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1 Judge rules police can be held liable in Ryan Ferguson case

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18 jan. 2017

A big ruling on Tuesday against police in Columbia, Missouri in a $100 million lawsuit.
Melissa warner
I love this judge I want to buy him a drink it’s about time cops get held accountable for their stupidity
Arturo Lopez
That’s a Honest Judge !!!! It’s hard to find good ones out there !!!!! When we vote for Judges we need to do background checks !!!!! Make sure they are corrupted or want to be corrupted !!!!
Vive La Résistance
Always exercise your right to have an attorney present.
Finally, Finally and FINALLY thank you Federal Judge, under some circumstances Police Officers should be held “Personally Liable” for what they do. We are, if we commit a crime, why not them?
Whilst I agree with the general principal of Qualified Immunity, it must only apply where the officers involved can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they acted in good faith. In any incidence where an officer invokes qualified immunity, it must be the responsibility of the officer to prove they acted in good faith and NOT the responsibility of the affected citizens(s) to prove that they didn’t.
Paul Williams
20 weeks training as a police gets you qualified immunity 4 YEARS training as a doctor gets you malpractices 4 YEARS training as a lawyer gets you bared from the bar
I would move from this state soon as I can
Steve Gagnon
Those police should be jailed for life
Benny McCall
Qualified immunity has to be abolished police use it as a shield from prosecution.
Maurice Clemens
I hope the cops loose and they take the judgement from every cops pension!
Turner Hartsfield
This judge #1 he is not putting up with these corrupted cop bullshit good job judge .
Beverly Trader
Get rid of qualified immunity for police officers! No other employees have qualified immunity why should they? They work with the public and that’s exactly why they shouldn’t have it period!
Hope they took it out of there retirement

qualified immunity for a setup, what are cops sovereign citizens too?
Grey Line
I hope he goes after that bastard DA
The Queen’s question: “If the problem is so widespread why anyone noticed it?”

The director told the Queen: at every stage everyone was so blinded


In een video van Harvard professor Garry Gray Trust in research – the ethics of knowledge production – stellen we vast dat een wetenschapper een mens is en ‘compromises’ kan maken en niet noodzakelijk ‘independent’ is.

2 Accused Lacrosse Players Talk: CBS News

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13 okt. 2006

Ed Bradley of “60 Minutes” speaks with Hannah Storm about his exclusive interview with Duke University lacrosse players accused of raping an exotic dancer. The interview airs Sunday, Oct. 15. Brought to you by CBS News

3 O’reilly Nifong Duke 88

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23 jan. 2007

Bill O’Reilly takes on Nifong in his Jammies. Visits two Duke 88 Profs and talks with Duke Student Stephen Miller

4 Duke Lacrosse Parents

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21 feb. 2007

Susan & Charles Wolcott, parents of an unindicted Duke Lacrosse player, speak out against the injustice in Durham on Hannity & Colmes – Feb 20, 2007
I was happy to see some of the other parents speaking out! All of the players got the shaft from Nifong & the PD! Hopefully we will hear from them all when the charges are dismissed.
Nifong should rot in jail for the rest of his life.
I hope to someday see a basketball game featuring Georgetown vs. Seligman and Finnerty U.
Matt Clark
i believe its more like “men accused of rape are always guilty until proven innocent”
are the parents reading a script?
You sure know her name enough. I bet you are out there LOOKING for her right now. lolol. I have discovered that people who talk the way you do against the truth are hiding something within. You must secretly have had a crush on a black girl and could not perform because of your attitude and upbringing which may have caused you trauma.
Raw Is Ericho
I’m a Democrat and I didn’t support her. I waited for the facts to come in and I hated all the bias coverage that things like the TImes gave it.
Interesting how Fox NEVER does interviews or pieces on when black people are maligned by the law.

