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Historical summary of some of the actions attributed to Hitler and the Nazi regime

The key points about the negative actions associated with Adolf Hitler and the regime include:

The Holocaust: The genocide of approximately six million Jews and other minority, including Romas, disabled individuals, and homosexuals.

World War II: Hitler and Nazi regime led Germany into World War II, causing widespread destruction and the deaths of millions of.

Persecution of political dissidents: Millions of political dissidents, includingists, communists, and trade unions, were imprisoned, tortured, and killed during Hitler’s.

Propaganda and censorship: Hitler controlled and manipulated the media to promote his and suppress opposing viewpoints.

Euthanasia programs: The Nazi regime implemented euthanasia programs, targeting individuals deemed “unworthy of life” due to disabilities, mental illness, other conditions.

It is important to note that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime committed heinous against humanity, and their actions should be condemned.

Hitler – Murderer, Dictator, Führer | The Hitler Chronicles: 1929-1938 (2/4)

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17 dec 2022

The NSDAP becomes the strongest force in parliament. Still, President von Hindenburg refuses to
appoint Hitler as Chancellor. Hitler now has to find another way to get power. The social, economic and political elites convince the President to appoint Hitler as Reich Chancellor, expecting to get rid of the communists this way. They believe also that they can control Hitler in a coalition. Hitler, however, gets rid of political opponents and finally of those who brought him to power with lies and violence. Now he only has to get rid of leaders within the NSDAP. Here, Ernst Roehm is the head of 4 million men of the SA. What will Hitler do?

In 1934, Hitler’s power has become unrestricted and unlimited. He is Chancellor and President for lifetime. He makes the law. Cabinet and parliament just have alibi functions. Hitler is admired by the people. Germany feels strong again, and people accept the merciless dictatorship and the persecution of others as necessary evil. The ‘Nuremberg Race Laws’ pass unanimously by the Reichstag parliament. A referendum in then-French Saarland shows 91 percent of the population voting to return to the German Reich. Now the world looks anxiously whether Hitler will make further territorial claims. His gaze turns to Austria, his homeland.

Hitler’s fame reaches its climax during 1936 to 1937. Germany is simultaneously admired and feared by foreign countries. In 1936, the Wehrmacht invades the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone by the Treaty of Versailles. The Nuremberg party rallies are a magnificent spectacle of the ever growing leadership cult. The Summer Olympics in 1936 show Hitler’s popularity internationally. Hitler himself never does sports. He has no driver’s license, cannot swim. A Spartan lifestyle is propagated by him while he, unnoticed from the public, collects a large fortune for himself. Since 1934 he has been exempted from tax payments. He doesn’t drink alcohol, nor smokes or eats meat.

In Benito Mussolini, Hitler finds an ally to whom he remains faithful until his downfall. The trips to Italy are the only foreign ones he undertakes. Hitler takes control of the army. The threat alone of an invasion is enough: the Austrian Chancellor allows Hitler to take over. 99,75% of the Austrian people want to be part of the German Reich. Planning to disintegrate Czechoslovakia, Hitler signs the Munich Agreement in September 1938, in which Czechoslovakia has to abdicate the territories of the so-called Sudeten Germans. Hitler declares he no longer has territorial claims in Europe. On November 9th, 1938, Hitler and Goebbels initiate a pogrom night against the Jews. Meanwhile, Hitler has set up a private and secret life mostly at Obersalzberg, now declared a restricted area. He hides his mistress Eva Braun from the public to project an image of living solely for Germany. He fears an early death and has vague plans to end his own life.

A series by Hermann Pölking-Eiken
2017 © Licensed by First Hand Films

How The Nazis Kept The Holocaust Hidden | Secrets Of War | Timeline

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In the ancient land of Israel a modern memorial stands, an eternal flame burning. It bears names that once were secret, but it now signifies more than anything else, the horror that humans can inflict on one another. Dachau, Treblinka, Auschwitz, these were the sites of unimaginable crimes against humanity. They were the culmination of an enterprise of deceit that began with eviction and imprisonment, spiralling into mass execution, an industry of death. The nazis called it the final solution, the world remembers it as the Holocaust.

The Beginnings of Concentration Camps for Jews | The Abyss Ep. 4 | Full Documentary

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22 jan 2023

In 1933, there were concentration camps for Jews and footage of them available. But why would the Nazis present their terrible deeds to the public?

It´s summer 1933 when a Nazi film crew documents the early days of the concentration camp for Jews in Oranienburg, near Berlin. The concentration camp footage is intended to give insight into the daily life of Jews in a concentration camp.

In 1933, most of the prisoners in the concentration camps for Jews belonged to the political opposition: Communists and Social Democrats. Among the prisoners in the Oranienburg concentration camp were not only Jews, but also the Social Democrat Gerhart Seger. In 1934, he was spoke about the truth in the Oranienburg concentration camp for Jews. In December 1933, after nine months of imprisonment, Seger managed to escape from the concentration camp.

