Tunnel vision

The fact that someone considers only one part of a problem or situation, or holds a single opinion rather than having a more general understanding 


Cambridge Dictionary

If you say that someone has tunnel vision, you disapprove of them because they are concentrating completely on achieving a particular aim, and do not notice or consider all the different aspects of what they are doing.

Collins Cobuild Dictionary

 An inability to see or understand all the aspects of a situation, an argument, etc. instead of just one part of it 


Oxford Dictionary

Tunnel vision is a term used to describe a narrowed or limited perspective, often resulting in a myopic or biased view of a situation or problem. The key points of tunnel vision can include:

  1. Narrow focus: Tunnel vision involves a limited or narrow focus on a particular aspect of a situation or problem, while ignoring or disregarding other relevant information or perspectives. This can result in a one-sided or incomplete understanding of the situation.

  2. Lack of perspective: Tunnel vision can cause a person to lose sight of the bigger picture or fail to consider the broader context or long-term consequences of their actions or decisions. This can lead to shortsightedness and an inability to see the potential implications of their choices.

  3. Biased perception: Tunnel vision can be influenced by personal biases, preconceived notions, or emotional attachments, which can distort one’s perception of reality. This can lead to a skewed or distorted understanding of a situation, as the person may only see what confirms their existing beliefs or expectations.

  4. Limited problem-solving: Tunnel vision can inhibit creative problem-solving and hinder the ability to explore multiple perspectives or consider alternative solutions. It can lead to a rigid or inflexible mindset, where the person may only consider a single course of action or solution, even if it may not be the most optimal or effective approach.

  5. Reduced adaptability: Tunnel vision can make it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances or new information, as the person may be resistant to incorporating new perspectives or revising their initial assumptions. This can lead to missed opportunities or failure to adapt to changing situations.

  6. Potential negative consequences: Tunnel vision can have negative consequences, such as making poor decisions, missing important details, or overlooking potential risks or challenges. It can also lead to conflicts or misunderstandings with others who may have different perspectives.

It’s important to be aware of the limitations of tunnel vision and strive to maintain an open, balanced, and inclusive perspective when evaluating situations or making decisions. Seeking input from others, considering multiple perspectives, and being willing to revise and update one’s views can help mitigate the effects of tunnel vision and lead to better decision-making and problem-solving outcomes.

1 Miscarriages of Justice ~Dowaliby Case~ Tunnel Vision – Part 1 of (3)

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23 aug 2010
A young girl goes missing from her home and is found dead. The father becomes the suspect despite there being no clear motive.

2 Miscarriages of Justice ~Dowaliby Case~ Tunnel Vision – Part 2 of (3)

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23 aug 2010
Miscarriages of Justice ~Dowaliby Case~ Tunnel Vision – Part 2 of (3)

3 Miscarriages of Justice ~Dowaliby Case~ Tunnel Vision – Part 3 of (3)

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23 aug 2010
Miscarriages of Justice ~Dowaliby Case~ Tunnel Vision – Part 3 of (3)

“Tunnel vision” is a term used to describe a cognitive bias where a person’s focus narrows to a single point, and they become unable to see or consider other factors that may be relevant. Some key points to keep in mind about “tunnel vision” include:

  1. Narrow focus: “Tunnel vision” can cause people to focus only on a specific goal or outcome, and ignore other important details.

  2. Limited perspective: Individuals with “tunnel vision” may fail to consider alternative viewpoints, leading to narrow-mindedness and inflexibility.

  3. Loss of peripheral vision: Those with “tunnel vision” may be unable to see or consider other relevant factors that are not directly related to their current focus.

  4. Risk of errors: Tunnel vision can lead to errors in judgment and decision-making, particularly if important information is overlooked.

  5. Causes: Tunnel vision can result from a range of factors, including stress, fatigue, cognitive overload, and cognitive biases.

  6. Management: It is important to recognize the signs of “tunnel vision” and take steps to manage it, such as taking breaks, seeking alternative perspectives, and practicing mindfulness and self-awareness.

4 Human Factors in Wrongful Convictions: Tunnel Vision

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19 nov. 2018

Retired Detective Jim Trainum explains the harm of focusing on a single or limited police or prosecutorial theory and seeking only evidence that confirms that particular theory.

kevin bernaciak
This happened to me. Spent over 13 years in prison for the first words I spoke or rather how I said the words. After that the investigation carried a focus on the those words. The detective used those words when he delivered the evidence to BCI. Can you imagine A guy that needs to be objective in examining trace evidence to have knowledge of nothing but negativity on his mind? My words taken out of context carried all the way through trial. Right into the into of the jury. I am innocent. Happened in 1986.Still trying to prove it.

5 Tunnel vision in criminal investigation

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20 mrt. 2020

https://www.gu.se/en/psychology/our-r… at the University of Gothenburg to find more information.

6 Human Factors in Wrongful Convictions: Confirmation Bias

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Dr. Sherry Nakhaeizadeh explains how people tend to interpret evidence in a way that confirms their assumptions and preconceptions.

