It is a hard question!

adjective (DIFFICULT)

Difficult to understand, do, experience, or deal with:

There were some really hard questions in the exam.
It’s hard to say which of them is lying.
It’s hard being a single mother.
Her handwriting is very hard to read.
He’s a hard man to please.
The topics get harder later in the course.
I feel sorry for the kids, too – they’ve had a hard time.

Opposite: easy

Cambridge Dictionary
Go the extra mile
Degrading and undermining the justice system

Statue of lady justice stands in front of an out of focus row of law books.

Een aberrant gebeuren in de wetenschap

De wetenschapsfraude door Diederiek Stapel
(Deel 2 van de website)

1 Hoogleraar Vingerhoets ook slachtoffer van frauderende collega Diederik Stapel

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25 nov. 2012

De Tilburgse hoogleraar Ad Vingerhoets is vorig jaar ook bijna het slachtoffer geworden van de fraudepraktijken van zijn collega Diederik Stapel. Stapel zoog onderzoeksresultaten uit zijn duim en werd door daarom de universiteit van Tilburg ontslagen.

2 Uitgebreid gesprek met hoogleraar Vingerhoets over zijn frauderende collega Stapel

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25 nov. 2012

De Tilburgse hoogleraar Ad Vingerhoets is vorig jaar ook bijna het slachtoffer geworden van de fraudepraktijken van zijn collega Diederik Stapel. Stapel zoog onderzoeksresultaten uit zijn duim en werd door daarom de universiteit van Tilburg ontslagen.

An excerpt from an articlel in The New York Times:

Suspecting fraud, he consulted a retired professor to figure out what to do.

“Do you really believe that someone with [Stapel’s] status faked data?” the professor asked him.

“At that moment,” Vingerhoets told me, “I decided that I would not report it to the rector.”

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If Stapel’s status served as a shield, his confidence fortified him further.
His presentations at conferences were slick and peppered with humor. He viewed himself as giving his audience what they craved: “structure, simplicity, a beautiful story.” Stapel glossed over experimental details, projecting the air of a thinker who has no patience for methods. The tone of his talks, he said, was “Let’s not talk about the plumbing, the nuts and bolts – that’s for plumbers, for statisticians.” If somebody asked a question – on the possible effect of changing a condition in the experiment, for example – he made things up on the spot. “I would often say, ‘Well, I have thought about this, we did another experiment which I haven’t reported here in which we tried that and it didn’t work.’ ”

An Aberrant Event in the Personal Life of an Individual

“I was going to sleep hoping I wouldn’t wake up.
Just to trying to get away from it.”

Woman who falsely accused a Williamson County man of assault will be arrested

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1 dec. 2018

She accused her ex of assault, but now prosecutors say she made it up and now they plan to hold her responsible. 
Agusta Sister
99 years vs 180 days…should be equal
Jan Martin Brenden
Like i say woman cant love a man. Like a man do. If she dont obey you she dont love you. Ofc moral obeying. If shes not submissive and humble cast her out.

3 Woman who falsely accused Cedar Park man arrested

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5 dec. 2018
An ex-girlfriend accused him of carving an “X” into her chest with a box cutter. Now she’s the one facing jail time.

Because it was common sense

Adam Foss speaks at TED2016 – Dream – Outside the Box, Vancouver Convention Center

True Justice or Keeping up appearances
Mauro Manuel an exceptionally human story

Mauro Manuel is de bekendste asielzoeker van Nederland

Mauro Manuel in Pauw & Witteman 22-09-2011

Geen verblijfsvergunning voor Mauro

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1 nov. 2011

Grote teleurstelling in Nederland. De achttienjarige Angolees Mauro Manuel krijgt geen verblijfsvergunning. Mauro woont al acht jaar in een Nederlands pleeggezin, praat vloeiend Nederlands en voetbalt bij de plaatselijke club. Maar nu hij meerderjarig is, kan hij wettelijk niet meer in het land blijven
How they mistook your kindness for Foolishness

Hoe ze jouw vriendelijkheid voor dwaasheid aanzagen

Youp van ‘t Hek over T-Mobile

The box of tricks

Candid camera in real life performed by the police

Justice is falling into the trap!

Three remarkable life story’s

Please pay attention on the passage which comes after minute 4 and the silence in his voice at minute 4:35.