Watch the full documentary to find out what the Gestapo did when they noticed Seger’s escape from the concentration camp. Did he survived the fight for his freedom?

Adolf Hitler – Führer of the Third Reich Documentary

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Lecture 3 – Holocaust History and Survivor Testimony – Browning – Bogdanow lectures 2015

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25 feb. 2015

Lecture 3 – Holocaust History and Survivor Testimony: The Case of the Starachowice Factory Slave Labor Camps.
The annual Bogdanow Lectures are presented at the University of Manchester, UK.

Hitler and the Decisions for the Final Solution: Christopher Browning

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27 jan. 2015

Historians have long debated Hitler’s role in the decision-making process that led to the Final Solution. Christopher Browning will consider documents that came to light after the fall of communism and the opening of East European archives in 1989. He argues there were two incremental decision- making processes. The first, which reached closure in July 1941, sealed the fate of Soviet Jews, while the second (October 1941), sealed the fate of European Jews.
Co-presented by the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University.

1 Murderous Dictator | Adolf Hitler Documentary

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27 apr. 2018

Hitler’s ascent from high school dropout to the most evil dictator of the world.
This is the official channel of the TV documentary “Evolution of Evil” Enjoy full episodes and learn all about the worst criminals of our time! And don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 —- Other channels you might be interested in:

2 Adolf Hitler – The Rise of a Fanatical Führer

30 apr. 2019

Host – Simon Whistler
Author – Shannon Quinn
Producer – Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer – Shell Harris

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3 This Video Exposes Hitler’s Secret Illness

12 mrt. 2014

This propaganda footage, shot right before the fall of the Third Reich, was supposed to be destroyed. And for good reason – it reveals the medical condition Hitler tried to hide.

4 How & Why Germans Bought Hitler’s Pitch

27 sep. 2017

Get the entire film at This clip from a 1 hour PBS television documentary I made called ” How Hitler Lost the War.” The film takes a unique point of view. Rather than talking about who won the war, my colleagues and I explored what Hitler did that helped lose Germany the war. Although it happened so long ago, it is still a frightening story. Some of the interviews I conducted in this segment were fascinating to me and I hope they are to you as well.

5 How & Why Germans Bought Hitler’s Pitch

27 sep. 2017

Get the entire film at This clip from a 1 hour PBS television documentary I made called ” How Hitler Lost the War.” The film takes a unique point of view. Rather than talking about who won the war, my colleagues and I explored what Hitler did that helped lose Germany the war. Although it happened so long ago, it is still a frightening story. Some of the interviews I conducted in this segment were fascinating to me and I hope they are to you as well.

6 – I Asked German Experts Why Germans Followed Hitler

25 jan. 2019

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This clip from a 1 hour PBS television documentary I made called ” How Hitler Lost the War.” I found these incredible old German pilots and historians fascinating. 

7 How Hitler Gained Absolute Power In Germany | Impossible Peace | Timeline

30 jul. 2020

New leaders come to power around the world, from Roosevelt in the United States to Hitler in Germany, while Japan consolidates its invasion of China’s north east and militarism triumphs.

8 The Secrets of Hitler’s Life | Hitler: Rise And Fall


17 nov. 2018

How did Hitler go from teenage loner to German national hero and Fuhrer? More4 presents the definitive guide to the world’s most evil dictator.

9 The Secret Plot To Kill Hitler | Operation Valkyrie | Timeline 

1 sep. 2018

Operation Valkyrie: The Plot To Kill Hitler is the definitive film on Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and the ‘Valkyrie’ conspiracy to assassinate Hitler on 20th July, 1944. Produced in collaboration with the official German Foundation dedicated to the memory of the conspirators, it features testimonials and eyewitness accounts from all of the aristocratic families involved in the plot, including the last living conspirator to escape Hitler’s wrath, and Maria Countess von Stauffenberg who knew Claus all her life.

The film also features leading scholars and historians on the conspiracy such as Prof. Peter Hoffmann, author of the biography “Stauffenberg”, and Prof. Ian Kershaw, renowned World War II scholar and BBC consultant. Operation Valkyrie: The Plot To Kill Hitler is illustrated with rare footage of Hitler’s inner circle, including colour home movies shot by Hitler’s lover Eva Braun, as well as a painstakingly researched dramatisation of the actual assassination attempt, and a detailed CG reconstruction of Wolfschanze or “Wolf’s Lair”, Hitler’s military headquarters near Rastenburg, where the assassination attempt took place.

For anyone interested in the real story of the Wehrmacht resistance and the Stauffenberg conspiracy in particular, this is a must-have documentary and the definitive record of what happened before and after the pivotal events of 20th July, 1944. Documentary first broadcast in 2008.

Content licensed from TVF International.

