Osama bin Laden

1 – 2011: President Obama on the killing of bin Laden

12 nov. 2020

President Barack Obama on the preparation and execution of the plan to kill Osama bin Laden. https://cbsn.ws/3kyvQRG

2 – CNN: The life of Osama bin Laden

2 mei 2011

Osama bin Laden began life as the son of billionaire and turned to terror after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

3 Osama bin Laden killed as raid is watched live by Obama

2 mei 2011

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is killed following a firefight with US special forces in Pakistan. It has emerged President Obama watched the operation via videolink from the US.

4 Killing bin Laden

10 sep. 2012

For the first time, a first-hand account of the raid that killed the world’s most wanted terrorist from one of the Navy SEALS who pulled the trigger. Scott Pelley interviews “Mark Owen,” a former SEAL who was in the room when Osama bin Laden died from American bullets, in an exclusive interview.
Cade Fox
The best part is that the taco bell employee that served him probably didn’t know that he was serving the guy who killed Bin Laden 🤣
Kevin D
Even if I had all the physical and mental skills required to be a seal i don’t think I could keep my mouth shut if I killed Bin Ladden. I’m going through Taco Bell drive thru “ yeah can I get two tacos, I killed Bin Laden, a bean burrito, a Gordita, and did I mention I killed Bin Laden? Yeah that was me.
Brian Berthelsen
The 203 people who disliked this video are probably on the CIA watch list now
Daniel Forbes
Osama was 6″5 playing with the wrong rockets
Eduardo Squidwardo
When he talked about killing bin laddens son on the second level it gave me goosebumps
405 BOY
I would have loved to be able to see that live view of them killing Bin laden
Flamboyant Bologna
“curiosity killed the cat, i guess khalid too” bro im dead
Melissa G
Much respect to the man, but he’s got some crazy in his eyes. Not just a thousand yard stare, but a 10 thousand yard stare.
Greg Mezera
It’s funny they said, “Somehow there was a blackout in the neighborhood. No one will say if that was luck or by design.” There’s a 100% chance it was by design. Our night vision technology is a huge advantage over opponents and it’s used every single time they can, even if they have to create such conditions themselves. In this case, where we have night vision goggles and our opponents almost certainly don’t (or maybe have only a limited number of them), they would be stupid not to cut out the power to maintain the huge technological advantage. I’m sure many innocent Pakistanis lost power too, and I hope they were compensated appropriately as long as they didn’t know Bin Laden was living there.
Tommy Brown
“Everyone wants to meet the guy who shot Bin Laden..I wanna meet the pilot”… that’s awesome..giving credit to the people out of the spotlight..much respect 💯✌
Thomas Bernecky
Thanks to all of our fine men and women who did this for all of us.
Johnny Romero
I feel bad for the dude that actually looks like this 😂
“Curiosity killed the cat. I guess Khalid too.” Lmaoo
Danny Hall
Owen is getting paid make no mistake. I love Owen he’s paid!
Zack Browning
“Camelback is one of those backpacks that has the water in it, that you use to, to drink water out of?” 30:02 best part lol.
Vinodh Devasenan
Truly Courageous Team…Goosebumps 🙂
Tammy WB
I think Osama didn’t fight back because he knew it was over. He just got tired of running so he took the opportunity. Cause if the US could find him there , they could find him anywhere. He knew they were relentless if they could find him after all that time. I don’t care what anyone says , but after awhile he got fed up of living in a self made prison without internet.
Greg Mezera
Hopefully they train their heli pilots to land in such places now, or at least don’t try such landings anymore in combat. I know little about the military, but as a physicist I could have told you that landing could be a disaster.
Sean Quinn
Curiosity killed khalid lol
You can run BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE…
Matthew Creamer
Thank you for your service and heroism that you displayed in carrying out your mission. There is not one military force in this world that could have completed this mission successfully except for y’all!!! So proud to be an American and also a supporter of our military organisations. You are the first and last line of defense and I couldn’t ask for a better protector to be ready, able, and willing to not just fight for our freedoms, but also give the ultimate sacrifice to make sure we keep those freedoms available. GOD BLESS YOU SIR, AND PLEASE RELAY THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR TEAM. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!
This was very interesting and satisfying to watch 👍🏼
His surprise that they slept on the way to an op 😂😂 he hasn’t been in the military obviously lol
whenever i go to taco bell from now on, im gonna ask for the UBL death meal, two tacos and a bean burrito
“Counter Terrorists won”
Mark Zuelch
Makes you wish you could un-see things, things so visually dramatic, so nightmarish yet so real as to be unable to deny the evidence of one’s own senses and by God how do we answer now?
Cho Koon
Bbro, the real absolute MVP were who ever that group of women was that had been tracking him down for a decade.
jewel and friends
That one seal almost blow up the house instead of the helicopter scares me alot while laughing 😂🤣
Lanny Seals
Seal team six, enough said!!! Salute to the fallen and will NEVER be forgotten!! Would love to be about to watch the video of the raid and I’m sure all my fellow Americans would as well!
suck onmycock
His eyes, wide open at all times .. trauma, ptsd …
mans bought a big house in a poor neighborhood and thought no one would notice if he took a walk outside
Neptunetainment 1984
I still got the same newspaper 9 years later
Dustin Wyatt
Last thing he saw before departing this world was a Navy SEAL and his rifle.
alfa braxton
Congratulations to these brave men, congratulations to intel collecting team.
Alex Tevillage
Heroes welcome.u guys deserve a Knighthood as well.❤️❤️❤️
dio terry
There’s a lot of “bad” place on that region.
Omar Adhi
we have a saying says : The magic turns against the magician, 8 years and this is all the viewers and likes, الله اكبر ولا اله الا الله
Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
So hold up that’s not what the guy really looks like Nor sounds like?!?!
Lucas Penido
Dude, he’s done many interviews after this without desguise, AND WOW! Did they do a good job! Lolo! He looks nothing like he does in real life!
Lee hesbrook
with one of the commanders onboard but did not survive