5 Coach Pressler on ESPN2 First Take

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12 jun. 2007

Coach Pressler speaks about the betrayal of Duke University Administration Officials & related issues

6 Lacrosse players sue Duke

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26 jul. 2012

On February 21, 2008, 38 current and former Duke lacrosse players and several of their parents filed a federal lawsuit against Duke University, the City of Durham and a number of other entities and individuals. A news conference announcing the lawsuit was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Speaking are Robert H. Bork, Jr., spokesman for the plaintiffs, Charles J. Cooper of Cooper & Kirk, PLLC, their attorney, and Steven Henkelman, father of Eric Henkelman, a former player, both of whom are plaintiffs. For more information on this case please visit http://www.dukelawsuit.com.
Bork Communication Group, LLC
Terry Rodbourn
This whole case made me conservative and distrustful of the court system and main stream traditional news!
Never let them forget what happened here.
Is it over yet?
Group 88 should’ve been fired, tenure or not.
Jude Bug
The press was still trying to protect Duke and vilify the players.
Don Dressel
What was the outcome of this lawsuit? It sounds like due process was thrown out the window This has so many similarities in the Kavanaugh hearings
davis young
Ironically the outlandish and outrageous actions of DA Nyfong served to clear unequivocally the defendants. Had Nyfong done his job correctly and concluded that Mangum was an unreliable victim and the case not prosecutable, this would have resulted in a cloud over the defendants that would possibly exist until the present day and confirm to feminists and activists the existence of white and wealthy privilege.
roymarsh jiujitsu
You can tell these JournalistsAre pissed at the outcome and I’m especially impressed by the journalist at the end who doesn’t understand Due Process (“what should have Duke done differently?)
Why weren’t those professors fired?
Lenore Bridges
Even after winning the lawsuit, good luck going to court and getting the money. Duke lawyers play games. The lawsuit might be scheduled for Durham, but really be in Greensboro. They play games and continually postpone payments.
don don
Never trust a college professor or a college administrator or the Press.
Dafydd Coleman
FYI, the monster who made it all up killed her boyfriend by stabbing him to death a few years later.
D___ C____
I wished that duke would have expelled any students that they could prove stood outside those players homes day and night, making noise to ensure they didnt sleep, called them rapist, and “bullied” those poor young men, because of a liar and a D.A. that wanted reelection. Those students that jumped in head first, without any shred of fact, should not have been able to get on with their lives, when EVERYONE of those lacrosse players lives stopped the day the were accused of a false rape. Its a tragedy, the reporters that judged them guilty before any information was present, should have been removed from journalism and never allowed back in.
Did the gang of 88 ever even apologize?
I hope they got millions
Gary Wagner
Who are the two jackwagons who gave this a thumbdown?
Nifong should be doing hard time, behind bars, to this very day.
Reggie von Zugbach
Nothing wrong with hiring stripper.
Jacques So what
More evidence that to a liberal the end always justifies the means. Always.

7 The president of Duke University offers an apology for the handling of the Lacrosse scandal.

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31 jul. 2015
(29 Sep 2007) HEADLINE: Duke University president: ‘I apologize.” ————————————— 
CAPTION: Watch as the president of Duke University apologizes for the school’s role in last year’s scandal in which three lacrosse players were falsely accused of rape. State prosecutors determined the accuser was lying, and the prosecutor who handled the case has been disbarred. (Sept. 29)


State prosecutors determined in April the accuser’s story was a
lie, and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper called the
three players innocent victims of Nifong’s “tragic rush to
Nifong was disbarred in June for more than two dozen violations
of the state bar’s rules of professional conduct, including
withholding results of critical DNA tests, and resigned from

Duke University President Richard Brodhead
apologized Saturday for not better supporting the men’s lacrosse
players falsely accused in last year’s highly publicized rape

Brodhead, speaking at the university’s law school, said he regretted Duke’s “failure to reach out” in a “time of extraordinary peril” after a woman accused three players of raping her at a March 2006 party thrown by the team

