Trump is sounding a lot like Nixon during Watergate – Blog

To be fair Nixons lying was much more convincing and he still had a touch of humanity about him, trump is just a joke in comparison
Trump is like the “Easy to Read Version” Bible of Nixon.
Douglas Williams
As a Canadian watching all this I still cannot believe that you guys elected a D-list celebrity as your President….. I mean seriously people, WTF?
Eerie how both are repeating the same phrases and statements. And eye opening that we just don’t seem to learn from our past mistakes as history seems to be repeating itself.
Kiera H
Notice how both of them just lied so easily? The only difference; Nixon was man enough to step down.
unlimited bits gaming
The main, major difference is that Nixon could at least speak and seem intelligent, something Trump could never do on his best day.
michael latour
Thank you for this! I have been wanting the see the similarities between these events. Terrifyingly similar.
When an accused person says “believe me”, that person is being dishonest.
Todd Schneck
Amazing how history repeats itself!
The only difference is that Nixon was a MUCH better liar than trump.
earlene wallace
For me it’s like time going backwards. I was 23-24 when we were in the midst of Watergate. The only differences are (and they are really slight) is that Nixon wasn’t a complete idiot like Trump. But he was just as crooked and paranoid as Trump is now.
I like presidents better when they aren’t criminals.
charles pecorino
Sounds like Nixon but with a limited poor vocabulary
Earth Spirit
This is a great, eye-opening video. Should be seen by all.
ThE DuCk
I asked Alexa to list Trump’s lies . She hasn’t shut the hell up in 3 days . — yard sign
Miguel Salazar
“It just doesn’t work that way” whenever something Giuuuge happens anywhere in the world, assistance is solicited from the FBI to solve the situation in a professional manner way above what any banana republic or an average democracy. It means a sense of duty and justice is inherent in American society (most of it) that feeling must prevail against the forces seeking to corrupt America’s spirit for financial gain or just to please some misguided souls on their quest for an adrenaline fix. We the people deserve better , America deserves better ; God bless America !
Jason Holtkamp
Would trade trump for Nixon no hesitation. Even if it meant we have him guaranteed in office next term as well. I know he’s a criminal but he’s still got 10x the cognitive capacity of Trump and much improved mental health… important for a president.
Shan Hussain
“When you talk about innocent, I am truly not in….volved in any form of collusion” 😂
Michael Westerland
Good one, CNN, this segment took some effort to put together and it’s appreciated. One of my favorite (legal) refs used during the Watergate era is this one: “False exculpatory statements are admissable in evidence.” See United States v. Bando, 244 F.2d 833, 842 (2d Cir.), cert. denied, 355 U.S. 844 (1957); Hope my ref is properly formatted, thanks again, CNN.
James Frank
Well, at least Nixon could read…
Silence DoGood
I wish everyone would watch this. I applaud the editors. Too many have forgotten or are too young to know
James Champaco
Truth be told-theres NO PLACE in AMERICAN politics where fear mongering and divisiveness is needed. We’ve grown and become a smarter generation.
NeymarMbaapeMessi #NMM
Trump will be impeached or he will resign or the process will begin August of this year. August 2019 will be a pivotal year in American politics and the trump presidency.
Just waiting for Trumps ”if the president does it, its not illegal” moment.
D Smith
Anytime he says believe me you can tell the lies
Picket Fence
I begged my oncologist to keep me alive until 2020 so I could die in peace knowing the reckless lawlessness of Trump is over. Anyone Else 2020 🇺🇸
D. S.
Srsly, we’ve had a whole lot of circumstantial evidence already. What we need right now are substantial findings from ongoing investigations. Only they will make a difference.
Real Talk76
Trump is 10 times the crook that Nixon was and 100 times the liar, that’s not hyperbole.
Blink Once on Sunday!
The key differences were 1. Nixon had ample political experience and 2. Nixon made it through an entire term as president before being drowned in scandal. Trump has had non-stop scandals since before he was even elected.
Shane Frasier
There’s a Nixon library? Do you just break in to take out a book?
I side on politics due to my status as an Independent Centerist but I do know when people are lying. I’ve been preaching this since the start of Trump’s presidency as he has the vernacular of a 5yr old nor to man up with the truth. Facts don’t lie, people do and it gets more dangerous if you’re employed by the government. Can’t lie about anything while under Presidential law.
R Nickerson
Yet, even with the full perspective of hindsight, Nixon sounds more believable and reasonable than Trump has ever sounded.
“I am not a colluder” – DT 2019
A couple of differences, Nixon was highly intelligent, and in the end, he put not just himself but the Country first by resigning. Yes, Nixon made a deal for a pardon, but Trump will never quit and he will pardon himself.
Kung Fu Hung-Su
4:57 “Fox has been fair” Fox has never been fair.
June Jr
Damn straight. We’ve gotten a real history lesson on what happens when power is abused. The last 9 years alone shows the ramifications of that abuse through every section of the world
Dawn SilverStone
Abusing your power is not traits of a leader it’s traits of a psychopath a selfish human being and a dictator
Tyler Smith
“When you talk about innocence, I am truly not.” -Donald J Trump
“They’re gonna pay a big price for leaking” … translation: “snitches get stitches” I get that no one likes a rat, but the majority of people who want to punish those that sold them out are 100% guilty. Anyone with siblings should know this. Its like beating up your little brother because he tattled to mom. You know what you did was wrong, & you’re just mad you got caught, so you take it out on them. It doesn’t make what you did any less wrong, because someone got you busted.
