The bottom line

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A true friend sees the first tear.
Catches the second
and stops the third

The most important fact in a situation

The bottom line is that we need another ten thousand dollars to complete the project.

Cambridge Dictionary

“The greatness of humanity is not being human, but is being humane.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Being humane, being truly human.

A small human gesture.

Being kind.

Casualties of war – talk with chaplain
We can still talk, can’t we?

1 Honesty is sometimes one of the weakest links in our society,

as emphasized in Jonathan Roberts’ Harvard Commencement in 2017.

A few line from his Harvard address:

Please enjoy the speech and the transcript A humbling experience

2 The darker side of justice

To summarise


When you are dealing with a faulty justice system,

 which commits abject errors,

 you can expect this to be resolved correctly. 

Against this background it is necessary to be able to speak to an honest person.

You have to do what you have to do,

because it happens that you are dealing with people with bad intentions,

Even for the very simple black and withe case of Liam Allan,

it is not normal what happened.

5 Do not make a mistake evil does exist in this world

Children pass piles of stone ready for the re-paving on a road in Bihar, India.

You have to do what you have to do

Said of any task or obligation that one must undertake or go through with, especially when it is difficult, unpleasant, undesirable, inconvenient, etc.

6 Cooperation with evil

In the case of The Central Park Firve, we have a justice system that lends itself to doing blatantly wrong things to young teenagers!

Please listen thoughtfully to video 1 –  Wrong destination to understand how mistakes are made.

Similarly, mistakes are made in the legal system…

It is like in the candid camera below, a single action somewhere by a single entity in the system is enough.

Someone asks for help and, in the end, gets the shock of his life!

The expression “The bottom line” typically refers to the most important or crucial points or outcomes of a situation or issue. It is often used in business or financial contexts, but can also be used more broadly in other areas of life. The key points associated with the expression “The bottom line” include:

  1. The final result or conclusion: “The bottom line is that we need to increase sales to meet our targets.”

  2. The essential or most significant aspects: “Let’s focus on the bottom line and address the key issues affecting our project.”

  3. The financial or monetary outcome: “The bottom line of our quarterly report shows a decrease in profits compared to last year.”

  4. The ultimate or decisive factor: “When making decisions, the bottom line is whether it’s profitable for the company.”

  5. The overall summary or conclusion: “After evaluating all the factors, the bottom line is that we need to change our marketing strategy.”

  6. The ultimate goal or objective: “The bottom line of our organization is to provide high-quality service to our customers.”

In general, “The bottom line” is a figurative expression that conveys the most important or fundamental aspects of a situation, often with a focus on financial outcomes or key results.

Trick Red Light Prank

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22 mei 2011

Police officer places a red light that never turns green on a highway in the middle of nowhere.

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A kind word as part of daily life.


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