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10 The Plot To Kill Hitler – Appointment With Destiny

22 dec. 2017

David L Wolper

11 What Happened When Hitler Broke The Treaty Of Versailles? | Total War | War Stories

9 okt. 2020

Hitler disobeyed the call for German disarmament as early as 1933. By 1935, the world knew he had broken the terms for world peace. This meant the rest of the western world could only mobilise too…
War Stories is your one stop shop for all things military history. From Waterloo to Verdun, we’ll be bringing you only the best documentaries and stories from history’s most engaging and dramatic conflicts.
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12 Theodor Morell Documentary – Biography of the life of Hitler’s Doctor Theodor Morell

12 feb. 2019

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13 What Really Happened During Hitler’s Final Hours In The Führerbunker?

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8 apr. 2022

What Really Happened During Hitler’s Final Hours In The Führerbunker?
Did Hitler shoot himself in the Führerbunker, or did he slip past the Soviets and escape to South America? There have been innumerable documentaries, newspaper articles and twitter threads written by conspiracy theorists to back up the case for escape.
Luke Daly Groves has made it his mission to take on the conspiracy theorists, and smash their arguments using historical method. With the help of recently declassified MI5 files, previously unpublished sketches of Hitler’s bunker and eyewitness accounts of intelligence officers, this made for a fascinating discussion. 
Warning: Contains some strong language.

14 How Hitler Invaded Half Of Europe | Greatest Events of World War 2 In Colour

28 jul. 2019

Historians discuss how Adolf Hitler build his Nazi empire and invaded the surrounding European counties during World War II to expand his German army.

15 Hitler – OverSimplified (Part 1)

16 Hitler – OverSimplified (Part 2)

17 How did Hitler rise to power? – Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

18 jul. 2016

Decades after the fall of the Third Reich, it feels impossible to understand how Adolf Hitler, the tyrant who orchestrated one of the largest genocides in human history, could ever have risen to power in a democratic country. So how did it happen, and could it happen again? Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard dive into the history and circumstances that allowed Hitler to become Führer of Germany.
Lesson by Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard, animation by Uncle Ginger.

18 Hitler’s Biggest Mistake Of The War | Warlords: Hitler vs Stalin | Timeline

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12 okt. 2017

The personalities and spectres of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin loom large in the events of the twentieth Century. They were similar in some respects and yet very different in others.
The first in a series that examines the interaction of the leading protagonists of WW2, this program looks in some depth at the nature of the relationship and interaction of these two ‘warlords’. The use of primary materials and memoirs as sources gives the psycho-historical analysis some substance.
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19 Hitler and Eva Braun’s Disturbing Wedding

20 nov. 2015

For 14 years, Hitler refused to marry his mistress Eva Braun, fearing it would alienate his female fans. Toward the end of his reign, he changed his mind–but their wedding came with a sinister caveat.
Watch the Full Episode with your FREE trial for Smithsonian Channel Plus by signing up today at

20 Inside Nazi Germany

29 dec. 2014

Private amateur films capturing life under the Nazi regime from the inside include footage shot by Hitler’s secret mistress of Nazi officials at leisure, Hitler greeting jubilant crowds in Vienna upon the German annexation of Austria in March 1938, and the violent backlash against Jews there, and the Nazi invasion of Poland.

21 How The Nazi Party Began | Germany’s Fatal Attraction | Timeline


16 jan. 2021

Explores the genesis of the National Socialist Party, and how a failed artist and career soldier of the First World War would become one of the most prolific dictators and of modern history…

22 “Harry’s Story” – Memories of Hiding Jews and Nazi Brutality during WWII

26 okt. 2017

Harry Andringa was only 9 years old and living in Holland when Adolf Hitler’s Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Harry’s family endured the horrors and atrocities of the Nazi regime for 5 years until Holland was liberated by the Allies.
Many families including Harry’s hid Jewish children to prevent them from being sent to concentration camps. This documentary includes a interview with Harry and supported by vintage war footage from the Canadian Army Newsreels – courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.
Harry used to visit local schools during Remembrance Day services and other times when he was invited to talk to students about WWII. His story is preserved in this documentary so it will not be forgotten. Please share with others. Thank You!

23 “Gestapo” Müller – Hunting Hitler’s Secret Police Chief


6 okt. 2020

What happened to the greatly feared SS General Heinrich Müller, head of the infamous Gestapo. Last seen in Hitler’s bunker the day after Hitler’s suicide, he simply disappeared into thin air. This programme examines the worldwide hunt for him, and the theories of Gestapo Müller’s ultimate fate. Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers ‘Zero Night’ and ‘Castle of the Eagles’, both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries.

24 Truth & Conviction: The Helmuth Hubener Story (Teenage Nazi resistance fighter)

9 jul. 2017

In 1941, after Hitler’s Nazi Regime had seized unbelievable control over the German people, Helmuth Hubener & two friends from his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Branch formed a resistance group. The three of them printed & distributed flyers though Hamburg that denounced Hitler and his propaganda machine. This is their story.

