The Blue Wall of Silence

The secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers

synonyms: blue wall, wall of silence


concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public

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‘Blue Code Of Silence’: The Death Of Terrance Franklin

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A Twin Cities attorney said he felt compelled to write a book about one of his cases involving Minneapolis Police after the death of George Floyd, reports Jennifer Mayerle. WCCO 4 News At 10 – October 4, 2020

Blue wall of silence
Vertaald uit het Engels-De blauwe muur van stilte, ook blauwe code en blauw schild, zijn termen die worden gebruikt om de informele code van stilte aan te duiden onder politieagenten om niet te rapporteren over fouten, wangedrag of misdaden van een collega, inclusief politiegeweld. Wikipedia (Engels)

Originele beschrijving bekijken
The blue wall of silence, also blue code and blue shield, are terms used to denote the informal code of silence among police officers not to report on a colleague’s errors, misconducts, or crimes, including police brutality. Wikipedia

Breaking the code of silence – The legal system at stake


“One of the more difficult areas of improving police is dealing with corruption when it is imbedded in the police subculture. I use the term corruption broadly to include acts such as: stealing things, receiving regular payoffs—enforcing or not enforcing the law, accepting gifts and favors not afforded the general public, disregarding departmental rules and orders, lying, issuing false reports, giving false testimony or committing other acts a person knows are dishonest or morally wrong. Corruption exists when police break the law, whether in pursuit of enforcing it or to enhance their own lives by accepting special favors like free food, liquor, or other things of value.

“On the other hand, proper professional police work involves scrupulous adherence to the law while enforcing it. It is being honest to a fault. Because of the disparity in power between police and citizens, the lack of transparency in most police organizations, and few public mechanisms to effectively regulate or control police behavior, the problem still exists as to how to effectively reduce and eliminate police corruption…

“The primary failure of most efforts to reduce or eliminate corruption and other misconduct in a police department is that they usually fail to acknowledge the power of the police subculture I have described. When dishonesty is a matter of common practice, and when it significantly supplements the income and lifestyle of those who practice it, it is very difficult to eliminate.

Tearing Down the Blue Wall of Silence


The sex worker turned hero who exposed Australia’s dirtiest cops | Under Investigation

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24 aug. 2021

Voice From The Grave: Sallie-Anne Huckstepp (2021) In the new six-episode series, Under Investigation exposes how Sallie-Anne Huckstepp, a single mother and heroin-addicted prostitute from Kings Cross, changed the course of Australian police history after her fatal decision to blow the whistle on corruption in the force in a bombshell 60 Minutes interview with Ray Martin.

The Derek Chauvin trial held one bad-apple cop accountable. But what about the rest of the barrel?

In the trial of Derek Chauvin, the prosecution’s witnesses included several police officers, from peers of George Floyd’s killer to upper brass. Their testimony against Chauvin, in a trial that resulted in a guilty verdict on murder charges, may indicate some loose bricks in the blue wall of silence that has so often protected cops from what other cops know about them.

But in testifying against Chauvin, these officers also created a narrative in which he and his crime are distant from them and their work. Are there broader problems with policing in Minneapolis? No doubt these officers’ views on that question vary. But this trial was narrowly about keeping one cop accountable to existing expectations, such as they are.

Derek Chauvin

1 Why I Broke the Code of Silence | Shannon Spalding | TEDxNorthbrookLibrary

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25 jul. 2018

Many people have been put in a difficult position where they see something wrong happen, but they feel like they can’t say anything out of fear of retaliation. When Shannon Spalding was faced with the decision to either turn a blind eye or speak up, she chose to speak up. In this emotionally charged talk, she explains why sometimes it is necessary to break the code of silence. Shannon Spalding is a police whistleblower and advocate for criminal justice reform. As an undercover narcotics officer with the Chicago Police Department, she exposed a ring of corrupt law enforcement agents who terrorized the South Side housing projects of Chicago and imprisoned nearly 500 people on false charges. Her story was the subject of a four-part exposé from The Intercept called “Code of Silence,” and she has been featured on major national and international news outlets such as NBC, Democracy Now!, and Al Jazeera. Shannon now works with The Exoneration Project, a legal team that works to overturn wrongful convictions. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