2016: Life after death row

11 jun. 2018

Anthony Ray Hinton spent nearly 30 years on death row before he was exonerated in 2015. Now, Hinton has written a book about his experience called “The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row.” 60 Minutes told his story in 2016.
Demetrius WILLIAMS
Alabama owes this man millions, they should give him a million dollars for every year he did locked up. Pay that man,
can you imagine how many innocent souls were executed
Wilson Davyes
“Being angry would be leting them win.” You’re a pure and beautiful soul, man. Love should always win. Cheers!
Nafure Gal
This is a refined man that needs to have a well-publicized Go fund Me account. If state does not compensate him. Many would pitch in. He more than deserves it.
Poor man who was 30 years unjustly imprisoned. He is so spiritual and prison humbled him even more. I hope he gets rewarded for his suffering.
Official Sade Music
“They took 30 years of my life…what joy I have, I can not afford to give that to them”
Matthew Senneke
Alabama needs to pay for every and any single thing this man wants to do for the rest of his life
Ray Jones
God Bless you Anthony Ray Hinton. I finished reading your book today. It changed my life. Thank you.
Josh Evans
I would be 100% comfortable with my tax money going to this mans bank account
Roxana Alvarez
I can’t believe the state of Alabama! Mr. Hinton deserves more than apology.
Da'dra Greathouse
Horrible injustice. I pray that the State of Alabama apologies publicly since they wrongfully arrested and convicted this man. And they need to give him MILLIONS for the 30 years they intentionally and maliciously took from him. May God fight his battle and hand Mr. Ray the victory.
41 claims and Alabama paid only one exoneree. Shameful. The US Government should force states to pay.
David Huber
“How can I smile when I am full of hate?” God bless this man.
Andrew Zeegers
mr. Hinton is a very brave man, it is so injust what happened to him. Can’t we start a Gofundme action to gather some money for him?
paddy brady
I am white Mr Hinton i could never be apart to what was done to you i condemn it totally i hope what remains of your life you will find happiness
Chris DiDonna
The people that put him away should be locked up
joanne 20
The people who framed him and put this man there including the corrupt cop should all be brought to justice and sentenced, this poor man deserves a public apology and compensation for wrongful conviction pain and suffering. The real criminal who committed the crime all those years ago is still out there
Just Mercy bought me here. God Bless these men..
Josh Link
Damn man., I have so much respect for this guy.
a. wanderer
What a strong man, and what a travesty of justice.
Michelle Marie
Jesus wept. I understand this now.
I read his book. All I can say is what a strong man.
This is beyond evil.
America’s justice system is a failure on every level.
Ramona Middleton
Pay Mr. Hinton! 30 million dollars at the least!
Tom Adams
Ain’t no sweet thing in Alabama. So stop saying ” sweet home Alabama.”
The Nurse Lyfe
Those cops need to be thrown in jail
Keysa Grable
This is heartbreaking. 💔 God bless him. 💙
Sophia Scott
The mental impact the trauma on him and his family/relative.
randy smith
Shame on the State of Alabama ! Shame on you ! We all know, as awful as it is, injustices occur but when they do we HAVE to do all that can be done to make it right. Mr Hinton is entitled to a MINIMUM of: fair compensation for every year and a full pension. I would say, one to two million in compensation plus a pension for retirement. SHAME ON YOU ALABAMA
Helen Rumjanek
The goverment owes him compensation!!!
Who else is here after watching just mercy
The lieutenant who denied his truth should be put in jail for 39 years Between… Shame on America
Kellee King
They won’t even say they were wrong. Won’t even mouth the words that he is innocent.
Georgette Boone
The best to you, Mr. Hinton!!!
Bruh Corvin
Snatched his life away from him, even when you are free a part of you is still imprisoned
Stella Resairo
In the meantime, the real perpetrator still runs free…!
Autism IS
My “like” for this video is for Ray Hinton, you find Joy after what you have been through and some out there cant find joy with millions, loving families and everything they ever wanted! This “Like” is a Million times for YOU Ray Hinton!! Keep the Joy in your Heart and God Bless you!
Sandy Anderson Adkins.
Mr Ray, God Bless you. My ,💔 breaks listening to your story. Alabama owes you more money than I could ever count, keep on being happy, keep on smiling, and believe me your manison is waiting for you in God’s Kingdom 💖
Tina Kwakye
God loves you. Very happy for ur life !!!!!Amen!!!!!
W Scott
The State that wrongly convicted them most certainly owes them…
Sister nationn
Who’s here after just mercy ?
green shirt and tuxedo pants monkey
Ray Hinton God be with you ! Love from NJ
Serena Fennell
Why can’t Ray sue the state of Alabama?
Sam Lee
the world is so messed up sometimes
Oh poor Mr Hinton how could you not be angry 3 decades of your life…….
theresa bollman
Mr. Hinton…I am so sorry about your false conviction and all that was taken from you and your family and best friends. You deserved and deserve now so much better. I am praying you will be compensated on Earth, but I KNOW our merciful God will compensate you in Heaven. God bless you, sir. Amen.
JP Pontat
That’s the wisdom coming from God….I don’t know you, but I also want to say sorry .
Samuel Toomer
Everyone who helped get these men/women get convicted deserve some kind of harsh punishment! Especially, the ones who just lied to get money!
Edris Dawn Atherley
Thank you Mr Stevenson for your ability and humanitarian and extremely kind heart that you gave freely of you time. You are a true gift from the almighty God 🙏
Thomas Patterson
What a beautiful and humble person after experimenting the injustice that happen to him. May God Bless him!
Mogau Kekana
I’m deeply hurt by the injustice in Anthony ‘s story 💔💔💔
Sherri Marston
This man is amazing! What a beautiful soul! God bless him!
chantelle james
They should have sue the Justice system
Monica Jordan
Wow! “ what joy I have I cannot afford to give it to them” , powerful!
Lillie Phillips
Alabama should give this man compensation!
Where are the good cops? Please stand up and say something.
God's Child
He’s so 😍😍😍😍
M Soiseth
God bless Mr. Hinton. “I love to laugh and smile, I couldn’t do that with hate in my heart”. I don’t think I’d be that big of a man. THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN A GUILTY PERSON GOING FREE is AN INNOCENT PERSON BEING CONVICTED and receiving punishment for something they didn’t do. This case should be revisited and anyone shown to be knowingly and falsely accusing him should do time in prison.
Neal Cox
what happens the day after??? More importantly, what happens on the days when the innocent never get exonerated?
His mind is very good that he can cope with everything that happened. I mean, marrying halle berry, sandra bullock is the way his mind escapes everything. I would just go crazy and bitter. Good luck to you sir, enjoy your time outside, as much rain and sunshine as you want
Stannis George
This is so sad I’m crying real tears God bless you
Mr. Smith
This system needs to change.
Perry Cary
Yah will and shall judge those who had crafty counsel against him.
Cynthia Mwallo Obiadi
God who released you through your faith ,is the same God who will ensure your compensation.
Donna Carroll
Our world is so sick the way people are treated. What a corrupt America we live in. How long can this continue. Does it take an act of GOD? Keep on with this injustice & God will destroy this planet. He did it back in the day & he can do it again. We should be living in peace. Each man, women, each color. Who can we look up to, to stop this biased mighter than tho attitude? Love Thy Neighbor.
Carolyn Hyppolite
So the white man who was wrongfully convicted works on a parole board?
98w8w 7w277
It’s really emotional I can’t watch it anymore.
Sally Bock
💔 breaks my heart bless u love
“how can I smile if I’m full of hate” God Bless You Mr.
Danny Hughes
Foluso Adedeji
They didn’t even give the other black man any money after he got out🤦🏾‍♂️
And the true criminal people were living their lives… injustice ! Fix this America. 👆🏻
Wow so glad to hear this. This man is still very handsome considering his dilemma. I hope he has a great life now. He needs COMPENSATION NOW!!!
Just Desi
I want to give him a big hug. I know it wouldn’t change a thing. But boy, the injustice! I will never understand racism.
Shakwei Tuiya
“How can I smile when am full of hate” God bless your life
Mikko Ojala
The American “justice” system.
Tiney coner Willians
Why Hinton not get 30 mill for them taking his freedom Alabama pay him please
Bernard Roundtree
I can’t believe this country & it evens makes me ashamed to have even served this country
Vincent Young
this story just broke my heart in that these people were convicted and lives taken away from them. by knowing that one can stand by and watch an innocent person go to prison just baffles my mind
Shameka Corbin
Sue them and leave that state. That’s 1 state you will never see me in.
File Name
Came after seeing the Bryan Stevenson documentary on HBO – very inspirational
Amen! 30 years is all they’re going to take from this man of God!
He is an amazing human being. What the State of Alabama stole from him can never be paid back. 🙁
Mercedes Hendrickson
Oh my YAh, back then there was so much prejudice people, thank YAH that times have changed somewhat. It is so sad that these men went through such trauma, LORD bless them. Those in prison are always in my Prayers.
Renee Wilson-Hodde
It’s one thing for someone to mis-identify someone. A FAIR trial, had it been afforded, could and should have kept him from being convicted wrongfully. This is what happens when the wrong people are in a position of power. I get that that the technology of today wasn’t available back then but regardless it was a total miscarriage of justice. Mr. Hinton, for whatever it might be worth, I am so sorry that this happened to you. I’ll say it! I am so sorry that this happened to you.
Todd Wiggins
“Justice” is a concept!
Francis Muiruri
Very sad the mans life was wasted and he is like my agemate. I cannot imagine if it was me.
Joel Dodson
Bless your heart. So sad.
Sheri B
You dont look like what youve been through! God continue to bless you and may he make your enemies your footstool!!!
Rachel Eustace
Such a sad story what a lovely human being Anthony is, may he live a long and happy life. The American justice system had so much to answer for so many life’s destroyed change has to happen
Kristen Williams
When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dreamed.(Psalm 126:1). He who the Son sets free is free indeed. He is a living witness.
