The Nuremberg Trials – The Nazis Brought to Justice

Crime against humanity

A very serious crime, for example murder, committed against a civilian or group of civilians, usually ordered by a government or other people who have political power :

The former leader is charged with genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.
The statute included rape as a crime against humanity when committed in armed conflict and directed against a civilian population.

Cambridge Dictionary
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They tried to facilitate trials of warlords who had committed crimes against humanity.
Unlike war crimes, crimes against humanity can take place during war or peace.
The concept of holding leaders accountable for crimes against humanity was born out of the Nuremberg trials.
Amnesty International has documented serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity by the country’s government.

1 From the 60 Minutes archive: Hitler’s secret archive

28 jan. 2021

In 2006, Scott Pelley took viewers into the vast archive, which contained millions of Nazi Holocaust documents kept out of the public eye for more than 60 years.

2 Nazis on trial | DW Documentary

9 nov. 2020

The Nuremberg trials began 75 years ago, as high-ranking Nazis were held accountable on the basis of international law. A look back by a Holocaust survivor, by the son of Hitler’s deputy in occupied Poland and by the daughter of a defense lawyer.
In the final days of World War II, Adolf Hitler and his Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels committed suicide. But Hermann Göring, the Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe, and other high-ranking Nazis were captured by the Allies and put on trial. The four wartime allied powers – the US, Britain, France and the Soviet Union – had already agreed to do this before hostilities ceased. As the first international tribunal to hold leading representatives of a state personally accountable for crimes under international law, the Nuremberg trials were groundbreaking in legal terms. But they also raised moral issues which rattled many Germans to their core. Niklas Frank had to come to terms with the fact that his father, Hans Frank, was going to be executed. Holocaust survivor Peter Gardosch mainly felt a sense of gratification. Renate Rönn – whose father was assigned to serve as a defense counsel – felt a sense of shame that Germans had committed such crimes, and that it was the Allies who ensured that justice was served, not the Germans themselves. Today, the Nuremberg trials are viewed as a milestone in international law that served as a model for the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Bettina Stehkämper speaks with Niklas Frank, Peter Gardosch and Renate Rönn about the proceedings and how the trials impacted their lives.
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3 The Twins of Auschwitz – Newsnight

28 jan. 2015

When the Soviet army liberated the Auschwitz death camp 70 years ago many of the prisoners had been killed or marched away by the retreating Nazis. But among those left were some twin children – the subject of disturbing experiments by Dr Josef Mengele, as Maria Polachowska reports.

4 Nuremberg Executions 1946 – What Happened to the Bodies?

The secret US Army operation to dispose of the bodies of the war criminals executed at Nuremberg.

5 CARING CORRUPTED – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich

24 feb. 2017

Cizik School of Nursing has created a REMI Platinum Award-winning documentary film that tells the grim cautionary tale of nurses who participated in the Holocaust and abandoned their professional ethics during the Nazi era. The 56-minute film, Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich, casts a harsh light on nurses who used their professional skills to murder the handicapped, mentally ill and infirm at the behest of the Third Reich and directly participated in genocide.

6 “They Gave Me Life” – The Story of Rina Quint

13 jan. 2020

Rina Quint was born as Freida “Freidel” Lichtenstein in December 1935 in the city of Piotrkow Tribunalski, Poland. In 1939, when Rina was three years old, the Nazis invaded and occupied her hometown. In October 1942, her mother and her two older brothers were deported to the extermination camp of Treblinka where they were murdered. Rina, who was not yet seven years old, was deported with her father to a concentration camp, where she pretended to be a boy in order to survive. When Rina’s father was murdered, she was left alone in the camp. She was finally sent to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. In the various camps she was interned she was adopted by different women, but they all died.
At the end of the war, Rina went to Sweden, where she was adopted by a Holocaust survivor who passed away a few months later. In 1946, Rina emigrated to the United States with an adoptive mother, also a Holocaust survivor, who after three months also passed away as a result of her poor physical condition. Rina was then adopted by a Jewish couple who didn’t have children. Rina earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and worked as a teacher in schools and, as a lecturer at Adelphi University in New York and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1984, Rina and her husband emigrated to Israel with their four children who were already married. Rina has been volunteering for more than 30 years at Yad Vashem where she meets with groups from around the world.

7 Whose Child Are You?” The Story of Tswi Josef Herschel

27 apr. 2017

Tswi Herschel was born 29 December 1942 in Zwolle, a small town in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. In January 1943, the family had to leave Zwolle and moved to Amsterdam, where Tswi’s father contacted non-Jewish Dutch friends and asked for help for his newborn son. In March 1943, a Protestant Dutch family took in baby Tswi, caring for him and raising him as their own child until the end of World War II. Tswi’s parents were transported to the transit camp of Westerbork in the Netherlands in June 1943. One month later, they were deported to the extermination camp of Sobibór, where they were murdered shortly after arrival. Tswi’s grandmother, his only surviving relative, took him from his foster family after the war in order to give him a Jewish education. Tswi grew up, got married and had two daughters. In 1986, Tswi and his family immigrated to Israel. Since 1991, Tswi Herschel has told his story to young people and adults in Israel and Europe. 
With the generous support of: Adelson Family Foundation and The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims

8 Surviving the Holocaust: Full Show

28 jan. 2016

[This video is available in segments (CC) at….] 
“You don’t ever expect to be hauled out of your house, marched into a gas chamber, and be choked to death,” says Irene Fogel Weiss. Yet, that is exactly what happened to most of her family in the summer of 1944. Irene was thirteen at the time, and by several twists of fate, she survived. 
“There is a life force in all of us that you just want to live another day,” she says. “Let’s survive this. We have to survive this.” 
Irene shares her story of survival with hundreds of high school students every year. In this program, we listen in on her presentation to Woodson High School students as she shares a personal account of the events that lead to the Holocaust. She discusses her life as a child in Hungary, the changes she witnessed as the Nazis took power, and all manner of degradations imposed on the Jewish people. Irene describes how her family was ostracized from society and how the Jewish “ghettos” were created. She discusses what her family did and did not know about Nazi practices across Europe and how the deportation of Jews worked. She recounts her arrival at the worst of all Nazi death camps – Auschwitz-Birkenau – and shares historic photos, taken by the Nazis, which capture the very day that her family arrived. She talks about the painful separation from her family and what it was like to be a prisoner at Auschwitz. 
After sharing the story of her liberation and rebuilding her life in America, Irene examines the questions of propaganda and humanity that surround the Holocaust. She helps students understand the importance of critical examination of information and comparing sources. She discusses how a basic lack of empathy and humanity toward each other can lead to cruel, and ultimately horrific, behaviors. Irene uses her experience in the Holocaust as a lesson for us all. 
A discussion guide is available at…
This program is archived in the Fairfax Network Video Library and is available as a high-resolution MP4 video to download, record, and save. Registration is required. For more information, visit

9 The Silence After The End | Destruction (Nazi Doctors Documentary) | Timeline

26 mrt. 2020

The silence after evil rings the loudest…
In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments “in vivo” on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways of fast and massive sterilization of “inferior races”, and methods to promote the fertility of the German “Herrenvolk”.
Content owned and licensed from Scorpion TV to Little Dot Studios. All enquiries, please forward to

10 The Madness Of The Nazi Experiments | Destruction (Nazi Doctors Documentary) | Timeline

19 mrt. 2020

The Madness of The Nazi Experiments – In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments “in vivo” on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways of fast and massive sterilization of “inferior races”, and methods to promote the fertility of the German “Herrenvolk”.
Content owned and licensed from Scorpion TV to Little Dot Studios. All enquiries, please forward to

11 The Crimes of The Auschwitz Doctors | Destruction ( Nazi Doctors Documentary) | Timeline

12 mrt. 2020

In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments “in vivo” on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways of fast and massive sterilization of “inferior races”, and methods to promote the fertility of the German “Herrenvolk”.
Content owned and licensed from Scorpion TV to Little Dot Studios. All enquiries, please forward to

12 Surviving the Holocaust: Segment 6 — The Gas Chambers

3 feb. 2016

The number of people sent to the gas chambers at Auschwitz was staggering. Irene discusses how she was forced to sort through the belongings of people murdered in the gas chambers, how she watched thousands of people marched into the gas chambers day and night, and how the threat of being sent there herself was constant.
Suggested Discussion Questions: How much did people in Europe know about what happened at the death camps? How did Auschwitz differ from other camps? Why were children targeted by the Nazis? How did the prisoners cope with what they witnessed?