Scott Pelley, “Is there anything special about seal team six?” my god Scott , do your research. 60 minuets is so politically driven and historically inaccurate. Lara Logan would have conducted a more sabby interview. At least learn to operate a BB gun before you do real world combat interviews with our best Scott.
Anna aka Chile
My gosh! You guys are brave… Thank you guys for your service…. God bless you guy’s.
Shelli Bradley
I am so proud of him. I am starting to read this book & when he said that no secrets or any info like that was put in the book, I believe him 100%.
“Miss, 100%” Nice nickname
Lee hesbrook
would of squeeled the lot so had to shut him up some how
Patrick Smith
Good for you sir thank you so much
I thought Robert O’Neill shot bin Laden? So were they both apart of the two men who were the room?
kenneth Lopez
37:18 that reminds meaning of that one mission in call of duty black ops
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
Imagine sleeping in your house one night and 3 helicopters with navy seals come in to your house hahahaha holy smokes
Michael Favorov
He was probably playing rocket league or something and then saw the U.S. Navy behind him
Cyclonus NZ
Bush couldn’t find bin laden on a 10 years wanted list but Barak found him instantly. hahahaha…. it smells of propaganda.
Alex Smt
Thank god, So much pain caused by one man
Imagine being Pakistan and this happening beside your military academy 😂
Joanne Wozniacki
Pres. Obama and his Navy Seals got Bin Laden and justice for the victims of 9/11 and their families. History will never forget. 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️
Joseph Cappella
Thank you for your service and thank you for your justice
Gerard Ligonde
The discreet crocus additionally disapprove because rock understandably watch for a private religion. redundant, aboriginal session
Niall Smith
I watched another interview with the seal who shot him.. Very different accounts
Salt Walker Outdoors
OMG I have that book sitting right next to me! Now I dont have to read it
lewis king
Nice bed time story.
adrian koh
this guy looks like he was assigned with “Meal Team 6”
Peter Irungu
I just checked the date and it’s May 2nd 2021😂😂😂
Benny Bost
God bless this young man! We got the best of the best! God bless everyone in this video without measure amen August 23rd 2021 thank God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😅
P.S. H
I would love to see Quentin Tarantino making a movie outta this.
Glory to our Heroes!!! God bless the United States of America
Nsingizi Mthethwa
The man who was able to hide for so long, very good at hiding and very powerful was just found chilling in his house. Years later this one man remembers everything that happened, he probably remembers how many bullets he shot.
Yusni Aribowo
paid very dearly, with the deaths of 22 Navy SEALs
Betty Swollocks
Well done America! Proud to be British and have you American bravehearts as out Allie! Strongest couple of countries in the world when we stick together! Without our team work and intel we would be in a right pickle! Thank you America! Love, England!
Debbie Stonehouse
What frickin disguise? I bet I could pick him out in a-line up. Could you imagine the beers that would be lined up for him in every bar?
Nathaniel Anderson
I’m glad Binlauden is gone, but I still worry about the effects of the war we fought for 20 on the people of Afghanistan.
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house
No no no no no -Bin Laden last words
So it’s the word of a child that decided
Good Solonius
Could you imagine if in 1955 the American military claimed “we found Hitler’s body” then when asked to produce it “sorry we threw it into the ocean. Trust us though, we got him.” “Can we speak to the men who found it?” “Nah, they’re all dead. Accident, what can you do” Cause that’s exactly what happened here with “Osama Bin Laden”
Point man literally jabaited Khalid.
The Legend 27
There are two different people who have claimed that they killed bin Laden, I doubt this person was the actual person who killed bin Laden because his story doesn’t really match up to the one that was done more officially on a government interview or whatever
How does this interview not put a price on this guy’s head? I think its only a matter of time!@
Sjtx gamefarm
Dude what are you doing ready to blow the house up not the house the helicopter 😭
Carlos Gonzalez
BEAUTIFUL ! BEAUTIFUL!.GOOD JOB BROO !! You in yuo ting due PERFECT JOB, GOOD bless AMERICA, sal.des.new yorkc.
Jeff Alford
Lori Walsh
I don’t know how they use night vision. I can hardly use sunglasses to drive! LOL
Yea man I’m sure they’ll never recognize him with all that shadow on em huh?
John Shaw
Osama bin Laden , the magnificent martyrs and the great men in Saudi Arabia leveled the kharma of the pentagonians. Listen here. I had known in detail about the attacks of September 11, 2001 since 1997. Listen to this audio. You will see why I was less than ambitions to go all out warning people in advance. However, I did tell more than 100 people in advance right up to and through the night of September 10, 2001. As predicted, they neglected and ignored, and that takes in law enforcement people, and in 2 cases people who were is place specifically to take information about terrorist activities. They would not even listen to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jPVCooerIo&t=446s
Robo Drill Films }JV Harvey
Zero Dark Thirty! Best movie ever!
Tragic Man
Imagine being the news network that gave out his actual name, potentially gettin him killed, just for clicks. Really wish “mark owens” would sue them.
Rodger Dalton
This guys story conflicts pretty heavily with others
the lack of conspiracy theorists are cool
Jim Glore
Of course they sleep…it’s just another day to our hero’s! God Bless Them All
Why is a member of seal team 6 doing 60 minute interviews about any raid specially that 1?
God some of the reporters questions are remedial!!
Adam Schwab
This man is a hero. To those who released his name, shame on you. This guy and the others risked their lives for our freedoms. Whether or not you agree.
I thought a different seal shot bin Ladin , this is strange , I know I’ve seen another seal that they said shot him first on the news
Capt'n Tread
I would love to see what rob o Neil would say
Joseph Harley
hail allah for he is epic!!!
How was this years ago already…
James Lee
Imagine how much they watch us overhead on a daily bases
Shreyas Sindaghatta
7:37 Helicopters could be shot down by Pakistan’s modern air defense ” — this has to be joke of century. Pakistan only knows how to fly paper planes
this is the must underrated youtube video ever
When is the map coming out again?
Victor Gutierrez
So what about Robert O’Neill ? Wasn’t he #2 and not Mark Owen ?
Anna Banana
I really don’t believe that they shot or did anything to Bin Laden. I think it was all a ruse.
wolf flare
Lmao the name of this video is named killing bin laden
SGH Totino
