Boys will be boys


Said to emphasize that people should not be surprised when boys or men act in a rough or noisy way because this is part of the male character

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1 The Filipino Jails Crammed With Children And Adults Alike (2002)

12 dec. 2018

Child Prisoners (2002) – While detaining children in adult jails is against the law in the Philippines, there are no other places for juvenile offenders. They spend their youth amongst murderers and rapists. 
local authorities get round regulations by holding juveniles in separate cells. The token segregation has little effect however as cell doors are left open at night, leaving young prisoners exposed to the threat of rape. For child defence lawyer Esperanza Valenzona what is more scandalous is that prison offers children no possibility of rehabilitation; it’s a “University of Crime” in which boys take lessons from hardened adult criminals. Can any of the children break free from the cycle of neglect, crime and punishment? 
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Gepubliceerd op 11 nov. 2017
Kylie Grey spends three weeks inside Cebu city prison with eight year old Thommy and his friends. The children are housed with adults in an over crowded .

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Children are tortured in police custody. They are held in prisons in inhuman and degrading conditions. They are denied the due process which should .

The video, “Child Prisoners (2002)” by Journeyman Pictures, sheds light on the distressing situation in the Philippines where children end up in adult jails due to the lack of appropriate facilities for juvenile offenders. Here are the key points highlighted:

  1. Detention of Children in Adult Jails: Despite laws prohibiting the detention of children in adult jails in the Philippines, the absence of suitable facilities leads to children being placed among adult offenders, exposing them to dangerous and harmful environments.

  2. Token Segregation: Local authorities attempt to comply with regulations by keeping juveniles in separate cells, but this segregation often has little effect. Cell doors are left open at night, putting young prisoners at risk of assault and abuse, including the threat of rape.

  3. Lack of Rehabilitation: The prison system fails to provide children with opportunities for rehabilitation. Instead, it functions as a “University of Crime,” where young individuals learn from hardened adult criminals, perpetuating a cycle of crime rather than offering a chance for rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

  4. Cycle of Neglect, Crime, and Punishment: The lack of proper care and rehabilitation exacerbates the cycle of neglect, crime, and punishment for these children. Breaking free from this cycle seems challenging under these conditions.

The video aims to raise awareness about the dire situation faced by juvenile offenders in the Philippines, emphasizing the urgent need for reforms and proper facilities that ensure the safety, rehabilitation, and well-being of these vulnerable children.

The expression “Boys will be boys” is a common phrase that is often used to excuse or justify certain behaviors or actions exhibited by boys or men. However, it can have different interpretations and implications depending on the context in which it is used. Here are some key points associated with the expression:

  1. Gender Stereotypes: The phrase reflects traditional gender stereotypes that suggest that boys are naturally inclined towards certain behaviors, such as being rough, aggressive, or engaging in risky activities, and that these behaviors are to be expected and accepted as part of their nature. It can perpetuate the notion that certain behaviors are inherent in males and cannot be changed, irrespective of their individual personality or upbringing.

  2. Excusing Inappropriate Behavior: “Boys will be boys” is sometimes used to excuse or downplay inappropriate or harmful behavior by boys or men, such as aggression, harassment, or disrespect towards others. It can be used to minimize the consequences of negative behavior and shift the blame away from the individual, suggesting that such behavior is inevitable or acceptable due to their gender.

  3. Limiting Gender Equality: The phrase can also reinforce gender inequality by implying that boys or men are allowed more leeway or freedom in their behavior compared to girls or women. It can perpetuate the idea that certain behaviors or expectations are exclusive to one gender, and limit opportunities for boys or men to develop empathy, emotional intelligence, and responsible behavior.

  4. Outdated and Harmful: The phrase is increasingly seen as outdated and harmful, as it reinforces harmful gender norms and expectations that restrict individuality and perpetuate inequality. It can contribute to toxic masculinity, which can have negative effects on both boys and girls, by promoting unhealthy behavior patterns and limiting personal growth and development.

  5. Context Matters: It’s important to note that the interpretation and implications of the phrase “Boys will be boys” can vary depending on the context in which it is used. In some cases, it may be used in a light-hearted or innocuous manner, while in other cases, it can perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes and attitudes. It’s crucial to consider the broader societal and cultural implications of using this phrase and strive towards promoting healthy and respectful behaviors irrespective of gender.

2 Boy Reunites with Lost Cat After Seven Months – 1017588

27 dec. 2018

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3 Boy reunited with lost dog

4 Boy and dog reunion surprise after a year apart.

3 apr. 2017

A year ago our neighbor had to take her dog to live in another state while she traveled and my son stood in her yard and cried as they drove away. We didn’t think the dog would be gone for so long but my son has prayed for his beloved canine friend every single night since he left. Today we got the wonderful surprise that Bogart is back. They were both equally surprised to see each other. I was able to get some video, you can tell they love each other. 👦💛🐶😭
p.s. For those of you wondering, Lennox does have a dog of his own, but that doesn’t diminish his deep enduring love for Bogart. Also, Bogart is an German Shepherd Husky mix.
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5 Child Prisoners in the Philippines (international documentary)

Kylie Grey spends three weeks inside Cebu city prison with eight year old Thommy and his friends. The children are housed with adults in an over crowded prison but they have each other. Kylie follow’s Thommy’s journey in and out of prison. Written, directed and produced by Kylie Grey. With thanks to The Share a Child Movement Inc.


