Everyone must row with the oars he has

Roeien met de riemen die je hebt.

(= men moet werken met de middelen die men heeft)

(= one must work with the resources one has)

Literal Translation: “Rowing with the oars you have got.”
 Meaning: “Making do with the means available to you.”

Oars in the English Proverb ‘Everyone must row with the oars he has’ include his attitude, time, his access to knowledge, his physical abilities, his ability to engage others to get help him row that boat etc.

We must examine the oars more closely, be open to their potential and realise our part in recognising what those ‘oars’ are and can be.

Once we realise what it actually is that we have to row with and make the most of it, we might find we can row faster, farther and enjoy every minute!

Michael Morton

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“Everyone must row with the oars he has.” 

You’re in a boat you don’t want to be in. And you’ve got some kind of oars. Some of us have nice, smooth, well engineered oars that make the trip better. Others have some old boards you found in the bottom of your leaky, creaky boat. Some of us may be on a raft with only a pole to propel us forward. So. Where you are is where you are. You might wish you were in a different boat with different oars, but you aren’t. Your life right this minute is what it is. You (like all the rest of us) have got to decide what to do now.

You can either sit in the boat complaining and sobbing and screaming. Or … you can start rowing. The whining and crying aren’t going to do any good in the end. They might bring some relief temporarily, but the fact is, you’ve got to start rowing with the oars you’ve got.

Hint: the trip will go better, and you’ll get to your destination faster if you just accept where you are and figure out where you want to end up, and get going.

Here’s a story that doesn’t involve a boat, but it does involve being in a really crappy place. It’s the story of Paul, who was in a dark, smelly, wet prison (most likely in shackles) when he wrote the words below.

Paul seems to be saying that you can learn (yes LEARN) to be content in “any and every” situation.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”  Philippians 4:12

Earlier Paul wrote:  “No dear ones, I am not all I should be but I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing:  Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead …. ”  Philippians 3:13a

1 Child labor Around The World Is More Complicated Than You Think

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12 jun. 2015

Child labor around the world is nothing new. AJ+ meets three children who have their own reasons for being young and on the job. How would you solve child labor without hurting the economic situation of families?

2 Moroccan boy trapped in well for four days dies – BBC News

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6 feb. 2022

A five-year-old Moroccan boy who was trapped in a well for four days has died, despite painstaking efforts to rescue him.

A royal statement announced his death soon after his removal from the well.

The bid to free the boy, Rayan Oram, had gripped the country, with hundreds of people gathered at the well and thousands more following online.

The boy plunged 32m (104ft) through the well’s narrow opening. The rescue had been hampered by fears of a landslide.

Rescuers finally brought the boy out of the well on Saturday evening.

No word had been given at the time about his condition, and the apparent rescue was initially met with cheers from the crowds.

But this turned to heartbreak minutes later when the statement came announcing that Rayan had died.

