Fairness is what justice really is versus Fairness by the time justice is done, … (cfr. below page).


The Essential Question in simple words is:

how can someone be guilty of something they didn’t do?

It is already the subtitle of the website.

Let’s come straight to the point:

  • deliberate wrongdoing within entities in the justice system,
    it mirrors madness,
  • elaborated in points A to P ranging from The Inconceivable to The aura of perfection.
  • This includes a comprehensive 16-point overview that provides a glimpse into the essence of the website.
  • One compelling example is highlighted by Lord Justice Fraser in point N where he emphasizes A cock-and-bull story with the strongest language:

‘This approach by the Post Office has amounted, in reality, to baseless assertions and denials that ignore what has actually occurred.
It amounts to the 21st-century equivalent of maintaining that the Earth is flat’

“Your very existence as a human is under threat.”

Please click the link

7 innocent convicts set free

What happened?

A 14-year-old boy was sentenced to 17 years in prison

based on fabricated evidence!

In a nutshell        Please read the text under the link titled ‘In a nutshell’.

A quick overview of the website

A. Inconceivable

What you see in the video is extreme:

young, innocent children,

for example, 14 years old, 

being framed in jail,

knowing that there is nothing wrong.

It is incomprehensible that someone

 could knowingly do something like this

 to someone else’s life.

It is ‘one of the biggest questions of justice’.

Are you still a human being?
 Is this still a society?

Think of the opposite of what the 22-year-old Mamoudou did in 30 seconds
 for a 4-year-old child.

In other words:
the devil that nails down
14-year-old John Bunn
where he doesn’t belong,
contrasts sharply with the heroism of
a 22-year-old who acts immediately.

This embodies ‘The law of Nature’.


Please listen to video 5:

Post office inquiry: Fujitsu manager called bankrupted subpostmaster ‘nasty chap’

Imagine a brilliant student at the Harvard University and taking
the outstanding course with Professor Michael Sandel.

Please enjoy listening to video 1: ‘A Lesson in Lying’ and the
following videos on this webpage: ‘The law of Nature’.

Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do?

A course at the Harvard University.

Twelve videos in The Field of Ethics.

Professor Michael Sandel is concerned with

The Questions of Justice and Fairness.

B. The essence

You can’t look away from the egregious injustice

faced by these individuals.

Indifference is not an option

when faced with such a significant and severe situation.

It is difficult. It is ‘a sign on the wall’. A Red Flag.


We are dealing with a semblance of reality.

Something that appears to be real or true but is actually deceptive or not entirely genuine.


For example the high-profile case of Lian Allan in Great Britain in 2016 (point 1 below)

‘puts the finger on the sore spot’,

as prosecutor Jerry Hayes himself said, “It is just sheer incompetence”.


The handling of the case was neither fish nor flesh;

it didn’t meet the standards of justice,

almost as if it was a last-minute decision,

even drawing attention in the House of Commons.


An appearance of reality, jaded, bewildering and surreal.


A semblance, an appearance of reality,

in Dutch ‘een schijnwerkelijkheid’.


Framing is a double-edged sword, determined by the lens through which one views it. In other words, framing is a complex concept influenced by people’s perspectives.

When there is framing or cherry-picking, someone playing the role of The Devils Advocate is a good idea.

The basis for Liam’s prosecution relied on paper-thin evidence, which, as Jerry Hayes put it, came dangerously close to resulting in a wrongful conviction. The justice system seemed almost like Candid Camera. Justice, like a two-edged sword, highlighted the precariousness of the situation. It’s just sheer incompetence. This illustrates the gravity and fragility of our justice system in specific cases.

On a lighter note, have you seen the hilarious ‘Exploding iPhone Prank’ from Candid Camera?

‘It wasn’t against my will or anything’: How a rape case built over two years fell apart with a single text.

The situation echoed the eerie authenticity of a Candid Camera episode, where individuals, unsuspecting and enveloped in the smoke of a false reality, believed in the impending explosion, much like how baseless allegations almost ensnared Liam Allan in a wrongful conviction, showcasing the fragile trust within our justice system.