2 After Chauvin Verdict, Police Veteran Blows Whistle On The ‘Dangerous’ Blue Wall Of Silence

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22 apr. 2021

Throughout the Chauvin trial, prosecutors called eight witnesses from the Minneapolis Police Department and Chauvin’s boss to testify against him. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber and retired NYPD detective Marq Claxton discuss how this rare move might affect the outcomes of similar cases and why police culture makes the so-called blue wall of silence so dangerous. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. Aired on 04/21/2021.

“The Beat with Ari Melber” covers politics, law and culture on MSNBC nightly at 6pm ET, anchored by Emmy-winning journalist and attorney Ari Melber (@arimelber). The Beat focuses on original reporting and in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests, and was nominated for a 2020 Emmy in the Outstanding Interview category.

MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

3 Black cop fired after intervening on chokehold: I lost everything

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16 jun. 2020

Officials in Buffalo, New York, want an investigation into the firing of a black police officer who intervened when a white colleague had a suspect in a chokehold. The incident happened in November 2006. At the time, Officer Cariol Horne had served 19 of the 20 years needed to receive her pension, a spokesperson for Horne told CNN. But Horne was fired for intervening and did not qualify for her pension, the city said. “The message was sent that you don’t cross that blue line and so some officers — many officers don’t,” said Horne in an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

4 The Thin Blue Line – the Darker Side of the Police Force

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A short documentary that dives into real life examples of police corruption, instances of the blue wall of silence – uncovering the untold. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

5 The LA Riots 20 Years Late

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3 mei 2012

KCAL 9 and CBS 2 produce a special segment on the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots, hosted by Pat Harvey and featuring remarks from city leaders, including Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant.

6 EXCLUSIVE: Police scrapped paedophile investigation into Cyril Smith & others – Newsnight

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17 mrt. 2015

Newsnight investigation reveals police scrapped investigation into sex crimes involving politicians. Nick Hopkins reports.

7 Detective who wanted to speak to minister taken off case – BBC Newsnight

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2 mrt. 2016

A detective was removed from his post after telling colleagues he wanted to approach Paul Boateng – then government minister in charge of police. Multiple sources have told the BBC they believe Det Insp Clive Driscoll intended to ask Mr Boateng what – if anything – he knew of a known paedophile, John Carroll. But before Mr Driscoll could approach him in 1998 he was axed from the case. There is no suggestion Paul Boateng – now a Lord – had done anything wrong. Nick Hopkins reports. 
Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

