Human Efforts Men At Work Mud Seeding Water Nepal

Human Efforts Men At Work Mud Seeding Water Nepal

1 Most Dangerous Ways To School | NEPAL | Free Documentary

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6 sep. 2015

Those who attend school in the mountain village of Kumpur, walk across the mountains of the highest situated country on earth. Nearly half of Nepals lies more than 4 000 Meters above sea level. Today it`´s normal that the kids go to school in the valley, but just 50 years ago the village was completely self sufficient. Only if there was a lack of salt would someone twice a year hard off to refill the stock. Today the children go to the city almost on a daily basis and are immediately forced to cross the dangerous river. A village in distress is left behind. The village community Kumpur is spread across 18 farms on the Dhap Mountain. Their families live in a very remote area.
These families have lived on their land now for thousands of years herding their life-sustaining cattle without electricity, running water or contact to the outside world. Although they constantly ask themselves if the promise of an education justifies the danger of the path involved, they send their children day after day to school.

2 Poor Nepal

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26 nov. 2014

Nepal is along the highest part of the Himalayas. This country is poor, but the richer spectacular landscapes and cultural treasures, and the people are always smiling. Nepal is heart of Asia.


3 FAO in Nepal – Documentary version part 1/2

7 mrt. 2011

Nepal, with a population of 29 million people, is the poorest country in South Asia and ranks as the twelfth poorest country in the world. Malnutrition levels are alarming and the majority of the citizens have to depend on agriculture for their survival. In response to the poverty, the global food price crisis and the lack of agricultural investment, the European Union established the European Union Food Facility programme (EUFF). Under this programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has overall objectives to prevent immediate hunger, boost agriculture and improve food security. 
In Nepal, around 106000 extremely vulnerable households are supported in ten districts.
Produced by FAO Nepal. Directed by Arnaud Le Borgne. 
Edited by Pikto Diffusion. 
Graphism : Espace Studio

4 Kate Humble: Living with Nomads (Nepal – Full Documentary) | TRACKS

7 jul. 2018

Kate Humble and a camera crew enter the rugged and nomadic life of the Nepalese Raute people, roaming the altitudes of Nepal’s mountains. They are not immediately welcomed into the tribe but as Kate proves helpful in moving the camp and as a contributing part of the workforce, she is able to get closer to the tribe – and by that closer to an understanding of the Raute people’s way of life, including the challenges and possible new lessons for Kate to learn.
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5 shepherd food || lajimbudha ||

24 nov. 2019

shepherd family eating shepherd food in sheep farm.

6 Deadliest Roads | Nepal | Free Documentary

10 dec. 2019

World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys in Nepal
Far from any tourist hubs; the inhabitants of the Gorkha region fight against the perils of monsoon season. Trucks and mule caravans strive tirelessly to provide for the cut-off villages. The monsoon forms mud ditches which trap vehicles and don’t release them without a fight. The Shaman witch doctors are always on hand to chase away bad spirits and watch over the meager population of Nepal.

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🇳🇵 Nepal’s Unsung Hero | 101 East

Jigme Sherpa’s phone will not stop ringing. Since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, the young teacher has been leading a relief campaign to provide help.
101 East follows one man’s mission to restore hope to survivors of Nepal’s worst natural disaster in recent history
Please Enjoy
e.g. at minute 20:15

His son used to write with a pencil…he asked me to buy him a pen that costs 20 cents. I remember these details. But what can I do?

8 After the Earthquake Nepal-Langtang Mini-Documentary

27 aug. 2016

The people of Shyapru Bensi still suffering from the devastating earthquake in Nepal on 25 April 2015. It is located in the Langtang area. Help them:

9 How The Quake Exposed Nepal’s Political Faultlines

6 mei 2015

Tales Of Survival: Nepal’s Political Turmoil Laid Bare By It’s Tragic Earthquake. A report by SBS dateline. Subscribe to Journeyman for daily uploads:…
Thousands have died as a result of the 7.8 magnitude quake in Nepal over a week ago. This report travels through the worst-affected areas, hearing stories of devastation and examining the political fractures revealed.
For downloads and more information visit:
SBS Dateline – Ref 6443
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10 Traditional life activities ll Primitive technology

27 dec. 2019

Traditional life activities ll Primitive technology

11 Harry Visits Gurkhas In Nepal | Forces TV

29 mrt. 2016

Prince Harry has spent the day honouring the Gurkhas – staying overnight in a hillside village before paying his respects to the Brigade at the British Camp in Pokhara. His Royal Highness has served alongside them during his first tour of Afghanistan.