De situatie weerspiegelde het griezelige realisme van een aflevering van Candid Camera, waar individuen, onwetend en omhuld door de rook van een valse realiteit, geloofden in de dreigende explosie, net zoals ongegronde beschuldigingen bijna Liam Allan in een onterechte veroordeling deden belanden, waarbij het fragiele vertrouwen in ons rechtssysteem aan het licht kwam.

Consider the British Post Office scandal

and numerous cases featured on this homepage

and throughout the website;

they all serve as prime examples where everything

has gone wrong in terms of justice.

C. Clarification note

Raphael Rowe tells the story of
how he spent 12
years in prison
for crimes he did not commit.

Raphael is a clear indication or warning of something that is very wrong
in the justice system.
A Red Flag.
He was about 19.

Trust is a judgement

that someone else can be relied upon or

that some institution can relied on.
It isn’t proof.
Trust is what we do when we need a shortcut.

Please listen to the BBC MP3 of philosopher, Onora O’Neill.

The big idea: the new distrust (about 10 minutes)

Trust in justice

D. No-nonsense

Sheldon Thomas was just 16
when he was convicted
on basis of a photo and
it was not him

 december 2004.
19 year innocent in prison.
He was 35 when he came free.

Thomas was “denied due process at every stage.”
The case was based on 100% lies.

The Unthinkable

In the examples on this current page and throughout the website, we are continuously confronted with orchestrated, manipulated, or deceptive decisions without legality.

Authenticity: what’s real and what’s fake.

There are plenty of examples where justice is used as a toy, where justice fools someone.

It is all about dishonesty.

There is a problem, a big, big problem.

The way of looking at the justice system is not right, as explained in the above-mentioned explanation ‘The essence’.

E. Slip through the cracks

A 14-year-old child, ‘George Stinney’ (1944),
executed on the electric chair.
Without a speck of fairness.
It’s a hallmark of the the ‘power institution of justice’.


In point ‘2: A Devilish Construction’ below, Louis Taylor,
a 16-year-old, went from being a hero to becoming
a scapegoat, spending 41 years in prison.

ON THIS DAY…March 25, 1931 The Scottsboro Boys were nine African American teenagers, ages 13 to 20, falsely accused in Alabama of raping two white women on a train in 1931. The landmark set of legal cases from this incident dealt with racism and the right to a fair trial. The cases included a lynch mob before the suspects had been indicted, all-white juries, rushed trials, and disruptive mobs. It is commonly cited as an example of a miscarriage of justice in the United States legal system.

In a debate over the bill in April 2021, McKnight said he agreed with the death penalty in principle but that he opposed the state carrying out executions because of cases of people known to have been wrongfully executed or where there was significant doubt over their guilt.

George, who was Black, was put to death in 1944 (point E below) in the Jim Crow era of the South, after being accused of killing two white girls; Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, 7.
The two girls are said to have been last seen while riding their bicycles in Alcolu, South Carolina, when they stopped to ask George and his younger sister Aime if they knew where they could find any maypops, the yellow fruit of passionflowers.

F. An Inconvenient Truth

In the coal mines of India, tens of thousands of children are forced to work in ‘rat holes’ – tiny pits too small for adults to reach.

Why are the authorities turning a blind eye to this lethal and illegal practice?

Please click (the link below the image), watch, and listen to the lives of these two young boys in a 22-minute video.

It captures a defining moment – the place where they belong.

Let children be children.

It’s about school with friends, their growth, and the education they deserve.

The Bible shockingly articulates

the uncomfortable truth of exploiting a child

(as in the video) through the metaphor of

a millstone around the neck

and being cast into

the depths of the sea.

The living conditions, housing,

and the reality for these two 12-year-old boys

working in Indian coal mines are appalling.

 In other words, their situation is distressing

 and shocking due to the harshness

of their work environment.

Please watch the video

The Children Working On Indian Coal Mines

It’s like what is depicted by the 12 links next to the image.

It’s like worthless legal decisions highlighted on the website.

Please reread the first three lines of point B above, considering the contents of this ‘Inconvenient Truth’.

G. When ‘the veil of ignorance’ disappears

Exculpatory evidence

Evidence that supports a defendant’s innocence, which must be given to the defense by prosecutors unasked; if this rule is broken, the verdict could be overturned.

There is so much injustice in the justice system.