“I’m happy to be back in Afghanistan”” Said no one EVER
Lol imagine if the house was blown up over a miscommunication. Family: “hey, what’s goin on???” Interpreter: “it’s a police operation, don’t worry, please go—“ H O U S E G O B O O M Also imagine Taco Bell Employee: “What can I get you tonight?” SEAL: “Two taco crunch supremes… eh… make it three.” drives to window Taco Bell Employee: “not gunna lie, you look like you’ve had a crazy few days. You look jet lagged!” SEAL: “Yeah, something like that..”
ricky crenshaw
I want to thank you for what yall done sir so sorry you got hurt thanks for your service
being he was in Pakistan for 5 years and they refused to let us go after him, should been warrant enough to level that country into a parking lot.
Uncle Drew
Rob O’Neil killed bin laden I thought
Ibe Smokalot420
I don’t know…4 sum reason his story seems fishy
Farid Kawasmi
jesus his voice is so thick if when you hear his your sure he’s a seal
James Lee
He use ti be my neighbor
Ace Gonzalez
Wasn’t Robert O’Neill the one that shot him
Chase of Spades
Awesome dude but what happened to the Quiet professional?
Pinky Pooh
Most of these stories are so old and new,and out dated on YouTube duh.
Oregon girl 🌲
That guys a demon slayer seriously 😳 house full of cockroaches thank you sir for your service 🇺🇸
Graham Mcrobert
That was a body decoy and so called bin laden wasn’t buried at sea
wait what did he say at 29:38
60 minutes video that is only 43 minutes wtf
Susan Arsoniadou
Kudos to the people who caught that disease called Bin Ladin
Raja Atif
Other officer in other documentary said they had no idea they are going for Osama now this guy said diffrent story..
This is only 43 minutes long, not 60. I have been lied to.
MrCrossover Mark
I wanna know if these guys’ hearts are raising when they’re doing missions like this. My heart starts pounding just playing call of duty.
jack cloud
So was it Robert O’Neil or this guy ?
Lasha Moore
I listened to Rob O’Neil 1st.. and I must say.. I’m a bit confused..
Obama made the right call!!!!
Jmyrick Joseph
I thought Robert O’Neal killed him
Cody Maxwell
Im 100% positive that the guy who killed Osama bin laden was a redhead named Ryan O’neill
jw '46
I’m 74, but it’s for sure that all of these codgers need to retire. or at least get off camera.
Adarsh Rathor
Chasing clout writing a book about glory. 🙄 These seals wanna earn money , fame and go to Hollywood.
he is still alive as you and me. everything you have heard or read is a lie.
Mike Byrne
10 years ago today!
Jon Thornton
I remember the president gave the A,T,N wow. Feel good moments and relief and pride.
Osama Bin Laden. Barack Obama. Joe Biden. Enough said.
robert jones
Bit like Hitler, will we EVER know for sure ?
Winnie Elaine
Why is the presenter holding his glasses?😂🤔
I remember seeing a picture of osama dead on a newspaper back in 2011 and now it doesn’t exist? (Hasn’t been released)
Young Sexy cracker
It is so crazy but this all happens on my birthday
Liverpool 4Life
How did they not hear the choppers coming, there loud no?
¿ßəæń wf××le?
No nation should ever allow any terrorist to go on killing spree undetected, uninvestigated properly, and then the worst…”roaming” freely at will to do his dirty work!!! Catch them wherever they hide and get rid of him/her asap! Or we will see so many innocent life’s lost. and that is unacceptable
Gold Bell
Should be 10 minutes video prolonged more than half an hour
Cade Hassel
who tf are the 142 that disliked the vid
Legend 28
1000% they went and told their spouse’s.
Grady Brown
I can’t believe they killed his son
M 50
In other words i DONT to be Rob O Neill
Heidi van Staden
Sorry but I wathced to many movies in my lifetime, can’t hinkle help but wonder if Bin Ladin is still alive, they shot someone else and prentended not to look like fools?
Couldn’t’ve happened to a better guy
So thank full he’s gone thank you america 🇺🇸!
The seal betrayed his oath of silence to make money and gain fame.
Why aint there no actual footage this is all too fishy
oliver barnaby
Dude just killed bin laden and went to taco bell, what a guy
alfa braxton
Who else was expecting SEALs to be tough looking guys like Jason Hayes and his Bravo team of SEAL Team series??
Mark Hall
I think Biden might look quite good with a bit of a beard, Trump refused to get a decent haircut, Boris has been pulling his hair out since covid.
Ok wait a minute , wasn’t the red haired guy the one who killed bin laden and he said he recognized him immediately. Two different stories here
David Velho
But he’s not dead tho 🤔 Americans simply gave a different identity 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Peter Durkin
It didn’t go..perfectly
M Ritter
Osama been dead in the early 2000s
christopher jones
Shortly after the raid a seal team 6 was on a mission, not standard op, they were targeted by terrorist waiting. The Bin Laden op, the body was dumped at sea., WHY.
Olivia Bickford
The present rutabaga speculatively unpack because father-in-law potentially blush astride a soggy marimba. repulsive, regular map
Keith Fox
Where are the photos and the body? Also, I heard that the helo crashed and there were no survivors.
Daisy Fields
He’s in disguise !?!?😕 whatever happened to a dodgy wig and glasses lol know i want to know what he actually really looks like
HilariouShaun313 Gifted
That dude is lying 🤥 🤦‍♂️
wait is he the one who killed UBL or its Robert o Niell?
Cheese Nuts
Bin Laden is still alive
damn they had good gaming skillz
Tactical Hotdog
Four hours in make up…ever heard of a mask?
Spaghooter N’Meebles
This should have 58 million likes
thomas brunn
congratulation Osama 20 year war and you won
Should have just got the SAS to do it. JOB DONE….
Richard Joubert
Hiding in his bedroom like a coward!!!!!!!
Oh Shizzers
🚁 🔊 Khalid: 😳 👂OMG, runs to osama DAD!! I HEAR SOMETHING OUTSIDE Osama: QUICK, WAKE UP MY WIFE! Wife: 🐐
Kim Reithel
I’m American thank god bin laden is dead . I live upstate new York I was 1 years old when 9/11 happened. R.I.P to the people that died.
Thay call it 60 minutes but it’s only 43 minutes
Michael O Reilly
All very suspicious .Full of technology and no pictures of him
HVAC Instucter
Oh ya, and Obama never lied
Rayhannah Norman
I think a convoy of rolls royces escorted him bin laden away from Pakistan ha ha 😂
Becky Moore
At least bin cant hurt anybody else.
Pavel Kuznetsou
This guy looks like from cartoon “American dad” 🙂
Pascal Baumann
Geronimo for all the victims of 9/11 and related victims since then
Eufemia Arden
The glossy beast correlatively blind because oval retrospectively approve a a rambunctious ice. bite-sized, flat sentence
How funny that’s what I always order at Taco Bell. 1 bean burrito no onions and 2 tacos Verbatim
Miles Lambos
43 minutes of lies
Poop Fnm
ok so his name is owen
Bram Gierkink