That really is heart breaking, I feel so sorry for all the people that worked emotionally motivated for days to try and save this poor boy to realise he’d passed on, for his parents and for him… such a terrible shame… Rest in peace.
Mandy B
My heart has broken for his family. I can’t imagine what everyone is going through, including the rescuers who tried so hard. My love and deepest condolences go to everyone who knew that little one.
Generations past will love and comfort him until his parents are ready to return home, to be with their beautiful Son. My love goes out to Ryan’s mum and dad ❤
KamisKisses CSL
Condolences to his family and friends. This is truly heartbreaking. He stayed as strong as he could. Sleep in peace Rayan.
Eddie Pacer
I’m Moroccan and a father. My heart is torn apart watching live streams hoping he’s still there alive and waiting as millions did for him to be out alive. But no words can describe how we received the news when we finally thought he made it. RIP Rayan. The whole nation loved you
Chahine Bin Saleh
This is crushing. I can’t imagine what the boy must have felt like his last days alone and injured in a dark tiny well deep into the ground. It’s absolutely devastating.
Andre Washington
I have a 7 year old son in Ukraine. I feel so sorry for this family. I can’t imagine the pain. I’m truly sorry. I’m at a loss of words.
Political tensions aside, we South Africans are so sorry for the death of this young boy. May he rest well and enjoy his second life in Jannah.
Graham Jordan
Respect from England to those who fought so bravely to try and save him , condolences to the family, rest in peace little boy 🙏🏻
What a tragey, heartbreaking.. I have not slept for two days watching lives and praying for this boy ! fly little angel !!!! Rest in peace
Shendara al Shedir
Our sincere condolences to the wee lad’s family. Sleep well little angel.🌹😔🌹🇨🇦
Awwww bless him, beautiful baby, may he rest in peace. This is so sad and heartbreaking.
John Dafoe
My heart breaks also for the bereaved family. Thank you also to the rescuers who gave their best to save the boy.
ROSE- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
My heart has broken for his family. I can’t imagine what everyone is going through, including the rescuers who tried so hard. My love and deepest condolences go to everyone who knew that little one.
Freya Turner
It’s horrible turn off events, I’m so sorry; when I first heard I was close to tears but I can’t imagine the family’s thoughts. It gives me faith in humanity of the huge hole they dug. To be honest I wish it was me not that 5 year old. I wish he had made it out… It must have been terrible for the boy being tightly inside the well, for nights. It’s horrible. Rest In Peace 💔
Peter Gibson
So very very sad… Bless him…
Janina Carter
So sad I was so elated when they announced they had got him out only to find out later he didn’t make it.😢 RiP little one and condolences for the Family and rescuers. I must be hard for them both!
Music Box
This is truly heartbreaking. RIP Rayyan. I’m sending my condolences to his family and friends.
Crafty Prop
Look at it this way, the kid goes straight away to paradise. He never had the chance to grow and face the reality and bitterness of the world. However, the world lost someone who might could’ve change it for the better. Either way, it is sad to see the young lad go.
The whole country trying to save one life, it’s increadible and wholesome at the same time. That’s what makes us humans. Most importantly, thaks to the rescuers and our condolences to his family.
Fantastic Plastic
Bless and his family. What awful news any Mother and Farther should ever receive.
Tragic and heartbreaking. There are kids dying everyday due to others carelessness.
I feel so sorry for this young boy. I send my condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.
New Way Tunisia
I can’t describe how we were happy the first 10 minutes here in Tunisia and all the world when they reached him, then the bad news was told. no words to describe the sadness, it was a slow death of a young 5 years old boy. May he rest in peace. 😥
George 89
This pisses me off and I can’t even imagine what the parents must be going through. Condolences to them and the rest of their family.
Shabana & Hailey
My heart goes to his parents this could have happened to any child living in these areas with these wells they need to be more secure so sorry for him.
I’m crying he is the most bravest kid I’ve ever seen he’s a legend 🙁
Islam‘s The Solution 4 Every Problem
My heart was breaking seeing this – until it hit me that he is now in Jannah happy and carefree. Taken before he reached the age of accountability. Sin free. A pure soul. He suffered, but Allah compensated him and put him in bliss for eternity. In sha Allah he will be united there with his parents in the hereafter. My deepest condolences to his family and especially his mother. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon (to Him we belong and to Him is our Return). Quran 2:156
Balawanbiang Nongkynrih
May his soul rest in peace I hoped the boy was going to be alright This is really heartbreaking I just watched the news about him an hour ago before this video posted. 🤍
Life in Whispers
💔 sending my condolences from America may you rest in peace beautiful child 🙏
Reg S
I’m just an American watching from afar, waiting for some good news about Rayan… I found this BBC story upon waking this morning. So very sad. I hope he passed knowing that so many people were trying to reach him, and even more of his family, neighbors and the wider world were standing by.
JENNIFER- 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
That really is heart breaking, I feel so sorry for all the people that worked emotionally motivated for days to try and save this poor boy to realise he’d passed on, for his parents and for him… such a terrible shame… Rest in peace.
Juan Mendoza
The Moroccan people always strike me as well spoken. My condolences to the family.
Poor boy, dying in a small dark hole like that. My hear aches for him. So sad.