How to use “exculpatory evidence” in a sentence

  1. The defense lawyer strongly believes that the withheld surveillance footage is critical exculpatory evidence.
  2. The judge ordered the prosecution to provide all exculpatory evidence to the defense prior to trial.
  3. Overlooked exculpatory evidence was found which led to the defendant’s appeal for a new trial.

Deliberate mistakes

One can employ legal means to do wrong things

Particularly when it can disrupt society, irreversibly negatively affect the life of a child or young person, or impact the existential reality of a human life (as expressed in point e of this introduction in the text of 4 paragraphs, with the example of the Scottsboro Boys).

The use of the word ‘exception’ is incorrect

The disaster with The Herald of Free Enterprise in 1987 in Zeebrugge, The Fireworks Disaster in Enschede on Saturday, May 13, 2000, the initial verdict in The Rodney King Trial that led to the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, The Crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 on March 24, 2015, and similar incidents cannot be considered as exceptions.

Particularly, the 9 examples of an unjust conviction in the lower point 3 are also not an exception. As Barry Scheck put it in the case of Michael Morton, they were good lawyers. However, a prosecutor who withheld exculpatory evidence and was subsequently convicted for it. The difficulties faced by Belgian princess Delphine and The Chambermaid in the DSK Case, even though there was no doubt, are likewise not an exception.

Labeling the two Boeing 737 Max crashes as exceptions is incorrect, as it is argued that a plane crash usually involves a combination of causes, with backup systems in place for various scenarios. However, this wasn’t the case for the Boeing 737 Max concerning the crash’s cause. Furthermore, the entire system used to certify the aircraft was fundamentally flawed for the Boeing 737 Max.

The two fatal crashes involving the Boeing 737 Max occurred in October 2018 and March 2019.



A systemic problem or change is a basic one, experienced by the whole of an organization or a country and not just particular parts of it.

The current recession is the result of a systemic change within the structure of the country’s economy.


Relating to or involving a whole system.

The problems are systemic and will only worsen.

Cambridge Dictionary

Justice demands honesty,
as evidenced by the points on this initial webpage.
Take, for instance,
The Post Office Wrongful Convictions Scandal
where over 730 individuals were wrongly convicted,
hundreds accepted settlements, and some even took their own lives.

Ultimately, the highest court in the UK ruled in a damning manner,
considering that the true issue had been well-known since the very beginning (2007).

They lied persistently, deceiving hundreds of people whose lives were shattered. And so on…

‘Miscarriage of justice’ as thousands of UK post workers falsely accused of fraud: Thousands of post office workers in the U.K. were falsely accused of accounting fraud–all because of a faulty computer system. Hundreds were falsely convicted, while many more lost their savings. Four committed suicide. Now, a new drama on the British channel ITV exposed the scandal and prompted the U.K. government to try to make amends.

When the system fails, you end up in nothing short of Modern Day Slavery.

H. To put a spoke in someone’s wheel

The right place at the right time. Juan Catalan spent nearly 6 months in jail for the murder of a teenage girl until his lawyer found unused footage from HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ -that proved he’d been at a Dodger’s game with his 6-year-old daughter.

No matter how innocent you are. No matter how clear it is that you had nothing to do with it. And that you weren’t even there when something happened. Even if your entire life history shows that you cannot be labeled as a bad person, nothing helps when you end up in a deceitful justice system.

Like in the case of Julan Catalan, who spent 6 months in prison. This was his fate for the rest of his life. It’s coincidence, one in a million, that saved him. Something like that has nothing more to do with a justice system.

The Guildford Four,
The Birmingham Six – 1974 – Who cares?,
Two cases in Great Britain where practices were employed that one cannot fathom, resulting in the wrongful imprisonment of innocents for 15 years.
In the case of The Birmingham Six, Prime Minister Tony Blair had to publicly apologize for the injustice caused by the judiciary.

Saint Omer, near Calais in northern France.

In the Saint Omer case, 17 people were imprisoned for 4 years based on one person giving false testimony.
The case became known as ‘The Birmingham Six of France.

When there are signs that justice is doing wrong things,

one should handle that situation with caution.


It happens that one notices orchestrated and even

blatantly deceitful actions taking place…


Filing a lawsuit without grounds is ‘A Red Flag’.

Justice is not a fairy tale.