Ms Williams
This is so sad 😞 they know that they owe this man but we have a God and he doesn’t sleep. Amen.
Mumbi Kaara
He has a golden heart.
This made me weep.
john brown
They need to give them a salary of at least 3000 a month for the rest of their life and adjust for inflation.
Jane Munro
I’ve watched the movie, twice. Heartbreaking, and more than disgusted with the judicial system in some areas of our country. Sadly, this happens too often.
Darlene Tillman
Wow!!!!!!!! To God be the glory 😇
tango tango
I am so sorry for this man
Ramona Middleton
Pay these other people too!
Hey, people of Alabama. You okay with what your state did to Mr. Hinton? Are you okay with NO compensation?
hazel johnson
“Does it matter that I didn’t do it?”… “Not to me” Excuse me? What kind of people are we hiring?? This is nonsense. 🤦‍♀️ (The GPS story was funny and sad. This world must seem a lot different than the 80’s)..
Diane Sullivan
Outrageous, disgraceful, absolutely unacceptable! This brought me to tears with anger! Shame on Alabama! God bless this dear man! Please know that there are surely many white people who are outraged! This should not happen, period, and Mr. Hinton is ENTITLED to full compensation!
Janice Scott
Mr. Ray Hinton you are a hero! May Jehovah God bless you and keep you strong. I long for the day’s when all badness will be gone from this earth and those days are coming. All of Psalms chapter 37 tells of good days ahead on earth free from all this evil.
upside down world exposed
What a lovely man ..A warrior aswell
John Conor
Damn imagine someone mistaking pick me out and I’m doing 30 years by the time I get out I’ll be 70😭😭😭
Tc 90
I’d do 5 years in prison for 300k a year while I’m in there
Lisa Smith
Wow and they wonder why I feel the way we feel it speaks for itself 😢
They deserve money period!
Jojo M
Will I ever catch up with the world? THAT was heartbreaking! 30 years!!! Nobody can even slightly imagine that, that has not lived it. Horrific, they owe him everything, EVERYTHING!!!
jayfont leroi
Sadly the State of Alabama has yet to apologize or atone for the wrong it imposed on Mr. Hinton. The state has yet to fairly compensate him for the years he has been imprisoned. The same defiant state in the deep south that contributed to injustices against blacks for over a century. I am not surprised.
Wow…. the way he talks about the voice coming on the GPS system…. the things we do not appreciate
Rune Johansen
Alabama…pay this man and show him that the system has changed, show him humanity and grace !!!!
carolyn abu al-faraj
Mr. Hinton, Your book is truly inspirational for everyone. It was a book full of raw emotions, honesty & it shows us all, what faith, forgiveness & love can do! Your a amazing man. God bless you Mr.Hinton, today & everyday. 🙏🏻
The jager bomber
I’m English and I need to stop watching these because its really painting a depressing picture of America for me it’s honestly heart breaking watching some of these video’s
Snap Who?
God bless and im from the same town as Mr Hinton
Anna liza Navarro
Alabama come on! U had been unfair to this man since day 1 and now u just leave him like that. Give this man money he deserves so that he could start a new life, you didn’t even ask for an apology for what u did? Omg such callous people!!
60 minutes, you told this story in 2016, but it takes the queen of media (Oprah) to bring ratings to this story. 😉 Good on you though.
newton raymond
I’d be an angry man on a mission
So unbelievably sad. He had the right to fair trial. Judgment day is coming. 🙏
Over Yonder/South Ga
I’ll apologize for them. God bless you!
Laxmi Adhikari
This makes me so sad so so sad may god give you so much strength so much strength
Symone Wilks
It should be a priority to revamp the justice system along with homelessness in America today
feyruz abdi
His voice resembles Steve harveys
im sorry for your suffering. 🙁
moto Johnny
I’m so sorry for what they did to you sir. They owe you a least 50 million dollars WTF
M Soiseth
A simple thought: it’s better for a guilty man to go free than an innocent man be convicted of something he didn’t do. Prosecutors should be held accountable.
Hyun Joo Kim
I am going to the museum EJI founded in AL soon to pay my respects
Tina Kwakye
God loves you. Happy for ur
angel forbes
This is so touching😔
Eulin James
This is so so sad god words never fails, he will deal with them. Keep on praying, don’t give up.
justin akin
It is a madness of highest order to asked someone “are you angry?” After been a victim of racism, miscarriage of Justice, police brutality and misguided system.
C. Cho
Hinton should set up a GoFundMe. The state owes him a life smh
Greta Nicholla
I read his book, so sad. His mother died when he was in jail, SAD!!!
Monday Tye
May God bless you and the entire team.
Ahmed Elmi
Home of the free!
He used the right word “decency ” they lack it. 30 yrs to found that he is innocent.
Morgan Pillay
This brother must be paid in full by the State for 30 years,time and age lose he can’t gain anymore
Weyzendro Agertefa
Stat Alabama Step up and Take Responsibility
Lilly G
I hope those who were responsible for his imprisonment had their own life sentences.
Collins Mukwasa
Sometimes the system is so questionable…
story of my life
They shld pay every single day he was locked in
Chris Smith
God is good welcome home!!!!
angela brown
If I was the judge that released him I would have profusely apologized for the mistakes that were made and I would hope he sued
Nicole Holley
A system can’t fail someone it never intended to protect!
Donaldo Cruz
He could become a prison councilor helping those locked up today
Dorothy Mays-Pitts
When people R wrongfully convicted of a crime many times in fact most time the state and courts no that they have made a convicting a person to death row but do not want to commit their mistake PItts. A system.that operates on such a ungodly manner they aren’t worth the breath in their body. DP
TK Mur
I can’t believe they don’t get compensation?!?!
Catherine Thompson
OMG. I cant watch… I CRY BECAUSE I KNOW HOW EASILY THIS COULD BE ME OR MY BROTHERS & SISTERS… God please make sure you have something good waiting for ALL THESE EVIL SOULS…may EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE IN THE DARK…. be their resting place
I hope the government has helped with rebuilding this mans moms homestead..
j leigh
Nothing to do with bad luck. I hope your doing well, Mr. Hinton! Godspeed.
Wanda Ballard-Bryant
Mr. HINTON your case was before my time. I am Praying you received compensation for this. I am truly horrified you had to go through this. However I am fully aware this is still going on Today😥😥. I am so greatful I never had kids💯‼ i couldn’t hear this about my child it would take me OUT😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jama Haze
Can someone start a Go Fund Me account for this Man….I have no idea how it works…Please help this Man….And The State owes this Man and an apologie.😟
Cathy Davis
Oh I would be sueing the pants off of everybody
Chris Mason
I’ve cubes sons character in just mercy
Jacko LuLu
They need to do something about the underpaid hispanics in Texas.
Omen Nemo
They are so happy to be off of death row, they have no desire to be angryl
There’s no amount of money that will give him 30 years of his life. Alabama need to not only pay him all of those whose cases overturned when they was wrongfully convicted
30 years, it’s so frightening. Surely he can sue the state, most Americans seem to sue each other at the drop of a penny.
Naeemah Badia
They took this mans life and didn’t even utter this man an apology!
lil chicken nugget
Our system is so many young men on death row for crimes they never committed. So many families torn apart and lives shattered for years and sadly some times forever.
Jose Alvarado
Officer, Juror Judge must be prison the same time this man spent in prison.
Tawana Scott
Where’s his money?
Um I really hope he gets paid for his time this is beyond unfair
Michelle Trimmer
I’m sorry this happened to you. You are owed so much. But mostly you are owed a huge apology.
JoJo Bean
If wrongly convicted then freed, are they still considered exconvicts? I should hope not
Jerome Ussery
They had their minds made up before he went to court. He [as a black man] was dead before he was born!
Weli Hassan
You disagree with the governor putting that guy in the parole board. 22 years in prison with race politics would even mess with the wrongfully convicted person.
Betty Parrish
Pay that lady, BS systems
Wowwwww!!! Wth!!!?!? They need to sweep these prisons for all of the cases like his. We know he is not the only one!!!
Babee DoLL
So nothing happens to the legal team who systematically set up these bogus convictions
Nechele Watts
You never know….and we still living in A racist society….Excellent interviews
Like him there are so many innocents in prison. I hope they get justice soon.
Norwegian prison system is superior. Change my mind.
Michelle Stewart
On behalf of all honest white people , I am truly sorry for what has been done to this man.
new journey 43 the 🆕 me
We do live in evil world period !!!
Hazel Johnson
It should be called the Injustice System until they get this place straightened out. 1 out 9 death row execution victims are innocent? What kind of system is that? 😤 We need to toss the racial, economic, cultural (etc.) biases out of here. These are peoples lives.
Special K
See how it works systemic racism all over in every aspect of life for the black people🤓
If you think this interview was an eye opener to how this country really is, you really need to read his book “The Sun Does shine” to fully understand what this man went thru. I read alot of material and that is the most powerful life changing book I have ever read other than the “Bible”. Matter of fact just started reading it again. After reading this book You will appreciate what you have been blessed with which is the most important thing we have in this world. Time
Time INDIGENOUS Time seeker
European PEOPLE are incapable of compassion OR empathy towards other human beings AND earth. AMAZING
Omen Nemo
Thank God for these organizations helping out the innocent people who were wrongfully convicted. Are they compensating African American people also?
My Social Media Girl - Dawn Hartwell
I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am sorry that any one would take so much away from another person. You were robbed of your life, dreams, family, and future. I ray that God will use you in a way to keep this from happening again. Again – I am so sorry you had to go through this.
Victor Taylor
I thought I was a mild mannered person, but Ray Hinton is a great human being.being able to laugh,no hate after all these decades,I gotta stop complaining,& so should a lot of other people.
