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Dan Harris
What Nixon did, would be considered quaint by today’s standards. Worse scandals happen on a daily basis now, and hardly merit the raise of eyebrow.

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I’d love to see a Biographics Episode on Robert S McNamara
The most interesting thing about this is if this took place today, he’d have still served his full second term because Congress is so partisan now.
The mystery man who reported the break-in was later revealed to be named Forrest Gump.
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“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin
Tiffiny Harrington
I was 6 when Nixon resigned – I still remember his face on TV and feeling very sorry for him as a little girl would tend to do I suppose. Now I look at our current politicians and think maybe he wasn’t so bad relatively speaking.
I still find it amazing how a man with so many maladaptations and introverted personality quarks was able to get as far as he got. Most politicians are extroverted and charismatic—Nixon was neither, yet he somehow became president. Shows you how far ambition and sheer will can take you.
David Tucker
I really enjoyed this mostly unbiased account of a man I grew up hearing about and seeing on my TV screen. I appreciate that you mentioned his good works as well as his downfalls
I was in high school when all of the Nixon drama took place. My father was glued to the news and had a deep understanding of it all, but I am still learning new bits here and there. This is an incredibly well done summary and I applaud you for it!
J. S.
“The biggest scandal in American history” 2020: Hold my beer…
The transformation from Johnny Sins into Kratos is almost complete.
J. Lewis
“it’s easy to hate such a man, but it takes real guts to try to understand him.” Yeah.
Jake Servo
“Whatever the hell 2016 was.” Most accurate description I ever heard.
Complete Sentences
Nixon was a true outsider. To me, it always seemed like he went into politics and saw how the game was played and when he did the same kind of slimy stuff that all career politicians do, they flipped the script on him and pretended like it was an outrage. There’s no honor amongst thieves…and DC has been overrun with them for nearly a century.
deborah presley
Thank you Simon, for giving both sides of the story, both the bad and the good, without putting a slant of bias. Thank you for reminding the viewers that, while some bad decisions were made, that he was still a human being, and that he really did care about what he was representing… Thank you for reminding us that ALL good people can sometimes do bad things. For a man who did a lot of good and a lot of right for the American people and the world, history seems to only remember the bad and the wrong. You’re a rare treasure.
Kevin Felton
I think that this has to be your best one so far. I mean you LITERALLY made Richard Milhouse god-damned Nixon into a sympathetic figure. Bravo Simon. Bravo.
Alistair Fyendysh
Watching this on 10th January 2021. The words “The most controversial president” when describing Nixon gave rise to a wry chuckle, I have to admit.
JOHN Butler
This is really good. Simon’s comments at the end about people being more than their worst selves and their best selves are golden.
Pete Garofalo
Excellent. This was the most balanced review I have ever seen of one of the most complicated politicians in American history. Props once again to Simon and the team on a job well done.
Chiyo Hanson
Foreign policy was his forte. Every POTUS after him, sought his advice. When he went to China , the whole trip was on TV. This was huge. As big as the moon landing. I still remember it after a this time.
Abbas Zaidi
Best thing about this video is the ending. The guts to find the good in a man like Nixon. He’s always fascinated me as he was so flawed yet gifted. But politics is inevitably a popularity contest, regardless of whether you’re vision is a “righteous “ one
Mr. Whistler’s beard has so far grown past stages “Lenin” and “Castro” and is currently slowly approaching “Tolstoy”
Kristofer Alexander
2020: “The Biggest Scandal in American History” 2021: ….. “A Big Scandal in American History”
Thomas Zielke
Videos like this are why Biographics is my favorite out of all your channels. You take vilified or underappreciated figures in history and look at them close up.
Robert Edmondson
Thanks Simon, I always love the depth of your work. It’s so refreshing and so human. Thank you for keeping the standard of media up ✌
As questionable as Nixon’s policies and morals were, Donald Trump only wishes he could be as intelligent and influential
I was 11 when Nixon won in 1972 and to say I hated his guts then would be an understatement. Years later I read RN which was self serving at its best but then I read “Leaders” among 4 other books he’d written. To NOT come away with the understanding that he Was brilliant especially in the arena of geo-politics would be sad. If you need to read something of his writings read Leaders..
Had he just admitted the break-in with a “well, that’s what we do in politics”, most people would have just shrugged their shoulders. That he lied on TV blew whatever support he might have had among the American public and thus the Republican Party.
Thanks Simon. Nice summary of a complicated man who wasted energy on getting even with any perceived enemies..but managed to do some good inspite of himself.. People would later question many of Nixon’s dealings Hiss.. who we now know (and Nixon then knew ) was guilty as sin..Nixon was savvy and paranoid but he had things to worry about being discovered during Watergate. .. that had nothing to do with the break-in. Based on his later behavior.. I can’t help wonder if those “Elites” saw something in that young brilliant lawyer that really bother them…..
Frank Ingram
You did a wonderful job in this study. I have seen most of your shows but by far this one surpasses all of the others. I wish you would have made it a two-part lesson and included what you didn’t have time for in this video. God Bless my friend.
Matt A
I really do love the presentation by Simon and the information he and the team put together is such a delight. Thank you for all the effort and fantastic videos!
Greatest American political scandal in American history, so far.
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Richard Nixon’s story is that of a good man with great convictions. Whose extreme ambitions out-weighed and over powered all his convictions. “Because only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain” Richard Nixon
Marco Mac
As usual, Simon, a fair, balanced and informed Assesment. Really enjoy the quality of the videos you produce,
Love this video!! Wish it was 20 minutes longer. Would’ve loved to have heard more about his presidency, before Watergate.