Exploring instances where justice seems to fall short

or where its application might be unexpected or

controversial can provoke insightful discussions.

I. The goose that lays the golden eggs

1 Reactions Of INNOCENT Convicts SET FREE!

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2 apr 2023

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A Belgian appeals court has ruled that former King Albert II is to be fined €5,000 (£4,370) a day if he refuses to undergo a DNA test.

La journée noire de Dominique Strauss-Kahn

“DSK Maid” Tells of Her Alleged Rape by Strauss-Kahn: Exclusive

‘To see the speck in another’s eye, but not the beam in one’s own’.

J. The red line or

the line in the sand

Convicted at 21, and still locked up at 49, Lamar Johnson has spent most of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Both the former prosecutor and police detective leading Johnson’s case testified they had no evidence connecting Johnson to the murder. The conviction rested solely on Elking picking Johnson out of a lineup based upon Elking’s memory of seeing the masked gunman’s eyes for a few seconds — and it took Elking four times of viewing the same lineup to do it.

“You had a witness in this case who told you…at best he could recognize maybe something about the eyes,” Mason said to former detective Joseph Nickerson during the December hearing. “Are you sure this isn’t a situation where you guys were in a little bit of a rush to make a conviction?”

Please listen to video’s about the case Lamar Johnson

Wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice are tragic examples of the flaws or misuse of the justice system.

Sometimes, due to various reasons such as flawed evidence, bias, procedural errors, or even intentional malpractice, innocent individuals can be wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit.

These cases highlight the complexity and imperfections within the justice system. The phrase “justice is a two-edged sword” can apply here, illustrating how justice, when applied incorrectly or through flawed processes, can bring about severe harm and suffering to innocent individuals.

It showcases the dual nature of justice, where its application can have both positive outcomes when rightly served and devastating consequences when applied erroneously or unfairly.

Wrongful convictions underscore the importance of ensuring fair trials, proper investigation, unbiased proceedings, and continuous efforts to prevent and rectify miscarriages of justice. It’s a poignant reminder of the need for constant vigilance and improvement within legal systems to mitigate such injustices.

K. The arc of the moral universe 

will bend toward justice – but only if we pull it

You are 29 and without any data you spend 28 years in prison.

Shortly after his arrest, Detective Doug Acker told Hinton, 
“I don’t care whether you did or didn’t do it. In fact,
I believe you didn’t do it. But it doesn’t matter.
If you didn’t do it, one of your brothers did. 
And you’re going to take the rap.”

“I can give you five reasons why they are going to convict you.

  • Number one, you’re black.
  • Number two, a white man gonna say you shot him.
  • Number three, you’re gonna have a white district attorney.
  • Number four, you’re gonna have a white judge.
  • And number five, you’re gonna have an all-white jury.”

Anthony Ray Hinton (born June 1, 1956) was wrongly convicted of the 1985 murders of two fast food restaurant managers in Birmingham, Alabama. Hinton was sentenced to death and held on the state’s death row for 28 years before his 2015 release.

In 2014 the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously overturned his conviction on appeal, after which the state dropped all charges against him. The court was unable to affirm the forensic evidence of a gun, which was the only evidence in the first trial. After being released, Hinton wrote and published a memoir The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row (2018). Hinton was portrayed by O’Shea Jackson Jr. in the 2019 film Just Mercy.

L. Bread and Circuses

Please enjoy

3 Chocolate Milkshake: The Power of Hope

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Gepubliceerd op 1 aug. 2015

Watch Bryan Stevenson’s inspiring story of hope. According to Stevenson, founder and president of the Equal Justice Initiative, without hope there is no justice. South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls Stevenson, “America’s Nelson Mandela.” Join the Children’s Defense and advocates around the country and stand with us for children, together we can end child poverty now. http://ow.ly/P3m1p

2 Post Office scandal: Fujitsu staff knew about bugs, errors and defects in the system for years

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19 jan 2024

The European boss of Fujitsu has admitted the company “clearly let society down” as he apologised again to subpostmasters and postmistresses over its role in the Horizon scandal.

Giving evidence to the public inquiry, Paul Patterson said Fujitsu staff had known about bugs, errors and defects in the system for years – but claimed the firm only became aware “latterly” that faulty data was being used in prosecutions.