7 William Michael Dillon – DNA Exoneree

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14 nov. 2011

William Michael Dillon was released in November 2008 after spending more than 27.5 years in prison for a murder that DNA testing proved he did not commit.Meet William and his family. Learn more about his story.
This story touched my heart, I’m so proud of you, William, for having the strength to endure those years and come out with dignity and strength. I live in Canada and was charged for crimes I had not committed (though nothing close to a charge of murder). I was able to defend myself in court and win. The charges were laid by an arrogant officer based on lies of a cheating man. I am grateful to be able to share my story here, and SO grateful to have heard yours. I’m proud of you. Stay strong!
Erma Smith
Almost 50 years old now. What a waste. They can never compensate him for what he lost. I’m amazed that a young man who worked two jobs would have been suspected of murder. God bless him. He doesn’t seem to be bitter at all.

8 “Black Robes and Lawyers” by Singer Songwriter William Michael Dillon

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7 okt. 2012

Music comes from tragedy in some forms! “Happily only some.” Black Robes and Lawyers was written in my prison cell in the 80’s on toilet paper during the most horrible time in my life. I would go on to serve “27 years ” as an Innocent Man finally cleared by DNA on Nov. 18, 2008, “Thank You to the keepers of Justice !!!!!! “

9 Innocence Project of Florida: Unlock the Truth

19 mrt. 2010

Learn about the Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) by hearing from two of its clients, Jamie Bain and William Dillon, and their families. Help IPF unlock the truth by visiting www.FloridaInnocence.org. Enjoy!

10 Wrongly-convicted William Dillon to sing National Anthem

19 jul. 2012

He spent 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. William Dillon is about to do something he never dreamed possible. He will sing the National Anthem at a Tampa Bay Rays game.

11 Chicago: The false confession capital


Gepubliceerd op 9 dec. 2012

It’s hard to believe people would confess to a heinous crime they didn’t commit, but they do — especially teenagers — and there is no place in the U.S. where this has occurred more than in Chicago. Byron Pitts reports.

8:45 This prosecutor is outrageous. She has the nerve to contend that the serial rapist who’s dna is found inside the victim is not the rapist/murder, but four people who didn’t leave a spec of dna at the scene are. This shows you what folks are up against out here. Some of these cops and prosecutors are just morally bankrupt.

12 Jimmie Gardner, Wrongly Convicted Of Rape Explains His Long Fight For Freedom While Serving 27 Years

Gepubliceerd op 11 mei 2017

In Part 2 of #NewsOne Now’s feature on wrongful convictions, Jimmie Gardner, the man who spent 27 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit explains the long, tedious process of finally being free from prison. _ Hit the thumbs up button if you want to see more content like this.

13 Miscarriages/Travesty of justice ~ Michael Crowe Case – Coerced Confession – Part 1 of (3)

Gepubliceerd op 23 aug. 2010
A beautiful young girl called Stephanie Crow was tragically lost to a sensless murder. The police unsure about who to suspect, and how the murderer gained entry into the victims house then decided to focus on the family.

However this is not just a miscarriage of justice it is a travesty of justice by the sheer incompetence, and shocking cold indifference of the police.

Michael Crowe was only a child when the police decided to railroad him for the murder of his sister. This case went so far off the tracks that Michaels friends were dragged into the police station and charged with murder.

Meanwhile the real killers clothes covered in Stephanies blood along with eye witness accounts in the locality of the murder that shows a disturbing modus operandie that involved stalking young girls, all evidence that should have been focused on lay neglected, and forgotton as police were determined to build a strong case against Michael Crowe. This story reveal’s how the Police can be shockingly incompetent, and yet are free to prosecute in any way they please.

Steven Cook
using a voice stress detector to determine if a person is lying? how do you know that’s not emotional stress causing false readings? just imagine your loved one being killed, and being questioned about your loved one’s death. I assume that you are at least feeling a little bit stressed already, which would give a false reading on that lie detector, which would make you look guilty. How many false readings could you get on a traditional polygraph test? because that’s what’s going on during a polygraph test also.
it should be illegal to question anyone without a lawyer

14 Miscarriages/Travesty of justice ~ Michael Crowe Case ~ Coerced Confession – Part 2 of (3)

Gepubliceerd op 23 aug. 2010

Miscarriages/Travesty of justice Michael Crowe Case Coerced Confession

15 Miscarriages /Travesty of Justice ~ Michael Crow Part 3 of 3( END)

Gepubliceerd op 23 aug. 2010

Michael Crowe part of confessions Justice part 3 of 3

16 Miscarriage of Justice: 15 Years in Prison for a Crime He Didn’t Do

Gepubliceerd op 16 feb. 2016

“It was like I was falling in a black hole,” Marvin Anderson said of the moment he was wrongfully convicted of a crime he never committed. Despite the evidence, the young black man had been sentenced to 210 years in prison.

17 DNA Clears Man after 35 Years

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Gepubliceerd op 17 dec. 2009

After spending over three decades in prison, 54-year-old James Bain was set free after DNA evidence proved that he could not have raped a boy in 1974. Jim Axelrod reports.

18 More convicts exonerated from Texas prisons

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Gepubliceerd op 30 apr. 2012

More and more men are being exonerated of wrongful convictions in Texas due to DNA evidence. Mark Strassmann reports on why this is happening and how the exonerated men are getting together.

19 Taxi In Denial Prank

Unknowing drivers come back to find that their cars has been transformed into taxis and that they have two clients waiting. They attempt to deny their new career of taxi driver but these two tourist and their giant suitcase will not leave them alone. They are clearly in denial about their new professional taxi career.