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The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster was investigated and apparently there were about 15 causes. It was not only due to the doors being open when the ship set sail. The lives of the passengers were endangered by environmental factors that then occurred.

1 Panorama – Herald of Disaster

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25 aug. 2011

Information in English below.
In maart 1987 zonk de Herald of Free Enterprise; dit is de reconstructie die Panorama er tien jaar later van maakte.
The Herald of Free Enterprise sank in March 1987. This is a reconstruction shown ten years later by the Belgian programme Panorama (not related to the BBC programme with the same name).

2 Seconds from Disaster Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster | Nature TV

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Seconds from Disaster Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster | Nature TV
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Herald of Free Enterprise: The True Story [Nederlands]

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22 okt. 2017

Documentaire en reconstructie gemaakt door de BBC (2006), later uitgezonden (herwerkt) door Canvas.

The Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster | A Short Documentary | Fascinating Horror

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22 mei 2020

At around 6:29 pm on the 6th of March 1987 the MS Herald of Free Enterprise – an eight-deck car and passenger ferry – capsized just moments after leaving the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The incident resulted in the deaths of 193 passengers and crew. It was the most deadly sinking of a British ship in peacetime in more than 50 years.
I tell the true stories behind some of history’s greatest disasters… but without sensationalism or disturbing imagery. Fascinating Horror is all about in-depth research, respectful storytelling, and learning what we can from the mistakes of the past. You might be surprised to discover just how much of today’s world is shaped by long-forgotten disasters from decades gone by. 
Music: “Glass Pond” by Public Memory
I think I finally figured out what makes your videos particularly so frightning. I think it’s how.. Factual, you are. You aren’t trying to make it creepy or horrific, nor are you making jokes in bad taste. These are just the facts of how these things happened, in a calm, stern, factual voice. The facts themselves are the horror. I love it.
My mother, heavily pregnant with me, was due to get on this ship but missed it due to being late and had to get on the next ferry. I was born on 19th March 1987, had she not been late that day, i likely wouldn’t have been.
Thomas Morris
Might I recommend the sinking of the Sewol Ferry. Corruption and cowardice led to hundreds of passengers, mostly high school students, losing their lives. I’ve only seen a handful of people cover it and it’s without a doubt one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard.
Pie is better than cake Fight me
Pulling crushed or waterlogged bodies out of a ship a month after they drowned must not have been a pleasant experience. I hope the search team are okay after what they must have seen.
Green Man
My boss was on that boat as a child. Lost his father and sister. We just happened to be talking about his wedding and he said that none of his family were there. I asked why. He then told the most absolutely tragic and terrifying story. Absolutely insane.
The most frightening part of this story is how easily a judge could decide that nobody had to go to jail.
My dad helped out in the rescue for passengers as his boat was entering when the ship capsized so they stopped to help get survivors off
Complacency is such a dangerous, and totally preventable, killer.
Timothy Horning
“Judge told the jury not to convict anyone.” Can I get an explainer on that, please?
rikky Britain's got talent
as a survivor who was there the night of the capsize i’d like to thank you for a spot on facts documentary.i feel so sorry for mark stanley. les sable ect. like iv always told people when they ask what was it like .i always said that no one set out to kill over 200 (because there is evidence more died that night than the official number of dead ).mark stanley died last year.he was only in his 50’s the guilt he must have felt afterwards .My hart has always gone out to him. R.I.P. TO ALL WHO PERISHED AND ALL MY OTHER SURVIVORS.XXXX
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Sarah Van Donsel
The last bodies weren’t retrieved for a month. Imagine your daughter was on that ferry and you saw in the news what had happened, but her body was still there for a month on the boat, in the water, decomposing, and there was nothing you could do. What a cruel thing.
Simon Simon
Don’t know what was more chilling, the first-hand account of the capsize, or the judge ordering the jury to acquit everyone involved. These big corporations literally get away with murder.
Jules Everest
It took a while for the ship to be moved. The Herald of Free Enterprise was still in the water during August 1987, as I passed it on a ferry on my way out of Zeebrugge.
Syakir Sinar
“floors become walls, walls become floors” damn
I don’t understand why they didn’t pump out the extra ballast they took on to load. That was obviously a huge contributing factor as well
I know this is an older video but i’m so glad I’ve found your channel I’m very interested in learning about these events but it’s hard to find videos that don’t contain commentary and filler if that makes sense? You go straight to the point and I love your narration. Keep up the good work!
Rev Marcell
This is heartbreaking. My condolences to the families of the lost.
Vanessa Smith
I was booked to sail on this ferry, along with my Mum, step dad and baby brother. Due to an issue with swapping my stepdads car number plates from US military to German to import his car (we were returning to live in the UK but he was employed as a civilian with the US military) we had to delay moving back by 3 days. We sailed on The H.o.F.E. sister ferry, passing The H.o.F.E. as we did so. I think the angels were looking down on us that caused the delay, I’d hate to think what would have happened otherwise. The sinking stays with me to this day, it’s something I will never forget. R.I.P. to all the souls lost that tragic night and following day.
Craft Paint
Wherever you are, look at exits – including windows, and think “what if I gotta get out of here ?”
Lamby 10
My friend was on this he told me the whole story and one thing that sticks with me is when the ship was on its side he was using chairs to smash windows on side of ship that were now the ceiling , desperately lifting people through the broken window to stand on top of ship to wait for help . Rip all that died
“Here is an account of the incident from survivor, Simon Oswald…” *Rolos Christmas Commercial*
Much respect for using correct maritime lingo and giving these stories the gravity they deserve. You never revel in such gross loss of life and always tell the story in an impartial way without passing judgement. I am also impressed by how you refuse to go through the standard youtube rigmarole of asking for likes and subscribers, even though it probably hurts you metrics. In these videos it would not be appropriate. You have earned yourself a subscriber today.
A similar incident that you could possibly look into is the sinking of the Philippine ship, MV Princess of the Stars. The ship was allowed to sail through bad weather because the authorities were confident it would withstand heavy rain. Unfortunately, the typhoon, causing the bad weather, unexpectedly changed course making its path intersect with the ship’s course. Because of the typhoon, it took rescuers 3 days to reach the scene. It took 2 more years for the wreck to be cut open to access more bodies. The image of the ship’s bow, sticking upwards from the water while the rest of the ship was invisible, was very haunting.
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Ian the postie
I’ve known quite a few ferry workers over the years having grown up in Dover and they all tell tales about the drinking culture of the staff on those ferries. Staff received massive discounts on booze and often got very drink before or after their shifts. It was the done thing amongst the lads that worked there, and new starters were often ostracised if they didn’t join the drinking culture. Seems mad now, but it was just the way it was back then.
Shy Full
1500 new subs overnight? Someone has figured out that youtube algorithm! You deserve all this success!
Steven Ewell-Young
This was 6 days before I was born, my father was in the merchant navy and so was my mother and both worked on the Herald but due to being pregnant with me and so close to due date she was not working. My father lost his life this day, they said it was probably due to the fall but ultimately would have drowned if he was knocked out. My mother said David Lewry the captain at the time is my god father and I do remember getting birthday/Xmas cards from that name as a kid. But… What a sad and so very avoidable day, thank you for the full and to me raw details about this. And rest in peace to all those who died on the Herald. You will not be forgotten.