Doomed from the very start, which was known by all parties
At minute 4: armed with all the knownledge, why not shoot it of the roof tops?
At minute 5: a massive cover up
At minute 6: alerted insurers in 2013, stopped prosecutions in 2014
At minute 7: a lot more than just money

Please listen to more video’s by Bryan Stevenson

4 Falsely Accused Former Postmasters: ‘Money Doesn’t Come with an Erase Button.’| Good Morning Britain

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11 jan 2024

Parmod Kalia and Janet Skinner were both wrongly convicted following false accusations of stealing thousands of pounds from their respective post offices. Despite having their convictions quashed in 2021 they are still waiting for compensation.

Former Postmaster Parmod Kalia was sentenced to six months in jail after being falsely accused of stealing £22,000.

Former sub-postmaster Janet Skinner served three months of a nine-month sentence in prison after being falsely accused of stealing almost £60,000 from the Post Office she ran.

Broadcast on 11/01/24

Both 3 months in prison

5 Post office inquiry: Fujitsu manager called bankrupted subpostmaster ‘nasty chap’

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18 jan 2024

A Fujitsu employee called a subpostmaster who was bankrupted by the company’s faulty computer system a “nasty chap” in not-seen-before email sent internally in 2003.

Peter Sewell, who was in the Post Office Account Security Team at Fujitsu, said that Lee Carrington was a “nasty man” after the subpostmaster had threatened the company with legal action after losing all his money due to no fault of his own.

Fujitsu provided the Post Office with the Horizon computer system for individual subpostmasters. This system wrongly said that hundreds of subpostmasters had been committing fraud and more than 700 were wrongly convicted.

The email was revealed at the ongoing Post Office Horizon Inquiry.

A culture of

‘hanging someone out to dry’

prevailed in the British Post Office

during the IT Horizon scandal,

where victims were wrongly prosecuted over many years.


The Post Office lied on an industrial scale to ministers,

resulting in a total mess.

The strategy is made clear e.g. in the email from Peter Sewell,

 a Fujistu boss, to Andy Dunk,

the witness for the court,

with the pep talk about Lee Caslteton which 

 he called a nasty chap, and the answer from Dunks:

 “Thank you for those very kind and encouraging words.

 I had to pause halfway through reading it to wipe away a small tear.

Hang someone out to dry:

To allow someone to be punished, criticized,

or made to suffer in a way that is unfair, without trying to help them.

Please listen to video 5 above ‘Post office inquiry:
 Fujitsu manager called bankrupted subpostmaster ‘nasty chap’

The video reveals an

appalling and shameful

attitude exhibited by Peter Sewell.

There is one rule in this country for those in power

and another for those who don’t have it.

The Post Office Scandal is deeply instructive

regarding the organization of our society

for both those who possess power

and those who lack it.

6 Labour MP corners Post Office bosses over dodgy bonus culture in fiery Select Committee exchange

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21 jun 2023

Head honchos at the Post Office and members of their remuneration committee were in front of the Business and Trade Select Committee on Tuesday, where chair of the Committee Darren Jones absolutely rinsed them over an apparent breach of rules related to the awarding of bonuses – which can lead to years in jail if found guilty.


1. The poor – work & work.
2. The rich – exploit the poor.
3. The soldier – protects both.
4. The taxpayer – pays for all three.
5. The banker – robs all four.
6. The lawyer – misleads all five.
7. The doctor – bills all six.
8. The goons – scare all seven.
9. The Politician – lives happily
on account of all eight.

Written in 43 B.C. Valid even today!

7 Former Fujitsu manager calls errors a ‘contractual problem’ in Post Office scandal inquiry

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10 jan 2024

Iain Dale and his Cross Question panel discuss what’s next for the Post Office scandal after the company’s former boss, Paula Vennells, announced she’d be handing back her CBE with immediate effect.

Our Cross Question panel: Mims Davies (Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, and Conservative MP for Mid Sussex), Darren Jones (Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Labour MP for Bristol North West), Emma Sinclair (Tech entrepreneur – who is the chief executive of EnterpriseAlumni), Oli Dugmore (Head of News and Politics at JOE Media, and LBC presenter).