8 Claims that CCTV footage of Cyril Smith was used in police training video – Newsnight

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18 mrt. 2015

9 Police: Cyril Smith guilty of sexual abuse

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27 nov. 2012

Greater Manchester Police have concluded that the former Liberal MP, Sir Cyril Smith, was guilty of physical and sexual abuse of young boys over a period of many years. .
Karen Pointer
This is disgusting , this man is vile and should have been locked away, why are the police and government waiting till they are all either to old or dead to do something about these monsters, they know who they are so just get on with it and slam them all in jail, never mind putting innocent people who can’t a fort bills etc going to jail, put the real scumbag criminals away……
Deerie Lou
I also have no faith in the British legal system!!!
Philip Robinson
He was allowed to get away with it – probably because he could name names. Likewise Savile.
I lived in Rochdale in the 70’s when Smith was the local MP. I’d regularly see him in the chippy on a Friday night ordering fish and chips 5 times to go and 2 lots to eat whilst he waited for his order, there was only him and his mother at home. This was a man who claimed his weight problem was due to a slow metabolism! The local paper supported him and never questioned what he did unfortunately, another reason he got away with his behaviour for years. He used to frequent the local children’s homes using all manner of pretexts, a vile man that was protected by parliament and the liberal party.
Trev S
An old friend of ours says it was common knowledge on the streets Of Rochdale & middleton that Cyril liked boys and was sadistic 
Peter Reed
The question here is, could CARL BEECH have been telling the truth, because 18 years for lieing seems very harsh would you not say ?.
Europa belongs to europeans only Andrew
Seen him many times in my old school
Notice that they only ever reveal this kind of thing after these people are dead.
I’ve always found something a bit sus about the Liberal Party. There’s rotten apples in any crate, but the Liberals seem to attract a particular kind.
Viking Adventurer
Disgraceful cover up. He was a religious man as well!
tony woodham
Filthy fat bastards.
Karen Pointer
This is disgusting , this man is vile and should have been locked away, why are the police and government waiting till they are all either to old or dead to do something about these monsters, they know who they are so just get on with it and slam them all in jail, never mind putting innocent people who can’t a fort bills etc going to jail, put the real scumbag criminals away……

10 Lord Steel on Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith – BBC Newsnight

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5 jun. 2018

Evan Davis talks to former Liberal leader Lord Steel about the Jeremy Thorpe scandal and the abuse allegations against former MP Cyril Smith.
Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

11 Cyril Smith Documentary

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28 apr. 2014

Documentary detailing the abuse of children by Cyril Smith MP, and how it was covered up by the Security Services. Originally shown on Channel 4. Apologies that the first few minutes or so are missing.
Frances Riddiough
Christ ! some men have egos beyond the stars. I remember Cyril Smith and thought he was creepy then, but my parents thought he was a ”salt of the earth” sort of man……..and he played on that ”safe ” image. A true monster.But then it was hushed up because there were more notable people involved, of this ı am convinced. truly horrific……and our justice system is still WHO you know and not what crimes they have committed. I just hope that the future in British justice is more honourable……and brave.but I dont hold my breath. I dont think we brits are as honourable as we make out.
Richard Graham
How these bastards were allowed to get away with this is unreal! Hopefully this will not get buried, and if there is any justice this will be pursued until every one of these sick bastards and every one of those who were complicit in hiding this will get their just rewards. It is sickening at the arrogance of these people, even when they knew that they were being looked into, they still carried on.
And EVERYONE kept his mouth shut, so they are just as GUILTY. :-((
Sharon Hone
Same old cover up’s just like the grooming gangs..absolutely revolting
Horrific. And nothing was done about it. Why?
whutshuldi callmuhselph
how many times did someone say “we knew” and just turned their heads. Props to the cops who said fuck off and went on to interview the kid
ric david
This is a creepy doc and I think they are missing great swathes of relevant info from it
Tracy Sledge
They need to admit that they let him get away with it
Sir Edith
23:56 Deegan was a brave man!
Charlotte Russell
Markos H
I think Cyril is the only person who can be called Jimmy Savile’s equal.
ric david
Every single one of the people interviewed seemed coached what the hell was that all about
Alfred Collins
A bowling ball pretending to be a man.
Luke 17:2 It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than he should cause one of these little ones to sin.
Chris E
If we in the US somehow think it’s not happening here with police, authorities, elected officials…we’d be idiots.
pamela kingwell
Englishmen are you tired of JUST yelling and protesting, yet?
Could this happen today?
Linda Taghon

