The darker side of Residential Schools

Dark side:

The parts of a person, a group, an activity, etc. that are unpleasant, evil, or harmful

Cambridge Dictionary

Chronically underfunded, overcrowded, and unhealthy, they were dangerous to the students who endured them. Indian Residential Schools led to rampant abuse, rape, neglect, and the death of at least 3,200 children.

The dark side of Residential Schools More

Residential schools to blame for problems plaguing aboriginals


Residential schools “inflicted profound injustices” on Aboriginal people. “The children who attended residential schools were treated as if they were offenders and were at risk of being physically and sexually abused,” the TRC says.

When they complained of abuse, the students were often ignored.
Years later, when they launched civil lawsuits, they found the legal system was stacked against them “in a way that often re-victimized the survivors.”

Nation Post

The criminal justice system also fell short. The TRC has been able to identify fewer than 50 convictions stemming from abuse at residential schools – a fraction of the more than 38,000 claims of sexual and serious physical abuse that were submitted to a compensation adjudication process established several years ago.

“In many ways, the residential school experience lies at the root of the current over incarceration of Aboriginal people,” says the TRC.


A situation in which two people or groups of people become friendly again after they have argued:

It took hours of negotiations to bring about a reconciliation between the two sides.

The process of making two opposite beliefs, ideas, or situations agree

Cambridge Dictionary

“Traumatized by their school experiences, many succumbed to addictions and found themselves among the disproportionate number of Aboriginal people who come into conflict with the law.”

The TRC says once Aboriginal people are arrested and convicted, they are more likely to go to prison than are non-Aboriginals.

Canada’s prisons are disproportionately filled with Aboriginals.

TRC = Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada


The dark legacy of Canada’s residential schools, where thousands of children died