Sounds like the judge received some compelling “evidence” in his bank account from the ferry company and felt obligated to order the acquittal of everyone on trial.
Prior to the Spirit class of ferries, of which the Herald of free enterprise was the second of three, ferries all had a visor type bow door, which was clearly visible from the bridge. On these ships, the outer bow doors slide aside, and are completely invisible from the bridge. Townsend Thoresen chose not to install indicator lights on the bridge, either due to cost, or oversight. As background, I worked for Townsend’s for a number of years, and knew the layout of the Spirit ships like the back of my hand. I worked on the Pride’s maiden voyage. I’ve never forgiven them for the friends I lost, or the hell they put people through. The second mate should have done time, and so should whoever approved the design of the ship. IMHO.
Meer tonen
Why in so many of these cases are the people responsible absolved? I find that very disturbing.
Some dude On youtube
This reminds me of the MS Estonia, although the cause of the flooding and nature of incident was totally different, the Estonia also sank in a VERY short amount of time after its bow clip came off, exposing the car deck to the waves. Those people had no chance; either your in a place where you can escape, or that’s it nothing can be done pitch black and world turned upside down. RIP to all of those who died this way.
Not A Murderer
My uncle used to be a diver and did maintenance in the area. He once told me “if you knew what was going on beneath the surface with those ferries, you’d never get on one again”
Legendoflaw21007 Whittle
“Here’s an account from Simon Osborne…” Ad starts playing. “Tired of paying too much for your prescriptions?” Wait…what?
Marc Jenks
This is the best channel I’ve come across in ages!, its weird when a channel as good as this is hiding away despite me watching similar stuff for years!, Youtube needs to sort out it’s recommendations, the quality of this content and narration is undeniable!
My Dad lost two of his friends/colleagues in this disaster. The ferry was renamed Flushing Range, and apparently it was used for a while in Taiwan before it was scrapped.
Anthony Quigley
If you;re wondering why you never heard much about this ship or any ship from the same company after this? thats because they quickly changed their name to? P&O Ferries.
I was engineer on a ro-ro frequently visiting Zeebrugge. We used to call those T-ferries an accident waiting to happen. Every time they left they did so full speed astern with their bow wide open, every goddamn time. Then a 180 degree turn just inside the breakwater and then full speed ahead out. We never, ever removed one single mooring line before every light on the bridge turned green conforming ramps and ports closed and locked. And we only carried cargo.
Toggle Fire
You know I never blame someone if they forgot to his switch or turn of valve and it causes a disaster because simple things like that can be missed. But I mean you had to knowingly open those tanks and fill them up. How can you just forget that they were opened and filled? That’s just straight-up negligence.
P Harger
Have been in aircraft cargo operations for years. Cargo door closure (and locks down) has to be verified personally by 3 people, separately, who have to sign off on paper. Missing signatures in an audit is an immediate failure. There is an indicator in the cabin, but indicators fail, so double and triple in this case checks are required. Very simple. Why this approach isn’t required in ferry operations is very strange to me. Same thing happened in the Estonia disaster.
My mom was supposed to be on the boat to go and meet my dad, but was late and missed it. I cherish her and my dad everyday. Love your family, always.
Linda Tannock
I remember watching this unfold on TV at the time. Such a horrendous tragedy. RIP to those who lost their lives.
Simon Albers
My mother and grandparents were on this ship a couple of weeks earlier. It was much calmer weather then. My grandpa recalls going down to the car deck shortly after departure to get something from his car. He noticed that the doors were still open… This was apparently normal practice
Of all the disasters I’ve heard about on this channel I’d say this one is the most blatantly avoidable
Phoenix the II
They tried to sell the ship, with a “You can repair her!”… Uh huh, why don’t you yourself then? Sells for scrap Thought so.
Mel Mazing
The narration on these vids is CRISP. Really nice.
Dave Hooper
The thing is, if I was caught asleep at work I would be sacked, so how the fk do these ppl who have very important jobs and peoples live’s in their hands get away with this crap, and as for the hearing what a waste of time that is. What’s the point if you can get away with peoples lives and their deaths through negligence, and no punishment. That’s done my head in that has
Przemysław Zańko
The most depressing part of the videos such as this one is the fact that the company/corporation responsible is ALMOST NEVER punished. Their greed, their incompetence – ultimately rewarded. They can keep on cutting corners and promoting incompetence. They know they won’t go to jail.
The Wonky Eyed Woman
I remember this happening, I was so worried my friend was on board, I have always been nervous about getting on a ferry after this.
I can’t even imagine what this would feel like for everything to change in a matter of seconds and to be literally flung across a steel structure with 0 warning…
The Real Fauxstradamus
You and That Chapter are two of the best channels on this site. I cannot get enough of it! Thank you for all you do!
David Ulrich
As a fan of these “horror stories” – an editor and VO artist —-BRAVO. Love your channel. Excellent research, too – in all your videos. Hard to find these days
miss jones
The Herald of Free Enterprise was towed to Sloehaven (harbour) in Vlissingen after being refloated. I didn’t know it was there and saw a ship in the harbour, I think they painted over the name but it was still visible. It was quite a shock to suddenly see this ship in which a lot of people had lost their life.
FH: “An eight-story ferry…” Me: That seems way too tall FH: “… capsized.” Me: Oh.
Sandor Dugalin
“The Herald of Free Enterprise” cost hundreds of lives due to carelessness and the pursuit of profit. A bit too poetic.
These stories fascinate me. I’ve been on the water, and it’s a lonely feeling to be out there, no help in sight. I live near the Pacific Ocean and won’t go past the beach. That water is so powerful.
April Rants
I could literally feel the Squat Effect as you described it. You’re an amazing narrator
Laika Thunder Child
I really love your channel. You deserve x1000+ more subs & I look forward to see it happening.. Thank You for all your hard work.
Martin Turner
“ A judge ordered the jury to acquit all concerned”. How nice of him – I bet he’d have had another view if any of his family were on board. Just typical of the lousy judicial system. Why bother wasting time, money and effort in having a jury if some muppet is going to overrule it anyway. Stinks of bribery and corruption at the highest level.
Eva E.
I always remember the story of the Herald, eventhough I wasn’t even alive back then, because it really had an impact on Belgium. We didn’t think something like this was possible in our small coutry.
Professor Swaggamuffin
I went on the ferry that went after this. My parents didn’t want my brother and I to worry so didn’t tell us until we were getting off in Belgium.