If he was really sorry he would have fired all those professors who were calling the players rapists before they were tried.
They reached out to the players to see if some of the underclassmen would comeback (side note the seniors graduated on Sunday before they were indicted on Monday and arrested Tuesday) They rejected Duke’s offer.
David Jones
silent voice in the dark
This man is a walking talking example of why we need to have severe corporal punishment reserved for certain individuals
The apology is issued without fanfare on a archive channel .
David Jones
Mark Mann
Empty apology. That is all.
I’m sure how he will not say anything about how she in jail for 14yrs for 2nd degree murder.
Hey Mr President. You know where you can put your faux apology.
L. Peyton Adams
Sadly the only way to show regret is for the 88 to take responsibility and have consequences. The only hit in lawsuits was to the school’s endowment fund. Many of the media who followed along went on to do it again and kept their jobs. A good example of how to do it right was Ed Bradley who followed the facts and reported them and sadly it was a rare example.
Val Gheller
A huge cover-your-ass rationalization by a weak and ineffectual leader. This guy could have stepped in at any time and toned down the extant rhetoric.
Just a “I hope this will make us look less responsible” lie.
Matt Turner
This guy has zero backbone, a total administrative tin man…with empty words and no idea how to handle anything other than fundraisers and meetings that accomplish nothing.
Gyesung Rhee
What happened to this man anyway ?? He should’ve been in jail. !!
It sounds like a disingenuous apology to me!
Him Bike
The media treated TRUMP like he was a Duke LaCrosse player for 4yrs
The Church Of Meat
Any of the 88 fired? No? Then this is not sincere. Go Tar Heels!
Off The Grid Living
Democrats went after a group of kids who didnt fit their profile. They need to pay.
Pequeno Príncipe Red Pill
why these dishonored were not fired to safeguard the honor of the university?
I’m so glad we don’t try and convict defendants in media and public before…………… oh wait that’s exactly what happened and it ruined lives. At least he said he was sorry.
This is disgusting. He and all these professors should be fire. Spit.
Grant Gunz
Why no one should ever attend Duke University.
CA Cornhusker
oh boy, the 60s Generation became woke in the New Millenium and became the establishment….from Beatniks to Swetniks.
Why would anyone go to Duke

8 Eye To Eye: The Seligmanns On The Duke Case (CBS News)

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13 apr. 2007

All charges against Kathy and Philip Seligmann’s son, Reade, in the Duke lacrosse case were dropped. They talk exclusively with Katie Couric about the handling of the case. (CBSNews.com)
His mother made an excellent point about activists not caring about facts if it doesn’t fit their narrative. They are still doing it even today, possibly more.
John Brubaker
Great parents. Mother is amazing. Expresses all that emotion so beautifully.
“Men’s Rights are a joke.”- Amy Poehler Tell that to this family
Ernest Claybon III
The mom has a good point! Crystal Mangum went on to cause chaos and eventually committed murder
He didn’t return to Duke. I wouldn’t blame him since some of the faculty members threw him under the bus
Poor Katie, it was probably so difficult for her to conduct this interview because as a member of the media she still feels the three players are guilty.
Bryan Coats
Sadly, this happens more often than not, and innocent men are sent to prison based on lies, especially in the military, where there does not even have to be evidence, just word of mouth, with no truth.
Is it over yet?
Shame on that attorney general, if she was held accountable for her actions, her murder victim might still be alive. Smh.
Shes in jail for murder. Isn’t that funny? Crystal Mangum was her name.
Washington Consultants
Did Nancy Grace ever apologize or recant for all the horrible things she said against those innocent boys?
Fuck Your Pronoun
His dad is an OG. Guy doesn’t fuck around.
Reggie von Zugbach
Those bustrd 88 professors who signed the defamtory advert should have been sacked and left to be sued for their evil behaviour.
This thing was a circus and people should be kissing this family’s feet for the rest of their lives.
Brandon Miller
Heartbreaking. Bless these people and those on their side. To hell with nifong and those in his side, crystal too. Hate them.
Alucard Hellsing
The mother predicted a bad outcome. She went on from false accusa
Sean H
reade plays for Brown University now
Big brown
Prosacuting attorney got one day n jail. Them boy probly cant get a job after that
Jump rope stairs
He put his shoulders back because he was wearing cuffs
Gyesung Rhee
This was horrible story !!
No one should be ever falsely accused of anything especially for a serious crime as rape or sexual assault. but your comment calling and referring to women as bitches certainly doesn’t help your reasoning. I suspect some feminists may harber ill feelings toward men and allow those feelings to fuel their causes. But may I say, everyone, everyone deserves respect, and should not be violated ever. We all get wet in the rain, the Pope and the Prostitute..

9 Jack Ford | Media Coverage of the Duke Lacrosse Case

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2 jan. 2020

The Program in Public Law presents Media Coverage of the Duke Lacrosse Case, with Jack Ford. Mr. Ford is a Senior Anchor for Court TV.
Recorded on February 07, 2007.
Appearing: Christopher Schroeder (Duke University School of Law), introducer. Jack Ford (Court TV), speaker.
Duke University was part of a watershed moment of legal history for all the wrong reasons because of this case.
Don Virts
Duke lacrosse starts at 31:48 your welcome.
Great talk, thank you. Q: Was Neil Armstrong a similar hero ? Like Lindbergh ?
Gyesung Rhee
Media is the problem !! Sensationalism !!
anne weber
Well, this video shouldn’t be biased at all.
Get on with it!
J Tyson
This guy is verbose. Legal training apparently prepares you to be paid by the word.
jamal robinson
Funny how when this happens to some white kids, all of a sudden where having a college lecture 🤔

