One of the biggest questions of justice

The scales of justice are about fairness in court cases. There are two sides to every story, and each side of a case or a story must be heard. Each side gets the chance to present “evidence”, or the details about the case.

In What Money Can’t Buy, Michael J. Sandel takes on one of the biggest ethical questions of our time: Is there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? If so, how can we prevent market values from reaching into spheres of life where they don’t belong? What are the moral limits of markets?

1 Post Office Scandal: The Full Story (So Far)

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2 Post Office Board knew about Horizon system flaws and exclusive document show insurers were alerted

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3 Jeremy Kyle Investigates The Post Office Scandal | 31-Aug-23

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At minute 17: Computer Weekly: broke the story
At minute 20: MP and Jo Hamilton
The history of the whole thing
At minute 30:Janet Skinner

4 Labour MP absolutely terrorises Royal Mail bosses over worker conditions at Select Committee

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24 feb 2023

Do whatever you want in life, but never ever get on the wrong side of Darren Jones.

The Labour MP grilled Royal Mail execs at the BEIS Select Committee on 22 February.

5 Post Office part 1 on The One Show

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20 dec 2014

First broadcast 7pm Tues 9 Dec 2014

6 Post Office part 2 on The One Show

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21 dec 2014
First broadcast 7pm Wed 17 Dec on the same day as an adjournment debate in the Houses of Parliament on the same subject.

7 Post Office scandal: Alan Bates and James Arbuthnot say there must be consequences

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8 Post Office UK National Disgrace : Lives Ruined and Bankrupted

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17 feb 2024


Wendy Buffrey was the sub-postmistress of the Up Hatherley branch in Cheltenham when a shortfall of £24,000 was identified in her accounts. She was advised by her solicitor in 2010 to plead guilty to false accounting to avoid jail so she could continue to be with her husband, who was ill.9 Jan 2024 Gloucestershire Post Office managers want justice – BBC News BBC www. bbc. co. uk › uk-england-bristol-67915188 Once the Post Office had a criminal conviction, it would attempt to secure a Proceeds of Crime Act order against convicted subpostmasters, allowing it to seize their assets. According to press reports, these actions caused the loss of dozens of jobs, bankruptcy, divorce, prison sentences and at least four suicides. British Post Office scandal – Wikipedia Wikipedia en. wikipedia. org › wiki › British_Post_Office_sca. About – Post Office Scandal The U.K. Post Office Scandal: Everything You Need To Know Time Magazine time. com › World › United Kingdom 6 Jan 2024 — As a result, between 1999 and 2015, more than 700 sub-postmasters were accused of wrongdoing, leading to prosecutions, criminal convictions and, … postofficescandal. uk https:// www. postofficescandal. uk › abou 

Hello, my name is Nick Wallis. I am a freelance journalist. This website is designed to be a hub for my activity reporting the Post Office Horizon Scandal. The author, Nick Wallis, is a journalist and broadcaster who has been reporting on the scandal for over ten years and who acted as script consultant on Mr Bates vs The Post Office, the ITV drama that brought the affair into the national consciousness.

9 Post Office scandal – Fujitsu apologises over ‘appalling miscarriage of justice’

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10 Post Office Inquiry: Fujitsu boss labels editing of witness statements in prosecutions ‘shameful’

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11 Psychology, Plagiarism and the Post Office Scandal Part 1

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14 feb 2024
Quick intro to a video series connecting psychology and teaching about plagiarism with the UK post office scandal. In this first video I focus on the scandal. I will connect to psychology and teaching about plagiarism in part 4, which is coming soon.

12 Cyclones Psychology and Storytelling Part 2 of 2

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14 feb 2024

This is the concluding video on how cyclones are woven into our storytelling and how stories bring people together. But psychology adds something to those stories that can do the opposite, it can pull people apart.
00:00 – Start
05:17 – Resilience: according to psychology
10:01 – Psychology: Why it’s letting us down

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13 In SCHOOLS, It’s FORBIDDEN to Talk About THIS! Top 20 Terrible Historical Facts

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14 dec 2023

Top 20 Terrible Historical Facts. History unfolds like a gripping tale, weaving together moments of triumph and tragedy. Yet, hidden within its pages are the captivating whispers of the top twenty terrible historical facts, shrouded in shadows and seldom discussed. At school, it’s forbidden to talk about these top twenty terrible historical facts, as if erasing these dark episodes from our collective memory. From forgotten massacres to hidden conspiracies, the pages of history concealed horrors that challenge our understanding of humanity. What secrets lie beneath the surface, concealed by the veil of silence? How does the omission of these stories impact our understanding of the world? Join us in this video as we explore the top twenty most horrifying historical facts that have been hidden from classrooms..

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14 Clown Funeral Prank

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