Prince Andrew’s Settlement With Virginia Giuffre

The key points of Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre include:

  1. Out-of-Court Settlement: Prince Andrew reached an out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre, who had accused him of sexually abusing her when she was a minor. The settlement was announced in February 2022.

  2. Financial Terms: The financial terms of the settlement were not disclosed publicly. However, it was reported that Prince Andrew agreed to pay a substantial sum, including a donation to Giuffre’s charity in support of victims’ rights.

  3. No Admission of Liability: In the settlement, Prince Andrew did not admit to any wrongdoing. The agreement explicitly stated that the prince did not admit any guilt or liability.

  4. Public Apology: As part of the settlement, Prince Andrew acknowledged that Giuffre had suffered as an established victim of abuse and expressed regret for his association with Jeffrey Epstein. He also commended Giuffre’s bravery in coming forward.

  5. Avoiding Trial: The settlement allowed Prince Andrew to avoid a potentially embarrassing and damaging trial. This resolution was seen as a way to prevent further public scrutiny and negative media attention.

  6. Legal Proceedings Halted: The settlement led to the dismissal of the lawsuit Giuffre had filed against Prince Andrew in a U.S. court. The case was formally dismissed in March 2022.

  7. Charity Donation: Prince Andrew agreed to make a donation to a charity in support of victims’ rights, reflecting his commitment to combatting the evils of sex trafficking and supporting its victims.

  8. Implications for Royal Family: The settlement was seen as a measure to protect the reputation of the British royal family, allowing them to distance themselves from the controversy surrounding Prince Andrew’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein.

These points summarize the main aspects and implications of the settlement between Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre.

“We Were Just Such Cosmopolitan People” The Case of Prince Andrew | dreading

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Andrew – The Problem Prince ( Channel 4 Documentary )

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The inside story of Prince Andrew’s infamous Newsnight interview of 2019 , Exploring the chain of events leading to a royal disaster on TV .

1 How will Prince Andrew afford the settlement with Virginia Giuffre? – BBC Newsnight

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17 feb. 2022

There are calls for clarity over how Prince Andrew will fund the financial settlement of a US civil sexual assault case brought by Virginia Giuffre. Please subscribe HERE

The Duke of York agreed to pay an undisclosed sum as part of the settlement, and accepted Ms Giuffre had suffered as a victim of abuse.

He made no admission of liability and has always denied the allegations.

How will the Duke of York afford the payout? And might there be any contribution from the taxpayer?

Newsnight’s UK Editor Sima Kotecha reports.

2 Inside the court case that ended in the humiliation of Prince Andrew | 60 Minutes Australia

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20 feb. 2022

$ettled (2022)
Not all pictures tell a thousand words. This one tells so many more. We’ll never know for sure, but it’s also probably worth about $20 million. That’s the reported price Prince Andrew will pay Virginia Guiffre to settle a very disturbing legal case against him. She says when she was 17 she was trafficked to the Prince by the paedophile businessman Jeffrey Epstein, ably assisted by his sex-offender partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Despite that photo, Andrew denies ever meeting, let alone having sex with Ms Guiffre, but he’s been so discredited, these days it’s difficult to believe anything the disgraced royal says.
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3 Prince Andrew’s Settlement With Virginia Giuffre

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16 feb. 2022

The Duke of York will make a ‘substantial donation’ to Virginia Giuffre’s victims support charity. Lawyer Gloria Allred reveals that ‘most civil lawsuits end in a settlement’. Broadcast on 16/02/22
The Good Morning Britain YouTube channel delivers you the news that you’re waking up to in the morning. From exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in politics and showbiz to heartwarming human interest stories and unmissable watch again moments.