13 Alltag Holocaust: eine KZ-Aufseherin erinnert sich | Panorama | NDR

20 mrt. 2015

Ein Interview der Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen löst neue Ermittlungen gegen eine KZ-Aufseherin aus. Die 93-Jährige soll 1945 einen Todesmarsch begleitet haben.

14 Holocaust Survivor Shares Auschwitz Horrors | Edith Eger | Goalcast

29 okt. 2020

Holocaust survivor Edith Eger breaks her silence on her terrifying experiences as a teenager imprisoned at Auschwitz and other concentration camps. 
Edith Eva Eger was only 16 years old when she was thrown into an Auschwitz concentration camp. She came face to face with pure evil and was witness to the most unthinkable acts. Although she survived, she’s carried the weight of her demons her whole life… until now.

15 The happiest man on earth: 99 year old Holocaust survivor shares his story | Eddie Jaku | TEDxSydney

18 jul. 2019

In this beautiful and moving talk, the self proclaimed “happiest man on earth”, Eddie Jaku shares his story of love and survival at TEDxSydney 2019. Eddie Jaku was a Jew living in Germany at the outbreak and throughout the duration of World War II. His story of survival spans 12 years, from Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 until liberation in 1945. He saw death every day throughout WWII, and because he survived, he made a vow to himself to smile every day.
Eddie Jaku OAM, born Abraham Jakubowicz in Germany in 1920.

His family considered themselves German, first, Jewish second. On 9 November 1938, the night immortalised as Kristallnacht, Eddie returned home from boarding school to an empty house. At dawn Nazi soldiers burst in, Eddie was beaten and taken to Buchenwald.

Eddie was released and with his father escaped to Belgium and then France, but was again captured and sent to a camp, and thereafter to Auschwitz. On route, Eddie managed to escape back to Belgium where he lived in hiding with his parents and sister.

In October 1943, Eddie’s family were arrested and again sent to Auschwitz where his parents were both murdered. In 1945, Eddie was sent on a ‘death march’ but once again escaped and hid in a forest eating slugs and snails until June 1945 he was finally rescued by.

Eddie has volunteered at the Sydney Jewish Museum since it’s inception in 1992. Self-proclaimed as ‘the happiest man on earth’, he saw death every day throughout WWII, and because he managed to survive, made a vow to himself to smile every day.

Edie has been married to Flore for 73 years, they have two sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

16 The deportation of Jews from Hungary and Lodz to Auschwitz Birkenau, 1944

9 apr. 2014

With the deportation of the Jews from Hungary and Lodz to the Auschwitz-Birkenau in the spring and summer of 1944, the murder in the camp reached its peak. This video traces the fate of Jews in the camp during this period, until liberation in January 1945.

17 Holocaust Survivors – First Steps in the DP Camps and a New Beginning

25 mei 2015

“This video is part of the Holocaust Education Video Toolbox. For more videos and teaching aids, visit:…

In the video, “Holocaust Survivors – First Steps in the DP Camps and a New Beginning”, ISHS staff member Sheryl Ochayon presents the story of the survivors, following the fundamental dilemma – “What Now?” – through to life and culture within the DP camps. She outlines the reality and remarkable phenomena within the DP camps, as well as their human significance in restoring a sense of personal identity and early steps towards a new beginning. The materials discussed in this video are available on our website and in teaching units produced at the ISHS.

Sheryl Silver-Ochayon is a staff member at the International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem.

part 1: The Return to Life in the DP Camps 00:00
part 2: A New Beginning 5:56

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The Joint Archives, New York
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Material and quotes from:

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2. The Anguish of Liberation – Testimonies from 1945, edited by Y.
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3. Yad Vashem Archives

Every effort has been made to locate the copyright holders to obtain the appropriate permissions and apply the correct attributions. If you have any information that would help us in relation to copyright, please contact us


18 One Day In Auschwitz


7 apr. 2015

19 Nazi prejudice and propaganda – the racist crimes against the “children of shame” | DW Documentary

10 jan. 2021

After World War I, relationships between French occupation troops and German women were banned. But they happened anyway, and liaisons involving black soldiers produced a number of mixed-race children. Many were later persecuted by the Nazis.

Around 100,000 French troops were sent to occupy Germany’s Rhineland region in 1920. About 20,000 of these soldiers came from the French colonies of Tunisia, Morocco, French Indochina, and Senegal.

The African troops became targets of a harassment campaign called “Die Schwarze Schmach,” or “The Black Disgrace.” German political parties, the media, and many organizations tried to discredit French occupation policies by falsely claiming that black French soldiers were systematically raping German women and children. The presence of black, North African, and Asian troops in Germany was depicted as a threat to the “German race” and the future of European civilization.

Between 1919 and 1928, several hundred mixed-race children were born in Germany’s Rhineland region — the product of liaisons between local women and French occupation troops. These children, their mothers, and extended families were socially ostracized from the very beginning.

In the 1930s, these children became victims of racist Nazi policies. In 1937, Adolf Hitler secretly ordered hundreds of them to be forcibly sterilized. A special unit of the Gestapo was set up to carry out this task.

This documentary, directed by Dominik Wessely, tells the story of a forgotten crime. It also explains how propaganda and toxic “fake news” reports can create an environment in which horrific crimes can be committed.


DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

20 How Did Ordinary Citizens Become Murderers?


18 sep. 2017

What prompted average people to commit extraordinary crimes in support of the Nazi cause?
In the Holocaust era, countless ordinary people acted in ways that aided and hindered the persecution and murder of Jews and other targeted groups within Nazi Germany and across Europe.
On September 13, 2017, the Museum hosted a discussion to answer one of the most vexing questions of the Holocaust: How Did Ordinary Citizens Become Murderers?
Former New York Times reporter and award-winning author Ralph Blumenthal moderated this program with two noted scholars:
Dr. Christopher Browning, Professor of History Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland
Dr. Wendy Lower, Acting Director of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and author of Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields

21 Een reconstructie van het proces van Neurenberg | ANDERE TIJDEN

Back to menu

3 jun. 2020

Op 1 oktober 1946 horen éénentwintig hoge nazileiders hun vonnis aan in het langdurige proces van Neurenberg. Het is de eerste keer in de geschiedenis dat schuldigen van massamoord en oorlog ter verantwoording worden geroepen voor een open rechtbank.
Andere Tijden, het geschiedenisprogramma over (bijna) vergeten gebeurtenissen uit de recente geschiedenis. Andere Tijden wordt gemaakt door de NTR & VPRO voor NPO2. Check voor de hele afleveringen.