Super Performance Limited
Nixon is much much smarter than T-rump.
Cynthia Hawkins
Time, due process and, the rule of law will absolutely sort this out. I have no worry. We are not ‘being taken over’..If anything, people are gaining CLEARER understanding as this grows more heated.
It’s sad how we’re not just doomed to repeat history, but I would say in an even more abhorrent way.
Trump is half the man and twice the halfwit that Nixon was.
Ruffian Xion
‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’ – George Santanya
Cory Brown
History has a funny way of repeating itself and I shouldn’t say funny sad way of repeating itself
Greg Miller
..’history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes” Mark Twain
Vintage Camera Girl
Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Tyler Hensley
“we will find the leakers!” All he has to do is look in his Twitter feed.
Ch_ Kh
However bad Nixon was, in the end he acted like an American gentleman to gracefully bow out when the final blow came about. He needs to be acknowledged for that. Today history is repeating in American politics but the main difference being that Trump has the full backing of his party in all aspects and there in lies the danger of the nation’s very own survival.
Loveli S.
Everyone with sense knows this is history (Nixon) repeating itself!
Bill Pool
Definitely a common thread, the people uncovering their dirty deeds, are the enemy of the people!!!
To be honest Watergate sounds less litigious than the news I’ve heard from the Trump Administration.
If he’s innocent, he’ll be found innocent. If he’s guilty, he’ll be found guilty… and I don’t think he”s innocent.
DaMon Turnbull
Thank the universe for a free Press!
Never Again
How in the world does he think we believe be him when everything bit right there in front of your eyes
Any decent president facing so much evidence of scandalous behaviour should recuse him/herself!
ThePark 627
“His handling of the Russian Investigation”? How will history write his presidency in general
Evolving Soul
History will always repeat itself.
Ville Hytönen
Interesting how instead of saying “I am truly innocent”, he said “I am truly not involved..”. Like even he couldnt make a lie that fat.
Coming from an European – this whole story (while well made and probably necessary) sound like a 7 minute long deeerp restatement of the painfully obvious. I wasn’t even alive during Nixon’s time, but even from my limited exposure as a non-native of the US it’s just painfully obvious how many similarities there are. Trump is like Nixon, just a lot stupider, less calculated and an order of magnitude greater narcissism. That’s exactly why it is so painful to see how almost half the US population fails to see through the pitiful puppet-show that is going on now, because Nixon was at least a competent crook and yet he was exposed much faster. Trump is a clownish cartoon villain and yet about half the US seems to think “this is fine”. That is deeply disturbing. Not just for your sake, but for the rest of the world – because there is no escaping the fact (as much as we would like to) that what happens in the US does not stay in the US. It impacts the whole world. Personally I blame your idiotic 2-party system (and election rules) that inevitably leads to so much polarization that it’s not about what is right anymore. It’s about winning – at any cost. Nothing productive can happen for the people in such a system, no matter what philosophy you subscribe to. Trump uses the exact same rhetoric that wannabe dictators have used for centuries. He adores and makes friends with dictators and alienates historical democratic allies. I mean, for gods sake – Roger Stone literally has Nixon’s face tattooed on his body and comes out of court making the Nixon V-sign. How much more obvious could you possibly get? I struggle to think of what it would actually take at this point to make people wake up and/or remember recent history.
A reporter asked Kissinger after he met President elected Trump, “What did you tell Trump?” Kissinger, “Not too much. Trump is mostly interested in Nixon and Watergate.”
Slow and Deliberate
So many similarities that this video has me wondering if Nixon was colluding with the Russians…lol
Carol Bourrillion
History continues to be repeated
Joshua C530
check 3:00 into the video: “I fight back, if you call that obstruction that’s fine” he sees no difference from self preservation and obstruction.
Karen Toussaint
WOW — this is just crazy!!! Looks like he studied Nixon and is following in the same footsteps to try the same tactics with with deflecting — I am beyond words!!!! I have so many friends that support him and I just don’t get it — what am I missing?
Tom White
Trump should show his tax returns as promised.
Tara Aliyeva
Trump makes NIXON look like a HELLO KITTY.
So many parallels proven, yet so little action from his Republican constituents and supporters.
Herr Drumpf
Godspeed Robert Mueller.
Santiago Balestrini Robinson
History repeats itself, first as tragedy, and then as comedy… Let’s just hope Trump doesn’t do something tragic to try to distract from his crimes…
Pat Marcy
Nixon “I’m not a crook.” Trump ” I am above the law, bigly, peachy dory, believe me.Just ask my good friend, Tim Apple.I am too stupid to realize how stupid I really am.”
maddenmobiletrio 123
When you get an “impeach trump” ad 🙄. MAGA
Jimmy Lee
This video seems like the same pointless rhetoric that Fox news produces, but on the other “side” – CNN didn’t used to be this way. You people that are “deep” into politics think you’re “informed” by watching the T.V – it makes me kinda sad that no one cares about objective journalism anymore, people just want to pick a side. What’s even sadder is that I get called a “Trump supporter” because I believe in objective journalism and due-process. Personally, I would never claim someone committed a crime without evidence, even if I disliked the persons character.