4 Prince Andrew’s dukedom called into question by York MP

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16 feb. 2022

York Central MP Rachael Maskell says many of her constituents do not want Prince Andrew to keep the title Duke of York.
Prince Andrew’s royal duties were taken away when allegations of sexual assault were raised by the sex trafficking victim, Virginia Giuffre. The two settled the lawsuit out of court. 
The Labour MP voiced her opinions tweeting: “A young woman trafficked and exploited. She bravely spoke out. People of privilege, position and power tried to suppress and silence. This must be a turning point, where York is not a Duke’s title but a people’s movement to fight for the rights of women and girls.’ 
Prince Andrew has denied all allegations against him.

5 Lawyer Quizzed On Payout After Prince Andrew’s Reaches Settlement With Virginia Giuffre | GMB

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16 feb. 2022

The Duke of York will make a ‘substantial donation’ to Virginia Giuffre’s victims support charity. Lawyer Gloria Allred reveals that ‘most civil lawsuits end in a settlement’. Broadcast on 16/02/22
The Good Morning Britain YouTube channel delivers you the news that you’re waking up to in the morning. From exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in politics and showbiz to heartwarming human interest stories and unmissable watch again moments.

6 Former royal butler questions Giuffre settlement over fears court case would ‘overshadow’ Jubilee

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15 feb. 2022

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7 The Truth About Prince Andrew’s Relationship With Prince William

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14 feb. 2022

Prince Andrew, the embattled son of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, is maybe no one’s favorite member of the British royal family – especially not amid his civil trial for sexual abuse. But his tendency for controversy goes back decades – and so does his dicey relationship with his nephew, William.
Prior to the birth of William , Andrew spent time as the second in line to the British throne. After William was born, he’s alleged to have even conspired to try and usurp the throne from William by becoming his regent. 
For these and many other reasons, the relationship between uncle and nephew is said to be anything but warm. This is the truth about Prince Andrew’s relationship with Prince William.
The usurper | 0:00
Prince regent | 1:07
Royal rivalry | 2:15
Danger to the crown | 3:13
Stepping up | 4:00
Awkward questions | 4:47

8 Where did the money for Prince Andrew’s legal settlement come from?

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16 feb. 2022

From one royal scandal to another, with the fallout continuing over Prince Andrew reaching a settlement in his U.S. civil sexual assault case with Virginia Guiffre.
The exact size of the settlement has not been made public but the sums involved are expected to reach many millions and questions are being asked over who exactly is footing the bill.
The Prince has always denied the allegations and did not admit any liability.
But the settlement has left many questions for other victims of Andrew’s former friend, the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

9 The Queen could pay for Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre in sex abuse lawsuit

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16 feb. 2022

Prince Andrew has agreed to an out-of-court settlement by making a substantial donation to his accuser’s charity and declaring he never meant to malign her character.

He had been accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl supplied to him by financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The deal avoids a trial that would have brought further embarrassment to the monarchy.

Besides the undisclosed donation to Virginia Giuffre’s charity, it says Andrew acknowledges she has suffered as an abuse victim.

He also pledged to support the victims of sex trafficking as part of demonstrating his regret.

The decision was an effort to prevent Her Majesty the Queen from the fallout of potentially years of sordid headlines if the lawsuit moved forward.

Andrew repeatedly denied Giuffre’s allegations and has said he can’t recall ever meeting her, although a photograph of Giuffre and Andrew together in a London townhouse, his arm around her bare midriff, was included in Giuffre’s lawsuit against him.

The settlement may be a relief to others beyond the prince and Giuffre because of the names that might have arisen at trial.

The Queen could pay for Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre in sex abuse lawsuit – Blog


10 BBC’s UNBELIEVABLE Response To Prince Andrew’s Settlement

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17 feb. 2022

Pauline Bradley Sound Inspirations
There’s been no voice of the survivors in this, they’re the most important voice here. Don’t forget Virginnia was abused in 3 places by Andrew including London where the photo was taken, in Ghislaines flat. Abuse went on there but we’ve heard nothing from victims in the UK, have they already been silenced/”done settlements” before speaking up? We should all thank Virginnia who had no deferrence to royalty (she was upset this Prince didn’t save her like they do in Disney films) but has challenged him to be honest, more than perhaps anyone in Andrews whole life before.

