Justice delayed is justice denied

Pushed to my last resort
I took my father to court
It was all over the news
The family was not amused
Some people were horrible
It was terrible
I kept level headed
In the old days I would be beheaded
The judges listened with deaf ears
Knowing the outcome was clear
Power took over
The whole charade was a cover
Lady justice is not blind
She has left me in a bind
Blacklisted, outcast
My future will not be my past
Justice is a nonsense word
That does not exist in this world

Delphine Boël

King Albert II

Since 1 October 2020

Delphine van Saksen-Coburg
Daughter of king Albert II
Princess of Belgium
Royal Highness

Delphine van Saksen-Coburg
Dochter van Albert II
Prinses van België
Koninklijke hoogheid

What are the key points of king Albert II ‘s love child Princess Delpine

King Albert II of Belgium was involved in a paternity lawsuit brought by Belgian artist Delphine Boël, who claimed that she was his illegitimate daughter. The case lasted for several years, but in October 2020, King Albert finally acknowledged that he was indeed the biological father of Princess Delphine.

Here are some key points about the case:

  1. The affair allegedly took place in the 1960s, when King Albert was still a prince and married to his wife, Queen Paola.

  2. Delphine Boël was born in 1968 to Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, who was reportedly King Albert’s mistress for over a decade.

  3. Despite years of speculation about King Albert’s paternity, the royal family had always denied any connection to Delphine.

  4. In 2013, Delphine Boël filed a lawsuit against King Albert, seeking to have him officially recognized as her father.

  5. The case went to court, and King Albert initially refused to undergo DNA testing. However, in 2018, a Belgian court ordered him to do so.

  6. The results of the DNA test were announced in October 2020, and confirmed that King Albert was indeed Delphine Boël’s biological father.

  7. Shortly thereafter, King Albert released a statement in which he acknowledged Delphine as his daughter and expressed his regret for the pain and suffering she had endured as a result of the paternity lawsuit.

  8. King Albert also agreed to pay Delphine an undisclosed sum of money, and she was granted the title of Princess of Belgium.

Overall, the case was significant because it was the first time in Belgian history that a reigning monarch had acknowledged an illegitimate child. It also sparked debate about the role of the royal family in modern society and raised questions about the limits of privacy and discretion for public figures.

A Story of Struggle for Recognition: Princess Delphine of Belgium | Resilience and Triumph’s Journey

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17 mei 2024

Join us on an inspiring journey as we explore the remarkable story of Princess Delphine of Belgium. Born Delphine Michèle Anne Marie Ghislaine de Saxe-Cobourg, her path from being the unrecognized daughter of King Albert II to becoming Princess Delphine in 2020 is a tale of resilience, legal battles, and personal triumph.

In this detailed account, we delve into Delphine’s early life, her artistic career, and her relentless pursuit for recognition. Discover how her journey unfolded, from her upbringing and education to the pivotal moments that led to her legal recognition as a princess. Witness her eventual acceptance into the royal family and her ongoing contributions to art and society.

Thank you for watching “Princess Delphine of Belgium: A Struggle for Recognition.” We hope you found her journey as inspiring and compelling as we did. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more captivating stories. Hit the notification bell so you never miss an update.

Prinses Delphine maakt haar dansdebuut met een elegante Weense wals | Dancing With The Stars

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5 dec. 2021
Als royalty walst Delphine van Saksen-Coburg, samen met haar partner Sander Bos, over de dansvloer op de tonen van Rihanna.
Philippe Hoyez
Quel plaisir de voir enfin Delphine rayonnante de bonheur , apaisée et libérée après tant d’années de lutte pour obtenir sa reconnaissance de paternité ! C’est une re- naissance pour elle ! En plus c’est pour une bonne cause : la fondation Make-A-Wish !
Amazing performer your Princess, I love the way she dance 👏👏👏👍🥰🥰🥰
This was cute to watch!
Annet Wubs-Nijland
Ze mag niet kunnen dansen, naar eigen zeggen………ik vind het prachtig. Alsof ze niet anders doet!!
Lise Schrevens
Tres jolie danse très élégante et douce bravo et belle continuation c’est top pour l’association
Edith Legrand
Wow! Ik ben weggeblazen.
N dN
Heu… Heureusement qu’il y a Sander Bos. Elle n’a rien du tout d’une danseuse mais bon, c’est pour… c’est pour Make-A-Wish, même si ça ne se voit pas du tout.

Prinses Delphine gaat dansen op tv!

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9 nov. 2021
Prinses Delphine doet mee aan “Dancing with the stars”, een grote danswedstrijd op tv. Maar daar is de koninklijke familie volgens experten niet zo blij mee.
Nora Dyrnes
Dat zou zo leuk zijn 😚❤
pieter mk
jullie vergeten te vermelden dat prinses delphine meedoet ten voordele van make a wish! delphine wil een jongen helpen met een levensbedreigende ziekte
Kan ze geen Nederlands?