Russ Pink
$100,000 for every year he spent should be enough.
Ms. Liszz.
I see Steve Harvey in this man. He speeks little bit like him and his face look a little bit like him.
Macho Man
Ray Hinton is the guy that Ice Cube son played in just mercy
Donaldo Cruz
They should lock the ones up that put these men in prison
Hagyhagy C
It broke me when he said just because i was born black and the people in the justice system dealing with him at the time were all white 😭😭
He needs to sue asap get a lawyer
Ruby Jackson
Lawd, one man gets 6 million, another NOTHING!! He was caged for 30 years, where is the justice? No money, no housing, no schooling, NOTHING!! Not even an apology….
NBTT Davis
If these states have to start compensating the Injustice $…then they will stop this foolishness.
Super D
How can this happen?
Molly Love
Oh my gosh so how the expected this man to start life ? Thy should give these men a life to start over. Can imagine what going through wrong a rest sad. That’s right it not luck is very Wrong the system just mess up. May God be with us all
Bob Jones
Hey, you need this video Closed Captioned for the deaf/hard of hearing. 60 Minutes has it closed captioned on TV. You’re breaking the ADA law. Hence you got the thumbs down for your video.
Can you sue the estates of the animals involved in the matter
Mu Be
I learn to be patient in my life I stopped complain,,,,, What I see this kind of story oh Lord people really very strong This drke World,,,difficult life People misjudged…what so every This story is like JOB on the holy bible Oh Lord make us strong… every time every minute we should pray,,,Devil is not seelping,,,
Henry Bishop
Jessie Frye
God. Have mercy I’m an Alabama native and this makes me sick. Mr. Hinton, you deserve for Alabama to pay you for every DAY you spent in a cell under condemnation, for what you did NOT do. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? So many incarcerated that are innocent. I pray God pours blessings on you Mr. Hinton so much so you smile with your whole heart and soul, every day from now on. ALABAMA PAY THIS MAN AND NOW.
Headline English
The system destroys people’s life and there is no compensation for it. How can we call it the Justice system?
Weartek Spare
The sheriff,d.a. and judge should be in prison ,McMillan case
Marie Richard
Put Hinton on parole board job as well
Grandma's Cooking Club Ms Cook JA
Sue demand all. Sue the goverment
Donald Smith
Even for petty convictions.
Larry Norman
Every State’s should be required to compensate those who are wrongly convicted
Idemudia Odiagbe
I hope they all sue the state and the money comes out of their personal pockets
Tanya Love
Im crying nobody should’ve to go through this sad …This country is messed up
Nae Ru
1985??? He had 1 friend and sometimes that’s all you need. Our justice system SUCKS!!!
30 years on death row is psychological torture.
Why do they sentence people to death row on the merit of someone else’s testimony. With no physical evidence
Tej. Rae
Sad man…so sad
Just make sure all of you “Stand” with your hand over your heart for the National Anthem One nation under god song; when the Alabama crimson Tide Roll. Or else go live in another country because you can’t appreciate the “FREEDOM’s you have in the greatest country on earth. Tongue and Cheek!
Lovely Heart
I wish to meet this man 👨🏽. Sad 😢 the man that put him in jail should go to jail himself 🙌🏽🙏🏾 He needs to sue and leave that state. Alabama is a sorry 😐 place to live👎🏽
Judy Creighton
Criminals. My God. Why does the so called law treats people so wickedly.
This story physically hurts. Imagine having done nothing wrong and being swept up and thrown in jail for years or decades. Omg… prayers for all innocent convicted.
Y Mo
Alabama!!!! Ugh nuf said.
Helen Rumjanek
Name and shame all invoved!!
Göran Klarén
As usual, Alabama….
And they gave him six million
C Ewe
How you gonna ask that man if it is worth it since he got millions of dollars? Who tf would choose going to prison for a crime you didn’t commit? There is no amount of money to compensate that.
Josphine Nduta
God is good. Vengeance is the Lord’s
Bob Downes
It’s surprising how this Black Gentleman, with his lack of education, for when he pronounces the word, WHITE. He begins it with the aitch (Hwite) Even scholars don’t get that together. A short while back, I attempted to speak as such, but find it difficult to do so, after more than 80 years of not doing it.
Syed Shabahat Raza Zaidi
Compensation for wrongful convicted must be 10 million dollars/ year. But this can’t bring back their time, age, and respect. This can’t recover the damage to them and their family.
Xavi Yen
Isaiah 42:22 – “But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.”
They give the red dude a nice job for they error but one of GOD CHILDREN They dont give him nothing
Jacob Arquiza
Sponsored by Pfizer
Donald Dump
Anthony i need you’re help its been very hard for me to forgive the people who lock me up falsely in prison with no apology. All i got was a letter from the appeals court saying congratulations after i did the time in prison and on parole. The govern has his own death sentence and the DA lost something very close to her which im not happy about. But it just shows that you can’t keep doing people wrong with out a just due. And the judge was also disciplined. This was in Ca. Gov. Jerry Brown, judge Reginald Saunders and District Attorney Teresa Drenick.
Sam Meadows
Oh they are Owed Owed in such a big way
5:27 That’s so fckd up
I am crying like a baby, words cant describe how sorry i am for this man. The sad thing is that crime( wrongfully convicting him) has happen in the COUNTRY OF FREEDOM!!!! that disgusts me . He should be getting apologising letter from The President
Benjie Benjamin
So wrong beyond words! The innocent releases deserve every assistance to rebuild their lives including decent housing, medical, finances, job training & guaranteed jobs….etc.. We desperately must revamp our system. The system does not assist people who survive crimes, collisions….& injustice is a crime! HUGS2U 💔
That lawyer, he’s freed so many wrongly convicted ppl.
Where’s his millions?
Off topic, 10:46 he sounds like Steve Harvey.
Domica Skipworth
That’s intresting. Mr. Ireland so sorry for this unfortunate mishap. Again, I see a racial divide even in this sad, unjustified situation. 60Million ??? And a state job??? I have no record and I’ve applied for a Connecticut state job for 13yrs. This is a system problem. Even in wrongful convictions BLACKS still can’t reap REPARATIONS. Connecticut settled Racism 👈🏾
Sarge S
after 10, 20, 30 years it should be, the very least, that the state buys the man a house, pays for property taxes for as many years as he was incarcerated, covers lights and water, provide food & job training until he/she is able to find/hold a steady job. You can’t wrongly convict and then throw these people on the street. You already, in many cases, took their jobs and housing away by wrongfully convicting them. And only when this happens will all prosecutors and police think twice about trying to convict someone questionably.
Lashanda Brown
This is happening all to often!
Team Cunningham
Absolutely horrible ! The system continues to fail ! You have taken priceless years from so many !!
Tabatha Parham
Paul Anthony Donahue
What a fncked up world we’ve created… When will this insanity end? Never!
Wendy Oxley
Darrick McCabe
This is why the Death Penalty should be abolished!
John Drake
Dr. Henry Lee lied on the witness stand. His name should be stricken from the University of New Haven campus.
Cj Washington
I’m Glade he got free from prison
heavy meddle
Didn’t they have ballistic forensics 30 years ago?
Marie Levine
Damn see how they helped the white man over the black man all ways well the white woman did get an apology
Francis Muiruri
Anthony Ray Hinton God is the same Jeff Sessions God?
Abraham Lincoln
Really? “It was just bad luck?”
SINY Finest
This man is supposed to be retiring right now and enjoying his family yet he has to start a whole new life in his sixties. Not surprised alabama feels no responsibility or remorse for what they took from him. They were at the crux of racism. Some things never change. This is an atrocity
This man needs to be payed at least ten millions in cash.and someone to apologize at least once a day.
Ramona Middleton
Did he ever did get compensated?
Joel Dodson
Not angry…. man, I envy your disposition. I would not be so nice.
Marie Richard
Now that’s a friend
Devin Legiste
Alabama pays 50000per year
Fertile Dirt
Hit the door running. And makes you think how many others have been falsely convicted. Sorry man
christopher james
A lot of it is .the state don t want to admit they made a mistake .and no every person is compensate.
Truth Betold65
Alabama should be a shame of it’s self.
Matthew Johnston
This is why I don’t support the death penalty
Adam Schneider
And think about it. The killer is still out there.
Luisa Hering
I had to cry. This is so disgusting. The legal system has to change immediately!
Cody gt50
He forgot to also mention corrupt Judges, State’s Attorney’s and police officers
Of course Bama doesn’t compensate the wrongly convicted, and had provision in place to prevent it.
Rosalyn W. Otieno
“This is just bad luck” … said no one ever!!🤬🤬🤬🤬
Silver Dollar
UC look where he is today but what about the men of color why they get nothing. That’s my question. 🙄🍸🍋
these innocent people deserve mercy. people have none.
Andrew Hinds
Mr. E
Poor man. He was tortured.
Delbert Conley
Should ask them how much is 30 year’s of there live worth 30 year’s dam that’s a live time that’s your best year’s
Arnold Seals
After 30 years, serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, they think they don’t owe him? Why, because he’s a Black Man, Alabama a State full of ignorance.
Cathy Davis
Every one that was falsely accused should be financial set
Donald Williams
He sounds like Steve Harvey!!
Helen Rumjanek
Wasnt he compensated??America is a very sick society Where is democracy?
angela brown
Can’t believe nobody apologized I hope he Sue’s them for several million dollars
Eileen Conlogue
What happened to this man is absolutely awful. He should be paid for what has been done to him at the absolute least. He was convicted because of his race in my opinion. I wish this man peace and I am so sorry for what the country I love did to him.. I am ashamed!!!!!
Greg Payne
Our criminal injustice system is a joke.
The Philippines for Us
I don’t think anyone’s saying “it’s just bad luck and they shouldn’t get compensation.” That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while.
Emteaj Hossain litu
Dear God Please tell me why my skin color is dark ?
Erica Carroll
Slavery is still in full effect in America..
Rusco T
