Child prostitution

Child prostitution is a very widespread form of modern slavery.

Cambridge Dictionary

2 Forgotten Children (Child Sex Tourism)

6 okt. 2012

3 Sex Trafficking in the U.S.: Young Lives, Insane Profit | Yolanda Schlabach | TEDxWilmington

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17 okt. 2016

This talk is eye-opening and heart-breaking. Yolanda Schlabach shows the reality of sex-trafficking in the State of Delaware, a terribly unrecognized and under-prosecuted state of affairs. She guides us through the process by which girls are trapped, and eventually lose their independent identity.
Yolanda is a Registered Nurse. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University in 2004 and graduated in 2014 from Liberty University with a Master’s in Human Services & Counseling. Yolanda attended the University of Maryland, earning a Certificate in Working with Survivors of Violence, Trauma and Torture. Yolanda is a member of Delaware’s Human Trafficking Coordinating Council and Co-Chair of the Victim Services Committee.
Yolanda has served as Executive Director of Zoë Ministries, Inc. since 2012, when the organization received 501©3 status. For the past few years, she has spent her time engaged in public awareness and professional education to bring the reality of human trafficking to the forefront in Delaware.

4 Cambodian Girls Who Got Dragged Into Prostitution (Trafficking Documentary) | Real Stories

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25 apr. 2018

Against the sordid backdrop of the Cambodian sex industry, we profile the lives of three young girls who have been dragged into prostitution. Srey Leak, Me Nea and Cheata are little more than children. They share the same preoccupations, insecurities and vanities of teenagers the world over, yet nightly make the greatest sacrifices to help their families. Told in their own words, this is a story about redemption, humour and sisterhood in the face of dreadful adversity.
Kayla Smith
My heart is breaking for these girls. First they do it to help their parents and now to help their children. There’s no end.
Lauren S
I’m so glad they were able to help those girls get out of that life, nobody deserves that
Anne Murphy
These young women are extremely brave, they endured their lives with a certain amount of stoicism, they never seemed to wallow in self pity, they had tremendous forbearance & showed no real resentment in having to sell themselves to support their families. Family loyalty is clearly ingrained in them. I trust that each of them managed to become beauticians & left the sordid demeaning life’s they had to live.God Bless each & everyone of them, may he have his hand on them & their families.
Shemu shemu
It truly breaks my heart to see what they have to go through, seeing that its 10 years ago I hope they found themselves and are at a better place . They deserve all love and happiness x
Sonia L.
I am so grateful to have opportunities and liberties I enjoy in the USA. Also being able to married out of love and not necessity. It’s so easy to judge women in their shoes when one has not walked a step in them.
michelle howard
I am Australian and a mother this is just so sad! My heart breaks for the young girls. The world we live in is so corrupt and evil with greed because these kids should not be living like this! In my prayers 🙏
Thomasine Miller
I wish that I could save the whole world !! It sounds stupid to some, but that’s just my heart 😢
Nabeelah Adams
this makes me appreciate my life , even though i do not come from a rich family. We cant judge them or their mothers for their decisions , living like that is a lifestyle they have not chosen,. Its about survival . Privileged people wont understand.
M.R. Martin
The documentary did a beautiful job of showing their friendship and love for each other. I hope they are doing well today.
Donna Danielsen
This is really heartbreaking to watch. There needs to be more charity and scholarships in Cambodia to combat this poverty.
Crying so hard. What a tragic documentary. Wish all the western men who flock to these places to exploit the women could see the lives and circumstances of the women they use.
Barbara Ortiz
I’m glad the crew saved them such sweet girls.. my heart hurts for all the others in this same situation. How we take our own situation and future for granted..
Sahar Jamal
I would like to thank the production crew for helping these poor girls to start a new life God bless you😢😢
Addie Martins
I am terribly sad for these young girls and wonder how they are doing nearly 2 years later… hopefully all healthy, alive and in a better living situation! Just looking at the fact that the one girls mother died from a poorly managed diabetes suggests, how terrible medical services are in that country! My prayers are with them!
Kris B
I am happy to hear they were saved. I wish them all the best.
Aroha Gerrard
This makes me mad what kind of mother puts a burden on their child to make money for the bloody lazy relatives!!
David Batchelor
This is so sad these young girls do this to survive. Heartbreaking really. Something so precious to a woman is sold to simply live. Here in the US no matter what may be going on, I am blessed, with nothing to complain about!!
Chelsea Carter
Mothers pimping out their daughters for rice and for the family!! I’m a mother, and it makes me sick to see these helpless girls selling their bodies and souls!!😥😑
salt life
Seeing this makes me realize how lucky I am to have been born in the USA. I’m not rich but I have family a house ,food , running water etc. I wish I could help these girls. At Least they have each other. 😥
gil cortez
I just saw this documentary. We very produced. Great job. Opened my eyes about how spoiled Americans are and how bad things are for people in other countries. God bless them. Keep up the fantastic work.
ed tolentino
The way Mea Nea told her story was very depressing, poor soul. I hope we could end all this sufferings humans
I’m so happy for this happy ending and for the 3 girls. But not every girl gets saved. My heart goes out to all the poor innocent girls that are forced to sell their bodies to have financial help. I pray that one day this senseless act of having to do this to live and eat will end but we all know it won’t because poverty is always there. God bless these girls. 🙏🏼💪🏼
Christine M
Thank you to this film crew for rescuing these girls and saving them from a life of pain and suffering❤
The three girls in this are so cool, they’re like the girls at school who you’d want to hang around with and who didn’t even know your name!! Very sad lives though, I hope they are all doing better for themselves now.
Alana Faith
Beautiful young women. I hope they are blessed with the life they dream of and deserve ❤
Bella Kim
I was crying watching this 3 amazing girls! They getting strength from each other. I hope and pray that God will heal all the pain and wounds inside of each of you. Hope all of you will have a good life that you guys really deserve. Breaks my heart watching this amazing girls.
Kandi B.
My heart aches for these girls. So many sweet children taken by the lust of strange men. 😪 I feel so blessed in my life…
Lori Hanlon
Extremely well done documentary! I was So happy they were rescued!!!! Is there an update by any chance? All 3 of them are So Intelligent & Strong 💕💕Thank You for sharing their Story.
Lola Ayedun
Made me cry. I really love their bond. I pray that they will make it and have a great future.
