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Anthony Ray Hinton was wrongfully convicted of two counts of capital murder in 1985 in Alabama and spent 30 years on death row before being exonerated in 2015. Here are some key points about his case:

  1. Hinton was convicted based on flawed ballistics evidence. The prosecution claimed that bullets found at the crime scene were fired from a gun owned by Hinton. However, the ballistics expert who testified at Hinton’s trial was later found to have used faulty science and unreliable methods in his analysis.
  2. Hinton had a poor defence. Hinton’s court-appointed attorney did not have the resources to hire a competent ballistics expert to challenge the prosecution’s evidence, and Hinton’s alibi witnesses were not properly investigated or presented at trial.
  3. Hinton maintained his innocence throughout his imprisonment. Despite facing the death penalty, Hinton refused to confess to the crimes and maintained that he was innocent.
  4. Hinton’s case received national attention and was championed by civil rights advocates, including Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative.
  5. Hinton was eventually exonerated in 2015 after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that he had the right to a new trial with a competent ballistics expert. The prosecution ultimately dropped the charges against Hinton after the new ballistics expert concluded that the bullets could not be matched to Hinton’s gun.
  6. Hinton’s case highlights the flaws in the criminal justice system, particularly in the use of faulty forensic evidence and the inadequate defence provided to many defendants, particularly those who are poor and Black.

1 – 30 Years in Prison For A Crime He Didn’t Commit | Anthony Ray Hinton | Goalcast

22 nov. 2020

Anthony Ray Hinton was convicted and sentenced to the most extreme penalty for a crime he did not do because of the color of his skin. He spent 30 years in prison until, with the help of Bryan Stevenson, was released. Finally free and back in the world, Anthony has a message to share with everyone.

2 Compensation for Hinton’s wrongful conviction

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3 Ralph Inbar Bananasplit Shören Lerby

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27 jul. 2012

In 1982 lanceerde Ralph Inbar Bananasplit, bij de TROS. De grappen werden gaandeweg steeds inventiever, maar ook ingewikkelder. Inbar voerde regelmatig bekende Nederlanders op als “slachtoffer”. Zo ontstak Ajax-voetballer Søren Lerby, toen nog getrouwd met Willeke Alberti, in grote woede toen Van Lennep een telefooncel ging plaatsen op zijn oprijlaan.

4 Car Chases Pedestrians Prank

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31 mei 2012

A sexy girl asks random men to help push her car, obviously they all jump at the occasion to look all manly and full of good intentions. Unfortunately, it turns out the woman’s car is some sort of evil bastard child between Herbie and KITT. It’s out there looking to get his revenge on the human kind by driving around and running over all humans.
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