Dude… he just told me his buddy whispered “Khalid? Khalid?” The kid just peeked the corner like “hm?” And gets an headshot💀 lil man was just vibin’
Uhb bc
Bin laden is a live in Miami Beach. Lol
Charlie Pennington
CBS news, gotta love em, false pretenses are the best under ones own narrative right? Delta Force, This dudes the pin target tho
AlmightyXbox plays
I’m surprised that the pakistani government didn’t notices these helicopters, if they did, I think their army would have blowed the crop out of them and the US Would have had a HUGE argument with pakistan And for God sake, please i hope you Americans remember this: the pronunciation of “khalid” is “k h a l E D” not “k h a l E E d”
El Perrillo
But we all know bush did 9/11
T Sulli
His identity is Dan bilzerian
Melis S Baebah
I feel sad for humanity. People actually believe all of this happened. Man we are fkd. Maybe we do need some serious population control.
Scott Crockett
Confirmed right here me charlie i killed real one me si
Savage Aloner
Just put a skimask bruh
Brett Harding/Telford
The book should off been cleared by the Government regardless.
Mat Watson
M 50
So how many SEALs kILLED Bin Laden.
Lalthuthlunga Thua
Take to California United States Prison
Oscar Mapalad
Yes I was so shocked upon knowing Bin Laden was killed…He was our big boss when I was still working in Saudi Arabia, Osama , He was former one of the owner and CEO of Saudi Bin Laden Group…He was very good man as far as I know….
Jeremy Hampton
Robert oneal shot bin laden not this guy
Toni Shehu
Rrena kush e pa’ qe e vran non Laden ndodhet ne arabi saudite
francis zamora
Dana Healey
Surely the helicopter crash would had woken someone out. And Osama being rich, smart and having men work for him,. I would had one man keep night watch. Sounds dodgy. He didn’t mention about loading Obama’s bodies up. 🤔Hmmmm
Tsuiseki Bado
They planned that thing like a little league baseball game. “The weather was bad.” Lmao
Jonny Zavala
Lake sheriff miss guituirez Anaheim police department xc
Nadia Black
An absolute load of rubbish, he was dead already the Prime Minister of India let that slip in an interview with the BBC. He had been dead about 8 years
Mildred Lowe
Still shocked!! Multiple times going and coming from work, finding myself looking this man in his eyes, & his face, he always smileed at me as we crossed each other’s pass, in the back of my mind I’ve always thought “what was in the brief case?? If a person can smile it just shows how much you don’t really know a person I guess???
Zaryab Sharif
why this story doesn’t seem to be real??
Gage Alford
Imagine lying for 60 minutes straight lmao
Wealthy Mansour Lady Empire
2 Tacos and a bean burrito—He’s a mexican saying he is EL that killed Osama bin Laden. But he is not Mexican…
Democracy First
Yet pkistaani don’t believe this happened
Nikola Trkulja
Boxer Ali
Osama real life pubg player
Franklin Souza
“They killed” but did not show the body and threw it into the sea … YEAH YEAH, surely it is dead.
Zaryab Sharif
There is no single real picture no videos no photoshoot of setallite and they are taking help of a fake demo home?? like if he was noticing through setalite that osama is living there they could have showed to world too??i mean this kinda looks a made up story. First its not possible to enter in any country without their permission.even if pakistan secretly allowed them an operation and still how come its possible they leave after doing such thing safely?? how world even believe upon this made up story
Lucas Brown
“When you say you engaged him what do you mean?” Uh we fired “You shot eem” Uhh. Yeah.
Sarah Alexandra
I’m Kristin Elizabeth fontenot Osama Ben laden nice to meet you…..🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
This never happened
Alex Asztalos
Counter Terrorists Win
Zaryab Sharif
the things he did that was totally wrong and he deserved punishment but this story seems like not real
Poker Joker
I’ll believe it when I see the Dead Body.
werewolf saves
Did they change the name. Because a Robert O’Neil is supposed to be the guy who shot bin laden. Help me understand. Either way praise God we got him.
Too bad Robert O’Neill killed Osama; so unless they altered his voice & had a great makeup artist this man is not the Seal that took the shot. It has been confirmed that Robert O’Neill took the shots 💯💯💯💯💯
Richard Blake
I’m sorry but seal team six activities are supposed to be secret……I get tired of people that say I don’t want to be recognized or a hero but hey let’s right a book and go on tv……it’s rare to see someone cashing in so blatantly
Shot 🙄 Bin Laden should’ve died screaming. Sorry if that’s rough but I’ll never forget 9-11. One mans scream is nothing compare to the thousands that took place that day. 2,997 people and counting to this day, nearly 20 years later, people are still dying because of 9-11. Bin Laden isn’t even alive anymore and people are still dying because of him. He was the Worlds Most Wanted person, He should’ve went out screaming.
Counter terrorists win
why didnt they just make this guy look like bin laden
K Hill
Who’s here 2021
strange man
Jaby Chador
Heli crashed landed,soldiers could not be precise if it was bin laden,the one who was shot down was way younger than osama appears to be.and the so called osama did not even put up a fight.do you think it was bin laden???then why is the terrorist activity still here??
Lee hesbrook
fake account really chopper didnt crash there but couple 100 clicks accross back to base
Jorge Mancia
To punish bad governments and police men corruption harrassing goid people
Caden Penley
If you dislike this video then your a terrist
bin ladens army had lots of courage to fly a plane into the building took alot of courage
Antonio Williams
Bin laden is not dead
Antonio Williams
God said you should not killed
Jennifer Huff
We need several seal teams to clean up Capital Hill
Peter Gillis
Idk about you, but if i where to be searching for state enemy number 1, i would’ve want to capture him alive so i could get info from him on why he did it and who was involved etc.
Gul Rahman Ghafoori
Donald Trump: Osama bin Laden might be still alive! I guess he is right!
James Brown
Osama somewhere chilling
Don’t Worry
Robert O’niell was the one who actually shot bin laden. However big respect for this guy as well. But why lie about it. You had 2 guys claiming to shoot him when there was only one shooter lol.
JoKaR Hack
that’s weird cause Pakistanis don’t speak Arabic at all 20:31 !!!
Mark Dunne
Has anyone exactly seen video of bin Laden killed or only Obama administration
Jeami Campbell
They’re not for sure they’ve killed him. This guy is tricky.
gostate 2014
Dude who killed Bin Laden’s name was Robert O’Neill. This dude is not the guy who killed Bin Laden. He may have been there. But Robert O’Neill’s guns trigger is the trigger that was pulled. To put the bullets in Bin Ladens head and chest

