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The expression “elephant in the room” is a metaphorical idiom in English for an important or enormous topic, problem, or risk that is obvious or that everyone knows about but no one mentions or wants to discuss because it makes at least some of them uncomfortable or is personally, socially, or politically embarrassing, controversial, inflammatory, or dangerous.


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Is justice an unattainable ideal?

The expression “an elephant in the room” is a common metaphorical phrase that describes a significant and obvious issue or problem that is being ignored, avoided, or overlooked in a situation or discussion. The key points of this expression include:

  1. Obviousness: The issue or problem being referred to is significant and conspicuous, akin to having an elephant present in a room. It is something that is hard to ignore due to its size, but is often left unaddressed.

  2. Avoidance: The expression implies that despite the issue being apparent, it is being deliberately avoided or ignored by those involved. It may be uncomfortable, sensitive, or difficult to confront, and people may choose to ignore it or pretend it does not exist.

  3. Lack of acknowledgement: The phrase highlights that the problem is not being openly discussed or acknowledged, and is often brushed aside or overlooked in favor of more comfortable or less contentious topics.

  4. Awareness: The expression also suggests that the issue is known or recognized by those involved, but for various reasons, it is not being openly acknowledged or addressed.

  5. Significance: The “elephant in the room” is usually a significant issue that has the potential to impact the situation or discussion in a meaningful way, and addressing it may be necessary for effective communication or problem-solving.

In summary, the key points of the expression “an elephant in the room” include the obviousness and significance of an issue, its deliberate avoidance or lack of acknowledgement, and the potential impact it may have on the situation or discussion.

Post Office Scandal

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1 The hidden and unhidden strings attached 

“BBC employees lied and used fake documents to obtain the interview with my mother, made lurid and false claims about the royal family which played on her fears and fuelled paranoia.” 

Prince William said: 20 mei 2021

2 Pilate washes his hands

The Post Office Wrongful Convictions Scandal

  • More than a decade since her family’s life was torn apart, Marion Holmes is still angry.
  • “I will never forgive the Post Office and I will never forget,” she says. “They ruined our lives.” 
  • Marion’s husband Peter was a victim of what has been called Britain’s biggest miscarriage of justice. 
  • He was a Post Office manager wrongly convicted of stealing £46,000 from his own branch.
  • The former police officer’s reputation and health were broken. 

How is it possible that The Post Office organized such a large-scale cover-up?

Please watch these BBC Panorama videos

It is unthinkable


and unimaginable

that such a thing could happen!

The meaning of Pilate washes his hands

1 Post Office part 1 on The One Show

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20 dec. 2014

First broadcast 7pm Tues 9 Dec 2014


Chris Beaver
Shocking to look back at this today having just watched the 1st day of the inquiry (live on YouTube) into this scandal. (Feb 14th 2022)

2 Post Office part 2 on The One Show

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21 dec. 2014

First broadcast 7pm Wed 17 Dec on the same day as an adjournment debate in the Houses of Parliament on the same subject.
Marcin Terlecki
People run computers. Such idea of scam being born at Westminster
Nicholas Bilaczenko
Flawed Internet Technology. Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone never intended telephones to carry internet financial transaction over millions of miles of copper lines. I have nothing against the internet for the sharing of information. With millions of financial transactions sent over the internet each day inevitably 2 or more transactions sent as electronic data meets simultaneously at the junction of a computer chips set for processing both electronic transactions are incorrectly processed at the same time when only 1 transaction should be processed at a time. As a result computer chip set algorithms [programming] becoming corrupt, further transactions will follow a corrupt path producing bad/corrupt financial transactions of financial detriment. There is an inherent flaw in internet technology, the remedy for personal computers is to reboot the PC [switch off and restart] to reset chip set algorithms [programming] to default. The same identical flawed internet computer technology is not only used by all global stock exchanges and stockbrokers but also all the banks EFTPOS, aviation flight centers, national shipping and other commercial applications. Banks still use obsolete Dial up internet because Dial up is free or $1 a month compared to $50 a month for broadband. 2 different incompatible internet technologies, Dial up and broadband of incompatible band width frequencies run together within the same computer systems resulting in anomalies, glitches, malfunctions . I have had my life’s savings and mortgage stolen by 4 stock brokers, and am suffering from financial hard ship. type in google toolbar, “topstocks important message to all investors” and or ” ANZ Share Investing & directshares” and or Etrade’s Faulty consumer product”

3 The Post Office Horizon scandal – In conversation with Nick Wallis

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In MHP Group’s recent ‘In conversation with’ webinar, Nick Wallis, the investigative journalist and author who helped expose The Post Office horizon scandal, joined Barnaby Fry, Head of Crisis and Risk, and Charlotte Grant, Associate Director, to discuss how the post office responded to the issue, and where their crisis communications fell down. He also discussed his latest book: “Depp V Heard: the unreal story”.
3 A Candid Camera-like Event

Royal Mail’s lawsuit against its employees, the Postmasters, is the definition of ‘A Perversion of Justice’.
When computerising the post offices all over Britain with the new software ‘Horizon’, it was immediately known from the postmaster’s reports to the Helpdesk that there were bugs in the software, as explained through all the videos on the webpage:

The Post Office Wrongful Convictions Scandal

That Royal Mail dodges its responsibility and reverses the situation and looks for the easiest way to prosecute the Postmasters for theft.

The ‘Red Line’ has not only been crossed, it is leaning towards a Candid Camera type of event.

The website contains over 500 short candid camera shots of about a minute and a half in length. (There is one on almost every web page).
No matter how astonishing and unreal the event may be, it is seen to be similar to a real situation.

There was not only ‘No Crime’, the postmasters had not done anything wrong and they were not the object of the problem that transactions were lost and the postmasters were left with cash deficits of tens of thousands of euros, which they were contractually obliged to make up themselves.

In the process, Royal Mail repeatedly told lies to every postmaster who had cash deficits, namely that he was the only one for whom this occurred.

This case is a clear deliberate abuse of justice by a mastodon ‘Royal Mail’ to crush innocent people.

4 Justice is brittle and fragile

4 – The top 5 leading causes of wrongful convictions

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Gepubliceerd op 27 okt. 2016

Attorney Lauren Kaeseberg from the Illinois Innocence Project discusses the top 5 leading causes of wrongful convictions.

5 Wrongful Convictions – A National Disgrace

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1 sep. 2017

Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.) of Judges for Justice, Presented August 29, 2017, before the King County Metropolitan Council’s Law and Justice Committee
5 Am I my brother’s keeper?

A saying from the Bible’s story of Cain and Abel. After Cain had murdered his brother Abel, God asked him where his brother was. Cain answered, “I know not; am I my brother’s keeper?”

There is an intrinsic abuse of justice when everyone knows the reality of a case. A 7-year-long procedure, including two unjustified appeals in cassation, then refusing to give your DNA as evidence. Only when the court imposes a fine of 5,000 euros per day for further refusal, the proof that everyone already knew will come.

6 Engine Blow Out Prank

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4 apr. 2011

Innocent pedestrians asked to give a hand with a problem car, turn out totally blowing up the
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!


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