Sonia Gignac
Its difficult for me to see that men can conduct themselves like this toward underages young women . I am sure they know what they are doing is wrong , but they stiil do it ! As a father that make me sick !
cHeRriE uY
Would be nice to have a follow-up on how the girls are doing now because their transformation could be an inspiration to others.
Rotia Hikawai
Very sad. I wish them and all the ladies the best. I hope everyone learns from these young ladies.
This was 10 years ago, I really hope they are in a better place today
Jose Rivera
I am so glad that these three were helped. I pray they completed all and now lead productive lives. My prayers are with all these folks.
Loved seeing at the end the crew did a fundraiser to help these young girls become what they had always hoped for 🥰
Lilliane Nyakaisiki
The responsibility these kids have on their hands is enormous. Hope they grow into sane humans given the trauma they’ve had to live with.
I’m glad that the people who made this film helped these women to achieve their dream of becoming a beautician. Everyone has problems no matter how small.. God bless them
What a sad documentary….Thank you so much for helping these sweet, lovely girls out! May God Bless these 3 young ladies in their future endeavours and may they find happiness and prosperity . 🙏🏼🍀♥👋🏼🇨🇦
So sad and so glad they got rescued,I truly hope they NEVER went back to that horrible EXISTENCE.
Thats a beautiful blessing you gave those girls ! Thank you !💜
Man what an eye opening we take a lot of things for granted here in the US
Glenn Robinson
MamaKitty 0630
The story of these 3 just broke my heart. You cannot look down on them they’re babies living in a world that won’t allow them to be children. It’s so sad and my heart bleeds I wish I could hold them and tell them everything will be okay but I can’t and it won’t
This was heartbreaking disturbing and horrifying my heart went out to the girls as a mother myself
Blake Marb
Im really really happy the girls has been rescued..i am really filled with great joy after seeing the last words..really… God bless the crew always..
Stephanie Lu
I’m a single Mom in the US and my ex is pathetic. I at times think it’s so hard. Then I see this. My life even on my worst day is immeasurably better than these girls. Gives me a perspective that I should be more appreciative of how my life is. My heart truly breaks for these girls! 😢
Their are beautiful souls, I wish them nothing but the best. They are an example of resilience and self-sacrifice for us all 💕
Lone Wolf
Very sad thing going on around the world. Every since this video was made I hope the girls are doing much better with their new situation.
Vuvu Fuze
💗Sending love and hope for these strong and determined girls, their innocence sacrificed by the love of their mothers and yet they are hopeful about the future, wishing them all of the best
Shevonne Reynolds
My heart goes out to these poor girls💔
What a wonderful thing they did for those girls….🌹💝
Bo Uce
As a Khmer man, this story hurts me very deeply. I have done much to help, but my efforts seem like a drop IIF tears in an ocean. I do love and respect these precious and beautiful nieces of mine, even though we are not related to me by blood. To me, they are courageous.
Mother MahaPP
these girls made me cry, i hope they’ll have a bright future <3
J.K Fitz
So thankful to see the last part… I am so thankful they can get a start on their forever future and get out of prostitution !
Gibson Girl
My heart goes out to these girls
marnie p
The anguish, sadness and pain on these girls faces when they are lined up breaks my heart.
Ash Bear
My heart hurts so deeply for them.
Cindy Watts
What a heartbreaking, beautiful movie. Thank God these girls are saved (thank you!). I will donate to help other Cambodian girls. Thank you for making this film. Please do a follow up with Srey Leak, Me nea and Cheta. praying for them.
Seems like no matter where you go you find people willing to pimp their daughters out. This will never change as long as they keep us working our precious lives away to make them richer. What price your soul…
Muctarr williams
Such an intriguing and heart felt story of no fault of their own, as these girls in a woman’s world to survive, live on laws made by men. This is mans world they say. We can’t do nothing without a woman in it, they’re like our mothers, Sad.
Dennis King
This is heartbreaking as it is sad. The ultimate men’s inhumanity to women
Amanda Schroeder
My heart is breaking for these girls!
Vero Escobar
This story is so sad… I’m glad that the girls were rescued
I’m very happy they were rescued but before that I’m so sad when the mother told one of the girls to make more money for the family to live for , and the other girl saying that she didn’t regret losing her virginity to save her mom GOD BLESS THEM AND THOSE PEOPLE THAT HELP THEM GOT OUT…….. from USA 🇺🇸
Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu #319
These girls are so sweet I wish I could help them. Edit:Ah! I didn’t see the end before this. How nice!
marnie p
Heartbreaking, i hope that they have managed to go on to have a better life but poverty is an evil destructive thing.
I can’t believe a mother can just talk like that to her own daughter – “Go work and make some more money for the rest of the family, I don’t have enough… take care of yourself, there are bad ppl out there… ” such irony…
Pauline Malone
My heart is breaking for the people in this situation.
Gwendolyn Mac
It’s crazy that these young girls have to support their families…and that their families make requests & attempts to manipulate/guilt them. If more young boys were being exploited in this way…would the world be turning such a blind eye?
Rudolph Mendoza
I really love YouTube university school, especially as we see the hard lives of others from different perspective or sad situations; by these great documentaries of life in the global village.
Coiled Steel
My heart goes out to Cambodia, and how we totally abandoned this gentle people to that horrific monster, Pol Pot, who nearly destroyed Cambodia in 1975! The worst part of it is, these other monsters of the Khmer Rouge, have NEVER been tried and convicted of any Crimes, and are still roaming free! Such a sad legacy that Cambodia is left with now as they hope and struggle towards a uncertain future.
Aliya Bugtti
That mom really made me angry her daughter sold her virginity for her health and family and the daughter is helpless and hates her job but the mom still pressures her it’s heartbreaking I get their not in the best circumstances but it’s just so heartbreaking telling her to earn more x my heart and prayers go out to these girls and pray they are still ok
faith rachael
Thank u real stories for empowering these beautiful girls 👍👏👏
Solar System
Beautiful girls. Lovely ending, thank you for the post and helping them.
Pooper Scooper
How utterly depressing not more than kids bless them. I hope in the following years were kinder x
Palanichamy Perumal
I happen to visit the Angkor What – Cambodia few years back. Such a beautiful country with peace loving beautiful people with fantastic historical background. I am very pained see these sordid stories of those gentle people.
Omg I wish I could help those young ladies. It hurts to see them do what they have to do in order to survive.