Brennen Cox
5:00 “fox has been fair” if you define fair as nice to you, sure. i wonder how he’d categorize a rape victim.
Steve Taxpayer
Except with Watergate, there actually was a crime (the break-in) and then an investigation followed. Today we have an investigation without any known crime having been committed.
Sovereign Butterfly
The claims or assertions “which imply” there is a “view” being obstructed “is” a matter of opinion. This whole time “we’ve witnessed” the [view] of “no collusion” and “no obstruction” as an “illustrated narative” which mirrors “a past narative” of a cover up. This narative “has been” shifting views “away from” a claim or assertion, that “someone” has done “something” illegal or wrong. We’ve seen through “the efforts” of special prosecution “a tangible” link to “illegal activities” which those “illegal activities” have been “uncovered” and since been prosecuted. We’ve all seen on a daily tweeter “there’s no” collusion or obstruction and “any person” could argue “these instructions” to be “obstructing the views” of “the findings” of prosecution and “redirecting” those views “to fit a new narative”. Any person can argue “the narative of “no collusion, no obstruction” involves (something) in a necessary way; which directs “attention” away from involvement. Obstructing the view of “allready linked” activities “by” finding the leakers and “making them” pay a big price for leeking “suggests” an “intentional disclosure” of secret information “being leaked” which could “implicate” other people. This alegation of “presidential harrasement” is the new “narative” which again is “obstructing” the views “of” the people and “directing” attention away from “seeing” the “results of prosecution” as illegal activity “being” linked. Who’s keeping these narratives alive? Daily tweeters indicate?
shahril power
when Trump said – ” believe me” – , i ‘ ve started not to believe him
Polk For President
I’d take 8 years of Nixon over another 8 minutes of Trump!
Jonathan Izaac
This video is FULL of logical fallacies.. That said, let the investigations continue
Matt Melnarik
As a clinical psychologist we have a term called “illusory truth disorder” or “reiterated truth disorder”. It is a condition used to force a falsehood into acceptance by exponetial repetition. It is commonly used by an individual incapable of being honest, that know that they must convince someone of a fallacy, usually to advance an agenda or escape retribution. This practice is used heavily in the media, political arena, and the campaigning of causes. Its an act that was adopted by many cold war presidents, like Nixon, and is obviously still intact with Trump. Much of Trumps previous and current cabinet and campaign members have used this tactic and showed Trump how to perfect it. Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders have all used this ploy with great effect. Typically on a base, incapable of self and intellectual thought.
Great minds think alike! (pauses) (laughs until her eyes bleed)
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino reminds me of Nixon and that guy is in jail for tax evasion.
I doubt Trump would resign like Nixon, they’re similar but i get the feeling Nixon was smarter.
Trump sounds like a street thug / Mafia member who screams “wasn’t me, you got nothing, they’re a bunch of rats, etc.”…
Tony Skeate
He lies at 1.13 he smirkes as he speaks. Body language speaks to truth. TRANSPARENT means ‘Allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen’  and not  ‘NOT allowing light to pass through so that objects behind cannot be distinctly seen’ So many lies when he opens his mouth. He turns my stomach.
Can we just play trumps “denials” over and over and over again? Unlike Nixon he couldn’t even get himself to lie and say he was innocent or that he’s been transparent
Brian Allen
3:56 Trump is actually referring to himself.
Regarding the special counsel’s investigation, Trump is absolutely correct when he said of it: “There IS no nothing”.
Dean Massrer
That happens when you elect actors and entertainers
Isaac Annan Jr
Funny thing is Nixon before he died in 1994 co-signed and thought Trump would be a “good president” in the future. Nixon must’ve seen that Trump has the same personality as him…. Sometimes history repeats itself. 🤔👀💯
More of THIS CNN. No more SE CUPP diatribes, no more hiring Fox/GOP operatives, no more equivocating Ilhan Omar with the (far) alt-right, no more letting conservative partisans run their mouths spreading lies and propaganda, no more establishment bias, no more ignoring problems like income inequality and the Trump tax cuts, etc.
Ramblin' Bob
Well it’s a step-up from comparing him to Hitler I suppose.
The Don DeLuxe
One thing is certain: Nixon was far, far more eloquent than Trump.
Been thinking this for a long time.
Daisyslayer Films
In comparison, Nixon is well spoken
At D
History teaches us that we don’t learn from history.
Oh my god they really do sound the same, trump’s such a “LOOSER” 😂😂😂
zac blake
It’s kind of dangerous to get people hyped for almost 3 years, especially when Muller has likely nothing on Trump …
Schön wäre es, wenn Trump endlich sagen würde : “Thank, and good night”.
will haynes
Just history repeating itself.
Nixon, of course, also wasn’t a moron and had some respect for America and the rule of law.
Angie Huffman
How long did it take to bring Nixon down?
Robert Kenny
You know, except Nixon could speak like a human being.
Edward T Madrigal
At least Nixon resigned with what little dignity he had left. Trump’s ego would never allow him to leave unless it’s by force.
Antifoul Awl
One day Trump will utter the immortal words ‘I am not a crook’.
Darien Guy
Hopefully this ends the same way Watergate did, with the resignation and disgrace of the bum that is in the White House.
Tyler Hensley
It’s not hard to see how they could believe Nixon, he doesn’t sound like a complete moron!
“Believe me!!!”
Dana Mcnatt
This is really sad. I would have never known that Trump was this bat shit crazy.