22 Hermann Göring’s Mysterious Death

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27 jul. 2020

Hermann Göring, the most senior Nazi leader tried after the war, committed suicide the night before he was to be executed in 1946. But how had he managed to obtain a cyanide pill? This programme examines how it might have been done. 
Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers ‘Zero Night’ and ‘Castle of the Eagles’, both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at:…


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If he did have the last laugh it must still have been a pretty hollow one. For a man used to such opulence, chomping a glass vial of cyanide as your final meal, in a dank stinking prison cell, probably not the glorious end he’d always imagined. Great video as ever Mark, thanks.
As usual, another excellent piece dealing with contemporary history. Someone, I think, said that this channel is what the History Channel aspires to be and I wholeheartedly concur with that.
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My grandparents used to lived across the street from Army Staff Sergeant Darrell Johnson, a World War II veteran. I had in fact, volunteered alongside him with a lot of VFW functions while i was in JROTC in high school. His daughter happened to be my 11th grade US history teacher and it was through her I found out that SSG Johnson was one of Goering’s assigned guards during the Nuremberg Trials and he was in fact, the soldier who discovered Goering dead in his cell from suicide via a cyanide capsule. He refused to discuss it with me personally but acknowledged he was indeed there and acted as a transport for many of the officers on trial, so I would say her story holds water Its weird how small the world can be sometimes.
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Mr Felton, you have been an absolute joy to listen to especially throughout this lockdown . Thanks for all the content ! X
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“No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr,” he assured them. “If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Göring. You can call me Meyer.” Hermann Meyer
Carlus Magnus
Mark, you instincts are good. My uncle was one of the American guards for Herman Goering at Nuremburg. He told me LT Wheelis got the poison to Goering. But felt that Wheelis did it without knowing. When I first asked about the incident. He said, ” I’m just damn glad I wasn’t on duty that day”. He didn’t mention any of the other suspects. He said the LT’s relationship with Goering made everyone uncomfortable, but he was an officer.
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Mark, this makes me wonder, are there any accounts of how the SS officers reacted seeing their own men guarding the outside of the courthouse? That would have been interesting to see… “YOU! You’re supposed to be in prison for insubordination!” “Ja! But I am not wearing a uniform of the Reich any more and ze allies offered me a job instead of a firing squad!” 😀
Lou Mencken
I think Dr Felton has made an error regarding Goering’s weight. He says that when Goering was captured, he “weighed 392 pounds, or 118 kilos”. 118 kilos, which is what Goering’s weight is listed at on his paperwork when he was imprisoned (copies of his “Detention Report” can be found online) is actually 260 lbs, or 118 kilos x 2.205= 260.145 lbs. Goering was obese to be sure (the Germans called him “der dicke Hermann”- fat Herman- for a reason), but at 5’8″ if he weighed 392 he would have been far, far more obese than he appears in any photo of him I’ve ever seen; he’d barely be able to walk at that mass. Moreover, Dr Felton points out that Goering lost 60 lbs while in prison prior to his trial, and if he weighed 392 when captured, that would mean he still weighed well over 300 lbs at his trial. He simply doesn’t look that heavy in any trial photo. In fact, he looked relatively svelte at his trial (many reporters at the trial commented on this), or at least consistent with a 260 lb man who lost 60 lbs to bring him down to around 200 lbs. Interestingly, I found a copy of the Detention Report that listed his weight as 118 kilos on Quora, and the person who posted it there also erroneously converted 118 kilos to 392 lbs. Is that the source of Dr Felton’s error?
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His death isn’t mysterious at all! He got an unsupervised guard to bring a can of hand cream from his things being stored which had a capsule hidden in it. For that Goring gave the GI a pair of fine leather gloves.
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John Stevens
I would pick Jack also. His son admits that his father was very proud of the watch and wore it the rest of his life. Also, him and Goering had become quite close according to most involved. His son stated in an interview recorded sometime in the early 2000s that his father Lt. Wheelis often admitted that Goering might have tricked him and eventually made a death bed confession to giving Goering the capsule.
“Flirtatious brunette, named Mona.” That sentence is so flexibly intriguing and simultaneously vague, it could be the punchline to the beginning paragraph of almost any hardboiled detective novel… “It was raining hard outside, hard enough to wash the trash right outta the gutter. Then in she walked. Dangerous, silky, steaming. The smoke from her Lucky Strike rose slowly and effortlessly in slim ghostly tendrils, crawling up to the dark ceiling to gather and curl like a cat bedding down for a nap. If I live to see a hundred candles on a cake, I will never forget that moment she looked me in the eye. A flirtatious brunette, named Mona……”
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Goering was resourceful. No doubt he had multiple “lines” for cyanide pills.
My Great-grandfather’s division managed to capture Goering. 36th Infantry Division, aka the Texas Division. He died before the capture, but I still feel somewhat prideful of that fact.
I agree with your sentiments and take on the situation. Seeing as he had two capsules, it’s plausible that a combo of situations are true here but he almost assuredly got one from the Wheelis. Some people have a hard time imagining it but it’s very easy when you remember that soldiers are just people. You’re bored and you have a gregarious prisoner – a famous prisoner – that you have to watch all the time? It’s easy to imagine a soldier striking up a rapport with the prisoner. Further, he may have been the kind of person inclined to find a man like Goering fascinating. In a way, it would be easy to imagine a scenario where Wheelis had his ego fluffed by Goering and being able to fulfill a seemingly innocent request made wheelis feel good, feel useful to Goering, prove he is a man that can do things, etc. It happens. There are tons of instances of prisoners getting female guards pregnant, guards becoming friends to the point of an almost Stockholm Syndrome with prisoners, etc. People very easily fall into a mentally that allows these relationships to occur and, again, Goering was giving him gifts while trading stories about hunting, fortune, etc. What would it hurt to get Herman his hair cream?! A man can have his hair cream, ffs! Haha
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Hi Mark excellent info here about Goering here . Could you make one on SOE and especially F Section in WW2 – especially about Henri Dericourt (Double Agent) and the Prosper Network – run by Francis Alfred Suttill DSO (born, France, 17 March 1910 – executed, c. 21 March 1945).
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My grandmother’s cousin was a guard of Goring during the Nuremburg trials. It is believed that he and his guard force provided him the cyanide capsules.
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I love this channel, Mark Felton has some of the greatest content on youtube
Dr. Barry Cohn
Excellent. From interviews I’ve seen, it seems everyone one of Goring’s guards has some kind of story and souvenir from him. He was a charmer, schemer and a very cunning man. No doubt he could sell snow to Eskimos. For further information, I can recommend the Harvard report written that is now declassified. Many illuminaries in the mental health field produced an assessment of Hitler. One major conclusion was that Hitler would likely suicide.
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I’m always amazed at the level of detail Mark puts in his videos! The footage and old videos along with the precise accounts, just amazing.
Just when I think my knowledge of World War II is getting pretty comprehensive, Mark Felton shows me that I know nothing. Irrefutable facts from inexhaustible research, and highly plausible and difficult to refute theories based on that research. Incomparable military history videos, and this one is no exception. Well done once again Dr Felton!