5 The Operation that Killed Osama bin Laden

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6 aug. 2013

When Osama bin Laden declared war against the United States for the first time to a Western audience, Peter Bergen was there. He produced Osama bin Laden’s first television interview and has written extensively on the terrorist and on Al Qaeda.



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“He reminded me of you” lol 😂
9:28 now that you brought about Agatha a question arises DID BUTLER REALLY DO IT ??
Tim Retter
@57 minutes he gets something a little bit off. If a helicopter loses power, it’s actually able to move to the ground slowly. The pilot can still control certain blade angles which allows them to cause the blade to spin more or less in the wind. So basically they let the wind spin their rotor quickly – then transfer that speed into upward lift by cutting more air. Then allowing the blade to spin quickly before before harvesting lift from the speed. The problem is when you lose power close to the ground and you don’t have much time to do the maneuver I mention. So helicopters are like cats in that a mid range fall is the most dangerous.
You had a good one coming in 2015. Never underestimate the enemy.
Xander Dominitz
1:07:49 – I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it was extremely unlikely that US forces could have captured Osama bin Laden in Bora Bora:)
WRQ Nine
Peter principle is in evidence here I see.
0 0
This video is great! Interesting and he is very well presented and spoken.
Ged Agnors
5:40 You almost caught him with a glass! )))))
The big breakthrough was getting Abu Ahmed al Kuwaiti’s name… Ibrahim Saeed. From there Bin Ladens fate was sealed. Is there any more info on how this name was obtained?.
David Coleman
Well he was wrong about the taliban coming back to power ! Even smart people can be wrong.
Esmeralda Estrada
Islamic State agree that the group emerged out of al-Qaeda in Iraq as a response to the U.S. invasion in 2003. They also agree that it was shaped primarily by a Jordanian jihadist and the eventual head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
0 0
Wonderful presentation
rob greene
Well worth watching Excellent lots of new info Excellent presentation
Well this hasn’t aged well.
Dave Unknown
I think they did just perfect……way to go US NAVY SEALS…..goog shooting May alla burn bin laden in hell forever.
Dacio Simon
Lies and misdirection as usual
Roman Catullo
Wow ! This whole story is a lie !!!
Once upon a time, in a land far far away, building 7 was built. All the columns are 0% intact and just stacked on top of each other, with no welds or bolts. Larry Silverstein called 2 leprechauns and asked them to pull building 7. So the 2 leprechauns got some rope and tied it to a unicorn and said “pull it” so the unicorn pulled it and humpty dumpty had a great fall and all the kings horses and all the kings men said there was no controlled demolition, but the leprechauns and unicorn have weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so lets bomb the middle east until theres nothing left but oil and we can take that oil and make a lot of $$$. Then the marines assassinated the Osama unicorn and ceremoniously placed the dead unicorn in the ocean to be at peace with his mermaid friends But the 2 leprechauns are still fairy tale terrorist so all the kings men can bomb the hell out of anything cause the leprechauns have avoided the most sophisticated surveillance system known
Victor Victor
What Strikes me is that these People Talk as if they Know Everything that’s Going on and they Don’t they will Never Know the Full Story the Federal Agencies have a Stove Pipe on Information what Goes In Does Not Come Back Out .
He was already dead and the Bush Family were in business with the Bin laden Family ( ;
Bin…was created by us.
Shayna Camarillo
24/7 play revo it last forever play on play on . you can.
Victor Victor
What About that Federal Agent that Flew to California to Talk to a Hollywood Movie Director the F.B.I. had to Send Federal Agents to Grab him by the Ear and Bring him Back?
Frank Hernandez
What a load of bollocks. What’s the point of this.
Biblia is the war book to believers
Don’t believe a word of it no photos of his body why
Co Cacola
Bin laden was not killed he died before 2003 the CIA was supporting him all the way.
Shayna Camarillo
24/7 play revo it last forever play on play on . you can.
william lydon
This comment section is 95 percent cancer, do not scroll down any further. You have been warned.
Teresa de Avila….Leviatan …sto Tomas de Aquino…..nostradamus…..ASESINOS INVASORES CINICOS
i love peter bergen’s famous interview with Osama bin laden!! its one of my favorites, i like the part where he infiltrates osama’s secret hideout and INTERVIEWS HIM yet the us government and everyone else couldn’t seem to find him after 10yrs. very interesting man peter bergen is.
Lies lies all lies ! !
Igor Svačić
I dont undrstand, he sad that Bin Laden killing was “restoration for the victims of 9/11” As far as I know, under his name on the FBI site in the list of crimes he is wanted for 9/11 wasnt listed. So, if he wasnt accused for doing/masterminding that event, why would his death have anything to do with that event victims?
Mary DeHart
Bin laden was to comfortable he felt safe a deal Obama knew were he was he was just waiting for the right time to look good get voters all applauses he needed to bee taken out but it’s all about timing and setting up a political advantage
Cory Morr
With Peter Bergen and the Fascist left-wing Democrats, he does’t answer questions you steals them set at an auctioned price, charging them against you with your tax tarp dollars in his pocket and all you’re getting is reimbursements of insults in your face.
Mix the Fix
All this information is false. this “movie” did not happen. It’s only partially true. The rest is made up.
Let’s not forget that bin Laden died at least two or three times before, and that the death photo was a fake, composited from two different images.