Onderstaand persmoment begint op minuut 7 (video 2)

1 The Secret Princess: King’s love child in court battle for recognition | 60 Minutes Australia

11 okt. 2020

Game of Thrones (2020) 60 MINUTES reporter Liam Bartlett used to consider the British Royal family to be the masters – and mistresses – of scandal. Now he thinks they may have to hand over their crown to the Belgian Royal family, who have sensationally been ordered to acknowledge and recognise a brand-new princess. However, this decree is not a reason for official celebration on the streets of Brussels because, rather embarrassingly, the new royal is the 52-year-old love child of the former King, Albert II. Back in the 1960s when he was a prince, the supposedly happily married and deeply religious Albert took a long-term lover. Delphine Boel was the surprise consequence of the illicit affair. For most of her life she dutifully kept mum about her lineage, until a bitter falling out with her father changed her mind.
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Tom Steinfort, Tara Brown, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

2 Persmoment – Moment de presse: Delphine de Saxe-Cobourg Gotha


Live gestreamd op 5 okt. 2020

La cour d’appel de Bruxelles a statué en la faveur Delphine Boël qui est devenue officiellement princesse de Belgique. Elle change donc désormais de nom et prend celui de son père, de Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha.

In maart 2017 oordeelde de rechtbank nog dat de aanvraag van Delphine ongegrond was:

Albert II is niet de wettelijke vader van Delphine Boël

Professor Grondwettelijk Recht Marc Uyttendaele maakt in de inleiding van de persconferentie o.a. duidelijk welke beproefing de gerechtelijke procedure van 7 jaar was.

Advocaat Alain De Jonge met (toen nog) Delphine Boël in 2018. FOTO: ISOPIX. De professor bewiekrookt meester De Jonge in de inleiding van bovenstaande persconfrentie

A summary of the press conference in about 3 minutes

Delphine Boel becomes Belgian Princess Delphine

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10 okt. 2020

(5 Oct 2020) Delphine Boel has been acknowledged as Belgian Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg, after a two-decade royal paternity scandal.
Still, she said on Monday she’d still rather be considered an artist than a royal.
Last week, a Belgian court ruled in her favor and officially recognized here as the daughter of former King Albert II, something the aging monarch had fought tooth and nail to avoid ever since the paternity allegations became public.
For Delphine, she said going to court was all about getting family recognition and the love of a father who had always coldshouldered her.
The former king, whose son Philippe is the reigning monarch, could still make an ultimate legal appeal at the Court of Cassation, but Delphine said it would not go that far. “I think it is finished now.”
King Albert decided in January to no longer fight a claim that he is the father of Boel, after he finally agreed to have a DNA test and received the results.
Rumors about Albert and Boel’s mother, the aristocratic wife of a well-heeled industrialist, had been around for years.
But the news that the king might have had a child with her broke into the open when a biography of Albert’s wife, Queen Paola, was published in 1999.
Boel bears a striking resemblance to certain members of the royal family, including Albert II.
During her adult life she became a sculptor and her works are known for their colorful, quirky, and sometimes provocative style.
She said it will continue to define her.
“I am still going to be Delphine. I am not going to be hanging out in the streets saying, please call me princess,” she said, adding charity work could be an exception.
She said she didn’t know if the recognition would translate into warmer family bonds anytime soon.
“If you ask me whether I am expecting anything from the royal family, as I said, I am not expecting anything. I am just going to carry on with my work,” she said. “And however, if suddenly they show a sign of life, I would never put my back to them. That’s for sure.”
Her two children Josephine and Oscar will also be allowed to carry royal titles.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you…


Magalys Ruíz
What a brave woman. God bless you.
The feeling of not being good enough or unwanted can drive a person mad. I would always question myself and wonder if I was like this would he want to see me or like that. As a adult I realized he had to take responsibility for his own actions and that my biological father was a coward and I was better off not having him around to be honest. My father was not in my life at all until he wanted to meet me at 38 He was exactly who I thought he was. HE wanted to meet cause his mother died and he had to find a place to stay. Needless to say i would never let someone like that around my kids . If I wasn’t good enough as a kid for him I damn sure ain’t good enough now! All I wanted growing up was someone to be there and he left that up to my grandfather who was not biologically my grand father to be my dad who was a hard working man with a very large heart ! God bless all the other positive role models in my life who helped shape the person I am today. My kids will never know the feeling of being unwanted and i appreciate my kids more than most because of this. Thank you GOD FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE BETTER THAN MY FATHER! FAMILY DOESNT MEAN BLOOD ALWAYS AND THANK GOD FOR MY GRAND FATHER CLAUDE EDWARD BLACK MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT! –RYAN EDWARD BILLINGSLEY–
Kim MacRae
Delphine, I am so sorry this happened to you, but happy that you were strong enough to take the bastard on. Congratulations Your Royal Highness. I do hope you have a nice relationship with your brothers and sisters. I also love your art, you are so talented. God Bless You from Calgary, Canada.
gatito vargas
Delphine. I am glad finnaly you got what you are entitle to. You are very brave! and I love you for that… Cheers from New Orleans the city of jazz. USA.
Delphine deserve equality, respect and honor just like other royals. kudos for her, it was a long battle hence worthier for Delphine’s children. she will be loved by ‘humble civilians’. because she is not a cult , adr3nachrom3 infested royal!
Fernanda Pedrotti-Ebenberger
Bravo Delphine!!! For all the parents that don’t want to assume their kids is a victory!!!
Marie Ruas
The court had no much problem in dealing with her case simply because some members of the Palace know her existence. It was only the right timing that waited for how it will be presented publicly. Thanks to the court, the law really exists fairly. Congratulations on your patience and braveness.
What a truely wonderful story.
Vio E
Men,they want to eat their cakes and have it
Barbara Lewis
Brava, Princess Delphine!
Henriette Crouzet
Bien il était tant il croyait passer à côté
Iris Enamorado
Princess of what! This is 20 centuries!
Mia Cruz
Not expecting anything but the inheritance and titles $$$
Gator Woman
Next her mom is going to petition to be the queen because she had a relationship that lasted the length of a actually marriage and because she had his kid. Wonder will they accept polygamy next.
A Meard
We re in 2020 We don t need Princesses 👸 & Queens 👸 We re not in the 15th Century anymore BooooOooOOO. 👎
Astrid Segall
You are a lier, you blackmail him during years. Because he brake up with your mom, after 19 years relationship.