3 Real Stories of Child Slavery: Child Labour In India | World Vision

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10 jun. 2013

There are 219 million children involved in child labour worldwide. Approximately 60 million of these children are located in India – home to the largest number of child labourers.

Child labour is dangerous, it keeps children from getting an education and it’s harmful to their health and development.

According to Kailash Satyarthi, a child rights activist, a large majority of those being trafficked belong to “low caste.” He says that child labour is the denial of childhood, their freedom, their future, their being as human beings and denial of their dreams.

Here’s how people around the world are working to put an end to child labour:

• Improving education for children and adults

• Community development

• Improving income

• Writing letters to companies and governments about child labour

Together we can make a difference. Join us in raising our voices to tell the world no child should ever be for sale.

🇦🇫 Afghan poverty: Many struggle to make ends meet | Al Jazeera English

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20 mei 2019

Afghanistan has received billions of dollars in aid over the past 18 years but it still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. More than half the population live below the national poverty line. As Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports, many feel abandoned by their government.
Studio Made in Nature Studio MIN
This is what the U.S. “Democracy” is!
Armaan Pasha
50 years of war imposed by USSR and USA made Afghanistan poor otherwise Afghanistan is a rich country with mineral resources worth trillions.
Wild Rare Clips🧚
As expected from US puppet goverment!!!
adil kk
uae you sit and enjoy this. Allah will not forgive you
r N
it makes me so mad to hear they are having to barter and eat the scraps of the politicians who ruin their country day in and day out.
Send there Rambo again, it will help
azeem uddin
Afghandus that’s what happens when you don’t support the real heroes of afghanistan the afghan taliban
Devil Hunter
Real Face Of US Democracy & Mankind
James Moon
I’m trying to understand and please don’t judge why are they having so much children when they live in such poverty. Do they want them to suffer as well?
Lauren Sanor
Shame on the government and the CIA for what they’ve done to the people
God help Afghanistan.
august ebiz
Allah no mercy to poor.
Many struggle to make ends meet?  So, they’re exactly like every other country in the world, you mean.
Yu Zihao
Capitalism had failed them
Garden City
Corruption is endemic in the country. More aid won’t help if corruption isn’t brought under control. Not likely in Afghanistan..
Why do they have so many children when they can’t even provide food for them? 🤔
The Comments Squads
no wonder they really hate the American..making their life even worse with the war
hadeed malik
Lol and these people bark against Pakistan and want to conquer western Pakistan ? Lol
Naveed khan
I wish I could do something too sorry for this brother
Ahsan Pervaiz
had Afghanistan listened to pakistan 🇵🇰 they wouldn’t be suffering this but what one can do when you yourself want to commit suicide
They dont have money still they will have 10 children 🤔
Shame for uae,saudi, qatar all muslim countries… Allah asks every penny .
Bowling for Roof
Then stop having babies if you cant feed them
London is not there help Afghanistan they are there to make things as worst is possible.
Aj Aj
Don’t have too many children. ffs

