Fairness is what justice really is versus Fairness by the time justice is done, … (cfr. below page).

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Elephent in the room

Liam Allan, a 22-year-old criminology student - falsely accused

Liam Allan: ‘I’ve spent two years living in fear’

You can’t believe it…

it was 1 minute to 12,
Liam Allan was virtually unjustly sentenced to 10 years in prison
and lifelong registration as a sex offender.

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An ordinary university student turned into a high-profile case:

The Times, the BBC, even a question in The House of Commons to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prosecutor Jerry Hayes: “It’s just sheer incompetence.”

This is ‘The End of Normal’.

Justice and reality come face to face! 

It cannot be explained or justified.

Unforgivable acts.

it’s too late to fill the well when the calf has drowned.

Vrouwe Justitia met de blinddoek, de weegschaal en het zwaard; Mozes met de stenen tafelen

Lady Justice with the blindfold, the scales and the sword; Moses with the stone tablets

In the end, it became ‘the feel-good story of the year’

  1. What was impossible was made possible.
    How the world came together to save 12 boys trapped in a Thai cave for 18 days – Age 11 to 16. (2018) The Thai Cave Rescue 
    Doctor Richard Harris says he had “zero confidence” the rescue plan would work.
    The theme of the website
  1. To feel the hair-raising impact on individuals who have suffered the shocking consequences of injustice, just like you are moved by what happened to those children in

There are so many jaw-dropping testimonies of what happens to people throughout the website
e.g. Jaw-dropping testimony in Lamar Johnson hearing includes confession from self-admitted killer

2 A Devilish Construction

Transcript of video 1 at minute 1:53

“The night of the Pioneer hotel fire 16 year-old Louis Taylor was helping people escape.

You were considered a hero that night.

Yeah but they changed it all because of the colour of my skin.
You know I hate to say that, you know especially

it was a little coloured boy,

that Negro boy and they singled me out.

How does that happen in America and we were supposed to have the best justice system in the world.

Can someone explain that to me?   Nobody explained that to me.”

What Louis Taylor tells goes through the heart.

The patterns of injustice imbedded in the justice system.

Unjustly convicted as a 16-year-old child and imprisoned for 41 years without reason.

“Taylor says he intends to spend the rest of his days just living and doing good things.”


Notice: Liam Allan escaped from a 10-year prison sentence by the skin of his teeth,

thanks to Prosecutor Jerry Hayes, who stated, ‘It’s just sheer incompetence.’

In human language ‘it was botched justice’.

Using justice to create a false image.

The gateway to a deceitful society.


Arizona’s Pioneer Hotel fire in 1970 and the 16 year old Louis Taylor

1 Innocent Man Convicted for 42 Years In Prison – Louis Taylor Victim of the System

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Innocent Man Convicted for 42 Years In Prison – Louis Taylor Victim of the System

2 Arizona’s Pioneer Hotel fire re-examined

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Steve Kroft revisits the case of Louis Taylor, who may have been falsely accused and imprisoned for decades for setting a hotel fire in Tucson that killed 28.

The way in which 16-year-old Louis Taylor ends up

in prison for 41 years…

Putting the blame on someone who has done nothing wrong.

Justice is a paradox

(Liam Allan 19, Louis Taylor 16, Ricky Jakson 18, Brian Banks 16, Ryan Ferguson 17, The Central Park Five 14, 15 and 16, The Scottsboro Boys 13 to 17, George Stinney 14, Kevin Strickland 18, John Bunn 14)

The reality surpasses fiction

De realiteit overtreft de fictie

Throughout the website, we need a much more grown-up approach

to the pain carried by all these human beings when we learn their stories.

Truth be told

They knew about its flaws but continued a campaign

of hounding Post Office Masters and Mistresses.

Please click the link:

3 It was abhorrant and it shouldn’t have happened that these people were innocent behind bars:

25 years Innocent behind bars

39 years Innocent behind bars

30 years Innocent behind bars

6 years Innocent behind bars

10 years Innocent behind bars

7 to 13 years innocent behind bars

9 boys 13 to 17 years old – innocent behind bars

Age 14, Executed innocent via electric chair!!!!

43 years Innocent behind bars


Innocent behind bars is


Those innocent people have been through a living hell

being in prison for something they did not do.

In other words:

it is a legal system that is decidedly wrong.

This is no longer justice

Other forces are at play

This is nonsense

Something is wrong

This list of 9 examples is not an exception.

The National Registry of Exonerations,

which tracks known exonerations in the United States, lists

3,385 individuals who have been exonerated since 1989.