A documentary on Minors being held in Prison in the Philippines

By recording the experiences of children who are guilty of the law, their names are usually not publicized.
The following stories of the children in jail are very dramatic, with nothing else to do but to disclose their status
Prior to the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act in 2006, thousands of Filipino youths were in custody. Some of them are just nine years old.
Now, there is a deliberate proposal in Congress to re-arrest the nine-year-old and those who are offending the law ….

6 The Shocking Truth About Yemen’s Death Row Kids

Gepubliceerd op 15 apr. 2013
Kids on Death Row -Yemen: The heart-wrenching tales of Yemen’s young children awaiting execution.

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Yemen’s death row houses many children awaiting execution. Their stories of abuse and forced confessions are heart-wrenching. But now Yemen’s Children’s Parliament are calling their adult leaders to account.

In the dark, grim cells of Sanaa Central Prison, hollow and tear-filled eyes stare through the grill with alarming despair. Nadim, 15 when he allegedly committed the crime, tells us of the torture he suffered before he confessed to premeditated murder. “They kept beating me with an electric cable until 1.30 at night, while I hung there.” In theory nobody under the age of 18 can be executed in Yemen, but in a country with few birth certificates determining these young people’s age isn’t always easy. But the Children’s Parliament, a unique organisation that allows child politicians to challenge their adult counterparts, are taking on the case of these death row kids. “We will stand by Nadim and innocent children like him, even if we have to camp outside the president’s residence.” Moaad’s family offer him no support, following a conviction he strongly denies, because they fear a reprisal from the relatives of the murdered man. When asked why he thought three doctors judged him to be 16 and then changed their minds he says, “Bribes, by the adversaries.” Yet the Children’s Parliament has succeeded in putting a stop to 3 executions and Moaad hopes that he will be the next one.

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7 Manilla, de mensen van verloren kinderen | Documentaire

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Outlaws vanaf de leeftijd van 10, 100.000 kinderen overleven tussen begraafplaatsen en vuilnisbelten rond de Filippijnse hoofdstad. Ondergedompeld in het hart van de meest absolute ellende.

8 De ergste gevangenissen ter wereld | Volledige documentaire



6 sep 2023

00:00 De ergste gevangenissen ter wereld
01:39 Kinderen vanaf 10 jaar worden vastgehouden in overvolle en onveilige gevangeniscellen in Quezon City, Filipijnen.
10:23 Katrina, een Europese vrouw, wordt opgesloten in een gevangenis met overvolle cellen en slechte omstandigheden, waar ze zich onveilig voelt, maar troost vindt bij haar celgenoten.
19:29 In een gevangenis bespreken de gevangenen de beperkte middelen die ze hebben en de potentiële gevaren waarmee ze worden geconfronteerd, inclusief het risico op infectie door verboden voorwerpen.
31:29 De grootste gevangenis van Europa, Fleury-Mérogis, heeft moeite om de verbindingen tussen gevangenen en de smokkel van verboden voorwerpen onder controle te houden.

The documentary “Valiant Blue,” which focuses on minors being held in prison in the Philippines. Here are the key points:

  1. Setting: The documentary is set in Cebu City prison in the Philippines, where children as young as eight years old are incarcerated alongside adults.

  2. Main Character: The documentary follows the story of an eight-year-old boy named Thommy and his friends who are in prison. Kylie Grey, the filmmaker, spends three weeks inside the prison to capture their experiences.

  3. Overcrowding: The prison is depicted as overcrowded, with children housed with adult inmates. This situation highlights the challenging conditions faced by these young offenders.

  4. Anonymity: Due to their status as minors, the names of the children in jail are typically not publicized. The documentary sheds light on their experiences, giving them a voice and identity.

  5. Legal Context: The documentary mentions the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act in 2006, indicating that prior to this legislation, a significant number of Filipino youths were in custody, including some as young as nine years old.

  6. Proposed Changes: The documentary suggests that there is a deliberate proposal in Congress to re-arrest nine-year-olds and those who have committed offenses, possibly alluding to potential changes or amendments to existing laws.

Overall, “Valiant Blue” appears to be a documentary that aims to raise awareness about the issue of minors being held in prisons in the Philippines, shedding light on their experiences, the legal context, and potential policy changes. It focuses on the dramatic stories of these young individuals and the challenges they face within the prison system.

9 How Gratitude Can Change Your Life | Weekly Wisdom Episode 13

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Gepubliceerd op 8 jan. 2018

In this episode I explain how gratitude can change your life.

9 Naked Worker Prank

2 mei 2011

Prank victims are having their nails done near a construction site in the mall. A naked worker walks by with his two by four, but disappears behind a wood panel. When he emerges again, he is once again dressed. The prank victims keep trying to point out the nude man, but nobody seems to be able to catch him when he’s in his bare form.
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