Ian Dawkins
I wish history was this interesting when I went to school. Mark you deserve a medal of your own for what you do to educate us all. Respect and pleas keep them coming.
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Hermann was so eccentric a fascinating character ive read up on him. Him taking command the Red Barons Squadron during the first great war was always interesting to me great video love Dr.Feltons channel have turned several friends on to it
Karline H.
Thank you for this neutral report about historic events. They are hard to find because there are so few…
Tori Sloane
1. I swear, that sound effect was so chilling at the end. 2. If Mark Felton is putting his money on a theory, I would, too. Totally likely that guard would have handed over such an innocuous thing as a pot of cream. Also, mistakes happen.3. How did he get to bring his luggage to jail? For chrissake!
Doc 69
I would like to add a comment if I can? I am a paramedic by trade but after I became older I went back to college and became a History/ Communications Major. I would like to say that you taught some aspects of this video that I was unaware of and that is a Major Big deal to me and I would like to say. Thank you!
Wishful Thinking
Someone like Mr Mark Felton is missed in Germany. Serious, interesting, time witnessing material. Unfortunately I m far better in reading English than in understanding it. Simply said – in my Country with my mother tongue I don t know anyone to be recommended as you. Might be one day it will be possible to see your awesome videos with subtitles. Good job anyway
You’ve kept my sudden resurgent interest in WW2 history afloat almost all by yourself. Keep up the work, mark.
Your detailed, no-nonsense analysis of historical events is excellent!
Roman Dybala
2021 here. Im almost 70 years old and was born in Australia , my mother was in the German Airforce as groundcrew at 16 years of age. I am so moved both by what was done by the Nazis in the war and what was done to them after the war. That was 76 years ago. Thankfully it will end with me as my children only know what a beautiful and loving Oma they had.
Mr. Felton now almost at 1Mill Subs!! Good for you sir!! You well deserve it! BTW, I think it’s quite humouring… One day I watched one of your videos. Then later went over to my grandfather’s house and heard that same specific opening music playing from a video he was watching on his phone!! 😄
Adolf Hitler
For those interested the below is Görings suicide notes. He wrote two. It’s hard to find online (as is anything that portrays the Germans as actual human beings). The first is in two parts, the first address to his pastor/priest and the second to his wife. The second letter was a general letter to the world. First letter: “Nuremberg, October 11, 1946 Dear Pastor Gerecke! Forgive me, but I had to do it like this for political reasons. I have prayed long to my God and feel that I am doing the right thing. (I would have let them shoot me.) Please comfort my wife and tell her that this was no ordinary suicide, and that she can rest assured that God will still gather me up in his great mercy. God protect my dearest ones! God bless you, dear pastor, evermore. Your Hermann Göring. My only sweetheart! Upon mature consideration and after profound prayers to my God, I have decided to take my own life and thus not allow my enemies to execute me. I would always have accepted death by firing squad. But the Reichsmarschall of The Greater German Reich cannot allow himself to be hanged. Moreover, the killings were to be carried out like a poor taste spectacle with the press and film cameras there (I assume for the newsreel pictures). Sensation is all that matters to these people. I however, want to die quietly and out of the public eye. My life came to an end the moment I said my last farewell to you. Since then I have been filled with a wondrous peace and I regard death as the final release. I take it as a sign from God that throughout the months of my imprisonment He allowed me the means to free myself from this mortal coil, and that this means was never discovered. In His charity, God thus spared me the bitter end. All my thoughts are with you, with Edda, and all my beloved friends! The last beats of my heart will mark our great and eternal love. Your Hermann.” —————————————————————————— Second letter: I find it tasteless in the extreme to stage our deaths as a show for sensation hungry reporters, photographers and the curious. This grand finale is typical of the abysmal depths plumbed by the court and prosecution alike, pure theatre and coercion from start to finish. All a rotten comedy to them. I understand completely that our enemies want to annihilate us, whether out of fear for what we might say, or hatred. But it would have served their reputations better to do the deed in a soldierly manner. If they’d have shot me I would never have taken this measure. However, I will not play around with their little game. I myself shall be dying without all this “sensation.” Let me stress that I feel not the slightest moral obligation to willingly submit to a death sentence by my enemies or those of my beloved Greater Germany. I proceed to the hereafter with joy and regard death as the final release. I shall hope for Gods mercy. I deeply regret that I cannot help my comrades – particularly Field Marshal Keitel and Colonel General Jodl – escape this macabre death spectacle as well. The entire rigorous effort to stop us from doing harm to ourselves was never motivated by concern for our welfare, but purely to make certain that all would be ready for the ‘big sensation.’ But, Ohne Mich (count me out). Yours sincerely, Herman Göring
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West Of London
Marvelous video, Mark. I doubt Wheelis knowingly participated in Göering’s suicide. Keep in mind that he was a drug addict and secreting drugs is just what he did. I doubt Lt Whellis knowingly aided Göering in his suicide. Thank you so much.
Kris Frederick
If you haven’t watched the Nuremberg trials in their entirety I highly recommend it. Morbidly fascinating to hear them answer for themselves.
A friend of my family was a colonel in the US Army and commanded a front line infantry regiment under Patton from June of ’44 until the end of the war. His regiment was heavily involved in the capture of the Cotentin Peninsula including Cherbourg, and the subsequent advance across northern France and into Germany. His regiment then assisted in the occupation of Germany for several months after which he was sent to Nuremberg as a staff officer for a period of time leading up to the trials. He spoke to Goring several times and played chess with him on at least one occasion. I was a young man at the time he was a friend of the family (1980’s) and on one occasion I talked to him about his war experiences. Although I was very interested in history in general and WW2 specifically, unfortunately in retrospect I didn’t know enough about the war to ask him a lot of specific questions that I would now love to ask. Among the first questions I would now ask would be about his experiences with Goring and his theory about Goring’s death. He and his wife (a military nurse in WW2) were in their 80s at the time but were still very mentally sharp. They said they were surprised that anyone of my generation (early 20’s at the time) was interested in hearing about the war. They said that in their experience most young people had no interest in the subject so they tried to not “bore” anyone with it. Their house was like a museum of WW2 artifacts and memorabilia. I am so glad I got to meet them, but I will always greatly regret not talking to them far more than I did.
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Kristian Petersen
Mark Felton is a great narrator and story teller. He is also capable of finding and presenting interesting photage.
Winnifred Forbes
Imagine being a guard. Spending your four hour shift staring through a slot in the door! 😱
BRILLIANT work, sir! As a WW2 fanatic that watches and has watched everything I can find on the subject… I thought I knew it all… but your videos bring even more.. I will watch every single one.
Well Done Mark. Your So Good At Presenting Even Herman Göering Would Think Your A Good History Man!
Hassan Wabbi
Thank you so much for your well researched details of what transpired during the war which unfortunately claimed the lives of many
Kate Sinclair
Your videos are well researched and narrated. I am learning more about this history by watching them. Thank you for posting.
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Goering was intelligent, I’m sure he had no problems manipulating young enlisted men and officers.
Has anyone else noticed the soldier at 8:24? he is putting something in his pocket and looks at the camera and sticks his tongue out! lol. Another fine video Mark.