25 The Baby Born in a Concentration Camp Part 1

23 mrt. 2013

BBC – Eva Clarke and Anka Bergman

26 Patient Hitler: Was He Really In Poor Health? | Secrets Of The Reich | Timeline

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3 mei 2022

From 1936, Hitler’s personal physician Dr Theodor Morell remained at his side, handing out dubious treatments, up to 8 different medications daily, including one containing strychnine. Did Morell try to poison his employer? Was Hitler well enough to lead Germany? American psychologist Nassir Ghaemi has doubts. We give an exclusive and surprising insight into a previously unknown side of Hitler.


23 mrt. 2013

BBC – Eva Clarke and Anka Bergman

27 Why Did the Holocaust Happen?

23 jan. 2017

On January 17, 2017 historian Peter Hayes spoke at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to discuss his new book, “Why? Explaining the Holocaust.” In his book, Hayes addresses what scholars know about the Holocaust, and answers important questions including: Why were Jews the primary victims? Why were Germans the instigators? Why did murder become the “Final Solution”? And, why didn’t the international community do more to help?

28 The Downfall Of Nazi Germany | Germany’s Fatal Attraction | Timeline

30 jan. 2021

The end of the war meant the end of Hitler himself. Explores how Hitler’s popularity began to wane after the tide of WW2 began to turn, and explores how his legacy still persists in the far right to this day.

29 The Warsaw Ghetto | DW Documentary

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27 jan. 2021

A Polish businessman risked his life to film everyday life in the Warsaw Ghetto. These harrowing 8 mm movies were stored for decades in archives, and are shown publicly for the first time in this documentary.

The Warsaw Ghetto was located in the heart of the Polish capital. In November 1940, one year after Germany invaded Poland, the occupation authorities completed work on a three-meter-high wall that surrounded the ghetto. The Jewish residents were sealed off from the outside world. The ghetto was intended to serve as a concentration camp for Jews from all over Europe. They would later be deported to the extermination camp at Treblinka.

As many as 500,000 people were rounded up and herded into the ghetto. The films shown in this documentary portray the daily lives of those who lived there. Food and clean water were in short supply. The Germans demolished the ghetto in May 1943, and sent the residents to concentration- or extermination camps. Today, a series of memorial plaques marks the district’s boundaries. In this documentary, witnesses describe what life was like in Warsaw before the German invasion, and provide graphic accounts of life in the ghetto.


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30 Antisemitism in Europe | DW Documentary

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8 nov. 2018

Has antisemitism returned to Europe? Our documentary asks: what is it like to be a Jew in Germany, Poland and France today?

Fear has returned to Europe. Jewish people are afraid of attacks in the street and their children report bullying at school. Cemeteries have been desecrated and hate slogans chanted at parades. Reporters Andreas Morell and Johanna Hasse set out to investigate Europe’s reawakened nationalism and find rising anti-Semitism, especially in Poland. Why does anti-Semitism still exist in society? Why are some prejudices apparently impossible to eradicate? France has even witnessed violent attacks against Jews in recent years, which has led to an increase in emigration of French Jews to Israel. The finger of blame for this new anti-Semitism is usually pointed at Muslims. Morell and Hasse talk to historians and philosophers such as Georges Bensoussan and Elisabeth Badinter, as well as with Rabbi Michel Serfaty, who has tried to mediate between the religions for many years. But when they return to Germany, they realize the same problems exist here too. Perhaps Germany has been too preoccupied with finding solutions and dealing with the idea that anti-Semitism is an immutable problem instead of a social challenge to be confronted. The documentary is an inventory of anti-Semitism in Europe, a film about people caught between despair and hope, and resignation and resistance.

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31 Hidden Children and the Holocaust at MTSU — John Koenigsberg

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17 okt. 2013

Holocaust survivors who were forced to spend their childhood years in hiding shared some of their wisdom with middle school and high school students Tuesday, Oct. 15, at MTSU.

John Koenigsberg told how they were spirited away from their birth families and placed with other families as Nazi Germany sought to exterminate Jews throughout occupied Europe.

The Tennessee Holocaust Commission conducted the gathering as part of the university’s Biennial International Holocaust Studies Conference, which continues through Friday, Oct. 18.

Koenigsberg praised his parents, both of whom worked at a Jewish hospital in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for giving up their only child when he was five-and-a-half years old.

His parents ensured his safety by telling the Gestapo he was ill. Koenigsberg was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent a fake appendectomy. Later, he was placed with a Catholic family miles away in the province of Limberg, where he pretended to be the family’s sickly cousin.

Koenigsberg worked to ensure that the family who concealed his true identity received the honor of “Righteous Among Nations,” the highest honor Israel bestows on non-Jews.