Not angry!!!??? SMH!!! That answer was for television.
Ramona Maheshwari
The judge, the prosecutors, the jury, the state and all those responsible for putting innocent people behind bars should be locked up . Makes my blood boil.
Time INDIGENOUS Time seeker
Bottom line is that PEOPLE are incapable of compassion OR empathy towards other human beings AND earth. We need A.I technology to OVER see us now. Mankind’s not capable of judgment on himself. THESE cases prove it. AMAZING
Helen Clarke
disgraceful misconduct 6oooooo though
Donnell Evans
It’s sad to say that when it comes to Justice in America, the scene in the movie “LIFE” at the end during the quail hunting…..”well at least we got 40 years of hard labor outta em”…. Being black, we’re always quilty, always have guns drawn for non violent offenses such as A TRAFFIC STOP.
I wish I was wrong but I'm not
I was 5 when the happened. You deserve to be paid as if u retired from a great job.
Créole Lady
This system is pure evil.
Q Hassan
If he was in uk prison.. and innocents spend 30 years … he would’ve got 70 or 80 million pounds for 30 years.. I was detain bu the immigration 1months and 17 days unlawfully and I got compensation 39 thousands pounds
Cecil Rollins
That is truly a injustice. They can put you on death row , find you did do any wrong make you a victim and do nothing. Terrorize you then put you out nothing else the state doesn’t care and won’t take any responsibility low down
Diego Arrechea
I am sorry Ray let me the to say it. I’m very sorry years lost of your life.
Grandma's Cooking Club Ms Cook JA
Sue the Government and Police officers
Yes it was our tax dollars that paid for these wrongfully convicted Alabama need to take ownership of it and do what’s right if they don’t the Federal Justice Department need to take the money from Alabama that will halt a lot of this in justice with attorney who are willing to to sentence the wrong person the law enforcement departments who will give false statements in other words The Federal Government Justice system need to go after each of the individual who aided in the wrongful indictments.
Hamed Aldahmi
Good timing at the ad YouTube
Let's Try Gaming
The pain in this guys eyes. The American system are the true serial killers!!! Free all the innocent
Evil is the 2nd name of the USA. How can people be so calus to give false tesimony against another man. I reject this kind of people around me in this world.
The compensation for wrongfully convicted people needs to be substantial, as well as serious punishment for anyone that criminally had something to do with it…maybe it will influence and deter so many to rush to conviction
Ireland was cute in 1986.
Those white folks involved in this in Alabama have a higher power they will answer to when they close their eyes for that final time……..God will judge them harshly
Tanisha Barrett
The way this man speaks after being falsely accused of a crime that he clearly hasn’t committed and sitting in prison for close to 30 yrs,I’m convinced that he found CHRIST JESUS while in prison and GOD had mercy on him.My heart truly goes out to him and I pray that he is blessed abundantly for his suffering.I was so saddened when he said while being in a car,he heard a voice of a white woman as they were traveling to visit his mom at the gravesite and he ask himself where did that voice come from,and didn’t realize that it was a gps,smh.AS a man of his age and all the time he has lost,things such as technology is going to be very challenging,amongst the many things that he has to do to get his life back on track,so I wish nothing but pure blessings for the duration of his life.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Heidi Hodgson
Where’s the subtitles?
new journey 43 the 🆕 me
That’s life bro nobody cares !!
Elisabeth Grajewski
What a wise, wise man you are, Mr. Hinton! The fact that you have not lost your sense of humour, that you have not become angry and bitter but instead love to see people laugh and be happy after what has been done to you – it is awsome and is very humbling!! I hope I can learn just a tiny little bit of your composure when I get miffed or even angry about things that are petty, small or silly in comparison to what has been done to you. I am sure that many, many people who had the priviledge to meet you or hear you speak wish you a long, healthy life with lots of opportunities to smile and laugh yourself!
Scott Norwood
Alabama what a cess pool
Luke Jenkins
No its corupt cops
Rose G Chin
correct! NOTHING to do with luck, he is owed at least 150,000.00 for every year he was in there. in Jesus’ mighty name!
Erica Harris
No viewer is saying “it’s just bad luck” They are owed!!! They need help! You can’t just take years of people’s lives and them set them on the street and expect them to succeed!
Rose G Chin
WAIT it had nothing to do with black and white, it had to do with you being in trouble before. However, you are owed for the wrongdoing.
Tama Doucoure
Why most of these errors only happens to black men
Deborah Johnson
If what he went throught wasn’t enough, to rape hope from his mother is criminal behavior on another level. But God!
Chris Brown
I’m gonna be honest when I saw the title “Life After Death Row” I thought it was going to be a video about rappers after they left Death Row Records
House's Lost Tribe
I am sorry for the Lack of justice you experienced Mr. Hinton I’m also very Saddened your Mom Passed whilst you were in Prison wrongly convicted . Btw I Live next to Hinton, Wv Named for our 1st Mayor . Brief History Lesson: What was Franklin, VA Is now Summers County . The Declaration of Independence was written Here & the Board of Education got started here as well. We wish you a Very Happy Life Warmest Regards, Mr Russell M. Bowles Texas Massacred a Tribe/branch of Our family w never an apology or reparations . They use the site as a tourist site & still $ profit off it to this day . Yes an apology would have been a great start . We would Like our Earned in Perpetuity Family War Bond Lands Returned as well; Stolen by Govt too God Willing 🙂
King Lion
To those saying innocent prisoners should be paid for each year they were in: They do get paid for each year they spent in the prison
Dude sounds like Steve Harvey. Lol
Jeronimo Sati
American justice is worst justice in the all world 🌍 said from French man
May Clark
The jolly loan demographically flow because work gratifyingly book regarding a dapper mechanic. separate, dull sandwich
Blades Of Grass
“So this is your new cell.” I know he probably didn’t have bad intentions when he said this but damn that’s pretty insensitive.
Anthony Riggins
He sound a lot like Steve Harvey.
Dan Mcclellan
Bad luck 😂are you kidding me! No money can pay this guy for 30 years ! But at least compensate him for the injustice this poor man has gone through! These stories always bring teases to me ! 🙏 for all of these victims ✌🏻
Patricia Gregory
Job lost everything but one thing he didn’t do was cuz God and die and Joe got back Triple-A what he lost trust and believe me God is going to give Mr Hinton everything he lost plus some the state of Alabama ain’t got to give it to him God is going to give it to him God is going to show show himself up in this man’s life cuz that’s what he depends on that’s why he has no hatred in his heart as long as he has no hatred in his heart he’s going to live a happy life God’s going to give it back to him tenfold God bless you mr. Hinton
Mike Higgins
This also means that the actual killer or killers is out there free to commit more crimes while this innocent man was brutalized in prison. This is a complete miscarriage of justice. He deserves restitution. The prosecutors, the judges and the police owe him an apology.
Sexxy Shanda Sexxy Shanda
When are we going to start hairy white stories like these far too many black stories
Sick country
tolu dan
Why wont the incompetent police officers be thrown in jail ..someone needs to pay for what this ppl go through
Shanny Love
If I’m wrongfully convicted I get nothing but if I’m a career criminal that most likely gonna change I get the red carpet 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
no one had the decency to say I’m sorry (video) that’s how people are. selfish, rotten, self consumed only, continuously.
How can a real black man pray to a fake white god, to help him?
Linda Dobson
But Mr. Hinton, ones have been killed for crimes they didn’t commit,……
James Harry
ask the journalist if he would go to jail serve that time for 6 million. Not many would, it slow time!
eric monax
This guy needs like 60million dollars they wasted his entire life!!
Jessie van Treijen
This is so horrible, no one should go through this. God bless all of them.
Eyes on Washington
The only justice for injustices done to people like this would be prosecuting each and everyone personally involved in depriving the life, liberty, and freedom of the people they purposely wrongly convict!
Erling Andersen
what a rotten country to live in
That’s terrible
Qadar Saeed
Pure racism in America I am.deeply saddened what happen this man ooh my god how do they esleep knowing they did to him ?????
So the white ones get $6 million when they release them and the black ones don’t even get an apology?
Jaron Patterson
The black guy sounds like Steve Harvey
Robert Williams
Wtf Alabama today and always i hate that state NY C #1
lucia kgaka
He basically got arrested coz of his race…
Is that New Britain
angie graf
How is he doing now ? Ok I hope.
Vaughn E
Put a white man on the parole board. That’s rich.
Beans Baxter
White…white…white= conviction…but things have changed according to the white majority
Evan Lawrence
Anybody else think he sounds like steve harvey? No? Just me?
Jesus Christ how many innocent men have been put to death because of them good ol’ boy cops
All those years and no one compensates this man. Are you kidding me? I’m not done with this video but I’m so mad. This poor man had to be away from his family, lose his mother, lose his freedom. This man deserves sooooooo much more. So much more. I’m so sorry they let real abusers go free and because they don’t want to do their jobs innocent people get railroaded. It’s disgusting. When it comes to justice, face it, we have none. I know from experience in more than one area. Believe me.
Emily L
That joke was a bit crass. The guy was innocent. No ones office should be called a cell let alone an exonerated man. Yikes.
makeupjunkie5879 Happybirthday
But yet people will still argue racism doesn’t exsist. Well here you go live in color. It happens alot even still today.
Jim Manvuva
3:16 he looks like the weeknd when he was younger wtf.
matej kovačić
They find those guys not guilty after all those years. Such a shame for the system ! But what about the people who commited the crime? Did they found them? or they just got away with it?


