Fairness is what justice really is versus Fairness by the time justice is done, … (cfr. below page).

Liam Allan, a 22-year-old criminology student - falsely accused

Liam Allan, a criminology student

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Prosecutor Jerry Hayes: “It’s just sheer incompetence.”

This is ‘The End of Normal’.

Justice and reality come face to face! 
Vrouwe Justitia met de blinddoek, de weegschaal en het zwaard; Mozes met de stenen tafelen

Lady Justice with the blindfold, the scales and the sword; Moses with the stone tablets

2 The way justice is unfortunately used with Liam Allan is applicable to:

25 years Innocent behind bars

39 years Innocent behind bars

30 years Innocent behind bars

6 years Innocent behind bars

10 years Innocent behind bars

7 to 13 years innocent behind bars

9 boys 13 to 17 years old – innocent behind bars

Age 14, Executed innocent via electric chair!!!!

43 years Innocent behind bars

and so on …


Innocent behind bars is


In other words:

it is a legal system that is decidedly wrong.

The law has been carried out wrongly.
There was obstruction to the course of justice.

(= preventing the law being put into action).

The Double-Edged Sword of the Justice System.
It can harm the innocent.
The final nail in the coffin.

Wrong or careless use of justice.   Het verkeerd of onzorgvuldig gebruik van justitie.

They are victims of a miscarriage of justice
(= when the law has been carried out wrongly).

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat
is headed in the wrong direction.


Fairness? The time it takes to deliver justice, injustice has usually permanently damaged the most essential thing to remember.


Multi-layered means here destructive justice versus Justice is truth in action.

Mind-boggling examples

Wrongfully convictions in The Netherlands

Such despicable people have no conscience.

The evidence that sent them to jail for 22 years was false

– the Mickelbergs brothers were framed by the crooked cop.

It’s as clear as day this is the worst of all worlds.

How can we blatantly ignore the needs of our fellow human beings?

… using anything and anyone under the cover of justice to cause pure evil,

blatantly contrary to your conscience.

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An Undying Mystery

Real World Justice

Elephent in the room

Is justice attainable?

The  Church In Tatters