Melody Hess
I’m glad they got help..I felt so bad for them.may God watch over them.and continue to be bless
Nu Man
This was heartbreaking!!
This is very heart breaking — The mother asking her daughter to keep working to send her money day by day, knowing what kind of work she has to do — The girl seemed so happy to make $10 tip in one day and for $100 loan, the interest is $2.00 a day …. nuts. Their clubs should provide them with at least condoms so that the girls dont get sick or become pregnant…
love&music ice
I impressed to their friendship it’s sweet and awesome I wish I have friends like them…
Sad to see them sad so often. That one girl was smart not to have a second child and multiply her problems ! But the only “trafficking”, was them trafficking themselves around on scooters & taxis.
則巻アラレ Norimaki Arare
I wish Srey Leak, Me Nea ,Cheata and their families are now having good lives in Cambodia or other countries. They went through really tough lives and adversities when they were young.
MomOnMission CamiFlauge
Oh, how I wish I could help these young girl’s. Could you imagine this being your child? God help this world become a better place.🙏💟
cha cha
Its really hard to escape in a situation when that situation is the only way to live 😭💔 may the Lord give you other path of life where you don’t need to sell your body just to live.
Aaron Hahn
This is SO sad and depressing, I wish there was something I could do other than be glad of where I was born… I wish I could just help one of these ladies,,… even just one. More would be better. 🙁
Ma. Fe Jordan
I cried…so touching story..Dont lose hope behind the clouds the sun is still shining.
Thank you for helping them. God bless you all.
Lj Love
Thank you for saving the girls and somehow, They can fulfill their dreams.
Anna Diekmann
Thank you for saving the girls!
Mp 6891
I am glad the girls are safe now.. God bless them
Mariah Boazman
For all of those in the comments saying ‘no one knows poverty like this so…’ NO!!! I’d sell myself instead!!! Never your babies who you are meant to nurture and protect. That is your job. No one can tell me different.
I kind of wish the subtitles were better translated, there was so much important information they missed out or even translated incorrectly.
Antoinette Pusey heartbreaking! Beautiful friendships formed😍
Susie Lowe
so sad ..i wish each of them girls much happier lives 💖
Manasa Nallani
This makes me realise how grateful I should be to god for giving me a wonderful life. May world become free of prostitution and all the girls get to lead a respectful and happy life
This is definitely a touching story. I wish nothing but the best for them.
Great documentary…hope the girls r doing well. Would b great to see an update.
Tyronee Mitchell
38:00 this is just a dream damn no words I’m so thankful for the life I have because anyone of us could’ve been them
I hope these ladies find peace and happiness
Ernest Kwok
not sure why this always happens in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. A girl is always forced to sell her body and the rest of the family isn’t working. The mother of the family always wants to help the uncle or the extended family in terms of monetary.
Fantastic documentary. Very well made.
Blaze Ash
These young beautiful girls are drained of life. You can it in their faces as they speak. Just terrible and hurts.
i want to cry for them even now their are other girls doing this suffering im glad these 3 where helped and i pray they get there happy but i cry for the others
grade 8 section a
They are the ones who are in need but they also try their best to give everything they have without hesitating to share. God Bless to them.
Would like some kind of follow up. This was 10 years ago. Very depressing.
AMH Movies/TV Shows
That was sad. I’m truly blessed.
YouTube video
I want just say thanks for this documentary, ,, I’ve learnt a lot although I did cry a lot,,,, my heart broken in pieces, ,,
Rissa A.
I’m a mother of 2. There’s no way that I would allow my kids to sell their bodies to support me. If we all have to eat wild grass just to survive then we would. They’re my responsibility until they’re an adult and can fend for themselves. I’m responsible for their future.
Johnny Wang
Sacrificing Ur own dignity for someone precious to you is very brave, but at the same time I feel a surge of idiocy hitting me. But the reason behind why they done it is greater
Joan Berry
So heartbreaking!
tina robb
Takes alot to make me break down in tears, made my donation everyone should copy and paste link to there social media…beautiful outcome
zahid zada
😢 Nothing more in my eyes.
mandy edwards
My God.. That really put my disability troubles and daily pain into perspective. I can at least get meds to cope with the pain and don’t have to sell my body to pay for them. Life is so sodding unfair isn’t it but we are not helpless.. we can all help by giving what we can afford to those that need it, however small it may seem. Did you notice how those three beautiful souls didn’t waste time competing with each other or judging each other like so many seem to do, but instead chose to be there for each other through it all. Doesn’t it just remind us never to judge how others live until you have at least tried to walk in their shoes for a day… although tbh I don’t think I’d have the courage to endure what those girls had to to help those they loved….. Im so so so happy that they were rescued by the film crew and able to follow their dreams… they all so deserved it.
Meer tonen
Vilma Arce
This video breaks my heart. What a sad reality!
tAnkOhOlliC 213
The way that mother demands money from her daughter just pissed me off. I mean yes she’s I’ll. But that’s your child for Christ sake. You should’ve been thankful for what she can only give you. It’s even hard for that mother to say take care. Wtf.
Yonn Doung
i love this real story and i feel sorry for them
Michael Barr
Dont blaim nobody but poverty…strong girls! good ending, good job!
Zoë Wolfchild
So sad. I don’t know if I can watch all of this now but I will try to return to this. It’s just so heartbreaking.
Just leaving a comment condemning the mothers while on your way to McDonalds in your SUV to by lunch for you and your two kids before heading to the mall to spend more money than these women make in a week really shows your privileged. Well done, Fitst world! you’ve won the birth lottery.
Juan Diego Corton
Cambodia needs a welfare state with good social services.
Alma Belhumeur
I know for sure if I had millions and billions like so many do I would be a true humanitarian. I don’t have much and I still share and help those in need. I have helped families with food and never was asked just showed up and never talked about it.
Cody Townsend
I feel so bad for these people…. How does the world become so messed up.
Tiffany Thomas
I really hope that man that just preformed that abortion really knew what he was doing.
Drain Monkeys
I feel heartbroken for these girls
Jandira Green
It broke my heart.
Greg Smith
These are three sweet girls. If I were their father they would not have to sell themselves to men. I have two daughters in their early 30’s that I help all I can. Fathers the world over need to stand up for and support their daughters.
edsal stephens
It’s so heartbreaking…
Annette Jones
Out of there negitive life at least they were able to achieve their dream of being hairdressers. I wish this was a perfect world !
