The Fall of President Richard Nixon and The Watergate Scandal

How we learned to stop an out of control president

The Final Report: Watergate (National Geographic)

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8 jan. 2017

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And to think. if Forrest Gump hadn’t called down to the front desk about the flash lights keeping him awake at night. none of this story would have never been exposed.
I’m grateful to have watched this as a precursor to seeing “The Post” and reading “Fire and Fury”. It seems that now, just like Watergate, that presidential scandals about their own misdeeds, involvements, and silencings of the press are more relevant than ever. This documentary is well done, and I’d like to add that the Q&A part of it is effectively engaging.
Archita Anand
The American Justice system is really powerful. Judges asking such direct questions clearly shows that they are free from political duress. Only when the justice system is so open can a society claim itself to be developed. Great work.
Jim Bertido
Greatest security guard ever.
iVan 123
Isn’t it interesting that you learn more out of historical documentaries when you’re actually interested?
Navon Myhand
“The Horse is in the House.” If that isn’t an obvious code for “The men are inside.”, then I don’t know what is.
Best line from the documentary. “You wouldn’t date anybody that didn’t want to talk about this, there’d be no point.” And on that note, goodnight.
I don’t even Know
At 13:00 the narrator says the 1972 victory for Richard Nixon was the largest electoral landslide in American history – I don’t believe this to be true since he beat George McGovern by 520 – 17 but FDR beat Alf Landon by 523 – 8. Ronald Reagan also beat Walter Mondale by a larger electoral landslide than Nixon, this time 525 – 13.
This is so important because we can see how a guilty party behaves when faced with investigation. The pattern seems to be: conceal, cut links to the crime, impede investigation, and attack the media for bias at every step. Remind you of any one?
Meer tonen
Shalynne Espich
Hey students, if you are doing The Final Report- Watergate worksheet I got you 27:24 28:24 31:15 32:27 those are just a few times to get you started. All of the answers are at the end so watch 10 minutes rather than 40 I got y’all. Thumbs this up to save a life
Meer tonen
Robert Hussey
I remember when the Senate hearings were going on, broadcast live on TV, a friend of mine said that “I wish that it didn’t rain so much this spring and had flooded – we wouldn’t be missing all our normal shows on TV because of these watergate hearings….”
An interesting thing happened during the arrest of the burglars that was overlooked for many years. As the cops are lining up the burglars to search them, feet spread, hands against the wall, one of them does a very strange thing- and he’s lucky he doesn’t get himself killed over it. From behind, one of the cops (Carl Shoffler) can see Eugenio Martinez slipping a hand inside his jacket. For all Shoffler knows, he’s going for a gun. Shoffler slams Martinez in the back, shouting at him not to move. When Martinez tries it again Shoffler grabs him and wrestles him to the ground. Then he searches him to see what was so important to risk his life for. In the breast pocket of Martinez’s suit coat Shoffler finds a notebook with a small key taped to the back of it. As the FBI will later determine, the key fits the lock to the desk of one of the DNC secretaries, Ida Maxine Wells. The FBI didn’t check the desk before it was too late to see what was in it. As to how the key was obtained that also is still a mystery. The FBI found out two known keys to the desk existed. One key was kept around the neck of Miss Wells and the other by another secretary at the DNC, both were accounted for. So where did the other one come from? The key never came up during the Watergate hearings. At the hearings Alfred Baldwin said he went to the DNC previous to the break-in and was given a “tour”. He didn’t say who gave him the tour, and nobody asked him.
Meer tonen
Why choose a code message like “the horse is in the house”? How about something less conspicuous… like… “I’m thinking about ordering pizza tonight”….
Jordan Kamnitzer
John Mitchell was not even mentioned in the program. Haldeman, erlivhman, and Mitchell were found guilty in 1975, and served some prison terms.
Adam Dorgant
Great show to watch, period!!
Harold Ross
what a shame, nixon coulden’t resist being his own worst enemy.
Tony V
The biggest difference between Watergate and what’s happening now is during Watergate the GOP had a spine. Watergate had tapes now investigators have tweets.