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7 feb. 2022

Last year, archeologists detected what they believed to be 200 unmarked graves at a residential school in Canada, bringing new attention to one of the country’s most shameful chapters. Anderson Cooper reports.
“60 Minutes” is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen’s Top 10.
Tony R
Wow. What can you even say about the pain heaped on these poor children and their families? Just absolutely horrendous.
Michael Gurule
This also happened to our native brethren here in New Mexico and America as well. Breaks my heart. I love the native people
Can’t even imagine the generational trauma this has caused and is causing to people’s lives. Yet ignorant folly people are quick to say “it’s in the past move on”
יעקב ייגר
The women at the very end broke my heart watching her cry. But then to see the hope in her eyes at the very last second after singing. I hope she does well healing and breaking the cycle of pain. ♥
Frank Bombaci
I generally had no idea this happened – it’s beyond horrific
Shlisa Shell
Yes yes yes, never forget and never stop talking about this. Anyone subject to any institution like this must have suffered endlessly. Glad my grandmother was not sent to one. She was found on a boxcar and raised by a women who took her in.
Rain Tartsah
As a Native American(Kiowa) my heart goes out to all my native people in Canada and the U.S 🪶🤎
GW Shelton
There were over 350 of those “schools” in the US, think of the unmarked graves there. Going to school in the 50s and 60s in the segregated south I read about Jim Thorpe in the school library. Taught my kids, grand, and great grandkids about our ancestors atrocities. Didn’t harm them at all, made them better human beings.
Arsenic Jones
I’m glad you’ve taken the time to talk about this but you need to do the same for the US. Also you need to investigate poorhouses or work homes also in the US.
I can empathize, I was sent to a boarding school, and although you would hope it would be like Hogwarts, it was a military school where much of the same abuse happened. The problem is most were not there by choice, there was racism, and if you were gay, and it was suspected, well it would not be good. After I graduated, I only visited the place once, and I felt that’s all I needed to; my heart goes out to all these people who suffered abuse, and humiliation. The wounds never really heal.
Allen Micheal
As a Canadian, I’m glad this is finally becoming more well-known and widespread. Remember learning the history of residential schools and the continuing impact on communities in British Columbia when I was in high school back in 2010 and was surprised how uncommon that is and how most of the country never did. Canada has a much darker past and history than people care to realize.
Such an important story to tell. This is horrific.
When she was singing Hail Mary HER way I got goosebumps & tears. I’ll pray for every one of those poor souls who didn’t deserve the atrocities done to them🌈💕✌🏻🇬🇧
Raj Jakkam
This is still happening in many devolving nations, but the media doesn’t cover it. Christain missionaries are trying to do the same thing India, but the Indian Civil society is more aware and lobbying the government to take action against this trillion-dollar industry called the church. If proper research is done the number of cases in India will probably be in millions.
Julie Levasseur
What an unthinkable tragedy. I cry. I’m ashamed of mankind. It needs to be said, this is how we learn and evolve into better people.
This is heartbreaking. My grandmother went to an Indian school in Oklahoma but our traditions were kept intact. May the Great Spirit bless these souls with peace and comfort in time.
Janna P
Thank you 60 minutes for coming to my homelands (Touchwood Hills) talking to my community and its members to share our trauma to the world!
El Barca
The children did not “die”, they were killed. I have much respect for 60 Minutes, but they need to get the title right.
Sandra Stevens
60 minutes an American program should do this about the residential schools in the United States. Where thousands of indigenous children were taken to break their spirits to make them more American. They were American, they were abused their sacred haircut. Why doesn’t 60 minutes do a program about what took place here in America. All the people interviewed on this program are extremely courageous and showing that they still keep to their heritage.
Kathryn Sinclare
Unbelievable! So sad. How could the Government and most of all, churches do this to little children, or anyone? Sick!
Tea S
Infuriating ignorance to harm such beautiful beings. May all receive the love and healing they deserve
Mai Britton
“that all of humanity would be guarded by an international legal shield” – Nuremburg trials. The Catholic church, nuns and priests, Canada should be held criminally responsible and punished for crimes against humanity.
Roger Coover
The exact same thing happened in the USA.
Shot 927
Outta sight, outta mind for far to many people. They say Native American tribes in the US are carrying so much generational pain, they don’t know when it will fade away The men and woman doing these interviews today are the strongest survivors
Melinda Augustina
Heartbreaking. In Canada and the US.. We aren’t off the hook, either. Just horrible.
Midwest Mike
Oh wee Canada you got some skeletons in the closet as well. I’m pretty certain at most schools especially boarding schools it’s not normal to have 35 of your class mates die for various reasons. I lost maybe 4 or 5 classmates during my entire school career and not one happened at school. I know times were much different back then but making things like this aware to the public will hopefully teach people what not to do in the future.
Sender Upwords
It is a stain on Canada that needs to be fully studied, explored, and reconciled. As a Canadian I am ashamed.
Beach Bum
To the indigenous peoples of turtle island, my heart bleeds for you. I pray the love and peace I send out to you finds you and starts to heal. To those in governments and in the church, although you may not be the ones to blame, you bear their shame. You have some big apologies to make. Do it. It’s far past time. 🧡🕊
Alexandra Joia
I can’t even imagine the pain 💔 😢
Audrey Bunyan
How shocking and so very, very sad. God rest their souls.
Jason Gaumont
So so sad !! I’m so sorry to all involved with this torture
Sonny Jim
This (for want of a better term) genocide also occurred in Australia when successive governments removed Aboriginal children from their families. Canada apparently set a horrible precedent that other nations unfortunately followed.
Diana Hill
Still waiting since 1964 to have my adoption nullified, and take back my legal birth certificate. And not have that authority or custody be given back to my biological relatives or their relatives. As a child I was legally removed from an abusive and dysfunctional group of people, and placed into another dysfunction and abusive group of people. I am in need of a lawyer to represent me. I am okay with going to the United States Supreme Court. This is as important as: Brown vs The Board of Education. Several law enforcements, the AG of CA., and the ACLU are a few organizations that have been informed. There should have been federal legislation and laws written centuries ago; making it easier for adopted people to have their adoption nullified. Regardless of their age. How come my birth certificate doesn’t have the word: Adopted? This should be mandatory for all adopted people. The United States government and judiciary system failed to inform adopted people; upon being adopted their legal problems would begin.
Meer tonen
Jack Medlock
Holy crap I didn’t realize this kinda thing was happening in the 1900s!
Old Uncle Bob
Horrific crimes are the consistent signatures of religions.
Alfred Jose
Religious institutions must be monitored closely. In my country these institutions are getting richer day by day, by drawing out high checks as donations from their students for continuing education or bring promoted despite the hefty monthly fees. The education is quite fine, but still it’s not worth the following of forced Christian faith in these institutions run by nuns and priests, the most unqualified people in the world. The parents and children of the affected Canada community needs to be consolidated, supported, and be promised that no other beliefs will ever come to influence othe cultures
Juanita Ross
Unbelievable how evil men can be if you don’t look and talk like them. My heart breaks watching this story. CRT should be taught in our high schools. History is just as important as mathematics and technology.
Kent Hazara
When are humans gonna wake up from this self imposed delusion that is religion?
Let’s not be quick to blame (only) Canada. Maybe you should report on the US residential schools too than just mention it in passing. For “THE” book on the Canadian Residential schools read John S. Milloy’s “A National Crime”.
Barbara Fogle
Never trust people who hide their own sexual feeling and teach others that it’s wrong to have them.
When are we going to be honest and have a true conversation about what group is responsible for these SYSTEMIC atrocities and hardly ever acknowledge it?
Naris Nilubol
It’s such a very sad story. Mankind has been using religion or insignificant differences as excuses to conduct evil acts of violence for a long long time.
Robin Costa
This happened here in the USA as well!
Actions speak louder than words. If you can’t say “I love you,” but you act like it, she knows you love her. <3
They were thought of as something less than human, unfortunately, certainly not equal to their oppressors.
Karin Schardt
Just an awful experience for these poor children. All in the name of God. Very sad.
Nicholas Alexander
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Ross M
The powers then and now are sick people 💯 madness 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Lex Von Ghoul
Zsanett Iványi
It breaks my heart 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Brenda B
Long after slavery was abolished in the USA, long after laws were enacted that made women no longer regarded as property of men, long after segregation was made illegal, Native American people in the USA as well as indigenous people of Canada were still horribly mistreated in the USA & Canada. Native American people are still feeling the repercussions of attempts to exterminate them in the most un-atoned for genocide.
PJ Cush
For awful I’m so sorry this happened to these beautiful people
K Momzilla
…this is so horrible my heart hurts and my gut is in knots. I want to say so much more, but it’s difficult to find the words.
This is tragic. It’s these people that can truly say “this is our land!!” on this continent. They can truly say, “this is my country!” Everyone else IS AN IMMIGRANT!! Including white people.
This was also the case in Australia… I believe the movie was called rabbit proof fence.. In which children were kidnapped By the Catholic Church. Then again what else is new?
Faye Thomas
I appreciate Joe Biden for recognizing the truth.
All in the name of religion. I don’t have kids but you can be certain if I ever did, they would never come close to being indoctrinated into any religion, especially catholicism. As a recovering catholic who was abused physically by both nuns and priests, I’m also certain that I’m glad I never ran into any of them after I got out of school because I’d probably be in prison if I had.
Labz Ali
These are the true Americans and Canadians. I think hey should get independence , won’t that be some day ?
Gee Cee
The difference between this culture and others, they don’t use the atrocities as a weapon against society for generations. I’ve never even been to Canada but I apologise to the Native Indians for what happened to them.
The Jam and Berries
God rest their souls
Where are the rank and file Catholics of Canada? Why are these supposedly “good Christian people” not up in arms demanding the Church release information to families relating to their dead children? If you are a Catholic in Canada and you don’t step up and raise your own individual voice in condemnation of the Church for these crimes against humanity…….then you are just as guilty as the animals who dressed up like nuns and priests and perpetrated these crimes against God’s children! Shame on the lot of you!
LDG 508
From 0:150:57 sounds just like what the Romans did, it’s a shame some people don’t learn from the mistakes of the past
Faye Thomas
There will be a recognition of those life’s lost.
Annette Schexnayder
My ancestors(The French Acadien) Acadians came from Nova Scotia to America went through kinda the same situation after being relocated in America during the great deportation because they were forbidden to speak their language of French heritage when they were kicked out of Canada in 1755-1763 when they refused to sign an unconditional oath of allegiance to Britain so the British governor Charles Lawrence and the Nova Scotia Council ordered the Acadians to be expelled from Canada and once arriving in America they were treated as though they weren’t even humans and were forbidden to speak their language and some had their children taken from them also. Today I’m Proud to be a Descendent of My French speaking Great Grandparents and My Grandparents that had never learned to speak English but my mother and father refused to teach us french because of the punishments and the belittling they endured on the school grounds in America 😢 (remember their parents couldn’t communicate in English)
Meer tonen
Kim Sloan Myers
Do we never learn. …….
Jim Egged
I realize this is about Canadian Residential Schools but this bleed over from the United States. The governments of both the United States and Canada have BRASS BALLS for criticizing any other government for their violations of human rights.
Robert Psotka
Yes, the cycle does continue. In the U.S. the lack of educating our poor guarantees that they remain poor.
Lar Bear
Let’s remember that these wicked people took over and are still here. This wasn’t long ago. Disgusting murders, theives and destroyers of the earth.
Kimberely Davis
This is a horror! Why would anyone have to give up their ethnicity just to be saved by god?? 😢
Jack Mustang
This does sound like a school of horrors. If there is such a thing. This is sad what happened in this school. But also scary.
maxwell cobbs
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Joshua Phillips
Can’t wait until the American episode.
Betty Ricker
All these ideas the Canadian government got as how to start these schools and run them n treat them they got fro the US government!! When will our government have these reconciliations and formally apologize and compensate the families who still suffer and have generational trauma from it. I grew up in the City of Portland but am from the Fort peck tribes and didnt realize how bad my people suffered until i moved to the reservation. For 32 years i barely went to any funerals. Maybe 4 or 5 in my whole life at that point. When i moved to the rez 16 yrs ago up to now ive been to more funerals than i can count. Yet our people are still ignored and made to feel invisible. CNN said it during elections. We’re something else. Not even human enough to be called native american or indigenous American. Smh. Investigate that!!!
Meer tonen
Religion in the hands of humanity perpetuates nothing but these kinds of tragedies
Michael Wiener
Fu.king SICK . I almost couldn’t watch this segment. I cried and felt sick to my stomach
Allan N. Oakley
This video infuriated me…..Why hasn’t the Canadian government gone after the Catholic church and it’s billions of banked dollars? You can’t change the past but you sure can change the present and future. Invest in the current generation of youth and what they can become.
Banned by Commie YouTube 5 times b4 this
Instead of this, how about you report on the historic, giant, peaceful anti-tyranny protests all over Canada, in particular in Ottawa?!?
Dawn Cheshire-Gibson
This is a horrifically disgusting story. So heartbreakingly sad.
Jesus Saves
Please God … please help the survivors.
Donna Kawana
Leona Wolf not only made me cry but made me feel….. Like it is coming the change the awakening it’s coming the healing…. One people
La Maison du Chat
Religion is one of humanity’s worst evils.
Sharon Sekhon
This also happened in the US.
Wow that was a tough watch…
mac berry
Bill Burr needs to see this.
Alvan Darlington
it requires money to make money this is the best secret I have ever heard we don’t make money we make multiple money
Joe Viljoen
Jj Nn
I wonder if Joe Rogan was involved in this monstrosity 🥸
Umelo Karnes
I love Chief Littlechild!
Dale Mathew
United States government had the same type of schools for the indigenous people of America
Maria Irwin
The British Empire and the Catholic Church did it to their own kids, let alone the kids of the conquered lands. And they still keep claiming the highest ground from St Peter’s Square in Rome.
pax und peace
Would you see documentary like this on Fox News?
Becky Kazeks
Stephen P
60 minutes about 2 years late with this story.
Ya can thank the Catholic church for this travesty😡
vanessa wilmer
Link to 60 min show on what Canadian Govt participated and allowed to happen to their Indigous Indian Tribes same as what American Govt did to our tribes
they refused to give them anti-biotics??????? WTF
And what did the Catholic Church do? What type of reconciliation have they done? Someone should go to the Vatican 🇻🇦 these crimes were committed in your uniform and under your name!
Shawn Hasty
That’s an absolute descrace shame on all that were responsible
Doo K’a Hań
This happened in ameriKKKa too
Aaliyah Masterson
Those were concentration camps 🏕
wow, America take a page out of this book!
Abe Yang
Criminal, period.
After The Storm
The savages were the captors.
How do people believe in a god that let’s this happen?
SiongYew Low
Don’t tell me US Government is Angel.
jes nemo
Check out the documentary Unseen Tears for more background
Joey G
Why is there always evil surrounding religion?
Sharilyn Wells
The usa did the same thing.
Pitty Pat
Oh kind of like what do United States government did during Indians crisis so they can say
Alex G
Ой, да ладно. Школьников заставляли копать могилы одноклассникам. Невозможно такое в святой западной цивилизации. Только в сталинском аду. Надеюсь это по радио свободы покажут.
See Pack
Jesus … no where is safe
John Reynolds
Let’s also not forget the current Prime Minister Trudeau wearing blackface on multiple documented occasions.
A religion that took a whole group of people and told them they wasn’t Native terrible.
Carolyn's List
This type of behavior is why I’m an atheist.
Elion Lluhani
and all this done by people of the majority. Tells a lot about how whites and others are treated too…
Again, the church.
brett robertson
Priests strike again. unreal
Jason Martin
Some tragedy A
Joyce Lane
Faye Thomas
The World is watching and all will know.
And religious fanatics will wonder how any of us can be atheist!!
C Almeida
Concentration camps , we like humans have so much to learn about the past mistakes, and think that was not so long ago.
But they say there’s no such thing as white supremacy.
megan Boo
And you wonder why people don’t trust people
Umelo Karnes
The idea came from the United States?
I m starting to believe that We will reach a point where somebody will discover the bible is a book lies …then our whole existence will crumble …
Claudia Yun
I’m no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $70,000 every 7 days recently
Daniel Marsala
Florin Balalau
Catholics and Orthodox will give Christianity a bad rep in this kind of modern lifestyle atheist will point fingers
Ryan Thompson
Something similar to this is happening right now in China.
Daniel Marsala
Who’s civilized?