6 Robert O’Neil Speech Navy SEAL who Killed Bin Laden

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15 okt. 2019

Robert O’Neil Florida Speech Robert O’Neil Speech Navy SEAL who Killed Bin Laden
Lange 86
Glad this one got reposted, true motivation off mindset. It helped me true my dark period, when i was on my way back, special the never give up and bad day not a bad life part!!! Now doing better then ever i found it again.. Thanks for this!!! Blessings from the Netherlands
Meer tonen
“we are going for the single mom who dropped her kids off at elementary school on a tuesday morning and then 45 minutes later jumped to her death out of a skyscraper because that was a better alternative to burning alive”- Honestly some of the best words I have ever heard out of this man true patriotism he has!
Braeden Chapman
Dont mind me, just writing down notable time stamps: 3:20 No emotion in decisions 7:05 We’re not getting out alive 9:01 long term goals/quit tomorrow 18:37 all stress is self induced 32:48 training, communication, repetition 37:31 communication is not just talking 39:16 goodbyes 49:52 no shortcuts 57:23 no time like the present 58:51 head down, move forward
Meer tonen
Alden Bustard
I’m a full time college student and I believe that we need more men or women like this coming to campus to talk to students and instill lessons and values. Not so many of these overly sensitive snowflake professors who don’t have a fraction of the wisdom, understanding or achievement that a man like Robert O’Neil has.
This is why we should always continue the pledge of allegiance. For men who sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice
Josh C
“Quit tomorrow” for some reason that makes a lot of sense to me🤘🏻 good stuff man and thank you🇺🇸
Something scarier than a Navy seal is not knowing where the Navy seal is.
Enjoyed every second of this. Incredible human being’s telling stories and teaching others?? That’s a yes for me all day long. 🤙👌
me you
Wow I love that. ”I’m old as I’ve ever been but as young as I’ll ever be”
Otwarty Sezam
I had a moment, I considered quitting. I imagined myself in my cosy room with a mug of hot tea, a blanket and watching some comedy movie. I was warm, dry and… regretting every second of it. I knew I will never forgive myself quitting. That I will lose all respect towards myself and I simply couldn’t do it. Suddenly the rain wasn’t that bad. Being sick and cold wasn’t the worst that could happen to me. Blisters on my feet were not that awful. I knew I was going to be someone better and stronger, so here I am. As a soldier many things stop bothering you like sickness, cold, rain, etc. There is never a bad weather, only bad clothing.
Meer tonen
Tennis Hatfield
Thought provoking and highly motivational. One of the best speeches on focus I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I received several golden nuggets of information that apply to my life. Thank you for your service to our country.
Rayman 1
33:0033:10.. one of the most important statements that can be applied to work or personal relationships. Trust in someones ability to make their own decisions. Support them.
Jeon Richard
46:10 – One of the funniest stories I have ever heard. Such a funny thing to say to someone on their first jump.
I would’ve loved to have seen those videos of his jumps! That’s shit that the everyday person will never get to see is real pov footage of a Tier 1 DEVGRU/TEAM VI mission!!
G Evo
Damn that was something. Thank you for that speech it was very motivating and inspiring
Myrreah Pyles
What an awesome story to share.. I cried a couple of times and he did not even said things in a dramatic way.. I just felt him! A great man, not only for his service but also for his motivation. I learned a lot of things from this. Thank you!
Would have been nice to be able to see the slides to.
New York Rebel
I’ve never served, but that was some funny shit. Inspirational as well.
TinyMexican1011 Z
I just watched this whole thing and never knew I wanted to. Clicked on it because it was suggested as background noise, but I needed it so much
Alejandro Anzaldua
I really wish we could see what he was showing on the screen
Dawsyn Larson
Honestly yo just watching videos with O’Neil in it just kinda lightens you’re mood idk how to explain it just makes u now motivated atleast I feel that way
Isaac Mendes
My favorite is when dudes walk on stage with the gator goggles still on.
“Stress is a choice, stress is a bag of bricks” Hoyah to that sir
Paul McGee
There was a time when special forces were silent
Jaynald Cruz
Amazing! Thank you for your service— and thank you for reminding me what life is all about. Hooah!
Wow great job showing the projector… I really feel like I’m there… in the broom closet.
Fletcher Moore
“Well dont look at me bro I don’t know what half this shit does anyways!” That killed me 🤣
This was great, just wish who ever was filming would have shown the slides and videos!
H 2
I saw this one a couple months ago and I’m glad it got reposted, I personally think it’s his best one just in terms of delivery and emotion
john wolosz
Should be required viewing for all 8th graders in the USA…and above…. no politics here ..jest solid advice in life…
Eliana Cordoba
You are adorable – and thank you for your service to the American people.
Tyler Durden
The book is awesome and this guy is a legend, I like in the book how he talks about not being scared and that it can get you killed, as a career Firefighter/Paramedic I have really used that advice to not get stressed out or be scared and it has made a big impact on my life.
Keep going forward, never quit, Thank You Mr. O’Neil.
Angelo Matta
Take a deep breath, Keep moving forward, no matter what, never quite and you will be fine. Amazing
Brooke Martin
As a medic and 20 year Army wife, this spoke volumes to me. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Rick Kemp
Great speech, combat vets are the best of the best. No matter if you’re Marine recon, infantry, Seal, ranger, SF etc the enemy & bullets, rockets, ied’s and so forth know no different. Combat Vets deserve anything they need when they return. Semper Fi!
John Eastman
This is an authentic and very well staged recruitment presentation for this service.
Adam S
Zaid Syed
Much respect to this dude. Couldn’t help but watch this whole thing.
Alexander W.
That was an awesome speach. So many Thinge that you can apply in your day to day life. Glad I found this
Can NO d'EAU
I liked this guy. He is really keyed in. Thanks for the talk.
The Nine Dollar Show
This is one of those videos that’s constantly recommended and I finally clicked, and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for your service!
Anthony Bly