8 Post Office scandal is ‘deeply instructive’ about how the UK works | LBC debate

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10 jan 2024

Iain Dale and his Cross Question panel discuss what’s next for the Post Office scandal after the company’s former boss, Paula Vennells, announced she’d be handing back her CBE with immediate effect.

Our Cross Question panel: Mims Davies (Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, and Conservative MP for Mid Sussex), Darren Jones (Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Labour MP for Bristol North West), Emma Sinclair (Tech entrepreneur – who is the chief executive of EnterpriseAlumni), Oli Dugmore (Head of News and Politics at JOE Media, and LBC presenter).

M. Blinded and Derailed

The unimaginable large-scale event, ‘The Post Office Wrongful Conviction Scandal,’ is a prime example of what can happen in a society.

Out of nowhere, like a bolt from the blue, 730 people in the United Kingdom – each responsible for their respective post office – were convicted of theft, even though everyone knew they were innocent.

The flawed technology of the Horizon IT project was the culprit behind lost transactions, resulting in discrepancies in the postmaster’s accounting at the end of the day. In 1999, the UK implemented an IT project that computerized the post offices.

It is revolting;

in all cases,

there is absolutely nothing,

no data whatsoever,

no matter how you look at it,

no connection or indication whatsoever.

It is clearly wrong,

and yet the blame is placed on you,

even though everyone knows how it all fits together

or what the cause is.

According to a specific pattern,

deceptive methods are used

to create a false impression.

The flawed technology of the Horizon IT project

in The Post Office Wrongful Conviction Scandal

 is a prime example of

how justice can be wrongly employed

to crush the innocent.

The layers of complexity

There is nothing wrong,
but you find yourself in an artificial legal context.

Taken for a ride by the justice system

In the listed examples, a photo is used, but you are not the person in the photo.
(The case of Sheldon Thomas, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison at the age of 16).

You were not at the crime scene but at a sports event with more than 50,000 spectators
and your phone conversation is intercepted in the vicinity of the stadium.
Yet, you get into trouble until coincidental film footage emerges, taken at the actual location where you were.
(The case of Juan Catalan: Saved from Crooked Cops and a Lying Prosecutor).

Another example involves a so-called witness being pressured.
However, the perpetrator could not be identified because he was masked.
Therefore, claiming that the perpetrator was recognized is pointless.
(The case of Lamar Johnson, a 21-year-old who was locked up for 28 years).

This is what happened to John Bunn.
He was at home sleeping at 4 o’clock in the morning,
and, knowing he was innocent,
he was imprisoned for 17 years due to corrupt cop Louis Scarcella

(see the link to the first video: Top 7 Reactions Of INNOCENT Convicts Set Free).

Similar incidents happened to the other 6 people in the video.

On the other hand, a decision cannot be made based on something one does not know,
or creating an image of a person with an attitude and behavior that is not at all consistent with the person you are.

“Taken for a ride by the justice system”
conveys the idea that someone feels deceived or mistreated by the legal system.
It suggests a sense of being manipulated or experiencing unfair treatment
within the context of the justice system.

The Dutch expression
“Erin geluisd worden”
can be roughly translated to English as
to be taken for a ride
or “to be fooled“.
It implies being deceived or
tricked into something without being aware of it.

(iemand) slecht behandelen of misleiden waardoor hij of zij in de problemen komt informeel
Voorbeeld: ‘Wat een waardeloos product..

“Unsafe conviction” is a suitable expression to describe a conviction that is questionable or doubtful
due to issues such as errors in the legal process, insufficient evidence,
or other factors that may have led to an incorrect judgment.
It implies that the conviction may not be secure or reliable.

The term ‘unsafe conviction’ is often used in discussions about wrongful convictions
or cases where doubts arise about the fairness and accuracy of the legal outcome.

N. A cock-and-bull story

A fictitious cock seeking advice from a bull  – A cock-and-bull story. Lord Justice Fraser makes a comparison, namely that despite the 29 bugs and errors being known since the beginning,

 it was an absurdity to insist that Horizon was the Gold standard.

Just as one would claim in the 21st century that the Earth is flat.

Using such a paradox and blatant lie as a cover-up underscores how questionable things sometimes are within the justice system, accusing flawlessly innocent people without mercy of something they haven’t done. When it comes down to it, Paul Patterson, a Fujitsu boss, said: Shameful and Appailling

In the Britisch Post Office scandal it’s clear that in the context of the Horizon scandal, there were deliberate actions and decisions that unjustly harmed innocent people.