Glen Orpheus
I was working that night on the Free Enterprise 6 as a chef, also coming back from Zeebrugge. My 2 brothers where also on 2 other Townsend ferries coming from Zeebrugge too. I’ll never forget as our Captain announced over the crew tannoy system that one of our ferries had capsized just outside the harbour. No name of the vessel was given, so i didn’t even know at that time if one of my brothers was on the boat that sunk. We were around 30 minutes ahead of the FE8, yet a discussion had been made to carry on with our journey rather than turn around to offer aid. We were told to resume passenger services and not to mention what we knew. so for almost a further 4 hours we tried to carry on as if nothing had happened, yet many of us had family and friends working all over the fleet. Luckily when we arrived in Dover it was the end of our shift, so i was able to drive to my Mums house in Folkestone, it was only when i arrived that i actually knew both of my brothers were safe, but with the news of it being the FE8, told me that i had indeed lost many of my colleges or rather friends, that worked in the galley of the ship (none survived). I said goodbye to almost 20 friends that night. The next few weeks after was very painful for all the crew as we passed by the FE8 six times a day, seeing the boat on its side. I lost my cool one day with around 30 passengers on deck, all taking photos of the capsized ferry, calling them vultures. For which I received a Captains logging (3 and you’re out). Yes i deserved it as i wasn’t professional enough, but it was so hard seeing that 6 times a day, day in day out for a month. I’ll never forget that night, nor will i forget those friends and passengers that lost their lives. Thank you for covering this, however i do feel you left out so much, but then even i know that much was covered up .it is what it is. So thank you.
Meer tonen
The Video Nasty Project
Geeze, I remember this on the local news. The doors being wide open was the one thing that stuck in my memory, and I recall seeing that ferry on it’s side photo for the next couple of days.
The ferry Estonia also sank very quickly, which is still a bit a mystery to this day , but at least we know the causes of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster . With lessons learnt .
julie Wallis
I remember this being huge news. Such a sad event, terrifying too.
“…the case quickly collapsed when the judge ordered the jury to acquit all concerned parties.” Wait, WHAT?! Since when does the judge get to tell the jury who to charge and who to acquit?! That defeats the entire purpose of having a jury to begin with! “Thank you, jurors, for hearing this case… Have you come to a verdict? Well, guess what? Turns out it doesn’t matter, because you’re all going to acquit the defendants anyway!” What the hell was the point in even having a trial to begin with? So the judge and the lawyers could run off with a fat paycheck while the charged parties walked away scott-free? What a joke!
Meer tonen
Angus McDonald
I was on that ferry in 1981 as a young boy travelling with a school party to Zeebrugge. Its unfortunate and deeply sad that these catastrophes happen to enact change in safe operation. Like all the plane crashes in the past have now led to very few in this age. luckily we learn lessons and dont repeat
I remember this disaster so well. Absolutely horrendous and so heartbreaking for all involved.
Phil Garner
I was on Townsend Thorensen ferry in the early eighties (can’t remember the ship’s name) crossing to the other side of the channel. The only memory I have of that trip was the ‘horror’ as the ship neared the port. I was on the car deck waiting to board our coach and the bow doors opened some way from port. Seeing the vast expanse of sea so near so close right in front of us was very scary indeed, something I have never forgotten til this day. Apparently, bow doors were opened early to help with the turnaround times of the ship arriving and leaving the ports. The disaster would have happened sooner or later. The eighties as a whole saw a whole host of tragedies. From Piper Alpha in the North Sea, King’s Cross tube, Clapham Junction, Bradford Football stadium, Hillsborough football to name but a few. So many died.
Meer tonen
F. R.
My Father survived this disaster due to fog in Belgium on its way to the ferry, he came late and missed it. So came late can save your life sometimes.
Rory Brown
I came across on the same ship a few months before just after the new year. Some of the crew were clearly drunk and I witnessed a shouting argument between one of the deck officers and a deck hand. Bad attitude was everywhere and I certainly didn’t get the impression the ship was well operated, I suspect that this general state of bad discipline led to the eventual disaster.
Bento Smoke
the music in these videos is haunting and ominous, yet eerily calming–which just adds to the overall horror of these tragic stories
ah, another great episode! good job
John H
“The Judge ordered the Jury to acquit all concerned”.. wait, what? I’ve heard of corruption but how can this happen in such an obvious case of neglect?
Veronica Flynn
Glad I’m not alone in my new obsession. Thank you for these beautiful tributes, I’ve needed you. ❤️
The Mad Mechanic
I lived in the same village as Mark .. he was a lovely lad and was used as a scape coat for others
My grandad was on this ship, never met him, he died before I had been born. He was a lorry driver, and probably asleep while it happened. Years later my grandma got dementia and eventually her memory reverted to thinking he was still alive. We’d visit her in the nursing home and she’d ask us where he was, and say she’d excited for him to come home. Was definitely not expecting to see this come up on a channel I had just been binging, has changed my reaction of watching these from interested to sad.
Meer tonen
Bill Lumbergh
You might want to cover MS Estonia disaster, especially since the new Swedish investigation is out.
Just Lisa
I remember when this happened. The negligence of leaving those doors open was astounding.
Thomas S.
Binge-watching and came across this video. Insane to think something like this happened a mere 35 minute drive from me and I have never heard from it before. Very informative videos. Subscribed.
Sarah Hooks
I’m addicted to your channel. Haven’t stopped watching since I started like a few days ago. Lol
Thanks for the contribution. I was booked on the ship for the next morning and got the news by radio. It was a peculiar feeling taking another ship and seeing the location the next day….
Aaron Marshall
That’s quite a “whoops” on Stanley’s part.
Blade Crawler
One of the worst cases of Murphy’s Law and “You had one job!” I’ve ever seen. So many deaths because of one man’s (well, two) negligence.
I always love watching all your videos. You just have one of those voices, almost like the narrator of Forensic Files. I could fall asleep watching your videos from your voice alone, instead I’m so fascinated by what you’re talking about.
Paul Lewis
I was on a ferry arriving in the early morning fog a month after this event and the most eerie scene ever of this boat on its side. It’s was complete silence and shock.
Grace Barger
Just found your channel and I’m binging all your videos. Sad as they are thank you for bringing attention to them. I’ve never heard of most and if we do not learn from past mistakes we are bound to repeat them.
Lucas Haines
I’m very impressed with this content
Eva Hanson
Just found this channel and I’ve already watched 15 videos. These are awesome. Thank you! Edit* I should say. Your VIDEOS are awesome. These situations are not.
Scotty Mac
I remember a YouTube video explained that the bow doors being open wasn’t the be all and end all. Other factors including the ship’s ballast tanks being filled to lower the bridge to help people disembark at Zeebrugge plus the speed of the boat making the waves rise were among other factors.
Peter Nicholls
I remember this so vividly. Only 10 at the time, it really shook me.
Tinsley Stokes
I just discovered your channel and have been completely addicted! Awesome work!
Tom sock
The remaining body’s were taken off a month later, holy shit that’s long
Mike Westhead
I remember this so well and how shocked everyone was that this could happen in relatively calm water so close to port. Just a little mention that ‘boatswain’ as mentioned at 6.59 in the video is pronounced ‘bow sun’ in the same way as coxswain in pronounced ‘cox on’.
Megan Miles
♥️ your videos!! They are such historical treats!! Educational & entertaining….a sometimes, challenging duo….keep up the marvelous work with the utmost high standards!!!
