Sex slavery

Sex slavery involves males and females, both adults and children, and constitutes an estimated 58 percent of all trafficking activities. It consists of different types of servitude, including forced prostitution, pornography, child sex rings, and sex-related occupations such as nude dancing and modeling.


Sex slavery involves the exploitation of individuals through force, fraud, or coercion to engage in commercial sex acts. Key points include:

  1. Coercion and Control: Victims are manipulated or forced into sex work against their will. This can involve physical, psychological, or emotional coercion, including threats, violence, or manipulation.

  2. Trafficking: Often, sex slavery involves human trafficking, where victims are transported or moved across borders or within a country for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

  3. Lack of Consent: Victims do not willingly participate in sex work; they are subjected to it due to various forms of coercion, making their consent invalid.

  4. Vulnerability: Many victims come from vulnerable backgrounds—poverty, homelessness, lack of education, or previous trauma—which makes them more susceptible to being targeted by traffickers.

  5. Global Issue: Sex slavery is a global problem, existing in various forms and scales across different countries and regions.

  6. Illegal and Criminal: It’s a severe violation of human rights and is considered illegal and criminalized under international law and most national legal systems.

  7. Complexity: Addressing sex slavery requires a multifaceted approach involving law enforcement, victim support services, education, advocacy, and policies to combat human trafficking and protect victims.

  8. Impact: The physical and psychological impact on victims is severe and long-lasting, often leading to trauma, mental health issues, and difficulties in reintegrating into society even after rescue or escape.

  9. Demand and Profit: The demand for commercial sex fuels this industry, making it profitable for traffickers and those who exploit victims.

  10. Need for Awareness and Action: Raising awareness, supporting anti-trafficking initiatives, and advocating for policies that protect vulnerable populations are crucial in combatting sex slavery.

It’s an extremely grave issue that necessitates global cooperation, stringent laws, and comprehensive support systems to eradicate it and assist survivors in recovery and reintegration into society.