5 Afghan refugee children of brick factory アフガン難民の子どもたち

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4 sep. 2009

This is a brickyard near Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan. Many families have children working here.
The children start working at 2 in the morning. They work until 2 p.m., when they take lunch and rest until 4 p.m. Then they must work another two hours, until 6 p.m. All together they work 14 hours a day. In one day a child can make about 2,000 bricks. The child gets 260 rupees, or about 4 dollars. This is just barely enough for a family to live on. And so everyday they have no choice but to return to the brickyard and continue making bricks.
Rogério Penna
if you release that as a game, I bet there will be some kids in rich countries that will spend 14 hours a day on their cellphones playing hard to see who makes the most bricks.
Kamyar Kamyab
For those who think the parents are lazy! I have to say that, some of these children have lost their parents!… or the parents are handy caps!… These kids are little big adults…they feed their family. I’m proud of knowing these people…Afghans are very hard working and sophisticated people.
ali alajmi
Heart breaking 🙁
Joey Pennington
I love to watch masters of their work at their trade. You can tell these children are just that. It’s almost mesmerizing to watch them.
Roki Afghan
I also did the same thing when I was a kid I was proud of the time I was in a democratic state I was going to school in Afghanistan next to me The job is the best, Laziness makes people unemployed I worked I learned I’m a pilot today.
How about I take a lesson from this video and thank God for living in a modern country with corporations?
swetha Verma
god please help these children for their bright future
sorosh yaqubi
Hard to hear that instead going to school they’re making bricks
leaheys landscaping
They are awesome little workers!!!!!!!
André L. f de Sousa.
Essas crianças deveriam está na escola, e exercendo o direito de brincar. Nós estamos na idade moderna, e não na idade das trevas.
can you imagine having a house built with the blocks that were made with these kid’s sweat?
hassanwwx haeert
sin miedo a equivocarme seguro que sus padres estaran en sus masij o templo adorando a sus fanatismo y alavando a allat mientra estos chicos estan perdiendo su infancia y sus vidas trabajando por sobrevivir
que tristesa ver este video, que desproporcion de mundo, mientras los politicos se dan comodidades y los deportitas del real madrid solo compran carros para guardar y lujos que amontonar
Sounds like a typical labor job, just enough money is made to get back to work. No option to leave the job…this is how they keep you doing it.
J Dergezz
Turki Dossari
What people don’t know is that they are actually “slaves” bounded by a contract. They can’t quit because they are trapped by debt, this is literally modern day slavery. Most families often have to pay others to help them escape by van during the night.
Life is slavery, we are all born to it.
la cuccaracha
28 cents per hour.. that is some cheap labor!!
Unfortunately though, these children aren’t getting any intellectual stimulation either, and will never reach their full intellectual potential. That’s a big problem in societies such as this.
Summer Ermey
This is their school, everyone is important in this world. The little girl standing around looks as if she is ready to join in as soon as she gets big enough. What a great talent these children already have, and how well behaved and disiplined they are. Most children these days are spoiled. We as people of all shapes, sizes and ages want to contribute and be like someone. So at the end of the day how different is it then being a child actor. That is even worse!
They are super efficient at this!! The rest of the world could learn something from this, when kids have something to do they aren’t going out causing trouble or getting radicalised!! I feel sorry for these kids though as this is full on!!
Michael Gutter
Those of you with little to no pity for these children are wicked beyond belief. The ones who put these children in this situation and keep them there do not deserve to live.
republicans love this would low the kids up or spank them if they talk back
I completely agree but you just have to look at the “developed” countries and then ask the question what percentage of people really reach their full intellectual potential. Would it be beneficial to invest in machinery to make their jobs easier? People need a purpose, just look at the aboriginal people in Australia, when they lost their purpose they turned to alcohol and ended up as layabouts. I don’t know the answer, but wish I did for these poor little kids!!
mandy lahem
it looks immoral, but if they don’t work who will feed their families:(
richie rich
I would think there would be a way to automate this and tax money from businesses would be available for kids going to school.
Roboto 101
Don’t score the video negatively so they don’t erase it so that people know the truth of the hard lives of these poor children. I feel broken watching as kids work so hard but it is necessary to keep it so that everyone is aware of this problem. Please don’t like me, I just want to say what I think is reasonable.
laila Alhumide
Schpankme Verimuch
Take a lesson from this video; make your own bricks and build a simple house; raise your own food and Stop being a Corporate battery.
On what land do they build these houses and grow their wheat? The USand various insurgent groups have already destroyed the houses they had. Didn’t think it through, no? They are refugees in a foreign country.
Shivani Naidu
That’s exploitation. And its very very very sad. Doesn’t the government do anything about it??
Camilo Garcia Benitez
to bush house , that ordered the destruction of their lives
Yeah, what they need is a Pashtun Idol competition, a church on every street corner and 16 flavours of Doritos (which I believe are actually unavailable in the Southern marshes!) and then they can be like your average Brit or American and sit around arguing all day as to whether Wagner’s politics should be allowed to overshadow his music or whether the data from CERN really does point to a God particle. Do me a favour. Model themselves on ‘us’? Might as well just bomb them and have done with.