Pro tip: put the video at 2x speed at around 27:00 and just pause when the Q and A comes up for the answers
Eleanor Neath
“The horse, is in the house” had me dead-ass thinking John Mulaney’s impeccable, original joke was about to be ruined for me
Tanner White
Perfect example of the concept, crooks have to be lucky all the time, but the law only has to be lucky once.
Wompa Stompa
Why didn’t they just run the tape vertically along the door so it would’ve been concealed?
Just think, all this could’ve been avoided had they simply taped the deadlatch along the faceplate without wrapping it around the front of the door where it could be easily seen.
T. Shaw
Eerie how similar this sounds to things going on today.
I find it hard to believe that former agents could be this terrible at a simple breaking and entering
SWAN Sports
In this age of technology it doesn’t even sound illegal to bug all your opponents phone fact it’s standard practice for the government to do to every citizen 🥳
History repeats itself.
“how important is deep throat to the Watergate scandal” lol.
It is absolutely insane how similar today’s Trump scandal is to Watergate. We’re witnessing history in the making people.
Sara Sarah
if you like the Nixon history thing please look into michael dobbs new book…King Richard watergate an american tragedy. just finished it, extremely good read it was while way more informing on the real events unlike this nat geo piece.
Beth Powers
Looks to me like history is going to repeat itself
I can’t be the only one who would want to watch this if only for the great Tom Kane narrating.
Tyler's Hangout
Best line: “How important is Deep Throat….”
Jackie Kramer
I can barely watch this documentary because I’m loving all these comments here!!!!
I came here because Janis Ian, an artist of the Woodstock era and activist, said to look up Watergate for those of us who are lesser informed on history to really get a clearer picture. I’m a young adult who has yet to take the time to educate herself on these matters outside of glossing over the remnants of the past which make the headlines in our history books, or hearing heresay from baby boomers within earshot, me going “Yeah, there was something about that point in time” and not taking further interest. And from reading an article on Trump firing the director of the FBI who was investigating him, well, heheh smh. Its not rocket science to see where this is going now is it :-/
cancan thecat
mark felt true hero
Eric Duggan
Can you please upload more episodes?
Boss Tycoon
I watch this everyday it gets my blood flowing 😁
“Deep throat” lmao, these codenames
Tino J
i wonder if that lady still has that “honk for impeachment” sign. proves that everything comes back in style.
I wonder if, from the collective audience watching live at the time, there was a collective gasp in response to the answer Alexander Butterfield was asked at 20:16
Taylor Gavinchuk
watching this in 2017 for obvious reasons
Joseph Murray
So if they just bugged it correctly the first time this wouldn’t have happened at all maybe. Wow.
Zachary Sperling
Did anyone notice that the bills in this story that were used to pay the burglars were not produced until 2012??? Those are modern bills. Those are not the bills that were used back when Nixon was in office!!!
I still think Nixon was afraid the democrats had info on all the campaign contributions and hand outs that Howard Hughes had given him. Nixon then gave Howard Hughes defense contracts.
jgbkab bakbgj
Oh, okay. I thought 2017 was a rerun. I can’t wait for the new season of America to come on.
The man never drank a Duff in his life.
“I’m not a crook.” = “The underlings I told to do illegal things are the crooks.”
First Run Movie
Trump and Nixon would have been best pals along with the Nixon “plumbers”. Nixon would probably not be a friend to Putin.
Harry Balasgna
This documentary, like most, is very misleading at least on one score. When Senator Baker who hated John Dean asked about the presidents knowledge, “what did the president known and when did he know it”….it is Dean’s answer that you never hear, only the question. The purpose was to elicit from Dean, the presidents knowledge, to which Dean replies, “he knew nothing” senator”. Thank You Mr. Dean.
Sylvia Ross
If they’d assigned the break-in to the Three Stooges, they’d have been more successful. Good grief, what a bunch of clowns! As Deep Throat said in “All the President’s Men”, “They’re not very bright.”
Frank Willis is the real MVP.
Andrew Wells
I don’t understand why Nixon got a landslaide in 1973?
Yo Suche
Right now at this very moment im in front of the watergate hotel I always pass it never knew about this.