Anthony Medina
Mile High City
zzz wy
ritualistic child sacrifice to demons such as mollock is no fairy tale
Nick McBeth
Christian Slater. Christian’s? Later dude! Huhhuh huhhuh — Butthead
Catholic Church.
Stewart McKinley
Not one body found horseshit
To me, it sounds like white!
Bree Valente
They are doing the same to immigrant children in Sweden right now.
Marisela Villareal
If you didn’t search for more than this information everybody is going to believe this side of the history,hope that everybody search for the other side of the history.
Sareeye Ma Nusqaame
Let me ask a question were the white who were doing things like this liberals or right wing conservatives?
Sareeye Ma Nusqaame
Why title it “died” when different descriptions were appropriate? The title is false and misleading? Fake news.

Canada Officially Recognizes Historical Abuse To First Nations

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17 dec. 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially recognized Canada’s historical abuses toward aboriginals, and he is now calling on the Pope to apologize too.
Same thing happened in Australia, this was a British colonial policy and there has been no apology from the British Crown.
Cecil Campbell
Fuck I really want to move to Canada now.
Joe S
This is taking that whole “sorry” stereotype to a whole new level
Phil LeBlanc
I live with a group of native tribes and the stories are real. Graves of children at a native school torn down. This was an actual genocide disguised. Unless you see this and have a heart, you would cry also.
I’m sure this wasn’t a PR stunt at all.
Tanika iNsight
My world is surrounded by people who care about others pain, the planet and creating peace through seeing each culture as our brothers /sisters. Sending LOVE out to all the ppl here posting hate and division. Wow how it must be hard to live with all that negative energy in your body and heart. Shout out to all the ppl realizing that the great awakening is underway and are doing there part 💜 MORE LOVE hate can’t touch that VIBRATION
Elisa Nguyen
Papito Don
Renew and respect that relationship. Meaning keeping the way it is And make it worse.
The Jurassic Jungle
Finally! It took the government this long!? Anyway, I’m still happy about this. 🙂

Response to Ministerial Statement: Burial site of Indigenous Children at Kamloops Residential School

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1 jun. 2021

Today I rose to response to the Ministerial Statement on the burial site of Indigenous children at Kamloops Residential School.


I rise today to respond to this ministerial statement. Today my family and the entire B.C. Green caucus team stands with our relatives in the Interior. We wrap our arms around them in love. We share their tears, and we let them know that we’re here for them.

Today I stand in this House to honour those who lost their lives in the residential school system. The words that I’m going to speak today aren’t easy, and they are direct. Like many of my peers, my grandparents, my great aunties and uncles are survivors of Kuper Island Residential School. I know that they’d want me here today honouring the horrors that they lived through by demanding accountability for them.

The resounding story that I heard from Indigenous leaders this weekend is that this is the beginning. We know in our hearts this is the beginning. For the last several years, our Crown governments and society believes that it has been doing the work of reconciliation. After all, many of these stories have already been shared by residential school survivors through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

What needs to be addressed here is our response. Specifically, the urgency and our reaction to what has been and what is being uncovered. It’s not that we haven’t done anything. We’ve started the work. But have we really moved as quickly as you would expect after hearing these horrors?

We know that if these children were not Indigenous but rather European, that we would not have been slow to act. I see on social media my friends and colleagues sharing graphics agreeing that all children matter. Yet deep down, we know that in our society it’s just a fact: in Canada and British Columbia, some children matter less.

We know underneath the shiny, happy facade of Canada and British Columbia, there lurks a grotesque and shameful past. For 30 years, my relatives have been sharing their experiences from these despicable institutions. For 30 years, those stories have been hushed. Our relatives have been told that Canadians and British Columbians don’t want to hear their stories. They’ve been told to stop lying. They’ve been told to stop embellishing.

There was a statement from this institution that noted the “unimaginable proportions” of this tragedy. This is an incredibly unfortunate characterization of the situation that we carry. For Indigenous People, this story is not shocking nor is it “unimaginable.” This is the trauma our families have carried for generations.

When people ask me what our problem is, why don’t we pick ourselves up, they haven’t wanted to hear the answer. As we continue to grapple with missing and murdered Indigenous women and children, hanging red dresses in recognition of our current reality, what is uncovered in Kamloops is the stark reminder that this story line is not new. It has been in the imagination — indeed, in the nightmares — of our relatives for the past 130 years. It is the terror that our ancestors have lived with.

The only reason to call it “unimaginable” would be because these institutions, these Crown governments, federal and provincial governments, and the people that populate these chambers in the past either haven’t been listening to our stories, or they’ve cared less, because it is a reality in our country that some children have mattered less. These are both terrible considerations.

[2:05 p.m.]
There is nothing to imagine for those who have been paying attention. Our elders, our families, have been sharing the grim details of their experiences in residential schools for decades. That is the record of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. You don’t have to imagine it. You just have to believe it and care enough to act with the urgency that you would if it was your child that didn’t return home from school. It’s your kids going to school. Not coming home. Not being there when their parents are there to pick them up.

Duncan Campbell Scott, deputy superintendent of Indian Affairs from 1913 to 1932, is often associated with saying: “Kill the Indian, save the man.” Joseph Trutch, whose name is on a plaque right outside that door, British Columbia’s first Lieutenant-Governor following Confederation, is quoted as saying: “I think they are the ugliest and laziest creatures I ever saw, and we should as soon think of being afraid of our dogs as of them.” As historian Robin Fisher wrote extensively in “Joseph Trutch and the Indian Land Policy” of Trutch’s role in dispossessing Indigenous Peoples of their lands, he did it quite extensively.


[View the whole transcript at…]

Trudeau, MPs reflect on horrifying discovery at Kamloops residential school during debate

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2 jun. 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reflected on the loss of 215 children whose remains were found at a former Kamloops residential school during a debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday, saying that they “would have been elders, knowledge keepers and community leaders.”

The prime minister added that their loss was “the fault of Canada.”
Other members of parliament also spoke out about the discovery of unmarked burial sites at the former residential school, with Winnipeg MP Leah Gazan calling for these sites to be “treated as a crime scene.”

Liberal MP for Oakville North-Burlington pointed to Canada’s troubling past when it comes to the treatment of Indigenous people, stating that the country was “founded” on racism and colonialism.

Meanwhile, Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller used some of his time to read out the names of some of the children known to have died at the former Kamloops residential school between 1900 and 1971.

Trudeau promises support for residential school survivors amid calls for action

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1 jun. 2021

WARNING: This story contains distressing details. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave few specifics, but promised more support for residential school survivors following the discovery of remains in B.C. But opposition parties are calling for the government to take meaningful action.
Support is available for anyone affected by their experience at residential schools, and those who are triggered by the latest reports.
A national Indian Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for former students and those affected. People can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-hour national crisis line: 1-866-925-4419.