How anyone could dislike this is bewildering to me.
Earl Elzy
I wish I could see the screen. He’s a great speaker. I enjoyed this very much. I’ll save this to watch later.
Mr. Fist
Dam, that shit when he was talking about never quitting was inspiring ngl..
J. Rose
You’ve got to love the dry dad jokes
I have read that book and it left me speechless. Just really hits home with me, I feel it, I understand it and it was an easy but hard read.
Usually never listen to these talks. This was good.
40:40 got a tear in my eye and say YES, that’s why these guys do what they do.
HB Legal
Well done! Don’t pick up that bag of bricks. Great life lessons.
hunter loftus
The part where he talks about the camel kills me man 😂 36:30 is around where it starts
Travis Garner
This guy has had some amazing life coaches/training.
Luca Barachini
Really interesting speech and outstanding well spoken guy. yet, all based on the fact Americans rule the world. Really pity angle of a motivation clip
Brad Toops
Love this dude. He speaks the truth. I never went to buds and I promise I couldnt do it cuz I swim like a rock lol. But I was honor platoon in basic and honor grad in ait. Always tried my best. This dude is legit
Michael Joesting
I’m goin to show this to my two young boys cause he talks about the same things I’m trying to instill in them to help them be the best person or version of themselves that they can be.
César Abreu
14:13 “you just killed your self, you passed the god damn test. Good Job!!”
Mike Sowder
The only easy day is yesterday. All gave a whole lot, some gave all. I thank you all and pray for God to shine nothing but blessings upon you all.
Stephen Babine
great motivational talk-inspiring.
Daniel Bennett
This guy is a badass and funny as hell
I’m late to the game but just finished the book. Awesome. True American Hero.
Soumyajit Das
I am pumped up to take on any challenge now.❤️❤️❤️
Forever Gratitude. Thank You Navy Seals.
Richard Baron
Wow, really enjoyed this, what a guy and what a speech 🙂
Rodney Miller
I love watching this thank you sir for your service buddy you ain’t got no sense you are to funny
Axel AW
I love how he’s just like ‘hehehehe ok stop clapping’ 😂
C B.
I am speechless! Learnt so much today from this elite navy seal. Very inspiring; encouraging, builds “never quit mentally “ in everyone’s life whether one is a student, cancer survivor, handicapped or aged. There is always light at the end of tunnel. Never and ever quit!
Adam M
Do you know, this mentally is perfect for beating an addiction in the short term as the brain and body recovers from a dieased state. Obviously I’m not comparing the two exactly it’s just an extremely good way to beat an addicted dieased brain
Kenneth Polvent
Rob and his team prove what is beautiful about our great nation 🇺🇸 As a New Yorker and in a military family, September 11th forever changed my life. Rob proves what absolute studs these men are on and off the battlefield day in and day out. While many people disagree with him telling his story publicly, I believe it has opened many people’s eyes into their world. Regardless of politics, this man proves we’re always stronger as a team. Rob worked for 2 dems and 1 rep President yet always acknowledges that the military is apolitical. Thank God for people like Rob. Our country needs to take a deep breath, sit back and remember America is the greatest country ever because of people like Rob Oneil. “We are not going for fame and we are not going for bravado. We’re going for the single mom who dropped her kids off at elementary school on a Tuesday morning and then 45 mins later she jumped to her death out of a skyscraper because that was a better alternative than burning alive because its 2500 degrees inside and her last gesture of human decency was to hold her skirt down so nobody could see her underwear as she committed suicide.”-Rob Oneil That simplifies the excellence, patriotism, courage and a rare attribute that only a select few have that makes them “special” operators and heroes among us. May God continue to bless the 🇺🇸 Thank you Rob Oneil 👋🏼 Amazing to say the least
Meer tonen
Slatt E
35:00 Basically sums up what a Navy SEAL is
Lew3522 Stephens
So much respect for this guy and all of the Special Ops men/women.
Great Speech by a great man!
mark arnsberg
This is the exact opposite of what a True Navy Seal is. Sad he forgot everything they stand for,.
Mike G
Appreciate your service Chief…u r an inspiration to all.of us
ShortFatandStumpy FAT
Just amazing, I’m so glad I watched this…
Makin Waves
O’Neal: Door bell rings, bad guy opens door, good guy and bad guy exchange confused looks, bad guys on the ground in cuffs Chef: that will never work…
Voice of REASON
TY Rob, TY SEALS, TY military!! Can never thank y’all enough! Oh, and LOVED the doorbell story! LMFAO – dude was prob like W T F
Saw him give a speech live and was fantastic
RoK Bottom Studios
In a few days, we’ll be learning the real truth behind the seal team 6 raid.
David Bugden
I LOVE THIS! Very interesting and he is really funny too! XD
Zachery James
Love what he says about stress 19:13
Alastair West
Jim Morrison is the originator of: “Noone gets out of here alive..”
James Fuller
Sounds like jocko willink gave them their start to buds!
Storm Hansen
Using a uniform every day for so long has made him forget how to combine civilian pieces of clothing and their colors…
Tim Bruse
When you’re done saying what you’re saying…. stop saying it. Never pass up the opportunity to shut up. Gems, people.
Meer tonen
Kim Jong Cena
Bin Laden’s mission was mission “420”?
Jarkko Viitala
Thanks God of you Navy Seals ❤️ We will continue living IN FREE WORLD because OF YOU ❤️
Jamie David
Jamie David will one day quote this guy in an interview
David Espinosa
amazing speech from an amazing human but that collar thooooo
Mr Da Vinci
The decision we make, with the knowledge you own that’s what defines a man. From 7 to 77 no matter race, sex, or religion.
Brilliant. Thankyou!
Keith Ashline
Words for living an abundant life. Well done shipmate. BZ
Paul Begansky
Thank you. Great lessons for life. Thank you.
Orange County Anthony
Great speaker. Very relatable!👍
The Great Executioner speaks.
Brian Green
I had the pleasure to see i believe seal team 6 while underway to the Persian Gulf in 96.Just watching them offload their gear from the helo was cool to watch
36:18 😂 “Oh cuz i’m in afghanistan and it fuckin sucks over here.” I love the dialogue
Peter H
Thanks Rob. Your words were very helpful to me today.
Justin Ramirez
The best speech I’ve heard
Ismael Diaz
Loves this conference. Man so.mich knowledge from a guy who many people think he is just a killing machine… but there is so much more about all this … mental toughness, leadership .. Thanks for sharing sir !