maximize profit minimize cost use power to eliminate any law that raises cost or reduces profit. no ethic is allowed here yes that is the very definition of evil if there is a corporate leader with conscious they were damn careful how they did it
Ida Quesada
It would be ol for them to work but the hours they have to work is horrible. Adults couldn’t stand these hours. How heartless the people who run these factories must be. They are like slave owners. I bet the boss wouldn’t and couldnt take this abuse.
Wade Dixon
this is an extrodinary abuse of children. why dont you find out who the owner is and where and how they are living….. probably in manhatton.
Jason Hugo
ITT: People blaming a 238 year old country for causing the results of a religion at war, for 1,400 years, on an unrelated YouTube video, because feelings…
The problem with keeping the children working with theirs hands and not with their brains, is the we stop science and invention development. This in fact are the true creators of economic wealth.
Kids in America go to school come home play video games and eat until they are fat and repeat.
joe biden
Well make like a million brick apartments in Pakistan.
Schpankme Verimuch
Refugees or child labor? Have you been educated to understand double talk?
Pete Crabtree
No benefit system, It puts food in their bellies.
Ben Smith
This is disgusting. I’ve worked in the brick making industry in the UK and it’s a hard job for a grown man, let alone a child in bear hands and feet. The brick industry in the west needs to make charitable contributions to these kids. Now.
At least ther working and not being brainwashed by Taliban madrassas
Kidsadakon Ruaikra
This world isn’t fair. I can’t change it but I believe we can change it. When human understand each other pains, the world will change.
Why aren’t the parents out there instead?
@tmomof6 .. unequal pay for a days works is EVIL. Children without play is EVIL. Children uneducated is EVIL. Adults that profit from a child’s labors is EVIL.
Rich Welsh
These poor children .one little girl looked to be about 4 .Why can’t the dads do this and let the kids go to school
ıʞsʍoqɯoM ɟʎZ
united states purchases the oil. they don’t steal it. they trade for it.
James Medina
smoke weed everyday. bricks of weed.
why was there an old man working there. why would they want to hire an old man when a child could make the bricks far quicker and for the same price, i mean look at that first boy go. he was making serious bricks out there, no nonsence bricks like that little girl.
I think you have to understand that any ideology or political or economic model can be taken to an extreme in a way that is detrimental to society. Corporations are not inherently bad any more than religion or communism is. Nor are they anymore inherently good. I never said corporations shouldn’t operate within the bounds of laws that are in place to prevent them from becoming essentially cancerous.
hello people, if someone can not read my comment, but the fact that watching this video cause me much grief, it is not fair to pass this life these children and assure them that we have to the divine sin to use their children to that still do not work they can, not what name to put to this, just carry you with this anguish of seeing their suffering, poor children, poor his little hands he arose, his poor, poor us we can not do anything, god forgive us bodies because we do not know the ….
Imagine doing this for the rest of your life. No wonder why afghan parent let their kids join the Taliban. 
June Yang
The little girl is supposed to work
@420Afgani you see the adults at the end, notice the old guy and the teenager? they just focused on the children in the area and ignored the adults.
I’m not a communist. I’m a social democrat. I understand this.
Anyway, no one is stopping you from moving to some isolated, undeveloped place and living off the land….but yourself.
What’s double talk?
hola gente, no se si alguien pueda leer mi comentario, pero la verdad que al  ver este video me causa mucha pena, no es justo que pasen esa vida esos niños y les aseguro que ante el divino ya hemos pecado por usar a sus niños para hacer labores que todavia no les compete, no se que nombre poner a todo esto, solo cargare con esta angustia de ver sus sufrimiento, pobres niños, pobre sus manitos partiendose, pobre sus cuerpos, pobre de nosotros que no podemos hacer nada, perdonanos dios porque no sabemos los que hacemos….
hello people, if someone can not read my comment, but the fact that watching this video cause me much grief, it is not fair to pass this life these children and assure them that we have to the divine sin to use their children to that still do not work they can, not what name to put to this, just carry you with this anguish of seeing their suffering, poor children, poor his little hands he arose, his poor, poor us we can not do anything, god forgive us bodies because we do not know the ….
Saud F.
Bet those kids are tougher then most American kids ther age
Johnny White
This is very hard word and long hours for little money.Poor kids
Dipu das 8016277294
Dewanu A,R,B brickworks
@MrSchpankme I agree
They do  it for their families, that’s whatsup. Child labor is not a good idea but these kids are already more mature than other kids in other countries with their age
This is not good , but the people who blaming employers or countries for this…let me tell u one story! , ONCE there was teacher , who told their students to write an easy on Poverty. …one rich student who didn’t know what is poverty. ..wrote something like that…! There was boy, who was very poor, he had old car, old big house,and in that old house there were some old cooling air conditions, some old television, n You guys expecting them to go to school…lol..and even written there up that refugees life…! U even know why they refugees this time? They are poor..don’t have the basic rights as refugees. …school not helping them but work…they be the future engineer..but not through legal channel ,,, what a pity…
Corporations are businesses based on a joint funding effort. They are not inherently malevolent. They are as ethical as the people who sit on their board. Some corporations are very ethical, some are not. Just like people. I’m not telling you to accept the evils in life. I’m just saying it’s irrational to throw out the good with the bad. If you are going to to that, you are going to have to disavow everything in life.
bricks to obama house?