Inside Story Americas – Revisiting a dark chapter in Canada’s history

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17 mrt. 2013

The country’s Indian residential schools have long been a source of shame, but will a new report shed new light on them? To discuss this, Inside Story Americas is joined by guests: Kimberly Murray, the executive director of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada; Cindy Blackstock, the executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada; and Frank Wallace, who represents the Indian Residential School Survivors Society and attended a residential school himself.


First Nations are my brothers and sisters. From your sister in New Zealand I am Maori and I think your culture is beautiful and a lot like mine. I love your connection to mother earth and to our animal family. I always admired your beauty from a far but I never knew of this torture that your people have endured through these schools. I knew of the mass genocide but not of this which is still in my own lifetime. I find it disgusting because I see you as myself and your children as my own nephews and neices and it would kill me if this happened to my family. I am sorry for your treatment. You have not deserved it before, now or ever. As for Jethro, you dick, before you start criticizing a people that has been so attacked and tortured and bashed down from the arrival of the European, French, whoever came first? Stop looking up your own ass and walk in the shoes of these people. Has all of your generations before you had to endure being exterminated like the cockroaches you speak of? Has your grandparents, parents been abused as little children whether mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Do you not think that their children would somehow pay the consequences from a people whose culture has been torn from them and their children abused. You are a strong people I don’t care what anyone says and I thank God for Kevin Annet and his role in helping uncover the treachery of the church that was supposed to love and protect all the beautiful children. May God free you from the chains that have held you so long, the government that is accountable for soo many things. May you be able to heal and love and live and be happy. Love and light from my heart to you all. Ma te Atua.
Noah Yaworowski
my grandma and grandpa went to residential school. my grandma didn’t get it as bad in Edmonton but my grandpa got slapped around lots. Its very sad to se some people make mean comments about our culture
Nativemother Pocha
Truely amazing the small minds of people

Canada must ‘own up to its past’ for horrors at residential schools MPP Sol Mamakwa tells the legisl

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31 mei 2021

An emotional MPP Sol Mamakwa speaks about the terrible loss and sorrow felt after the bodies of 215 children were discovered at a former residential school in British Columbia, and says the government must own “its role in the horror it created.”
It is news because no one thought how bad it was. If 215 bodies was found only at one school how many more bodies will they find at other residential schools.
KJ Hocken
It’s a lot more than a dark chapter. It has been a never ending nightmare for First Nations People’s.
Greg E
someone else does too… “Despite direct requests, the Catholic Church has steadfastly refused to formally apologize for abuses that occurred within the residential schools under their charge in Canada. In 2018, Pope Francis rejected a direct appeal for an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

1 Remains of 215 children found at closed Canada indigenous boarding school

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29 mei 2021

The remains of 215 children have been discovered on the grounds of a former boarding school set up more than a century ago to assimilate Canada’s indigenous peoples, according to a local tribe.

2 How some children at the Kamloops residential school died

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7 jun. 2021

WARNING: This video contains details some viewers may find distressing. CBC News has obtained information from survivors of the Kamloops Indian Residential School and death certificates regarding some children’s deaths — including suicides, escape attempts and some who drowned in a nearby river.
The National is CBC’s flagship nightly news program, featuring the day’s top stories with in-depth and original journalism, with hosts Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang in Toronto, Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver and the CBC’s chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton in Ottawa.

3 Priest under fire for comments on Canadian residential schools and involvement of church

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25 jun. 2021

A Mississauga, Ont. priest is facing backlash from his community following comments he made about residential schools and the involvement of the Catholic Church.

Monsignor Owen Keenan told his parish that two-thirds of the country blames the church for the tragedies that occurred in residential schools. And then went on to suggest others would thank the church, for the “good that was done” in those schools.

The comments come as the country is in mourning for Indigenous communities. Last month the remains of 215 children were discovered at the former Kamloops residential school in B.C.

Anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their residential school experience can access this 24-hour, toll-free and confidential National Indian Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419

Morganne Campbell reports.

4 Regina archbishop would welcome papal apology for residential schools

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26 jun. 2021

Archbishop of Regina Donald Bolen says he would ‘profoundly welcome’ an apology from Pope Francis on Canadian soil, following the discovery of more unmarked gravesites in Saskatchewan.
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5 Investigation finds potential mass grave of Indigenous children in Canada

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3 jun. 2021

An investigation at a former boarding school for Indigenous children in western Canada has found a potential mass grave that could contain the remains of 215 children dating back decades. New York Times correspondent Ian Austen joins “CBSN AM” to discuss this story.
CBSN is CBS News’ 24/7 digital streaming news service featuring live, anchored coverage available for free across all platforms. Launched in November 2014, the service is a premier destination for breaking news and original storytelling from the deep bench of CBS News correspondents and reporters. CBSN features the top stories of the day as well as deep dives into key issues facing the nation and the world. CBSN has also expanded to launch local news streaming services in major markets across the country. CBSN is currently available on and the CBS News app across more than 20 platforms, as well as the Paramount+ subscription service.

6 Wawahte: Stories of Residential School Survivors -FULL DOCUMENTARY

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25 okt. 2016

Wawahte is an educational documentary based on the book of the same title by Robert P. Wells, first published in 2012. It tells the story of Indian Residential Schools from the perspective of three of its survivors. 
This documentary is free to be screened for elementary and high school students. Author Robert Wells and producer John Sanfilippo are available for screenings and discussion. They can be contacted via the Wawahte website.

7 Hundreds of Unmarked Graves At Former Saskatchewan Residential School

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24 jun. 2021

Hundreds of unmarked graves were recently discovered at a former residential school in Saskatchewan. Mel sits down with the Chair of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University, Dr. Pamela Palmater, to talk about the devastating news.
Taylor Derrien
We need a nation wide investigation into every single residential school! These “discoveries” are horrific, but they aren’t shocking! Anything less than an empowered, fully financed, and independent investigation is crap!
Bruce Collis
This seems to happen every time you put high scoring narcissists and sociopaths in charge.
Code Vault
You can’t help them when you’re paid to look the other way.
any site will have these. we’ve known about the thousands of kids that died at these schools for ages. It is surprising and embarrassing that these sites were not exhumed and documented much sooner. The truth needs to be meticulously studied and documented, so that we know the truth and so that no one can deny what took place.
It’s sad that she still has to be known as part of a school named after Ryerson.

8 Indigenous Communities: Surviving Canada

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17 nov. 2017

Some months ago, a University of Toronto professor specializing in Indigenous health was a guest on The Agenda. In the midst of one of her answers, she said something off topic but quite provocative: that the government of Canada was essentially keeping Indigenous people in crisis, in order to get unfettered access to the riches of their land. The Agenda assembles a panel to discuss this controversial idea.

9 Canadian Shame: A History of Residential Schools | Ginger Gosnell-Myers | TEDxVancouver

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25 jun. 2018

Ginger Gosnell-Myers, of Nisga’a and Kwakwaka’wakw heritage, is a policy expert, researcher, and activist whose work focuses on removing barriers between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians while fostering cooperation through open communication. Ginger was the City of Vancouver’s first Indigenous Relations Manager, where she advanced Vancouver as the world’s first “City of Reconciliation”, and ensured that Indigenous recognition and meaningful inclusion was reflected throughout all City departments and plans. Ginger was a lead on the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study, Canada’s largest research study on Indigenous people’s living in urban centers. She has held key roles in Greenpeace Canada, the Inspirit Foundation, the Urban Native Youth Association, and the Assembly of First Nations. Ginger’s ultimate goal is to advance reconciliation and promote understanding of Vancouver as an unceded territory. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

10 – 84-year-old survivor of Kamloops residential school: ‘There was rumours of a graveyard’

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31 mei 2021

Former Kamloops Residential School student Emma Baker reflects on the time she spent at the facility after a mass grave was uncovered.
CTV News is Canada’s most-watched news organization both locally and nationally, and has a network of national, international, and local news operations.

11 SLEEPING CHILDREN AWAKE (Full Version) (©1991)

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29 jun. 2016

Sleeping Children Awake (SCA) was shot in 1991 and televised in 1992. It was one of the earliest independant, feature length documentaries to be broadcast on the crucial subject of the Residential School System . SCA won several awards including “Best Canadian Documentary 1993” (CanPro) and was screened at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s national events held in Winnipeg, Manitoba 2010, and Saskatchewan 2012.

The entire documentary is posted here, and also in 6 segments. Click on the ” see all ” in the upload area to view them !
Residential Schools operated in Canada from the 1800’s until 1996. These schools were a primary weapon of the government and the missionaries in their attempt to systematically destroy Native culture. Generations of First Nations people have been scarred from the affects of that policy.