For conference information, contact Dr. Nancy Rupprecht at 615-898-2645 or, or Dr. Elyce Helford at 615-898-5961 or You also can visit

32 Kindertransport: A Journey to Life [2012] – Newsnight

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1 dec. 2015

Newsnight meets some of the children who came to Britain on the Kindertransport scheme, over 75 years ago. Subscribe to our channel here:

The Kindertransport (Children’s Transport) was a unique humanitarian rescue programme which ran between November 1938 and September 1939.

Approximately 10,000 children, the majority of whom were Jewish, were sent from their homes and families in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia to Great Britain.

This film, produced by Maria Polachowska, contains one of the last interviews with Sir Nicholas Winton, who for nine months in 1939 singlehandedly rescued 669 children from Czechoslovakia, bringing them to the UK and thereby sparing them from the horrors of the Holocaust.

* THIS FIRST AIRED IN THE SUMMER OF 2012, and has been shortlisted for the IWM Short Film Festival 2016 *

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

33 Journeys to Safety: Memories of the Kindertransport

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21 jan. 2014

This is our second short film to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. Prior to World War II, many children made journeys through Europe to escape the Nazis and the growing wave of anti-Semitism. The memories of those who travelled to safety as part of the Kindertransport programme are shared. The film also marks the 75th Anniversary of the Kindertransport programme (1938 – 2013).

Initiated by appeals from British Jewish leaders and non-Jewish agencies to the British Government, the Kindertransport was an organised programme to allow the temporary admission of unaccompanied children and teenagers up to the age of 17 years into the United Kingdom prior to the outset of World War II.

The first transports left Berlin on 1 December 1938, the last left Germany on September 1 1939. In all, nearly 10,000 mainly Jewish children escaped certain death had they remained in Nazi occupied Europe.

34 The Silence After The End | Destruction (Nazi Doctors Documentary) | Timeline

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26 mrt. 2020

The silence after evil rings the loudest…
In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments “in vivo” on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways of fast and massive sterilization of “inferior races”, and methods to promote the fertility of the German “Herrenvolk”
Content licensed from Scorpion TV to Little Dot Studios. All enquiries, please forward to
Pia Messing
My grandfather was polish. Married a German. My mother was born in 1933. My grandmother hid people in the attic. She listened to the BBC in the basement. She had to prove her family was totally German and that my grandfather wasn’t polish. She is my hero. She gave me my honor code. Along with my English father. Please don’t ever take anything for granted. If we forget, one day, it could be YOU.
judgedreads XX
I may be a millennial, but my family and grandparents told me to learn all types of history and to dig for things that the schools won’t teach and it stuns me how blind and ignorant some of my own generation don’t know this stuff. We are truly doomed to repeat history, the way some of them talk.
Bayden Thomas
‘..but I will be happy if my writings reach you, free citizen of the world..’ it reached me sir and my heart cries for what you and your brothers and sisters suffered.
Donna Winchester
The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing.
The sick thing is there are massive amounts of humans walking the planet who would do this again.
Underground Perfection
We visited a few years ago, nothing prepared you for it really . Words just don’t express . For me the unloading bay or where train stopped was the worst part. Where life changing ,stopped, torn apart , fear ,tears things we just can’t understand . Everyone should be made visit here or other camps in their life to learn, and understand and to respect those who experienced it. So they are not forgotten, they must not be forgotten.
Michael Hoggarth
There isn’t any words to describe this……. I visited this place… I watched grown men cry but we will never know how the people/children felt….. But I do know this never should be forgotten…… Cruelty, Torture and slow death shouldn’t excist ….. But there are wicked monsters living today that should be wiped out… Evil really excists. ….. May all these people rest in peace and NEVER be forgotten….
It’s so interesting to me that if they truly believed in what they were doing was the right thing, then why did they try to hide it at the end? Total evil.
“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.” ~ Yehuda Bauer
Jamie Keller
May the souls of the departed rest in peace.
David Holt
It’s also frightening that there are still many sick people who deny the holocaust despite all of the evidence.

35 Hoe straf was in nazi-concentratiekampen

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19 okt. 2021

Humanity is the most civilized and morality-driven species that we are aware of. No matter how much we advance and evolve as a collective race, every now and then actions of some of us embarrass the entire humankind.
The Holocaust was one such unfortunate affair that brought humanity shame. The aftermath of the atrocities carried out at Auschwitz and more than forty thousand other concentration camps still resonates in the history of the world we live in. But sometimes no matter how disconcerting the truth is, it needs to be discussed, retold, and recalled so we can make sure that those certain parts of history are never repeated ever again. 
Welcome to Nutty History, today we discuss the punishments endured in Nazi concentration camps. Viewer discretion is advised.
Chapter Timestamps
0.00 Intro to mid-roll ads
0:50 Homeless and Humiliated
2:37 A special camp for Children
6:35 Harassment of Women in Camps
7:39 No Food No Light
9:20 Evil Experiments