Seeing this all over the news as a kid made me hyper vigilant of departure procedures on boats and planes I got on.
Sir Malus
A week before the ship sank, my parents were on board travelling to Zeebrugge, on their way to Holland for a weeks holiday.. As the ship left harbour (Dover) the doors were open while it went out too sea. The doors being left open was therefore a common practice on this ship, as time of leaving harbour was obviously more important than safety. Ultimately the captain is responsible for all operations on a ship, but there should have been several people sent to prison after this sinking.
John Price Price
This channel reminds me of another similar channel called “Horror Stories”. Both have great content.
This channel deserves to blow up, amazing vids and interesting cases!
I vividly remember watching the heavy coverage of this tragedy back in ’87.
Duke's Jazz Room
I remember this day very well. I had just toured Europe with a band and we were booked on to the ferry to return home. We were held up and missed the ferry.
Big Basil
I remember going on a townsend thoresen ferry to france a couple of months after the zebrugge disaster. It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like for those passengers in that disaster. I guess ladders might have been very handy for people to escape when it capsized but ferry companies don’t expect their vessels to capsize onto a sandbank I guess
Great channel, Great content! Been binging your videos all day. Keep up the great work!
Richard Edwards
I remember this tragedy like it was yesterday. As a kid I was fascinated by ships and the sea, in part due to news coverage of the discovery of the Titanic a few years before, and my childhood bedroom was filled with scale models of ocean liners. So the news images of this massive red ship laying on her side stuck with me, as did the accounts of the events of that night contained within an edition of the Reader’s Digest that my Mum picked up later that year. The Herald tragedy wasn’t the first times TT ro-ro had capsized – five years earlier, the smaller European Gateway rolled onto her side with the loss of six lives: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-25446228 The Herald was one of a series of horrendous disasters that seemed to follow in quick succession throughout the mid-late 1980s – Bradford City fire, the Herald, Heysel stadium, Kings Cross fire, Piper Alpha, Kegworth, Clapham, Lockerbie – every other week, images of destruction and massive loss of life. Punctuated by IRA bombing campaigns (particularly in the run-up to Christmas) and urban unrest as Thatcher’s policies began to bite, all set against the omnipresent threat of nuclear annihilation, contrary to rose-tinted reflections of the decade by people who either weren’t born or were too young to remember it, the 80s were in many ways quite a scary time to be growing up in the UK. There’s a fascinating video of the entire salvage operation on YT. One of the first times a large vessel had been righted and refloated whole, it cemented the reputation of the Dutch company (Smit Tak) who carried it out as one of the premier marine salvage operations in Europe. https://youtu.be/HcSAejJfUeg
Meer tonen
i remember that story very vividly from my youth. My teacher told us many horror stories of the rescue mission he was asked to attend to, due to his position as a rescue officer in the army.
Thesketchydude 13
loved this video…its one of those maritime disasters that is VERY much overlooked There is two incidents that I think you may want to look into (that I could help in researching if need be, as I collect lots of material in relation) 1. Moby Prince and Agip Abruzzo collision and fire in 1991 (Italy) 2. KMP Tampomas II fire and sinking in 1981 (Indonesia) These two disasters both have some of the most horrifying stories to come from the disasters, and even more horrifying photos taken in the aftermath for Moby prince 140 people died (leaving only one survivor from the ferry) and 400+ died in the tampomas disaster, but many others were smuggled aboard and the actual number of dead is unknown
Meer tonen
I remember this so clearly and one of my second cousins lost his life on this. It completely devastated his parents. Quite soon after this happened, a friend of mine went on the same route on a school trip and took photos of the Herald of Free Enterprise as it was still there, on its side. What a horrific disaster it was.
Yohanan Arjoon
People have the right to be Stupid But they often Abuse the Privilege.
I remember this well, we were travelling on The Pride of Free Enterprise the same night. Coming home was daunting after what had just happened
Jessica Winkler
This has to be the most addicting channel I have ever found.
paul morehouse
These are sooo addicting – suppose to be driving home right now with my grocerys but instead I had to watch a couple episodes sitting here in the parking lot lol- and the dark hip-hop theme song is soo good !!
Mike Hamilton
I remember this happening and being shocked that no one was held to account whether it was crew members or company owners for the wilful negligence here.
Lynsey W
My brother in law was on this as a school boy on a school trip. He had to jump from the ship into the water and broke his leg.
Nate Burket
I’ve been binge watching your channel half the night…because I can’t sleep. Makes sense.
Ardra Lark
i hope they start posting more often i love these!
Markus A
The music you use in the background of these videos sticks in my head after the videos. It’s so effective
Zeebrugge is not pronounced as “Zibrukke” but as “Zaybrugge”, the “g” sound is hard to find a equivalent of in English, but it’s kinda like the ch in loch. 🙂
Jake Fletcher
My grandad was a truck driver and was ment to go aboard but he was 5 minutes late luckily being late saved his life rest in peace all who died that day
Poppin that Cootchie
This was like a series of failures leading to one giant failure. So sad for the families of the victims
Very informative and respectful watch. Heartfelt condolences. Reading through the comments though, I’m surprised how many people were on the ship, as there are a hell of a lot of people who knew people who missed this sailing, as is claimed…..!
Jack Cristo
Yeah I’m not riding on any ship named “Herald of Free Enterprise”. May as well just be named “Herald of Safety Violations”.
Michael Stow
You’re well on your way to a million subscribers: I can’t see any stopping you now.
Zelda Williams
Yikes!! All of those poor passengers!!👀😑 How does routine, maritime, actions/things you do every (damn) day and are getting paid for: turn into a horrifying and ghastly loss of life, my god!! Excellent video I’ve never heard of this Maritime disaster before, wow. 🤔
E.C. Listening
They said it was “inofficial common practice” to depart with the car deck doors open to vent remaining exhaust gasses from the vehicles.
MRLS Dutch
I love ur content! Found you in my recomendations and am so happy for it 😁
Ty-Lee McCrary
You are THE man!!!! Love the narration! Enthralled by every story. SUPER SUBBED!!!!!
Myra Wallyn
I was only five years old, but remember very well the images of that capsized ferry.
John Byrne
Knew one of the drivers that perished in this. Terribly sad
It actually required people dying before someone thought having indicators on the bridge for whether the BOW DOORS where closed might be a good idea. The stupidity of humans never cease to amaze.
Nik the BMW chap
My GP was studying in a hospital on the south coast when she was young, and she was asked to help with the rescue attempt. She was on the rescue helicopters etc… she said there’s not a day that goes by without her thinking about it.
Paul Potter
This is something that has always stuck with me. I wasn’t even 10 at the time. I have the Let It Be charity record.
Lacy George
My family lived in England at the time, and we had been on this ferry weeks before this happened on vacation with a lot of families from our Army base. My parents still talk about the fact that, upon boarding the ferry, all of the kids/families scattered, which would have made it impossible for them to round my sister and I up and get us to safety had it happened when we were on board.
I like that you added “in peacetime”
Kenneth Pointon
Missed getting on that ship by half an hour .was in the booking office in zeebrugge waiting to get a ticket .when thay said it was full and I would have to get the next sailing at 22.00 .decided to go to Calais instead .were I heard that it had sunk .very very lucky to be alive .