1 Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

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4 feb. 2015

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim nations where prostitution is legal, and the country’s largest brothel is called Daulatdia, where more than 1,500 women and girls sell sex to thousands of men every day.
Daulatdia is infamous for drug abuse and underage prostitution, and many of its sex workers are victims of sexual slavery who were trafficked into the area and sold to a pimp or a madam. They are forced to work off the fee that was paid for them, a debt that takes years to clear because they receive as little as a dollar for sex.
VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid visited the notorious Bangladeshi brothel — where human trafficking, underage prostitution, and drugs are commonplace — and met the traffickers and the trafficked, as well as the clientele.
Harsh Chauhan
Tania Rashid has some balls to go deep in this world. legendary journalism.
Matcha Goblin
The girl who “came here happily” had more sadness within her than I’ve seen in a long long time.
Anwesha Barua
That line ‘Is this life? I wish I was not alive”. Every morning we wake up. cursing our misfortunes and deeds but seeing these innocent girls, I have nothing to say. This will really haunt me forever.
Puneet Kumar
Got tears in my eyes when that women said… “Man come here give me money , have thier fun. But there is no one who love me. “
Shaer Ahmed
I’m a Bangladeshi and I never knew about this dark side. I was shivering the whole time. and when the girl said “I wish I was not alive” that was truly devastating. some are complaining about the translation, but what they really should be complaining about is, why this has never come out to the local media and why no steps are being taken to eradicate this grievous problem
Steven Paul jobs
“Without money I’m worthless” that is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.
Ashiqur Rahman Mallik
Am a Bangladeshi and i have been following vice documentaries for years now. As much as am disturbed after watching this, I wanna know what step can we take in order to make their lives easy if possible different. Let’s talk about the possibilities for maki. I wanna be a part of something like this. As a viewer, I wanna thank Vice and it’s entire team and especially Tania Rashid for bringing this up as I didn have any knowledge of it at all. As an individual Bangladeshi, lets talk ideas and work it out together for our own selves
You can see the rage in Tania (the reporter) when she interviews Kareem (the regular guy) about his pleasure he gets with young girls. Personally I don’t think I’d have controlled my anger as much as she did for the sake of professionalism while reporting.
Shreejukta Basu
The whole documentary is just mind blowing just can’t imagine the situation where these girls live. A huge respect to the girl and the camera man did a great job 👍👍
Jawad Bhuiyan
As a Bangladeshi it truly hurts to watch… I was lucky enough to be a part of the financially stable population… But a lot of the population still suffers from poverty and bad shit like this and the corrupt government won’t even do anything about it… But I’m glad the current generation is willing to take matter into their own hand to solve the problem…
Yasmin Khan
I lived in Bangladesh for an entire year and it’s even more heart breaking when you see all this in the flesh.
Shai Ariana
“When I was beautiful like you.” No, baby, you’re still beautiful.
Adrien Perié
“They are men, so they beat us”. Saddest, most revealing thing I’ve heard in a while.
Crowds of unwashed men standing around staring at this reporter, wondering if they’ll get a chance to cut her off from the people she’s with and have their way with her. Absolutely disgusting country, and a very brave young woman.
Captain Skeleton
It’s a true picture of Bangladesh, especially in some parts. We town folks just pretend not to see this bad side of the society. Feeling so bad. But young peoples like me will change the scenario in upcoming years. We will and we have to. 🙁
meenon asmr
“I wish I was not alive” this is so heartbreaking my tears wouldn’t stop falling down my face
Clay Drummond
I love how caring she is while interviewing ❤
Jean Andre
You can tell the journalist is really concerned for these women. Its sad
Nasif Ahmed
I am a Bangladeshi. When I search Bangladesh in YouTube . this video comes at top.. It hurts me.
Shayana Haque
One of the most eye-opening and revealing parts of being in touch with your Bangladeshi identity is coming across these documentaries and having to learn about these issues from the internet because your parents only paint Bangladesh as a proud nation that gained its independence from Pakistan and nothing else. They will teach you the language and the culture and hand down the Bangladeshi pride over our mother tongue despite knowing everything about Daulatdia and Bangladesh’s sex work industry but of course, this part of Bangladesh isn’t as important as the rest…
Vika Grindle
The woman claiming she came here on her own and is happy sounded like she was reading a script at gun point… I wonder how many times the “Madam” beat those words into her head and threatened to kill her and her family if she said anything different during that interview. So disgusting. It’s videos like this that make me question our views on cultural relativism. At what point is “well it’s there culture they can do what they want” still relevant? How can someone see the endless torment and helplessness of another person and say “Well, it’s a domestic issue, they can deal with it on their own if they want to”. Maybe I’m crazy but I can in no way think that and I think it’s a complete cop out to think that way.
Abi Zolanski
“I was still beautiful like you” Sweetheart you are still beautiful today. I hope she’s okay. What an angel. 👼🏾💘😪
I almost started crying while watching this. I feel so much for those poor girls. I hope they’ll get a better life soon.
Dionisia Palacio
“I don’t have anyone here who loves me” I can’t even imagine living like that. So heartbreaking!
Mac Lew