12 UK’s Prince Harry continues visit to Nepal

17 nov. 2016

AP Archive


Leurani village, northwest of Kathmandu – 21 March 2016
1. Various of Britain’s Prince Harry visiting Leurani village
2. Various of cultural show of dancing and music by local villagers
3. Various of Prince Harry dancing
Pokhara – 21 March 2016
Bardia National Park, western Nepal – 21 March 2016
4. Various of Elephant with writing on side reading (English) “Your Royal Highness welcome to Bardia National Park”
5. Various of Prince Harry getting into dinghy
6. Prince Harry rafting down the Khauraha River
7. Deer crossing river
8. Raft
Britain’s Prince Harry continued his five-day trip to Nepal on Monday, visiting a Gurkha village in Lamjung district where he was expected to spend the night.
Harry is due to stay at the home of a former Nepalese Gurkha soldier who had served in the British army.
The prince danced with villagers and later feasted with the family of Mangali Tamang, the 86-year-old widow of a former soldier.
Nepal abolished its centuries-old monarchy in 2008 and Harry is the first British royal to visit Nepal since then.
Earlier on Monday, Harry visited Bardia national park where he discussed conservation with local officials and rode on a boat.
Harry has already met Nepal’s president and prime minister as well as attending an official function to mark 200 years of friendship between Nepal and Britain.
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13 Video: Training to be Gurkhas


29 jun. 2013

Every year, thousands of young Nepalese hopefuls try their luck at becoming a Gurkha with the British army and go through a painstaking “free, fair and transparent” selection process, based on physical and educational tests to accomplish this.

14 Will These Men Make It Into The British Army? • GURKHA SELECTION | Forces TV

11 okt. 2018

More than 10,000 young Nepali men have applied for just 320 places in the Brigade of Gurkhas this year. Forces News was given exclusive access to join a selection day in the city of Dharan, to see the potential recruits being put through their paces…

15 Cold Awakening For Britain’s Newest Gurkha Recruits | Forces TV


27 feb. 2018

The British Army’s newest Gurkha recruits have arrived in the UK from Nepal. This year’s intake numbers 270, but that is expected to rise in future years as Gurkha numbers are increased by 25 percent.

16 Gurkha Recruits Take Their First Steps Into British Society • GURKHA SELECTION | Forces TV

24 apr. 2018

17 When Gurkhas See The Sea For The First Time • GURKHA SELECTION | Forces TV

3 jun. 2018

18 Catterick Says Goodbye To Its LARGEST EVER Gurkha Intake | Forces TV

25 nov. 2019

Read more about the Gurkas leaving Catterick here 👉… And here👉…
The largest intake of Gurkhas ever trained at Catterick has passed out in a ceremony in North Yorkshire. Days later, the record group of 399 were then assigned their new regiments. All but one of the original 400 recruits passed out, with one remaining rifleman having to wait a couple more months to recover from a broken leg.

19 Is This The British Army’s ‘Sorting Hat’? • GURKHA SELECTION | Forces TV

17 sep. 2018

Gurkha recruits in Catterick have discovered which units they will be heading to when their training is complete. In two months time, each recruit will be sent to one of six units in the Brigade of Gurkhas…

20 Emotional Day As Gurkhas Leave Catterick | Forces TV


17 okt. 2016

As the MOD prepares to increase the Gurkha intake by 25%, the British Army’s newest recruits left their training centre in Catterick for the last time. ‘Gurkha Company’, Gurkha soldiers in training at Catterick, has just come to the end of their time at the camp.

21 The Moment The Gurkha Class Of 2018 Became Riflemen • GURKHA SELECTION | Forces TV

15 nov. 2018

A new group of 267 riflemen have been celebrating with family and friends after they successfully passed out from Gurkha Company in Catterick after nine months of intense training.