no wonder metal gear solid was ahead of its time and best game ever
Actually, i find Mae Brussell’s show on this and many others much much more intense.
Tide Aina
Watching this because I started watching scandal recently, and they’ve referred to Watergate only a billion times
First Run Movie
Trump would have also said he needs more “dirt” on the Democrats.
Nancy Desch
Nixon brought himself down with this paranoia.
Anyone see this playing out in 2019? HAHA I do!
“I am not a crook” what he should have said is “I am not a good crook” Ah heck I liked tricky dickey, he had Johnny Cash and Elvis at the white house, Elvis a known drug user telling kids not to use drugs. Your heart was in the right place Dick
So… basically nothing has changed
Tricia Ho
What a mess for Nixon 😂
Kay Hathaway
I was aged 10-12 from Watergate beginning to end. Even as a young child, I remember thinking, ‘What’s the big deal? Aren’t all of you there, doing deals under the table, corrupt”? Sad!!
Kat Ferguson
Jesus! This is the most frustrating documentary. Throughout it asked (itself) pertinent questions people really want to know. The kicker? You don’t get an answer!!!!! Oh wait until you’re yelling at whoever produced this thing, they finally start to answer their own questions. Very irritating way to tell a story.
foodie vibes
“Woodward returned to deep throat for new leads.” Okay now. How desperate do you gotta be my guy?
Quawnday Mcdowell
Holy shit I always heard water gate being referred but never knew what it was
They had to be dramatic. Why couldn’t they just say, ” We’re in.”
With friends like that Nixon didn’t need enemies. #FriendsWhodini
Pontiac Aztec
Nixon high fives the waiters at fancy restaurants
when you learn that Woodward and Carlstein are doing in-depth research into whatever you did wrong, you know you’re fucked.
Probably Nat Geo would just have to change the names to make the final report on Trump.
amazing quality
History….give me guidance.
im totally not american, but in some ways i could feel his love for his nation just that yeahh, hes paranoid and restless about everything. Maybe thats what made him that way.
Nixon’s problem is that he didn’t host enough hate rally’s. Also his neck ties weren’t long enough.
Kevin Conn
Thank god they woke up Forrest and he alerted authorities
Xtoriez Novel
At least Nixon was honorable enough to resign. Clinton basically told the nation to shove it.
just want this pandemic to be over.
who else is watching this after the release of the Mueller report? this is all sounding very familiar!!
If you don’t remember Watergate, it was no different than what we’re living right now. Same thing.
History about to repeat itself.
Keyo Wilson
I’ve heard a quote somewhere that history may not necessarily repeat itself, but it will rhyme. And with the breaking news coming by the hour, history is rhyming very loudly.
Damn we need another mark felt
Ahhh. Nixons war on drugs!! Makes sense now.
They are always right: history always repeats itself…
Third Man
What history most correctly remembers and will continue to remember about Nixon for is being a corrupt, paranoid and fallen President who was forced to disgracefully resign from the Presidency lest he be removed by impeachment trial. Trump will be deservedly relegated to the same historical trash heap. And that, like Nixon, will be his ultimate and indelible punishment.
So nothing about that ping pong player from Greenbow, Alabama who alerted Frank Wells?
PK Freeze
I’m seeing a lot of people compare this to Trump with the whole Russia thing. Oh if only I can see their faces now. XD
The true hero of this story is deep throat.
George Franklin
Best scandal of US history!
Steven Pringle
Richard M. Nixon. If ever there was a man capable of being POTUS? Nixon was he. I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. His comment to Hague about not having a pistol almost brought tears to my eyes. #ablkgy52170
After getting out of the movie theater after watching “The Post”, it made me want to look up Watergate, and look to right now, and how history is repeating itself with TRUMP
Will Torres
I cant quite put my finger on it but i feel like something recently reminds me of this
Thomas Busse
The QA on this video: all the answers are wrong. The real reason for the break-in was that Larry O’Brien likely knew about Nixon’s role in setting up group 40 (the CIA team behind the JFK assassination) in 1960. The best discussion of this is by Daniel Sheehan of the Romero Institute.
