Everyone must row with the oars he has

Roeien met de riemen die je hebt.

(= men moet werken met de middelen die men heeft)

(= one must work with the resources one has)

Literal Translation: “Rowing with the oars you have got.”
 Meaning: “Making do with the means available to you.”

Oars in the English Proverb ‘Everyone must row with the oars he has’ include his attitude, time, his access to knowledge, his physical abilities, his ability to engage others to get help him row that boat etc.

We must examine the oars more closely, be open to their potential and realise our part in recognising what those ‘oars’ are and can be.

Once we realise what it actually is that we have to row with and make the most of it, we might find we can row faster, farther and enjoy every minute!

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“Everyone must row with the oars he has.” 

You’re in a boat you don’t want to be in. And you’ve got some kind of oars. Some of us have nice, smooth, well engineered oars that make the trip better. Others have some old boards you found in the bottom of your leaky, creaky boat. Some of us may be on a raft with only a pole to propel us forward. So. Where you are is where you are. You might wish you were in a different boat with different oars, but you aren’t. Your life right this minute is what it is. You (like all the rest of us) have got to decide what to do now.

You can either sit in the boat complaining and sobbing and screaming. Or … you can start rowing. The whining and crying aren’t going to do any good in the end. They might bring some relief temporarily, but the fact is, you’ve got to start rowing with the oars you’ve got.

Hint: the trip will go better, and you’ll get to your destination faster if you just accept where you are and figure out where you want to end up, and get going.

Here’s a story that doesn’t involve a boat, but it does involve being in a really crappy place. It’s the story of Paul, who was in a dark, smelly, wet prison (most likely in shackles) when he wrote the words below.

Paul seems to be saying that you can learn (yes LEARN) to be content in “any and every” situation.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”  Philippians 4:12

Earlier Paul wrote:  “No dear ones, I am not all I should be but I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing:  Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead …. ”  Philippians 3:13a

1 Child labor Around The World Is More Complicated Than You Think

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12 jun. 2015

Child labor around the world is nothing new. AJ+ meets three children who have their own reasons for being young and on the job. How would you solve child labor without hurting the economic situation of families?

2 Moroccan boy trapped in well for four days dies – BBC News

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6 feb. 2022

A five-year-old Moroccan boy who was trapped in a well for four days has died, despite painstaking efforts to rescue him.

A royal statement announced his death soon after his removal from the well.

The bid to free the boy, Rayan Oram, had gripped the country, with hundreds of people gathered at the well and thousands more following online.

The boy plunged 32m (104ft) through the well’s narrow opening. The rescue had been hampered by fears of a landslide.

Rescuers finally brought the boy out of the well on Saturday evening.

No word had been given at the time about his condition, and the apparent rescue was initially met with cheers from the crowds.

But this turned to heartbreak minutes later when the statement came announcing that Rayan had died.


Moroccan boy trapped in well for four days dies – BBC News – Blog


3 Real Stories of Child Slavery: Child Labour In India | World Vision

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10 jun. 2013

There are 219 million children involved in child labour worldwide. Approximately 60 million of these children are located in India – home to the largest number of child labourers.

Child labour is dangerous, it keeps children from getting an education and it’s harmful to their health and development.

According to Kailash Satyarthi, a child rights activist, a large majority of those being trafficked belong to “low caste.” He says that child labour is the denial of childhood, their freedom, their future, their being as human beings and denial of their dreams.

Here’s how people around the world are working to put an end to child labour:

• Improving education for children and adults

• Community development

• Improving income

• Writing letters to companies and governments about child labour

Together we can make a difference. Join us in raising our voices to tell the world no child should ever be for sale.