Drain Monkeys
I’m so glad at end of video.. I see the girls were rescued
Drain Monkeys
These girls are all very sweet and lovely.. I feel so bad for them.. I just wish them to live in dignity
Philomena Peterson
I can only pray. I hope all this EVIL and DESTRUCTIVE practices will END.
Ingrid Åkerblom
When will women get treated better in this world.. makes me so angry..
Lynn Whitcomb
So sad, these girls are so beautiful and look so innocent yet are taken advantage of 😭
Keith knight
I get so pissed off knowing that a woman is treated like a piece of meat.. I was born and raised in the south and I was raised to respect and protect a children & woman know matter who they are.. W/o man and children are the gems of this world.. I would love to help all that I can..
Elliot Mann
We all suffer in life, in one way or another.
Robin Zero1
I loved hearing about there rescue…
jill simshauser
How can a mother tell her daughter to go sell her body to support her mothers family. Telling her it isn’t enough. Why doesn’t she go lay on her back instead of her underage daughter. So unfair. Infuriating.
peace and harmony
I stopped watching quarter way through, because I was unable to see my sisters and their daughters facing difficulties. Yaa Allah please help everyone who around the world.
Muzzo Malis
We are love Cambodian people’s, they can poor, but we know they have heart like diamond… One day everything will be changed for friendly Cambodian people’s… From Turkey 🇹🇷
Sweet Dreams
The moment you watch the documentary and it becomes unbelievable sad, but you stayed until the end because of the comments.
Shayona Patel
I feel bad for this girls, my take home, let everyone work for the life they hope to live in future, don’t burden your kids with your problems. This is sooo heartbreaking, but when I picture my life, the only difference is that i have to take care of my parents through a white collar job, but I should not have to had my parents just taken care of their future and not imagined that they were investing in their future as opposed to mine when they took me to school. I am grateful all the same but parents should do better.
Jenelle Aylward
Im so sorry for ur mothers passing and what u r going through my heart breaks for all u young girls. 💔 MAY GOD BLISS YE GIRLS!!!!!! If I could help I wpuld love to come visit and help u get supplies. Cruel World!!
Ravi kiran
I am heart broken. We all need to do something.
Faids RMT
Being a virgin is a big deal for unmarried female there and yet in some other countries they gave it to their boyfriends freely. Sometimes like a monthsary gift and yet they don’t have to worry if someone will marry them coz they aren’t virgin anymore. 😂 But I’m saddened with these 3 girls stories 😔 Hope someday they will get the happiness they deserve.
Rossy Morales Molina
I am sad for theses young girls . God please help them. 🙏🏼
Poor girls, they look so scared and confused. Their childhood taken away.
rittar panjaitan
It is very sad to watch this😭, thanks God they have got helps ,God bless the people who have helped them
ralph ballard
There needs to be a follow up of these young ladies.So all of us subscribers an know how they are in their lives. Probably all subscribers would like updates on where they are and how each one is doing and what they are doing.
Marcello Mawlot
It’s really a sad story, me too I want to help them, but so far I have no chance due to far away from them.
Infiniti Styles
So, so sad and very disturbing. My sister is 14 and I can’t even imagine…. I just can’t even imagine
Pov Yi
When I went to Cambodia in 05 I hand out money to the unfortunate ones $20 each and close relatives $50-$100 each..I’m hoping to go visit again in 2020..
sha Richardson328
I so wish I can just help girls like this in other countries and I say other countries cux although USA have poor ppl u can still go into a church or pantry n get free food they don’t have things like that in other countries …poor ppl out here are selling their bodies to get an apartment school etc…….these girls literally have to do it or they will starve to death smh I pray god blesses every girl out there like this
jay garce
I was in Vietnam and Cambodia in the 70’s. Not much has changed except the number of charity organizations and NGO’s that have increased in numbers and keep soliciting for more money. Meanwhile the top CEO’s make between $200K to $500K annual salaries not to mention what the local officials make. Of course their jobs also come with perks like driving around in $60K 4 wheel drive vehicles in the city and other benefits like first class airline travel. Don’t forget the golf business expenses and 5 star accommodations. Ok, so maybe not all charities are like this but there have been enough of them to leave me skeptical and think they take care of themselves first and the poor they are suppose to help second. Like I said, not much has changed.
Forget Your Life
“I can’t stop laughing that he asked for the Gold Roast coffee”
boba boa
there was actually some incorrect translations (i speak khmer), but it was portrayed enough in their emotions.
Janise Wright
Amen! Blessed are the crew
pedicab films
im crying at least they found a way out…
A Colley
Where are the men? Why aren’t they working? God bless women and forgive those who are forced into this life.
Rachel Garcia
I wish I could just hug these girls.Beautiful people so giving and they have nothing. ThankGod the crew to this film helped them Is there a fund for them?
lol, the fortune teller is actually trying to help
Haddingtonian GCP
This was a difficult watch in so many ways. Had to literally watch it all the time or ill miss a sentence. Sigh.
jackie nando
Shout out to the fortune teller who was just sharing the truth-basically a therapy session
Carmencita Garcia
Owner of Soul must KNOW how to distribute PILLS for these poor ladies. Really felt sorry for these girls.
Manisha Sharma
I cant stop my tears after watching this..
Sophia Qasem
This makes me very sad those little girls. Of course even me I got pregnant before married bt when I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant he was very happy that his eyes where full of tears, bt I feel so sorry for that little girl I can’t imagine how helpless they will feel when there r in bad situation n again that pregnant I wish I could help her.
Keenan K
Kind sick to my stomach. To see how girl treat like piece of meat. All over the world.
अनिल गुहागरकर
Very heart touching.. If I can do for them to get better place… I will definitely do… Why god is so cruel for poor people… Why god is not pity for them.. They also have the right to live better life
Merhawi Syoum
Very sad story. Credit to the film. Maker. Excellent documentary
Meer tonen
Nicola Tutti
Is there any way I can get in contact with any of these girls so I may help them financially?
Aliya Bugtti
Really felt for the girl in debt more and more things to borrow for and she wants to leave her job but when ur in debt never ending cycle just wanna hug her x
Amelia B
Wonderful film ❤
i dont judge these girls or thai girls or philipino girls at all id seen the way they live in thailand its all about survival hope they found happiness .