  1. We see that the number of acquittals is on the rise.
  2. The way people were convicted is disturbing. It is beyond rational comprehension. It is a pressing question:
    1. how can you convict people, considering that they were not present?
  3. It shows that justice is not making the right decisions.
  4. An unfavourable view on justice. Looking with other eyes.
  5. “They covered up the truth and the facts”

It is a story one in a million.

It is unbelievable how justice puts Valentino in jail for 27 years!

You can feel the pain John Bunn has had to endure all these years.
The justice paradox on the shoulders of such a young boy of only 14.
27 years long, day after day, unbearable pain.

Possibly, this dozen of cases makes you think twice, and you
come to realize what children and people experience to control
something they are not to blame for and does not apply to them
in similar situations.

The way in which people who have done nothing wrong end up in prison is revolting

e.g. fabricated evidence.

It is mind-boggling what justice does

to put together what is not applicable…

The data from so many cases are evidence of such practices

e.g. Investigative misconduct – NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella

A never-ending long list of cases is living proof of the disruption of justice.

The case of Andrew Makinson who spent 17 years wrongfully imprisoned.


British government launches investigation

Justice is not served,

according to the most important metric, reality.

This hits the core of the website

The fine line between justice and injustice

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The law has been carried out wrongly.
There was obstruction to the course of justice.

(= preventing the law being put into action).

The innocence projects

In the early nineties American criminal defence attorneys created a network of international associations

called the Innocence Network. It’s been 30 years their mission to fight injustice by exonerating innocent people

and helping the justice system correct its mistakes. It a worldwide human rights movement.

Anybody can be mistakenly identified and how many times do we have to see this.

There are so many more innocent people in prison than people realize – Barry Scheck

Behind every example lies a gruesome truth.

A weak system that has failed is not a marginal thing.

People will realize that people are wrongly convicted.

Of course, it is deliberate and intentional that a case is mishandled.

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat
is headed in the wrong direction.


The justice system throws the door wide open to fraud.

It contradicts due process. A fair trial.

A legal process can easily derail, resulting in not getting what one deserves,

with the horrific outcome as seen in the examples on this webpage and on the website.

As a human being, you cannot be insensitive to this kind of abuse of power.

Do you realize how much suffering one inflicts upon a person in such a situation of extreme injustice?

You need to feel the pain that those young people have had to endure

in order to realize the impact on their lives.

Fairness? The time it takes to deliver justice, injustice has usually permanently damaged the most essential thing to remember.


Multi-layered means here destructive justice versus Justice is truth in action.

5 Justice being fooled as in a candid camera

3 Most Disgusting Wine Tasting Prank

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17 jul. 2012.

Old fashioned wine tasting – with wine made from bare foot trampled grapes. Everyone instantly changes their opinion on the wine as soon as they discover the wine making process. None of the guys that shrugged “Hey it’s free alcohol” and chugged the whole thing made it in our final cut.
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!

It looks like Candid Camera, justice has fallen into an inconvenient trap

Barry Gibbs does not understand the conviction or how he came to be involved in the case at all.

The story of Barry Gibbs

It’s the same for Anthony Ray Hinton, they knew he was innocent

Exonerated death row inmate tells his story at Legacy Museum

“Out of all the Innocence Project cases, I think that Barry Gibbs is the one instance

where a police officer just literally picked out somebody

and said, ‘We have to frame him.’

It’s one of the things that you have to understand about Barry,

as opposed to so many other people.


It’s completely crazy and irrational you could be framed for this murder

out of nowhere. It’s terrible, terrible.”

Barry Scheck at minute 22 of the video

When you end up in the wrong hands

with the justice system, your life is over.

A justice system visibly painfully used as a game,

without any conscience

(as clarified on following pages, button Part 2 to Part 7).

‘Justice is a jungle’.

No shame whatsoever, no sense of guilt, no humanity, no morals and no principes.

Abject unscrupulous as a dictator.

There are plenty more mind-boggling examples throughout the website.

It is like the metaphorical Magdeburg hemispheres.

You either acknowledge the reality of life or you persevere in wickedness.

That moment that everything fits together and makes sense.


Conscience must respect truth.

The conscience will make false judgments when it fails to acknowledge the truth about things.

The question is

how is it possible for someone with malicious intent to do something like this,

causing an innocent child to end up in prison for endless years?

It’s a defining moment

The moment they realise something ‘unthinkable’ was going on.

6 A Battle-Hardened Society

6 The Secret Princess: King’s love child in court battle for recognition | 60 Minutes Australia

11 okt. 2020

Game of Thrones (2020) 60 MINUTES reporter Liam Bartlett used to consider the British Royal family to be the masters – and mistresses – of scandal. Now he thinks they may have to hand over their crown to the Belgian Royal family, who have sensationally been ordered to acknowledge and recognise a brand-new princess. However, this decree is not a reason for official celebration on the streets of Brussels because, rather embarrassingly, the new royal is the 52-year-old love child of the former King, Albert II. Back in the 1960s when he was a prince, the supposedly happily married and deeply religious Albert took a long-term lover. Delphine Boel was the surprise consequence of the illicit affair. For most of her life she dutifully kept mum about her lineage, until a bitter falling out with her father changed her mind.
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Tom Steinfort, Tara Brown, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

Toughened by the experience of battle

Collins English Dictionary.

