Are grades and degrees all our own doing?

1 The tyranny of merit | Michael Sandel


15 sep. 2020


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What accounts for our polarized public life, and how can we begin to heal it? Political philosopher Michael Sandel offers a surprising answer: those who have flourished need to look in the mirror. He explores how “meritocratic hubris” leads many to believe their success is their own doing and to look down on those who haven’t made it, provoking resentment and inflaming the divide between “winners” and “losers” in the new economy. Hear why we need to reconsider the meaning of success and recognize the role of luck in order to create a less rancorous, more generous civic life.

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2 The Tyranny of Merit | Do We Deserve What We Get? Michael Sandel & Cosmic Skeptic

17 sep. 2020

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————————–VIDEO NOTES————————–
 Michael J. Sandel is an American political philosopher, and Professor of Government Theory at Harvard University Law School. His public lectures have been viewed by tens of millions of people around the world, including in China, where Sandel was named the “most influential foreign figure of the year”. Dr. Sandel talks to Alex about his new book, The Tyranny of Merit, discussing not just whether meritocracy is achievable in practice, but also whether it is even something we should aim for at all, highlighting the wealth of potential damage that meritocracy can affect on a society which embraces it.

3 Michael Sandel: The Tyranny of Merit

23 sep. 2020

It’s been a common refrain in this pandemic: “We’re all in this together.” But even as the empirical truth of that’s come under scrutiny, it begs further questions for the philosophically inclined. Michael Sandel, a professor of philosophy at Harvard University, discusses his new book, “The Tyranny of Merit: What’s Become of the Common Good?”

4 Obama Candid Answers To Intern Questions- Full Video

12 aug. 2016

President Obama answers questions from White House interns about how he remains optimistic, his legacy with the African American community, and on when to compromise. He then says being president is the result of lucky breaks, which you can’t always control. But being useful is something that you can control. 
00:08 How do you remain optimistic?
02:13 What kind of legacy would you like to leave in the African American community?
06:29 How do you know when to compromise?

5 Customers Get Their Cars Stolen Prank!

23 mrt. 2016

Where’s Oprah when you need her?