3 Albert II: Belgium’s ex-king admits he fathered a love child

28 jan. 2020

The former monarch has acknowledged he is the biological father of artist Delphine Boël, whose paternity claim he has been battling for years. …

4 Albert II took his role seriously

19 jul. 2013

Albert was born in 1934, with an older sister, Josephine, and a big brother, Baudoin. A driving… 
Albert was born in 1934, with an older sister, Josephine, and a big brother, Baudoin. A driving accident robbed the young children of their mother, Queen Astrid, only a year later. During World War Two, Belgium surrendered to Germany. The royal family, scattered in exile, would only return to Belgium – after a regrouping in Switzerland – in 1950. This followed a controversial referendum and Albert’s father Leopold’s handing the throne over to the older son, Baudoin.

Nine years later, Albert married Princess Paola of Italy, and they made three children. He held several official posts, and travelled widely.

Baudoin reigned for 42 years, dying in 1993. He and Queen Fabiola, originally from Spain, had no offspring. Although Albert’s eldest son, Philippe, had been prepared for the role, Albert, now aged 59, was first in line. Only a year later, the country became a federal state and a new constitution was signed.

This was a big influence on his reign, and he made it his cause to promote inter-regional and inter-communal relations. A strong supporter of multi-cultural society, Albert spoke out openly and forcefully for pluralism and against xenophobia and discrimination. He earned his reputation as an unpretentiously warm and accessible king.

He rallied the people in 1996, when Belgium was dragged to the worst depravity by the pedophile serial murderer rapist Marc Dutroux. The anguished Belgians were deserted by their dysfunctional police and legal institutions, and failing politicians. Albert held meetings of condolence with the families of the children, and laid down a line the mourning nation craved.

He said. “The Queen and I are convinced that this tragedy must now be the occasion for a moral leap and a profound change in our country. Let each authority behave with humility, and self-examination.”

Belgians appreciated their sovereign for this. The next day’s White March filled central Brussels. Gatherings had been held outside courtrooms the week before. People had declared a national shame. Now they carried white.

Albert was never far from the front lines in politics, either, when opposing language communities threatened to dismantle the country – increasingly after 2007 – notably a few years later when divisions left it without a government for 541 days, and he did his part in the striving for answers.

“I wouldn’t be faithful to my role if I failed to reiterate solemnly the risks a long crisis runs for all Belgians, and if I didn’t exhort anew every man and woman politician to show themselves as constructive, and to swiftly find a balanced solution to our problems.”

Reality is scary when you don’t believe in fairies
I want to see magic but I’m always in a panic
I resent
Make it stop
Blame, blame, blame
Shame, shame, shame
Always the same
No more guilt
How can I build?
Family ties stop me to fly
No more shame
It is too much pain
Make it stop
Otherwise I will drop
If this persists
I shall no more exit

Delphine Boël

It is so strange
How I derange
When I was born
My parents were torn
Did they want me?
Am I not to be?
But the problem was I came out
And it moved everything about
So now I exit
That nasty feeling persists
Should I go away?
Or should I stay?
No fun that confused feeling
To always want to be feeling


Delphine Boël

6 ‘Dochter’ koning Albert rukt op

21 feb. 2017

De kansen van de vrouw die beweert dat de Belgische koning Albert II haar vader is nemen toe, zegt Ruud Mikkers in TELEGRAAF VANDAAG met Maarten Steendam.