After watching this, I feel like an episode about MS Estonia would be worth considering.
8:36 I can tell you for fact that in Autumn 1987, the Herald was stored at Grand Canaria. I was on a cruise aboard P&O’s S.S.Canberra at the time, and we moored right next to it! Everyone was morbidly fascinated by it, as the disaster had only happened a few months earlier in March, and it was still within the news cycle. It was moored with its heavily damaged, (previously)submerged side toward us, and the Townsend Thoresen logos and ships name were all painted over in the same red as the hull – to try and disguise what it was. However, the Herald of Free Enterprise lettering was raised – so it was still obvious as to what we were looking at. A Ghost ship. Chilling and thought provoking indeed.
Meer tonen
Kevin Shanahan
I remember it well. Mark Stanley never tried to distance himself from his responsibility. For that and his actions in trying to save others – respect.
i was wondering when i’d come across a video from this event my grandfather worked with civil protection and had to remove bodies from the site, it changed his life forever we rarely talked about it but i could feel his pain whenever it was mentioned
Momo Kawashima
Ah yes, the famous practice of leaving the bow door open while sailing
Antonia Sinfield
Every time I get on a plane or boat (which is relatively common, since I am from the UK which is only accessible by air or water), I plan my exit, observing all doors, all walkways, all windows. I am usually mocked for this by friends and family, but I will never stop doing it.
when I see this video, it all came up again. I was missing the ferry on that day about 10 minutes due to traffic jam. I was quite angry about 10 minutes too late after 8 hours driving. So what, get the next one. I sat in the waiting area of the ticket hall when a steward informed the passengers that the habour will be closed for reasons, but he do not told us why. I ask the woman at the counter what about my next ride. She reply I shall try to get a ferry from Oostend. Arrived In Oostend, bought a ticket, boarding the Ferry and than I saw the desaster on TV in the bord restaurant. I couldn´t believe what I saw. What a tragedy.
Gregory Powell
I don’t know why but ocean disaster’s always are more fascinating to me, maybe it’s the complete helplessness to it but it always seems very interesting to see how or if rescues are possible.
Left with the question….. Why were those charged with negligent or corporate manslaughter acquitted by the judge? Not saying that they should or shouldn’t have been, but would be interesting to know why that order was given in this case.
Drew Wagar
I travelled on that ship on a few school trips in the 80s. I remember hearing about the sinking. 🙁
I think it was 60 seconds from disaster that featured this in an episode that highlighted this ship and its sister ship had both crossed the channel successfully with the bow doors open. Reconstructions also looked at how far water would reach on the boat depending on what speed the boat was traveling in similar sea conditions. If it had got out the harbour before any problems developed it likely would have made it safely to England without issue
John Bicknell
Remember being at school when this happened. I think the bow doors were faulty/left open.
kay towsey
I actually have a 1970’s photograph on my husband and myself on the ferry deck of ANOTHER ferry from Dover to Calais as it left port, with its bow doors wide open. Listening to this video explains why the ferry capsize at Zebrugga but it it seemed to be the norm to leave port with them open as close them as they left.
John Seeley
I misses that crossing ,by 2mins ,,, so had to drive over my hours , to another port…. the rest is history……
SBBwasaight Vuong
“rather than get a longer ladder they just gently sank the ship closer to the ladder for the second floor” Bruh
i was 6 when it happend and back in the day before internet, smartphones etc . . . the only thing you could do to see a disaster was to actual go and see it. like many belgians, we went in the weekends to zeebrugge to see the ship on it’s side and see what they where doing. stil a weird thought though to think a lot of dead people where inside the ship at that time
Meer tonen
Joe M
I just found your channel today and I love your storytelling style. Can we request stories?
I remember hearing a story about someone made themselves into a human ladder and let some of the passengers climb over them in order to try and escape
Bogos Binted
“here is an account from survivor, Simon Osborne” Taco bell ad: “Wanna know a secret?”
Mark Riley
“A judge ordered the jury to acquit all concerned.” WOW, it really was “FREE enterprise.”
This is the first Fascinating Horror video to use the now legendary Glass Pond music that we the fans of this channel know and love.
J- Man
Incredible, Thank God for that sandbar it landed on under it! For that would have been a very devastating loss! RIP to the ones who did perish
W. McMaster
one or two relatively simple things missed that can cause so much terror and destruction. it’s insane.
The Mad Doctor
I remember this or something like this on “Seconds Before Disaster”
Cherri Mullins
May they rest in peace…was unaware of this,and feel so badly for all on the ship.With so many harrowing deaths in our world,…I wonder that we can find Faith.🌏
You’re great man. Keep it up. You’re one of the best true crime channels out there.
Callum Simmons
I don’t know if its just a change in engineering practice since these events, but as someone working as an engineer now, I cannot imagine such a glaringly obvious failure mechanism not even having a warning light or siren.
Castiel .The Angel
My dad actually rode that ferry shortly before this incident while studying abroad in Europe
P2 L
Worked with a guy who was on it and survived. He barely spoke about it to us,but I know it cost him his confidence and eventually his wife and kids he split from due to PTSD I guess you’d call it these days.
Drexl Spivey
I have an extremely clear memory of seeing this on the news when I was 6 The way the boat was on it’s side freaked me out
Michele Shively
Found this channel today. Been binge watching ever since. Can’t get a thing done. Awesome content, great research done well done. Subbed. Thanks 👍
Gooner 72
I remember this well as a child, I’d actually travelled on the Herald a few times before the accident and had been down to the car deck and remember seeing the doors wide open, it was a common thing. The company changed to P&O and her sister ships had their names changed.
Ryan M
I’m surprised you haven’t done a video on the MS Estonia yet, a very similar ferry disaster.
Teresa Collins
I had a friend who’s mum and dad died on this 😢
Severity One
Well, I definitely remember this, although details about the cause are new to me. I guess that the Estonia is up next…
Two things. #1 the ferry looked top heavy to me on first view; seeing it on its side with its shallow underside confirms that feeling. #2, as already mentioned in posts, did anyone ever investigate that judge who ordered the jury not to convict? He sure as hell sounds bought off to me.
Hugh Marcus
I remember this disaster well. Following this, the company was rebranded P&O Ferries. Living in Ireland I regularly use ferries to England or Scotland. If you’re one of the last vehicles to board, you’ll often see those bow doors being closed longer before departure, and if you’re one of the first, you’ll be sat in your car after the ship has docked watching the doors open. It was widely reported at the time that it was common for ferries sailing the English Channel to disembark with the bow doors open, just to gain a few minutes in journey time. Thankfully that culture has long gone.
Ive Chang
It was good to find out about the other factors. Another valuable post. ♡
It looks like a top heavy houseboat, completely unsafe anywhere other than being tied securely to a dock. Poor maintenance and epecially poor design is also apparent. The corporate mentality is to ignore crucial safety issues, and then when something goes wrong their asses are usually covered.