Robbie Goodwin
“He’s the squeeze worth the juice”
Awesome talk, thx Rob!
Susan Fresneda
Excellent presentation and amazing man!🇨🇦
Early on O’Neill mentions BUDS swimming, don’t think it was mentioned, but in other interviews he’d mentioned he wasn’t a good swimmer going as far as he basically couldn’t swim.
George W Bush Center for Intelligence
He probably never has to pay for a brew at any bar I imagine.
Flex Frank
Wish all presidents were former navy seals, that would be great
Neil Chinn
One highly impressive individual.
Wish we could see his multimedia presentation during this.
It’s a shame we didn’t get to see his presentation.
Keon 74
I guess I’m the only one who noticed that he most likely fell asleep at the beach with some cool shades on
Frank Gp1800
I love all the fans in the comments that are mad about O’neil sharing his story. When you do 1/3 what he has done, then maybe you can voice your shitty opinion. Gotta love these movie watching office geeks smh.
Rage Against The Numpty
Well, he killed me with that blue jacket.
Navarrette 18
This guy is my motivation !
Luke Jones
The enemy is all your doubts and all your fears and everyone who said that you can’t do it. Never quit and keep moving forward all that doubt is fuel to the fire.
I truly believe that what we can learn, what rob is trying to preach, is that just don’t fuckin quit at whatever it is you wanna do, and eventually, everything will be as it should.
This guy got a bad rap from the press. I enjoyed this video. He didn’t divulge any secrets, He doesn’t sound like he’s looking for fame. He basically told about his time in the SEAL’S. Thank you for your service Navy SEAL Robert O’Neil.
Pure brilliance 👍
If you wanna see what he shows on the screen, watch his WTS Speech 🙂
Jackie Chun
32:55 Micromanagement is counter productive. Teach people how to do their job and do it. 33:44 Effective communication= Get rid of the noise. Just because you are talking doesn’t mean you are communicating. 35:08 4 major motion pictures made about the jobs he was a part of 36:57 Case study of ineffective communication. Noise breeds noise. The radio is a push-to-talk, not a push-to-think. Think, then talk. Dont think by talking aloud. 37:40 When youre done saying what youre staying, stop saying it. Quote: Never pass up the opportunity to shut up.
Meer tonen
All this talk of preparation he should be the spokesman for Preparation H 😬 Seriously tho he’s a gifted speaker I could listen to him for hours
send it
what he means as on is the telephone can be used as tracking and turned on in your pocket and they can listen to you talking
Crystal Huffman
God bless you sir! Thank you! Sincerely. USA Royal American throne!
On another note…. I love how the biggest mission of his career was mission #420…. Anyone else catch that?
Salvatore Tessio
Extremely positive guy!
Sonali Balida
Thanks for motivating Sir Robert O Neil
Andrew Ma
Something similar about Navy SEALs. Type A personality…real men!!!
The Fishy Life !
I thought it’s EXTREME TABOO!!!!! for seals to publicly disclose kills and missions, I mean I know this particular kill has a huge public interest but I always thought there was a “seal code” which was they never talk about missions and kills like this…?? Either way I’m extremely grateful this guy risked his life for my freedom and all those who were killed too!!
35:45 haha 😂 best housetour ever
A youtube recommendation i like alot. Great speech! 🙂
William Keller
19:09 realest shit I’ve ever heard
Mr. O’Neil truly has led an amazing life.
Daniel Brice
That’s the same guy banned from delta for bragging about not wearing a mask and telling Fox News that he would go around Kabul with 6 guys and just start killing people 🙄
Lauren Cain
😖. I took emotion out of my decision making in 2001. I was impeccably level headed, searching for help. Problem. Solution options. Problem. Solution options. Then Murphy met me at the doors of the gods of investigations. 😖. I need a snack and a nap. 🤬.
Dakota Clark
He’s only doing this for the money because he’s money hungry. A true navy seal would never go public
Eric Irwin
Thank you Rob!
What an entertaining and charismatic guy.
Giles Hubbard
i have a tremendous amount of respect for this guy and all he’s accomplished but kinda gives me weird vibes that this guy is putting himself in the spotlight, nobody should know anything about DEVGRU and whose in it except for DEVGRU
29:39 it reminds me of me in my pyjamas when I check if all the doors are locked before I go to bed…
What a great guy !
Desert Lizard
Instructor pastpone is my hero.
Robbie Goodwin
Lame audience. He deserved way more of a response
Jonny Malcs
I can understand both sides. I know that SO soldiers are meant to be ‘silent professionals’, but in his book he hardly discloses anything that isn’t common knowledge. Yes, dogs are used. Yes, doors are breached. Yes, night-vision is extremely effective. He risked his life multiple times over many deployments and a HUGE amount of missions. I think a lot of SEALS will be resentful due to his charisma and his claim to the ultimate trophy kill. I like Rob a lot, and for all the distain he receives from a lot of the SEAL community, I think he is largely still well-liked. He wasn’t the first to speak about his experiences in Special Ops, and he won’t be the last. He sent his book to be vetted by the Navy. Ironically, all they asked him to remove was the fact he was in SEAL team (BLEEP). Which again, is common knowledge. He has inspired a lot of people, and will continue to inspire more. SAS, SBS, Green Berets, Rangers, SEALS etc. are all telling their stories, as they are stories that deserve to be heard. A lot of tactical intelligence is given away by spies and moles, which Rob is not.
Meer tonen
Robert MacCready
Will forever wonder what his slides looked like.
Strong Security
Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind.
Africa Is Rising
wow, I love this man. Real baddass!!!
Use every bit of this every day, running a Company.
Thank you Rob for your service
Gav 67
Great presentation, great presentation skills, great story. It was like a good book, I couldn’t stop watching and I wanted more.
Watching this on his birthday. Happy birthday!
Navy seals are my favorite people in the world.
Allen Traylor
He’s really lucky to still be alive… Blows my mind that “they” know who he is, and still let him live…
Shaun Roberts
This was Outstanding.
Thank you for your service Mr. O’Neil.
Jamal Lowe
Don’t let a Navy Seal become a POW they’ll write a whole book for the enemy giving up info on missions. Delta force knows how to stfu #teamDeltaForce
Otto Honkala
Mark Twain – on the “never pass up an opportunity to shut up” quote unless I am mistaken.