henry mark

Wt* why their parents lazyyy. Just use their brains to get money or ask them to come town? Very poor.
These kids are probaly doing this by choice for the money but they should probaly get breaks alot of them way less hours and ore money same with the adults there I ean the person who owns that place is probaly rich
im sure is a way of life for them to help their families but its also slavery 14 hours per day no education … im sure the profit is enough to buy a blinblin life … pay them more let them take a break with teacher …reward them for their sacrifice not exploit them… child abuse an slavery
Zero Entropy
The horrible reality is this life will make for a better/happier person than an iPad and Happy Meal will. It’s sad to see but you’re foolish if you think American children have it any better and our education system is nothing more than an on ramp to $100,000 in student loans for a degree you can’t do anything with.
These people are so poor because their country did not have the capacity to modernize, due to corruption and inherent instability that was present from the beginning. That brick factory is probably not a corporation, by the way. It’s probably a sole proprietorship. If Pakistan can get it’s act together sufficiently, they might get lucky and some foreign corporation might invest in their economy. That’s what happened to India and that’s one reason poverty rates have declined significantly there.
Value Designbuild
This is horrible. Small kids working 14 hrs a day for 260 rps. At-least contractors should provide them gloves and other safety equipment. At VDB, we say strict No to child labour.And we request others to say no to Child labor.
Jeff W
I think this is good.  Not the age, extent and for a living but I think all peoples in communities need to start helping and producing essentials for the community.  Communities need to be more self sufficient and not depend on the system anymore…the system is crashing and inefficient for sustaining billions of people.  Depending on the system and public education do not teach life skills or how to be sufficient but only to depend on the system and this is very bad way of thinking and living. On the other hand…we do have brick molding machines…
just english comment passing by..
This is more like it. Our kids here in Australia are too busy whinging and whining and playing video games, useless
$4 a day is a perfectly good full-time wage for an unskilled / semi-skilled worker in that country. If a family has four children doing this job and two working parents those families are not even slightly poor. It’s literally the equivalent of a family of six bringing home £1200 a week in England. Not even close to poor. I’m all for child labour – look how industrious they are. And none of them look sick or particularly tired. That’s a very good life for them and I wish I could live it – making bricks for builders to build houses. I’ve been unemployed for a year.
Saint Barthélemy
I told you Muslims could be useful !