22 Prince Charles Awards Operational Honours To Royal Gurkha Rifles | Forces TV

9 jul. 2019

Prince Charles has presented Operational Service Medals to soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles (1RGR). The Prince of Wales met troops from 1RGR at their home, Sir John Moore Barracks in Shorncliffe, Kent, presenting medals to them for their work on Operation Toral in Afghanistan.

23 Charles And Harry Honour Gurkhas With Afghan Service Medals | Forces TV

15 mrt. 2017

24 Military Cross Awarded for Acts of Bravery | Forces TV


27 jan. 2014

A Gurkha who took on an Afghan insurgent in hand to hand combat has been presented with his Military Cross at Buckingham Palace. His was just one of two remarkable stories of bravery heard at the palace.
Investiture footage courtesy British Ceremonial Arts Ltd

25 Prince Harry visits Nepal 2016,

28 mrt. 2016

Prince Harry visits Nepal 2016, Help Earthquake Song by Shishir Yogi

26 Deadliest Journeys – Nepal, precipice of the damned

24 mrt. 2018

“I’ve never had a worse journey in my life,” says the old man sitting in the rear of the jeep, clinging tightly onto the fittings of the SUV. “What with rock falls, landslides, crashed trucks, snowfall on the high ground… that road is a real nightmare!” The Karnali Highway, in the North West of Nepal is the most dangerous road in the country. It’s 250 kilometres long and links the town of Surkhet, in the valley, to Jumla, altitude 3,000 metres. It sometimes takes five days to make the trip. Hewn out of the rock on the flank of the mountain set in an outstanding natural background, this road, opened barely two years ago, is finally allowing the population of this, the poorest region of Nepal to open up to the rest of the country, to move about and, above all, to bring in supplies of every type. Drivers of trucks, jeeps and even tractors, travellers, shopkeepers who go down to the valley for supplies, public transport, columns of people on foot walking for several days to get to their village… for them the road, despite everything, is the safest and fastest way of getting around this mountainous region. For several weeks, we accompanied all those who, willingly or otherwise, take this “impossible highway”. –

27 Indias Frontier Railways – The Last Train in Nepal

6 apr. 2015

Life on a short Nepalese railway line which is now under threat of closure.

28 Poor Children of Nepal

29 Three Sisters Nepali Documentary a film by Dashrath Sunar Good Human Organization

29 mei 2016

Director/Editor/Camera- DASHRATH SUNAR 
Producer/Translater -Chitra Bahadur Gurung 
Script- Shadev Karki 
Narration- Samjhana Bhujel 

30 Street Life – Kidasha Nepal

21 okt. 2016
Kidasha is a UK registered development organisation that works to reduce the causes and impact of entrenched poverty and social exclusion, stopping exploitation and violence against children in Nepal.
Watch this video to hear some of the street and working children we support talk about what matters to them.
To find out more visit
Credit: Jodie Chillery

31 Parichaya-part 1

26 mei 2010

Documentary film about street children in Nepal.

32 Langtang Nepali Documentary -Kyenjin Gumpa – A Faraway Valley

9 sep. 2012

Kyenjin Gompa is the last village in Langtang area. It’s a mountain valley. One of the most beautiful valley you will ever come across.

33 Witness – Birth in Nepal

4 mei 2010

Nepal has some of the worst maternal death statistics in the world, with some six women dying in

34🇳🇵 Nepal: School for a dollar | 101 East

19 okt. 2012

For many in Nepal, a good education remains an unattainable luxury. And despite a rapid expansion of education facilities in recent decades, adult literacy is still less than 50 per cent.

35 Street Kids – Children of Kathmandu

12 jun. 2019

This is the first short documentary from 2016 on “street kids of Kathmandu” with the help of Voice of Children Nepal (VOC), a street kid rehabilitation organization. The children who had been living in the streets for various reasons, told us their stories and we got to know them beneath the surface. The documentary shares the life experiences of the kids on and off the street life.
Kudos to VOC for their persistent and amazing work and their enormous help with the documentary.