So heartbreaking.    Young innocent girls who should be leading young innocent girl lives are instead thrown into this sick world.   Just heartbreaking.     But, fwiw, I will say that I thought this reporter (Tania Rashid?) did an outstanding job on this piece.
Al-Montarish Ratul
Thank you for representing the Real Situation of Bangladesh. Our Government should Learn from your Documentary so that we can Achieve The Golden Bangla. I am appreciating this job from the deepest bottom of My heart. Thank you Vice News
M 💀
10:13 that scene broke my heart. She says she feels good there but it is very obvious that she doesn’t feel good at all. She probably forced a smile because the madame would have punished her otherwise. If there was a hell, it would be right there.
Ashley LaRose
I feel horrible. I feel sick after watching this. Those poor girls, those terrible living conditions, those disgusting clients, and the low-lives who profit off of these girls’ misery. :'(
Tamim Ariful
As a Bangladeshi myself, it breaks my heart to see this cuz all my life, i was never even aware that shits like these are happening in my country. And i hate it so much that these scums are representing us in this kind of a messed up way. From birth i was taught that all these are illegal and cannot be happening in Bangladesh at all. I mean, just consuming normal alcohol requires a legal license for God’s sake. Watching this video made me horrified and my blood boil…. And i definitely blame the government for this, because of their manipulation the general public are not even aware of this situation. Like they’re brainwashed or something, like i was. Hope that one day Almighty Allah will destroy them for good.
Syeda Hussain
Oh my goodness, I’m a Bangladeshi American and I had no idea that this was happening in Bangladesh. The men are so disgusting for doing that to innocent young women. Thank you Tania for reporting about this. You’re the real MVP
Selva Rajan
Madam, you had done a great job taking out the social injustice of young women to this society. You have sown a seed to people who can stand against such injustice in their society, hats off👍
Ilsa Zahid
hats off to the girl who dared to document this!
that one girl who said she was fed medicine and is not ugly and her beauty faded. she is still very stunning. its sad that she is stuck there. that other girl who said that she was happy there…you can look into her eyes and tell that she isnt happy.
Fridtjof Nansen
10:36… I think the only thing more emotional than seeing someone cry is seeing someone hold back tears. That girl was trying to keep whatever dignity she had in a very destitute situation. This is probably the most powerful documentary on prostitution after whores glory…
Zahara Rontos
The interviewer is really amazing .. direct to the point in questioning… praying for all the girls experiencing this kind of life..
It's me
My heart goes out to these girls. Life can be so cruel when you have no resources 💔💔💔💔
John Waterson
This was an incredibly well done, heart-wrenching, informative and professionally done story. The journalist was fantastic too. I really enjoy her work.
Hendra Aza
“A lot of men come to see us, it’s very bad world. Isn’t it a sin? is this a life? I wish I was not alive” that was tough feeling
the boss
my heart gos out to these girls.
Aisya Khalisa
This young journalism is really brave. Thank you for this heart breaking documentary..May god save this place, the people especially the women and the children.
Random Clips
I love this reporter. She was so gentle and caring
Shan Hussain
Are you sure she said Ventolin? Ventolin is Salbutamol and prepared as an inhaler. It’s mainly used to treat asthma. I’ve never heard of Ventolin being used to drug people, and I’m a pharmacist.
Nessy B
How heartbreaking. I wish these women knew they were worth something and what they are doing isnt sinful. So much feelings and things to say after watching this.
Maharaj Mukherjee
And lots of love and respect to you mam. I hope everyone felt proud and a huge respect for you soo did I, after watching this true efforts of yours and achieving possibly most hardest journey.
Candace S.
Hearing that young woman in the beginning talk about how she used to be beautiful like the reporter just broke my heart. I feel for some of these younger women who were drugged or kidnapped into brothels like these. I can’t imagine having to live a life so horrible, not being able to love freely and have a career/live your dreams. My heart goes out to these beautiful women.
Journey to the Dream
I am a Bangladeshi, and certainly this is a new information for me. Heard about brothel in BANGLADESH, just didn’t imagine this big. Can’t believe govt is allowing this circus going on
I am from Bangladesh. Couple of things. 1) I don’t know when this documentary was made but prostitution is currently legal in one district (out of 64 district); before it was legal throughout whole Bangladesh. 2) Translation was not accurate; I would say it was rough translation. They did get the basic meaning right. The worst translation was at 5:15 “they are men, so they beat us”. She actually said “They are men, so you understand” (she was referring to being bitten when they kiss).
Thank you Tania for sharing such an important story. I cant imagine how you managed to walk through the place with such vile men staring at you, it takes a very strong person and even stronger will. I wish we could change that about people who objectify people just because they feel they can. 
Peanut GutterButter
At 18:44 when they started talking about younger girls I was really triggered. Hearing that 14 year old girls are forced to be with men like him is just abominable.
I am an Indian and the fact is these sort of issues are prevalent across our country as well, but if any foreign journalists try to do a honest portrayal, it’d be refuted as lies by the ignorant masses across the internet and the video probably have a bad like to dislike ratio. No hate for my own country, just want to highlight the intolerance
