Trump Electors Plot Implodes: Giuliani And The Admission That May Haunt 45 – Blog

David V
Trump’s next move, he tries to blame the fake electors plot on Rudy.
Sadly, the great majority of the country does not realize that our democracy is on life support.
It’s always amazing to see a lawyer who doesn’t realize he needs a lawyer.
Jean Howard
All of these people must be prosecuted, there has got to be consequences for these actions.
Mac Daddy 50
Had Trump 1st impeachment been handled like Watergate hearings, Donnie would of got the boot by congress and the American people!
Morphic Monkey
It’s incredible how Giuliani went from “America’s Mayor” to “Enemy of Democracy”. What a legacy.
Bertha Bridges
What makes this hard is they had so little respect for the American people. Very disrespectful.
milt moltich
I’m now convinced some, hopefully not all, lawyers are so narcissistic that their sophomoric/moronic logic is ridiculous. Even embarrassing.
Thorny Turtle Ranch
Boris was a little stupid going on the news. Does he not see the potential for prison in his future?
brian mcintyre
Somebody needs to go to prison for this, otherwise it makes the America justice system look like a big joke. This is how they operate in banana republics.
John Yost
It is best prosecuted, tried and convicted by the State and Feds so they cannot be pardoned by a future Republican President, assuming the American voter ever makes that mistake again…
Marc F. Nielssen
The fact that Giuliani has not yet been arrested is mind-boggling.
Sharon Mores
I think that there should be many corrupt lawyers needing to be disbarred. This is a disgrace and our country looks like fools to the world.
Kip Horton
Give them real jail time. Not affluent penalties. Pop a few 10+ year sentences on them. This is really serious. The world is watching us. Watching our weakness and division. Let’s get right people, before it’s too late.
Christine Raymond
It’s astounding how much an advance they had all this stuff in place
This plot needs to be exposed and some prosecution initiated before the midterm campaigning begins because Americans need to know who they’re electing to office and how it might affect the future of our democracy. AG Garland needs to get a sense of urgency.
Rudy is just the fall guy. Not surprised he wasnt smart enough to see that
Ari’s casual listening face while these idiots reveal their plans in the public record to overthrow our democracy is priceless.
Dissle 32
Everyone involved in the attempted coup should be thrown out of office and in a jail cell. Or else its just going to keep happening and they will succeed at some point.
I think the vast majority of voters don’t understand how dire this situation was
We’re tired of seeing the criminal acts they committed and not having any consequences.
nick franklin
How many times does this guy have to get in trouble before his folks realize that he may be corrupt?
Randy's Crafts
Nothing haunts Trump. He has no conscience.
Mars crypto
Prison would be a given for any of these activities, in an actually free society. Unfortunately the legal system only applies to the underprivileged.
Marilyn O
At 7:03 Boris Epshteyn ACTUALLY SAID “Everything that was done, was done ILLEGALLY by the Trump legal team…” I’m sure he did not mean to admit that on live television. But he slipped. And he said it !
Rara Avis
The thing is, if this was me, a lowly barely making ends meet person, had even one of the things any number of these guilty parties have been accused of, id have been in prison a long time ago. Can we just finally treat these asshats the way normal people are treated?? This crap wouldve been long over by now…😡Seeing all these jerks not being treated the way they treat us is infuriating.
Hey Hey Hey
“Forged documents “…..… Why aren’t they arrested already!? 😫 Hurry up!
Ari is Brilliant. He is one of the few I admire on any network. He is so clever and knows his game so well he gets criminals to confess to their crimes on TV!
These talking heads need to start pointing out the absolute historical fact that every single failed coup was a practice run for a successful coup. You know, like what State House level Republicans are engineering right now.
Definitely seeing why they didn’t want anyone to investigate what happened. So they could basically do it again.
Be Thoughtful
I can see you are a good guy Ari. This clip tells me more than you think.
this is a great news report, sums up all the most important bits of the chilliing situation.
Johnny English
Donald Trump: I’m butthurt. Judge: That’s not a legal argument.
Bruce Sanderson
If it is true, as it seems, that this was all Steve Bannon’s baby he should get life without parole.
Soo Tuck Choong
Giuliani, in his mind, feels that as a lawyer, he can certainly lie and lie, and keep on lying, and can get away with it.
Kenny C Nez
He said: ” Everything Was Done Illegally ” by Trumps Letgal Team according to the rules
This plot is coming apart like Rudy’s hair dye under stage lighting.
Vernon Engbino
Rudy should be taken into custody immediately. So too Powell and Flynn for advising Trump to seize voting machines.
Kurt Dunbar
From grifters, to criminals, to traitors. We would not know most of this without the 1-6 committee.
Leona Forcier
Trump M.O. He is extremely predictable, the more he speaks about a subject (ie the big lie) and the more he points his finger at someone, the more you know it is exactly what Trump is doing behind the scene’s himself.
Scott Black
I’m so tired of hearing overwhelming evidence and NO ONE has been charged… It’s sickening.
꧁Natus Iterum꧂
Seems like the BAR Association would have an issue with this.
Jim Spyro
If it weren’t for a free press, we’d never know about any of this. That’s why it’s been so fiercely attacked here lately.
This is horrifying! I hope there are consequences for everyone involved. I know for me who leaned Democratic and still voted Republican sometimes if I liked the candidate better, I will never vote Republican again after they tried to overthrow Democracy. Who would have thought at the end of this thing Mike would be the hero who was one of a handful of Republicans that have some integrity.
Soul Dreamer
I seriously doubt Giuliani has the mental capacity to be the mastermind and ringleader of anything this complex. He is at best a Tattaglia, and he’s definitely not a Barzini.
Regina Higginbotham
This man doesn’t think there is consequences for his sedition and criminal behavior. He’s a legend in his own mind.
Alex Mercedes
My head is exploding. Evidence, proof, admissions, confessions, documents…..and these people are still walking around free, some of them fundraising and making book deals, many of them refusing to appear when subpoenaed? I do not understand American justice system.
James Irwin
When six judges plus even our own Supreme Court rules against Trump, any US citizen who still believes Trump’s versions seriously needs psychological help and fast! Seriously. Golly, the Supreme Court is the highest in our country!
True Grit
Lock them up! Lock them up! ALL of the foul Trumps! So much for the party of family values.
When you elect a criminal you can expect criminal activity.
The orange coated one’s life-long knack for failure is keeping me in stitches.
That one anime freak
The cognitive dissonance it requires for Republican voters to defend all of this and somehow blame Dems…
Workout Warrior
I really hope they are gonna hold these people accountable.. I mean come on! So many have gotten away with so much, especially TRUMP.. so make them pay
Eduardo German
The look on his face when he comes out to speak when he knew he was gonna lose is priceless and as he is spewing that whole mess that he won you can tell he’s gauging the room for there reaction 🤦.
Karin New
I really think Giuliani is Trump’s “FALL GUY”!! Trump always needed a fall guy and this time it’s Giuliani’s turn. He didn’t have the mental capacity, and those Trumpers’ knew it, hence, make him the Fall Guy from the get go!!
Heck during the debate when asked if he would participate in our peaceful transfer of power he said If I win. Didn’t anyone find that chilling? I know I did.
Mike Downey
I’m confused. Isn’t the get a way driver charged with murder when someone dies during a commission of a crime?
Fran G
Soo the party of “alternative facts” was trying alternative electors.
Brother Taro
Watergate was like jaywalking compared with this.