The deliberate scapegoating of individual postmasters and mistresses, knowing the issues lay within the Horizon system, can be seen as a purposeful disregard for the well-being of these individuals. The impact on their lives, including financial ruin, loss of employment, and in some cases imprisonment, is a grave injustice.

It is a stark example of the potential harm that can be caused when organizations prioritize protecting their reputation over the well-being of individuals and the integrity of the justice system.

9 Mr Bates vs The Post Office – The Real Story

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17 jan 2024
The post Office was establihed in 1660 and had always used paper and pen to balance the books and in 1999 mamagement introtuced something complely new coputer system calles Horizon, it was the biggestIT rollout in Europe. Th Post Office connected 40,000 terminals across the country to one Central Hub. An engineer arrived he scewed it on the desk an I asked him what it was and he givees that’s Horizon
Mr Baes versus the Post Office – The Real story
At minute 4: you are the only one
At minute 6: Mr Bates end contract without any reason
At minute 24: the most easy prosecution: no theft at all
At minute 39: we were having to build the case with one arm
    : internet problems, network problems which were causing the error
At minute 40: Multiple smoking guns
At minute 45: Cushy lives
It occurrent it amounts to the 21-century the equivalent of maintaining that the Eath is flat
het komt erop neer dat de 21e eeuw het equivalent is van volhouden dat de aarde plat is

Viewers watching the new ITV drama about the Post Office scandal will have noticed a well-dressed and bespectacled High Court judge presiding over affairs

The verdict of the real-life Lord Justice Fraser KC in Bates and Others versus Post Office Ltd saw 550 sub-postmasters win £58 million.

Lord Fraser ruled that the fault was with the computer system, and identified almost 30 glitches.

He sent a letter in January 2020 to Sir Max Hill KC, the former director of public prosecutions (DPP),

stating that the trial found evidence that Fujitsu knew about the existence of bugs, errors and defects in Horizon software…

Lord Justice Fraser, the judge who stopped the operator of Horizon system. Rulings and regulations of man who presided over the Bates and Others versus Post Office Ltd case.

It amounts to the 21st-century equivalent of maintaining that the Earth is flat.

O. The aura of perfection

There is something profoundly unsettling about the way thousands of people can be prosecuted,

convicted, and possibly sentenced to endless prison terms, either due to flaws in the justice system

or the unfortunate choice of some to plead guilty to avoid wrongful imprisonment.

The question remains:

how can someone be deemed guilty

of something they didn’t do?

10 Post Office scandal: Britain’s worst miscarriages of justice

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18 jan 2024
From Hillsborough to the Post Office scandal, Sky News takes a look at some of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British history.

An inside look into the biggest miscarriage of justice in U.K history | 7 News Australia

Jo Hamilton, 66, was one of more than 700 sub-postmasters prosecuted between 2000 and 2014, based on information from the Post Office’s faulty Horizon accounting system, which had been installed in branches across England and Wales. One of 73 people Hudgell Solicitors has since helped to clear their names, Mrs Hamilton was prosecuted for a shortfall in accounts of £36,000 in 2006, having being misled and told she was the only person facing issues with the accounting system. Like many others, she was repeatedly told to ‘put right’ shortfalls in accounts, leading to her remortgaging her home, and borrowing from friends to cover the amount which was alleged to have gone missing. She was eventually persuaded to plead guilty to a charge of false accounting – less serious than the initial charge of theft which she’d denied at an initial court hearing –to avoid going to jail.

11 Post Office scandal investigators accused of ‘Mafia-style’ bullying of subpostmasters

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At minute 2: Mafia tactics
At minute 2;50: 
At minute 5: There is no perfect way of doing that
At minute 6:30 Alan Bates went to court
At minute 7: Malevolence: the quality of causing or wanting to cause harm or evil
At minute: 8 More then Malevolence

Post Office scandal investigators accused of ‘Mafia-style’ bullying of subpostmasters

Webpagina: Post Office Scandal: Fetter Lane is where they used to hang people out to dry

MPs wipe floor with disgraceful Post Office in House of Commons

I think this drama will bring the story of what happened to hundreds of subpostmasters to a whole new audience, and they will be shocked and appalled by what they see.

