Nixon & The Watergate Scandal Documentary – Blog

John Wiles
I almost didn’t watch this video fearing that it would be completely one-sided. I am much pleased to see that this treatment was very fair, including the bad and cynical political considerations that informed much of the decision making process in the white house. It is good to remember the many positive achievements of his administration even if many of them were abused in the time to come.
Hop On pop
Compared to what has transpired in the US in the five years ,Watergate was a blip
Who Ever
This is a great documentary and it has made me change my mind about president Nixon. I didn’t realize what an intelligent man he was nor how much he fought for peace, not just because of public pressure, but because he thought making peace was the right thing to do. I mostly knew him for cracking down on certain drugs (but not others) and I thought that was fucked up (which is was) because it ruined people’s lives even though a lot of the use of those sorts of drugs is to cope with the difficult circumstances of life and make for a better coping mechanism than a lot of other ones people have used. I have a whole lot more respect for him now. Thank you!
gift jose
The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.i think stores better have tight security because when people can’t afford to feed their families, things might get ugly.
Narration work by Rob Jones is gold. I am charmed video after video.
mike underwood
Never knew much about Nixon’s early life, he was interesting to say the least.
Cyrus The Great
Excellent work! Well done indeed!
Phinh Nanthasone
Sadly, such scandals happen too often
Not Available
I don’t really know much about this but I am curious, so this is awesome 😊❤
Tihetris Weathersby
I highly recommend people watch All the President’s men, Saw it last year it blew me away the Tension feels high as if everything is at stake
Michael Wayson
A great Statesman and a top notch environmental president. Look at what we have today. This administration would have been locked up in weeks.
Makers Mark
Richard Nixon was a great president. I disagree with many of his policies, & there is no doubt his personal paranoia lead to his downfall, but to overlook his many accomplishments is a crime.
Thank you for not putting this behind a membership paywall
AN Productions
Nixon. One of our greatest presidents. Don’t care what the haters say.
Reverend Redrum
“genocides killed thousands”…I think you forgot a few zeros there…
Scott Scottsdale
This doesn’t compare to Richard the Lion Heart or Henry II. The man known to history as Tricky Dick….
Great video, thx.
Beatrix Pluhár
😊Thanks🙂Good job👍✌
assume this video was timely released to coincide with the January sixth hearings
Raising Zion
Cant continue… the narrators voice is soooooo boring.. is he reading a book ??
Stephen Luke
RIP Richard Nixon (1913-1994)
Stephen O'Connell
the next one should be “Barack Hussein Obama and the FBI Scandals”
Ruby Honey