Grand Chief Phil Fontaine (a residential school survivor) said, “The first step in healing is disclosure.”

In this spirit, “Sleeping Children Awake” illuminates the voices of the many former residents and their families, including Elijah Harper (M.P.) and the late Art Solomon ( Elder, Author).

These recollections and experiences are bridged with dramatic excerpts from Shirley Cheechoo’s autobiographical play, “Path with No Moccasins”. Shirley shares an emotional account of her experiences in residential school, a subsequent destructive lifestyle and her journey back into wholeness.

The documentary features the songs of Maria Linklater and artwork of various accomplished artists.

“Sleeping Children Awake” is both a personal record of this nations’ history and a tribute to the enduring strength of Native Cultures.

The full quality DVD is available by contacting:

American Indian Film Festival:
Selected for Screening San Francisco, California 1993

Dreamspeaker’s Festival Award of Recognition:
An International Aboriginal ,Culture, Arts and Film Festival Edmonton, Alberta 1994

Can Pro Award:
Best Canadian Documentary 1993

Canadian Association of Broadcasting:
Gold Ribbon Award Finalist in Public Affairs 1993

Iris Awards:
Finalist- Combating Racism / Religious Intolerance 1993

Truth And Reconciliation Commission Of Canada:
Selected for Screening at the National Event ,
Winnipeg, Manitoba 2010, Saskatchewan 2012

12 Canada’s Dark Secret | Featured Documentaries

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14 jun. 2017

Canada’s Dark Secret | Featured Documentary

In 1996, the last residential school in Canada was closed down, bringing to light horrifying stories about the methods used to sever indigenous children from the influence of their families and to assimilate them into the dominant “Canadian” culture. Over more than a century, tens of thousands of families were torn apart as children were kidnapped or forcibly removed from their homes

Residential schools were part of an extensive education system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches with the objective of indoctrinating Aboriginal children into the Euro-Canadian and Christian way of life.

Bud Whiteye, a survivor of the Mohawk Institute Residential School, was “picked up” and taken to the school along with four other children as they walked along a public road to visit his grandmother.

I’m ashamed to say I’m Canadian because of what my government has done.

Ron Short, former RCMP officer

“They didn’t put us in a room and indoctrinate us all day long or anything like that,” he explains. “It was in the routine of the place.

“You didn’t speak anything but English. You went to the white man’s school. You went to the white man’s church. You wore white mens’ clothes. All those were built in. It wasn’t a classroom-type lecture. It was ingrained in the system.”

In 2008, the Canadian government launched the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which finally enabled survivors to give their testimonies on life in the residential schools. Abuse – mental, physical and sexual – was rife and, although research and statistics vary, it is estimated that 6,000 children died in these schools. Some evidence puts the casualties at three times that number.

After its formation, the TRC travelled around Canada for six years, gathering testimony from thousands who bore witness to the tragedies of the residential schools. Numerous “Aboriginal healing” programmes were put in place to help those affected to move on with their lives.


13 FULL STORY: Failing Canada’s First Nations Children

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6 mrt. 2016

Canadian kids from isolated communities forced to move away from their families – just to go to school. For more info, please go to
Shawnda Mamakwa
4 years later, I was told to come check out the comments. Spent half hour reading them. I’m doing very good incase anyone was wondering, I graduated high school in 2019, 12 days after giving birth to my son🤗 I was also Valedictorian. It was a great year for me! One day i’m gonna go back out for college and study welding and recreation. I love doing hands on work and working with the youth, its a bond that i’ll never want to break, they’re our future. Thank u all.
this juice
This qualifies as a human right’s violations. This should be brought to the worlds attention.
G Lewis
So nothing has really changed, still taking the kids away from their families with disastrous results … still treating them as “savages” when in reality the real “savages” are those who created their predicament. Money is not the solution, first one needs to repair the heart & the mind of these damaged people, I feel for them.
Kristina Fox
This makes my heart hurt. These are Canadians, just like me. They deserve every right I have- education, safety, security, jobs, and family.
Sweet Native Rain
As a native american, this made me cry for these kids. Our precious indigenous youth. I grew up with racism and bigotry, growing up in Oregon- from kids & teachers. So did both my kids.

14 Crimes against children at residential school: The truth about St. Anne’s – The Fifth Estate 

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Gepubliceerd op 4 mrt. 2019

St. Anne’s Indian Residential School in Northern Ontario was a place of horrific abuse and crimes against children that took place over decades. For years, records detailing the abuse were kept hidden — from survivors who needed them for their compensation claims. In Reconciliation Betrayed: The Horrors of St. Anne’s, we show how CBC News obtain thousands of those very documents which expose the fuller picture of the abuse than was previously acknowledged. To read more:

15 Residential Schools in Canada: A Timeline

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2 mrt. 2020

The history of residential schools in Canada can be traced as far back as the 17th century. Watch the “Residential Schools in Canada Timeline” video to learn about the significant dates in its history — from the landing of Jesuits in what is now known as Quebec, to the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s final report in 2015.

16 Residential Schools

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Residential schools were government-sponsored religious schools established to assimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture. Although the first residential facilities were established in New France, the term usually refers to the custodial schools established after 1880. Originally conceived by Christian churches and the Canadian government as an attempt to both educate and convert Indigenous youth and to integrate them into Canadian society, residential schools disrupted lives and communities, causing long-term problems among Indigenous peoples. Since the last residential school closed in 1996, former students have pressed for recognition and restitution, resulting in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement in 2007 and a formal public apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008. In total, an estimated 150,000 First Nation, Inuit, and Métis children attended residential schools.

17 Native American Boarding Schools

9 jan. 2019

A moving and insightful look into the history, operation, and legacy of the federal Indian Boarding School system, whose goal was total assimilation of Native Americans at the cost of stripping away Native culture, tradition, and language.

18 Stolen Children | Residential School survivors speak out

3 jun. 2015

How Residential Schools affected survivors and their children and grandchildren.
Click here for the full story:
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19 My stolen childhood, and a life to rebuild | Sheila Humphries | TEDxPerth

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1 jun. 2018

“This story is not a pretty one” begins Sheila Humphries who, as a child, was taken from her parents and placed in an orphanage by authorities who thought they knew best. One voice of the stolen Generation, Sheila, with many other indigenous Australian children, suffered cruelty and neglect that has shaped her as an adult, for good and for ill. The effects are still writ large on Sheila’s life and it’s a part of Australian history we must never forget.
Sheila will soon publish her autobiography, Silent Tears. 
Use caution viewing this talk, as it contains images of dead persons. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Random Rapper
Oh Aunty, I cried and cried listening to you telling the tragic story of your childhood. I’m still crying now. I wish I could take away all the pain. My late mum was brought up as a white girl. Her true heritage was stolen from her. Her white mother forbade her going into the sun, and when she accidentally got darker in summer Nana tried to strangle her. Nana was always so cruel to my mum. Her niece saved her life. Mum didn’t know she was Aboriginal until just before she died 10 yrs ago. The white relatives thought it was time she knew. It sure answered many questions for us. And now I’m lost. You are a beautiful woman, Aunty, your husband must have been a very good man, and you certainly deserved to have been married to him 🖤💛❤️
Gemma V
Anyone who says indigenous Australians need to get over these horrors need to watch this. This happened to people’s parents and grandparents! I just want to say thank you to all indigenous Australians for staying strong and using your voices to educate the rest of us xx
Jason H.
Australia has so much to apologise for. It took 200 years to create this mess, let’s hope it doesn’t take 200 years to sort it out.

20 Why are Indigenous women missing in Canada?

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10 jan. 2018

Canada and Australia share a dark secret: in recent decades thousands of Indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing. What can Australia learn from Canada’s attempts to address the problem?
Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia’s beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program.
heidi gibbons
So heartbreaking that a mother must search for her daughters bones since the police won’t help.
Olivia Maria
4000 Canadian indigenous women and girls missing. No closure for the parents and relatives. Jennifer Catcheway missing for 9 years. No statements were taken by the police and no actions taken. Why not reopen these crimes? The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau willing to help other immigrants from other countries, why not help the native Canadians instead? With jobs, housing etc makes you wonder???? Name and shame these so called Johnnys too.
sound bite
This is bigger than anyone could imagine. There are just too many women and girls going missing.

