The term “deplorables” gained significant attention during the 2016 United States presidential election when it was used by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s nominee at the time, to refer to some of the supporters of her opponent, Donald Trump. The key points related to the term “deplorables” are as follows:

  1. Negative Connotation: “Deplorables” is a pejorative term, meaning it carries a negative connotation and is used to criticize or denigrate a particular group of people. In this context, it was used to describe some of Donald Trump’s supporters in a derogatory manner.

  2. Polarizing Language: The use of “deplorables” became highly controversial as it was seen as divisive and inflammatory language. It further fueled the perception of a deep divide between supporters of the two major presidential candidates, reinforcing the already polarized political climate.

  3. Alienation and Offense: The term was perceived by many as an insult to a significant portion of Trump’s supporters, leading to accusations of elitism and disregard for the concerns and beliefs of those voters. Some viewed it as an example of the disconnect between certain political elites and working-class citizens.

  4. Impact on the Election: The remark sparked significant backlash, with Trump’s campaign and his supporters seizing on it as evidence of Clinton’s elitism and disdain for a large portion of the American electorate. Some analysts suggested that the remark may have contributed to Trump’s success in appealing to voters who felt ignored or looked down upon by traditional politicians.

  5. Continuing Use: While the term gained prominence during the 2016 election, it continued to be used in subsequent political discussions to refer to various groups deemed undesirable or problematic by some commentators.

In summary, “deplorables” is a term with negative connotations, known for its association with the 2016 U.S. presidential election and its potential to evoke divisions and tensions in political discourse. Its use has been controversial and highlights the importance of using respectful and inclusive language when discussing political matters and engaging with different groups of people.

Cute Kitty Cat In Microwave Prank

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18 mei 2011

Hungry blind man asks for some help to microwave a whole fish for his lunch, but these Good Samaritans are confronted with a magic, tricked microwave. As soon as they open the microwave door, there’s an adorable, fluffy little kitty cat staring back at them and half of the fish has been eaten. Weirdly enough, everyone is too confused and surprised to do the most obvious thing in this situation – pick up the cute little kitten and give it a cuddle.

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