This documentary is better than nothing, but there are many that are far better. For a comparable length of time, the Dick Caveat one (you’ll see it in the sidebar on the right) is good. The BBC one and the “Watergate- 781 days” or whatever it is are both really good but considerably longer.
People in these videos were so based and formal. Not so much with Twitter and tiktok. It’s a new normal
Booth Guru
According to Santo Trafficante Jr by way of his lawyer F. Lee Bailey and through Daniel Sheehan: The purpose of the Watergate Break-In was the following: Nixon was looking to find out whether or not Larry O’Brien, who had been the Washington Lobbyist for Howard Hughes prior to his becoming Head of the Democratic National Committee had somehow learned about the role of Nixon along with Hughes in assembling an assassination team to eliminate Fidel Castro, but instead this same assassination team ended up taken out JFK in Dallas
Michael Sinclair
David Frost extracted an apology from him. So it does look like Nixon was involved in all of it.
Vimal V
Watching this after Trump fires Comey this tuesday.. “History repeats itself!”
Josh Lewis
Compared to what’s going on now, this doesn’t seem that bad.
Chicken 1899
This is exhausting to watch. The story is already dramatic enough as it is no need to overly americanise it with that very dramatic sounding voice and all the ad breaks.
Marie Katherine
Those of us who remember the time before and after Watergate can tell you that this [expletive deleted] country is down for count.
Chris Mc Evoy
Nixon covered it up.
First Run Movie
Trump”s obvious cover ups says enough. Are we that stupid as a nation to allow this when Nixon would have been impeached. The answer is probably.
Alexis Shahriar Assadi
Trump would be well served to watch this video. But he can’t resign, since he would likely be prosecuted.
If not for this nonsense he would have been one of the greats… He shouldn’t have lied and bribed admit his intentions and carry on instead the rest is history
amrinder singh
watching this documentary after watching the movie “The post”
Steph Es
is Trump using the same “golden” curtains as Nixon in his oval office? …they have lots in common these two “wonderful” presidents
Pamela Bergner
Nixon’s ego ruined him, but compared to Trump – and Trump’s cronies, the Senate then had much more integrity.
Michael Sinclair
The question that should have been asked “Was Deepthroat that significant for a codename?” lol
80's musicmix
follow history, but first lest all look back on time to medieval times
Cry Wolf Guitar
“Just call me….Deepthroat” “…from the Watergate scandal??” – Solid Snake
Funnier than Nixon’s thumb drive…I betcha Nixon was quite straight…impeached him for 10mb worth of data on a reel tape.
What kind of CIA agents get caught going into a building… would think these guys are professionals. No ninja skills.
Am I the only one that giggles when he says “Deep Throat”
alun morgan
This looks like it’s been lifted from the BBC documentary
I’m actually disgusted by how a documentary has ad breaks every 10 fucking minutes. That’s why people don’t watch TV anymore.
Larry Sims
Watergate scandal brought down by a brother. Lol
Sheath Entertainment™
I’m surprised an Order 66-type of command wasn’t issued 😂
Bryan Stellfox
If these guys are CIA, I’ve lost faith in the CIA haha
Knew that Leslie Stahl lady looked familiar. She’s the one who did the 60 minutes on Trump.
Salom on
I guess you could say he had the Moody Blues 👀 41:59
And what did Nixon do. ? Nothing if you can blame him. Then the guy who shot the congressman (all republican) and was on benies campaign staff did it for who?
Zack Akai
Jesus, where does this shit sound familiar…?
only difference between then and now is fox news. if fox existed back then i don’t know if nixon would have resigned.
anyone else notice the shadow figure walking on the roof of the WH @ 7:41
Smoke… fire…. need I say more?
Lucky Luciano
If History repeats it self, you know “They” have had to watch this to avoid being caught or maybe not
ajs smg
“the horse is in the house” yh no one can decode that
Nixon to Trump in less than 50 years. Your country is broken. Get well soon, Your northerly neighbour
Frank Albarran
named after the hotel where the burglars were at, I think.
Ever notice that the president who goes against the status quo gets hung out to dry. There always 2term presidents
Man from Nantucket
Deep throat? What an unfortunate codename lol
Don’t fight for your country.
Andy Macedo
Aww additional officials blowing the whistle ! Aww adorable say my name say my name !
Mizzy Roro
Trump makes Nixon look like a Sunday school teacher.
Ubong Edet
GOP have always been shady.
Bucki 5885
It doesn’t even answer the questions it asks
So Cohen is the modern Forest Gump?
S.E. Hebert
