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1 Tibetan herdsman goes viral on social media for eye-catching image, lifestyle

31 dec. 2020

A 20-year-old Tibetan herdsman has become the latest internet celebrity in China, after a video clip and photos featuring his handsome face went viral online.

2 Tibetan heartthrob hopes to promote hometown after going viral| CCTV English

2 dec. 2020

A 20-year-old Tibetan herdsman from southwest China’s Sichuan Province recently became an online sensation due to his innocent smile and “sweet and wild” handsomeness. Tamdrin, whose name in Chinese is Ding Zhen, has been appointed an image ambassador to promote tourism in his home of Litang County after he racked up more than four million followers on social media.

Notre voyage dans la vie est ponctué
par les personnes que nous rencontrons,
chaque personne est une virgule,
nous disant de prendre une respiration, un moment,
nous rappelant de réfléchir et d’apprendre.
On nous apprend la ténacité et la force,
le bonheur et la joie, l’amitié et l’amour.
Mais il y a ces gens qui nous apprennent
le chagrin et la perte,
ce sont les leçons que nous redoutons.
Ce sont les arrêts complets de la vie.
C’est de là que nous devons nous relever,
commencer une autre phrase,
un nouveau chapitre, un nouveau départ.
Mais, la leçon la plus difficile de toutes est de laisser partir
quelqu’un qui n’est pas encore fait pour nous,
ils ne sont pas une nouvelle page,
mais un nouveau livre dans une autre vie,
qui n’a pas encore été écrit.

Sally A Cain

Onze reis door het leven wordt onderbroken
door de mensen die we ontmoeten,
elke persoon een komma,
die ons vertelt om adem te halen, een moment,
ons eraan herinnert om na te denken en te leren.
We leren kracht en sterkte,
geluk en vreugde, vriendschap en liefde.
Maar er zijn ook mensen die ons leren
hartzeer en verlies,
dat zijn de lessen die we vrezen.
Het zijn de volledige stopplaatsen in het leven.
Daarvan moeten we onszelf oprapen,
een nieuwe zin beginnen,
een nieuw hoofdstuk, een nieuw begin.
Maar, de moeilijkste les van allemaal is om los te laten
iemand die nog niet voor ons bestemd is,
zij zijn geen nieuwe pagina,
maar een nieuw boek in een ander leven,
één dat nog niet geschreven is.

Sally A Cain

April 17, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Recording artist Justin Bieber in attendance to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play against the San Antonio Spurs during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

3 – W5: Rare interview before Justin Bieber was a star

7 apr. 2017

W5 is Canada’s most-watched investigative, current affairs and documentary program. Tackling major stories and investigations W5 is in its 51st season.

4 Justin Bieber on The Ellen DeGeneres Show “Baby” + Interview

17 mei 2010

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. Justin Bieber performing his hit single “Baby” and interviewing Ellen on May 17th, 2010. HIS NEW RAP IS AMAZING. 🙂

5 Justin Bieber’s Youtube Interview with Jimmy Fallon – 21 June 2012 (HD) Full

22 jun. 2012

6 Early interview 17-year-old Justin Bieber | 60 Minutes Australia

10 okt. 2018

Ask any music executive, there’s no market quite as lucrative as teenage girls. They scream louder, are more devoted and spend more money than anyone else. Win them over and you’ve got it made. Just look at Justin Bieber. Platinum records. Music awards. He’s even sung at the White House. All this and he’s only just turned seventeen. Michael Usher met up with the Biebster between shows in London, as he prepared to bring his world tour down under. The kid’s certainly at the top of his game. But what on earth will he do for an encore?
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Tom Steinfort look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

7 Justin Bieber – His story (Rise to fame)

24 jun. 2017

Justin Bieber’s life story. From birth 1994 to where he is now 2017! I spend at lot of time, working on this, so I hope you enjoy.

From small-town Canadian boy to international superstar Justin Bieber started a You Tube craze fueled by his baby-faced good looks and impressive musical talent. After being discovered by Scooter Braun, and being signed to Usher s record label, it was evident that “Bieber Fever” was just getting started. Now a media fixture and a household name, Bieber lights up the stage with his Top 40 hits and winning smile. Justin Bieber: Rise to Fame delves into not only the musical life of the heartthrob, but also how the young star copes with fame and spends his limited free time. Packed with previously unseen footage and exclusive interviews with the teen idol himself, Rise to Fame chronicles the life of the worldwide pop phenomenon who is tearing up the charts and melting young hearts.