The Post Office destroyed lives. Even now, with evidence being heard at the Public Inquiry, I sit and think ‘how on earth could someone do that to people and then go home and sleep at night’.

I think many people will have heard of the Post Office scandal and perhaps think only a few were affected.

What this drama shows is how it destroyed so many lives, and the battle we faced to take on the Post Office, and ultimately prove our innocence and win.

Transcrip: part of video ‘Post Office scandal investigators accused of ‘Mafia-style’ bullying of subpostmasters’

It has been going on for so long now, with so many different people failing the sub-postmasters—failed by the courts, which didn’t demand that the Post Office should provide proper disclosure of evidence; failed by the Post Office itself; obviously failed by Fujitsu; and failed by the politicians, including ourselves. If you watch the drama, you’ll see that I actually achieved nothing. It was only Alan Bates getting 555 people together to take it to court and to get funding for that, that achieved this incredible result.

So, Hartley Alan Bates’s lawyer, who spoke to Alex Thompson earlier today, says Fujitsu, for instance, should be paying millions of pounds right now into a fund that could be used later on. That would be one element of the justice that has not yet been achieved in all this. Do you agree with him? I agree with him, except that I think it should be hundreds of millions of pounds because Fujitsu was the company that was interfering in Subpostmasters’ accounts, not keeping a record of what it was doing, denying that it could do that, and doing all of that while it knew that people were being prosecuted and sent to prison for altered accounts. It is an awful, shocking story. Shocking also because this isn’t about corporate negligence; this is about malevolence—incentivized by bonuses, absolutely right.

What the Post Office did was it installed a program that it knew was faulty and then prosecuted the subpostmasters and demanded money from the sub-postmasters on the basis that the program was not faulty. In itself, it seems to me to be a simple matter of perversion of the course of justice, as well as probably theft, fraud, and various misuse act offenses all over the place. So yes, malevolence is the right word. Maybe it should be stronger than that. Well, given that, it might be stronger than that. Or do you say it should be stronger than that?

What does justice in all this look like? I mean, justice is the one thing that these poor people haven’t seen yet. Yes, justice means a number of things: overturning these convictions that should never have taken place, redress for those victims that had money taken away from them and their lives ruined, their marriages broken up, their houses repossessed, and bankrupted. Some of them took their own lives. It means holding to account the people who are responsible for this, which includes obviously the Post Office management, Post Office investigators, maybe the civil servants who were overseeing in theory what the Post Office was doing, maybe even the ministers, but also Fujitsu, which was doing these appalling things.

Are you talking about criminal charges then against those responsible? Certainly criminal charges. I can’t say against whom or for precisely what crimes. That’s a matter for the prosecuting authorities. But it would be awful if there weren’t some form of prosecution campaign beginning now. Lord Arbuthnot, thank you very much indeed.

P. A mirror of madness

Postmasters accused of theft have convictions overturned | ITV News

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He was formerly an MP, first for Wanstead and Woodford between 1987 and 1997, and then for North East Hampshire between 1997 and 2015.

While still an MP, Arbuthnot got involved in the campaign for exposure and justice surrounding the Post Office scandal, in which hundred were wrongly accused and convicted of theft, fraud and false accounting, due to a faulty computer system.

This was after it was brought to his attention by his constituent, Jo Hamilton, who was charged. He went on to lead the cross-party parliamentary group of MPs who came together after their constituencies asked them for help.

In 2015, Arbuthnot called for a judge-led investigation into the Post Office’s handling of the issue, saying: “These are people who have been pillars of the community and have their reputations dragged through the mud. The way they have been treated is an utter disgrace.”

In December 2019, a High Court judge ruled that Horizon contained a number of “bugs, errors and defects” and there was a “material risk” that this caused shortfalls in accounts.

The Post Office Horizon Scandal: Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom on campaigning for justice | House of Lords

We cannot minimize what is happening, the devastating impact on the lives of perfectly innocent people.
It is described in strong language.

  • Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom calls The Post Office a very dangerous dog and monsterous injustice
  • Lord Justice Fraser compares the baseless assertions and denials of the Post Office that ignore what has actually occurred. It amounts to the 21st-century equivalent of maintaining that the Earth is flat.


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