Mirko Gizela Pericic
…. 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, 25 whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, 26 to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus. 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.. 18 “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21 But, he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” 36 He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”… 23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord…3 For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures…17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new….21 Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. 2 Then I, John,[a] saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God. 4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man. The things which God has prepared for those who love Him….15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire…Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near…Bible
Michael Frye
I try to avoid that state as much as possible they are corrupt poor and racist
Hayden Mills
If you cannot categorically rule and provide irrefutable evidence that someone committed a crime that warrants capital punishment then they shouldn’t be given that sentence. Commonsense.
Finau Williams
Tom Tate the sheriff in charge should be prosecuted. He went on to being re voted to 6 terms has Alabama head county. He has now gotten a payout out of prisoners food finds to the amount of $110,000. The system has failed the innocent yet feeds the guilty and greedy. I want to vouch for Tom Tate to be investigate as his time in charge and to be prosecuted and serve time for his evil ways. His family should be ashamed of him. What a disgusting human and his time will come.
Rosalind McGill
No mental health treatment. Awful !
Shanae Mays
Oh no they got 2 compensate that man for 30years of his life,jail got paid for him sittn in jail so why not pay him for wrongly convicting him when he got out he deserves it & they didn’t tell him sorry,its not fair nor right dont the system realize all that this man have lost including losing his mom&he can’t get nothing back so some money would help,the white man got 6million& thats still not enough but something is better then nothing.
Blessibg Diza
Why do they call America, “The land of the free” Thanks to the internet America is being exposed for its Human rights abuse. With Donald Trump is power, the world is shocked by whats coming out of America.
Chris Chatman
Alabama should pay $30 million dollars… Money can’t buy back that time… plus that was a hate crime…
Ginny Bain Allen
All those involved in Mr. Hinton’s wrongful conviction need to be imprisoned the same length of time as Mr. Hinton was! The diabolical words and actions of all law enforcement and so-called “justice” system involved is utterly unfathomable! They need to pay the price for their evil! Of course, unless they surrender their allegiance to Jesus, they will pay the ultimate price!
Here’s the problem: A-L-A-B-A-M-A
Sonny Jim
Apart from the horrors these people endured, the biggest tragedy of all is that the people responsible for these murders have never been caught. The nightmare is over for these men but it continues for the families of these victims.
Jonathan coleman
The system is against the black man.
Tamara Russaw
The South and the world owes black people an apology and I don’t want to hear that “why” crap
Greg Payne
I am a white Male what a total injustice.
Why is it that Black people seem to get exonerated after like 30 years when they probably were going to get released anyway?
Jaajaa Rogers
I think his mother died over trauma over her son , this Attack on American black men is still dragging until now , now even superstars black men getting in prisoned over false lies
Jesse M.
Their not decent
Jason Banki
The white dude had 6million $ for 21yrs jail n the black dude nothing for 34yrs..SMH
MsIvory Seattle
Horrid 30 years SHAME OF AMERICA
Annie Helton
This whole judicial system in America is stacked against black people. Innocent people should automatically get paid for wrongful conviction.
Falsely convicted people should get paid millions and millions of dollars.
John Hoffman
What a waste of a man’s life. Shame on all involved in this false conviction. A real step towards justice will be when the police, prosecutors, and judges who carried out this miscarriage of justice are held accountable for their role in it.
Until Justice is formed, no men should show fully support for this horrible system that filter out people
Lanaai Sand
the ugly side of america justice system.
Teresa Reeves
Now why the gps lady got to be white
Mandy Jones
Shameful! This poor man. It is not surprising that these people do not get so much as an apology. You are more likely to get on your Unicorn and fly to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow before these gov’t entities offer anything resembling an apology.
Tajai Calip
If that is a true statement about being convicted because the people were white so they did not care if this Black Man was innocent is more than enough of a reason to make sure that those kinds NEVER get around another innocent Black person again. F Outrage!
denise salt
I am happy the one man got $6,000,000 but it is horrible that so many don’t. We need a total reform.
Carl Thorne
TMac Comms.
Where are the police officers who investigated this issue that led to his sentence? We need to see the faces of these set of bad eggs in the police. Also, the justice system needs to take a closer look at the judge, jury and everyone who was involved in this case an any other case like this. This is injustice at its peak.
Niecy Baker
Sad cause they want them 2 fail 2 go back in another dollar they want get I pray somebody one day and see Alabama DOC…4 WHAT THEY ARE THIS IS SAD YES DO UR TIME 4 UR CRIME AFTER 30 YEAR’S ON BVB THE 3 TIME LOSER LAW AND YOU 50 TO 60 YEARS OF AGE WHAT COULD YOU DO BUT ENJOY WHAT LIFE YOU GOT LEFT STEP IN GOD THEY NEED YOU
alpha sow
Not compensating the wrongfully jailed is not any less than cruel and unusual punishment. Some states like Alabama are indeed cruel.
A.A.Rooble K.
Black guy spent 30 years in prison and he didn’t get any money from the state but the white guy got it 6 million dollar talking about inequality in America or BLM can you blame the black people kneeling down American anthem
I don’t want to hear about U.S. Justice being blind. Lady justice sees black people and especially poor blacks, very clearly. If you wonder why this country is falling apart, maybe it’s only collective karma.
Azieb Afwork
State of Alabama should be Ashamed,this people new he was innocent yet the officer said I don’t care whether you did it or not because he new he had the backing of he’s superior they know what they’re doing the hate of Black people the private prison which makes millions for the state. To them, one more black man down lost 30 year of his life’s this has been done to black people for many many Years Alabama need to restore his life by giving him millions.this token is not going to stop the pain he endure for 30 years day to day life. people need to be evolve,this systemic Reysisim is not going a way anytime soon.
Clive Albert
Just like the 40 acres and a mule I didn’t honour that promise did they even illegally stole black peoples land that they owned chased them off with terrorism just like Tulsa there’s a whole load of illegal land owners in America white landlord has either stolen from the black nation but nothing can be done about it just like if you are locked up for 30 years and found to be not guilty no recompense only if you’re a Jew
Gregg Price
This has happen to thousands of black men since early on, sadly he died in 2013 which means he spent most of his life in jail as a innocent man.
Elvis Mengisto
African Americans are good enough to be incarcerated for no reason, but not good enough to be compasated for it? The US justice system is super racist and a disgrace to the world
Grandma's Cooking Club Ms Cook JA
Whites get money but Black African No money. There need 5o be more Black Lawers to help black people in this unjustified American Society
Story It Up
This man deserves at least $2,400,000. $80,000 for every year he was in prison.
Heartstrings 1
Let me get this right, Ken Ireland, the Caucasian man who was wrongly convicted, received $6 million dollars from the state. The Caucasian lady received an apology. But, Mr. Hinton, the African American, didn’t receive an apology or one cent from the state of Alabama for the false conviction? Wow.
Austin Teutsch
Mr. Hinton, this isn’t a black and white issue. This is a broken justice system that has no color. So please, if you do anything else in your new found freedom, don’t make it that way. It would BE that way IF there were no whites wrongly on death row or in prison, but there are. So please don’t play the race card that has no basis. Good luck on your freedom.
Please don’t think that all white people are bad because we are not. Alabama is backward. Praise God that you were released 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
D.E. W.
Please let’s not make this a white black issue (like the accusers). This is a very bad person thing who did a horrible injustice to a good/innocent person who is black (and some examples were of white people mistreated too). Humanity must surpass race or there will never be justice or peace because the bad ALWAYS get a cover or cause behind race. Some of the most evil, vile people that I have ever met were black…I am black. Some of the nicest, kindest people that I’ve met have been white…and I just call them PEOPLE….Ray Hinton was a human being, innocent and condemned in jail and how he was treated upon release…unimaginable!!
Luis Cruz
No one blind like he who don’t want to see this is America ruining lives
Yes he deserves compensation. No matter what amount he would get, it will never be enough for the life he lost. However, he seems very racist against white people. Sure maybe him being black had something to do with this false conviction. Maybe that cop was racist. But, he acts like only blacks are falsely convicted. Not true. Whites are as well. Not all whites are racist. Blacks can be just as racist against whites. Racism exists in every race. I hope he can let go of his hatred and racism. I also hope he gets the compensation he deserves.
This is horrible ! They want all us black males died and locked up they owe him 100 million !
Nobody said they are sorry because he State isn’t sorry!
Manew Alew
Horrible ! …shame on you
christopher james
That ray would of properly committed more crime along the way . And been nicked 4 some thing else . So what’s the diff ?
To raise eyebrows
When the reality of life and justice are at odds
The Innocence Project
The world upside down