Kudos to Vice News for making this incredibly intense and unadorned documentary. It seems so petrifying because of the absurd candidness and equanimity customers exhibit when they are asked how they feel about the atrocities they facilitate. This place is literal hell on earth, and it makes my heart break seing what these people have to endure.
Tamera Ramlal
This was so sad to look at 😰 my heart goes out to those girls
Zenny Rahman
yes its my country. and it hurts me so much. to see these
Gautam Anand
One of the best videos vice has done. It’s so disturbing to see such insane part of society.
“For millions and millions of human beings the real hell is Earth” – Arthur Schopenhauer
Kaleb Cruz
This is so heartbreaking , girls cannot have a regular life
Anton W
It’s very sad how you can literally see the depression on these poor women’s faces.
Sonielle D G
My heart breaks for these women.
Travel 'N' Chill
It’s really shame for us… shame for our nation. I’m also bangladeshi… before watching this documentary I haven’t any idea about this brothel about this place….look at this place it’s hell….God please save them.
Ajay Patil
Vice is doing great job showing reality to the world
Mohammad Rabbi
as i bangladeshi it’s very shameful see this…….
Paul Meuse
Thank you, for the education Tania Rashid. Nothing surprises me; I was in the Vietnam War, and anyone who thinks that the USA or West is better, or more moral should educate themselves. The modern beginning of the child sex trade and prostitution in Thailand has its roots in the US occupation of Thailand during the Vietnam War. There was a demand, and the demand was met by suppliers. Outside of every Marine and naval base I was ever at were brothels and or prostitutes.
Durbar Dhrubho
As A Bangladeshi…Don’t Know What To Say About This Dark Side😔…May Allah Protect Everyone
Ado Nia
I feel worse watching this than any other documentaries on this type of subject because it’s my language, my country and it hurts to see so many innocents suffer like this.
Luke B
These women’s stories break my heart. I’m old enough to know the ways of the world but it’s places like this that are painful to even learn of. What does the U.N. or the U.S. say of all this? Something must be done. No one can day this is “cultural.” only if by that they mean all cultures have this capability of evil, there just must be enough good people to push it back.
Moe Rahman
This is the country my parents ran from. My heart breaks because I can’t rescue my people.
Vehara Rupasinghe
The words that some of these girls say are breaking my heart. When one said that she used to be beautiful like her, I was just like you are beautiful. and when one said she came here happily her eyes spoke so much sadness
This is sickening. My heart aches for these poor girls
Hats off to the girl who bravely represented the real situation there…
Justice ⚖️
It’s very sad for me watching this documentary.lots of they are trapped in this critical situations.Government should step up and help this underage girls…
Good report. Thanks Tania and the team. Prostitution is not the problem, poverty is.
Tausif Rahman
This is so meaningful hope they find love and care in their live!
3:10 Heartbreaking, and the government does what exactly? nothing
I enjoy watching Vice News documentaries….keep doing a great job you guys!
kiki :/
i’m a REAL feminist because i know that the patriarchy in america is nothing compared to poor countries like bangladesh. most feminists just believe in small things like not shaving or not getting catcalled. the issues in bangladesh deeply hurt my feelings but so many choose to ignore.
Kulsum Kulsum
Thank you Tania Rashid for this. I never knew such distressing works are being carried out. Can we please have update of how these girls are leading there life now after all these years.
Makes us realize how truly lucky we are in our western culture and our issues seem meaningless.  
Jeevan jyoti singh
“Without money I m worthless” – that’s bitter truth😐
And sometimes I think I have it bad here in The Netherlands…
I was born in Bangladesh but I grew up in the US and I never knew about things like this regarding my country. This shit is fucking heart breaking
10:1211:22 I have a sinking feeling that she was passed on and doesn’t want to lose face.Overall, Its sad to see this happening to the point it really pisses me off
Nawab Alex
This video said a lot of reality than any famous tv show or any so-called NGO. I feel very bad for those trapped there.
Good documentary, but as a journalist, she should of maintained a neutral and respectful tone when talking to that young man who was brave enough to show his face and talk honestly, or she’ll scare away further contacts like that.
Josue Garcia
Tania is spectacular, professional, brave and intelligent. I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of her reports that she wasn’t an absolute stellar reporter.
5:45 as someone who has Astmha, and taking Ventolin my entire life, i was really surprised to hear that ventolin was used as an beauty product….
Joshua Deonauth
This really hurts my heart 💔
Raisha Hussain
I’m bengali living in britain and watching this saddens me so much, since from my perspective I can see both modern british culture and bengali culture I can honestly say that the men taking advantage of this horrible service are a result of the sexually repressed culture of arranged marriage that is only just taking a modern turn if at all, the sexes are completely segregated even within some families. like excuse me if I’m wrong about anything I’m saying but if sex before marriage was acceptable in bengali society then perhaps these men wouldn’t resort to this. regardless of all of that the cycle is sick, the “customers” are sick, and the young women need help. you can say all you want about western feminism & fighting against rape culture but I do believe that it’s definitely needed both in the west and in places like bangladesh. do you think the girls who went there “willingly” thought this would be their dream job? the culture in bangladesh also forces rape victims and women who have had sex before marriage out of their homes, they are shunned from society and then they end up in places like this. they literally have the choice of either work as a sex worker or die if starvation and abandonment so if women in the western world are still being blamed for being sexually assaulted, how do you expect these women in this video to get justice? they think what’s happening to them is normal! if there isn’t a change here how will things change over there?