Captain Caterpillar
You give me “Horror Stories” channel vibes and I love it ❤️ Subscribed
I love that sudden acquittal at the end of the “show trial”. Some people at the top apparently felt threatened.
Emma Edwards
This is the first ‘news’ I ever remember (I was 6). I distinctly remember seeing the capsized boat on the TV and it really spooking me that something bad had happened. I still get creeped out by sinking boat stories.
Mark McClennan
I remember this so well …it scared me so much especially when I went to Ireland
Someone Youdontknow
The people who had to recover those month old water logged corpses must have been braver than any u.s marine.
This is insane. As a Belgian myself born in ’95 I didn’t know of this disaster. Called my father over who has vivid memories (used to be a marine at Zeebrugge) of it. Thank you for this video, my heart goes out to all the people who lost their live that day.
I suggest covering the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Such a tragic loss of life that could’ve been prevented at so many turns.
I find your narration to be quite relaxing.. your voice is calm, The cadence of your voice is a melodic masterpiece.
Fetid Fag-Butt
You managed the whole narration without saying Townsend Thoresen once!
“Here is an account from a survivor” Ad: HAVE A TRISCUT
Oxford Blue
This disaster contributed directly to the start of my audio-visual business, when I was asked to record the 14 or so sessions of the resulting Inquiry at the Lloyds Register of Shipping in London. I was not allowed to sit in on the meetings, but required to sit in the hallway outside the meeting chamber, whilst a member of staff I trained ran the tapes and 16x mic system.
Charles Cosimano
Clearly the judge was well paid for his ruling.
christopher brown
worked as a deckhand on a ferry in 82, I could see that they were death traps if water got onto the car deck. our crew cabins were a deck below the car deck, I always had in mind the fastest way up to the boat deck if we took on water. Before this I worked on cargo ships.
Reptilian Shapeshifter
7:58 – ”The judge ordered the Jury to acquit all concerned”……sounds very much like corruption to me. Very fishy.
Beck Freeman
Oh water,, always so threatening.. taking lives and so destructive. Yet who are we without water and it’s beauty
Chev Chelios
This tragedy happened when you was at school in Brighton. (Aged 14) One of my school friends, his brother and parents were onboard, my friend and his brother survived but he sadly lost their parents. I will always remember the story he told me: They had gone to France on a day trip and had boarded the ferry for home, they had gone to the restaurant for a meal but my friend and his brother didn’t like anything on the menu so his dad gave them some money to go and get a burger from the bar on deck. When tragedy struck my friend and his brother were thrown into sea and ultimately rescued, his parents sadly drowned in the restaurant with many others. The boys went on to be raised by their grandparents…. A very sad time 😢
Meer tonen
I’m addicted to you channel. Thank you for bringing me horror and joy
Brian Fearn
I’ve used TT on the channel crossing and i find it hard to believe the crew forgot to close the main loading doors on the vehicle deck . I would have thought there would be some kind of alarm system in place.
Tina Stormcaller
I remember the joke on the school playground at the time was “roll on, roll off, roll over”. I was too young at the time to understand how horrible that was
Amy Thomas
Another ship disaster caused by human negligence, and they got off. No justice for the victims. 🥺
M/S Estonia would be perfect for this series
Linda Amer
I lived in Belgium at the time and Zeebrugge was our holiday spot. We would see TT ferries taking off form port all the time with bowel doors wide open! I seemed like routine to leave with bowel doors open and only close them when already at see. We always questioned this and then the disaster happened.
Measly Furball
This is an amazingly well-done video. You should cover the MV Sewol disaster next- to me, it is by far the most horrifying maritime incident ever to occur. I think you would do it great justice.
Chris Perrien
Very interesting, I have read many accounts and diagnosis of this disaster and the later salvage. And this is first I heard of a ballasting change becuase of a change of port, that I recall. Most/all just mention there was no car deck door lock indicator on the bridge and IIRC the deck boatswain, and captain was negligent in the face of heavier seas than normal and another sailor was drunk and sleeping. And the compnay was negligent in their overall operations. But the condtions for the trim, new to me. Sunk in less than 4mins from leaving the doc? the captain , company , and certain crew were totally responsible for such negligence.
Meer tonen
Howard Kerr
I have only been really scared twice in my life. The first time, a co-worker talked me into joining her when she needed a few hours for her pilot’s licence. She didn’t scare me, it was being up in a tiny, single engine plane that scared me…like being on top of the world’s tallest building and standing on the uppermost part of the roof. Second time? Taking a ferry. We were only making a river crossing while inside a small, single level, car ferry. But being what seemed less than a foot about the water’s surface…well, all that I could think of was the many stories of ferries sinking and the loss of life.
6:57 He looks like an actor that’s playing a character in a movie based on a true story.
When my mum worked for Access back in the 80’s, two of her colleagues (a married couple), were on the ferry on the evening it capsized. Thankfully they both survived the disaster.
I sailed on her about 8 months before the disaster, it took 3 hours to get the vehicles off in zeebrugge once it was docked as the doors would not open, i remember members of the crew constantly hitting the hydrolic rams with huge mallets and hammers in the hope of releasing them, i remember my dad saying he had a bad feeling about that ferry.
World Comics Review
I was a toddler when this happened, but it would occasionally be bought up on TV as I was growing up. I remember I had a train set with a car wagon that said “not to be used past Zeebrugge” and it always reminded me of people talking about this
As a Merchant Mariner myself I can tell you what we do on the water is sooo dangerous. RIP to all the fallen
Richard Giles
I still remember this and it was so so sad for all concerned 🙄
Charles Carter
” I thought you closed the bow doors. Well I thought you were going to close them ” . No accountability sank that ship. And that is criminal. But I guess the judge didn’t think so. So much for British justice.
The more of your videos I watch the more is apparent that barely any justice is served. No matter the casualties there are barely any consequences for the people in charge. It’s mind boggling
“Judge told the jury not to convict anyone.”… After which he retreated to his newly purchased Swiss Alpine mansion to live a life of luxury ever since.
Lucy B
Who would have thought that a boat called the ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ would end up being a perfect metaphor for capitalism
If this channel has taught us anything, it’s that the 1980’s were full of gnarly disasters mostly caused my human.
MirtheN Emrys
I was going to school in England at the time. Our class was set to take a yearly trip to France. This happened not long before our trip, and i, an excited 10 year old, decided not to go on the trip because of this incident.
Incredible how a ship of this kind had no automatic warning linked to the doors allowing the ship to start its journey in such a dangerous condition.
Sandra Goose
I was on the Herald the previous week. My blood ran cold when I watched the TV photos of the unfolding disaster. I couldn’t swim then and still can’t so God help me if I had travelled a week later. My mother worked for the ferry company and knew most of the crew. Those that survived were never the same again.
Yukie From Oz
Oh I remembered this one as soon as you said that guy who was supposed to shut the doors overslept and missed his job hehehe…
donna taylor
I remember this very well we had just got bck from France and Belgium wk before Dover to Calais crossing Took me over 25 years again before I went on another ferry Too many memories that scared the life outta me
William Chamberlain
7:20 it’s the duty of the regulators, manufacturers, and operators to carry out critical failure analysis and require sensors, indicators, redundancy, and operating procedures
Scorpions Oracle
The 80s were a tough decade for engineers for real tho
Not one person was held accountable for hundreds of deaths? Amazing.