10 Eye To Eye: The Finnertys On The Duke Case (CBS News)

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13 apr. 2007

All charges against Collin Finnerty were dropped in the Duke lacrosse case. His parents, Kevin and Mary Ellen, spoke with Harry Smith about the ordeal. (CBSNews.com)
Sad that “justice” cost so much money and bullshit for these families.
David Jones
Interestingly enough, Colin’s parents did not come from money. there is a great interview with them on the internet. They are surprised by what success they have, and feel tremendously blessed by it . BTW: Mr. Finnerty made several contributions to democratic PACS. They are Democrats. He contributed to John Edwards. Also support a Tanzanian charity run by a friend who is a priest. From this interview, it is clear to see they are good people.
Him Bike
The nitemare didn’t end Wednesday
Him Bike
The niteMare didn’t end Wednesday
Lacrosse is a strange game.

14 Ethics Lessons Learned in the Duke Lacrosse Case

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2 jan. 2020

A discussion of the Duke Lacrosse case. Recorded on April 14, 2007.

15 Duke Lacrosse Victory – Complete Innocence!

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11 apr. 2007

NC State AG announces all charges are dismissed!
Christopher Howell
My response to this video: thunderous applause.
Marv Placino
I always knew the 3 Duke lacrosse players were innocent. The stripper just wanted a handout. She needs to go to jail for filing a false police report.
Blaise Jacques
Wow! 1 dislike in 14 years, that is amazing and def a record. I bet the 1 dislike is from Malik Shabazz lmao.
Washington Consultants
I believe that when the accusing victim cried rape, she was just trying to get out of being arrested for drug use. I think she had no idea it was going to go that far. Once she lied, she had to keep up with the lie.
Well done. Truth wins.
What pisses me off more than anything about this case is that false accuser was not charged with any crime. It is a crime to falsely press charges against anyone but she was given a free pass. If i were one of her victims I would have sued her to the very end.
Excellent news! I say let the civil lawsuits commence!
The fault rests with Nifong. Maybe she is a bad person, maybe just a crazy person, I don’t know. HE is supposed to know better. As I don’t know what her mental health is like, I am not going to assume she should be punished. She contradicted herself about ten times, and he should have known. I’m glad that these kids had the ability to to get the truth out and keep themselves from being further harmed. If it happened to some other kids, it could have been so much worse.
@moneymaker7404 If you really believe that you probably shouldn’t be laughing out loud.
joseph fanning
where was nancy grace the day they were cleared? She was “absent”.
Samurai Momo
Yeah like OJ she wrote a book
So um I was younger when this happen but was the lady lying on them? I mean she was a stripper but they r also rich so….????
NC is way better than OK, Holtzclaw.

16 How The Met Police Have ALWAYS Been Corrupt

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17 Fix Our Broken Criminal Justice System