I hate the fact that there is no mechanism by which someone like me can help someone like the girl who is struggling to pay back the $100 debt. I could send someone like her $100 and barely feel it, but there’s no way to have visibility into those needs and no way to get the help directly to those who need it. I can’t fix somebody’s whole life but I could take care of a well-defined, finite need like $100 to pay a debt. But it’s not possible.
Tshering Yuden
These gals are real angels…. TheIr selfless sacrifice to their parents is overwhelming… May god bless them.
This is sad and sick I hope the world gets over soon Because everywhere it’s only women who suffer, poor girls. No humanity left
Julia Kun
god blessed them family! it really make sad and heart broken that this girl got go through!
Romeo Ortiz
it so hard to see those young girls how they has to struggle to for a living
If you intend to listen to this and not watch, make sure your Cambodian language is up to par.
Sammy Blue Eyes
These poor girls. God please help them. Their bodies were not made by you for this abuse. My heart hurts for them all.
Morgan Carlisle
She pregnant by a client? I b feeling bad for myself.
LIeb Lee
This is so sad . God help them🙏🙏🙏
Luoy Chau
Very sad, the girls are so capable but no ones to help them or just guide them to the right path. Success they all can be with some works of course. Wish them all the best.
Idk why I watch these things knowing I’m going to be left feeling angry and hopeless. Why can’t humans be decent?!
James Dean
Drain Monkeys
Asian culture demands the young take care of the old.. so those saying mom is lazy or whatever just do not understand the culture. I was married to a Thai woman for 4 years… and I experienced this first hand
Randy W Horton
This matter seems to start with the parents and end with the parents. When you fail to take care of your child and then raise them to think your pain is their burdin and you support them selling them self you are evil.
DeVon Chase
Thank you the update on the rescue. And thanks to be to God for the 2nd chance at life
The Average Teens | ATs 👾
This was 2008 vid i hope ពួកគាត់បានមេីល Videoនេះ The subtitles wasnt getting enough details but its amazing when they portray how tragedy of the girls’ lives They were so strong ft their lives
Josette Auguiste
When a person is poor it make them subject to anything…so sad
Makeupqueenbri Bri
The women should come together with their money, buy food, make full meals, and sell the food and split the money… That will help them hopefully. They could also buy a sewing machine with the same plan to put money together to make blankets and sell them as well.. It’s a start to help themselves if the government won’t help. They can sell within their community. Team work.. And when they make enough money doing the other things I named they can flip the money into a farm and hire other prostitutes to save them from that life to help out with the farming to make money and buy food. Once the farm is right they can help the needy who don’t have anything.
Michelle Minjoot
The promotion & use of safe contraception for all these women & more in their community will benefit these poor girls if there is no way out.
I wonder what has become of the three young ladies now 2019
Seeing this all of us in better positions around the world ought to donate money to the poverty stricken areas in our countries and (if we are able) to others. Thats the only way i can think of
The postscript is the best thing about this documentary.
Douglas Charrois
Who are these unbelievably sick men who create this demand?? I am sad we are of the same species 🙁
R. R.
These girls despite their sad stories were given chances to better their lives..but there are still so many out there still waiting for the bleakness and hopelessness of their lives to change one day.
M. M.
YAY!!! the 3 girls were rescued!!!!!
Staci Towery
Everyone has their hands out😰
Libra libra
i wish in the future they can have better life…ALWAYS remember GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME
I”m soo happy to be living in Canada
Oliver Helbing
What is the difference between a daughter of a poor rice farmer in Asia and one of an investmentbanker in the west? The rice farmer daughter has more social responsibility, helping her family. And the bankers family live on basis of the poor. This is absurd and has to stop.
Rachel W
I actually found this story quite beautiful rather than simply “depressing” as most of the comments say… sad yes, life is sad much of the time, in many different ways for all of us… I found it beautiful that the girls made their own family and supported eachother through trials and tribulations of life on this planet. And I LOVE that the crew got them into beauty school! Hope they are living their dreams now…
Legolas Sigfrid
31.05 I wish to know this girl so i can help her. 🙁 blessings to all of them
Jason Sandifer
A response I wrote to an article on Child Marriage; I don’t understand why anyone would attempt to marry a child, this is unthinkable, children are not capable of Romantic Relationships, they cannot process adult Relationship lifestyles. They are children and function as children, they are being placed, and forced in adult Relationship situations, and they cannot process nor understand it until they are Adults. Nothing about a child is capable of handling a Romantic Relationships, Physical Relationships, Mentality handling Adult Relationships, and Lifestyles and financial matters. A Child cannot understand the Deeper Matters of the Hearts, or Deep involved Love connections etc. So, it baffles me to think any man would be interested in a relationship with a child. Why not choose an Adult Woman who is matured in Mind, Body, and Spirit, intelligence…? I could NEVER be attracted to s child. (I have NEVER, NEVER BEEN attracted to a child nor teenager male or female) Children need to be focused on getting their early childhood education, and growing up around other children and playing with other children. I cannot fathom why a man would be interested in a Child as a Bride. A Child could NEVER appreciate Romance, Poems, Dinning, or a Dinner date etc. Really! marry a child…this makes No sense to me! (I have NEVER, NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN attracted to a child nor teenager male or female) Jason Sandifer, Michigan, 11/10/2018 Reposted message
Meer tonen
stacy Q
Thank u for saving these girls
The Average Teens | ATs 👾
This is better than Keeping up with kadashians becuz this is # Real stories WInk wink This is such a beautiful story I wonder Where They are now
Kathy H
I wish I had a big enough home to house at least 10 girls , provide safety and care to help heal their physical and emotional needs.. this is beyond heart wrenching
Drain Monkeys
In a way I find the simple village life a very attractive idea… but not with the financial issues… I’d love a coup,e acres of land, a beautiful fertile garden, chickens pigs.. etc… a modest house with running water and electricity, internet and enough money to buy a few things…and a thousand Kratom trees..I’d be a happy man
Jakub Šíma
Oh dear, i wish i could help those girls..
JUrtans channel
life without light and big dreams is just existence
ralph ballard
ignore my previous comment, I was mistaken the woman/ young lady, I spoke of her name isn’t Cheata. The young lady’s name is “Me Nea” all three girls are very attractive, but I love how “Me Nea” looks.
Kristyl Robinson
UPDATE THINK I FOUND THEM ON FB ! Seem to all be doing well
wolverine xx
they are beautiful even without any makeup looks so much better than most westerners with.