Kenny Sonny grey Renee Helios
You’d be hard pressed to find a more 80s name then “Herald of free enterprise”.
adam knopp
A couple I knew and greatly admired as a child, who were just engaged and on on a pre marriage trip, died that day. 😢
Matt Beale
I went on the Herald of Free Enterprise in the Summer of 1985 on a day trip between Dover to Calais. Horrifying what happened just a few months later.
Has he done the Chicago River Eastland Ship Disaster? My Great Grandpa was on the Eastland when it flipped and his buddy was crushed by furniture. It was pure luck that he survived and I was eventually born. In 2004 I moved into a building at 324 S. Racine Ave that had been used as an emergency morgue because they had nowhere set to keep the bodies. It was weird to live above a funeral home turned restaurant that had a direct connection to a Disaster that a family member lived through.
Dead Man
I wonder if during that time they had dive teams that would search for bodies, bc most of the time a pocket of air will form underwater and a person will be trapped in there, presumed dead. So hopefully they looked before the months before they got the ship out of the water
Could you do the Estonia and Scandinavian Star ferry disasters? They were terrible losses of life and I’d like to see how you would cover them. Well done on this video.
This is right near my home… I had honestly completely forgotten about this incident. Interesting you brought it up
I never knew this. My family visited Zeebrugge a few years after that, naturally spending time on the beach.
There seem to be so many deaths in these situations because the crew say ‘go back to your cabins it will be ok’. If I hear hear that I’m straight up onto the deck and lifeboats!
Devin Bush
Going somewhere where I will have to take a ferry between an island and a peninsula Me: “gee, let me see what I can find to needless terrify myself about this seemingly normal thing”
Mountain Mike
You and Top 5’s have become my favorite channels.
Mongo Boogie
I remember this disaster so weĺl. It was a major incident in my childhood and I remember the story featuring on the news for days
Comrade Weismann
The only lesson from all these videos is that no matter how many people die, no body ever gets jail time.
Les Hemmings
I remember this one as it happened on UK news. Horrific! But after working in P&O Stena Line & knowing a some crew from the Hengist beaching as well the word in the business was the boatswain (pronounced bosun!) not closing the doors was where the blame lies. Kipping in his bunk after a piss-up. Along with open car decks. Of course, without subdividing the car decks you can get more cars & trucks in. Plus it speeds up the loading & unloading. Roll on / roll off is quicker without sea tight doors to open and close. It comes down to profit & negligence. Calling a bosun a boat swain is a crime nearly as bad though! 😆
Meer tonen
Alexander Thomas
I’m almost certain I have been on this ship as a little kid within the few years before this disaster happened, or at least one of its sister ships. Since watching the news reports about this disaster, every time I board any kind of ship, I always look for escape routes and am reluctant to enter any area that seems difficult to escape from within a short time. It probably wouldn’t have helped on this ship given how quickly it all went wrong, but at least it’s something.
John Barnes
R.I.P Jackie Reader truly often in my thoughts 🤗😥
Our Riches
Lmao “the Harold of free enterprise” fitting
a ferry that used to serve a route very close to me got moved over to the dover – callais route quite recently, getting replaced by blue star 1. the other ferry is isle of inishmore.
Remember it well on the news it was very sad.In 1996 went on the sister ship when it was with P&O and got told onboard that it had been cut in half and another section had been added to make it longer.Just thought of the herald when the coach drove onto the ferry.
Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
It’s always music to my ears when corrupt businessmen get the big stick of the law
It’s almost as if that judge took a payout from the company. Ordering everyone to be acquitted, on what basis?
When people have to do something repeatedly they become complacent and start taking things for granted.
Andrew Harvey
I’m honestly surprised they were cavalier enough to leave the ballast in a ro/ro
Quit work, Be happy!
So the passengers were “plunged into darkness” and this contributed to their deaths but no change to internal lighting systems? Chairs, tables, and other massive items were not secured causing many passengers’ deaths directly but no change to how these items are installed in ships or ferries…kinda makes you go WTF?!?
As soon you said they filled the ballast tanks to lower the ferry I said, “and then they emptied them, right?” Aaaaand… of course they didn’t.
green grass
I remember this aged 11. The reporters were reporting from a beach with the capsised ship in the background for weeks.
Fun Fact: This is the first video he used the song “Glass Pond” by Public Memory for the background theme. The less you know!
Twisted Metal
My friend lost his parents on this ship. We went to France a week later on her sister ship. We were terrified.
Capt Dave C
Hard to believe that the captain and officers graduated from an accredited Merchant Marine Academy.
I was 9 at the time, but I remember hearing about it on the News. It was a horrible disaster honest and disgusting to think that they got away with it without being prosecuted.
LizzieStorm Nightcore
Would you possibly do a video for the Sewol Ferry incident 🥺
The psychological effects on the survivors must have been horrific
Oreo Cookie
I always tremble at the thought of going on a boat, why am i doing this to myself ;-;
Jacky Browne
Hey great video as always, i remember this so well as some of my family we’re using that transport but thankfully they were on it at different time, once again they’re Totally at Fault, we suffer but they just say “Oh Well” n get on with it, I Hope they All have Severe Nightmares every night til Death, keep up the good work your doing. XxX🐘😎
FirstName LastName
Damn, the crew really shit the bed on this one, and then rolled around in it for the night.
Mike Kaltman
Pretty much a real-life ‘Poseidon Adventure’.
Extremely well narrated without dramatising background music which in some documentaries completely takes over blocking out the narrator.
Øystein A.
“I thought I was going to die”. That’s a fair assumption at that point.
So one man was asleep and the other guy was “this is not my job” and just left? And there were no consequences for all those deaths? That’s just outrageous.
I’d love you to do one of these for the Costa Concordia disaster!
caveman lovesmoke
Love the resident evil type music !
This whole thing made me think of the Titanic, just on a smaller scale.
Mandy D
“Judge ORDERED the Jury to acquit all involved” What was the point of the jury in the first place then?
Catrin Lewis
I spent several months in the UK a year after this happened, and my British friends cynically called this kind of ferry not Ro-Ros— “Roll on, roll off”— but Ro-Ro-Ros— “Roll on, roll off, roll over.”
john jephcote
I remember that it was my choice to decide the school’s hymn that morning. I chose ‘For those in peril on the sea’. It shook me when I later learned of the disaster.
martK banjoboy
Was it a British Judge who ordered the jury to acquit? If so I hope to never find myself at the tender mercy of the UK law system.
The ship being named the “Herald of Free Enterprise” feels disturbingly appropriate.