Most annoying NOISE in a doc EVER! Booms, thumps, whooshes, bird wing flaps, whooshes OMG! Narration starts with the date, some knocks, and kill me already!
12:16 I wonder why they nicknamed him “Deepthroat” lmaoo
Leon Lan
“People have the right to know if there President is a crook.” Richard Nixon to Trump
Rocket Boy
Wait a second, at 24:00 he gets impeached for that and Trump can’t get impeached for shit?
Dag Wood
Now water gate does not bother me, does your conscience bother you? Tell truth
Michael Natrin
18.5 minutes…the same length as Alice’s Restaurant, on a record that we know Nixon owned…hmmm
Vesper Martini
45 years later, it seems history is repeating itself.
Gabe H
Blind People: Nixon was a crook. Not my Trump though!
Alex Gardner
I think I almost died when I heard about deep throat
Hugo Tate
should’ve used scotch tape on the door
Frank Albarran
water gate 🏨 hotel.
Raymond Solis Jr.
Nixon was a huge crook
Tony Walton
24:39 obstruction of justice
Dani ram
So Nixon was a crook
winston ledford
Nixon gave up.
thumbs up if you are watching during times of James Comey’s Testimony on Trump in 2017
Deep Throat were are you when we need you?
Cath Jensevics
History repeating
Jack Kurasik
This is all child’s play in comparison to Trumps antics
Jose Gamez
all this James Comey mishap brought me here
Andreas Hilmersson
Did they use transparent tape?
You can eat in class!!
There are let’s say… some parallels today
Aethel Wolfe
They would never do this to a democrat or any other swamp monsters.
Still watching 👀 it nov 12 2018
Sam Allardyce
all of this just because forrest gump made that call !
That’s Tom Kane as the Narrator!
Jeb Stuart
Like they say in Washington you don’t know and you don’t want to know
Vice President Mike Pence
Donald Trump Impeachment inquiry brought me here
AJ 🥊
8:50 sounds familiar 😂
Conor S
No wonder the Bay of pigs failed if the CIA couldn’t even break into a hotel without the police catching them
Thee Parris Hill
Who else cant wait for the 2020 election scandal documentary? 😂😂
Robert June Tria
…that tape on that door.
John Smith
Is the narrator the same guy who did the intros for clone wars?
And now in 2018, Stormy Daniels does Deep Throat?
Mark Lafleur
Is this narrator the admiral from star wars the clone wars?
the shadow rider
Mike:Water gate water gate water gate water gate water gate!
Hmmm all these actions sound familiar….
Cheerios Flakes
10:54 Baldwin looks like Christopher Hitchens
Is the narrator from the show Star Wars the Clone Wars
Patrick Bateman
Is there a test after the video?
I think Nixon was shaking like a dog passing razor blades
Sure does remind me of Bill Clinton.. Lie lie n lie some more
Escape Felicity
Get rid of the background noise
Manuel Cyrus Gonzalez
Dare you to get any further than eight minutes into this “whoosh”-fest. Next scene… WHOOSH. Fade in… WHOOSH. Transition… WHOOSH… Utterly unwatchable. I’m outa here… Whoosh…
B bo
Send trump junior to prison and let trump be impeached dear God.
Peter Bradshaw
Johnson and Kennedy did just as bad if not worse political skulduggery….. give me a break.
Quack Duck
“Deep Throat”
Shelly Norton
Why do we rush to the comments before we watch the complete video 🤷🏽‍♀
John land digging
O, how the cookie crumbled….!
R Winn
Ok but why is this literally so similar to the trump impeachment!? At least Nixon had the guts to resign lol
Giulia Beviacqua
Ace Delizo
Code name: deep throat. I see what you did there
So need to poo right now.
Marty McDonough
44:34 I didn’t know Gerry Ford was left handed… hmmph…
Joseph Gooch
in my life deep throat is very important!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Can’t wait to watch the same documentary on Trump
G. H
Lmao and tomorrow Comey’s testimony
Henry Frederick
Mark Felt – DEEP THROAT!
A black man took down Nixon, we love to see it
Dan Cooper
Mr. president, can you fix me some ham and eggs for breakfast ? I am not a cook.
Paul Bauman
Nixon- I’m not a crook Trump- I never said that Similarity? They don’t the guts to admit they’re bad people.
Meer tonen
John Garibay
Hahahaha the C.I’s. Nick name is Deep Throat!!!! Hahahaha
J S1974
and Liddy now sells worthless silver futures
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Trump is definitely the reincarnation of Nixon
Lol rosemary stretch God can we give it up for our loyal women out there who are willing to literally throw them selfs in fire 🔥 for us men thank u lady’s
AGina Love
our drama will not stop if you allow this Mangus to continued..he does not have power over you especially me and my sister.
Let’s play a game. It’s called “Find the comment that is not about Trump”! And go…
Trump’s impeachment hearing today! What’s going to happen?