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29 okt. 2015

During a Senate floor speech today on criminal justice reform, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) reiterated his long-standing opposition to the death penalty and called for marijuana to be removed from a list of drugs outlawed by the federal government.
Jason Scheuerman
As states decriminalize marijuana use, they should release anyone convicted of marijuana use in those states.
Greg S
doing work!! Bernie is the true definition of a leader. he has the highest set of morals and values. go Bernie
Barry Kyle
What Bernie is describing is referred to as the cycle of poverty. When african american people talk about the systemic issues surrounding poverty and incarceration, this is precisely what they mean. It just keeps looping. What’s sad is if we got decent work for people stuck in this system, it would have a substantial impact on the American economy. You’d have millions new people who are paying taxes and restoring economic prosperity. What a pity we can’t figure out how to get along for long enough to make things better and get out of our own way.
Stacey Tapia
Thanks for bringing up the issues that really need emphasis, and have always!
Bern speaks the truth!
Shafonda Sheppard
Justice and equality!!! This man is Awesome!
Brian H
Thank you senator Bernie for your courage and the facts stop this immediately
Chris Phoenix
I want to join in your journey and come along to help in any way I can. Much of what you talk about I’ve been seeing develop around me since the 90’s (I was a teenager), and when I brought it up to friends some of them listened, some thought I was too “conspiracy theorist” and shrugged it off. Now that things are so dire and you are getting the spotlight, people are coming out of the woodwork to assist your causes. We want to hand you the POTUS seat. I’m doing everything I can from here in Maine. The economy here is wrecked. The wealthy are just fine, but the workers are exhausted and miserable. I know it’s like that all over the country. I’m voting and sharing your videos. I’m talking to people. I’m poor, so I can not help as much as I want to and need to. I want a place that feels good to live in. I want a real home. Why can’t people just have a place to call home? Help each other, people. Please.
Marky Sharky
that one dislike is Hilary Clinton
KWolf Pro
Amen Bernie! Your the man! Bernie 2016!
Bernie needs to go after Clinton more aggressively in the primary.
Reb Robb
I was once with the Right-Wing before this great human being inspired me. I’m an unapologetic Democratic Socialist.
Next week he introduces the legislation.10/29/15
A Gamer Aaron
Very well said on all counts. I had to move to a legal state just to not fear having my life ruined. I am a cannabis user treating my asperger’s and chronic pains. The former isn’t on the list of applicable disabilities, but I trust it will inevitably. You are fighting to make my medicine legal like it always should have been. If people want to have a fun recreational time with the safe drug, they should have all the rights as well! Thank you for speaking on my behalf; you’re amazing Bernie!
It’s not just about keeping people locked up, though. It’s also important to give the people a positive outlook on their lives after they have rightfully spent their time in prison. Free education, the option of getting degrees, doing internships, being a vital part of society even during their imprisonment is important to prevent them from becoming criminals again because let’s face it – if you spent years in prison without work experience no one is going to hire you, which not only means you can’t earn your income and therefore create tax money for the country, but you’re also likely to get imprisoned again and COST tax money. The cycle needs to be broken. Take a look at the scandinavian countries’ prison system. It works.


Unfortunately, real life doesn’t much resemble carefully crafted murder mystery fiction, where the bad guys always trip up in the end and the good guys always go free.

Nor are defense attorneys always dedicated (or even competent), or prosecutors always serving the cause of justice.

23 year long study conducted by the University of Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law, released in 2012, documented more than 2,000 cases of the miscarriage of justice during that time, while admitting there are likely many more that have slipped through the cracks.

The causes for these failures of the criminal justice system boil down to bad lawyering, crooked or incompetent forensic science, and witness misidentification (often mistaken identity) or just plain lies.

For example, the sad case of Randall Dale Adams highlighted issues of prosecutorial malfeasance and perjury during his original 1976 trial that got him sent to death row for the murder of a Dallas police officer during a routine traffic stop. Adams’ execution was stayed just three days before it was carried out when the Supreme Court determined procedural issues in the trial raised questions of reasonable doubt. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris investigated the case while making the film The Thin Blue Line, and discovered new evidence of Adams’ innocence. Randall Adams was finally freed after twelve and a half years in prison in 1989.

Listed here are 10 outrageous cases of injustice. No one really knows how many there really are, but one estimate from the UM study puts the figure at 5% of all convictions. It could, the researchers admit, be higher. In several of these cases there are further aggravating factors of pure prejudice – antisemitism in the notorious Dreyfus Affair, and racism against African-Americans in others. Which would provide yet another avenue for the gross miscarriage of justice having to do with the jury rather than incompetence or fraud from forensics investigators, malfeasance of lawyers and prosecutors, mistaken eyewitness accounts or simple lies – perjury.

Miscarriages of Justice: Egregious Cases

The sad case of Randall Dale Adams

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris investigated the case while making the film The Thin Blue Line, and discovered new evidence of Adams’ innocence.

Randall Adams was finally freed after twelve and a half years in prison in 1989.

Randall Adams would have never been freed if this documentary hadn’t been made.

