A donkey never hits the same stone twice…

“Een ezel stoot zich geen tweemaal aan dezelfde steen”

Literally: a donkey doesn’t bump against the same stone twice.

The meaning is that it would be very stupid to make twice the same mistake.

A donkey is regarded not the smartest animal.
So, if even a donkey doesn’t make mistakes twice,
than you must be very stupid if you do.

or more commonly,

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

“Beniamino Zuncheddu (58) was officially acquitted yesterday of the triple murder from 1991.”

Beniamino Zuncheddu, assolto dopo oltre 30 anni di carcere: “Ero giovane, mi hanno rubato tutto”

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Jan 27, 2024

After over 30 years in prison, Beniamino Zuncheddu was acquitted during the appeal of the review process on the massacre in Sinnai (Cagliari).

Zuncheddu had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of three shepherds that occurred in Sardinia in 1991. Today, Zuncheddu spoke to reporters during a press conference convened at the headquarters of the Radicals in Rome.

Caso Zuncheddu, Tortora: “Faccio un appello a Nordio affinché si occupi del caso”

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Sep 19, 2023 Zuncheddu Case, Tortora: “I appeal to Nordio to take charge of the case”

Sit-in by the Radical Party and citizens of Burcei in front of the Court of Appeals in Rome

(Rome). A sit-in for the Sardinian shepherd Beniamino Zuncheddu, who has been serving a 33-year sentence for triple murder, and whose trial is under review for new evidence that could attest to his innocence. Compatriots from Burcei, along with the mayor, have come from Sardinia to support him. “A man who has endured until now. Now he is depressed, extinguished, unwell, and the Italian state must act. I appeal to Minister Nordio: take care of this matter.” (Marco Vesperini/alanews)

— Automatically generated transcript — Beniamino has been in prison for 33 years, and for 3 years, there has been a merger trial that has not been effectively held. It seems that if there is any doubt, and here there is more than one doubt, perhaps justice should be quicker and more expeditious in Italy. There are Camilla Innocenti every year in prison who are later recognized as innocent. Maybe Beniamino is one of them. In the meantime, they have a destroyed life that no one can give back because 33 years in prison is a lifetime. Beniamino entered prison at the age of 26 and, moreover, is not well. I am here as the mayor, but above all, as a citizen of Beniamino, like all the others who have come here, I have not booked a trip even during the week. So I might also lose my job simply because anyone could be in Nino’s place. No one should be abandoned, especially when it is clear that he is innocent. Today, another hearing of the review process is taking place, which has been going on for 3 years and is progressing slowly due to the difficulties in carrying out the expert operations ordered to transcribe and translate the interceptions that formed the basis of the request for review. The interceptions from which it clearly emerges, in our opinion, that the witness who closed the case until the time of the facts actually lied, pushed by a policeman who convinced him to falsely accuse Beniamino. We have been very anxious in recent weeks, and it has been eating away at him and compromising his psychophysical state for some months now. It is inevitable that there is an event because a person who cannot defend themselves, I don’t say they don’t know how, but they are somewhat anonymous and belong to a social stratum that is not in the forefront. So, in a way, they may have paid for this too with their years in prison. We firmly believe that he is innocent, even more so now because we still have evidence. So we hope that as soon as possible because he can’t wait any longer. It’s just a matter of time before this is resolved. He has been in prison for more than 30 years, and the trial has been reopened because there are elements that have allowed the reopening of the trial, and evidently, he is not responsible for the murders. It’s been 33 years, and he’s a man in prison who has resisted until now. Now he can’t take it anymore; it’s a matter of time that this thing must be resolved as soon as possible. He has been in prison for more than 30 years, and the trial has been reopened because there are elements that have allowed the reopening of the trial, and evidently, he is not responsible for the murders. It’s been 33 years, and he’s a man in prison who has resisted until now. Now he can’t take it anymore; it’s a matter of time that this thing must be resolved as soon as possible. The Italian state cannot allow this to happen, so it must take action. I appeal to Minister Nordio, please minister, take care of this matter. There is a man in prison for 33 years, and he should not be there for a second longer

That statement is still valid, but people do not seem to understand the full meaning of it.

You can grow the perfect product, the time between the cut from the vine, the bush, or the tree, and the time it goes to the final holding cold room is hugely important, but most of the time, totally and completely disregarded.

You are creating your own problems often without knowing that you are doing it, with huge problems as a result.

To be honest, you grow a perfect or near-perfect product in the orchard and are busy for up to 8-9 months to get there. 

Yet, whilst doing everything perfectly with great efforts, you still get quality issues. Even after you did everything right.

Till you harvest that is. Think. How is it possible that you grow the perfect product and year after year you have quality issues?

Think again. Sit back and let your mind wander over all these so-called experts that have told you that “their process” is right. Everything they do after harvest is perfect. 

So why do you have quality problems?

Everything is 100% at harvest, so how is that possible?

Year after year, nothing changes in the quest to pay attention to details and you keep on getting quality issues.

Why? Because nature never ever breaks her own laws. Simple.

It’s because between harvest and delivery to your client, there are plenty of pitfalls, and mistakes are made, the whole time.

The sad part is that you often do not see the damage at the source, but one thing is for sure, the damage is cumulative and will show in the process one or another time.

Recently the debate on the cartons flared up, as there are huge problems in the cooling tunnels with cooling times, unequal cooling in the pallets, water-logged product,s and more.

Makes all sense as most cartons that are used in the industry are actually and to put it mildly, outrageous from a proper airflow and cooling point of view. But the carton industry shreds his or her shoulders even writing to me that “it is not a priority for them…”

What is? Only volume and price?

Stop chasing quantity and swing your mind to quality, over the full line.

What is the purpose of chasing export carton numbers and not getting the financial results on the farm?

How on earth can that be addressed and avoided?

Who is going to help you?

Talk to people that understand the process and will help you along the process to get it right the first time every time. Force big role players that you work with to invite the right people at the table that also look at the process of preserving your quality after harvest.

Preserving quality after harvest does not come by chance.

And remember if you do hit the stone twice and more, you probably are unfortunately a … and this you can fill in for yourself.

Tried. Tested. Proven. Simple. UTE.

Grad. Civil Eng. (B) – International Senior Consultant Engineered Applied Postharvest Technology Specialist

Caught Cheating With Sexy Girl Prank – Just For Laughs Gags

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