I feel I am such a pain
Am I in the way?
I feel like running away
Especially from this place
They think how dare I show my face
What I have done to trigger this?
Without all this would my live be a bliss?
I will not accept their judgments and nasty comments
Nor be pushed down and surrounded by frowns
Or fake smiles that I can see from miles
I am in such pain
I do not deserve this fame of shame

Delphine Boël

7 Delphine Boël stelt tentoon in Antwerpen

9 nov. 2012

De internationaal bekende Belgische kunstenares Delphine Boël komt voor de eerste keer naar Antwerpen. Met haar nieuwe kleurrijke tentoonstelling in het centrum van de stad wil ze mensen doen nadenken en zich goed doen voelen.

8 Belgique : l’ex-roi Albert II reconnaît enfin sa fille illégitime

28 jan. 2020

Belgique : l’ex-roi Albert II reconnaît sa fille illégitime, Delphine Boël. La quinquagénaire s’était lancée dans une croisade judiciaire depuis 13 ans pour se faire reconnaître par son père biologique.

You are the beginning
That sets my heart spinning
Your words are appealing
But your actions can be disturbing
You can be so thoughtful
But you can be so awful
You have such influence
While the truth can be hard
You are always in my heart

Delphine Boël

9 Delphine Boël une nouvelle fois devant le tribunalDel

22 feb. 2017

Delphine Boël s’est rendue une nouvelle fois devant le tribunal pour contester la paternité de Jacques Boël et revendiquer celle du roi Albert II.

10 – Delphine & Sander verrassen met een techno-tango in de stijl van The Matrix

17 dec. 2021

Is het de Ministry of Sound in Londen of de dansvloer van Dancing With The Stars?
Philippe Hoyez
La Princesse Delphine semble prendre de plus en plus d’assurance et de plaisir dans cette compétition ! Au fond, elle est l’arrière petite fille de notre Reine Elisabeth, ce qui explique tout !

Life can be hell
If you can’t even yell
Why is communicating difficult?
Silence is your biggest fault
Stuck in a rut
Trust your gut
Speak your mind
And in Time you will find
That doors will open
By the words you have spoken

Delphine Boël

11 L’ex-Roi des Belges Albert II admet avoir un quatrième enfant

28 jan. 2020

Albert II a reconnu être le père biologique de Delphine Boël, âgée aujourd’hui de 51 ans. Une paternité confirmée par des tests ADN, auxquels la justice l’avait soumis.… LIRE L’ARTICLE : https://fr.euronews.com/2020/01/28/l-…

12  L’officialisation du parc Delphine Boël à Gand est à l’étude

2 feb. 2020

Delphine Boël est bien la fille du Roi Albert II. Mais ce qui n’est pas encore officiel, c’est l’appellation du parc situé le long de la Burggravenlaan et du chemin de fer à Gand. Depuis 2010, un petit espace vert porte le nom de la désormais quatrième enfant d’Albert. Une initiative d’un comité de riverains de l’avenue Princesse Clémentine, “Viva Clementina”. Le jour de l’inauguration, le 28 août 2010, Delphine Boël était même présente sur place pour dévoiler la plaque “Park Delphine Boël”, belgische kunstenares, 1968″.
Mais l’appellation, on l’a dit, n’a aucune valeur officielle. C’est désormais un lieu-dit qui a toutefois une reconnaissance numérique. Google a planté une indication “Parc Delphine Boël” sur ses cartes. La reconnaissance de Delphine actée par le Roi Albert II lui-même, les autorités gantoises et les riverains souhaiteraient aller plus loin dans la démarche.
Guy Reynebeau, ancien échevin gantois SP.A, qui avait organisé la cérémonie d’inauguration en 2010, a été un des premiers cette semaine à réclamer une formalisation de l’appellation dans un post facebook. “Lorsque le projet a été porté au conseil communal, il a fait couler beaucoup d’encre”, se souvient l’ancien mandataire dans une interview au Nieuwsblad. “Notamment parce qu’un parc prend son nom dans un quartier qui n’a que des noms de rues royales : Prinses Clementinalaan, Koningin Elisabethlaan, Koningin Astridlaan. Il s’agit donc d’une reconnaissance officieuse. Une fausse plaque signalétique de rue a été réalisée et placée à la lisière du parc. Le signe ne devait pas non plus sembler trop réel pour empêcher quiconque d’avoir à appeler les services d’urgence et qu’il y ait confusion.”
Aujourd’hui, celui-ci plaide pour la reconnaissance officielle. Pourquoi ? Afin de favoriser la féminisation de l’espace public, toujours dominé par des références masculines. “Une rue qui porterait le nom de Delphine Boël ? Cela n’aurait pas de sens et cela ne se fait qu’après le décès d’une personnalité. Mais officialiser l’appellation du parc, c’est tout à fait possible.”
Patrick Ysebie, du comité de quartier, a été l’origine de la création du parc, dans un esprit frondeur. “A Gand, nous sommes un peu des rebelles. Il faut savoir que ce parc est un endroit peu connu mais très agréable. On y trouve des arbres centenaires. Et c’est là que se trouvait jadis la gare Saint-Pierre”, déclare celui-ci à la VRT. “Tout le monde pensait que jamais elle ne viendrait à l’inauguration. On nous prenait pour des fous.”
A l’époque, Delphine Boël est une personnalité mais son lien avec la famille royale reste encore sujet à supputations. Depuis, les choses ont changé.
Pour les autorités gantoises, il faut toutefois se conformer à certains critères. “Seuls les membres de la famille royale vivants peuvent donner leur nom à une artère, à un lieu”, exemple avec le boulevard du Roi Albert II à Bruxelles inauguré en 1999. Dans le cas de Delphine Boël, “il y a une reconnaissance mais le statut juridique n’est pas encore très clair. En tout cas, ce qui sûr, c’est que Gand veut pousser la féminisation de l’espace public”, disent les autorités citées par la VRT.
Si le dossier venait à trouver une issue favorable, le comité de quartier se dit prêt à inviter une nouvelle fois Delphine dans le cadre d’une cérémonie formelle.
Recevez chaque matin l’essentiel de l’actualité.