6 Who are street children? Stories from the street

15 sep. 2017

StreetInvest worked with market research company Big Sofa to conduct ethnographic interviews with 21 street youth from Kenya, Zimbabwe, India and Guatemala. These are their stories.

7 Hunger is a daily reality for South Sudan’s children

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2 mei 2012

12 April 2012: UNICEF correspondent Kun Li reports on UNICEF’s efforts to treat malnutrition in the newly formed nation of South Sudan.
Wisdom love
Mercy Father on these precious souls….Heal them Father, restore, save, protect and make provision in Jesus Christ name of Nazareth. Father I bind the evil ones and cast them out the spirit of darkness into the sea, and I loose peace, joy, love and may your presence blossom in the land of Sudan in Jesus name.
I’m from south sudan

8 West Africa Food Crisis: Our Response

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6 jul. 2012

West Africa Food Crisis 6.4 million people in Niger are facing severe food shortages, because of a disastrous harvest in 2011. We are working with our partner CADEV (Caritas Niger) to:
– Run nutrition centres for malnourished children
– Support cereal banks that provide grain at subsidised prices
– Organise seed fairs, so that farmers can plant in the next season
– Run “cash-for-work” and “food-for-work” schemes
– Support refugees from Mali
– Distribute food to the most vulnerable
Lakshman Reddy
i think the food that we waste in our indian weddings and parties, could feed all their population. so, we realised the value of food..pls dont waste food at any cost..same excess food can be sent to these kind of people.
julie-anne thomas
I can’t wait to help my people.
Butterfly Couple Vlog
Respect and love from Bangladesh ( Asia continent )
bunana's world
I can’t imagine this.im crying watching this.i want to help those baby.😭😭
cindy shaw
You guys are doing a great job. You do remember The Lord says if the locaus takes from you he will give you 5 times of what they took. So I hope you got many foods. Ask God and you shal recive
Claudia Baez
First thing this man says. Mother’s can’t feed their own babies cause they have no food. stop having them is big part of the solution.
aqua snek
Is there an update on the efforts? Did it work? God I hope so.
Abe Ruth
Why don’t all the proud African Americans help their people
Salieu Jallow
West africa needs irrigation systems for farming in rural areas
With all the suffering they continue to say thank God (alhamdu lellah)
saragosi jasenovo
je ne peux pas vous donnez un respect sans voire la video ,grand respec de la SERBIA
The nuns is the only one that have some common sense
rizwana khatoon
Subhanak ya rabb anta arrahmarraheemeen.
Melissa Ann
STOP HAVING BABIES!!! give the women birth control or fix the men this is wrong on so many levels. Why bring more babies into the world when there are so many starving! yes help is needed but this kind of help should be top priority!
Aira Berdan
im crying,so sad 😢😥
Dalton Gregory
Sooo no food to feed the children already born and they decide to have MORE children. Do they enjoy seeing children starve ?? This is crazy, mindless, selfish behavior.
stegius 25
I wish all good people who live there receive a very beautiful heaven after life on this earth
Ajay Upadhyay
god bless them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
i am with you,,the GOD said,,,
Pam FRanks
This is so so sad but why in heavens name can’t these ppl stop having babies like they do . They can control themselves until things get better for them I know . It’s so unfair to these babies to be born into this and yes it can be helped . So pitiful
Beverley Lumb
Well considering what it is like in Yemen they don’t look malnourished
Umaru Bossa
Where is the Government?
Julia Ornelas
How can we help this innocent children????
baby girl
I think every people should gratitude to God because we waste more water for wash our cars but poverty doesn’t find a mouthful of drinking until now😑😢😢
And why is there a food shortage? If you throw white farmers off their land and give it to the locals who have zero experience in farming, what do you think will happen? I really do feel for them, as they are the innocent ones who have to suffer for very bad political (racial?) decisions.
Christian Reyes