Top US general under fire for calls to Chinese officials l GMA

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Why Milley checked nuclear procedures, called China in final days of Trump presidency

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15 sep. 2021

Correction: The headline on this video has been updated to accurate reflect the steps Gen. Milley took to secure the nuclear launch process.
Explosive new details about former President Donald Trump’s actions around last year’s election and the January insurrection have been revealed in a yet-to-be-released book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post. Judy Woodruff discusses them and the questions they raise with White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and foreign affairs and defense correspondent Nick Schifrin.

Trump and GOP accuse Gen. Milley of treason. Reporter urges them to read the book

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16 sep. 2021

CNN’s Jamie Gangel reports that Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley consulted with former Defense Secretary Mark Esper and former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller before he called his Chinese counterpart about former President Donald Trump, and that 15 people were part of the call including a Trump State Department representative. The Joint Chiefs chairman has since come under attack over new reporting in “Peril,” a forthcoming book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which details Milley’s phone conversations to reassure a nervous Chinese general and efforts Milley took to limit then-President Donald Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike. Former NATO supreme allied commander Gen. Wesley Clark tells Anderson Cooper that Milley should be praised for what he did.
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1 Harvard alumna Amanda Gorman delivered a soaring inaugural poem.

Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Poem ‘The Hill We Climb’

Michelle Obama’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS (MUST WATCH)

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13 aug. 2021

“Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers”:

Want to be SUCCESSFUL? Listen to this INCREDIBLE motivational speech by Michelle Obama. She shares her profound words of wisdom on how to live a life full of prosperity and happiness. This video is a MUST WATCH! Michelle Obama describes how she used introspection to truly identify who he really is. Take the time to figure out who you are, accept that we are human, and do your best to improve each day.

Speaker: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is an American lawyer and writer who served as the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. She is married to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady. Raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, Obama is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, and spent her early legal career working at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her husband. She subsequently worked as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago and the Vice President for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center. (Source –

Check out Michelle’s INCREDIBLE books, “Becoming”: “Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers”: Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed the video please leave a like and share this video with someone who could use some inspiration. God bless you all and I hope you all accomplish what you set out to do today. 😊
Best message to all girls , choose your future husband wisely.
Sandhya Desulu
She is an inspiration. Her words always motivate me. Looking forward to meet her one day.
Gavin Speaks
Two monks walking along a stream encounter an old woman unable to cross.  She begs them to help, so one carries her on his back to the far side. Once across and on the bank the old woman berates the monks for getting her dress wet, for taking too long to cross, for making it difficult and dangerous. She doesn’t thank them. She goes her way. After a time the monk who carried the old woman tells the other that he didn’t understand why the woman was so mad and ungrateful.  The other monk says, “you carried the old woman across the stream an hour ago, why are you still carrying her?” ~ Much love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber💜
Junior Kingsley
Mrs Rose Robert and her method works like magic I keep earning single week with new strategy
Dear Person That is reading this, Yes You! we don’t know each other but I wish you all the best of luck in life You are amazing believe in your dreams until it happens 🙏
Shirley Jones
This is a person who would know something about pushing themselves to be what they want to be not what they really are. (I think I can be a real girl! I think I can be a real girl, I think I can be a real girl no you can’t Mike LMAO @ this person trying to give out advice to anyone is a joke!!!)
JC Fullmore
I made so many poor choices with men and although God has been my friend I sure wasted many years serving the wrong people. Choose wisely whom you lay down with.
Being an excellent centered and remember failure builds character. Readers make great leaders
Gaurav Tyagi
God is everywhere .
🌟 Your unknown friend
Dear person that’s reading this, we don’t know each others but I wish you all the best in life ❤️ don’t ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious and a key for happy life. I believe in you, Love from a small YouTuber! 🖤….
Onkod Official
It’s very important to know the people that you are making a relation because if you relate a bad friend it means you choosed his attitude and culture while good friend are same that so, the main purpose is to follow right people and better than you. Thanks for you motivation.
Gaurav Tyagi
Dear President of United States of America, Very good awareness everywhere .
Juliet Nanteza
Wow this is so wonderful…started seeing myself acting immediately…thank you first Lady for such an inspirational speech
kheyro Kamil
Hopeful. Grateful and looking forward with all positive things on my way.
Pule Edgar Dithuge
To whom ever is reading hear know that God love’s you ❤️ be the change you want to see in the world 🌍 thank you!🙏🙏🙏
Anna Reyes
I’m inspired to be the best version of myself
So inspiring. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
Varalakshmi Pasupathi
Americans were really lucky to have had U as there First caring and loving.U are really beautifull.God bless u.
Padma Narayan
Wonderful guidance to all to work hard to live happily in life I all ways admired the mind blowing words from hearts are it is inspiring to all thanks a lots… thanks to wonderful world also ❤️👍🌹🐝🙏.
Gaurav Tyagi
Hope is very important prayer everywhere .
Noah Triumph
Better than any monk or whatsoever religious speech that I’ve known in my entire life. BB
Nature and Relax Music TV
So motivation i so relief more stress in my life🥰
“good things dont come easy”
Varalakshmi Pasupathi
Amercians were very luckye to have had U as there First Lady.So caring, and loving.U are really beautifull
토이반 북반Toybarn Bookbarn
Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. THANK YOU~~~~~:)
Motivation Heaven
“At fifty-four, I am still in progress, and I hope that I always will be.” -Michelle Obama
Farida Mirzaeva
Wow! Thanks a lot👍👍👍👍👍 i am happy that i also can listen it, read and write comments with you dear friends💓 💓💓💓💓💓 wish you Joy, Happiness
I never really truly listened to Michelle Obama and had only seen a few interviews here and there, but this message right here is exactly what i needed to hear at this point in my life. It’s so so so helpful
Charles L. Moukoko
Michelle Obama, be careful! Melanie is hidden on the corner, listening to you. She’s going to plagiat you
Ramdhan Priya
❤️…I’m inspired
3laza Wa2ak
Passion and planning forward our life
Karima Echols
Preach my favorite lady ❤️❤️🧿🧿
Giggie Naraine
Thank you Michelle Obama for your inspiring words you are amazing.God Bless❤
Elsa Cumba Mineses
Thank you Michell i will try to do it
Kui Wagacha
Knowing who you are involves Throwing Away what you don’t like. And this involves family and friends -it’s SUPER HARD.
Jenny C H Yeo
An excellent speech that cares to motivate and inspire people to great heights.
Spread Yourself
This is my favourite channel. I especially like it when you explain everything so nicely.
Mehdi Baghbadran
Dear mrs Obama, if you are here, takes you a hard works , and those hardships, teaching us , that who you are, and nothing reaches by chance, and must be a reason for it, and the life is the biggest university of the nature’s, it’s not the accident if you able to trying to fixing some of the human desire, no matter which way you learned your knowledge from.
Gaurav Tyagi
Everyone wants peaceful society .
Victoria Hao
Really…easy said n Done..
helen evans
Well said hats off to you… Will follow yr advice…
Lucilia de Oliveira
This woman is really relentless.
What happen to boys? Why can they get the same advice?
Mindset Evolution
Being president doesnt chang who you are, it reveals who you are
Fattybaly Ly
Tu as eu beaucoup de chance c tout ! Remercie Dieu ! D autres ont fourni beaucoup d efforts et ils n ont rien récolté !
Dear Michelle Obama- God Bless and Thank You for Inspiring all of us by continually being and modeling the way to be an exquisite and elegant human being.
Daniella Kate
successtechmaddy youtuber
💖💖💖💖Beautiful Video 💖💖💖💖
isn't that shameful
Stay your born given gender.
Carole Vachon
Work hard, be honest and what else? loll Isn’t she ashamed to tell us that? It’s still amazing!
Cinta Rocko
Big mike.s book u mean that is not here talk n
Michelle Duncan
So intensely, saturatingly UN-INSPIRING … TOTALLY. A DIVIDER OF PEOPLE.
nick atanassov
No thanks , nothing from Michael
Mariana Aksentic
You look much older, very had looking women.
Mercedes Herbert
I don’t think it was too hard for her because she lies easily.
Mariana Aksentic
Please Michelle stop…
aslan munir
Loved the content. Not sure if it’s really from Michelle