These Mark Felton episodes deserve a Nobel Prize.
Randy Kirkland
Love to here about the most curious deaths of many war personalities!
Thank you for going out of your way to make such quality work Mr. Felton. Many around the world wish the best for you!
michael allen
“Flirtatious brunette, named Mona.” That’s how it all goes downhill
K Seel
118 kilos is 260lbs. Not sure how Mark Felton imagined Goering weighed nearly 400lbs when he was captured. At 5’8″ and 400 lbs Goering would look like the Michellin Man.
Chaz valvo
The moment I saw Mark Feltons name on this I knew it would be the best bio on Goring we could watch and was very pleasantly correct, Thank you for posting we sure didn’t get too much truth while growing up at least not from our history books.
Mark, keep up the good work! Love this channel 👍
Don't Cut Yourself On All That e d g e
Mark is the best. Thank you for the effort you put into these videos.
Jay Roosevelt
George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” “To be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great.” “What experience and history teaches us is that people and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.”
Mark Lenon
Can you please do a video on Albert Goering, just discovered his story and would love to hear you tell it.
Billy Dee
JUST IN TIME…was having Felton withdrawals and it was rough, man.
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Mark, your work is remarkable and we are very lucky to have such a wonderful library to access here on YouTube. I always look forward to learning something new. Thank you.
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Very nicely done. I watch your videos with distinct interest and am pleased by it’s detail and carefully selected facts. You don’t judge, just give evidence and allow for a comprehensive view of the situation. That is real journalism. Very good. (y)
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Love your videos mark! Better than anything you could get watching cable. I’m addicted!!! Keep up the great work!!
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Isn’t it crazy how they signed autographs for ppl?? I find that so interesting
George Richeson
My uncle was at the trials as a guard and talked about seeing Goring and others. He did not know how he got the cyanide.
Josh Kolchins
The best history documentary channel around. Dr. Felton is an engaging and stimulating writer and narrator, the videos are of exceptional quality and make fascinating watching. I am hooked.
Marks channel finally smashing it and getting the subs it deserves, love it Mark
Robert Curran
Imagine working out, eating right, kicking a pill addiction and starting to live your best life, just in time to be sentenced to death.
Jo Ellem
Just found this channel, it’s fascinating. I’ll work my way through Dr Felton’s videos. Excellent.
I’m surprised he was treated so well by the Americans…there is an interview here on YouTube with Goering’s American jailer…and he considered Goering a near genius….and very manipulative. He spoke perfect English.
My great grandfather was Hermann Göring’s guard and Göring gave my grandad some mother of pearl opera glasses that are still in my family somewhere.
Outstanding research as always – thank you
“Fitness is my passion” – Hermann Göring
Justin Yang
Love the videos, which are historically accurate and concise. Keep up the excellent work!
Goering spoke perfect English, a fact that he cleverly concealed and exploited. He had months to plan his own suicide. It wouldn’t have mattered much in the end whether or not Goering had a cyanide capsule in his possession the whole time of his confinement. He probably had concurrent schemes in play all aimed at procuring cyanide. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on the allied side slipped him a pill. He never wanted war with Britain or the Soviet Union and had even tipped off the allies about the planned date of the attack on Russia, a fact not widely known, even today. Point being, Goering had people on both sides that were sympathetic to him, for differing reasons.
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brian belton
Mark, I love your documentaries! @ 2:34, please recheck the math on Gorings weight. 392 pounds is approx 178 kilos. From pictures of his arrest, my guess is Hermann was approx 118 kilos. Approx 260 pounds. Still, a fatted man.
A close family member of mine actually guarded this guy as a MPO. He got the guys SS dagger and a tone of other stuff. Long gone now though.
Paul Lea
Excellent clip Mark, full of important facts.
Göring lost weight spectacularly in prison after the war Göring apparently bought the cyanide capsule from someone, as he also had a gold pistol, he also gave it as a gift to one of the guards who guarding him. Or, through his senior political connections, he could even arrange to get a cyan capsule instead of a rope Otherwise, the cyanide capsule could not get into the prison However, Heinrich Himmler also mysteriously also fell victim to cyanide capsule poisoning instead of hanging, he probably bought his own death or was able to arrange it thanks to his high-ranking political position.
Meer tonen
Keep up the amazing work, Mark. We love it!
dave arnold
Great story I love your stories and visually impaired myself so I can sit down and just listen to your stories all day I look forward to listening to a couple more of them tonight
CRazYDAvE951 !
One of his guards g him the cyanide I seen a video by the head guard at Nurenburg. Hermann was very intelligent and charming and all his guards loved the man. He basically got anything he wanted.
Da Sniper 406
The one of the things i can relate to Göring to myself is trying to get the last laugh and put up a fight in trial even though i knew i would be executed in the end.
I’ve been reading Phillip Kerr’s great crime novels, which give pretty good historical background into Nazi German administration. Great history videos, love the airplane ones especially.
Ingemeyer Tjejamba
I came across this channel recently, I wish I knew about you earlier to learn so much. You are rich, accurate and unapologetic about tour content. Thank you. I have subscribed.. wish you all the best…
Rei Ormenaj
I have learned from you 90 times more than my history teacher. U are the best Mark❤🙏🏻
Paul Simmons
Mark, the main takeaway from this video for me is that good Ol’ Herman off’d himself. The who, how, and other details are moot points at this time. Great video!
Colonel K
I’ve always accepted the theory that Lieutenant Jack G. Wheelis unwittingly gave Goring the poison. The other theories seem a bit outlandish and overly complicated. If Goring got the last laugh, it was a Pyrrhic victory.
Jose Barberena
8:46 the thoughts that must be going through this mans mind right now…how he never saw himself. Whatever his remaining share of life was he skipped himself all the way to the end. not anyone would like to go down in history and close the stories of their lives with total human disaster and that no one saw you worthy to continue breathing air. On the contrary, they hunted you down and turned your lights off.
Staying Clean and Outta Trouble
Doc, even my most stuck-up, know-it-all associates love your stuff. THAT is saying something. Keep going, you are on a great trajectory. Deservedly so, if that doesn’t seem too ass-kissy.
Jermina Alexoz Sabjaçz Osindisi Nimbāl
The poise and restrain it must have taken not to kill smug nazis during these trials is commendable.
The Fantasy Review
He admitted it was in the Nivea cream jar, which he had before he was captured. Even if he bribed an American guard, which was incredibly unlikely, the average guard would have no way to get hold of a cyanide capsule.
Renee Catagnus
I appreciate these uploads! Thank You! It’s amazing to me all the information, and films in every one!
Aman Kumar Vlogs
Mark felton was such a great motivation for me on my youtube journey,I am glad I was motivated by this man
Adam Frazer
@22:00 My dear Dr Felton, a hearty round of applause for that excellent bit of showmanship – that image and expression has been burned into my brain pan. Many thanks 👍🍻
Craig Wells
Hermann was eccentric. I’m sure he probably had some fierce WW1 air storys, from his younger times. Crazy mean from war, and I’m sure he had his reasons. Those eyes though .
Very good. Felton’s voice reminds me of my favorite British war documentarian that seems to be on every history channel series there is.
Bridge Too Far
2:042:05 Scene of his disarmament reveals Göring’s choice of his personal pistol. Decades ago, I have read he was carrying an American revolver Smith & Wesson M-10 Military Police. Not Walther or Luger(supposedly his favorite). I finally got a chance to sight it myself. Thank you Mark Felton for your program covering this particular topic.
Paul E. Smith