11 ‘I held it!’ Proof Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell photo taken by Jeffrey Epstein is REAL

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30 jan 2023 LONDON

‘I held it!’ Proof Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell photo taken by Jeffrey Epstein is REAL. The Mail on Sunday today reveals crucial evidence that the infamous picture of Prince Andrew taken by Jeffrey Epstein with his alleged teenage victim Virginia Guiffre is genuine – demolishing claims by Prince Andrew and his supporters that it could be fake. The photograph of Ghislaine Maxwell in the background, and Prince Andrew with his arm around 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, has dogged the Royal since it was first published by The Mail on Sunday 12 years ago and ultimately led to his downfall. Since then, the 62-year-old Duke of York has suggested the devastating photograph, which was taken by Jeffrey Epstein in London, could have been altered with digital trickery, while his former friend, jailed sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, claimed just last week that it is a fraud. But this newspaper can prove the picture was an ordinary printed photograph developed at a one-hour photo lab that would have been virtually impossible to doctor.

0:00 Mail On Sunday Exclusive: Proof that Prince Andrew photo is real
0:40 The back of the actual Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell photo
1:28 Assessing Virginia Roberts’ claim and Prince Andrew timeline
2:30 Exclusive interview with the man who held real the Prince Andrew photo
4:09 The likely Walgreens location where the photo was developed


16 feb. 2022

Royal Family


NEW EVIDENCE: Some New Evidence May Cause Prince Andrew To Lose The Case | Royal Family
Prince Andrew’s legal team may have been instructed to secure a settlement with his accuser Virginia Giuffre over concerns for three specific pieces of evidence emerging during trial, a royal expert claimed.
Prince Andrew reached an out-of-court settlement in principle with Virginia Giuffre before he was required to be deposed in London next month. The Duke of York earlier this month had demanded a trial by jury to address Giuffre’s accusations that he repeatedly abused, claims he vehemently rejected for years. Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed the Duke ultimately agreed to a settlement over concerns for a specific set of evidence that might have been brought in during the trial.
In a leaked email from 2015 seen by the Daily Mail, Ghislaine Maxwell appeared to confirm the veracity of a photograph picturing Prince Andrew with his arm around Ms Giuffre.
The Duke’s legal team earlier this week had lodged a request to receive the original copy of the snap to certify no manipulation was involved.
The To Di For Daily founder told GB News: “In 2015, there was an email exchange between Alan Dershowitz and Ghislaine Maxwell where Alan asked if the photo was authentic and within 11 minutes, Ghislaine responded that it appeared to be an authentic photo.
“And we’re being told that this email was going to come out and could have humiliated Prince Andrew if he was going to continue to charge forward and try to defend himself in this case.
“To have an email like that come out where Ghislaine, who is prominently featured in the background of that photo, is saying, ‘yes, I think it’s a real photo…'”
Ms Schofield also claimed an additional leaked email between Maxwell and Prince Andrew could have played a role in his decision to settle with Giuffre.
She continued: “Aside from believing the family wanted to nip this in the bud, I also wonder if that email had anything to do with this quick turnaround and their change of heart.
“I can’t imagine Prince Andrew getting his eyeballs on those email exchanges because he’s also involved in those emails.
“Down the line, he emails Ghislaine and says, ‘I have a couple of questions about Virginia,’ and she says, ‘I’ve got plenty of info, give me a call.’
“So it does feel like they are conspiring against her and this has been on their radar for quite some time.”
Prince Andrew’s legal team issued a statement on Tuesday confirming he had reached a settlement with Virginia Giuffre under which he agreed to a “substantial donation” to her victims’ rights charity.
The statement read: “Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew have reached an out-of-court settlement.
“The parties will file a stipulated dismissal upon Ms Giuffre’s receipt of the settlement (the sum of which is not being disclosed). Prince Andrew intends to make a substantial donation to Ms Giuffre’s charity in support of victims’ rights.
“Prince Andrew has never intended to malign Ms. Giuffre’s character, and he accepts that she has suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of unfair public attacks.
“It is known that Jeffrey Epstein trafficked countless young girls over many years.”
The statement added: “Prince Andrew regrets his association with Epstein, and commends the bravery of Ms Giuffre and other survivors in standing up for themselves and others.
“He pledges to demonstrate his regret for his association with Epstein by supporting the fight against the evils of sex trafficking, and by supporting its victims.”