Antonio Kinsey
Out of all the Asian accents, to me, this sounds like such a pleasant sound to the ears. Thailand has a similar effect.
Dušan Osadský
What a sad world that we live in…and greedy billionaires do not know what do with money…I am not a millionaire but if Ican I do always share with those once who are not so lucky….love from Slovakia.
koh jun kee
a very sad world…hope these girls lives will changed better
I’m a mom and I rather die than sell my kid! How horrible any parents allowed that!
Bluntly Blondie
I will never understand these mothers.
Mainah bt Osman
Almost 12 year’s old.. I really hope them really in good condition now and have a new better life with future husband…. And enough food n money to survive… And maybe i should take her services
Bluntly Blondie
I guess I will Probably never understand how people are just so easily able to ask others for help. They don’t even say please they just say buy me this, give me this….. I don’t get it.
Frances Angelou Aujero Blanza
This is insane, how can this people manage to force their daughter to do such thing like this. For what? For money? To have a better life? Whatever your reason it will never be acceptable because you let men remove your daughter’s humanity. You let them removes herself and those qualities that define her as an individual. How can you let these things happened? Why? It is all because of money and human greed,  it is true that you will have money and a better life when you force your daughter into this kind of work but you should remember money won’t last forever. Parents should be the one molding and teaching their child to be a better person but how can you do this if you are the reason of your daughter’s downfall. You didn’t just ruined her life but you also deprived her of her right to live like normal person does. Please don’t be blinded by your own dream to have a better life because while you are achieving your dream, little by little you are also destroying your daughter’s life. This kind of things was driven by evil and it slowly taking your daughters life. Remember family is more important than money. I feel sorry for the women who experienced this kind of treatment. Always remember that while you are happy, your daughter are also pleading and shouting to stop this thing. Your families dream and happiness were killing and wrecking your daughter. They’ve gone too far, respect to human rights are no longer practice. They’ve been hurting women and depriving them of their rights to live a life that they dreamed of. They are being unfair, while men are enjoying, womens are hurting. They are blinded by their beliefs, that they manage to ruin and take away someone’s life. Respect is important, without it, things will change and it will bring destruction to everyone. If human right was no longer served then many people will suffer. We should treat each other equally, for in the eyes of GOD, we are all the same. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!😇
Meer tonen
max macdonald
God bless the thai. Such lovely hearted people.
Rebecca Ligameri
It really hurts my heart these girls are selling their bodies and soul selflessly for everyone else but themselves. They are putting themselves in debt for their family and can barley afford food for themselves. It also said a lot his year is of rat and hers is dragon. Strong women. All of them. Next time I have bad day I’ll think twice before I even think about feeling sorry for myself. These girls are still considered children where I’m from. God bless them all.
Michelle Evans
so sad may the goddess send blessings to these people blessed be
I felt very sad of their story. This is the reality of being poor. 😟😟😟
P O V E R T Y…..😢😢😢
Jason Sandifer
A response I wrote to an article on Child Marriage; I don’t understand why anyone would attempt to marry a child, this is unthinkable, children are not capable of Romantic Relationships, they cannot process adult Relationship lifestyles. They are children and function as children, they are being placed, and forced in adult Relationship situations, and they cannot process nor understand it until they are Adults. Nothing about a child is capable of handling a Romantic Relationships, Physical Relationships, Mentality handling Adult Relationships, and Lifestyles and financial matters. A Child cannot understand the Deeper Matters of the Hearts, or Deep involved Love connections etc. So, it baffles me to think any man would be interested in a relationship with a child. Why not choose an Adult Woman who is matured in Mind, Body, and Spirit, intelligence…? I could NEVER be attracted to s child. (I have NEVER, NEVER BEEN attracted to a child nor teenager male or female) Children need to be focused on getting their early childhood education, and growing up around other children and playing with other children. I cannot fathom why a man would be interested in a Child as a Bride,( or any intimate sexual manner whatsoever) A Child could NEVER appreciate Romance, Poems, Dinning, or a Dinner date etc. Really! marry a child…this makes No sense to me! (I have NEVER, NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN attracted to a child nor teenager male or female) This is beyond my comprehension… Jason Sandifer, Michigan, 11/10/2018
Meer tonen
Terance The Indomitable
Why was there no narrator? It flows easier. There’s a reason that most videos like these have one.
Kayobyo Barbara
This is despicable……very disturbing to say the list!!! Who saw that requirement list of the relative in prison, gold roast coffee . When did we loose humanity.
Mickle Pickle
This was difficult to watch. Life shouldnt be that difficult. What those young girls/women have to go thru is heart wrenching.
Poverty is the greatest crime of humanity.
Bluntly Blondie
I will never understand these mothers.
neelam subba
Osom documentary 😻
Jonas A. Hilty
The reason some of my writing is ,I am fighting corruption that the cops don’t want tackle ,but it’s getting to be fun !! If you use psalms ,the age you are is where you will find your self the most ,the chapter with same number ,usually it’s the chapter in front of you’re age !! The reason is we have reached that point and are adding days to reach the next number !! Even with the new testament ,I can find where we are at ( and this is how )!! Add the days of the year we have lived far ( this is a leap year ,so remember February has a extra day ) !! Then count the chapters in the new testament down the line ( and if I remember correctly it’s chapter 10 or 11 today )!! If you get bad just Finnish if you able to and move to a different one further back ,still getting bad read one in one of the other books or the last chapter and I love the one in psalms it’s short ,psalm 117 is another short one if you get to much bad ,if it moves often enough it confuses the enemy ( usually the utter corrupt and can be very funny to watch or even hear it )!! If you are what they call isolation ,enjoy the people causeing the problem won’t like it and it’s doing something written to do ,confound the corrupt ( they are wrongly trieing to control us ,they often use a scare tactic )!!
Meer tonen
Ben new land
😰😰 what a sad story. Because of at home they have to sell their own flesh. Why why there’s nobody to help them. Fathers why you left your children.
Ms. Rae
The REAL solution to this is teach the boys how to Literally build their own houses from scratch and teach the girls natural remedies for sicknesses. Money or at least the way we understand it is not everything. Skill is.