12 MP: Evidence Of Two Murders In Child Abuse Claims

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22 dec. 2014

Labour MP John Mann claims he has evidence of two murders in Lambeth related to alleged child abuse claims. He has passed a dossier of material to police which alleges that 22 people, including MPs and peers, were involved in paedophile rings at Westminster in the 1970s and 80s.
Noah Carpenter
This very important story was only on Sky news, as far as I know, and then it was virtually buried due to the Glasgow bin lorry crash. I wonder?
Oswald McChickenbreast
This has just been suggested in 2020 – what came of this? Nothing. Brushed under the carpet.
MP is now Lord Mann. There’s cracks opening wide now.
lizzy way
i am a survivor and forever a victim. thank god people are looking at that seriously.
Lara Cameron-wells
Funny how nothing happened about this 😡😡
J Briercliffe
Ultimately a failure.
kevin mulligan
Oh dear oh dear. The guy telling all these stories that this mp believed has just been jailed for 18 years for all this lying
Anthea Kawakib Poole
a bit of an abrupt cut-off!
Johnny Roadcrew
Dont think this will go under the carpet if Johnny Mann is persuing matters.

13 VIP child abuse: remembering Kincora, MI5 and the CSA cover up

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7 feb. 2018

BBC News at Six, Channel 4 News & Today May-August 2015
You can view my blog here:
My other YouTube channels search for: “I Am Incorrigible” & “Incorrigible Forever”
Nadia Bear
Heartbreaking and Horrific in equal measure. Growing up with abuse all around you from grown-ups meant to be guardians. I hope that this brave survivor finds his peace.  This cover-up is so full of holes now, why are we as a country not scandalised by our own politicians/police etc!  These men have had their lives stolen, they were never  free, with little if any experience of unconditional love. ….
Dawn Leary
Its just so cruel listening to what these victims went through, but i guess, not as cruel as how the victims have to relive their abuse every single day. Just bloody heartbreaking. There is so much these evil bastard’s, have to answer for. So many lives they wrecked. It makes me sick.
Ian Puddick
Excellent video ….thank you for creating & posting
Richard Kerr
29:53 I didn’t arrive there From a dysfunctional family I arrive there From Another Welfare-hell Home where it all began
Debbi Blakeslee
Damn these people in power 😡😡
Pam Tufnell
Wonder if it’s still happening not just politicians celebrities too
Pam Tufnell
Perverts picking on the most vulnerable in society
still not a lot of progress on this – that channel four interview with richard kerr was six years ago. i’m guessing the files have all been lost since.
What the CSA stand for? Greetings from Brussels Belgium. Sláinte agaibh.
Pamela Homeyer
Ask because Prince Charles uncle was involved
Susan De Wet
How awfull that their was NO TRUSTWORTHY ADULT that believed them …. who they could trust and could help them and put a stop to this EVIL 👹!!

14 Kincora child abuse victim calls for wider inquiry

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1 jun. 2015

A man who was abused at Belfast’s Kincora boys home four decades ago calls for the scandal there to become part of a wider UK inquiry into historic child abuse cases.

15 Are The Police Fit For Purpose? Report Accuses Met Police Of ‘Institutional Corruption’ | GMB

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16 jun. 2021

The Metropolitan Police commissioner has apologised for failings in the Daniel Morgan case, after the force was accused of institutional corruption. Dame Cressida Dick said it was a “matter of great regret that no-one has been brought to justice and that our mistakes have compounded the pain suffered by Daniel’s family”. Broadcast on 16/06/21

16 Alabama pastor who was arrested while watering neighbors’ garden speaks out l GMA

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25 aug. 2022

Pastor Michael Jennings, 56, says he’s still coming to terms of the incident after police arrested him while watering plants for an out-of-town neighbor this past spring.

17 Baltimore police officers accused of planting drugs

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3 aug. 2017

Baltimore Police body camera footage appears to show officers planting drugs during a traffic stop and then arresting the driver. It is the second instance of the department being accused of planting drugs in recent weeks. CBS News correspondent Don Dahler has been following this story and joins CBSN to share the latest.

18 How corrupt Baltimore cops used the badge to steal

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14 feb. 2018

Two Baltimore city police officers were convicted in federal court on Monday on charges including racketeering and robbery, as part of a brazen corruption scandal. Baltimore’s Gun Task Force were tasked with getting illegal guns off the street, but used their authority to target people for theft. John Yang talks to Jayne Miller of WBAL-TV about the debate on how the city police force needs to change.