Jess Adam
Love your channels! Have you thought about doing a video on Nicholas Flamel? I know he existed in history but never hear anything about the real person. All I’ve ever heard about him is in connection to the Philosopher’s stone. Many know him from being mentioned in Harry Potter or from Michael Scott’s series The Secret Life of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. I would be really excited to see a video about who he really was.
In The Zone
That was so good. Two thumbs up on a marvelous video Simon! “It is easy to hate such a man, but It takes real guts to try to understand him.”
one of the best Futurama characters! but compared to Trump, Nixon is a n00b!
Adolphus Ames
You should do some videos on infamous mobsters like Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, etc…
Jesus Machuca
Finally Simon! Ive really enjoyed the presidential Biographic videos you have done recently. Keep going!!
There was a scandal, but apart from Watergate, Nixon actually did quite a few good things. He did more for the environment than probably any other president. He created the EPA, signed the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, and more. He signed SALT, Title IX, and endorsed the ERA. I’m not saying the break-ins were good, just that the good is often overlooked.
Zman Jace
My modern history (post WW2) professor in college was semi obsessed with Nixon. He felt that if it wasn’t for his paranoia about being loved by everyone he could have been a great president. I think he was more trying to get us to think differently about well know historical figures but it’s an interesting idea.
John Porteous
“This is the tale of Richard Nixon, the most controversial president” Andrew Jackson: Am I a joke to you?
Savannah Fires
Please do one on Tommy Wiseau, one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world.
Vickie Vegas
Wow Simon you sounded like he touched your life. I am old enough to remember Richard Nixon as my president I was in the fourth grade and I went through crazy feelings not understanding his my president. Oils lie. I didn’t think they were allowed. I was very naïve. 😕 He was an amazing nan. He opened many paths I remember watching him GI to China thinking no other president has done this wow!
Question Everything
“Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.” ― Honore de Balzac
Thank you for my history lesson. I really didn’t know anything about Nixon since I wasn’t aloud to go to school. I’m on a constant battle to catch up on what I didn’t learn but it’s so hard to do as an adult. So thank you for teaching me. 🤟
Christopher Mckay
A nicely thought-out piece Simon. Well done.
Good and fair final statement, Simon. Quality video as always.
The Squire
You should be on netflix doing hour long episodes, all your clips are pretty much video libraries its awesome. thank you for your hard work.
ItsMad Lad
I am convinced simon’s beard is becoming a sentient being and holding him hostage.
Phantom Beard
Bios on other presidents like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson? Or other major historical figures such as Alexander Hamilton or Harriet Tubman Awesome as always Biographics
I was just a young lad when this came to pass, the break-in of the democratic national convention headquarters, the firestorm that ensued, and yet it all seemed like a mirage. In hindsight, he was caught up in a scandal, that caused his downfall. Sill I admire his acumen.
Elio Decolli
One of your most beautiful videos. Your closing remarks on Nixon were just what I was thinking about after you wrapped up the watergate scandal.
Patrick Schaefer
Might have to edit that thumbnail now – “2nd biggest scandal in US history”
Frank Montes
Always love how informative these videos are! I think it would be interesting to see a video about Ricardo Rossello, the only governor in Puerto Rico’s history to resign or about Puerto Rico. Island has a lot of complicated history and scandals galore. You rock Simon!
Insane Clown Puppet
If you are looking for suggestions on a biography, I would suggest John Moses Browning, the father of the modern firearm design. If you ask any firearm historian who they would pick as the most important firearm designer, Browning will almost always top the list.
Muhammad Gbadegesin
YES!!! I was just wondering to myself when he was going to do one on Nixon!!!
I was in college when the scandal became public. I was very much in denial that he was guilty at first.
Marius Wales
“A charismatic actor in the school’s drama productions.” Well, he did grow up to be a politician.
Ramses V
Very well done. That was a very well done fair commentary on Richard Milhouse Nixon, likely the most controversial President of my lifetime.
Jonathan Berumen
What an outstanding and objective view on the life of a very intriguing man. Great vid!!
This was an amazing video, I’m doing a school presentation on the U.S v Nixon and now I feel like an expert! Thank you so much!
Harry Matthews
I would love to see biographics do an episode on Jimmy Hoffa, the man who revolutionised workers rights and wages in America.
Emperor Napoléon I of France
This is a good video. Jackson, however, was actually more controversial, like some people said in the comments.
Cynthia Simpson
I remember this era well. I was 14 at the time, and I have a vivid memory of the night Nixon resigned; I flipped the channels on our old TV, and it was on every channel. As for McGovern, he is quoted as saying, “I wanted to run for President in the worst way – and I sure did.”
Jacob Snellman
Simon & crew! You mention the Clean Air Act in this video. It really was through the hard work by Clair Patterson, the man who defined the age of planet Earth! It would be great if you guys do a biographics video of Clair.
There were actually 2 break-ins at the Watergate, the first being a month before the one that lead to the arrest of the burglars. The bugs were planted in the initial break-in, they were arrested trying to replace bugs they were told were faulty. It was thanks in part to the initiative of Security Guard, Frank Wills, noticing that the door from the Watergate car parking area had been retaped after he had removed it (knowing that the cleaning staff had gone home for the night), that the police were called in the first place. Later, after Nixon’s re-election, it was revelations from the lead burglar, James McCord, about the burglars having been paid hush money to plead guilty and remain silent. McCord said to the Senate Watergate Committee, “… political pressure from the White House was conveyed to me in January 1973, by John Coalfield to remain silent, take executive clemency, by going off to prison quietly. And I was told that while there I would receive financial aid and later, rehabilitation and a job… My participation in the Watergate operation, on my part, for whatever reasons I may have had at the time, whatever rationale I may have had at the time, was an error, was a mistake, and a very grave mistake which I regret,”
Ethan Ramos
“Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty, always remember, others may hate you. But those who don’t hate win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.” Richard Nixon