Dot 2375
l love these vice docus, opens up the reality of this world we live in
Madison Winebrenner
This makes me sick but thank you for showing us what is going on in the world.
Neo Tolstoy
I now understand what they mean when they say “hell on earth” This actually made me sad .
Kaifai Young
If I ever become filthy rich one of the first things I’m doing is saving this place from it’s own depravity.
Jubayer Ahmed
She is very lucky not to be kidnapped into that brothel while making this documentary! Yes, that’s the reality! And yeah, I am from Bangladesh.
I actually like this vice reporter for once. gorgeous and not stuck up or obnoxious, rare these days…
Sad af. Life can be really unfair. This is what makes me question God at times.
Verna Jung
I feel so sorry for the girls, like what they’ve said “who wants this nasty job”. I know that they are only doing this for survival, and worse is that most of them were just abducted and brought to the brothel. If this was me I rather die than live in a life like hell.
Naimul Nayeem
I am a Bangladeshi… But i heard for the first time about this place. I didn’t know that there was a place like this. When the core of a country is corrupted then nobody can do anything for them.
Deeptha Madhuranga
It’s so heartbreaking to see this 🙁
Anugya Sharma
Salute you for covering the untouched side of this gaudy world! You really had guts to be there.
Piyas Banerjee
You indeed have som journalism skills mam but I wonder how this video is not age restricted
Oleg Loginov
Very intense host, asks the right questions, knows how to get the answers out. Good piece Vice.
i love how she explains how dirty it is there. just for a fact i’ve been in bangladesh. my opinion is Shittagong (chittagong) is way worse! its everywhere the outskirts is like one big dump.
shady's fan
vice never fails to amaze us☺
Anik Kumar
Man this is so depressing. I live in the same country but from my pov feels like totally different worlds…
Basumatary Toon
1:50 I can see the pain inside 😥
Kohin Bose
Kareem has been very honest throughout the video
Onyekwelu Jeremiah
I like how the lady does this so calmly like she belonged and it’s so natural
Abdul Hafiz
VICE News thank you for providing English subtitle. I am form Bangladesh,born in UAE.I live safe and peacefully in UAE. Well let me tell something about my country.. The country has the worst government ever.. members in government are illiterate.They are include in this Sex Work.Bangladesh is also a country with Crimin Rate including Police too..The country has gone down,too much crime.The PM of Bangladesh,Hasina worst PM I’ve ever seen in my life.she cares for herself only but not public and she win election by providing money to vote for her.
Robert MacNaughton
one of the best VICE videos ever. Kudos to the reporter for getting the real story. real as f##k.
Honestly, I was really concerned for her safety watching this.
Noel Fluffy _ Lee
I used to judge India according to what glamor I saw in the movies….. Boy, not for long my people….. Eh…. These documentaries changed everything…. Everything…..
Andrew Corbett
Whenever you feel bad about your life watch this
Sabik Jawad
22:10 That’s true but one thing that should’ve been mentioned and which is truly fucked up about this is that the age of consent in Bangladesh is 14 so this law uses that as a reference.
Erwin Rumel
I feel sad for the girl at 11:30 :'( she said she is happy with her job but i can tell by seeing her face that she isn’t happy.
Zakiul Ruddra
as a Bangladeshi and seeing this I’m feeling so much shameful but It’s the reality💔 if i have the power to provide them a good life😔
Unseen Shadow
i cried ….lot of love from nepal .to those sister
Rosalin Mary rose
When the one girl says that she got married and her husband left her there ..(that’s very sad and disturbing as well)
Raina RF
this is so heart-breaking..
Shah Jaasia
Some of them didn’t want to show their faces..I really hope people take these notes and respect their choices
Shams Arifin301101
The woman from 2:50 to 3:10 almost made me cry,I assure u,u will if u know bengali
Makes you really appreciate what you have. I feel so bad for these young girls.
vinnodhini murugays
It is my very humble opinion that maybe you should censor the girl’s image than exposing her naked body in the video. I think it is wrong to let the whole world see her naked body as I believe that one of the objective of this video is to protect women so maybe we should first do our part by censoring her naked image. Do correct me if I am wrong though. Besides that, kudos to the team for bringing the attention of the public to issues like this. This is really painful.
Jean Akol
This is heart breaking !
Raine X
I’m just glad that Vice sent a reporter who actually speaks the language of the country they’re visiting, for once.
Mike Letterst
If I lived that kind of life I would’ve taken my life away.
R Sadi
Daulatdia life bears a lot of resemblance to the Roman city of Pompeii, which was devastated and its people were frozen in time so that they would testify to the inevitable fate of any vice city. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daulatdia met the same fate as Pompeii
Reporter: Are you addicted? Guy: Yes.
11:27 damn see that madam, under the pretense of giving a snack she glares at her worker as if to say ” keep your mouth shut”. Poor girl , she saying one thing but her eyes and expressions are saying “HELP ME!!!!!”. She has clearly been sold, groomed and forced. Brain washed to now say she happy, when she anything but happy.
Painful to see them…do we really human beings…hope these sisters will be free to live their life one day…God bless
Giant Slay3r
The balls of the journalist to do this documentary is too legendary.
Saphal Rajbhandari
I bet that girl at 10:20 had a lot of story to say, but no she didn’t… and that man at 13:16, 😂😂 i was literally on tears laughing 😂😂
Lahiru Indraratne
