A perversion of justice

Pervert the course of justice

to act illegally to avoid punishment or to get the wrong person punished:

The two police officers were charged with perverting the course of justice by fabricating evidence in the trial.

Cambridge Dictionary

To pervert the course of justice

If someone perverts the course of justice, they deliberately do something that will make it difficult to discover who really committed a particular crime, for example, destroying evidence or lying to the police. [law]

He was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice

Collins Cobuild Dictionary

The first sentence in the BBC Video number 1 interview is:

“What is your feeling towards the police?

knowing that all this evidence existed,

and at the very best and someone had forgotten to look into it,

haven’t got the resources to look into it or

that this was a total incompetence

or a perversion of justice,

you must be fuming.”

The Liam Allan case is an example of an unspeakable perversion of justice.

Liam Allan: ‘I’ve spent two years living in fear’

'You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink'

You can give someone an opportunity but not force them to take it.

You can’t force someone to make the right decision, even after guidance is given.

It is clearly a literal fact that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


The conversion of that notion into a figurative phrase was established in the language by the 18th century. 

Thomas Reid’s Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, 1786, included this line:


“In every chain of reasoning,

the evidence of the last conclusion can be no greater than that of the weakest link

 of the chain, whatever may be the strength of the rest.”

The sentence from Liam Allan: “I’ve spent two years living in fear” resonates throughout every issue where there are hiccups in the handling of an improper incident against a person who, without reason or cause, becomes the subject of the justice system, and where the matter is ultimately handled sloppily, thereby sabotaging someone’s life so that they can no longer escape that negative spiral.

Prosecutor Jerry Hayes says it was nothing but sheer incompetence and “it came very near to a wrongful conviction,” and last but not least, he would be branded as a ‘sex offender’ in a register for the rest of his life.

Justice becomes a never-ending street, or as a Flemish proverb says, it’s like mopping with the tap running, or carrying water to the sea (het is dweilen met de kraan open, of water naar de zee dragen)

Carrying coals to Newcastle.

The perversion of justice

“Perverting the course of justice” or “perverting justice” refers to the act of obstructing or interfering with the administration of justice, often for personal gain or to protect oneself or others. It is considered a serious offense and can result in criminal charges.

Some key points about perverting the course of justice include:

  1. It involves acts that interfere with the normal course of legal proceedings, such as tampering with evidence, intimidating witnesses, or providing false information.

  2. The motive for perverting justice is often to avoid punishment or to shift blame onto another person.

  3. Perverting justice is a criminal offense that can carry significant penalties, including imprisonment.

  4. In some cases, perverting justice can have serious consequences for innocent people, such as wrongful convictions or the failure to bring the guilty to justice.

  5. It is important to maintain the integrity of the justice system by punishing those who seek to pervert justice and ensuring that legal proceedings are conducted fairly and impartially.

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere – Martin Luther King jr

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