Lire la suite sur rtbf.be/info/belgique/detail_l-officialisation-du-parc-delphine-boel-a-gand-est-a-l-etude?id=10422473

Please enjoy

Never give up
When the going gets tough
Never give up
When you fuck-up
Never give up
When you are in a rut
Never give up
When life sucks
Never give up
When the system is corrupt
Never give up
When the future looks fucked
Never give up
Don’t self-destruct
Never give up
Try to reconstruct
Never give up

Delphine Boël

Belgian king’s daughter fights for right to call herself a princess

11 sep. 2020

A woman who successfully fought a seven-year legal battle to prove she was the daughter of the former king of Belgium, Albert II, will learn next month whether, against the wishes of her father, she will be able to use the titles Her Royal Highness and the Princess of Belgium. Delphine Boël, 52, an artist and sculptor, whose mother had an extra-marital affair with Albert in the 1960s and 70s, argued in the Brussels court of appeal that she should also be able to use her biological father’s surname of Saxe-Coburg. The court will give its judgment on 29 October. King Albert, 86, who abdicated from the Belgian throne in 2013, was forced to acknowledge he was Boël’s biological father after a court-ordered DNA test last January. Boël, who had spent time with Albert as a child, nicknaming him Papillon (butterfly), had sought acknowledgement more than 20 years ago but her requests had been rejected. She launched a legal battle to prove paternity in June 2013, after the elder of her two children, Joséphine, was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, and she felt the absence of her biological father. Boël’s claim received a vital boost last autumn when the court of appeal ruled that Jacques Boël, with whom she grew up, was not her biological father and instructed an expert to carry out a test to compare her DNA with Albert’s. The king agreed to provide a saliva sample – which proved his paternity – after the courts threatened to fine him €5,000 (£4,370) for every day he refused. Marc Uyttendaele, Boël’s lawyer, said she simply wanted to be treated the same as Albert’s other children. “Those titles are things that belong to her, just as they belong to the other children of King Albert. My client never had any other intention than to be treated in exactly the same way as the other children of the king, her brothers and sister,” he said. Alain Berenboom, who is acting for the former king, said the issue of royal titles should be in the hands of the state, rather than the courts. “As far as the title is concerned, it is not a prerogative of the court but a prerogative of the executive power, in our opinion”, he said. On the day Albert stepped down from the throne seven years ago, citing ill-health, Boël’s mother, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, gave a TV interview where she spoke publicly for the first time about her affair with the king.“I thought I could not have children because I had had an infection,” she said of the relationship, which is said to have lasted from 1966 to 1984. “We had not taken any precautions.”She continued: “It was a beautiful period. Delphine was a love child. Albert was not the father figure but he was very sweet to her.” 
All data is taken from the source: https://www.theguardian.com/ 

13 Belgique : la fille naturelle d’Albert II

25 jun. 2013

Depuis 15 ans, tous les Belges la connaissent parce qu’elle affirme être la fille naturelle du roi Albert II. Et comme ce dernier refuse de la reconnaître officiellement, elle a décidé de l’attaquer devant la justice.

14 Albert II convoqué au tribunal en reconnaissance de paternité

26 okt. 2016

le 21 février 2017, Albert II, Jacques et Delphine Boël sont convoqués devant le tribunal de 1ere Instance de Bruxelles.

Guilty guilty guilty

Why should I be burdened with this penalty?

There are many problems all over the place

Why should people pick on my face?

I am innocent

Was this an accident?

Sadly it is a lack of responsibility

This is a bad reality

It is evil and heartless

All this leaves me breathless


Delphine Boël

15 Belgique: une femme déclare être la fille non reconnue du roi

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19 jun. 2013

Elle serait la fille non reconnue du Monarque Belge.