12 ‘This stain will hang over the Royal Family forever’ | Palace Confidential

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18 feb. 2022

Click here to watch full episodes of Palace Confidential and catch up on all the latest royal news and gossip:
As Prince Andrew waves the white flag, his own daughter joins Team Sussex! Our experts discuss the latest royal drama in this week’s unmissable chat show

13 British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of sex trafficking for Jeffrey Epstein

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20 uur geleden in première gegaan

Jurors in Ghislaine Maxwell’s federal sex trafficking trial have delivered their verdict after three weeks of testimony in the closely-watched case. The 60-year-old defendant, the daughter of a late British media tycoon, has been convicted of grooming teenage girls for abuse by the late Jeffrey Epstein. The first fortnight of the trial heard emotional testimony from four alleged victims of Epstein and Maxwell. 
More than one year after her capture in New Hampshire, fugitive socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial has come to an end in Manhattan. On December 29, a jury reached a verdict after five days of deliberation. They found Maxwell guilty on five of the six counts brought against her, including one count of sex trafficking a minor, one count of sex trafficking conspiracy, and three counts of conspiracy regarding transporting minors with intent of illegal sexual activity. Sentencing has yet to be officially scheduled, but given the verdict, Maxwell could face over 40 years in jail. 
Throughout the trial, federal prosecutors maintained that, as early as 1994, Maxwell helped her late friend and sometime employer Jeffrey Epstein “recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse” girls as young as 14. The government contended that she developed seemingly platonic relationships with potential marks before introducing “sexual topics” into conversation and coaching them toward eventual interactions with Epstein and his associates — and occasionally even Maxwell herself. In exchange, she allegedly dangled modeling jobs, educational opportunities, and money, trapping young girls in sexual service at Epstein’s various properties.

14 Prince Andrew settles civil sex assault case with Virginia Giuffre | 9 News Australia

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15 feb. 2022
Prince Andrew has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre, who said she was sexually trafficked to the British royal by the financier Jeffrey Epstein when she was 17.

15 BBC’s UNBELIEVABLE Response To Prince Andrew’s Settlement

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17 feb. 2022

16 Prince Andrew isn’t ‘serving any purpose other than to detract and make headlines’

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24 mei 2022

Vanity Fair Royal Editor Katie Nicholl says Prince Andrew isn’t serving any purpose other than to “detract and make headlines” for all the wrong reasons.

Prince Andrew is set to appear alongside the Queen for Garter Day at Windsor Castle on June 13 as a knight, and his name will appear in Court Circular the next day.

Earlier this year, The Duke of York and Virginia Giuffre reached a settlement outside of court in the civil sexual assault case in the United States.

“The problem is … the optics and for someone who’s settled out of court and all the sort of murky image of that, really, at a time when we’re wanting to see the Roya Family united and at its best and behind the Queen, do we need Andrew tagging along?” she told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

“The graceful thing would have been to exited quietly.”

17 No way back for Prince Andrew after abuse settlement, according to royal watchers | The World

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16 feb. 2022

Prince Andrew will not stand trial in New York after reaching an out of court settlement with Virginia Giuffre. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams tells The World the saga has been “disastrous” for him, and his next move could see him have “a private arrangement where he managed the royal estates”.

18 JFL Hidden Camera Prank: Car Lift

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28 mrt. 2011

When asked to keep an eye on a car, these people didn’t expect a huge bulldozer lifty thing to come by and completely destroy it.
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