Christina Singleton
Martha was right…
Russia Gate is coming soon!
realer dealers
Clone wars narrator.
These guys were involved in the bay of pigs affair?
Jackie Kramer
Ms got me fucked up, I ain’t dare watching all this bs
First Run Movie
Used to see bold red Donald Trump ties at a Burlington store all made in China Lol
Richard Nixon was a fantastic president. But, this was what made him fall flat.
He he
only watching this cause i watched forrest gump.
Just here to go on the record. History DOES in fact repeat itself and Trump is going down.
Sabato Pecoraro
the fact of matter is that, when President does that, is not illegal.
jaquan powell
So eire. History is repeating itself
Jole Harding
Deep throat is important to every man I think.
javier garcia
to me looks like the burglars break in try to get caught
Off The Hook GY.
Frank wills don’t gloss over that
Chris Mc Evoy
It was terrible.
And now we have OBAMAGATE
New World FD
Water 💦 Gate .
Ryan Chenier-Poulin
Came here from not what you think lol
Thomas Pellegrino
Sloppy edits, annoying flashy lights in my eyes and cheesy zoomy effects.
Nixon was a heavy drinker – probably bungled the erasing of tapes due to a cloudy head.
Eddie De Leon
Pinnochio, my friend name his shop in Bulacan named after this with s thanks sa savings time and money for books
plz don't read my name
Admiral Yularen! What are you doing here?
jamel brown
I can’t wait for the trump documentary/ movie comes out what a time to be alive
T-Birdus Thoracis
Reminds me of Clinton and Trump.
Matsushita Konosuke has drink Rum with Asahi beer
If government cover-ups such as moon landings, 9/11, Area 51, etc were supposedly true, this is how they would turn out, but they haven’t.
eric bernardo
i think the russian plan the bugs not the plumbers
Forest Gump was the first to know
Deep Throat lol.
Kenny Sereme
Is this good?
Jean Dixson
Looks like an ice cream social, compared to today. 1/23/21
Junior G
OMG, the Anti-Trump comments on this video LOL
I just came here to try and find the head of the headless body of agnu lol
Hugo Tate
Operation: casting couch Agent: deep throat
tutti ball
Who here from HHS checking the comments cause you bored asf
Peter M
i like nixon regardless
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
Obamagate brought me here,
First Run Movie
Trump about Obama, he won’t release his grades.
winston ledford
where was b-sanders in 1961
Justin McDonald
Won’t be the last time Deep Throat is involved in a presidential scandal
Danny Mckenzie
I’d be paranoid too if I was president during the cold war
Hiếu Ngô
What is video mean???
Donoven Nicolas
Ngl my attention was wavering til I heard deep throat
winston ledford
don’t trust mark felt
Tayler Jones
….Deep throat.
Luis ortiz
Next on the ntgeo trump impeachment documentary
Your Friendly neighbor Spiderman
Damn really seems Nixon cared about the presidenency
Mohamed A. Nour
he is speaking so fast. what a horrible documentary is this. I didn’t understand nothing names, dates and events
Wycliff Studios
Lots of backstabbers
Heidi Thaw
You watch this and you wonder how can Trump still be in office.
hmmm. sounds familiar
Mike Esco
Whos here after the US Capitol Riots? Trump makes Nixon look like a little Alter boy.
cosmicmusic Reynolds
Nixon should have gone to prison not just his staff
Chief PiiiNe
Kipyatich_ S
Had to come here
William Canter
Great man great PRESIDENT
Diane Taylor
Tricky Trump? Dirty Donald?
Osama Khzam
Horrible film. I don’t care weather the information are correct. It was tiering to watch. hated every bit of it. scary-weird yet thrilling yet mysterious music, with a deep voiced commentator!! Horrible horrible.
Mike Fu
reminds me of Hillary, deleting 30,000 emails.
Tweet this to Trump
M. Dieng
At least Nixon won the popular vote.
What Obama did again? Watergate 2 anyone?
Phạm Phát
I from Vietnam
Israel Jewett
Keith Edwards
Lucille Green
concatenation Business News Black News
Impeach Trump
Abdul Rehmani
Hanisit Sobarna
Mon, 12nd april 2021
All these comments are 1 year old & they aren’t wrong about trump almost getting impeached.
Colleen McDonald-Tselentis
this video is very inapropiate
Unknown User
D Hern
Barack Obama is Nixon 2.0
Melissa Ann
Nixon was a shady president and person but even he is much more likable than Trump 😮
Isharaka guna
Republicans are great at this , Nixon then and now it’s Trump
Richard Jimenez
Yes it sure sounds like what is happening now with Donald Trump elected president
Is this why we are sitting in another Biden presidential campaign.
This is child’s play compared to Hillary’s email scandal
This is nothing compared with Donald Trump.
Jonathan Ballard
I support President Trump