21 The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power? | To The Point

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10 jun. 2021

The highly influential German Cardinal Reinhard Marx offered his resignation to Pope Francis, citing “the catastrophe of sexual abuse by church officials.” However the Pope turned the offer down. Meanwhile, shock and grief in Canada, after graves of indigenous children are discovered at a former Catholic-run school. So we ask: The Catholic Church: Power and abuse of power?

22 “There Are Many Others”: 215 Bodies Found at Canadian Residential School for Indigenous Children

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1 jun. 2021

The Canadian government is facing pressure to declare a national day of mourning after the bodies of 215 children were found in British Columbia on the grounds of a school for Indigenous children who were forcibly separated from their families by the government. The bodies were discovered at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, which opened in 1890 and closed in the late 1970s. Over the span of a century, more than 150,000 Indigenous children were separated from their families and sent to residential schools to rid them of their Native cultures and languages and integrate them into mainstream Canadian society. “These children are just some of the children who died in these schools,” says Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada. “There are many others in unmarked graves across the country.” In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada concluded that residential schools were part of “a conscious policy of cultural genocide” against Canada’s First Nations population.
Indigenous people all over the world are suffering and have suffered in similar ways due to colonialist ways. This must stop.
Mr. R
The more we learn about the earlier Europeans, and their colonization, the more we understand they were not the “enlightened ones” western history professes them to be. Conveniently leaving out theft, murder, and lies.
Collective Insanity
The catolic church again showing its true colors…
Warren Dourond
They talk about this like it was ancient history! Many of the priests and nuns responsible for putting these kids in the ground, are still alive and likely abusing children. We don’t want apology, we want justice!
aerti shipper
those residential schools are literally concentration camps in every way

23 Indian Residential School Survivor Story / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES

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9 mei 2020

Hilda Morin was taken from her childhood home and sent to Indian Residential School….is there hope for healing?

24 Canada: Hundreds of graves found at Indigenous boarding school

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24 jun. 2021

Cowessess First Nation announced the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves on the grounds of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan, Canada. Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewa said they have likely found 751 unmarked graves. “This is not a mass gravesite. These are unmarked graves,” he said in a news conference on Tuesday.
Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indian Nations said the discovery, coupled with the recent discovery of the remains of more than 200 Indigenous children at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School shows “genocide” committed by Canada.

25 Canada finds more graves at former school for indigenous children as China calls for rights probe

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25 jun. 2021

Unmarked graves of up to 751 people have been found near a former Catholic residential school in the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan, in the second such shock discovery in less than a month. The June 24, 2021, discovery at the Marieval Indian Residential School was announced just two days after China called for a human rights investigation by the United Nations into the previous case where remains of over 200 indigenous children were found at the defunct Kamloops Residential School in the western province of British Columbia. Beijing’s call for a UN human rights probe sparked an angry response from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and prompted Ottawa to call for an investigation into Beijing’s alleged mass detention of Uygur Muslims in China’s remote Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Related story:
Remains of 751 indigenous children found at Catholic school in Canada

26 – 215 Indigenous Children Graves Discovered: Facing Canada’s Residential School Legacy | The Agenda

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4 jun. 2021

In light of the discovery of the remains of 215 children on the site of a former Kamloops residential school in B.C., we look at the historical context, the call to unearth additional sites, and discuss what Canada has to do to not only reconcile its harmful past treatment of Indigenous people but revisit policies that continue to harm them.

27 Facing Canada’s Residential School Legacy

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4 jun. 2021

What is the historical path to the discovery of the remians of 215 children on the grounds of a former Kamloops resdiential school, and how can Canada reconcile with its past and move forward without causing further harm? Then, Bob Joseph discusses his book, “Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips & Suggestions to Make Reconciliation a Reality.”

28 The Indian Act Explained

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8 mei 2018

Since 1876, the Indian Act has structured the relationship between Canada and Indigenous Peoples with profound repercussions. And though the act is well known, its detailed contents may not be. The Agenda welcomes Bob Joseph, founder of Indigenous Corporate Training, a firm specializing in cultural relations instruction, to discuss his book, “21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act: Helping Canadians Make Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples a Reality.”

29 The Indian Act: What to do with it

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31 mei 2019

Created more than 150 years ago, the Indian Act has structured relations between the federal government and Indigenous people for generations. And in the eyes of many, its purpose was and still is, to assimilate, control, and even destroy the people and communities that come under its jurisdiction. In 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to scrap it. That hasn’t happened. The Agenda discusses what should be done about the archaic legislation.

30 Understanding Aboriginal Identity

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1 mei 2015

Understanding Aboriginal Identity explores the complex issue of self-identification for Aboriginal people. Today, Aboriginal identity remains inextricably linked with past government legislation and the continued stereotyping of Aboriginal people in the media and Canadian history. From a Metis farm in rural Alberta to the offices of Canada’s leading scholars, Understanding Aboriginal Identity examines the factors that shape who we are.
To order a copy of this video, contact us at

31 Canadian Aboriginals: In or Out?

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17 jan. 2012

The Agenda examines whether Aboriginal Canadians can better improve their lives by participating in Canadian politics or avoiding it.

32 Hidden children

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28 okt. 2016

Some Indigenous parents saved their children from residential schools by sending them into hiding. Now grown, one woman has been reunited with the family that saved took her in.
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The National is CBC Television’s flagship news program. Airing seven days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada’s leading journalists.

33 Reconciling to a Hard Truth

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30 mrt. 2012

A historic settlement agreement promised closure for residential school survivors. But no one thought it would open the floodgates to thousands of new abuse claims.

Edited by Ian Daffern
Narrated by Harvey Gold
Photos by The United Church of Canada Archives
Additional photos by Canadian Press and Richard Wright
Music provided by Joshua Cipolla/ RevoStock
Produced by Kevin Spurgaitis

Sources: Observer files, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Assembly of First Nations, Aboriginal Healing Foundation, The United Church of Canada, United Church Publishing House, Statistics Canada, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the Toronto Star and the CBC
© The United Church Observer 2012

34 A Journey of Discovery, Truth and Reconciliation | Cecelia Reekie | TEDxLangleyED

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10 mrt. 2016

Cecelia Reekie shares her very personal journey of adoption, reunion, learning and understanding residential schools and reconciliation. Cecelia reminds us that every child has a story and we need to take the time to discover their stories. Cecelia dedicates this talk to all her parents.

Cecelia Reekie is a member of the Haisla First Nation. Cecelia has been involved in Langley Schools for many years, from being involved with Parent Advisory Council’s to serving as a Trustee on the Board of Education from January 2011 – November 2014, and now is a Cultural Presenter with the School District’s Aboriginal Program. Cecelia has an important and poignant story to tell as a child of survivors of Canadian Residential Schools. Cecelia is married and a mother of two sons!

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

35 Witness to murder at Indian Residential School

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16 nov. 2008

Irene Favel describes in a CBC interview (July 8, 2008) how she witnessed the murder of a baby by staff at the Muskowekwan Indian Residential School, run by the Roman Catholic Church in Lestock, Saskatchewan.

This segment of the interview is no longer available on the CBC archives.

(Sorry about the shoddy visual quality and the camera moving away from the screen. I’m uploading it anyway because of the importance of what this woman describes: deliberate murder at a residential school, something that has never gone to any court in Canada and yet something that has been recounted by hundreds of survivors. The lawyers won’t go there as it implicates the Crown, whom they are sworn to defend above all…)

36 Pope under mounting pressure for residential schools apology

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25 jun. 2021

The CBC’s Megan Williams reports from Vatican City on the Catholic Church’s response so far to a demand for an apology over the church’s role in Canada’s residential schools. A national Indian Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for survivors and those affected. People can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-hour national crisis line: 1-866-925-4419.
For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio,, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.

37 Some of the priests and nuns who ran residential schools are still alive: Cameron

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25 jun. 2021

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron says that some of the priests and nuns who ran residential schools are still alive and should be held accountable.
CTV News is Canada’s most-watched news organization both locally and nationally, and has a network of national, international, and local news operations.

38 ‘This is not just neglect, this is a coverup’: native studies professor

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25 jun. 2021

Niigaan Sinclair, a columnist with the Winnipeg Free Press and an associate professor of native studies at the University of Manitoba says the fact that the Catholic church consciously removed the headstones from grave sites at the Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan indicates criminality and shows that what happened was a coverup.
For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio,, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
Shocking content

39 Reconciliation won’t happen ‘until Canadians know everything’: Mi’kmaq lawyer

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25 jun. 2021

Pam Palmeter a Mi’kmaq lawyer at Ryerson University in Toronto says the discovery of unmarked graves by the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan further illustrates the need for Canada to confront this part of its history. Until it does, she said, meaningful reconciliation will not be attained.
For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio,, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.

