Ruined Lives: The Deceptive Power of Institutions

Paula Vennells blamed ‘temptation’ of money in tills not IT system, Post Office inquiry hears

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Lord Arbuthnot says:

“They were operating some sort of behind-the-scenes deception process, 
which suggests to me now that they were stringing MPs along in order to preserve the robustness of Horizon, the existence of Horizon, and possibly the existence of the Post Office.
That is what I know now,
but I didn’t know that at the time.”

David Davis MP speaks to GB News about the Post Office Horizon Scandal

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Post Office scandal: Ex-Fujitsu engineer denies hiding problems with Horizon during trial

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Post Office: Barrister warns scandal extends ‘greatly’ beyond Horizon

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23 apr 2024 #postoffice

A barrister representing sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses has told Sky News there is evidence of faults with some “third-party” services in Post Office branches.

Paul Marshall said problems with the systems, such as ATMs and lottery tickets, had been “overlooked”.

He said that “the scandal extends considerably beyond, greatly beyond, it might be said, the limited focus of bugs in Horizon”.

Paula Vennells was ‘lying’ about Post Office scandal, claims forensic accountant

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Former Post Office Minister Paul Scully On Calls To Remove Paula Vennells’ CBE| Good Morning Britain

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9 jan 2024

Over 700 workers were wrongly convicted during the Horizon Post Office scandal. Now, a petition with over a million signatures is calling for Paula Vennells, former CEO of Post Office LTD, to be stripped of her CBE. This comes amongst additional calls for Post Office executives responsible for the scandal to be brought to justice.

GMB is joined by Former Post Office Minister, Paul Scully and Author, Nick Wallis who has written extensively about the scandal.

Broadcast on 09/01/24

Tim Brentnall (Former Post Office Sub-Postmaster) On BBC Breakfast [28.02.2024]

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28 feb 2024
Full rights of this video go to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Just For Laughs Best Blind Man Prank

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14 jun 2012

Old man sits next to people eating at a terrace and just stares at them.