Z. Weertje
I was a boy, twelve years old and was on the beach right after it happened. The bags , shoes and so on where al on the beach. I’m glad I did not see a body but the atmosphere was really frigjtening. After the Harald was re floaded she was for a short while in the port of Vlissingen, as a boy I sailed with my parents close to the wreck in the harbour. It was a dissaster I will not forget. I wish the all the people that stayed behind all the strength
Benz Tan
Can you please also do an episode about “The sinking of MV Sewol”. A fieldtrip gone wrong with hundreds of deaths. Mostly students
Konix Multisystem
I was 9. It was tragic. Piper alpha was the year after. Britain seems to remember our war heroes but not our workers.
Big and small Games and toys channel
I went on that ferry 3 weeks earlier couldn’t believe it when my dad was showing us it on the news
While the Boatswain and First Officer were certainly negligent and deserve blame the Captain also shares in the blame. The Captain of a vessel is always ultimately responsible for anything that occurs on his or her vessel.
i sailed on the Heralds sister ship The Pride of Free Enterprise in 1982 (dover to calais). Shortly before coming into Calais we were told over the tannoy that the ship would be reversing into port and we would have to reverse off the ferry due to the front door being inoperative. When we went down to get into our car we went past the doors only to see they were badly damaged and gap of about a toot was visable.Afterwards we found out that on the previous trip the ship rammed into the loading ramp and ripped open a section of the doors but she kept sailing. That was the last time i went on a ro-ro.
Jean Gentry
What disgusts me is how so many of these disasters end up in court, yet those responsible seem to get a slap on the wrist at best. It’s only after masses of people die that any changes are made. 😢😭
Kenneth Barr
Very interesting video. I didn’t know about the extra water ballast.
what a waste, it’s amazing how bad that one side got even though it wasn’t really capsized for long.
Sky Valley
it’s pronounced “bosun” [boatswain] love the content by the way! just discovered you
Sonny Larsen
Could you do a video about Scandinavian star. Ferry caught on fire in the middle of the night, and loads of people died.. The ferry even caught on fire multiple times within days
lefty woke snowflake lgbtv
I remember this so well people were sobbing in public in Dover
Miss Minka
It’s always rushing and being careless that causes these awful problems 🙁
No need to over enunciate, you’re clear enough already 👍
Enthusiast Car Hangar
I remember this even I was very little. Debris and shoes on the beach.
As usual, it takes a horrific disaster to force changes / improvements / regulations which should have been in place from the beginning.
Philip Reece
I made 7 crossings on MS Herald of Free Enterprise in January / February 1987 as I was moving back to the UK from Germany with the last journey one week before the disaster. I remember hearing about this a week later – I couldn’t comprehend until later how lucky we were that we had been on that very ship so many times before. I used the Townsend Thoresen line and that ship so many times over the years as it was my preferred route.
Typo River
I sometimes have to watch these videos to remind myself why I don’t go onto boats anymore
Alison Long
Would love if the video was like 40 minutes of information cause I never even heard of this
Colin Clarke
I was living in the Netherlands in September 1987 and I remember seeing this vessel in vlissingen sloehaven ..believe it was eventually renamed ‘flushing range’ and scrapped ..it was on Dutch TV
Coffee Pot
With every damn boat disaster there’s seemingly always corruption involved. Especially cruise ships
Missy Cabic
Wait…a judge can “order” a jury to acquit?! 😳
Bianca G
Adding to the tragedy is that they had a type of promotion at that time, so there were a lot of families with young children on board. Families who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford this kind of trip.
Martin Smith
I remember this on the news, I was 10.
Toni Siret
There should be a channel, which focuses on the absences of justice in the world. That’s more of a horror story.
Kelly Servo
It’s crazy how tugboats are so much smaller than the ships they haul.
Da Frank
I won’t forget. It dominated Dutch news for weeks. I remember this very clearly it had 3 countries in mourning for weeks. I was 17 at the time and there were English, Belgians and Dutch on board, because for some reason it was cheaper to go to Belgium and take the boat from Zeebrugge instead of Hoek van Holland (in the Netherlands itself). I went a year later to Great Britain, from Hoek van Holland and stayed on deck for 4 hours before I dared to go inside. I had a wonderful vacation btw
Meer tonen
Duarte Simões
Then in 1994 we had the MV Estonia, which was even worse. RO RO ships do have their inherent risks and cannot be operated lightheartedy.
Rank S pilot, Tatenashi
Only GOOD thing came out from this is that the ship itself, bogs down for good
Ashling Cullen
Sailing with the Bow Doors open was common practice amongst Ro-Ro Ferrries back then. What caught THOFE out that evening was the delay in the Port. They then sped up to try and claw back some time. This in turn, along with all the other incidents meant that water easily flowed into the Car Deck. The Court Case collapsed due to TT in the process of being bought by P&O.
“MS Herald of Free Enterprise” pretty ironic name for a disaster
Later that year my parents and I travelled by car ferry from our home town if Dun Laoghaire in Dublin Ireland to Holyhead in Wales with sealink . The captain made an announcement that the bow doors were confirmed closed
myself and my brother doubled man a truck, we came up from italy and missed that ferry by 20 min’s, the doors were left open as we know, this practise was supposed to stop after this incident, we caught ferries very often, the practice was still happening long after this happened, rush rush rush.
Jedi Dogma
Imagine being a rescue person sweeping a boat full of month old corpses that have been rotting in the water the whole time. That’s terrible.
Charles Saint
So, these guys will be charged and convicted for their negligence? Judge: Good guess, but actually no.
Richard Day
Just found your channel. My mum and step dad were on board her sister the pride of free enterprise travelling to France at the time of this disaster
I guess Estonia will be coming up soon. I would wait a year or so untill the latest investigation is done.
carol ball
I remember this so well.. How the bloody hell can you forget to shut the doors.. Dreadful complacency..
I think I remember this accident ? Take care ! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
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Just found you. Binge watching. Thanks for the content. Excellent name. I think it was the Hyatt at the time. Can you cover the hotel walkway collapse in Kansas City, MO…? Many years ago
Ian Stewart Orr
My uncle worked on the spirit of free enterprise god bless those who died on the herald my love from Scotland 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
AM _
What comes out of many of these tragedies is that nobody is held accountable…
These videos are like a lesson on how to get away with mass murder: Start a corporation with potentially life-threatening operations, be grossly negligent, create a grossly negligent culture, save money where you can, especially when it involves safety measures, and generally just not give a fuck about people or protocol.
Judge “orders” a jury to aquit? That’s Fked up 🤢
Sean McDonald
Well, that was odd . . .i got to the part where a survivor was to give their harrowing account and, unbeknownst to myself, an ad kicked in and im wondering what having a coffee has to do with the incident but okay, its his tale and he can tell it however he chooses . . . .
This is a certified MV Estonia moment.
Brenda Andrezeywski
How can that judge find no one at fault?!! What if his family had been on the ship~~would he still rule the same way?!
Jeremy Southern
When coworkers bitch and moan about rules and regs at work I always send them the link to this channel and tell them to watch a few videos because this explains the need for procedure and mandatory rules much better than I can….
Emi Hirst
I remember this on the news.
3 mistakes were made at the same time each of the 3 may have been made a 100 times befor. It was not a freak accident they all happened at once it was very likely to eventually happen as long as those mistakes were alowed to keep happening.