40 Why this survivor keeps a brick from her former residential school

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25 jun. 2021

WARNING: This story contains distressing details. Canada’s residential schools may seem like a piece of history to some but for survivors like CBC reporter Kerry Benjoe, what happened needs to be kept alive. Many survivors keep bricks from the institutions as tangible reminders of the trauma they left behind.

41 Hunger experienced in residential schools linked to present-day health problems

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15 aug. 2017

Hunger experienced by those growing up in residential schools has been linked to health problems in adult survivors, new research shows.

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News
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The National is CBC Television’s flagship news program. Airing seven days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada’s leading journalists.

42 The legacy of Quebec Indian Residential Schools

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14 mrt. 2017

Sonia Bisht
It’s not legacy but disgrace. Murders of innocent children’s.
dawna lohbihler
I went to school with the kids from the Kahnawake reserve. I was always so impressed by them, they were “bad asses.” But I knew little about their history. They knew little about mine, my parents were WWII survivors from an area of Europe called “the bloodlands.” Let alone what my grandparents and great-grandparents experienced. In some way I sensed we were both survivors of dysfunctional, PTSD families. In later years I studied anthropology to find out more. I am impressed at the strength and resilience of the First Nations people in Canada. They survive, despite their past, not to mention present consequential problems. The world is watching. I believe Canadians can rise to the occasion and provide human rights to the survivors. Let alone learn how to provide help to more recent immigrants, with PTSD of their own. In the same manner that holocaust survivors have used media to document what happened to Jews. First Nations must do the same, for the same reason.
Colleen Benoit
Priests better not get away with this again. It is time that they PAY for all they did and are still doing to our children.
My mother was a survivor of residential school.I never understood her Anger,as She would beat me.I was six yrs old.This broke something,with in my soul.I never knew until I was in my fourties.She,died from other causes in 1968.My two sisters spoke of some of their experinces,they were given rotten food by the nuns.I have no tears,left.I feel terrible for the children,that have been discovered.My hope is one day,not in my lifetime,I am 60 now,there will be a day,where,racism doesn,t exist.Our generations,are now mixed,our bloodlines too.
quitina dewey
I’m glad this is catching peoples attention because we are looked down on but damn we try to conform to society.
Frank B.
I’m really bothered by the second word given in this title: LEGACY!! Those damn death camps were NEVER a legacy but rather hell on earth for any Native child who were forced to attend them!
Ben Christie
The  refers to a particular time in history—roughly 1961 to the 1980s. During the 1980s the government changed child welfare laws so that bands could run their own social service, but problems similar to those seen during the  persist today.    Care to guess who the PM was for 15 of those years ???
Rick Schumacher
Everybody should read the book GOVERNMENT INDICTED by Marc Stevens. That information needs to be understood by parents and taught to their children.
sue brazeau
We could have learn so much from the Native People, life would be different today, if they needed our help they would have ask us, and they’re should have been a civilise way to help them. God bless and restore the Native People.
Benoit Chevarie
L’histoire du Canada,génocide , déportation ,assimilation etc.etc..
Generic Jesus
9:17 I see a lot of unhappy, confused, homesick girls. I could put a “what’s going on” caption cloud over every one of their heads. In a ‘normal situation’ you might see 2 or 3 unhappy confused kids BUT when EVERYONE is unhappy and bewildered YOU KNOW something is WRONG!!! When I was young and TOLD to do something that’s how I looked. When I say something stupid my (incredible) Nieces give me a look…”Uncle J your being stupid”. AND they are always right. We really don’t teach COMMUNICATION skills anymore. We talk AT people NOT with people looking for that upper hand. Communication is the key to a long lasting friendship/relationship!!
Karen Otte
It is the children off the poor that suffer every generation.Indian lives matter !! But it’s funny how they are never mentioned .they were genocide and their land was stolen.
pulau lang
Return the land to the indigenous people, settlers should pay rent.
these schools were a front for genocide
Line Frenette
all my sympathies to Indigenous communities across Canada😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Amanda Francis
Boys n girls rapped alot during the nights. Screams children frightened not knowing if they will b next
Veena Khaleque
It was the indegenous people of North and South America, Australia in the past , now it is the Muslims being annihilated by white western powers. History repeating
Benoit Chevarie
Nous devrions vendre tout ce qui est la propriété des religions impliquées dans ce genocide pour indemniser les victimes et leurs descendants et ensuite interdire leurs présence sur le territoire canadien pour faire exemple de ce qui n’a jamais été et ne sera jamais acceptable.
Mieke Bogaard
Ik heb gezegd zij komen in schaaps kleding en grijpen als wolven, het is een schande.Op zijn minst zouden ze gedeelte van jullie land terug moeten geven, zodat jullie cultuur gedeeltelijk hersteld kan worden.CHRISTUS.
Arfath Khan
USA🇺🇸, CANADA🇨🇦, SOUTH AFRICA🇿🇦, AUSTRALIA🇳🇿 AND NOW PALESTINE🇵🇸 & Xinjiang🏳! Apart from supporting these first nations indigenous people, Please stand with those indigenious who are being colonised and oppressed today!
Linda Christianson
Dear Jesus Christ, I pray you wipe your church clean of sinful nuns and priests who don’t Practice your divine will. We trust in you.
Amanda Francis
Alot of babies born bc priests rapped the children babies born fr those imcidents where the baby was born n thrown into the incinerators nvr heard fr again. Children died bc of malnutrition n fr physical violence
Very Sorry 💯💞
Amanda Francis
Ps. And of us indians say the child welfare services are the new residential schools..the child services intrude into your home as if they owned it. There opinions on how things should b done n bought with are imposing yet that imposition is costly n yet they cry everytime we need money. Money they want n need money everyday. Now its out time bc we are the richest ppl in the world that have the most land. Amd we all know if u rich n dont havr land it means u aint rich..but if u rich n have land n that means your the richest person. Bank standards!
Ice Queen
It happened across europe and the whole world not just native america..
Lazer Bubbles
Parents are to blame also! Not just priests and nuns . They were only kids, they don’t know nothing but to obey and listen. Shame on all the adults! You left your kids all alone!

43 Sask. First Nation says 751 unmarked graves found at former residential school

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Live gestreamd op 24 jun. 2021