1 Dark Days at the White House: Watergate and Richard Nixon — ABC News

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7 jul. 2015

An episode of the ABC News Great TV News Stories series entitled “Dark Days at the White House: The Watergate Scandal and the Resignation of President Richard M. Nixon” covering the Watergate Scandal and the downfall of Pres. Nixon from 1972 to 1974.

ABC News newscasters and reporters included in this video are Frank Reynolds, Ted Koppel, Sam Donaldson, Tom Jarriel, Harry Reasoner, Howard K. Smith, Bill Gill, David Schoumacher, and Bill Zimmerman. If you’re a Forensics Files fan, you’ll recognize narrator Peter Thomas’s voice.

From the VHS Tape: “The story of the President at the center of the Watergate Maelstrom, his near impeachment, his last dark days at the White House, and his sudden resignation in disgrace.”

A part of the “ABC News Great TV News Stories” VHS series — watch more at…

00:00 Intro
01:38 Jan. 20, 1972 – State of the Union
02:24 June 17, 1972
02:51 June 22, 1972
03:01 Aug. 29, 1972
03:38 Oct. 10, 1972
05:20 Interlude (1972 election and indictments)
06:17 Feb. 7, 1973
06:31 March 26, 1973
07:52 April 17, 1973
09:39 April 19, 1973
11:02 April 30, 1973
13:13 May 14, 1973
14:22 May 18, 1973
16:21 June 25, 1973
23:46 July 20, 1973
25:16 July 21, 1973
26:31 July 23, 1973
28:44 Interlude (Saturday night massacre)
29:27 Oct. 22, 1973
30:42 Oct. 23, 1973
31:05 Oct. 26, 1973
32:02 Nov. 7, 1973
32:24 Nov. 15, 1973
32:40 Nov. 17, 1973
33:35 Nov. 21, 1973
35: 11 Nov. 26, 1973
35:25 Jan. 15, 1974
36:50 Jan. 30, 1974 – State of the Union
37:31 Feb. 6, 1974
37:54 Feb. 25, 1974
38:14 Interlude (Haldeman/Erlichmann/Mitchell indictments)
38:30 March 6, 1974
39:50 Interlude (Tapes and transcripts)
40:50 May 1, 1974
41:41 May 9, 1974
43:10 Interlude (Nixon travels)
43:39 July 24, 1974
44:04 July 26, 1974
46:27 July 27, 1974
47:25 Interlude (House committee — impeachment)
48:03 July 31, 1974
48:44 Aug. 2, 1974
48:57 Aug. 5, 1974
50:56 Aug. 8, 1974 – Nixon announces resignation
56:44 Aug. 9, 1974 – Nixon leaves the White House
58:35 Epilogue
59:24 May 8, 1980 – 20/20 interview with Nixon excerpt