I understood that Goring had ingratiated himself with one of his guards that gained him access to a jar of cold cream that was in his possession when captured. In the Coldstream he kept his cyanide capsule that he later used after he was sentenced to hang. I also read that when he was captured he had two suitcases: One with clothing and one full of pain medication which was also the cause of his weight. I can’t seem to find the book now that I read many years ago but the fellow who wrote it displayed MANY souvenirs from clippings of nooses that were labeled from each hanging to Eva Braun’s Purse! I beleive the watch you spoke of was also pictured.
Meer tonen
Could you make a video about the Norwegian “Police troops” that was trained in Sweden during WW2?
Buddha - Kings Inc.
Excellent documentary. Thank you for making these Sir.
Nick Whetstone
Another factor worth considering is that there were more than a few of the allied troops (including Patton) who did not like, or agree with, how the Germans were being treated.
Steven Hershman
Don’t forget that Hermonn G had a brother who was the opposite of him . He signed his letters with his last name and no one dared to cross him
Man this was awesome, thanks Mr. Felton.
Bannedone 3ice
Thank you for the historical content.
Brian Mcnamara
Mark Felton presents facts. Imagine if students could acquire credits for watching this instead of politically minded instructors.
Mark deserves every single penny he’s making with these videos.
A Hall
Interesting video. Personally, all of them should have been sentenced to life in prison and allowed to write there memoirs… this would have been more valuable historically, than any of the conspiracy theories and would have closed those annoying references…as you said, the simplest answer is the most logical. One theory, I suspect, is that covert recordings were made, if not by the US, by the other allies, of these characters… More to come I think.
Meer tonen
Daniel Ortego
Excellent oratory skills and well presented.
Leto Lethe
It amazes me that some of these people were so anxious to confess to treason.
Derrick Santos
Weight loss and sharper mind – damn, I need to get on that Goring diet!
Kurt Bilinski
To me, his face at 13:14 shows someone who would never change his mind about what he did or what he would like to continue doing. Him trying to get into his guards’ heads is also very telling and creepy, that he still considered himself in charge, if not a puppet master.
21:19 “…the guards were soldiers and not policemen…” Very good point.
Roller Ghoster
The only thing that beats a Mark Felton video is a Mark Felton video that’s reposted by him!
GerardN Glavin
Wow..fantastic video. Absolutely fascinating presentation and delivered so skilfully. Thanks so much for posting.
Joseph Clark
If you look at Goering’s death photo it looks like he is winking (one eye is closed). I heard Stivers took that as Goering winking at him like he, Goering, was getting the last laugh. Saw this on a PBS documentary. They said Goering was cocky and bragged about his rank and prestige. He was promptly told he was a prisoner and his former rank meant nothing.
Justin Neill
I think hanging is probably more instant if it’s done right, especially given Goring’s bodyweight. Cyanide poisoning is no walk in the park (breathing difficulties, seizures, vomitting and cardiiac arrest over some minutes.) I think he chose it to avoid the indignity of being seen (and probably filmed) at the end of a rope.
Django Fandango
I find it a bit strange how the guards would easily befriend the prisoners because they we’re bored or perhaps how charming some of the prisoners are. Like you mentioned, the guards were soldiers and not police, its likely that they lost friends during the war and of course certain biases soldiers commonly have due to propaganda.
“We are left with the disturbing vision of Hermann Göring pooping out a cyanide capsule” – Mark Felton 2020
Wheelis own son said in an interview a few years back, that he believes that if his dad wasn’t there that Goring would have been hanged.
Brian Miller
I always heard that goring asked for his jacket from his uniform cause it was cold…and the Nazi uniform contained a button that could be opened and contained a cyanide tablet
Paul Bordeleau
Excellent and well researched videos. Mark Felton, have you written any books about WW2.
Local Man
I actually think Stivers has the most convincing story. It lines up eerily with von dem Bach Zelewski’s confession, and it’s pretty strong circumstantial evidence that Bach Zilewski had another one that was from the same batch.
Robert Jackson was such a poor prosecutor that Goring ran rings around him. Jackson’s deputy, Maxwell-Fyfe a British barrister, had to take over and did a much better job.
“If you win, you need not have to explain…If you lose, you should not be there to explain!”
Brian's Contracting
Love the sinister, super villain music at the end with him and that snide smile on his face. Looks like they got the idea for Dr. Evil from him. Cheers Mark, thanks!
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Imagine times where you are scared to read another book or be a good student. Whether this was really in their heads some looks were more obvious than others…
Atomic Peacenik
Now I’m obligated to watch this again
Igors Mihailovs
Albert Speer claims in his memoirs that he had always had his cyanide capsule hidden in the toothpaste, not only in the Nürmberg but even in Spandau prison. As he had a strained relationship with Göring during the process, this may be more or less plausible support for the version number 1, I reckon.
Paul Lewis
It’s people like Mark Felton that make Y.T. so special and why I never bother with t.v. anymore 🙂
Kanwar umar
This is absolutely brilliant work. Brilliant research.
ALW Research Team
What an interesting and accurate documentary. Very well presented. Thank You making this film.
Uriel Martinez
9:59 Felton says, “American Speak”. Despite the serious academic tone, Dr. Felton never fails to throw tongue in cheek shade.
Larry Rouse
Excellent video. I have always favored Wheelis as the culprit, although this was the first time I had heard of the jar of Nivea, which explains how Goering kept it hidden all that time. You would think that a man as driven and thorough as Andrus would have developed a system of training and rotating the cadre of guards to reduce the stress and keep them from becoming overly familiar with the prisoners, but hindsight is always 20/20.
Sudhindra Bukkebag
Never seen never heard before. Amazing compilation and conclusion. Thank you. Thank you YouTube.
Algerian Prophet
I never knew the nazis knew magic. I would love to know where I can find more information about this. After all, you only speak about history without being bias…right?
Richard Banks
Speer the gentleman, here we go… It’s amazing how someone as atrocious as Speer comes off favourably all the time just because he’s surrounded by people even worse than him.
As a Polish I love to watch your channel. So much facts and history. Fantastic channel
Kunegunda GoRyl
This channel has been a major discovery for me in the recent weeks. Watched many vids by now, all superb, but this1 was the most interesting.
thejudge 1897
I’ve been to the Nuremberg trial room – its still an active court! Recommend the visit along with the rally grounds and documentation centre and the city in general.
Scott Ward
My question is this: If the metal container for the ampule had been in the jar of cream wouldn’t cream residue be all over it in some amount? Thank you Mark for your work.👍
Roberto Rodriguez
Many years ago, my father met in Venezuela a former US soldier who said he was for a while a guard of Göring. He was dismissed from the duty because he disliked Göring and once hit him. According to this former guard, the person who brought the poison was Göring’s wife, who was allowed to bid farewell to her husband close by and even to kiss each other. The former guard said that he would never allowed them to get so close as to touch each other.
my mentor, Dr Ilse Dronberger, was a translator at the Nuremburg war trials, and wrote quite an indepth book on Max Weber.
Daniel Fronc
It’s interesting that in the drop down text box above it says that Mark Felton was an author and had penned a book entitled “Castle of the eagles” which was going to be turned into a movie. The Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton movie “Where Eagles Dare” is about them entering and freeing an American prisoner from a castle high in the mountains whose only access (supposedly) is via a cable car. In the movie, the castle’s name is Schloss Adler, which is German for castle of the eagles. The movie screenplay was adapted by Alistair MacLean, from his own novel. I wonder if Mark Feltons book was the basis of MacLean’s novel.
Jon Takaki