Tyronee Mitchell
Just a question if they are all in the same boat they know what these girls do already but the fact that they are asking them to support them is beyond me I get they are poor and If your from the USA you have it better off but what I don’t like or understand is how can they play on their weaknesses like I’m getting thin I want you to send me things but be careful when you’re out there so sad it’s a way of life for them these girls please watch over them and pray for their future
3asem عاصم
My heart is broken. Oh my God!
Heide-Raquel Fuss
If we western or american people, would choose a family to give them monthly a check, they could sustain a whole family and go to school. That would be a good intention. But sadly, we rather spend it on bling bling and stupidity. Sadly
Romina Constenla
I’m too depress to watch this right now.
Haggai Mulenga
How about creating a network of helping these young ladies, let them study abroad through the help of everyone who feels compassion on them, it’s really easy to tell the mother that she is a fool by sending the child in prostitution if you have never faced poverty and hunger, Instead of condemning parents and national leaders, I would like to involve myself in helping one though I have no much money
shawn devine
This is just awful..I’m such a believer in god but sometimes seeing this makes me wonder…
Ash RedDog Mom
That baby!! 😢
chief 1 redwolf
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son whoever believes in him will not perish but will have everlasting life
Jenny Thornton
How can a mother put her daughter through this it’s disgusting how these girl are treated my heart breaks for these girls they are just money making machines for there families .parents are supposed to protect there children not condone the abuse these girls are going through
This is very sad to watch. I’m so sorry for these young girls.
Gothus Touchstone Singularity
Where is this Soul place? Looks like a fun place to go visit.
Karen Cas
this angers me. out of all the millionaires & billionaires throughout the world, children, teens, & adults are living in abject poverty generation after generation. none of them were taught how to survive financially. they do the same illegal or low paying jobs their families did. no one ever sought them out to teach them prosperity. i had always thought that those that traded the stock market had to be wealthy or very well-off anyway. so, i never researched it thoroughly. i recently learned other types of day trading where the deposit or investment was $10 or more. i couldnt believe it. it’s not taught in schools in the u.s.a. unless in a university you majored in finance or economics, etc. it’s like “they-the wealthy” kept their money making secrets to themselves and unless you buy their books or attend their $2000 seminar, you will get some information, but not all the information. if these young people had someone in their lives who went looking for them, and taught them how to trade other entities besides stocks and bonds, bought them an iPhone or smartphone that would be used to help them trade, helped them get a bank account, helped to set them up when they began profiting, their lives would be financially better….a whole lot better. all it takes is someone to reach them and teach them how to day trade forex, gold, oil, etc. the age in the u.s.a. is 18 to day trade, other parts of the world, i dont know. so many wealthy people go to their countries-asia, africa, etc, stay in a 5-star hotel, glitzy-glam $3000 a night room and have their chauffeur drive them somewhere while they pass poverty-stricken villages and look the other way. smh. i have the strong passion for poverty-stricken people and to teach them what i’ve learned and to see them prosper and change their lives and their families lives. i’ve prayed to God and one day it will happen. but in the meantime, there’s over 3 million subscribers to this channel and i know that some know how to easily make legitimate money where they can teach people in other countries. my heart is day trading, that’s what i’ve recently learned. yours could be another legal area. help them please
Meer tonen
Ran Nuon
Im praying for the girls and the country
Dick Oldham
I hope the 3of you… have a wonderful an enjoyable life….turn your life around…be blessed
Clarabella Griffin
Horrible babies makes me sick and 😭
Love Zion
God bless you and may we be a blessing to Him 🔥👥
Majestic Dark Horse
It’s female nature when she encounters puberty, back-talk, the “urges”, female competition, male pressure, smelling themselves, they claim the parent doesn’t listen. A male role model in a home is a “Boat’s anchor” (Order) in a “sea” of female emotions in the home. Add poverty to the equation with an undisciplined child we now have a mental or emotional decision that lacks guidance & “logic”. Bible: Matthew 6:24 New International Version 24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. God rewards faith.
Meer tonen
Dan B
What ever happened to the girls, are they safe still?
Mike Kelesis
Not to begin an argument about it, but just to point it out this video proves there’s a desire most guys have for an “inexperienced” woman just as men have desired for thousands if not tens of thousands of years. Unlike here in westernized culture where we’ve been brainwashed to believe that the more partners a woman has “engaged” with the better she is. But then and I’m gonna make a bold statement; Maybe this partially explains pedophilic desires here in the west the male desire to be with a virgin and the only virgins are 13 years old. Think about it!
Meer tonen
Sick. This is patriarchy.
Hearty Heart
They need real love and care… These girls are so young…hurts to see them like this…@14. 27 ….The mother asks the daughter to earn more money for the rest of the family.asks her to send the tips earned ….and just for name sake seems to say a word to take care and that there are lot of bad people .. Does she think or care for her daughters difficulties ?.
These are the people we should be bringing to Australia, America and the UK. Not rich immigrants.
Atir X
Human atrocities such as this are are partly the result of no government financial safety net for the poor & indigent. Think about this the next time you complain about public assistance.Desparate people do desparate things. 😯
Brian Kulakowski
these families are destroying these woman lives! they should feel shame .instead they are greedy and cold self serving !!there should be laws against this it’s a shame the family members ask to much. these young girl tears are from real pain it seems to be burning them up and they are good people not drug addicts or alcoholics they are just dirt poor then its always more pressure this is a good doc,heartbreaking to say the least
Helen Preston
Where is GOD, cards don’t predict ones future, man’s word is no good at all.
I think other countries like Vietnam & Thailand and other 3 rd countries all very similar and same like this. Poverty will continue if this continues as well. Depressing!!!
I cant watch this reality of the society…. IDK how such things exist and people do nothing about them… As a young teen i feel shattered for them…We have all the infrastructure and health facilities so we are enjoying things. On the other hand, there are people in the world who are living in so bad conditions.. I hope when i will be a supporting cause to help these kids… And i will save my money to help them…. and not buy these branded clothes, rather donate to charity…. so some people can be helped in some way… Thanks to this channel.. for telling me about this reality
Meer tonen
And…Bill Gates have so much that doesn’t know what to do with it….sigh
kungleng phou
i am cambodian. it broke my heart am crying
watching them go to villagehow well kept homes are really green grass etc and now i know that most places they sell their daughters then daughter prostitute and send all money home my heart hurts seeing these girls and many more i thank that the people doing doc for rescuing these 3 im crying watching this and i pray these past 10yrs have been good for them and not gone back to doing what they used to do and that if got a nice life they will pass on and help other young girls
aNna ab
what other people dont understant is they dont hv way out…
aa zbmoog
Curses curses that this should be going on… Those who do those things curse the world
Mike Lomeli
This is a sad situation.