when it’s normalized by the culture of living yeah obviously none would feel guilty of the actions and it’s understandable. yet in reality unethical.
Mariah Choudhury
it’s all about 7years ago,Now BD govt has taken Steps to stop these, they are being educated and moving away from this dark world. as a girl, I understand their suffering.
well made, but heartbreaking to watch
This was a very intense topic and a very intense documentary, thanks for this one Vice
Jordan Mecca
I watch vice videos a lot but no matter what I will always search this one up specifically just because it interests me so much
0:01 – that’s why we love you vice media 💓
2020 still sad with not much of hope…for these people around the world!😔
This one broke my heart for those girls…wish i could help them get out from there..this is real hell..
I’m a Bangladeshi, And I can assure you prostitution ISN’T common here. Probably there’re some clubs in Dhaka. But it’s not the same everywhere in Bangladesh 🇧🇩. You shouldn’t just believe blindly on contents which reveal bad sides of a country! Almost all the famous medias like Al jazeera, DW, Vice, BBC etc made documentary on this Daulatdiya! Idk what they want, but they just focus on bad things!
Sent shivers down my spine.
Javed Khan Pathan
I feel very bad for those young girls.. really heartbroken the saddest part is “they are men so they beat us”.
24:04 “Without money I’m worthless” – describes sadly the whole world situation right now
Chimmy Q
I feel so bad for the young girls watching these videos generally, but then me picturing one of those girls being a niece or sister of Mine makes the feeling much more worse. It’s crazy how their families give them up to do jobs like this. No love at all
João Marreiros
This was too depressing for me. The look of sadness in those girl´s eyes? It hurt me.
Agun Minar
I’m Bangladeshi, and don’t even know about that! I wonder that there are many journalist, feminist, social Worker in our country, shouting about women empowerment, women development but they are totally blind about this case!
Eftakhar AhmedAnik
The journalists is a brave woman. She had find out deeply thought from the brothel. I respect her cause of she had got risk for the report. It was not easy work like another report.
In this world where there is light there will always be darkness. The strong will survive living good lives while the weak are in dirt. Thats simply how the world works. There is never enough room for love.
Randy W Horton
When you see places like this and wonder why no one acts to help is discouraging.
Angaihi Ralte
This hurts me 💔 How strong this women are Someday I believe you will gets freedom my prayer are with u 💞
Actually that person Karim itself is addicted and lost his senses and sees no wrong doing. It is clearly not his mistake , it the governments mistake and mistake of the society in general
Saqib Chapri
that’s life and it as funny as it may seem Some people get their kicks stomping’ on a dream But don’t let it, get you down ’cause this fine old world, it keeps spinnin’ around
Areeyan Nishad
Ohhh My God.I can’t believe it’s all happening in bangladesh.Totally amazed as a bangladeshi…….Save those life.
This makes me so sad and heart broken
Ardeshir Mehr
18:45 this is really hard for us to accept. I don’t know what went on the reporter’s mind after shooting this documentary.
M Kc
This is heartbreaking
You could see the sadness in the eyes of the girl who said she went there happily. 21st century slavery. This is very very sad.
Rabiul Hassan
Last girl makes me cry! if i had money, i would free her from that hell! 😭
EmaNon IariLaNgx
What a pity for these women. May God Protect them from harm and injustice.
Ahh, so this is what libertarianism looks like. Heartbreaking and brilliant journalism like this might make the world a better place if enough people see it.
An innocent internet user
legendary journalism. what a vice thanks for the hole work thanks for the images!!!!
Oleg Chebeneev
Another great documentary from Tania. Please do more
Khalifah Young
Watching this now. I hope Bangladesh is a better place to live in now! 🙏
Iftekhar Ahmed
15:22 you can see how sorry she feels 🇧🇩 pray for them
Kreolyn Pillay
My friend told me to search this up I decided to just listen to it while playing a horror game and the amount of anger from these stories I was rage killing enemies
That girl in 10:10 is so obviously lying and unhappy….
this is heartbreaking especially because i have no idea how anyone can save these girls
This is an incredibly brave woman!
Psy Duck
Truely heartbreakin’ 🙁 *owned by very powerful families.
Robin Aelias
Shuma’s words 23:39 “Is this a life ? I wish I wasn’t alive” “Without money I am worthless”. Pretty much sums up this documentary. Have to say, I have very little faith in humanity 🙁
Calnic Papai
Heart breaking!!!! Such young girls, women being shipped in to this heinous hell, just for men’s pleasure. It’s a disgrace that men sleep with these sex slaves, without any comparison to help save them in any way! They see them as commodity, but they are people, women, girls. I cannot believe that this still goes on today in 21st c.
Ishazehra Zehra
I just saw a undefined pain in their eyes😢……..
If you can understand Bengali, it will hit and break your heart even more. I cannot believe that guy who loves to sleep with young girls and the man who lures them with jobs and are so proud of it. No guilt at all. Sick
Raihan Tanvir
Hopefully, Vice news will come up with some more informative videos.
Erin Eley
I could literally see evil in the Madam’s eyes…
Paulie Walnuts
seeing these women go through that every single day on this docu…..damn im too emotional here right now…………..makes me sad as shit cause nobody should ever have to do that ever.
Azhar Islam Akash
I live in Bangladesh, In the capital city. Ngl I never ever see such a things. It is totally dark side of my country. I’m really shocked after watching this video.
Indigo Event
To the management of VICE, kindly remove the footage material 25:0625:12. It’s not inappropriate. Thank you.
safayet chowdhury
so sad. this is a incredible video.
best documentary I have seen in a while… stuck to its title and never went out of topic. Poor girls.

