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Moreno Franco
Four out of Ten for the camera operator. While Shepard is pointing at something off-screen, the camera stays focused on Shepard – INSTEAD OF CUTTING to what Shepard is pointing AT. Yet, still a great presentation. I have followed Watergate since it happened. Shows how old I am.
One of Nixon/KIssinger’s greatest failures was the 1974 China trade agreement (where he gave away the farm). It set the stage for all future US/China trade deals (and there was no going back). So yes, maybe Nixon/Kissinger had a few joint successes, but lack of incite and smart China strategy would eventually wipe out American manufacturing.
fred houpt
That was interesting. Historians need to hear many points of view before they write their books. This will be a handy source to consider. Personally, Dean gives me the creeps and I have grave doubts about his motives at that time and since then. But, the clear picture will emerge over time as documents surface and are given consideration by sharp historians.
It was so thorough and well-explained presentation. Very inforimative!
Jim Hoagland’s book, ‘The Secret Agenda’ is a great expose on so much.
Mike Sanders
Lots of comments from people who clearly have next to no understanding of what Watergate was beyond what they saw on the TV. I’ve read a LOT about this subject and you only really have 2 legitimate accusations you could make against Nixon. 1) He created the circumstances which allowed people to act irresponsibly and without proper command 2) He attempted to cover up Watergate, but considered it a political containment rather than criminal. That was an error of judgment.
David John
Despite all of the conspiratorial crap, John Dean does rub me the wrong way. Gives me an opportunist vibe. However, that doesn’t make Nixon innocent
Kermit Kelly
Wait wait WAIT a sec….I guess the thing I never understood was…who was this breaking in/wiretapping going to benefit? Certainly not Nixon, he was already elected and re-elected to the presidency and not eligible to run again. Was it to benefit the next Republican nominee? That has never been clear to me.
Benoit Vanhees
OK, le’s assume Dean was pretty slippery and managed to escape a long prison sentence a) if he had such a frivolous CV, why did the White House wanted him, and gave such a critical position as that of the counsel to the president to such a relatively unexperienced guy ? I mean, Haldeman wants him so desperately, that he tries to seduce Dean by getting him to the White House with a helicopter ??? I mean, I suppose no one missed his misbehaving during his applying for the job I assume, did nobody from the WH staff asked questions about it ? Or was Dean exactly hired because he has been unethical, and did the WH wanted someone like that, someone who wasn’t too strict, too much law abiding ? b) Dean may not have told the whole truth, but didn’t Nixon in fact shoot in his own feet, by refusing to hand over the tapes, by the odd Rose Mary Woods erasing crucial (?) parts, at least about crucial meetings ? I mean, John Dean could never have done “it” all alone: if Nixon fell off his throne, Nixon himself and his staff (sloppy selection of personnel for key jobs) were largely to blame. c) Mitchell was present during the meeting with Liddy and his (in)famous gem stone charts, and what, he doesn’t rush to the president and doesn’t complain: Mr president, we have a cancer growing from within, that snotty young lawyer who was hired by Ehrlichman and that odd character Liddy are threatening your presidency, and doing all kind of completely unethical things, like one would expect of the person responsible for the Justice Department ??? So no sir, it wasn’t Dean (alone) who made the president trip, it was his whole entourage and his own odd actions. d) It still isn’t clear what the burglars were after, what kind of intelligence they hoped to collect this way. No idea whether the Rikan-theory is the right one, it sounds a bit far fetched to me. I mean, did nobody checked what Dean was doing all the time he was in the White House, how he (mis?)used his funds, either for political intelligence or for private reasons ? In that case, again, sloppy work from Haldeman, who was the chief of staff and hence, responsible to keep an eye on those adventurous springchickens turning the White House into a Madhouse. e) After hearing the exposé, it’s still not clear what the speaker’s theory is about Dean. Well, he’s slick OK, but was he a Trojan Horse for the Democrats ? An ace in the sleeve for Goldwater ? Just a disloyal guy who saved his neck, even if that meant the sinking of Nixon’s presidency ? Yet something else ???
Go Irish
This is like civil war reenactors wearing three piece suits🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Kossatz
This is a prototype of a Chewbacca defense. Sheppard confuses listeners with questioning details of no importance. To make things very clear: The testimonial Dean gave was 100 % supported by hundreds of hours of tape. Not one of his claims was wrong – even today. In twisting the facts Shepard is as talented as Nixon. Brothers-in-crime.
Dave Collins
A foundation named for Nixon. Incredible.
KundaliniGuy StoneActive
great info! great presentation
Jeff Mcdonald
There is nothing that anybody can do to explain away his criminality, when his own words showed Nixon to be a criminal.
R. William Comm
Also, the fact that so many classified documents in a burglary & cover up investigation is troubling. The Special Prosecutor’s investigation was way too broad & wrong.
gayle mc
This is nothing but a self-serving piece for Nixon. I’m glad I haven’t wasted my time going to the Nixon Library. Shepherd you were probably guilty to!
Andrew Hoyle
This is a horrendous video. We have NIXON’S own words to prove none of these theories are true and NIXON is guilty as hell!!!!!!
Larry Rouse
Get out your tin foil hats folks. This guy is going to take you down the rabbit hole.
LOL. I don’t even need to watch this, now that I noticed what the account is, and especially after reading the video notes. It is nothing but cuckoo, ridiculous Nixon apologetics.
Mark Cotton
Has anyone actually listen to the tapes? Nixon was guilty as hell, plain and simple.
This is just an apologist, trying to mitigate Nixon”s guilt. I don’t buy these conspiracy theories without some real evidence.
The current occupier of the White House makes Nixon look like Thomas Jefferson.
Sheena345 M
Read All the President’s Men.
Butch McLarty
This guy is full of it. Zero credibility.
Khaleefa Pyramids
Sean Reynolds
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Matt Heffner
I’m a big Bob Halderman fan
Srinivas Kowta
Shame upon you > Why are you still talking about this criminal any way?
John Vercellone
JJ Kouper
John Dean is a slime bucket