8 Justin Bieber: All Around the World part 1 NBC Special FULL GOOD QUALITY

22 jun. 2012

TV Special Legal Rights belong to NBC

9 The Dark Season – Justin Bieber: Seasons

3 feb. 2020

Justin talks in-depth for the first time publicly about his health. He shares details on his history with drugs: when and why he started using them, and the dark moments that made him realize it was time to quit for good. He also reveals how he deals with his physical and mental health after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Most importantly, he gets candid about the daily battles he’s still fighting now, how he got help and took control of his life, and how, if you’re struggling with something, you can, too.

10 The Finale – Justin Bieber: Seasons

25 feb. 2020

On the verge of the album release and stadium tour, Justin, his friends and family, and a hall of fame cast of artists that he’s collaborated with reflect on the incredible journey he has taken and how far he’s come. We finally catch up in real-time to the long anticipated release of “Changes”.

Het leven is een reis met
problemen om op te lossen
en lessen
om te leren, maar het meest…
van al. Ervaringen
om van te genieten.

La vie est un voyage avec
des problèmes à résoudre
et des leçons à
apprendre mais surtout
de tout. Des expériences
à apprécier.

Geen enkele reis door het leven is een recht en smal pad..
Er zullen altijd omwegen zijn, tegenslagen,
stoppels, verkeerde afslagen en veel hobbels op je pad.
Je moet gewoon op de signalen letten…
“Ze vertellen je om te vertragen! ..”
Hou je hoofd omhoog, blijf aan de grond
Hou je hoofd omhoog, blijf geaard
en je geest horizontaal…
Je zal het halen.

Aucun voyage dans la vie n’est un chemin droit et étroit…
Il y aura toujours des détours, des mésaventures,
des faux pas, des mauvais tournants et beaucoup de bosses le long de votre chemin.
Vous devez juste prêter attention aux signaux…
“Ils te disent de ralentir !…”
Gardez la tête haute, restez sur terre
& Gardez votre tête haute, restez ancré
& your mind levelled…
Tu vas y arriver…

11 Before you lose hope, watch Diego Maradona’s childhood story | Oh My Goal

27 nov. 2020

Diego Maradona’s youth was full of difficulties. Coming from an extremely poor family, Maradona had to work harder than others to escape this and find his place on top of the world. From his childhood to his teenage years, the challenges got even greater but Maradona never let it get him down. Before you think about giving up, watch the story of Maradona’s childhood.

12 Maradona skill


19 dec. 2005

clips of the legendary maradonna at different stages of his career

13 Diego Maradona – Moments Impossible To Forget

25 nov. 2020

⚽️ Diego Maradona – Moments Impossible To Forget

14 How A Player Became A God: Diego Maradona

10 mei 2017

Diego Maradona is a legend in Naples having led Napoli to their first ever Serie A title in 1987. On the 30th year anniversary of this triumph, we find out what Maradona meant to the city and the significance of their victory.

15 Meet the Cambodian boy who speaks more than a dozen languages

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17 nov. 2018

16 Cambodian Boy Who Speaks 16 Languages’ Life Now, 2 Years After Viral Video

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11 dec. 2020

On November 9, 2018, Thuch Salik’s life changed when a tourist posted a video of him selling souvenirs in Angkor while speaking multiple languages. The Facebook video got over 33,000 shares, while Channel NewAsia’s feature on this Cambodian boy amassed nearly 6 million views on YouTube (as of Dec 10, 2020). How has his life changed since then?

In September 2019, Salik enrolled at the prestigious Hailiang Educational Institute in Zhejiang, China. He was initially offered this scholarship from the school earlier in March, but Salik’s parents were hesitant to let him go. They were US$60,000 to US$70,000 in debt and needed him around to help support his family.

Dr Chen Junwei, chairman and CEO of the school, offered to pay off the family’s debts and sponsor his education. They finally accepted the offer.
Salik had to get one-to-one tuition at first to catch up with his classmates, and currently studies subjects like Mandarin, mathematics, painting and psychology. In January 2020, while home for the school break, the.COVID-19 pandemic struck. He has since been following classes via remote learning from Phnom Penh

In July, Salik signed to Cambodian talent company FUN Entertainment where he’s being groomed to be a social media star.

17 Multilingual Cambodian boy who went viral on social media now studies in China

23 jun. 2019

Latest: Cambodian internet star with a dozen languages sets sights on university as he settles into Chinese school

18 Internet Sensation Cambodian boy who speaks over 10 languages starts a new journey in China

30 mei 2019

A Cambodian boy named Salik was found to be able to speak Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and other languages when he was selling souvenirs at tourist attractions. He has become an Internet sensation. In mid-May, Salik came to study in China with his dreams and started a new journey in his life.