if a movie is ever made about Hermann Göring as a fighter pilot, Michael Fassbender should play him. They have the same determined look, jaw, and killer instinct.
3:55 Minor error: Robert H. Jackson was not the Chief Justice, but one of the 8 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court
Amazing work, is there anything about german tank crew being interviewed by any chance?
Renegade Shinobi
It’s pretty adorable that Herman Göring was permitted to bring his various creams and ointments. I wonder if he was also allowed to wear his kimono while living as a prisoner.
William Pollock
Mark how do you come across all this information? Excellent channel. 👍
Veritas et Utilitas
I remember reading that some believed the poison was encased on the underside of his ring which apparently wasn’t noted in his file
Meneer Lagerwaard
It’s interesting that Göring in the photo at 21:51 seems to be wearing one of his former suits. It’s obviously ill-fitted and it shows that he lost a lot of weight. Usually, in movies, oversized suits are usually worn by clowns – that is, both circus clowns as well as people out of their depth. I wonder how conscious these decisions were on the prosecution’s part. It definitely reeks of a mind game!
Frank Farago
Whereas I have not yet watch this clip here (but I will), I thought it was a well know fact ever since the 1940s that an American prison guard gave Herr Göring the death capsule.
just for a little clarity – dying from cyanide poisoning isn’t painless or peaceful. From what I learned during my training as pharmaceutical technician, it causes extreme pain which can also be seen in the horrified facial expressions of the people having died from it. So it’s not quite correct to say that Göring chose the “easy way out” or a “painless death”, and I think neither was this what he wanted to archieve. It was a matter of pride; he didn’t want to be executed by the enemy by hanging like – as you said yourself – a common criminal.
True Brit
I would love to know what happened to his gold watch. And how did Wheelis die? Seems to have been young at the time. Any idea Mark? Another superb video!
“suit casing” (putting things in your rectum) has been done for ages in prison to smuggle things. Either that or a bribed guard.
Fantastic documentary as usual!!! 1 guy with a computer produces much better documentaries than the entire history channel. By the way, most of them had “mysterious” deaths. Also Also Mark Felton 2024
Sweet Baby Rick
I don’t know about you folks but I think this Hermann guy was a real piece of work.
Jason Weaver
Congratulations to Hermann for successfully escaping the vindictive gang of would be murderers.
Ben Lyons
I immensely enjoy the history you have shared
Kevin S
According to Erhardt Milch, in his book “The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe”, it was Goering’s own mother who smuggled a Cyanide capsule to him.
Jan Maynes
Holy mackerel!! I picked the Wheelis theory as well !! Excellent documentary, Mark.. Thank you for doing this research..
Ralf Beschke
I’m curious about these cyanide capsules that a lot of people used for suicide in wwii. Were these common items? Could you get them at the pharmacy? Or were these special equipment for officers alone. If yes, when were they issued and to whom?
Der Beisser
„Das einzigste Motiv, das mich leitete, war heiße Liebe zu meinem Volk, sein Glück, seine Freiheit und sein Leben. Dafür rufe ich den Allmächtigen und mein deutsches Volk zum Zeugen an.“[ Göring
Thomas Leonard
I don’t understand how a person could wear his watch after all that he had been an accomplice to, how they could just see it as some kind of trinket or even gift is genuinely beyond me. Why on earth would you want anything to do with him at all.
John Perkins
First Class Doc, much unseen footage. Mark Felton should have his own TV channel.
Dr felton, i was watching AHC about Tojo and saw you were there! Never knew you did other shows other than YT. Great stuff!
Ronin T
Mister Felton , I have watched many videos of yours with confrontations between american an brittish tanks against german tanks . How about fights between T 34-85’s and Panthers or IS 2 and Tigers and so on ? (excuse my bad english , it is not my first language )
Sam m
I worked with a man who was an Estonian guard at the Nuremberg trials Ray Karov. He told me a young American lieutenant was fraternizing with Göring. and allowed him access to his luggage and that he obtained a cyanide pill.
Altamash Khateeb
You should start your own TV series on Netflix Your videos are way much better than Discovery/History Channel
Excellent as always Mark. Thank you i appreciate it
Kezza Banana
Hermann goring ran rings around most of what the judiciary could throw at him, then successfully at the very end further humiliated the authorities by cheating the noose by cleverly obtaining a cyanide capsule while in captivity. Put simply Hermann goring was an extremely intelligent man who outsmarted his captors, and in the end had the last laugh.
Francine Bales
I would like to see a whole trial with translation so I can read for myself what was their excuses for killing so many people
When you mention, “giving him the painless way he desired” I had to do a little research on that doubting it would be painless and indeed after I read what happens it hardly seems painless, more like drowning but dragged out for longer than it takes to drown. fk that lol–also apparently with the same extreme pain of being out of breath all over your body? There’s different accounts but none of them sound painless. He probably knew this and it was more about him being in control of his death I’m guessing.
Thomas Ewen
Goring would be greatly impressed by your documentary and home work preparing it.
dustyrusty musty
Dr. Felton, I’d love some detailed reporting on the SA.
Alex Taylor
I don’t buy for a second he was 5’8” 390lbs. That would make him 330 on the stand after losing 60lbs on the ally supervised diet. He looks about 200lbs tops on the stand. 5’8” 390 is very rotund.
Troy Johnston
In my town, a local restaurant (Sills cafe Layton Utah) has a pic of the owner Mr.sill handcuffing Guering at the end of ww2.
yohan monghama
How do you have so much unknown knowledge to the second world war I have studied it for years . Amazing
I have a question: if guards were stationed at each prisoner’s door, peering into their cells at all times, how did no one see Göring retrieve the catridge from the cream jar, break it open to get the cyanide capsule that he then popped into his mouth? Or did they see it but were not quick enough to stop him?
Geoffrey Lawarence: “the international military tribunal sentences you to death…..” Georing: “of course” Geoffrey Lawrence: “… hanging….” Georing: “WHAT???”
Meer tonen
This is why you don’t want to fall into enemy hands.
A family friend who had a photographic memorie was brought in to sketch / paint him during the trials before his death. He was adamant he wouldnt hang
daft wulli
Knowing quite a bit about prisons and how prisoners do things I have my own theory that is supported by the the facts. If the cyanide was in the cream why go through the hassle of putting the glass packaging into a cartridge ?? It would be perfectly fine in the cream, less conspicuous without the cartridge, and actually less likely to break since it would not bounce around in the cartridge. Not to put to fine a point to it, but there is a reason they do cavity searches in high security prisons, and a cartridge would be pretty good to transport something that way, and having something made up of thin glass up there would be too risk due to the way the body moves. As for the cream, again do not wanna go into too much detail, but you want some kind of lube to uuh get it in there.
Meer tonen
Slick Andrews
Seeing this just reminded me of the famous Goebbels quote… “One man can tell one lie, one time… And no one will believe him”… “But the same man can perpetuate that lie, and hammer only two or three key points every time he tells that lie… And EVERYONE will believe him”. Kind of what we’re being subjected to now, huh? Looks like History DOES REPEAT ITSELF.
Meer tonen
Megatron Motors
Hermann Gorings life is fascinating even before ww2. He was a pilot in ww1 and was injured then became addicted to the morphine derivative. I understand Gorings displeasure at being hanged as his means of death sentence. Because he was a career soldier. But the Allies were in no mood for sympathy after all the lives lost because Germany wanted to drag this conflict out for a horrible duration. But whether it’s Sadam Hussein on the scaffolding or Hermann Goring in a cold damp cell in that moment before they are executed we are all reminded of mans mortality no matter what heights you may reach in this world.
S Dew
brilliant pilot and ww1 Ace, got wounded, got hooked on morphine, went to sh*t, lived in hes own dream world.