19 How A Corrupt Baltimore Police Task Force Tainted Thousands of Cases (HBO)

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27 jan. 2018

Two Baltimore police officers are on trial this week in federal court for some of this worst misconduct imaginable. Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor were members of Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force, an elite group of plainclothes officers expected to get the worst firearms and offenders off the city streets.

Eight of the nine men on the task force have been accused of a range of organized crime-level charges that range from robbery and extortion, to faking evidence, planting drugs, dealing drugs, and other serious crimes. 6 of the officers, Sergeants Thomas Allers and Wayne Jenkins, and Detectives Momodu Gondo, Evodio Hendrix, Maurice Ward, and Jemell Rayam, have all pleaded guilty.

It’s a staggering fall: the Gun Trace Task Force was created by the city in 2007 with the explicit goal of fighting crime and reducing the city’s rising murder rate. For a while, city leaders saw the task force as a huge success, celebrating the firearms and drugs the men had confiscated.

Today, many Baltimore residents consider the task force’s crimes the biggest scandal in recent memory. Freddie Gray’s 2015 death in police custody and the resulting riots dominated years of headlines, but these officers’s misconduct was the low frequency chaos only people in Baltimore’s most vulnerable communities could hear.

20 “They were Both Cops & Robbers”: Baltimore Police Scandal Exposes Theft, Cover-Ups & Drug Peddling

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7 feb. 2018

In Maryland, closing arguments are scheduled to begin today for two Baltimore police officers who are part of what has been described as one of the most startling police corruption scandals in a generation. The officers were part of an elite plainclothes unit called the Gun Trace Task Force—but, according to prosecutors, the unit acted more like a criminal outfit. In his opening argument during the trial, the lead federal prosecutor, Leo Wise, said, “They were, simply put, both cops and robbers.” According to prosecutors, the officers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from city residents. They broke into houses. They stole drugs and then gave them to drug dealers. They carried BB guns that they could plant on people they shot. Six members of the task force have already pleaded guilty. We speak to Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

21 The Thin Blue Line – the Darker Side of the Police Force

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A short documentary that dives into real life examples of police corruption, instances of the blue wall of silence – uncovering the untold.

22 Corrupt Lawyers In Cahoots With Chicago Mobsters | FBI Files | Real Responders

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1 aug. 2022

A local Chicago missing persons investigation and an FBI police corruption investigation overlap and merge when it is discovered the missing wife was murdered by a mobster under FBI scrutiny. The FBI conduct an extensive sting operation to expose the corruption and conspiracy of Chicago’s lawyers, law enforcers and mobsters.
The FBI Files is an American television docudrama series. Each episode describes actual FBI cases which include murder, narcotics, bank robberies, and kidnapping as well as other crimes. These are portrayed through dramatic reenactments and interviews with agents and forensic scientists who worked on the investigations.

23 Curious Number Of Russian Oligarchs Have Died Since Invasion Of Ukraine

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23 apr. 2022

Ali Velshi reports on four separate instances of Kremlin-connected, extremely wealthy Russians with ties to the oil industry who have died by suicide since Russia’s war in Ukraine began. 

24 De strijd van prins Laurent – Pano

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16 feb 2019

Prins Laurent praat. In Pano. Over zijn passies en zijn drijfveren. Over zijn woede en ontgoocheling.

Het enfant terrible probeert de typecasting te overstijgen.

Tegelijk zoekt Pano uit wat er nu écht gebeurd is met het kapitaal van Khaddafi in België. Spijtige misverstanden, of worden er potjes gedekt gehouden?

25 Toxic Water Prank

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28 mrt. 2011

Water fountain is toxic, this is why they install a sign instead of just stopping the fountain. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. 
Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!

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