19 How Cambodia boy can appear on stage of China CCTV | Salik Thuch interview 2020

3 aug. 2020

20 Smile of the Plateau makes Ding Zhen new icon of Sichuan and Tibet


30 nov. 2020

A 20-year-old youth of the Tibetan ethnic group in SW China’s Sichuan province has become an internet sensation for his good looks and innocent smile. 
Tenzin, whose name in Mandarin is #DingZhen, took the internet by storm after a photographer posted a video of him on Douyin, a domestic version of the TikTok short video platform. Many netizens, especially female ones, said Tenzin had “stars in his eyes” and his smile was “angelic and comforting”. 
The youngster has been appointed to promote tourism in Sichuan’s Litang county. A promotional short clip Ding Zhen’s World, which he shot for his hometown of Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Sichuan, was released online on Nov 25, attracting the attention of internet users across China. 
Video provided by Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism of Garze prefecture, Sichuan province, co-produced by Time Island andBureau of culture, radio, television and tourism of Garze prefecture, Sichuan province. #丁真 #丁真的世界

21 New Year’s Greetings from Dingzhen: A Chinese youth sends out his wish to the world

31 dec. 2020

When snow falls on Garze in Southwest China’s Sichuan province, the mountainous city always transforms itself into a magical winter wonderland. Snowfields, glaciers, forests, hot springs and sunshine on the plateau, all covered in white, continue to demonstrate their beauty and shine.
As everything on earth welcomes the #NewYear, #Tenzin (#Dingzhen in Mandarin) and his hometown are also ready for new beginnings.
The year 2020 has been an extremely unique year for the entire world, as COVID-19 swept across the globe and humanity experienced an entire year suffused in gloom. We are more than ready to bid farewell.
Here, a Chinese youth sends out his purest New Year’s greetings to the world. Beneath the snowy mountains, mulberry smoke rises! May the snow of the plateau blanket and take away all illnesses and disasters. The good and the beautiful will return! #丁真 #丁真的世界
(Video by Time Island)

22 Tibetan heartthrob gets job offer after getting viral on Chinese media


20 nov. 2020

Captured by a photographer for a “Smile on the highest altitude” photo series, 20-year-old Tibetan young man Ding Zhen from Litang County in Sichuan province went viral on Chinese social media platforms. Zhen racked up 2 million followers on social media in a few days.
On November 20, he received a job offer from a local Chinese state-owned company and has signed the contract.

23 Rapid Rise of China’s Internet Sensation Tamdrin


7 dec. 2020

Bambi eyes and a bright smile sent 20-year-old Tibetan herdsman Tenzin, locally known as “Ding Zhen,” to the internet stratosphere after his pictures and video clips went viral. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying tweeted compliments about him, and Tenzin-related topics have had more than 3 billion views on Weibo alone. He topped searches on Baidu and Douyin, the Chinese-version video-sharing platform TikTok. The internet celebrity from Litang County, Sichuan Province, has sparked a surge in interest in his hometown among tourists. Why has the young man from Sichuan captured so much attention in China? Can his skyrocketing popularity indeed do wonders for tourism in his hometown?

24 ‘Handsome’ Tibetan man in China gets job offer after finding fame online

23 nov. 2020

Ding Zhen, a 20-year-old ethnic Tibetan man in China’s Sichuan province, has found fame online for his good looks, leading to him receiving job offers and accepting one from a state-owned travel company.

25 Trát Tây Đinh Chân – Sói Con Khả Ái~ | Ding Zhen 丁真直播-康巴汉子有多师 Đinh Chân #01

16 nov. 2020

Trát Tây Đinh Chân – Sói Con Khả Ái~ | 丁真 Đinh Chân #01 Tik tok người tây tạng 丁真直播-康巴汉子有多师 Ding Zhen’s World

His hometown in Litang County in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze in Sichuan

27 Nepal’s Mighty Gurkhas | 101 East

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2 apr. 2020

Every year, thousands of young Nepalese men endure gruelling physical training, punishing runs and relentless scrutiny for what they see as a chance of a lifetime – the opportunity to become a Gurkha soldier in the British Army.

Only 432 will make it.

For boys from remote mountain villages, it can be a pathway out of poverty – not just for them, but for their entire families.

But first, they must survive a brutal selection process.

Major Sandy Nightingale, who runs the recruitment process, adopts a no-holds-barred approach when telling the candidates what to expect.

“If you join the British Army Brigade of Gurkhas, you have to be prepared to sacrifice your life to protect the UK, your fellow soldiers and the Gurkhas Brigade,” he tells them.

Kamal Gurung, who comes from a family of farmers, has been training for this moment for years. He is desperate to help lift his family out of poverty and transform their lives in one of the world’s poorest countries.