36🇳🇵 Nepal: After the Earthquake | 101 East

14 apr. 2016

Nepal: After the Earthquake – 101 East
The trembling began just before noon. Suddenly, violent jolts reduced buildings to smithereens, burying residents under the rubble.
The devastation caused by the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years was catastrophic – more than 8,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands left homeless.
One year on, many of those who survived still live in makeshift shelters. Some have gone into debt to pay for medical care. Many are demanding to know why the government is not doing more to help.
101 East returns to Nepal to find out how the earthquake is still taking a toll on this fragile nation.
More from 101 East on:

37 Nepal: The Great Plunder | 101 East

19 jul. 2018

On the global art market, Himalayan statues of religious deities fetch millions of dollars. But to the Nepalese, they are living Gods who have been stolen from their communities.

38 In Nepal, malnutrition is a silent emergency | UNICEF

10 jun. 2015

39 UNICEF USA: Nirmala: Child Head of Household in Nepal

10 aug. 2012

There are 650,000 orphaned children living in Nepal. It is UNICEF’s goal to ensure orphaned children around the world receive the support they need to live a healthy life. In this video, see the story of Nirmala, a young orphaned girl left to care for her younger siblings. With the help of UNICEF she is receiving support to keep her family healthy. UNICEF needs help to support these children through generous donations of all sizes, please visit UNICEF USA at to donate today.

40 Slum Life – Kidasha Nepal

14 jan. 2017

Kidasha is a UK registered development organisation that works to reduce the causes and impact of entrenched poverty and social exclusion, stopping exploitation and violence against children in Nepal.
To find out more visit

41 Limits of Freedom: The Street Children of Kathmandu [Award Winning Documentary Film]

5 feb. 2021

An intimate glance into the complex issues surrounding the children that survive feral on the streets of Kathmandu.
Produced by Blink Vivid in January 2017, Limits of Freedom succeeded in raising awareness on the issues surrounding Kathmandu’s youth poverty to a western audience. The film went on to be screened at festivals from Wales to Australia and received critical recognition from the likes of the Sheffield Institute of Arts and the Royal Television Society.

Pravin Mahate
Sushil Babu Chettri

Producers: Joe Gist, Aidan Joseph & William Wade / Blink Vivid Video
Directed by: Joe Gist & Aidan Joseph
Sound Recordist: Rhys Joseph
Sound Design: William Wade

Ashim GC, Barsha Dhungana Chhetri, Bimala Magar, Christine Buhafiar, Ganesh Basnet, Kinley Lama, Kumar Thapa Magar, Laxman Adhikari, Mahatma Parajuli, Mohan Pyakurel, Mukesh Kumar Poddar, Naresh Raj Bhattana, Pashupati Jayswal, Paula Kershaw, Pema Lama, Pravin Mahate, Rakesh Kumar, Renee Tennet, Sonam Lama, Subash Lama, Subash Nepali, Suraj Adhikari, Tsering Wangdu, Veemsen Lama, Wangdue Lama

Pegasus Children’s Project
Pegasus School & Hostel
C.H.A.N.C.E For Nepal
WeGain Zone
Sober Recovery Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre

Zia Bales
Barbara Datson
Caroline Joseph
Scott Gist
Raju Mali
Vincent Mills
Christopher Cooke
Christopher Hall
Colin Pons
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NOMINATED Royal Television Society Student Awards 2018
RUNNER UP Sheffield Institute of Art Awards 2017
WINNER Outstanding Student UK Film // Telling Tales International Documentary Festival 2018
WINNER Outstanding Student Debut High Peak Indie Film Festival 2018
SILVER AWARD WINNER Spotlight Short Film Awards 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION Bristol Independent Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION Wales International Documentary Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION Telling Tales International Documentary Festival 2018