I doubt he’ll ever admit defeat, or just simply resign. We as Americans – not Democrats, not Republicans, but Americans – need to do our part and vote him out of office either before or in November of 2020.
Chris Brooks
Really? Took until now to say this is similar to Watergate? Not like it’s happened 3 presidents in. Row or anything. 2019 when it’s a common practice we wanna talk about it
history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.
Ong Lee
Don’t ever see him really answer any questions and just hiding everything else so he won’t look as stupid as everyone knows.
tubAD _
God, I love Trump. Hispanics for Trump 2020
“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes”
Actually America has become more stable the more trump is investigated
tawonga munyanduri
So both breath air so they are the same? 😂😂😂What about other scandals like Iran contra etc or Bill Clinton lol
Compared to Watergate, Trumps crimes look like a library fine.
History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.
Alistair Razi
Trump looks very confident in spite of his problems. What’s his secret sauce?
Lock him up! Lock him up!
Brian Allen
Trump makes Nixon look like a saint.
dante hyndman
As much as republicans support trump, i guess i can respect the ride or die mentality. But i honestly am curious, how bad will it have to be, what will bob mueller have to show you for you to withdraw support?
Tiger Woods
This is why its said history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.
j b
For all the crime’s 45 has committed he is still walking free…. .. How is that possible??
John Spooner
Not a fan of Tricky Dick, but he was smart enough to resign. I doubt that Orange Julius has that kind of sense
Yt Acc
Americans should watch The Great Dictator and draw their conclusions from that.
I’m not a fan of either Trump or Nixon, but at least Nixon did some good things for the country. If it isn’t in his own self-interest, Trump hasn’t helped anyone except himself and his cronies.
Darren Orris
Trump is almost echoing Nixon…now the revelation of his ties to Li Yang a Chinese American are eerily similar to Nixon’s ties with Anna Chennault, also a Chinese American who did some sketchy stuff.
Deja Voodoo
End this nightmare before 2020 so that there will be a peaceful transfer of power
John Doe
Say and hope for all you want, American, but the fate of Trump and the answer for the question “would he step down or not” belong to the lobbyists, sponsors and corporations that happily lie in the dark. And by what I’m seeing, Trump will have his second term.
Patrick NEZ
I agree they’re similar, but at least Nixon could read.
One big difference between Trump and Nixon is that Nixon actually has some integrity (which we’ve not seen one iota of from Trump since taking office or even before) and put the American people ahead of himself by resigning. Both have tremendous egos, though. And Nixon had more intelligence in his little finger than Trump even knows how to spell.
Davy Göbel
My sincerest condolences to all those who voted against trump or were not allowed to vote.
Lynda Mitton
With you in power of our countries
“Trump is sounding a lot like Nixon during Watergate” Yup, that sounds like a statement made by a news organization… specifically, Pravda :-p
Richard Shane
I have a face I have an opinion I say let that man rock and roll drain the swamp President Trump I did not vote for you but I’m behind you as the president of these United States!!!!
Martin Morissette
As a Canadian, I wish President Trump was our Prime Minister instead of Trudeau. So we could become an international super power like we are supposed to become. Instead of a socialiste, feministe, left wing and liberal paradise, that it had become and leads to absolutely nowhere.
Charles Warren
Go Trump. Best president we ever had. Build the wall.
tony francesco
Lying is his oxygen.
King Mike
Trump is an Amazing President!!! God Bless America!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
cherie hall
We really have lost our way as a country, we now live in a society that values nothing more than MONEY! Money can buy your way out of anything! If you are rich you do not face the same justice system that the poor face! The rich can afford teams of high priced lawyers that can get them out of anything! We all know this…and Nothing ever changes! The rich get richer while the poor get poorer…That’s America!
Krautmaster 79
I like it when the orange liar is trying to make himself look like the victim!
Richard Calf
Guinness Book Of Records : Greatest Conman on Planet Earth
Zac Stiller
You can taste the salt… it is still flowing strong from 2 years ago LMAO Still YOUR PRESIDENT.
Sick Sad World
The GOP needs to be abolished.
How to cover up a lie? Flood it with millions of smaller lies
Cynthia Clark
History is repeating itself
Also Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.
Tony Franco
Heck ya CNN!!! Outstanding comparison
Herman Middleton
We can only hope that it will end up like that.or worse, like some prison time
still 2 years to go with that looney . I truly believe that if he is cornered he would do something foolish .In Russia Poetin and in America Trump we have never been so close to nuclear disaster
Jeffrey Weston
There were moments where it was hard to tell who was Nixon an who was Trump!
thinking about short-term investing in fireworks for the day Trump gets impeached or goes to jail.
Clay Menefee
Do not compare trump to nixon. Nixon welcomed the investigation. And he said if the american people didnt believe him, they could take his job.
Wow most people in the comments just assume trump is guilty but they fail to remember that these are allegations.
Trump have fox news to lie for him!😂
Imagine that…. This coming from CNN……
Can CNN not give news with a left winged color and can FOX news not give news with a right winged color? NOPE
Crypto Spin
Lets hope Nixon 2.0 is also forced to resign in disgrace. He belongs in jail for lying to the people!
Sam Obama
Wow CNN just got sued for $250 million Ouch 😂
History repeats itself
“Watergate, pump rock”
Len Ovo
OMG, put a picture of Nixon next to Adam Schiff !!! Dead ringer !! Schiff is Nixon !!!