36 Surviving the Holocaust – Uncovering secret hideouts | DW Documentary

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25 jan. 2022

Natalia Romik has uncovered incredible Holocaust-era hideouts used by Jews in Poland. In one case, it was a 600-year-old oak tree, in another an underground bunker at a cemetery. Each one reveals amazing stories of survival against the odds. 
Researcher Natalia Romik is actively engaged in ensuring the past is not forgotten. Her work has focused on searching for hideouts used by Polish Jews during the Holocaust to escape deportation to the death camps. We watch as she uncovers the entrance to an underground bunker where up to 30 people are said to have taken refuge. 
In the Carpathian Mountains, she examines a 650-year-old oak tree dubbed “Józef” that was once printed on the Polish 100 Zloty bill. Two brothers are said to have spent several years living in the hollowed out trunk of the tree, all to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. 
Through Natalia Romik’s research it becomes clear that these hideouts are like silent monuments to the trauma of the past, and to their former residents’ incredible will to survive, highlighting a resourcefulness borne out of desperation.

37 Hitler en de heren van het kwaad

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In première gegaan op 20 sep. 2022

Hitler zou de gevallen engel zijn, de duivel, de man die een heel volk hypnotiseerde en met afschuw vervulde en de hele wereld in oorlog stortte. Alleen zou de Führer alles hebben besloten en gepland.
Regisseur: Fabien Vinçon

00:00 Hitler en zijn gevolg
04:25 Hitler deze vreemdeling
06:28 Hermann Göring, de boeman
11:25 Joseph Goebbels, de strategie van haat
15:35 Heinrich Himmler, de moordenaar van de eeuw
21:42 Branden van 1933 in Duitsland
28:58 Albert Speer, de architect van het 3e Rijk
34:16 SA versus SS
35:53 Een racistische samenleving
38:58 Hitler bereidt nazi-Duitsland voor op oorlog
45:07 Plundering: de nazi’s zijn in Parijs
47:35 Einsatzgruppen
49:39 De uiteindelijke oplossing
52:21 Rudolf Hess, de beul van Auschwitz
57:36 Josef Mengele, de dokter van de dood
1:01:49 De eerste nazi-nederlagen aan het Russische front
1:04:56 Geheime wapens: V1- en V2-raketten
1:09:44 De propaganda van Joseph Goebbels
1:13:50 Operatie Valkyrie, de moordaanslag op Hitler
1:17:17 Op 30 april 1945 pleegde Hitler zelfmoord
1:19:56 Hoe Himmler erin slaagde Hitler te verraden?
1:22:00 Proces van Neurenberg

38 Forced labor of the Jews | Exploitation of Jews | Special

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11 dec 2022

How did the forced labor of Jews developed in Germany under Hitler? And what happened to the Jews during this time?

Forced labor of Jews was a mass phenomenon under Hitler’s regime. The use of Jews for forced labor happened before everyone’s eyes in the Third Reich. In this documentary, relatives of Jews speak about the experiences their relatives had during the period of forced labor and persecution of Jews.

How could all this happen, and how were the Jews exploited? Learn all about it in our documentary!

39 The Secret Diary Of The Holocaust (WW2 Documentary) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

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10 jul 2019

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The Secret Diary Of The Holocaust tells the extraordinary tale of a 14-year-old Polish girl, Rutka Laskier, who was murdered at Auschwitz in 1943.

In 2005, the school notebook in which Rutka recorded her last months in the ghetto of Bedzin was made public, six decades after she hid it under the floorboards of her home there. Rutka was immediately dubbed the ‘Polish Anne Frank’.

In her diary, Rutka wrote about her life in the ghetto in 1943, detailing not just the Nazi atrocities, physical hardship and hunger, but also how she was developing as a young woman. She also tells how she made a daring escape from one of the early ‘aktions’, Nazi round-ups of Jews for transportation.

The documentary will unravel Rutka’s story through the eyes of her half-sister, Israeli academic Zahava Scherz, on a journey to Poland in search of the sister she never knew.


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40 High Hitler

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11 jan 2014

This Documentary covers a mix of Hitler’s mental and physical health and interweaves this topic with a overview of the Nazi ideology. Theorists hypothesize that Hitler’s personal doctor Theodor Morell may have had a larger impact on Hitler’s mental state and thus on history than anybody could have imagined

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41 Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview

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כאן | Elizabeth Kalhammer is now a 92 year old woman. yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler’s private estate from 1943 to 1945 KAN | Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter – Antonia Yamin interviewed the Former maid to Adolf Hitler – on her life at his private estate

42 Mein Kampf: The Secrets of Adolf Hitler’s Book of Evil | Free Documentary Nature

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Mein Kampf: The Secrets of Adolf Hitler’s Book of Evil | History Documentary Watch ‘Operation Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler’ here:
Today Adolf Hitler’s autobiography cum Nazi manifesto is still sold all over the world, under the counter, on the internet or simply at the bookshop. This 700 page book, published in 1925, was re-edited numerous times since the death of the author. How was it written? Was Hitler really the author? Were the war and the Holocaust truly inscribed in its pages? This documentary plunges deep into the secrets of Mein Kampf. A simple book of paradoxes: famous but unknown, fascinating and repulsive.