Achieved after a lot of difficulty or fighting
A hard-fought victory

Cambridge Dictionary

King Albert II was able to string along the justice system with his lawyers for 7 long years until he was eventually punished by the justice system with a fine of 5000 euros per day for refusing to provide his DNA. It immediately became clear that he is the father of Delphine, something that he himself and all of Belgium eventually knew. Please enjoy the video: The Secret Princess: King’s love child in court battle for recognition.

Pushed to my last resort
I took my father to court
It was all over the news
The family was not amused

Justice is a nonsense word

That does not exist in this world

Delphine Boël
Born on 22 February 1968

Be your last resort

To be the only person or thing that might be able to help you, when every other person or possibility has failed:

You have to help me – you’re my last resort.

Cambridge Dictionary

Trials are about Truth, it is not a Contest

What Albert II has done to Delphine is not the royal way.

People say he has caused her a lot of pain.

The mud on someone else’s carpet is not the soap on your own carpet.

Princess Delphine had to wage a battle

against her father to be acknowledged.

After a seven-year struggle a court ruled Delphine and her children had won the right to Royal tiltes.

Delphine has been officially anointed as a Princess of Belgium.

Princess Delphine adds at minute 14 in the video 6 above:

“Albert’s side and his lawyers were horrible.”

It is an emotional victory.

For the former king a humiliating defeat.

A battle fought not for money or for fame,

but on the principle that a father should always look out for his kids.

Dephine says: “I am pround of myself because it was difficult and I had to fight for something that really belongs to me and belongs to my children and I hope that by what I’ve done, it can help other people not to give up and that’s very special for me. I feel very proud because I know how important it is. It really is important to know you know where you come from.”

‘There, he completely ruined it for himself.’

This is the expression as it appeared in the newspaper about Albert II.

“Daar heeft hij het voor zichzelf helemaal kapot gemaakt” This is the original Dutch text.

7 Despite knowing the facts, wrong decisions were made or the event was not stopped

You can only call it an accident if it is an accident.

The tragic outcome in the case of Sanda Dia is not an accident,

as wrongly stated in the verdict.

He couldn’t even walk in the morning – as we can see in the footage –

due to the forced consumption of alcohol the previous day,

by the members of Reuzegom. And so on,

such as the torture practices that followed throughout the night and the entire day.

It was a broken system, as explained in detail in the website.

People were completely blinded and derailed like the conman Diederik Stapel in Part 2 of the website.

Conmen Jimmy Savile,

Bernie Madoff and

BBC journalist Marten Bashir

knew how to use deceitful tactics.

It is not a pretty picture what happened to princes Diana by the BBC journalist Marten Bashir

 in a deceitful way to have the interview in 1995 by using false bank statements.

What Sanda Dia had to endure for days is downright criminal, being tortured to death.

The verdict is a slap in the face. It is a game of words. It is a missed opportunity.

His death is not an accident

In such situations, the system loses all credibility and you get worthless conclusions.

Choosing to turn a blind eye

towards the injustices happening in your own backyard

because they’re not happening to you

is the same as being an accomplice to it.

We fail as a society

when we can give more excuses towards our failings,

and less examples of our accomplishments.

The points ‘A Battle-Hardened Society’

and the examples in ‘Despite knowing the facts’

illustrate that other forces are at play.

8 Other forces are at play

7 DSK Released From House Arrest

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released from house arrest, amid doubts over the credibility of the woman who accused him of rape.

The saying goes:

“The guilty rich go free, and 

the innocent poor are convicted.”

It is like ‘To see the speck in another’s eye, but not the beam in one’s own’. A biblical passage found in the Bible, specifically Matthew 7:3-5 (King James Version).

Please click the link below

When you go through the examples on this home page and examples throughout the website, and
carefully listen to videos in which those who were wrongly convicted speak, and 
when you sense the impossible ordeal these young people and individuals had to endure,
it’s like rowing with the oars you have in

impossible circumstances of abuse of power,

‘it’s throwing someone to the wolves’.

Even a young child in all its innocence.

The worst form of injustice.

It’s enough to make you fall off your chair

when so many pillars in society are aware

of something that can be easily resolved,

and yet it still goes wrong.

Other forces are at play.

The First Nation Residential Schools in Canada

A now infamous photo capturing atrocities committed in Congo Free State

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