2 Sex tourists in Thailand | DW Documentary

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5 dec 2023

Thailand’s resort town of Pattaya is still a center of international sex tourism. Since the coronavirus is no longer an obstacle to travel, hundreds of thousands of men from all over the world are again flocking to the country in search of women and sex.

Go-go bars, seedy massage parlors and plenty of open-air beer stalls with scantily clad young women: All this is part of the draw for sex tourists of all ages, here in the coastal metropolis of Pattaya on Thailand’s west coast. After a pandemic pause, sex tourism is returning to what passes for normal here.

One German tourist sums it up for the camera: “Why are we all here? Here you get more sex for less money!” A younger German doesn’t agree: “I’m not looking for sex here, I’m looking for love,” says Stefan, complaining that his numerous conquests are always after his money in the end.

The “red light vacationers” have been waiting for two years: Pattaya’s huge entertainment district lay completely fallow due to Covid-19. For the city’s approximately 60,000 sex workers, this was a threatening situation. Because the Thai state generates billions in tax revenue from the sex business, but prostitution is officially banned, those working in the trade were excluded from all government aid programs. Take sex worker Aom, for example. She became pregnant by a German client who initially swore to stand by her, before abandoning her with the baby. Now Aom is using a lawyer to try to at least enforce child support payments, while she continues to work in the sex trade. “I’m done with German clients,” she says.

The documentary delves into Pattaya’s red-light scene — and documents a lot of hypocrisy. Some German sex tourists convince themselves that their payments ensure the survival of impoverished Thai families. One restaurant owner from northern Germany tells the filmmakers that the girls only stand on the side of the road in such short skirts because of the warm weather here.
Tour operators also earn money from the sex business, even if they don’t like to talk about it. All of them have Pattaya in their program. German tour operators are proud of the fact that they have signed a commitment to take action against child prostitution. But who monitors that?

The coronavirus lockdown massively aggravated the problem of abuse. In the red-light district of Pattaya, where according to local officials there is no longer any prostitution of minors, the film team comes across evidence of pedophilia crimes. And a German national who is still able to leave the country shortly after his arrest. How can this be? When it comes to this important issue, is international cooperation actually delivering?

DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

3 Inside Colombia’s fight against child trafficking for sex tourism | Documentary | SBS Dateline

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28 sep 2023

Dateline investigates Colombia’s booming sex tourism trade and the foreigners who come to prey on minors. We join police raids on brothels, hear from survivors and meet the accused now behind bars.

00:00 Why Colombia is a sex tourism hotspot
01:03 How much does a sex party cost to foreigners?
03:22 At night, this park turns into Medellin’s open-air brothel
04:54 How much do foreigners pay for a virgin?
06:34 Why is tackling child sex trafficking so difficult?
07:16 Police raids on brothels in Cartagena
11:59 A town square where sex trade takes place
12:57 Wendy was trafficked and forced into sex work at 16
16:53 What makes Colombian children easy targets for sex predators?
19:32 One Italian man and three young girls
22:24 Meeting the man who’s awaiting trial on charges of child sex abuse
28:00 Local community’s struggle to protect its children

Dateline is an Australian award-winning international documentary series with a current affairs backbone. Every week we transport you to a different part of the world to share half-hour stories about family, social injustice, identity, tragedy, redemption and survival. We scour the globe to bring you special characters and a world of daring stories.

4 Sex Workers Life: Using steroids for livestock to a trait desired by Bangladeshi men

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In première gegaan op 16 dec 2023

“Kandapara” is one of the oldest brothels in Bangladesh. Here, both deceived and willing young women enter, sharing the same fate of losing their freedom.

Once they become sex workers, they have no right to leave and must work until they pay off their debts to the bawd.