18 The Thin Blue Line

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23 mrt. 2010

Easily the best movie of 1988, and one of the best movies of the 1980’s..
M. Castel
I want to hear the whole recording.
Randall Adams died last October at the age of 61 from a brain tumor. He had a difficult time after his release. As he was not given a pardon, he was not eligible for compensation for wrongful imprisonment.
GJC Synths
@skydark Well, although I do see your point, I guess we’ll agree to disagree, sort of. If the death penalty was abolished, which IMO it should be, my stance/opinion would do a 180°. Too many “guilty” people, convicted on circumstantial (& even false/planted/tampered, etc) evidence, & even “confessions”, have via DNA been exonerated, sometimes after having served decades in prison! Reasonable doubt aside, You can never be 100% sure of guilt, or IMO @ least not enough to execute a person.
GJC Synths
@Deneac6301 Key word “INNOCENT” &, YES, without question or doubt, I most certainly do. If a “gang” kidnapped & were going to murder you, would you not do any/everything in your power to save your life? To an innocent person on death row, it makes no difference if their “captors” are gang members or “prison guards”, or if their “illegal”, “murder”, is by a gang member’s 357 or prison officials “legally”, “execute” them. Innocent humans have a god given right to protect their life. CONTINUED
Marielle De León
This movie did not win any academy awards or was it nominated like they say here (it was disqualified because it ‘recreated’ events). It won the National Board of Review for best documentary and was eventually in 2001 added to the National Film Registry
@gjc82071 “IMO the execution of an innocent human being, is “murder”.” Any execution of a human being is murder. Also, if one is innocently imprisoned and shoots his way out, he should now be arrested for those crimes.
Yuri muckraker
wait the guys who did this documentary 50 ones to see before you died,got it wrong because I just read it didn’t get an Oscar.
GJC Synths
@Deneac6301 PART 2. That is why I am against the death penalty & if it were abolished, my formerly stated opinion would obviously change/reverse. Even if 1 innocent person out of 1 million is executed/”murdered”, the system is flawed. “Reasonable doubt” is not good enough when it comes to taking lives. Via DNA, people are constantly exonerated. Some after serving 20+yrs. How many innocent people have been murdered? @ least with a life sentence, you’ve a chance, but once your dead….*End*
… what’s this from?
Did not win an Academy Award.  Should’ve, but it didn’t.
Mo Ham
who does randall morris look like?? I can’t figure it out
Jamee G
@ gjc.. so u believe that if an innocent peson is placed on death row that, as a means of removing themselves from death row, it would be acceptable to take “whatever means necessary… including taking lives”??? that is ridiculous! I’m sure if you were their lawyer (because they would most def need one afterwards.. once back in the free word.. u would defend that person saying that if they hadn’t been wrongly placed there in the 1st place then they wouldn’t have had to take other innocent live
GJC Synths
I often wonder not only how many innocent people are in prison @ any given time, but how many are on death row & most importantly how many have been executed, or, “murdered”. IMO the execution of an innocent human being, is “murder”. I also believe that an “innocent” person, sentenced to prison or death, has a god given right to do whatever they can, any & EVERYTHING up to & including the taking of as many lives as necessary, to free themselves from their illegal captors/kidnappers/murderers.

19 The Thin Blue Line Trailer

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13 aug. 2012

A movie trailer for Errol Morris’ 1988 film ‘The Thin Blue Line’
This documentary made a big impact on me when I first saw it. Randall Adams would have never been freed if this documentary hadn’t been made. The scary thing was that the (almost certain) real killer wasn’t tried because he was a minor and couldn’t be executed, but Randall Adams was old enough – which is why he was indicted.
One of the most impressive documentaries ever. And Philip Glass’ music (what we hear in this trailer is “Metamorphosis Two”) is a perfect match which makes it exceptionally athmospheric and creates its artlike presence.
Sam Gaines
Absolutely classic documentary. One of my all-time faves. Still rivets me to this day. Thanks for posting the trailer!
John Smith
One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. Not saying I know anything about documentaries but I’ve watched quite a number in the past few years and this one is an awesome one… a classic… a master piece, a film that bugles your mind for sometime. Also the second in the 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die by Morgan Spurlock. Don’t miss it.
David Waage
You will be held captive from beginning to end. A shocking ending. One of the greatest if not the greatest documentary of all time.
Will Vice
Errol Morris; one of the greatest directors of his time
Man philip glass is a musical genius. I absolutely love his music
Chris O'Leary
I’ve only just watched this for the first time. What an outstanding documentary.
I came back for the music. It makes the whole story mystical, almost unbelievable.
awesome trailer for an all time classic documentary
The Dude
This documentary should be required viewing in every Police Academy, IMHO.
Randy Craig
Errol Morris makes incredible movies.
Finding this because the director is the father of Hamilton Morris the host of a new Tv show I enjoy. Had no clue his dad had so much skill as well
lot maakchos
Morale of the Story: Never go with Handle Bars.
I can’t believe how easy is to take a man’s life. Feel sorry for Mr Adams. The execution was overturned 72 hours before the death penalty was done. Terrifying story.
Deborah Billick
This film set an innocent man free. Film making at its best.
Orion Erickson
Wow! I thought more people would be watching this to see where Documentary Now! got their documentary from… I’m sure in time people will figure out where Doc. Now! they came up with their “mockumentary”.
Here because of the criminal episode.. Know about the movie but never watched it.. It’s time to watch it now I think
Red Simmons
Jim Cornette Interview with Producers of “Dark Side if Ring “bought me here👍🏽
Andrew Sayre
It’s the movie soundtrack by Philip Glass.
Major Kong
The Documentary Now parody was done to a T.
Frank James Bonarrigo
I never heard the phrase put the gun up
Purr Cat
One more reason to stay out of Texas
Jack Clancy
had to look deep into the comments but yeah its not pro-cop and hamilton morris dad made it?
Carl Jaison
A GRE question from the verbal section brought me here 🙂
Koulla Theoharous
what’s the name of the music?
Ted Sullivan
It’s original music
Yeifri Rivera
thumbs up if TPB brought you here!
Andrew Sayre
Um, the one in the trailer?
Larry Singleton
I hope the documentary, typically, doesn’t have this fucking “music” running all the way through it. Like they also have for every piece of shit movie made today.
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
Good people do not become cops.