L Stizzle
1:12 trump – when you talk about innocent, i am truly not……..
I think we all know how the fairytale for Trump will end 🤔😂
Johnny Pena
This is taking too long !!
Damian Messer
Damn CNN NOT LIKING Trump 😂😂😂 I jist love watching tue drama tbh im not against trump or for him it’s jist fun watching it
Ben Trinh
4:21 I thought he paid big prizes for leaker 😉
Suomy Nona
They are alike, so can we just fast forward to the resignation.
James Mongey
It’s quite funny to see that in the comment section it’s all democrats and no republicans. Thank God
You can keep crying over Trump and jump at the chance to reference your obsession with wanting him impeached, but you’re going to have to wait another 6 years until he’s gone. You might want to accept that the candidate you wanted lost and that’s that.
well we are waiting for the impeachment now
Ch1ppy !
So, sorry to burst democrat bubbles, but Bill Clinton did this too. I hope he’s not guilty so that we can get over it and move onto more important things.
John O
VOTE Blue!! End the GOP swamp insanity
Kevin Richardson
They both seem to suffer from sweating above their top lips …. uncanny.
Oaty Dave
Maybe trump should try and hire his old employee John Barron to hunt out who those god darn leakers are
Helping Other's
So one in Trump ear telling him what to say probably nixon 🤣🤣
David Foster
_”Sounds like Nixon…” Yeah, no shit! That’s the show you’ve been putting on for the past three years.. “Nixon 2.0” .. The tattoo on Stone’s back was a nice touch. You should have ended it last season, though.. It’s starting to get boring!
Hank Terreros
On Nixons eve of destruction I remember him saying something about beating the wife?
They sounds the same because roger stone coached both of them simple as that.
Modesto Nieves
a crook is a crook that looks like a crook😂😂😂
Clive Anderson
TOO many similarities. The only difference is back then the Republicans had the balls to stand up for what’s right.
Legacy of the Wolven
I keep on saying we’re stuck in a shitty reboot but no one seems to want to listen to me.
And Pelosi sounds a lot like Hillary…in 2016.
Tupac Shakur
His shady strategy is very wrong and unprofessional
Erica Espinosa
The similarities are eerie
Come on people, bring him down. Do the right thing.
and if you listen to his stance on immigration, he suddenly sounds a lot like Obama.
David Cohen
The Russians think we fools!
Tricky Don 😂😂
If Nixon had Fox News he would not have resigned🤔 Jeff Bezos please buy Fox News enabler network. American productivity will increase tenfold immediately,
Big K
So fbi needs to release the secret recordings on trump?!
Jim Dunne
Nixon was smart. He resigned
Imake Do
Donnie was in his prime when Nixon was president and idolized the man.
Tyler Lock
What about Ukraine trying to help Hillary get elected
Todd's Tropicals
Well in all Nixon was a better president than Trump, at least he had the decency to resign.
A con man, a liar and a cheat.
Justin Vilo
I use to worry about the propaganda like this from a so called news outlet, it’s all oppinion pieces now. I’m no longer worried, because there’s usually only 2 thousand comments on these videos. It means the people are waking up.
Jeffrey Russell Jr
Oh for the love of fuck! Give it up CNN.
Sace888 carpenter
We need to diversify our presidents they’re starting to repete each other…(obama not included)
cache .380
Hopefully trump will resign too. And goes to jail for treason.
Shahinul Islam
Wow two crooks in a pod.
yall talk that shit, but gonna lose the next election. i didnt even vote, and i found it hilarious when trump won.
Modesto Nieves
haha trump will not go with out a blast 😂😂😂😂
Koy Kiehl
Nope. We were sick of hearing about the emails, we are not sick of hearing about this.
Terence Heesch
…history repeating itself…
Nixon has way more class tho.
Thumb Print
Nixon a lot smarter and wasn’t born with a silver spoon stuck down his gullet. But both promulgate similar mistruths.
And CNN sounds alot like a book called 1984
Catherine S. Todd
There cannot be peace and legislation until this monster-in-chief is GONE NOW!
Yeah when you have a tom steyer ad you loose all credibility. You don’t even try hiding your bias CNN!!
We Are Free SD
History has repeated itself.
Troy Lee
He gave someone 1.4 million pages of documents.. 1.4mm
Sebastian Guide
Sooo are you guys going to explain what’s in the green deal?
josue valdez
All hail Lord Emperor Trump
Obama sold America and the media was quite snd put this man as the best.. very eloquent very smart.. Baaahh.. purely favoritism.. leave Trump alone. Leave him do his job.
Nan S
At lest Nixon was a bit more intelligent than the current crook.
Vlone Bandit
What about bill Clinton and his impeachment
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
So funny CNN has employees scanning YouTube comments for trash stories about trump Half the stories they run are from you tube comments That’s funny as shit that they are so desperate Thanks cnn for the daily laughs
My Voice
MAGA teen’s lawyer speaks out on $275M CNN lawsuit Donald J. Trump – “This revenge tastes tremendous. Go get them, Tod!”
Every day I wake up and journalists are still alive. Every day.
He also sounds like Clinton. A liar
Jen Bui
All conservatives and MAGA Hat Wearers should be kicked out of restaurants and establishments and kudos to those who does that.