Peter van Tarel
Very respectful recorded. No drama, but realistic. Still tough though. I had a good bond with some of the streetkids. They reflect what you show them. Be nice and respectful to them, they deserve it. No matter what.
damian mcneilly
Raw and as real as it gets. So sad but very well captured 10/10 💚
Nope Nope
This feels very pain full 😭
Lonely pack was a good one like this too
Sudin Rai
Great story and opens everyone mind .make us to stand up for them .
Juan Ramba
They sniff glue to get high…. my goodness
Michal Dela Cruz
It’s so painful to watch I feel so sorry 🙏🙏🙏
Great work with the documentary.
so sad to see these kids with no love from families….. 🙁
Nope Nope
08:43 they are one direction fans ❤️
Yolanda Garza
My heart is broken to these young kids, suffering, it’s just not right, but it’s a reality, blessings🙏🙌
Enbok W Pahsyntiew
Very insightful …hope we all come up with a better way to deal with this.
That baby was sick at 7:08 and no one noticed…
Tao Plakrapong
The problem is that they really enjoy to be on the streets, totally freedom, plenty of food , money ( they get from tourists) and entertainment. For the most children (and also adults) is the normal life, super and super and super boring and dry. And don’t forget all this charities making money, and some very very very good money.
Jigme Bhutia
Young wild and free
Meanwhile, in the Europe and America: “I AM A TRANSGENDER AND YOU HURT MY FEELINGS”
Randol Raymond
As a Nepalese i feel for the dogs than the kids

42 The kids of Pashupatinath

27 feb. 2013

Suraj, as dozens of children of Katmandu (Nepal) who don’t have a house, scrape with the waste of one of the major crematories of the world: Pashupatinath, UNESCO’s World Heritage.

43 Street Children of Nepal Before And After Rehabilitation

20 mei 2013

Human Welfare Group reckons street children are in serious problem and got to be helped including high prevailing use of drugs and their vulnerabilities as a consequence. HWG has a clear plan of transferring these unfortunates and destitute through rehabilitation and thereby to make them acceptable in the society to lead their normal lives.
HWG has already launched its own rehabilitation home in Bishalnagar, Kathmandu for the street children and has started rehabilitation. We already have 30 kids from 4 years old to 18 years old till date. Taking into account the sustainable healthy society, HWG will take measures to detoxify these children most of whom are prone to many chronic diseases including HIV Aids; provide training and education, food, shelter and other basic requirements so that they can also dream and live a normal life. Our team is getting trained which will enable us to handle these kids in an appropriate manner and medicate them well to get them out of drugs.
In Nepal children in difficult circumstances find that even the most basic of their rights are flouted. These children who have fled the indifference, negligence, ill – treatment and sexual abuse at homes and the society end up in the street in the want of an alternative better life. HWG wants to work to relocate these destitute and abandoned children again back in the society.Street kids in Nepal are seen accustomed to inhalation of glues (Dendrites) to a larger extent and smoking cannabis to some extent. Tobacco (chewing and smoking) is wide spread. Researches have shown that these kids are using these drugs mainly for avoiding hunger and to get rid of the pain. They use drugs because of having little value attached to one’s personal life; family break down and peer-group dependence are other factors that they use drugs for. We are working on strategies and ways to tackle the growing number of the street children and the use of drugs by its intervention and rehabilitation method.


22 mei 2013

Walking in the streets of Kathmandu… Petites rues calmes, grandes rues animées jalonnées de petites cours très tranquilles : se promener à pieds dans Katmandou est toujours intéressant…

45 The Third Generation Nepali documentary(2009) with English subtitles

28 jul. 2012

Join the Home Returned Nepali (HRN) campaign which was inspired by this documentary.
Subscribe the documentary director on FB ( or on Twitter (
The Third Generation (2009) (तेस्रो पुस्ता २०६६ in Nepali) is a documentary based on a 19 year old Nepalese boy who leaves his well paid job with the United Nations in order to continue his education in a western country. The documentary was released in Helsinki on 16 July 2009 and was written and directed by young Nepali filmmaker Manoj Bhusal. The documentary which was shot in digital HD format was made by Silver Lining Creation Finland.

46 Landing in TIA (Kathmandu Airport) #visitnepal2020

29 nov. 2019

The scene you will get mesmerized with while landing from your flight on TIA Kathmandu. Never miss

47 Children of God Nepali Documentary (Gagan Aryal)

13 mei 2013

48 THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS | an inspirational journey | short motivational video

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30 jul. 2019

THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS a short inspirational so sit back for 3 minutes and listen ( it may change your life) 
Listen to your heart…be happy…don’t give up and always believe!

49 Mayonnaise Ice Cream prank!

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16 mrt. 2011

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.