43 The Secret Science of World War II – Full Documentary

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In the crucible of World War II, Germany’s most brilliant scientists raced to create an arsenal of terrifying new weapons of mass destruction, even an atomic bomb. Before the war ended, they produced a series of technological firsts that were the basis for many modern-day air and spacecraft. This documentary highlights the inventions of Wernher von Braun, Werner Heisenberg, and many others.

44 Hidden Survivor Stories From The Holocaust In Ukraine | Spell Your Name | Timeline

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Ukrainian film director Sergey Bukovsky takes the viewer on a poignant journey of discovery as he and several Ukrainian students absorb the testimony of local people who escaped brutal execution and those who rescued friends and neighbours during the Holocaust. A collection of men and women share the details of their experiences, and we are afforded a glimpse of modern day Ukraine: the ethnic stereotypes that continue to exist and the manner in which Post-Soviet society is dealing with the question of how to memorialise the sites where tens of thousands of Jewish families and others were executed and thrown into mass graves.

45 World War I: Opportunity for Nazism | The Abyss Ep. 1 | Full Documentary

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13 jan 2023

The First World War opened a world of chaos and devastation. But how could Hitler and his Nazism emerge at this time?

France 1940: It is the time of the Second World War and the German Wehrmacht defeats the French army in only six weeks. Adolf Hitler is at the peak of his power. But his rise to power began all with World War I, the first truly global war. Conducted with industrial weapons, the world war became an industrialized slaughter. In a four-year slaughter, 20 million people were killed and 21 million wounded.

At the end of the First World War, it is unclear: What will happen after the First World War? This is Adolf Hitler’s opportunity. Originally, an Austrian artist and motorist, Hitler volunteered for the Bavarian army. The First World War boosted Hitler’s own politicization and radicalization.

46 The Monstrous Wives Of The Top Nazis

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28 jan 2023

There were many powerful and influential men inside of Hitler’s inner circle during the Second World War. Some of these were arguably as powerful as Hitler in some regards, and they fought constantly to be a favourite of the Dictator of Nazi Germany. But alongside men such as Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring, Joseph Goebbels and Rudolf Hess were their wives who were equally as obsessed with Hitler and power. Many of the wives of the top Nazis were more devoted to Hitler than their husbands, and the high ranking Nazis often had many mistresses.

Joseph Goebbels’ wife Magda was a best friend of Hitler, and the Nazi Dictator even gave the couple marriage counselling and advice after her husband’s many affairs. Heinrich Himmler’s wife was staunchly supportive of her husband’s actions in the SS, but he too had a mistress. Martin Bormann’s wife gave birth to 10 children, but in the final days of the war wanted to flee to Italy. Rudolf Hess’ wife would go to visit him in Spandau Prison in the final days of his long incarceration. But the wives of the Top Nazis also held a significant amount of power, and many women across the Third Reich turned to them for inspiration. But many of them were monstrous themselves.

47 The Dark Mysteries Of Hitler’s Nazi Manifesto | Mein Kampf | Timeline

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Today, Adolf Hitler’s autobiography cum Nazi manifesto is still sold all over the world, under the counter, on the internet or simply at the bookshop. This 700 page book, published in 1925, was re-edited numerous times since the death of the author. How was it written? Was Hitler really the author? Were the war and the Holocaust truly inscribed in its pages? This documentary plunges deep into the secrets of Mein Kampf. A simple book of paradoxes: famous but unknown, fascinating and repulsive.

48 The Sinister Origins Of The Nazi Party | Germany’s Fatal Attraction | Timeline

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Explores the genesis of the National Socialist Party, and how a failed artist and career soldier of the First World War would become one of the most prolific dictators and of modern history…

49 Hitler: The Power Of Manipulation | Hitler’s Propaganda Machine | Timeline

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The decade of propaganda, impassioned speeches, newspaper articles, posters and campaigning that led to one moment, Hitler being made Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

50 The Power Of A Slogan: Hitler’s Secret Messaging | Hitler’s Propaganda Machine | Timeline

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Nazi Propaganda: Hitler saw propaganda emerge as a powerful tool of psychological warfare, one that he would use to build the Nazi movement.

51 How Hitler Manipulated The Law To Solidify His Power | Nazi Law: Legally Blind | Timeline

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A sobering look at how Hitler and the Nazi party manipulated laws to further their hate-filled agenda. People who were considered physically or racially inferior or disloyal to the state were deprived of their rights and often their lives under these Nazi laws. When Germany was ultimately defeated, Nazi leaders were charged with crimes against humanity in the Nuremberg Trials, in an attempt by the world community to restore the rule of law.