Timothy Martino
Nixon didn’t do anything wrong lmao
At least we finally have someone new to compare Trump to hehe
Mike Anderson
Roger Stone involved with both, this is not a coincidence
Mark Nicholls
Enjoy your lawsuit!
Howard Swing
Great for Trump MAGA
And now … 😂?
Joyce Roberts
I say it is an insult to Nixon to compare him to djt.
“When you talk about innocent, I am truly… not” 🤣
Alice Milling
Soo much worse than Nixon Nixon would have been run out long before this
Thomas Tamir
CNN is starting to sound like Goebles stooges.
Both of them are creepy crooks.
Nathan Mingle
everyone in these comments so hurt trump won
Jovita M
CNN 😂😂😂😂😂
Ze Hermanator
If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck
JK Smith
really hope trump won’t get reelected in 2020. if he does, some of my liberal friends will get mental problem if they do have yet.
” ME the people ” ” by the pee hole , for the pee hole “
Okay cnn nice try smh
Crooked is as crooked does..
Steve joes
Trump derangement syndrome still going strong over here at cnn
Joseph Sliney
I like to know you remember Nixon and Watergate before the time I have a good memory downtime the TV many years ago was on TV with Walter Cronkite if you got a good memory on that you will remember Muhammad Ali on TV
I wouldn’t compare trump to Nixon I’d compare him to Al Capone
Arthur Kuntz
well Im getting 2,000.00 less on income tax this year will be cutting the cable and the newspaper to make up for this loss screwing the people only hurts the economy
colin noble
Stop the video at 41 seconds and look at Nixon’s eyes, scary
Radwulf Eboraci
Trump knows where the ‘leakers’ are … Putin has their numbers and can have them brought to any hotel in Moscow Trump wishes. (There will, however, be a small laundry charge)
Dee Dee
Videos, tell it like it is. Nothing fake here, you see it and hear it.
charles pecorino
yes the ones who can reconcile the truth from Trumps bull shit
i just watched “The Post” + and read The Burglary by Betty Medsger
Chronic Crypto
It’s exactly the same
jason shorts
I Trump y can’t they leave him alone already 😑
This was embarrassing for CNN.
🙄 and CNN sounds like Pravda during the USSR
The only difference is class
Crit Indahouse
Cough up the $500 MILLION CNN!!!!!!!!!! HaHaHaHa LMMFAO!!!!!
Matthew Rodriguez
Fox News should be renamed “The Trump Network”
N 0178
Your just now figuring this out
Victor Arevalo
Naw! I don’t see it… Is what all republicans say..
CNN is the new Alex Jones.
Dark Horse308
Put the wall on a ballot. Let the people, by the people decide. Require verifiable voter ID. No illegals allowed to vote.
Joe Rapley
So trump would be innocent if he didn’t cooperate, didnt claim he was innocent, and wasn’t upset about the allegations? How is one supposed to deal with accusations of this nature?
The Mongoose
This is a standard Presidential address for impeachment..
Peter J. Donnelly
trump is quoting nixon’s response to accusations almost word for word ! is trump watching nixon’s news clips ? just resign and save the US further disgrace !
Uriel Salas
Coincidence… I think not.
Tina Johnson
Get him out of this country! Can’t believe the US is this far gone!
Richard Edwards
Fought hard don the con
Andromeda is Coming
Is Steve Carrell narrating this?
Sophie Peraaud
I am totally transparent 🤣.
Dave Ton
The difference is Republicakkk will not impeach him, and will support him to run in 2020…..
Joseph Keenan
Nixon was much more credible.
Trumpanzee Hunter
Nixon – Intelligence = Trump
Next they will say Trump is a lot like Frank Underwood from house of cards.
Joshua Snore
When fighting back is obstruction of justice, then yes, you have committed a crime.
G Booze
Wow i feel like CNN talk about Trump more than Trump talk about his self
ms 3533
2 more years til 4 more years! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸
Larry Fish bags
Trump 2020! H for the gallows.
Paddy P
Sounds like Trudeau as well
Mikael Holmgren
Can’t stand such ignorance!!
Hi Kevin
Russia helped Trump win by creating Facebook ads? 😂😂😂 I could’ve did that. Hillary Clinton was a poor uninspiring candidate, the DNC cheated Bernie, she didn’t go to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan.
No Name
He is beating all of you daily
4 Dub
Quote me on this our next administration will pardon donold dump to save face!
ray velasquez
Remember Trump this is not 1973 this is 2019 different remember crooks goes to jail
Uncle Cookoo
Has ‘Trump’ been given a new definition? If not, why?
I think he is a good president
AchilleS SiX
Cheetolini sounds exactly like nixon; he’s nixon 2.0 on steroids.
Fuck! Seeing the comparison side by side is really hits home.
Richard B.
Jerry Springer edition Watergate.
Release the pee tapes!
CNN, how about Nick Sandmann? Mega MAGA, put those hats on!
Wearing an earpiece now? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
His whole campaigned was modeled after Nixon campaign…thanks to flat head Roger Stone
The cabinets the new closet
Steve Huwe
Striking similarities….
Lmao the music
Impeach this bum already.