I straight up thought Gold roast coffee. !!! Cheeky git.
Lj Love
So sad life for the girls 😥
Radha Rao
These daughters doing things which they do not want to do , just for their parents and for the sake of their family. And still world will prefer a boy child. May god bless them and give them happiness , may not be in this birth but next births.
chief 1 redwolf
Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all These Things will be added to You ⛪❤🌎
Callie Craft
Nirvavas Nectar
Everyone is talking about how bad they feel for them, how they shouldn’t be doing this, or how much they want to help… YOUR COMMENTS DONT DO ANYTHING TO HELP OR CHANGE THE FATE OF THESE GIRLS! GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!
dorya po
Most of the girls on here are young mothers, the parents are to blame for not bringing them up properly. They don’t seem to have any physical handicaps why can’t they do manual work and earn money instead of selling their body, the money they earn from manual Labour will be lesser at least they’ll have their dignity. No one to blame but themselves.
Omg I just came back from Phnom Penh Cambodia… I think I passed by Soul Hotel many times!!!!!!
the world is rich people make it poor 3x satu.
Junior Rivera
Jenni Shantz
I just wonder if that time they already have COVID-19 because people are wearing mask 😷 Pray for all those girls and all the people and if I am a billionaire I will definitely help them out
Gottlieb Goltz
I’m glad it ends giving at least those girls a chance at their hopes. Yup.
nancy tak
Feeling bad for them
faith rachael
Being a virgin is worthless!?God what happened to humanity😢
Natalia Roman
the saddest part is that they think that they need a man to have a bright future. so much inequality in this world….
Marleo Ca
Same tragic/sad stories happen in all the countries with deep poverty:(
klaus voigt
…and in meantime the World kneels down for “Floyd the American Gangster”.Such Shame
Praise alexander
What a hard life
Aliya Bugtti
And the family member giving a whole list of items they wanted when these poor girls barely have anything left for themselves and put them self in a job they hate and could get hurt in again just my opinion
Cool Girl 007
We will never know how helpless are they untill you join the NGO
Jessica Laubacher
Look here all I hear is judgement but we as westerners dont really know poverty like this. Dont even have a inkling of what it really means to be poor and have no help. These governments care nothing for their people. They were once a very proud educated people until Pol Pot and his evil regime reduced the people to nothing but street rats and beggers. I feel sorry for these people and these girls and as a mother i say i would starve to death before my child did but faced with this in reality this kind of desperation i really dont know what i would do. I pray for the people here i pray for the whole world.
Tiffany Collins
There is enough wealth in the world to save everyone.
Emani Uta
rere kk
Atleast the ending made me happy
Consolidated Account
The problem with Cambodia is government unable to create more jobs for their citizen, at the same time living cost are very high. And, salary are relatively low.
Amaru Sheekuku
Once a man believes a virgin will bring him luck, youth and a long life. Ugh… it’s all she wrote You know how far he will go to get one. Now, is it ignorance or stupidity?????????
Alicia Bearss
To everyone who keeps blaming the relatives you’re not understanding there are no jobs there is nothing for them to do they have no education they cannot read they cannot write they have nothing to go with to have a job. So stop blaming them they cannot do anything that’s why there was Resort is usually to sell their child and that’s what the traffickers know
Anna Shin
These are the kinds of society , not only in Cambodia, where double stAndard is used so openly between sons n daughters n yet woman carries the dishonour badge no matter where they are n how🙄🙄
Ace Many
Life is cruel. Rich/Poor, Ugly/Beautiful, Strong/Weak….ya get the picture. You only get one life. So you what you gotta do to survive. If I was a Millionaire, I would build an American hood for these folks. They would think it’s paradise just because of running water and heat!! Free lunches!!
Kounthorn Ou-Jerome
Its sad that the little girls in Cambodia have to sell their body for money and to be honest there are very little opportunity for work, in order to have business you have to have money, pick the wrong business leaves you nothing ! Its not that the family is lazy the country is bad.
Cherri Paterson
How can these young girls moms or parent even allow their kids to gamble their bodies to support them? I would kill myself before Id let a daughter of mine do this. these girls will age very quickly and have short lives. my heart breaks a lot for them.
Debra Phillips
why do we live in such a rich world and starve the most vulnerable to this extent that evil thrives among the wealthy
Derrick Khut
I don’t even have to watch this story to understand the life of these young girls goes through. I am second generation of Cambodian I live and survived the cold civil war that was creat by great king and his regime POL POT. Never what I went through, but what I’m still seeing is the dirty style that the Khmer people. Sad reality, but these families left with very little choice. The old way of saying, you do what you have to do to survive. Even sometime can be the most degrading thing in the world. I have no one to blame but the Khmer governments( Greed). I continue to have hope for these girls and their family. But this is a life that you don’t an education. When the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. I visited Cambodia twice since I left at a young age. Its POL POT modern day. I’m so disappointed how the government have done nothing for their people.
Meer tonen
Steve B
I am from America. I will go back again and find a girl like this to marry
Jamakiah Eckert
So very sorry 😐 why have to be that way..humans are so evils
Zelda Jones
I find this very sick, about trafficking people, god steps in he’ll wipe all of this away, wake up all people you will burn gods way to bad.
Drain Monkeys
Imagine the idea where the biggest excitement of the day is being test negative for hiv…
as noodLe
omg! they are just minors! :’-(
Heavencrash Huang
唉~ 哀! 同樣生為人, 卻有天差地別的命運與遭遇! 如真有輪迴, 願來生不再生而為人, 因為萬般種種皆是苦~
William Lee
this is just too sad
Eloisa Macal
What happens when they get old? Because I am an old lady I know the answer! Men will be men.
Liana Marpaung
Only a sick man’s want to sleep with under age girls. Poor soul I feel for their pain inside. Iam come from Indonesia and I have seeing so many poor children’s live with nothing.
Harbinger Jit Kaur
Very sorry for these kids o god pls save all girl child frm this type f pain
God bless them… not to happen any human beings
Poonyahra Poonyahra
😔😔😔😔 very sad for them…
National association for educational trust Khan
I cant stop my tears want help them .allmighty protect them.
Clarkké Peterson