Elle serait la fille non reconnue du Monarque Belge. Delphine Boel âgée de 45 ans a fait comparaitre le roi Albert II et deux des ses enfants devant la cour de Bruxelles pour que le roi reconnaissent qu’il est bien son père. L’affaire éclate dans le royaume en 1999. Au cours d’un message adressé à Noel, le roi revient sur ses problèmes passagers de couple remontant aux années 60. Problèmes qui auraient donné lieu à une relation extra conjugale dont serait issue Delphine Boel. Mais dans la juridiction belge le roi ne peut comparaitre devant une cour, ce qui limitent les chances de Delphine Boel d’être reconnue.

16 Illegitimate daughter of Belgian King Albert II releases autobiography

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21 jul. 2015

AP Archive

1. Various of Delphine Boel, out-of-wedlock daughter of Belgian King Albert II, posing in street for media holding her autobiography
2. Interior of news conference, pan from media to Boel
3. Reverse shot of Boel seated at table
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Delphine Boel, Belgian artist and out-of-wedlock daughter of Belgian King Albert II:
“My message is more really, if I have to give one, is more really to the media who is interested in the story, is to say, look, I’ve told you and I’ve already said it through my work that came out of my guts, that just came out, it wasn’t trying to show anybody, it was just coming out like that and I explained it and I think now it is pretty much the end of the story. I have said what I had to say and if there is any more questions, please go to the other party which is the palace, not me.”
5. Cutaway of Boel’s books
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Delphine Boel, Belgian artist and out-of-wedlock daughter of Belgian King Albert II:
“I’ve tried because I want her to know, since at school there were already little children already saying: ‘You know your father is king’. She’s come back home and said ‘Papa is king’ and I said ‘No, not really, no’. But she’s getting a little confused and she is very young, so I will tell her gradually, but she is very little, she doesn’t understand it really.”
7. Close of Boel’s book
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Delphine Boel, Belgian artist and out-of-wedlock daughter of Belgian King Albert II:
“Yeah, a little bit like meat left to the dogs.”
9. Wide exterior royal palace
10. Close-up of Belgian flag


The out-of-wedlock daughter of King Albert II has published a book, venting her anger at her father’s refusal to have anything to do with her and making her feel “like meat left to the dogs”.

In “Cutting The Umbilical Cord,” 40-year-old Delphine Boel writes of her pain caused by Albert’s neglect of her and her desire to end nine years
of fruitless bids to seek royal recognition.

No matter your background, she writes in her book, “you are responsible for the child you produce. You do not abandon it. That is what my father has done.”

Boel, an artist living in London, presented her book to the media in Brussels on Wednesday.

“I have said what I had to say,” Boel said in a news conference on Wednesday, referring to her published work. “If there’s any more questions, please go to the other party which is the palace, not me.”

Boel’s existence was revealed in an unauthorised 1999 biography of Queen Paola, Albert’s Italian-born wife, as the daughter of the Belgian monarch and Sybille Baroness de Selys Longchamps, the wife of a former Belgian industrialist.

In his Christmas message that year, King Albert admitted to an extramarital affair in the late 1960s saying it nearly wrecked his marriage to Queen Paola.

But he added, “We won’t dwell on this subject which is part of our private lives”.

Since 1999, Boel has made several public appearances in Belgium hoping to normalise relations with King Albert who has four grown children with Queen Paola.

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When I was a child
I did not live in the wild
My mother took care
But there was something strange in the air
I was made to feel different
The gossip was persistent
I did not know the reason
Had there been a treason?
I grew up with a secret nag
And now I have a tag
People judge me and it makes me sad
One should not, It is bad
I hate racism/snobbism
It is a masked pessimism
We are all the same
There should be no shame

Delphine Boël

17 ‘Koning Albert ging 16 jaar vreemd’

25 okt. 2016

De vorige Belgische koning Albert II zet alles op alles om te voorkomen dat hij volgend jaar in de rechtbank moet verschijnen, voorspelt Ruud Mikkers in TELEGRAAF VANDAAG. Een vrouw die claimt dat ze zijn dochter is wil een dna-test.