“If I succeed, I’ll be able to give my family a normal life, and all the happiness they deserve. They’ll feel like their hard work finally paid off,” he says.

But will he make it through the punishing endurance tests and stringent medical examinations?

101 East follows Nepal’s latest hopeful recruits as they battle it out to see who has what it takes to join the legendary Gurkhas.

28  – 11 years on, woman in iconic photo shares story of transformed life

3 feb. 2021

A photo taken by a Xinhua correspondent during the 2010 Spring Festival travel rush touched the hearts of many. After 11 years, the photographer finally found the woman in the iconic picture. Here are the tremendous changes that have taken place in the woman’s life since.

29 A poor boy played inside a garbage bag… This is what happened when Leo Messi saw the photo…

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5 okt. 2020

Did you ever consider the fact that there are no social boundaries when it comes to loving sports, which of course includes loving soccer. This feeling unites people, irrespective of their financial situation, age or skin color. There is ample evidence and countless facts to support this claim.
For copyright matters please contact us at: cegelnik95@gmail.com

30 Messi’s Afghan Fan: The Tragic Story Of “Plastic Bag” Boy Murtaza Ahmadi

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20 aug. 2021

In 2016 an Afghan kid went viral on the internet with his homemade Messi shirt made out of a plastic bag. Little Murtaza was so famous he received gifts from Leo Messi himself and got to meet his idol in Qatar. But since that moment his life has been a living hell. We take a closer look at Murtaza Ahmadi’s life, Messi’s Afghan fan whose dream turned to nightmare.

31 Afghan ‘Little Messi’ forced to flee

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6 dec. 2018

Murtaza Ahmadi moved the world with his love for footballer Lionel Messi in 2016. His dream of meeting the Argentinian came true, but now he is living a nightmare as one of thousands of Afghans displaced by war.

33 Little Messi: The Story of the Boy in the Plastic Bag Shirt

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28 jan. 2021

A little boy in Afghanistan put on a Messi shirt made out of a plastic bag. Then he met his hero. But this is no simple feel-good story.

34 What happened to afghan Messi Murtaza Ahmadi? 😪

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16 jul. 2020

What happened to AFGHAN MESSI?😢 TRASH THAT HAPPENED to MURTAZA AHMADI is going to move all to tears!

Hi, remember that cute kid?

What was his name? Let’s remember… just a second. Got it! Murtaza Ahmadi!

You are probably remember this beautiful story…

If not, let’s remember!

Murtaza is the kid with a polyethylene Leo Messi shirt, who blew up the world in 2016.

It all started with an unusual tweet of unknown Internet-user, who guessed that the kid… is from Iraq.

Nevertheless, Murtaza was found in the forgotten village that is located in eastern Afghanistan – the Ghazni province.

Leo Messi himself wished to give a shirt to the kid and to meet him personally.

That meeting happened at the end of 2016…

Amazing story!

Like a fairytale…

But did you know, my dear friend that fairy tales can turn into nightmares?

35 Afghan boy Murtaza Ahmadi joins FC Barcelona in Doha

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13 dec. 2016

Prior to FC Barcelona’s friendly game against Al-Ahli there was a touching meeting between Leo Messi and Murtaza Ahmadi, the youngster from Afghanistan who became famous for being photographed playing football wearing a homemade plastic Argentina number 10 shirt.

36 Lionel Messi’s Biggest Fan Closer To Meeting Him

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3 feb. 2016

Murtaza Ahmadi is Lionel Messi’s biggest fan. He’s only 5 years old and he’s one step closer to meeting his idol.

37 Prince William at Thirty – 1/2

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12 jun. 2012

A documentary of Prince William’s life as he approaches his thirtieth birthday. Part 1 of 2.

38 Prince William at Thirty – 2/2

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12 jun. 2012

A documentary of Prince William’s life as his thirtieth birthday approaches. Part 2 of 2.

39 Millionair lost his WALLET in a sketchy NEIGHBOURHOOD… A day later something INCREDIBLE happened

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9 okt. 2020

I think it’s no secret that one way or another, we all judge people and the world around us by their appearance. As soon as we see a person in dirty clothes on the street, the first thing that comes to mind is that they must be a drug addict or a thief, or at the very least a sick or an extremely lazy person who doesn’t want to change their life.


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40 Young Japanese Girl Turns Into Old Man – Just For Laughs Gags

9 mei 2011

Cute, young, Asian girl is touring the city and needs help navigating. People passing by are happy to help out the pretty tourist, who is touting a massive backpack. But as soon as they look up from the map, she’s disappeared. In her place, mysteriously, is an old Japanese man wearing the exact same backpack. Prank victims look around for the girl they had just spoken to, but it seems that she’s magically transformed! 
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!

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