Despite the legalization of prostitution in Bangladesh, life for the sex workers here is suffering, and many continue working until death within the walls of this brothel.
This episode has been filmed in 2017

5 The Sad History Of Bangladesh prostitute villages | Documentary

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15 jul 2023

The Sad History Of Bangladesh prostitute villages | Documentary

In a place called Kandapara, this photograph captures the stark reality of a community ensnared in the harsh grip of prostitution. Here, more than 1,000 women reside, their lives entangled in a relentless cycle of serving clients. In this area, prostitution is deemed legal, while the act of abortion remains forbidden. The village has earned the somber title of the “Village of Prostitutes,” where countless children grow up burdened by the weight of their uncertain paternity.
For these children, the knowledge that awaits them at the tender age of nine is a future inherited from their mothers—a life marred by dependency on medication, vulnerability to diseases, and a persistent struggle against poverty. The community itself comprises over 600 interconnected rooms, each providing shelter for the sex workers who labor within its confines. The plight of these women has attracted the attention of journalists, both local and international, who have ventured into Kandapara to expose the tragic reality that unfolds here.
One such exposé came from The Guardian, a British newspaper, which aired a documentary unmasking the lives of these prostitutes and bringing their plight to the forefront of global consciousness. However, despite the efforts to shed light on their circumstances, the authorities in Bangladesh hold a different perspective. In March 2000, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh made a decision that legalized sex work within the boundaries of Kandapara. This legal recognition led to rapid development in the village, propelling it to become one of the largest government-acknowledged brothel areas among the 20 designated villages.
Within the confines of these brothels, sex workers are obligated to obtain licenses, and clients engage in prostitution under the purview of the law. However, it is important to distinguish between the legality of the profession itself and the process by which individuals become sex workers. Investigations from various countries have revealed distressing evidence that a significant majority of the prostitutes in Kandapara have been trafficked or forcibly taken from their homes, often originating from neighboring countries like Nepal, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Shockingly, some are even sold into this life by their own parents, a heartbreaking betrayal.

6 The lives of sex workers and their children on G.B Road, New Delhi’s biggest red-light district

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29 jan 2022

Winner of the 2023 Human Rights Press Award for Best Short Video

The women and children of New Delhi’s G.B. Road are afraid to tell others where they are from. They live in the Indian capital’s biggest red-light district. The mothers are sex workers. Many say they were trafficked and forced into the sex trade with no way to escape. Out of fear of being shunned by society, the children often do not finish school. The women say they have no choice but to perform sex work to survive, but they still dream of a brighter future.

7 – 15 Outrageous Facts About Sex Farms During Slavery

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18 mei 2020

8 The Horrific Reality of Slave Breeding on Plantations

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9 jun 2023
In this video, we’re going to share with you some of the horrifying truth about slave breeding farms in America. This is a reality that needs to be exposed and answered for!

9 The Disturbing Truth About Slave Breeding Farms During Slavery

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18 nov 2023

Slavery is the shared dark side of the history of many nations around the globe. But apart from the accounts of our schoolbooks and some memorable dates, what do we really know about the struggle to put an end to the slave trade? Join us, as we look at disturbing truths about slave breeding farms and slavery.

10 Terrible Chaotic Sex Lives Of Slave Owners

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13 nov 2023
Fertility rates of black females were seminal to demographic analyses which stressed the adverse effects of sugar monoculture on family and mating patterns of slaves. Two such studies have yielded valuable insights into the lives of women under slavery but only marginally addressed these vital issues from the slave’s perspective. The history of British slavery has been buried. The thousands of British families who grew rich on the slave trade or from the sale of slave-produced sugar in the 17th and 18th centuries brushed those uncomfortable chapters of their dynastic stories under the carpet. Today, across the country, heritage plaques on Georgian townhouses describe former slave traders as West India merchants, while slave owners are hidden behind the equally euphemistic term West India planter. Thousands of biographies written in celebration of notable 17th and 18th-century Britons have reduced their ownership of human beings to footnotes or else expunged such unpleasant details altogether.

11 HIDDEN Abuse of Black Male Slaves by White Women #blackhistory

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Slavery in America was deeply entrenched from the colonial era through the ‘antebellum’ period, subjecting enslaved Africans to forced labor and degradation. The term “Antebellum” refers to the period before the American Civil War, marked by distinct social, economic, and political characteristics that contributed to the conflict.

This era saw significant growth, industrialization, westward expansion, and intense debates over slavery. The Antebellum South was characterized by the defense of slavery as a positive good, with Southern leaders shifting from viewing it as embarrassing to embracing it. The emergence of the abolitionist movement during this time faced strong opposition from those defending the institution of slavery.

12 Stroller Flies Away Prank

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22 mei 2011

Sneaky clown attached too many balloons to a stroller, and as soon as the clown lets go, the stroller starts floating up into the air with the baby still inside! The prank victims run over, desperate to keep the baby from flying away. 
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