Gravitas: Belgian King’s Secret Daughter now a princess

2 okt. 2020

The once-secret daughter of former Belgian King Albert II has won the right to be called a princess. WION’s Palki Sharma tells you how the seven-year-long legal battle unfolded.
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The real PRINCESS DIARIES… every child deserves to know and let everyone know where they come from. She kept this secret for years and protected her father the KING, no matter what, she has royal blood and it was good she fought for her title before she grows old and dies no matter what her children or her grandchildren will discover that they are royal some day so it will eventually come out, so while Delfin is still alive today its good she came out. God bless you and your children Princess Delfin. ❤️
Jonathan DAnjou
She fought for her Right to be recognised by her father. She knows they will not love her but now they HAVE TO RESPECT HER AS EQUAL.
Alicat 72
I think this is fantastic! Princess Delphine, you go, girl! You have a brave heart, and that is something everyone should respect. Not too many people have the courage to take on a monarchy.
Sreekanth Yerram
Usually, these come under the illegal marriages.. so, they cannot legally claim the right of a princess. If she could, half of Europe is either Prince or a princess. Infact the PM of UK, is from the Royal family of wruttumburg in Germany.
Siewlai Tan
A greatest princess of all time ! Of the true world ! .
Rishi Jindal RJ
7 years long trail are you crazy dna report come within 24 hours
Mike Diamondz
A filthy royal familly
Princess of Waffles?
Iris Enamorado
Not worth it to exposed this way to the world. He is entitled to striped out of the title, and since he is not love her as his daughter, probably he will do it soon.
Jesus Christ is coming soon to rapture his people repent and accept him as Lord and savior ✝️♥️🙏🙌
This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, this means being born in wedlock means nothing. What is the point to making sure a child of the Prince or King is legitimate with his wife the Princess or Queen? This is not as it should be, this women’s mother committed adulteries with a married man which she knew was married…..to the Queen.
Frank Lesser
I don’t think that she should be called a princess because even though the former king is her biological father she is illegitimate. Only legitimate children should have a title.
motherhoods beauty
She can become princess but not a queen since her mother is not the queen but a mistress. The way they treat her is wrong.

Delphine Boël Attitude @ Guy Pieters Gallery Knokke 1

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RTBF la3 Plan Cult 060519 Delphine Boël

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21 mei 2019

Artist Delphine Boel RTBF Plan Cult May 2019
I just finish watching 60 minutes Australia of your interview. You are a strong woman to go through that. I’m happy you got your justice. You are a self-made woman with your artistic talents.
Diane Chanako
Dearest Delphine, I am so happy for you, that you worked so diligently to confirm your identity. The truth is the most important thing, in all that we do. Your art feels so joyous, despite your trials and tribulations…Huge Congratulations to you for finding your Truth. May you feel light as a feather now, in knowing your roots. From one artist to another, “Keep Paintng, Princess Painter!”
The painting at 0:20 is so winsome and energizing. I wish it were mine!
Bhanu Guna
Bravo Delphine ❤️
Backyard Creations
ok i dont speak french, but i get what that painting was all about lol
Maryline Moreau
Vous êtes vraiment la face cachée du roi. Son double en tant que femme. C’est un peu comme l’image du dos d’une carte roi de cœur.
Isabelle El khoudri
A year later and she hasn’t been able to sale her signature pieces?! Anyways…
Mirna González
Congratulatios ! You got justice.
J. Groen
world woman with girl power
J. Groen
i love your work And i love who you are
Maryline Moreau
You are truly the hidden face of the king. His double as a woman. It’s a bit like the image of the back of a king of hearts card.
Kitty Rahayu
Hello Princess Delphine

18 Albert & Paola : het interview – deel 1

27 dec. 2017

Het eerste deel van het exclusieve gesprek dat VTM NIEUWS-journalist Barend Leyts en RTL-TVi-collega Pascal Vrebos hadden met koning Albert en koningin Paola. Het koningspaar praatte over hun jeugdjaren, over hun huwelijk, over het koningschap van Albert en over de moeilijke periode daarna.
(c) VTM / RTL-TVi 2014 – uitgezonden 09.06.2014

19 Albert & Paola : het interview – deel 2

27 dec. 2017

Het tweede en laatste deel van het exclusieve gesprek dat VTM NIEUWS-journalist Barend Leyts en RTL-TVi-collega Pascal Vrebos hadden met koning Albert en koningin Paola. Het koningspaar praatte onder meer over hoe ze elkaar leerden kennen en over de troonsafstand van Albert, vorige zomer.
(c) VTM / RTL-TVi 2014 – uitgezonden 10.06.2014

20 La Reine Paola se confie dans un documentaire exclusif – RTBF Info

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18 feb 2022 #Famille #Albert #Royal

Dans un documentaire exceptionnel, Paola, 6ème Reine des Belges, se confie comme jamais. Son enfance, sa rencontre avec Albert, son arrivée en Belgique, son mariage qui bat de l’aile, l’éducation des enfants.

Pendant plus de deux ans, la mère du Roi Philippe s’est livrée au réalisateur Nicolas Delvaulx, lui ouvrant les portes de sa maison, de ses souvenirs, de son histoire.

Née le 11 septembre 1937 en Toscane, Paola Ruffo di Calabria est la cadette d’une famille de 7 enfants, l’une des plus anciennes de l’aristocratie italienne. Son enfance est heureuse jusqu’à la guerre lorsqu’elle est confrontée au deuil, confie-t-elle. En quelques années, elle perd un frère, une sœur puis son père alors qu’elle n’a que 9 ans. A-t-elle jamais rêvé d’être princesse ? D’emblée, elle répond qu’elle a surtout rêvé d’un compagnon pour la vie.

