Sold into marriage

The heartbreaking moment a Kenyan girl is sold into marriage In the Pokot tribe, parents sell daughters at the start of adolescence in exchange for a dowry of livestock.

1 ‘Money Wife’, Sold Into Marriage

4 mei 2018

The Becheve tribe of Obanliku Cross River State comes under the spotlight for a culture which subjects young girls into modern slavery through a tradition called ‘Money Marriage’.
Obanliku, a local government situated in North region of Cross River is an eight hours drive from Calabar the State Capital.
The Becheve tribe in Obanliku is made up of 17 tribes who practice an age long tradition where young girls are in the exchange of items including food items or debt settlement are given out in “Money Marriage.”
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2 CHILD BRIDES OF INDIA: Pooja’s story

1 okt. 2019

India has the highest rates of child, early and forced marriage. Pooja was just 13 when her parents took her out of school and made her marry a grown man. See Pooja’s story, and learn how Christian Children’s Fund of Canada is working with communities in South India to end child marriage…

3 True Story “I was Sold into Marriage aged 13”

23 nov. 2017

Married for a price: India’s abandoned ‘holiday wives’ Some poor Indian families are marrying off their young daughters to older men from Arab countries to make ends meet. 
But in most cases, the men soon leave their new wives behind. This is a true story of one such woman. Names have been changed to protect identities. 
Producer: Divya Arya; 
Illustrator: Neelima P. Aryan; 
Editor: Nimit Vats and Parvaz Lone; 
Reporter: Deepthi Bathini

4 Young Virgins For Sale – The Controversial Bride Market of Bulgaria

26 jul. 2019

Every spring, the town of Stara Zagora in central Bulgaria hosts a controversial bride market where young virgins are paraded in front of suitors who bid on them. The market is the biggest annual get-together for Bulgaria’s 18,000-strong Kalaidzhi Roma clan, a subgroup of the Roma people who face constant prejudice and exclusion across Europe. Unable to live off their ancient coppersmith heritage, the constantly sensationalised bride markets are one of the last surviving Kalaidzhi traditions. To find out why these medieval-sounding markets exist in modern Europe, and how Kalaidzhi girls feel about being sold off, Broadly correspondent Milène Larsson travels to the village of Orizovo to spend time with a family with two daughters as they’re preparing for the annual bride market.

5 Asian brides for sale | 101 East

22 jul. 2011

101 East investigates the dramatic increase in South Korean men marrying mail-order brides, up from almost none a decade ago, overturning centuries of prejudice against interracial marriage and creating a wave of cases of divorce and abuse.
More than a third of South Korean men in rural areas married foreign brides last year. While some unions are happy, the industry has also led to sex trafficking, domestic violence and murder.
Authorities are cracking down on illegal agency activities but the Korean government is facing calls to implement a stricter screening of interracial marriages.

6 Marriage for Sale | Al Jazeera World

3 mrt. 2021

Marriages of convenience, or sham weddings, are an illegal way of obtaining residency and citizenship in Europe countries and elsewhere. 
This film meets men and women who marry – or plan to marry – people they hardly know, with the sole objective of obtaining European residency for one of them. These deals can sometimes cost one of the “partners” as much as 15,000 euros ($18,100) with no guarantee of citizenship in return. 
A so-called “white marriage” is where both parties willingly participate in fraud but stay together. But in what are called “grey marriages”, the whole venture is a charade in which one party not only plays the system but also deceives the other, often with shattering consequences. 
Despite the risks, some see sham marriages as a less dangerous form of migration than crossing the sea in a rubber dingy. 
n this film, we meet six characters who have either been involved in a “grey marriage” already – and suffered the shock and humiliation of being deceived – or who are planning to use marriage as a means to a better future.

7 Puppy In Sewer Prank

30 mei 2011


Pedestrians are asked to take care of an adorable, little Yorkshire Terrie puppy, but they’re distracted helping someone else with a wheel-barrow. When they look back, the doggy has somehow fallen into a sewer and is stuck there, crying and whimpering. The man with the wheelbarrow offers to help by cutting the leash – leaving the poor little pup still trapped underground! When the owner returns, she is not impressed to find out that her little Yorkie dog is trapped under the grates.

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