🇦🇫 Afghan poverty: Many struggle to make ends meet | Al Jazeera English

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20 mei 2019

Afghanistan has received billions of dollars in aid over the past 18 years but it still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. More than half the population live below the national poverty line. As Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports, many feel abandoned by their government.
Studio Made in Nature Studio MIN
This is what the U.S. “Democracy” is!
Armaan Pasha
50 years of war imposed by USSR and USA made Afghanistan poor otherwise Afghanistan is a rich country with mineral resources worth trillions.
Wild Rare Clips🧚
As expected from US puppet goverment!!!
adil kk
uae you sit and enjoy this. Allah will not forgive you
r N
it makes me so mad to hear they are having to barter and eat the scraps of the politicians who ruin their country day in and day out.
Send there Rambo again, it will help
azeem uddin
Afghandus that’s what happens when you don’t support the real heroes of afghanistan the afghan taliban
Devil Hunter
Real Face Of US Democracy & Mankind
James Moon
I’m trying to understand and please don’t judge why are they having so much children when they live in such poverty. Do they want them to suffer as well?
Lauren Sanor
Shame on the government and the CIA for what they’ve done to the people
God help Afghanistan.
august ebiz
Allah no mercy to poor.
Many struggle to make ends meet?  So, they’re exactly like every other country in the world, you mean.
Yu Zihao
Capitalism had failed them
Garden City
Corruption is endemic in the country. More aid won’t help if corruption isn’t brought under control. Not likely in Afghanistan..
Why do they have so many children when they can’t even provide food for them? 🤔
The Comments Squads
no wonder they really hate the American..making their life even worse with the war
hadeed malik
Lol and these people bark against Pakistan and want to conquer western Pakistan ? Lol
Naveed khan
I wish I could do something too sorry for this brother
Ahsan Pervaiz
had Afghanistan listened to pakistan 🇵🇰 they wouldn’t be suffering this but what one can do when you yourself want to commit suicide
They dont have money still they will have 10 children 🤔
Shame for uae,saudi, qatar all muslim countries… Allah asks every penny .
Bowling for Roof
Then stop having babies if you cant feed them
London is not there help Afghanistan they are there to make things as worst is possible.
Aj Aj
Don’t have too many children. ffs

5 Afghan refugee children of brick factory アフガン難民の子どもたち

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4 sep. 2009

This is a brickyard near Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan. Many families have children working here.
The children start working at 2 in the morning. They work until 2 p.m., when they take lunch and rest until 4 p.m. Then they must work another two hours, until 6 p.m. All together they work 14 hours a day. In one day a child can make about 2,000 bricks. The child gets 260 rupees, or about 4 dollars. This is just barely enough for a family to live on. And so everyday they have no choice but to return to the brickyard and continue making bricks.

6 Who are street children? Stories from the street

15 sep. 2017

StreetInvest worked with market research company Big Sofa to conduct ethnographic interviews with 21 street youth from Kenya, Zimbabwe, India and Guatemala. These are their stories.

7 Hunger is a daily reality for South Sudan’s children

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2 mei 2012

12 April 2012: UNICEF correspondent Kun Li reports on UNICEF’s efforts to treat malnutrition in the newly formed nation of South Sudan.
Wisdom love
Mercy Father on these precious souls….Heal them Father, restore, save, protect and make provision in Jesus Christ name of Nazareth. Father I bind the evil ones and cast them out the spirit of darkness into the sea, and I loose peace, joy, love and may your presence blossom in the land of Sudan in Jesus name.
I’m from south sudan

8 West Africa Food Crisis: Our Response

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6 jul. 2012

West Africa Food Crisis 6.4 million people in Niger are facing severe food shortages, because of a disastrous harvest in 2011. We are working with our partner CADEV (Caritas Niger) to:
– Run nutrition centres for malnourished children
– Support cereal banks that provide grain at subsidised prices
– Organise seed fairs, so that farmers can plant in the next season
– Run “cash-for-work” and “food-for-work” schemes
– Support refugees from Mali
– Distribute food to the most vulnerable

When the winds of life don’t hit your sails, you grab the oars of life and you start pushing.

The early bird catches the worm. British Proverb (you should wake up and start work early if you want to succeed).

Rising above your circumstances!

The phrase “Everyone must row with the oars he has” is a proverb that conveys several key points:

  1. Acceptance of individual capabilities: The proverb highlights the importance of recognizing and accepting one’s own strengths and limitations. It suggests that everyone has their unique abilities, resources, and talents, often symbolized as “oars,” and should use them to navigate through life’s challenges.

  2. Avoidance of comparison and envy: The proverb emphasizes the futility of comparing oneself with others and feeling envious of their abilities or possessions. Instead, it encourages individuals to focus on their own capabilities and make the best use of them without being envious or trying to imitate others.

  3. Personal responsibility and self-reliance: The proverb promotes the idea of taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions and outcomes. It suggests that individuals should rely on their own efforts and resources, represented as “oars,” to steer their lives in the direction they desire, rather than depending on others or external circumstances.

  4. Contentment and gratitude: The proverb implies that being content with what one has and being grateful for one’s own abilities and resources are essential for personal growth and success. It encourages individuals to appreciate and make the most of the “oars” they possess, rather than longing for what others have.

  5. Emphasis on individuality: The proverb acknowledges and celebrates individuality, highlighting that each person has their own unique set of talents, skills, and resources. It promotes the idea that individual differences should be respected and valued, and that everyone has something valuable to contribute based on their own “oars.”