Jason Larsen
Hillary still lost
wait, i thought trump was reagan, not nixon thanx cnn, constructive reporting, si si si si si
cookie pushers? back in the days that was insult ………….u goddam cookie pusher i will clean your clock ……. from a coolie pusher to a cookie grabber
Hurry up Mueller and Dems etc. cancel Trump’s new trash tv reality show Apprentice Watergate 2.0 dictator edition .
OH give a break–
Paladin Demo
Kicking and screaming like the toddler he is.
Get it, because there was no Russian collision.
Ya’ think?!?!
Another CNN video that aged extremely poorly within a week
Shame on republicans!!!
Dion Peterson
lmfao funny shit Trump will win
Zed Cartwright
Nixon looks like a choir boy next to Don the dapper don #2 Trump.
Tati Brandon
Trump sounds like a goof. I thought that Nixon was bad, but this is beyond comparison.
Truth not opinion
And CNN is reporting a lot like CNN
Stan Woo
CNN is sounding like shit since ever.
John Brown
Nixon guilty! Trump not!
The GOPoop 💩💩💩🚽😷 That’s what history will write
Stephen Richard
Hilary Clinton and Obama should be blame, as long as Hilary Clinton still walk free, nothing will ever happen to Trump.
Ricky Stansbury
Ecclesiastes 1:9 New International V What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X
I think you need help. I really do. You people have completely lost your grip on reality
Doug Grinbergs
How long before theRump crime syndicate finally dismantled? (:-(
Transparent? ?? Haha
Orange Tee
I don’t really see why it would be….
adrian jubb
Trump and Nixon. Republicans sure know how to pick their leaders
Richard Edwards
Denial all you gave . And appointments
K ZaRi
@1:12 “innothents”
eurekajim #VoteBlue2022
When Spanky McBonespurs says “Believe Me” he’s Lying.
king Mark James
Agent Orange is more like R Kelly they Believe the can Lie
Mario Comparan
america the greatest country in the world? hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Master of Mashup
Big difference not mentioned is the use of the english language. Trump sounds like a 5th grader pleading his innocence.
Cory Brown
Ann Coulter Tucker Carlson in the rest of the phone he’s at Fox News will be laughing in reporting that Donald Trump just got arrested so he better wising up
Justin Kerby
clinton news network no like trump……. wonder why?
This is a low hanging fruit comparison. At this point, I could write a better headline.
Matt Charman
Rubbish! Nixon was coherent!
dash riprock
Domocrats must really be panicking if their bringing up nixon.i would think they would rather bring up bill clintons impeachment,at least a girl was involved.
Danny Perry
What has changed in your life with trump being president? Not a dam thing! We have a semi complete wall. And some tax breaks.
The Straight Path
James comey is hell tall
zevyzev ness
He drinks water like Hitler too
Hi everybody……still don’t like him😂😂and I don’t ever think i will💯
Peter Mayer
And hopefully he will end up like tricky dicky
Lawrence BoarerPitchford
If it looks like a turd and smells like a turd, it’s probably a turd.
Haha Orange man bad!
Jj Stewart
The women in white will be his judges! not the one behind hin though .
Binary rights coming to your state government soon.
But her emails
Modesto Nieves
nixon looks like pakistany😂😂😂
M. Dieng
Trump has Twitter, Nixon had his tapes.
P Owens
Pres Trump is the best!
Bob The Builder
Trump, your just like your dad.
Pete EZ
Nixon had honor and respected the office trump has no honor but to himself.
CNN u going to be very disappointed with the Muller report. 🤣 🤣
Nixon in China
Nixon did nothing wrong
Daegda Games
Do the words… Puppy peed on the bed, Mean anything to anyone?
T to the G
CNN sounding a lot like VICE
Elmo Bennett
Every day another abomination
Donna McDonald
Both was republican president and both was very bad liar but one cut a deal so he wouldn’t go to prison and to end this sh*t.
James Dexter
Orange is the new blehkk!
Marion Baldwin
Was Nixon this stupid? And disgusting? Yeah, I guess so.
Kenny Gudz
Why am I getting recomended cnn?
Julio Reguero
Nixon was not scared of a leak of the PeePee tape.
This folks is what happens when you accidentally win the PRESIDENCY….. Let that sink in
Nixon also hated minorities like Trump. Hence, the war on drugs with Nixon and the wall with Trump.
Edward Ames Castellano
Donald ‘ No Nothing ‘ Trump. Has there ever been anyone in an important leadership role more capable of believing their own bullshit??
Music Laboratory
Nixon wishes he could put up Trump’s fkn numbers yo
Is he stupid he’s just trying to stop the investigation which we all know he’s guilty no innocent man would act like that especially holding office as president instead of being honest admit your wrong doing he keeps it up trying to fight dividing America but most Americans in my opinion are waking up to the reality of him benefiting and making money it’s about him and his family and expanding his Brands not the American Constitution
sue neil
Tick, tick,tick,tick……
Scott sabins
Nixon at least could speak normally. Trump is just a poor man’s version of a crook. Could not even spell hamburger lol
Christian H
Clinton news network
Sir Huang
This cannot be generalized. Trump and Nixon are different after all.
Is this the new order channel
Supercharged 2003
Fake news network ._ . Tbh
Christian H
Caspian Blue
Nixon, at least, knew how to speak well. tRump babbles like a fourth grader, at best!
Alessandra Wilson
This comparison is so offensive to Nixon.
@LibertyDoctrine you ok mate? Seem to have hit your head on something
Jose M.