Praise, glory and thanks be to Almighty God. Those are helping are angels sent on earth. Can we teach them like simple agri technology. like harvesting dew from tent to help them have sustainable plants for their additional food.pls share ideas Many can be ideas can give great impact. Those who are helping the needy will be blessed a thousand folds.
old trucker
And yet Orania is a village that settled in the deserts of south Africa! why do the people there thrive?!! I know why, and it’s got nothing to do with the weather! Hahaha
Jacqueline Larsen
But why keep having children you can’t feed?
Beverley Lumb
Oh this is ridiculous how many more countries are fighting now mali
Julie Granne
There government should help their own people. The government should think. How would they like it!!!!!!!
Subhanallah..please help my muslim brother n sister in Africa..
Martin Urry
How can their goverment don t do any thing???? Let us all paryyyy Paryers are strong it broke rock and our faith speck to god God hear our parters and he give them LORDD HELP THEM PLSSSSS THANKS YOU LORD FOR HELPING THEM GIVE THEM FOOD AND WATER
Cannady Bell
Africa is mostly a cursed land😞
John M Lombardo
They need water and fertilizer
Kathryn Macmillan
More and more children being born to parents who can’t even feed themselves. Yes I have sympathy for these people but really and truly they need to also help themselves by not bringing all these children into the world to starve.
Sofia Sofia
Go through the heaven
Julie Granne
God bless all the suffering. Life is hard but living is harder. Be strong and fight to live. Good luck. 💖💯💥✨🔥💫💞
Bernadeth Dalumpines
Thanks god my daughter is lots of food. Feeling sorry for these children..
Carla Banks-Williams
Every time I watch documentaries such as these, I feel intensely guilty that I’ve ever complained about anything in my life. I will pray for the people here; also, I support Caritas via my church.
Mc Donald’s has not made it there yet?
And yet our countries are fighting for power…… so sad
Queenie Moon
Try cutting down more trees, that’ll make things better. Good luck!!! 🙂
Fr Louie Goad
Jacqueline Larsen
If they worshipped the Christian God, He would bless them.
David Quiver
Iqbal Fans
Still they are obident to Allah O Allah help these people
Pam FRanks
Oh she said that baby is lively again so she will be regrant again in a month .
Come to Jamaica you will get food water and shelter
Suma Suma kn
Normal people’s can’t help to all the poors but it can possible only by government please take care of them by providing rice
Kimorra Morrell
Where’s god and Jesus?
leni oliveira
Porque tantas criança no mundo sofrendo
Elena Brio
well tnen they come to USA like OMAR and start cursing my country and hate us. Better them to stop FU…ing and start working.
Alfiya Naaz
For poor people rich people are helping this much but for the animals any one not😭 l will also not help poor no more🤬🤬🤬
Jayanth kumar
stop digging for diamond s do agri.
Crudy Barfy
ich sehe die Leute nicht gerne leiden
Mary Azenabor
Please what country is this? I want to help but what is the name of this place?
Give then soil and water … We western countries waste to much water . We should not do that .
Guys some1 know how to take emeralds?
Alice Ward
This documentary is to old.
Nayamot Khondokar
Everything makes gods
Zinhle Nxumalo
shem pls help where you can
Di-ana Rael
Why do they keep having babies
Remedios Hudson
You don’t have food to eat but having baby
Pam FRanks
At 2.15 she said the baby was lively again dang if that’s lively what is not lively no heartbeat jeeezzz
Why womens still want to make children in that hell because they want their children to suffer with them
Ramen Guy
Yo why dont they just like eat some food or go to mcdonalds smh
Come on Africa, your women and daughters need better for the kids they produce for you.
Stian Stene Bakke
I think they are doing just fine they don’t need help:)
Afriscope TV
This is not West Africa, this is a country in West Africa called Niger.
Kateayah M
Is this french there speakint?
Brian Johnson
No rain .. Move then.
Athira Sunny
hello all.. you are starved in any days. why the starve facing in poor child birthing. the starve u all ending.
Alejandra Lopez
Hopefully people that can , do this , donate food to them ,👩🏻‍🌾 and to the moms and their children ,
Mahdi Jafari
World need to helping them ,save the kids

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