Overall, the key points of “Everyone must row with the oars he has” revolve around accepting oneself, recognizing and utilizing one’s own capabilities, avoiding comparison and envy, taking personal responsibility, being content and grateful, and valuing individuality. It encourages self-reliance, personal growth, and a positive outlook towards one’s own abilities, while respecting the differences in others.

9 The Last Summer Aflevering 1: De Eerste Laatste Dag

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In première gegaan op 16 nov. 2022
In de eerste aflevering van The Last Summer vertrekt Conner Rousseau op kamp naar De Barkentijn met JOETZ West-Vlaanderen. Dag 1 is altijd chaos. En ondanks alle voorbereidingen gebeurt er elk jaar iets onverwachts…

Check mijn laatste eerste dag.

Ik ben Conner Rousseau, voorzitter van Vooruit. Je kent me misschien ook als Konijn uit The Masked Singer.

13 jaar lang was ik monitor tijdens de vakantiekampen van JOETZ West-Vlaanderen in De Barkentijn.

Die plek heeft mij gemaakt tot wie ik vandaag ben. Ik leerde er het mooie van jeugdwerk, samenwerking en solidariteit kennen. Maar ik werd er ook iedere zomer geconfronteerd met de gevolgen van armoede, verwaarlozing en kindermishandeling.

En dat is waarom ik in de politiek stapte: om dingen te veranderen, om impact te maken, to get shit done.

Met dit YouTube-kanaal neem ik je mee achter de schermen van de politiek, van mijn leven.

Enjoy en abonneer je 🙂

10 “Er is geen uitknop” | Conner Rousseau laat in zijn ziel kijken in Het huis

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30 nov. 2021

In Sint-Niklaas, waar de achtentwintigjarige partijvoorzitter nog inwoont bij zijn moeder, heeft Eric al direct een onaangename verrassing voor Conner: vierentwintig uur lang moet hij zijn gsm in een kluisje leggen. “Want je bent eraan verslaafd”, verklaart Eric. “Nee”, pareert Conner, “dat klopt niet. Ik moet gewoon een beetje kunnen werken. Ik vind dat ‘grellig’. Als er iets gebeurt, kan ik niet opnemen.” Maar in Het huis gelden de regels van Eric en dus moet Conner een dag lang in digitale quarantaine.

Dat Conner Rousseau al op jonge leeftijd zijn eerste stappen zette in de politiek, is niet verrassend. De Vooruit-voorzitter komt immers uit een familie waar politiek en socialisme altijd een grote rol hebben gespeeld. Conners overgrootmoeder Maria was senator, zijn grootmoeder Cecile zat in de vrouwenbeweging en de gemeentepolitiek, en moeder Christel was in 2010 burgemeester van Sint-Niklaas.

Maar ook Conners vader John was sociaal geëngageerd. John Rousseau is tientallen jaren directeur geweest van De Barkentijn, een jeugdvakantiecentrum van de Socialistische Mutualiteit. “Mijn pa heeft heel zijn leven opgeofferd aan sociale vakanties en aan De Barkentijn. Vanuit zijn organisatie heeft hij een impact gehad op heel veel levens. Al was dat wel ten koste van zijn gezin.”

De verrassingsgast is niemand minder dan Steve Rousseau, Conners halfbroer en de CEO van uitzendgroep House of Talents. De kijker zal Steve nog kennen van zijn trouwfeest, dat een politieke rel werd. In de zomer van 2020 dook er immers, in volle lockdown, een filmpje op van een feestende Conner op Steves huwelijk in het zuiden van Frankrijk.

“Conner was daar niet goed van. Het onrecht was hard. Hij heeft toen niet gereageerd en dat vond ik verkeerd”, zegt Steve. “Er is van alles geschreven. Maar je kan daar niets juist over zeggen”, reageert Conner. “Ik heb lang getwijfeld om te gaan en Steve was daar kwaad over. Ik was er voor de trouw van mijn broer, niet om er te feesten.”

Tot slot peilt Eric naar de gemoedstoestand van Conner. Is de jongste partijvoorzitter van het land nu echt gelukkig? “Er is geen uitknop. En ik vind geen manier meer om te ontspannen. Ik ben getrouwd met mijn werk en kan niet iets half doen.”

Oars include his attitude, … (the first line of this web page) …, his ability to engage others to get help him row that boat etc.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


Said to mean that you will do whatever you have to do, even if it is difficult or dangerous.

Cambridge Dictionary

Play your cards right

To say or do things in a situation in such a way that you gain as much as possible from it

Who knows? If you play your cards right, maybe he’ll marry you.

11 JFL Prank: Back To Square One

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28 mrt. 2011

Police officers take random pedestrians crossing the street and bring them back to where they came from.
A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!

Evil does exist

Cart before horse

A strange twist

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Head in the sand