Yan Kelecom
please like if you wanna impeach
Trevor Sandridge
Tf? I thought that Trump was Hitler? Now he’s Nixon?
Sunny Looi Chin Sun
I really pity the American, what a president you have elected, is that all you have no other better choice but Hilary is not much better
Unknown killer of the haters
CNN sounds alot like Nixon! during watergate!
Mitchell Miranda
The difference between Trump and Nixon is that the people actually elected, Nixon. What’s the difference between a pig lying dead on the road, and Trump, lying dead on the road? (There’re skid marks in front of the pig!)
Hey thats not fair, Nixon was a competent crook. Don’s just a whole new level of mess 😂😂😂
Yue Lu
Holy shit, CNN hate Trump so much
Jack Vella
Looking at the comment section I’m thinking thank fuck I’m not American
Mlchael Wray
Scott Seifert
CNN, why don’t you attempt to actually reporting real news instead of opinion? You’re a disgrace to the profession.
misa amane
No he isn’t liberal
Leona Aiguier
Nixon and angel compared to Trump
My pet worm is smarter than trump….he even won the election only by accident…..
Steve Doughnut
Hello, echo chamber.
John Paul neanderthal
Big difference Nixon was guilty Trumpy poo innocent
Trump speaks like a child. Really really…billions and billions
Alexander D.
Nice title. Keep lying to yourselves loyal cnn viewers.
Hello Bello
Everyone sounds the same in the comments. They should put the screen captcha thing before comments. All bots and NPCs here.
Chernov Brichtofen
I’d vote for Nixon instead of trump
Arkiplex 24's pottymouth videos
so history is repeating itself using Donald Trump
johan hermanns
only trumps case is way worse we talking about treason cmon what nixon did compare to trump is peanuts
Christian H
Stop the democratic propaganda
Mr Spork
Nixon was not nearly as brazen AND stupid…actually an insult to Nixon
⚔️ Davion⚔️
ROFL because he is worse
Trump won’t have to serve jail time just like Nixon didn’t have to.
Cristian Aguilar
Fake news and I am an immigrant. I unsubscribed a long time ago, main bullshit
Darling Dear
Trump is as innocent as O.J.
Ace gaming
Trump seems like a copycat. Now the last thing he needs to do is resign.
Isn’t reenactment a thing? Maybe we all misunderstood Trump.
Big Red
Elizabeth warren lied about being an engine, maybe we should impeach her from congress ? 🤣😂
Tyler Hensley
The real issue is that trump supporters will never believe anything that goes against trump no matter the evidence.
Thomas Guy
He will be remembered as the worst President in history.
Mr. Adventure
tRump definitely studied Nixon’s guide on presidential protocol.
Dirty Sock
Love the music CNN, Orange man bad, keep pushing this narrative.
If Trump has nothing to hide then he needs to shut up and let the investigation finish
Jeez, Nixon is Abe Lincoln compared to the Orange Sphincter!
Tyler Ahrens
What the fuck is this. #fakenews
Darren Spohn
The biggest difference between Trump and Nixon, Nixon won the popular vote.
Mo Fo
Fake news, getting sued for $250 million…..
Ernest Espinosa
Just IMPEACH and imprison him Meuller.
brian rawson
democrats are falling apart. The Republicans are sticking together. The Path to 270 electoral votes will be a breeze for TRUMP!
Adam F
People call it stupid watergate not for no reason
I don’t hate trump
Scorch Beatz
I don’t like socialists and or communists
Kevin Holliday
CNN is such a damn joke, it’s unreal
Stupid Watergate.
nikson shajton
Jeff Crouse
Watch for the bridge jumpers when nothing comes out in the Mueller report.
Nathan Stanley
3 years and not a single thing on trump? well ehh yah looks like two different people to me.
So what lol. Get over it people. Trump is not getting impeached. Listen to me.
lol you mean in one of the most popular state of the sotu weve seen
Scuba Steve
Liberal media sounds a lot like McCarthy.
Rockin Robin
You are also on the other side CNN. Your just pointing fingers
Owen Schell
Jeez i didnt know trump was black and nixons son
Kathleen Gooch
I’m not a crook 😀😠
Love my President 🍁 Thanks CNN. Off to FOX NEWS to get the truth.
The difference is that Nixon was a brilliant man and Trump is not.
CNN how is this news.. sounds like an opinion with ZERO EVIDENCE 😂 CLOWNS
james D.
Ewwww liberals and Democrats
Forrest Sun
Chunga Chunga Chunga Fake News Chunga Chunga Chunga
Trump is way better than Nixon
sick of liberals
Love how CNN makes up news
No Name
1000 bucks he get re-elected in 2020.
Wtf 😂😂😂😂😂 cnn needs to relax with the fake news
Dead Purple
I’ve that we haven’t had a Democratic President since Nixon
the main difference between the two is that nixon was sort of a smart crook. not trump.
Orange man bad because CNN told me.
Trump is my Vietnam hero
Jonathan Pasch
You guys are like the National Inquirer now😂😂😂
Alex Maurer
Thank God for Donald Trump. Suck on that you scream at the sky mental cases.
Johan Ludeke
Why doesn’t CNN talk about being sued for 250mil? Lmao. Nevermind.. that would be a factual story.
Marsali Beers
Why can’t CNN admit they want Trump impeached
Hadley Pleasanton
Psst… Fake News. 😉