Open to discussion

Open for discussion idiom

: being a subject or issue that people can give their ideas, opinions, etc. about

The issue is not open for discussion.


“Open to discussion” generally refers to an attitude or approach that is receptive to exchanging ideas, opinions, and perspectives in a respectful and collaborative manner. The key points about being “open to discussion” include:

  1. Willingness to listen: Being open to discussion means being willing to actively listen to others without interrupting or dismissing their views. It involves giving others a fair chance to express their thoughts and feelings, and valuing their input.

  2. Respectful communication: Open discussion involves engaging in respectful communication, even when there are differing opinions. It means refraining from using derogatory language, personal attacks, or dismissive behavior towards others. Instead, it involves expressing oneself in a civil and courteous manner.

  3. Flexibility and adaptability: Being open to discussion requires being flexible and adaptable in one’s thinking. It means being willing to consider different perspectives, being open to new ideas, and being willing to change one’s mind based on valid arguments or evidence.

  4. Constructive feedback: Open discussion involves providing and receiving constructive feedback. It means offering feedback in a constructive and non-judgmental manner, focusing on the ideas being discussed rather than attacking the person presenting them.

  5. Collaboration and problem-solving: Being open to discussion often involves a collaborative approach towards problem-solving. It means working together with others, pooling ideas and resources, and finding common ground to reach mutually beneficial solutions.

  6. Empathy and understanding: Open discussion involves showing empathy and understanding towards others’ perspectives, even if they differ from one’s own. It means trying to see things from different viewpoints and acknowledging that everyone has their own unique experiences and opinions.

  7. Honesty and transparency: Being open to discussion requires honesty and transparency in expressing one’s own views and intentions. It means being genuine and authentic in communication, and avoiding manipulation or hidden agendas.

In summary, being “open to discussion” involves actively listening, respectful communication, flexibility, constructive feedback, collaboration, empathy, honesty, and transparency. It promotes a positive and inclusive environment where diverse ideas can be shared, discussed, and considered in a constructive manner.

The key points of the idiom “open to discussion” are:

  1. Willingness to consider different perspectives: It implies being receptive to different points of view or opinions, and being willing to engage in dialogue or conversation about a particular topic or issue.

  2. Flexibility and adaptability: It suggests a willingness to be flexible and adaptable in one’s thinking or approach, and being open to new ideas, suggestions, or feedback.

  3. Non-dogmatic attitude: It conveys an absence of rigid or inflexible thinking, and a willingness to entertain alternative viewpoints without being closed-minded or dismissive.

  4. Invitation for input or feedback: It can indicate an invitation for others to share their thoughts, opinions, or feedback on a particular matter, and a willingness to actively listen and engage in constructive discourse.

  5. Potential for negotiation or compromise: It suggests a willingness to engage in discussions with the possibility of finding common ground, reaching a consensus, or arriving at a mutually satisfactory resolution.

  6. Lack of finality or fixed stance: It connotes an absence of a predetermined or fixed position, and an openness to further exploration, analysis, or debate on a given topic.

  7. Emphasis on communication and collaboration: It underscores the importance of effective communication, active listening, and collaborative problem-solving in the process of reaching a decision or resolving an issue.

De directie heeft geantwoord dat in het verleden een aantal malen snel is ingegrepen en dat momenteel een aantal systemen functioneren die naar verwachting het eventueel niet goed functioneren signaleren en bespreekbaar maken.

The Board replied that in the past, swift action was taken on a number of occasions and that at present, a number of systems are in operation that are expected to identify any failure to function well and make this open to discussion.

What is another word for open to discussion?
Need synonyms for open to discussion? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Open to discussion or modification
Subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty
Something not capable of being proven either way

Open to discussion or modification
flexible negotiable open-ended unfixed up for grabs debatable exchangeable discussable unsettled convertible open to modification assignable movable undecided variable subject to discussion transactional

“When these are open to discussion, the idea is already questionable and has lost its force and strength.

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Examples of open discussion

An open discussion is called for.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
Legal pressures preventing open discussion and learning from incidents.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
It accepts that technology and seeks to open discussion of its impact.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
This informal constitution was adopted in order not to inhibit open discussion.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
Open discussion of issues could increase commitment from, and benefits for, partners.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
To avoid this problem, frank and open discussion of uncertainty and policy implications is crucial.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
Needless to say, a supporting working atmosphere promoting open discussion and ref lection is important.
From the Cambridge English Corpus

I am convening an open discussion for those who are interested in possibly forming an astrobiology society.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
To include at the completion of the class a time for open discussion and interaction between students and staff.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
A major part of the forum consisted of open discussion, with lively and sometimes passionate audience participation.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
Our minds were changed by open discussion.
From the Hansard archive
This change in perception might, in turn, convince all parties that honest, open discussion of outstanding issues has a decent chance of repaying the effort.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
There was a broad consensus among journalists that editors-in-chief ruled in too authoritarian a manner, and that more open discussion was needed.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
In order to develop and foster modernist thought, it was necessary to establish a framework for free and open discussion, accepting and tolerating dissent.
From the Cambridge English Corpus
Open discussion within the village committee for modifying the level of wood permits, inconceivable a few years ago, is now frequent.
From the Cambridge English Corpus

Cambridge Dictionary

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