After graduating from Harvard, Bryan Stevenson heads to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned or those not afforded proper representation.

One of his first cases is that of Walter McMillian, who is sentenced to die in 1987 for the murder of an 18-year-old girl, despite evidence proving his innocence. In the years that follow, Stevenson encounters racism and legal and political maneuverings as he tirelessly fights for McMillian’s life.

20 JUST MERCY Official Trailer

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4 sep. 2019

JUST MERCY In theaters this December.
Chicken Strips
“Guilty from the moment you born” the power in that line is incredible

21 From the 60 Minutes archives: The true story behind “Just Mercy”

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9 jan. 2020

In 1992, Ed Bradley reported that the wrong man might have been sitting on Alabama’s death row. “Just Mercy,” a movie about the case, opens in theaters this week. https://cbsn.ws/2QH15yf


From the 60 Minutes archives: The true story behind “Just Mercy” – Blog


22 Jamie Foxx Reveals His Deeply Personal Connection to ‘Just Mercy”

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9 jan. 2020

Jamie Foxx explained to Ellen why “Just Mercy,” the true story of attorney Bryan Stevenson’s dedication to exonerating wrongfully convicted people, is extremely personal because of a similar situation with his own father.

Walter McMillian
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Walter “Johnny D.” McMillian (October 27, 1941 – September 11, 2013)[1] was a pulpwood worker from Monroeville, Alabama, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death. His conviction was wrongfully obtained, based on police coercion and perjury. In the 1988 trial, under a controversial Alabama doctrine called “judicial override”, the judge imposed the death penalty, although the jury had voted for a sentence of life imprisonment.

From 1990 to 1993, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals turned down four appeals. In 1993, after McMillian had served six years on Alabama’s death row, the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the lower court decision and ruled that he had been wrongfully convicted.

The controversial case received national attention beginning in the fall of 1992. Bryan Stevenson, McMillian’s defense attorney, raised awareness on the CBS News program 60 Minutes. Journalist Pete Earley covered it in his book Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town (1995).[2] Stevenson featured this early case of his career in a TED talk and in his memoir Just Mercy (2014). This was adapted as an eponymous feature film, released in 2019. Jamie Foxx portrays McMillian and Michael B. Jordan stars as Stevenson.

All kind of unthinkeble failures are possible and will happen e.g.:

23 The Perfect Heist | FULL EPISODE | The FBI Files

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10 jul. 2021

The United California Bank robbery, in which over $8 million in cash and other valuables were stolen. Unravel the mystery alongside the FBI’s greatest law enforcers and forensic scientists

Season 6 Episode 7: A bank vault was blasted into from the ceiling, and over $2 million in valuables was missing. Agents were able to track down one of the robbers’ friends and attempted to use him as bait to reel in the crooks.

The FBI Files is an American docudrama that takes a look behind the scenes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime laboratory.

Real FBI cases are recounted through reenactments and interviews, due to the sensitive nature of the show, viewer discretion is advised.


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