognised as a form of domestic violence. “Sunita” tells Catrin Nye, reporting for the Victoria Derbyshire programme, that her life was “ruined” after she was abandoned.
Shot by: Richard Kenny and Ben Lister
Edited by: Ben Lister
Produced by: Catrin Nye and Divya Talwar
The Victoria Derbyshire programme is broadcast on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC
Two and the BBC News channel.

13 Blind Man Walks Into Gorilla Exhibit

30 mei 2011

Blind man visits the zoo. He gets a lost, and while he’s trying to find his way, he inadvertently wanders into the Gorilla exhibit. Prank victims scream for help and are scared for the poor man’s life. Surely the huge, scary ape will tear him to shreds! Fortunately the beast is actually quite kind – a good Samaritan, in fact – and he assists the blind man by helping him exit the exhibit. 
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