4 Harvard Course Michael Sandel Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do?

Harvard Course Michael Sandel Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do?

5 It is a different type of ball game

Ellen Surprises Incredible Teacher Mr. Bonner

A teacher who doesn’t pretend but really cares about his students, even if they are no longer his students…

6 Bryan Stevenson Life is not easy! How to handle an exceptional situation?

Chocolate Milkshake: The Power of Hope

The importance of ‘being there’ during difficult circumstances


7 Don’t Talk to the Police

Don’t Talk to the Police

8 Trust in justice

What is trust?


5 Dirk de Wachter | De kunst van het ongelukkig zijn

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20 aug. 2019

‘Het probleem van deze wereld is de obsessie met gelukkig zijn.’ Psychiater Dirk de Wachter trekt volle zalen met zijn lezingen over geluk. Hij pleit ervoor elkaar meer tot steun te zijn in de alledaagse ongelukkigheid.

“De zin van het bestaan is te vinden in de ogen van de hulpvragende ander”, aldus psychiater Dirk de Wachter. “De lastigheid is in het leven af en toe daar, dat is niet te vermijden. Maar als we dan samen zijn met een geliefde, die ons kan bijstaan en die wij kunnen bijstaan dan is dat ook mooi. De mooiste liefdevolheid tussen mensen toont zich in lastige dagen”.

Een opmerkelijke boodschap in deze tijd waarin perfectie en autonomie de norm zijn en tegelijkertijd eenzaamheid hoogtij viert. De Vlaming stelt daar tegenover dat liefde en verbondenheid juist bij tegenslag en tekort ontstaan. Hij zet vraagtekens bij de tendens dat – zeker op social media – alles altijd maar ‘leuk’ moet zijn en trekt met die boodschap bomvolle zalen. De Wachter is behalve psychiater en universitair docent ook schrijver van verschillende goed lopende boeken, zoals Borderline Times en recent nog het essay De kunst van het ongelukkig zijn. In Vlaanderen is hij een ware volksheld en ook in Nederland rijst zijn ster.

Onlangs sprak hij over het thema ‘geluk’ in de Jacobikerk in Utrecht. Het leidde tot de ongewone aanblik van een stampvolle kerk met veel jongeren in het publiek. Zij luisterden gretig naar deze man die ondanks hemzelf wel eens wordt aangeduid als ‘de profeet van de lastigheid’. Kruispunt was erbij en sprak later uitgebreid met de welbespraakte Vlaming bij hem thuis in Antwerpen.

De Wachter signaleert in onze maatschappij een onwil om verdriet en problemen als normale verschijnselen onder ogen te zien. Hij pleit ervoor elkaar meer tot steun te zijn en alledaagse ongelukkigheid niet langer onder te brengen bij de therapeut. “Verdriet is geen psychiatrische afwijking”.

De populaire psychiater waarschuwt voor de oppervlakkigheid van de huidige beeldcultuur. “We moeten opletten dat we de taal niet zouden verwaarlozen en alleen nog beeld zouden zijn. Verdriet heeft woorden nodig, heeft vertelling nodig, heeft erkenning nodig, in een wezenlijke ontmoeting waarin geluisterd kan worden, niet alleen door een smiley die huilt of lacht.”

marliese boeren
Dank u voor het nieuwe boek ‘de kunst van het ongelukkig zijn’. Ik ga het nog vaak ter hand nemen om er stukken uit te herlezen. Misschien maakt het mij minder ongelukkig in mijn gelukkig leven.
Domien Debar
Dit is het evangelie van de wachter dirk
Wat een zeveraar. Ik ben al 11 jaar alleen thuis, ziek met hartproblemen, en ik heb hier nog niet veel volk over de vloer gezien. De waarheid is dat niemand niemand nog helpt in deze harde a-sociale maatschappij, meneer pastoor. Psychiater ? Pffffffffffffffffffffffff.
Kathleen Cornelis
Je kent hem dan helemaal niet! Dat is net wat hij aankaart, dat we te veel op onszelf zijn gericht en dat we daar juist komaf mee moeten kijken. Dat we juist wel weer meer naar de ander moeten kijken. Mocht zijn oproep massaal gevolg krijgen, zou u niet meer zo alleen zijn. Hij vindt de maatschappij ook a-sociaal.

4 Wat is het leven?

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19 mei 2021

“Maar vaak zijn die moeilijke momenten, opportuniteiten ook.” – Dirk De Wachter over verdriet in al hun vormen.
Hij weet het zelf niet.
luciana martins
zonder de liefde van Jezus te kennen, zullen mensen zich eenzaam voelen. leeg van iets. ze proberen die leegte te vullen met tijdelijk geluk “om van het leven te genieten” maar zonder Jezus zal die leegte aanwezig zijn. “Want ik weet welke plannen ik voor u heb, zegt de Here. Met deze plannen heb ik uw geluk voor ogen, niet uw ongeluk. Ik wil u weer een toekomst en nieuwe hoop geven. Als u tot Mij bidt, zal ik luisteren. U zult Mij vinden als u Mij zoekt en het oprecht van Mij verwacht. Jeremia 29:11-13🙏
zonder de liefde van Jezus te kennen, zullen mensen zich eenzaam voelen. leeg van iets. ze proberen die leegte te vullen met tijdelijk geluk “om van het leven te genieten” maar zonder Jezus zal die leegte aanwezig zijn. “Want ik weet welke plannen ik voor u heb, zegt de Here. Met deze plannen heb ik uw geluk voor ogen, niet uw ongeluk. Ik wil u weer een toekomst en nieuwe hoop geven. Als u tot Mij bidt, zal ik luisteren. U zult Mij vinden als u Mij zoekt en het oprecht van Mij verwacht. Jeremia 29:11-13🙏