53 How Hitler Exploited The Great Depression To Seize Power | Titans Of The 20th Century | Timeline

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Franklin D. Roosevelt reaches the Oval Office. The crash of 1929 morphs into the Great Depression. Titans rise and fall in the era of unemployment and hunger – Hitler becomes chancellor in Germany, Mussolini secures absolute power, and Stalin tightens his grip.

54 The Broken Promise That Doomed The World To War | Impossible Peace | Timeline

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When WW2 became inevitable. While all of Czechoslovakia is annexed, the curtain goes up on what will become the world’s first truly global and total war.

55 What Happened Immediately After Hitler’s Death

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24 aug 2022

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler took his life in his subterranean Berlin bunker. The impact of his suicide on the war was more emotional than strategic. He killed himself because he understood that surrender and capture were inevitable. Still, in the aftermath of Hitler’s suicide, there were many consequences and reactions on an individual and a collective level.

Individual German government figures and the German people had radical and diverse reactions to the news of his demise. Some officials rightfully anticipated that it was time to vanish to avoid arrest and responsibility for the unspeakable crimes of the Third Reich. Here are some of the causes of the things that happened immediately after.

56 What It Was Like to be in the Hitler Youth

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When the National Socialist German Workers’ Party assumed control of Germany, it immediately set out to spread its influence into every aspect of German society. And the lives of German children were no exception. And what better way to get kids excited about fascism than by turning it into a fun summer camp?

57 Adolf Hitler: de laatste dagen van de dictator | Documentaire

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25 feb 2023

Door middel van overblijfselen uit de geschiedenis toont deze film de laatste dagen van Adolf Hitler. Aan de hand van documenten die ongedeerd bleven tijdens de door de Führer zelf bevolen brand, evenals de brieven van zijn minnares Eva Braun, andere telegrammen en transcripties van belangrijke gesprekken, onthult de film Hitlers gedachten en emoties die hij had toen hij zich tijdens zijn laatste dagen in zijn bunker verstopte. .

00:00 Samenvatting
01:48 Hitlers bunker
13:56 20 april 1945, Hitlers verjaardag
26:00 Hermann Göring uit de partij gezet
36:42 Sovjettroepen rukken op richting de Reichstag en de Kanselarij.
43:12 Op 29 april 1945, Hitlers huwelijk
45:59 Op 30 april 1945, de zelfmoord van Hitler en Eva Braun

58 The Third Reich: A dying empire | Hitlers Circle of Evil Ep.10 | Full Documentary

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13 nov 2022

It is 1945, Berlin is destroyed, bombs and fire are part of everyday life and Hitler lives now in the bunker.

These are the last weeks of the Third Reich, and the war is about to end. Hitler’s closest circle risk their lives for him and take the dangerous road to come to bombarded Berlin for Hitler’s birthday, when the war is knocking on the doors.

Heinrich Himmler realizes that the war is over and Hitler lost. He tries to pursue a life after the Third Reich. And he shuts down the concentration camps. Can Himmler succeed in saving his life for a chance after the Third Reich? And will Hitler admit that he lost the war?

59 Hitler’s Brainwashing of Youth – Hitler’s World: The Post War Plan – S01 EP04 – History Documentary

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23 nov 2023

Explore the dark secrets of Nazi Germany as we delve into the episode Hitler’s World: The Post-War Plan. Discover the enforcement of anti-Semitic clothing laws, the sinister SS bride schools, and the chilling breeding programs. Learn how over 400,000 children from occupied Europe were stolen from their parents. Uncover the disturbing role of the Ordensburg schools in shaping future Nazi leaders. This episode delves into the horrors of the past, shedding light on the Nazis’ quest for racial purity and control.


Uncover the ominous truth of Hitler’s astonishingly detailed post-war vision for global dominance in this riveting historical series. Delve into meticulously researched evidence, recently declassified documents, and newly unearthed materials that shed light on the Nazi regime’s concrete ambitions. These were not mere fantasies; they were real, meticulously planned, and could have rewritten the course of history. Join us as we unveil a chilling chapter of the past that still haunts our world today.


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60 World War II: The Hitler Youth | Full Movie (Feature Documentary)

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8 feb 2018

For more than a century Germany has had a tradition of Youth Organizations.

By far the most successful and controversial of these was the ‘Hitlerjugend’ or ‘Hitler Youth’. This film documents the rise and fall of an organization led by the Nazi Party, which changed the lives of over 18,000,000 Germans under the age of 18. Hitler once stated, ‘I want young people to grow up so they will frighten the world, a violent, dominant, cruel youth…I do not want intellectual education, knowledge is ruin to my young men…with them I can make a new world.’

61 Health Inspector Visits The World’s Grossest Kitchen

20 mrt. 2020

At the end of the day, it’s about creating delicious food. You can worry
Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags, we’ve been playing silly pranks on unsuspecting people in public and capturing hilarious reactions with hidden cameras.


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