WARNING: This story contains distressing details. The Cowessess First Nation announced that as many as 751 unmarked graves had been found at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan. Cowessess Chief Cadmus Delorme says oral stories within the First Nation say both children and adults were buried there.
For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio,, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
Communication Failure7600
We all knew these bodies were there. This is horrible but not unexpected sadly.
Roserita Sutherland
my name is Thomas Bear and i am a residential school survivor and with these graves being found and also the previous ones breaks my heart…it brought back a lot of bad memories that I had bin through… truly breaks my heart… being a father and having to explain this to my children is difficult because i cant explain it with out breaking down
Kathryn Bracht
Thank you for your words Elder Florence Sparvier.❤️
Soul shattering news 🙁
Gail Young
The Catholic Church removed the grave markers? No wonder people are waking up and leaving the church
Curtis Kloberdanz
Punish those who took down the head stones then. Why are you trying to make the whole country guilty of this.
Elaine Gill
I can’t believe this went on for so long…so sad…
Sandra Hallen
Standing with you there are no words to express what I feel …but you are right truth is needed
Brett Smith Hanlon
thank you for sharing, what an impact ✊
now don’t be voting for the politician crying the loudest for this injustice or your gonna get played……..
Customer Service
Wow you found graves in a graveyard. How unusual
Paul Mignot
The Chief’s calm and quiet opening presentation adds gravitas and sadness to this story. God help us.
Ashwani Sehgal
How come these graves exposing now & not before ?? Any spl reasons ?
Guoxu Xing
Hey! what now? what are today’s Canadians gonna do to ‘honor’ those lives?
reorter Aus
In Hk,  Li Kcow Shing  ,Richest  man , hate the NT country side village people , ( original citizen ) . He interfere the government , not allow to build village house
Man…this school was operating to… 1997. Not 1897: 1_9_9_7
In Canada, we own our mistakes. This is who we are!
Philomena Cesta
I am so sorry for our ignorance. We will stand by you.
loud and clear
I am sorry, I can not bear to watch the burial site.😭😠
I am so sad. How could our parents and grandparents have allowed these schools to exist? How could our governments not check or supervise what was going on there? How can the Catholic Church continue to have any moral authority in the world if they do not do everything in their power to help parents, friends, families find the truth? We should be ashamed of ourselves and we should do the right thing – whatever that is – right now.
why isn’t the government unearthing these? they have no respect, no decency. they act like those prison wardens who put their inmates to manual labor.
Marie Finley
Again truly heartbreaking to hear of these disturbing events. I hope the families all get justice!!!. But even that will never ever take away their deep heart felt pain. R.I.P 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️
Branden Marshall
We all knew it was suspect since the 70’s and 80’s. Unfortunately it’s a reality now.
Savjot Toor
We are with you. Stay strong! Let us make a change
julia mcinnes
This is a disgrace for Canada. It should never have happened. I feel so ashamed of our country. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
S Abend
That’s very, very shameful of Canada. I love Canada but I really really gotta blame Canada this time. That’s such a disgrace to the country and to humanity!!!!
ye the north. welcome to canada. so not how god keeps them lands glorious and free?
danny yo
Elimination of catholic schools in Canada please
Shame. So much shame. 1996?
lil bud
The big catastrophe in my ancestry was the Irish potato famine. A million people died.
elias nazario
How did the school stay open till 1997.There must have been some indications that things where wrong. Why did it take so long?
danny yo
But but christianity is love!!. Love for only one kind…… 🙁 that is what crusaders did to middle east…1000x worse. Never forget.
Big Hawk
The church has to close in Canada
Philomena Cesta
The Catholic Church is a disgrace.
Brenda Brinkman Pasichnyk
Exposed to measles, small pox, TB, polio …they didn’t have a chance. So very sad. The catholic church needs to step up and do some forensics? Pay for every head stone and ceremony.
Beverley Dan
I believe in God, but I don’t believe in the bible! I never have! I wonder why?
Greg Romaine
Shouldn’t there be an investigation before we all jump to the conclusion that these are another 751 children that were covered up? I mean there are old over grown cemeteries all over Canada which are now “umarked” graves.
Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Cancel the Catholic Church’s tax exempt status. While we’re at it, cancel ALL tax exemption for religious organisations.
The Pandemic has revealed the darkness of cruelty and violence in the past, and the failure to address injustice and inequality in the present, there should be no Canada Day celebrations on July 1, 2021.
Ken Davies
The burning of the Churches can not be much of a surprise to anyone. The Catholic Church must be told to leave Canada after all charges have been addressed.
Barbara Wiggins
This is heart breaking. Hopefully justice will be served. Shame on Canada and the Catholic Church.
Cindy Frank
I think we should have a National Day of Fasting and Repentance for these atrocities. This did not go unseen by Almighty God and he will bring recompense.
Hrlrn herbrt
Lets hate crime the church
Princess Kayla
It’s only a grave yard. They only removed the stones to save money and space.
Corine Loblaw
What were they supposed to do with the bodies of children who died at those schools? What is the claim here, exactly? We have known about all this for as long as I can remember. What truth? Who was denying this?
Luther Blissett
It’s never good to hear only one side of a story.
Lyle Crawford
The United Nations working hard to divide.
give each politician a shovel, drive them to such a site, provide refreshments, and have them spend a full day of work digging. then turn parliament hill into a holocaust museum.

44 Indian Boarding School Abuse

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Lakota woman Joanne Tall describes the abuse she received as a 12 year old girl in a “christian” boarding school.

43 FULL EPISODE: ‘VeraCity: Unrepentant’ investigating abuse in the Canadian Catholic Church

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21 okt. 2020

‘VeraCity: Unrepentant’ is a Citytv original documentary uncovering the secret history of child sexual assaults that was kept silent by an order of Canadian Catholic priests. Taking the hunt for accountability all the way to Vatican City.
Richard Cabesa
Incarcerate the enablers. The Catholic Church is iredeemable.
Here looking for stories on residential schools after the discovery of 215 dead children buried in Kamloops. So sad
Black Ice
The definition of evil: the catholic church
Shakil Mirza
I hope the victims featured in this documentary receive the support they need.
All darkness will be brought to the light…
Black Ice
Expose the guilty, and those responsible for covering up their crimes…and punish all of them.
Truth is rising.
quitina dewey
Even in early 2000’s father Dan would try to get my brothers to go fishing with him but our family already knew how they were.
Angelina Degelder
Why speak to the Pope? Is he any different?
TokesNation Propaganda Ministry
It might be impossible to be heard and helped by these holy men hiding behind the stone walls of the Vatican. But Jesus himself yearns to connect with these suffering victims. Jesus will always be accessible to them. Let’s all pray that these horrid priests don’t put people off Jesus.
Jason Mobley
Watchman Yahu brought me here…. Truly sad and unjust. Hoping the victims receive retribution.
Mary Cahill
I’ve been listening to these stories for 30 years. When will it end? When will superiors and bishops report rapes to police?
John West
most victims stay silent unfortunately
Generic Jesus
39:14 this guy is like a comical delusional trump follower…he’s too far gone. Did the captain of the Titanic ever abandon ship? The roman catholic church hit the iceberg DECADES AGO !! This guy should have fun IN JAIL with the ‘general population’
Carol Nicolet
God bless and help her I believe her May justice be served
Ne. Vs
Humans are in desperate NEED to acknowledge and separate their faith in GOD from their faith on these institutions, the so called organised religions … Faith in God should be absolutely separate from all these institutions and the capable who have created them, for only their own gain !!! God’s faith has no place, with all Atrocities within religions…sadly they WILL KEEP happening as long as we, the faithful, be allowing them to believe they have “ godly powers” over all of us ….It’s our choice !!!
Sonia Jones
Shame on them. They are evil
Stanley Kubrick
In the modern secular world, the ‘churches’ are our police forces – RCMP and municipal police forces and our justice system, these two institutions prop up each other in a symbiotic dance – this is called Nationalism and every country has it. Cops and judges continuously shuffle from location to location, district to district, not just as routine job descriptions but especially when controversial actions surface. What other professions other than policing exist where perpetrators of crimes get suspended with pay while under flimsy investigations?
Sophia Freebird
I keep watching shows on this topic and cannot fathom how anyone could look at those dear children and then violate their very souls. To survivors who are speaking out–bless you, dear ones, I’m so sorry for what you have suffered. Please continue the work you are doing to keep others safe from these horrible predator-priests.
Zenik Torres
Thanks for posting this. Absolutely heartbreaking. The whole of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Institution is criminal and corrupt from the very pinnacle to the very bottom and every remnant must be dismantled. This debauched catholic institution have powerful contacts in organised crime, in government, in corporations and in financial institutions. Everyone needs to stop giving money to this evil institution, and watch it start collapsing.
Carol Nicolet
Wake up Canada Do something now These children do not deserve your neglect
Walden Smith
Thanks for allowing me to share as a minister . Rev Walden Smith.
Walden Smith
Conviction will lead to Repentance . Repentance then to God will Lead to Forgiveness from God. Forgiveness from God will lead to Spiritual transformation of the CHurches Denominations Leaders Congregants and Nations.
Carol Nicolet
Wake up Stop misunderstanding You have responsibilities
starfire ooo
I will never trust the catholic church again…the church run by the good ole boys all dressed up in their wizard capes and goofy medieval hats kissing each other’s gold rings utterly disgust me..
Walden Smith
The Churches Denominations Leaders etc wil fail but God never fails. In the failure of Churches Defend nominations Leaders God is a Forgiving God when repentance occurs.
Gabriella Masini
As a child, brought up Roman Catholic, I always questioned the church and God. This documentary is one of the reasons why, and why I believe in science.
garry w
my channel you rather just cover ir up qwipe your hand clean like nothing happened
My Channel
City tv hates catholics….Catholics must be good

44 Non-indigenous residential school survivor speaks about his childhood at St. Anne’s

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23 sep. 2018

Ron Gosbee isn’t Indigenous, but as a child, he attended a residential school. He describes what life was like attending St. Anne’s, in northern Ontario, with white skin.
For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio,, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.

45 Perverted Nun Prank

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11 apr. 2011

Even nuns need something sexy in their lives. This cute old nun ask for directions and lets her collection of sexy male model photos drop to the ground. People try to return her photos to her but are shocked at what they find. Some are even too embarrassed to return the photos and decide to leave them on the ground. Such prudes! 

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