The problem with the conclusion drawn is the unlikely hiding place of the cream in the luggage. That is to say, there are many better places to hide a capsule in luggage than cream, regardless of the type of cream. Great video though. Even though I disagree with the conclusion, I really appreciate the thoroughness of the work.
Toast Man
Yet another masterpiece
Sir Mount
This was a very interesting video. Thanks for making it. Could you do one on Rudolf Hess’ death? My understanding was there was some suspicion it wasn’t self-inflicted.
7:257:45 “Innocence until proven guilty,” is the proper phrase. Though unless there is such evidence that he said it in a different manner, we’ll have to assume the words used are those of the British narrator.
Bo B. Chillin
This was an incredible video! I immediately watched this following the 3 hr movie of the trials with Alec Baldwin playing the lead prosecutor
Imagine letting him give a gold watch to a guard! hahaha Not sure how I feel about the war trials … it’s not like anyone was going to get off, and it’s hard to believe they were fair trials. For sure they were monsters, but lots of people are monsters. I guess they just wanted them dead and out of circulation so they couldn’t be figureheads. I’m not sure what else they could have done really.
Michael Ekblad
honestly, as long as they die on or before the date of execution, what does it matter if it is by rope or by poison? The end result is the same isn’t it? They were sentenced to death, and they died before their execution date, I don’t call that failure, I call that expediency. It would have been one thing if he managed to flee to Argentina and live under the name Hermano Gorina and lived out his life in luxuary, dieing at the young ave of 96.
Tom Armbruster
I heard he tried loosing weight one time. He tried jogging, but kept running into beer halls.
Build Back Broker
My father in law guarded General Goring for one day, and one day only. He said he spoke perfect English and was a gentleman.
Bill Brasky
I was under the impression dying by cyanide poisoning was extremely painful for a period. Like you’ve just done extreme full body wind sprints.
Shotgun Parley
For those intrested in further reading “The Nuremberg Trial By John & Ann Tusa” is excellent
Fritz Dittmann
Mark I must say your pronunciation of the German is simply the best amongst historians…. it simply irks when people cannot say Luftwaffe or Würzburg …. kudos for you 👍👍👍
I read that the soldier who was friends with Goering, never advanced in rank after this fiasco.
Dr. Joy
I actually met the Dr. who pronounced Goring dead. He also pronounced the other Nuremberg defendants.
Dzon Brodi
Interesting documentary but I don’t know about Goering having the last laugh, the obviously got some pleasure out of outwitting his enemies and preferred to die via poison than on a gallows, but cyanide poisoning is not a fun way to go.
russ yeatman
Dr. Felton this is one of your best. Please continue.
Dorothea Burstyn
In her autobiography Mrs. Goering wrote that an “angel” brought him the cyanide
Gus Jackson
He also understood and spoke English so had time to consider his answers while the questions were translated to German for him unnecessarily.
Backhand Oksanen
I’ve always speculated that Göring really didn’t care that much about racial matters or even politics in general. He was just a playboy who found a way to live a glamorous life in the Reich.
Alastair Ross
This is a brilliant channel I wished my history teacher was even half as knowledgeable
12:15 i don’t think that I could straight faced deny the devil himself the right to end his own life. so yeah i can see this being the most plausible option.
Billy Dee
Future Felton: “What Became of Hermann Göring’s Watch?”
Mark thanks for these videos! Im super facinated by the war!
The Sameoldfitup
“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” Henry David Thoreau.
Five Nine Cummins
There is definitely a chance that he had it with him when he arrived. I mean, the old “Prison Wallet” comes to
Snasten Gridge
Those guards had to stand still for 2 hours at a time – what a job that would have been.
Dane Christmas
Interesting conclusion. My bet was on the guard that met the strange girl and her friends.
Scott C
My ringtone is now the Intro music to your excellent videos, Dr Felton. The wife said I spend so much time watching them. ;o)
Anders Nordli
True! I support your theory on this matter, Mark.
russ yeatman
I think if vets from 3rd Armour or 101st or 82nd or 1st Army or 3rd Army, were guards, instead of “recruits” things would have been different. As I said, this is one of your best. And they are all excellent.
If I had to pick from the suspects given, I would have to pick the private that met the mysterious girl. He was young, naive, and seemed like he could’ve been more easily manipulated
Art. Demirjian
It is true – that it is not right to judge someone through his appearance! But at the same time I firmly believe that man’s appearance reflects everything about his nature and personality. By having said that I am dare to express my feeling about him. He is not the type to have that kind of tragic and disgraceful end – I just feel sorry about him that he found himself in a situation where mass murder took place under his command by being under pressure of Evil force. I still believe he is not the type in nature to commit that kind of “Evil Work”, but he got forced to be part of it. Do forgive me to express to him – God bless his soul! That is the way I feel about his colleagues. There are times Evil forces someone to do things just like an Evil.
9:22 We Americans sure loved that Alcatraz aesthetic back in the day lol. Edit: Also noticed the dislikes are currently exactly at 999. Your video is absolute perfection, Mark. Even the dislikes work for you! Nein nein nein! Lol
jeremy nikijuluw #stanevil
This video once titled “Hermann Göring’s mysterious death”
Bruce Caldwell
Love this channel & The History Guy is really good too.
Paul Whitelaw
it tells you exactly how it was done in Irvings biography.
Michael Elsholz
There is an interview with Eda Goring. In the interview die admits that a person gave the poison to Hermann Goring in the prisont
Well to be honest I’m glad Goerring died, have you ever seen someone die from cyanide? It’s absolutely horrific, he wanted a clean death and when he didn’t get that he decided to do it himself and actually ended up giving himself an even more horrendous less dignified death. That’s the irony in this.
Mark Johnson
He may have cheated the hangman, and had the last laugh, but he still answered for his crimes.
Richard C
A relative of mine in the US army was head of the women’s prison at Nuremburg. She was sent to tell Gorings wife that he had died.
“the machinery of democratic justice proceeds…” You know, guys, to me today this sounds scarier – after being born in the Cold War and having lived during the totalitarian communist rule in Bulgaria… And later on, having lived during the past “democratic” decades of mafia terror in Bulgaria… My home land – I think it is no wonder I developed hobbies like watching otherwise good and beautiful channels, like David Hoffman’s YouTube station and Mark Felton’s!
He looked like a different man when he was off the opiates
Halibut 1
Göring’s mind got sharper as he lost weight but his uniforms started to wear like loose pajamas. He might have used both U.S. soldiers to unwittingly bring him cyanide ampules: one or two concealed in the cream jar retrieved from the storeroom, a third concealed in the pen. It has been written there was an unused ampule in the jar after his suicide, and another unused one in his garments. The third was the one he used to take his life. In the end Göring must have weighed 330 lbs which would have made his hanging quite a spectacle if it had proceeded as scheduled.
392 lbs = 177kg. 118kg = 260 lbs. Judging by height, he looks closer to the latter. Also, speaking as a former addict, he was low-rent as hell being addicted to DHC.. in his position he could have had much better drugs. Any wonder he made such an abortion of the Nazi air campaigns. He lost them the war.
Johnny Kavanaugh
7:12 „…might escape justice by killing themselves…“ So, commiting suicide is injustice, being killed by others is justice. Ok, thanks for the clarification.
Mike Cade
At 3:09 you state that his mental alertness after being given a healthy diet and weaned off of drugs, “actually backfired on the Americans.” I submit to you sir that nothing about his capture or death was a “backfire”. The allies wanted him dead…and that is exactly what they got.
8:23 the us soldier sticks his tongue out at the camera lmao
That height and weight the man should have been a perfect sphere.
Rattus Norvegicus
Goodness me, his IQ was one less than my only test…and an ex of mine. In 1983, we both secured 139, but on totally different disciplines.
kind of way too many “mysterious” deaths at the time, one might think there were some others involved