To swear in the church

The expression can be used metaphorically in a situation where you give your opinion that is totally outrageous in the eyes of the people you are talking/writing to.

To curse in the church

To swear in the holy of holies or

To swear in the sanctuary.

These phrases convey the idea of committing a taboo or sacrilegious act, particularly in a sacred or revered place. The use of such expressions underscores the seriousness and inappropriateness of the action, as it involves violating the sanctity of a religious space.

1 The Post Office Scandal: who’s to blame for Britain’s greatest miscarriage of justice?

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23 mei 2011


10 jan 2024 The News Agents

Why are more than 700 postmasters still trying to clear their names and access even the most basic compensation more than two decades after they were falsely accused of theft?

On today’s episode Adeep Sethi tells us how his family warned the Post Office in 2002 about Horizon’s problems – he has the proof in a newspaper article. Twenty two years on, and torn apart, they are still fighting for justice.

We ask Tory MP and campaigner David Davis whether British justice has failed.

A spokesperson for Fujitsu – who rolled out the Horizon system – said: “Fujitsu has apologised for its role in their suffering. Fujitsu is fully committed to supporting the Post Office Horizon IT statutory Inquiry in order to understand what happened and to learn from it. Out of respect for the Inquiry process, it would be inappropriate for Fujitsu to comment further at this time.”

And how did Helen Harrison – partner of disgraced Tory MP Peter Bone – get selected as the candidate for his newly vacated seat of Wellingborough? It’s a News Agents mystery.

2 Post Office scandal: ‘The sub-postmasters are fed up’, says campaigner

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8 jan 2024

Journalist and campaigner Nick Wallis says that sub-postmasters and mistresses are fed up with the response of the authorities to the Horizon IT scandal.

More than 700 sub-postmasters and mistresses had their reputations ruined by allegations of theft and false accounting, with many left bankrupt or in prison, as a result of the computer system.

3 Sub-postmasters Are Still Being ‘Pursued’ By Post Office Over Horizon System Faults

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12 feb 2024

It has been reported that Sub-Postmasters are still being chased by the Post Office for thousands of pounds due to continuing faults with the Horizon I.T. system.

Sub-Postmaster Jacqueline Franklin says that the scandal is now in its second generation after her mother, Lillian’s final years, were tarnished by repeated unexplained shortfalls.

Broadcast on 12/02/24

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23 mei 2011