Sa vie avec Albert sera loin d’être un conte de fée. Au départ, cela y ressemble pourtant. Albert, alors prince, la repère lors d’un dîner organisé par l’ambassadeur de Belgique au Palais du Quirinal à Rome. Ils se fréquentent et très vite, il la demande en mariage. ” Je lui ai demandé sa main, elle m’a dit qu’elle voulait d’abord réfléchir. Puis elle m’a dit je veux bien t’épouser mais pas devenir reine. Car il y a eu des têtes coupées dans ma famille à la Révolution française… ” A l’époque, il n’y avait pas beaucoup de chance qu’elle devienne Reine des Belges. Paola de son côté était moins pressée. ” Il fallait d’abord qu’on se connaisse, on n’a pas eu le temps d’être seuls ensemble “, déclare-t-elle.

Lorsque Paola arrive en Belgique pour ses fiançailles puis son mariage, les journaux s’extasient devant une ” si jolie princesse “. La lune de miel sera de courte durée. Très vite, on lui reproche sa timidité, de préférer les boîtes de nuit au palais, de ne pas assez pratiquer le néerlandais. ” Il y avait le flamand à apprendre et ça a été une souffrance, avoue-t-elle, et pourtant j’ai fait des efforts incroyables que personne ne sait “.

Bientôt le couple aura 3 enfants en 3 ans… Pourtant déjà, il bat de l’aile. Et le mariage entre Fabiola et Baudouin n’arrange rien. On leur demande de faire un pas de côté, de moins prendre la lumière. Paola est reléguée au second plan. ” J’ai dû repenser ma vie ” confie-t-elle. ” Je voulais être infirmière mais mes enfants étaient petits “. Elle se sent perdue. En même temps, tous deux apprennent à être parents. Et ça aussi, c’est très compliqué. Ils reconnaissent qu’ils auraient pu mieux faire.

“On répète ce qu’on a connu”, regrette Albert. “Mon père était assez autoritaire et j’ai répété même inconsciemment. Puis un médecin un jour m’a dit : Votre fils va devenir malade si vous continuez. J’ai alors eu une mauvaise réaction, je me suis désintéressé de lui”. Paola renchérit : “Il faut une éducation à devenir parent. C’est dommage qu’on ne puisse pas recommencer. Là, je comprends combien c’est important de donner de l’affection à ses enfants”.

A ce moment-là, le couple est au bord de la rupture. Les enfants sont ballottés d’un endroit à l’autre. Albert entretient une relation avec Sybille de Sélys Longchamps. Le documentaire ne parle pas de Delphine. ” Paola estime que ce n’est pas son histoire “, commente le réalisateur Nicolas Delvaulx. En revanche, elle reconnaît avoir eu des amants. Car à cette époque-là, elle était très malheureuse. ” Moi, je n’étais pas heureuse pendant 10 ans. Je ne savais pas où aller. Il y avait ce danger du divorce. De 70 à 80, j’étais seule et triste. J’avais pris une distance avec tout. Puis, un jour, il m’a dit : je t’ai toujours aimée et ça m’a fait plaisir “. Albert raconte comment il a pris conscience du danger. Lorsqu’on lui a annoncé que s’ils se séparaient, les enfants c’est lui qui en aurait la garde et non leur mère. ” Et ça “, dit-il, “je ne pouvais l’accepter. Les enfants ont besoin de leur mère. ” Le couple s’est réconcilié. L’ambiance familiale est apaisée. ” Si on fait un petit effort dans le mariage, ça vaut la peine. Il n’y a plus la hâte, le sexe, il y a la tendresse. Vieillir comme ça, c’est bien “, confie encore Paola.

Franche, elle dit les choses comme elle les a vécues. Sans éluder les moments difficiles. Aujourd’hui, elle est fière de sa famille, de ce que ses enfants sont devenus.

Un sujet diffusé le 17/02/2022.
Famille Royale


Paola, côté jardin (RTBF/VRT, 2022)

6 mei 2022

Voor het eerst ooit doet een Belgische koningin openhartig haar verhaal voor de camera. ‘Paola, côté jardin’ zijn de bekentenissen van een koningin, maar vooral van een vrouw met een uitzonderlijk lot. Dankzij deze unieke getuigenis leren we de echte vrouw achter de koningin kennen, een gepassioneerde, ontroerende en authentieke vrouw, al van toen ze kind was. 
Het is een uitzonderlijk portret dat tot stand is kunnen komen dankzij de geprivilegieerde contacten die de regisseur, Nicolas Delvaulx gedurende twee jaar heeft gehad met koning Albert en koningin Paola. “Ik zie het als een uitzonderlijke getuigenis van een Belgische koningin over de manier waarop ze haar leven heeft geleid in haar koninklijke functie”.

29 Royals met pensioen

18 apr. 2016

Prinses Beatrix, koning Albert en koningin Paola, koning Juan Carlos en koningin Sofía; royals met pensioen. Hoe is het leven na de troon? Rick Evers vertelt in VTM Royalty

30 Funniest Crooked Cop Prank!

30 mrt. 2011

Armored vehicle loses bags of money on the street right in front of some cautiously happy drivers. Then the crooked cop shows up and offers to split the money. When the cop is gone the armoured vehicle comes and and now the fun begins! 
Another one of our favourite pranks. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. 
The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. 
Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!