2 The Fall of US President Richard Nixon | Nixon In The Den | Timeline

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3 feb. 2017

An intimate profile of Richard
Nixon Nixon In The Den develops a fresh account of Nixon and his ruthless ambition to escape a loveless, impoverished background. Historian David Reynolds argues that Nixon was genuinely successful as an international statesman, with historic visits to Communist China and the Soviet Union in 1972 helping thaw the Cold War. Yet, behind the scenes, Nixon’s diplomacy was a story of intrigue and rivalry. The very methods that won Nixon acclaim on the international stage also doomed his presidency in the infamous Watergate scandal. With the help of Nixon’s scribbled memos, audio recordings and rarely seen home movie footage and photos, this film throws new light on Nixon’s obsessive secrecy, relentless deception and paranoid mistrust of key aides, especially his foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger.

3 What I learned investigating Nixon, and why it matters now | Bob Woodward | TEDxMidAtlantic

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20 jan. 2017

Legendary investigative journalist and author Bob Woodward shares the inside story of President Richard Nixon’s downfall, and what was learned from the Nixon White House tapes. He warns that we are entering a new era of secrecy that harkens back to Nixon’s days. We think we are resilient, but if we are infected with hate and lack of knowledge, we could lose our democracy, Woodward argues.
Bob Woodward is regarded as one of America’s preeminent investigative reporters and non-fiction authors. He has worked for The Washington Post since 1971 as a reporter, and is currently an associate editor of the Post. While a young reporter for The Washington Post in 1972, Woodward was teamed up with Carl Bernstein; the two did much, but not all, of the original news reporting on the Watergate scandal that led to numerous government investigations and the eventual resignation of President Richard Nixon.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

4 Richard Nixon: The Biggest Scandal in American History

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29 jul. 2020

This video is sponsored by Ground News
Dan Harris
What Nixon did, would be considered quaint by today’s standards. Worse scandals happen on a daily basis now, and hardly merit the raise of eyebrow.
I’d love to see a Biographics Episode on Robert S McNamara
The most interesting thing about this is if this took place today, he’d have still served his full second term because Congress is so partisan now.
The mystery man who reported the break-in was later revealed to be named Forrest Gump.
Question Everything
“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin
Tiffiny Harrington
I was 6 when Nixon resigned – I still remember his face on TV and feeling very sorry for him as a little girl would tend to do I suppose. Now I look at our current politicians and think maybe he wasn’t so bad relatively speaking.
I still find it amazing how a man with so many maladaptations and introverted personality quarks was able to get as far as he got. Most politicians are extroverted and charismatic—Nixon was neither, yet he somehow became president. Shows you how far ambition and sheer will can take you.
David Tucker
I really enjoyed this mostly unbiased account of a man I grew up hearing about and seeing on my TV screen. I appreciate that you mentioned his good works as well as his downfalls
I was in high school when all of the Nixon drama took place. My father was glued to the news and had a deep understanding of it all, but I am still learning new bits here and there. This is an incredibly well done summary and I applaud you for it!
J. S.
“The biggest scandal in American history” 2020: Hold my beer…
The transformation from Johnny Sins into Kratos is almost complete.
J. Lewis
“it’s easy to hate such a man, but it takes real guts to try to understand him.” Yeah.
Jake Servo
“Whatever the hell 2016 was.” Most accurate description I ever heard.
Complete Sentences
Nixon was a true outsider. To me, it always seemed like he went into politics and saw how the game was played and when he did the same kind of slimy stuff that all career politicians do, they flipped the script on him and pretended like it was an outrage. There’s no honor amongst thieves…and DC has been overrun with them for nearly a century.
deborah presley
Thank you Simon, for giving both sides of the story, both the bad and the good, without putting a slant of bias. Thank you for reminding the viewers that, while some bad decisions were made, that he was still a human being, and that he really did care about what he was representing… Thank you for reminding us that ALL good people can sometimes do bad things. For a man who did a lot of good and a lot of right for the American people and the world, history seems to only remember the bad and the wrong. You’re a rare treasure.
Kevin Felton
I think that this has to be your best one so far. I mean you LITERALLY made Richard Milhouse god-damned Nixon into a sympathetic figure. Bravo Simon. Bravo.
Alistair Fyendysh
Watching this on 10th January 2021. The words “The most controversial president” when describing Nixon gave rise to a wry chuckle, I have to admit.