Never Give Up: The Richard Nixon Story – Blog

George Odeny
From the standpoint of a history student, he was a splendid man!
Here is a man that had access to the VIP box seats at sporting events but he wanted to always be in the stands…with the people. Humble man
Tony C
His story is really amazing. The extreme highs and lows in his career were very uncommon. So brilliant and humble is some ways. So lacking in morals and unable to relate in others. All of his accomplishments as president of course are overshadowed by Watergate. And his comeback as an elder statesman was a testament to him. His life is worth the study.
I get sad every time I think about how Watergate destroyed one of our greatest presidents.
Tom Starks
I Love Richard M. Nixon, A man that never gave up, Miss him dearly the best way to measure a tree is when its been cut down, the same when we look back on this mans life. He always arose to the aid to make a difference in peoples lives not only here in America but encouraged peoples around the world to not give up, A true hero
In so many of the videos you can see his genuine excitement and gratitude towards his success.
Riot Cop the Second
Truly an intellectual titan, one of the best presidents we’ve had
One of the last of the presidents who a normal person could truly relate to.
brilliant n absolutely fearless man, one of the greatest president in the 20th century. As an Aussie we loved and admired him for the great work he did for peace and his great strength to overcome n fight on. Loved his brilliant speech at Oxford.
I love him. He’ll always be my favorite President.
Bob DeLacy Jr
This never grows old. Keep this message alive.
Thomas Thompson
It was a remarkable moment in history when Kennedy won the 1960 election, because we needed Nixon much, much more in 1968 and 1972, when he won. No president who served after him has achieved as much as he achieved while in office and after. Would that we had such a man of courage and conscience among us today!
2 RAW 4 TV
I wish he was still here. 👍✌✌
Bien Kee
President Nixon – one of the truly great President of USA! Most hard working & visionary Leader of the Free World with a remarkable loyal supporting wife and family.
Regis Palmer
Although I disagreed with much of his international policies. He was the greatest of the U.S. presidents.
Great video of a great man!
TiamatXV Xianash
I’ve spoken of the supremacy of Richard Nixon’s place as a statesman, due to the key fact that he held the highest office’s of both President and Vice President for over 13 and a half years. Although a few other Presidents had combined office’s to a total of 12 years and of course FDR’s 12 plus; all them were in consecutive years. Richard Nixon’s time spanned 22 years, almost a quarter of a century and close to double his closest Presidential colleagues. The term “The Wilderness Years” has been a historic reference point for discussing Winston Churchill’s acclaimed career, and his time when he was not within the great corridors of power. Similarly from 1960 to 1968, Richard Nixon wandered in his own Wilderness. Yet perhaps this is when a gifted leader is anointed with a higher calling and if given the opportunity to once again hold high office, shall humbly endeavor to do so on an even more righteous path of leadership.
Thomas Paine
Richard Nixon, could’ve gone down as one of the greatest American Presidents!
Bryon Jackson
Happy he recognised Pats hard work.
David proudfoot
Truely one of the greatest leaders in all of history.
The Magic School Bus
2:50 “But if you don’t keep trying to make a difference, to live for a cause greater than yourself, you will die mentally. Then, you will die physically.” What an astounding character.
Based Bose
A great man and a great president!
Peter M
A True Visionary.
Cumberland Historic Cemetery Org
A great President! We need a man like him today.
T Justice
I salute you sir.
Presidential libraries are always lopsided… but I do like this man, especially from a personal point of view. He does represent reinventing oneself and never giving up…
Walter Fielding
A better man and leader than people give him credit for.
Jane Doe
Those who support Israel are persecuted and that is exactly what happened to President Nixon who was and remains the Best President. God Bless You Mr. Nixon. RIP ❤🙏
Chad Jeansonne
Great man !! Wish he was here now because we need his strong leadership.
Never realized how great of a man Nixon was, we need to start looking at him through a new perspective
A man of resilience. A striver who grew out of bottom and reached to the top.
I sure wish Nixon was around today to help with this Iranian mess.  he was in a whole other league over Obama and Kerry etc. with foreign policy.
Marco Brambilla
One of the Greatest politicians ever
Tesh Man
President Nixon has much humbleness, decency, and the potential to be a president. His outstanding performance on the international front was shadowed by the watergate. I still surprised by the modern presidents we live with.
Aries Vera
Here is a life lived in full, triumphs and tragedies. A life in full circle in the service of his fellow man.
John R Barton
The taping system apparently began with FDR. Hell, I’ll bet it’s technology has just been upgraded since.
God Bless the Nixon family ❤
Brady Patrick
Nixon was underrated!
Friedrich Wilhelm
how i would have loved to be there at that time just to experiences it all
The greatest president of the 20th century, bar none! Oh how we need a man like him now. I miss him so much.
Let us remember the partisan, media hounds pushing Watergate. American citizens MUST lead more positively and not self destruct our treasures. Our goodness and amazing resourcefulness leads the world !!! May we honor that beautiful responsibility:);)
Andy Heller
Very good video! Seeing it for the first time tonight.
David Chinna
Even the saviors perfect and pure Sinless life was despised and rejected!
Ben Wyrick
Watergate was stealing a pack of gum compared to what other Presidents/politicians have done and gotten away with. Hell, the fact that he owned up to his mistakes shows his true character and morals. Very wise man.
Hashim Awan
Alot of these things are also showed in Oliver Stone’s masterpiece Nixon 1995.
Bruh Services
Even tho watergate made me dislike him, his triumphs after losing makes me respect him
K Radz
Nixon’s insecurities are what brought him down. He grew up poor. He was smart enough to attend Harvard but because of a family illness/monetary needs, he didn’t go. He worked harder to get where he was when compared to his political rivals who grew up wealthy and connected. He was going to win reelection by a landslide but he needed to make sure thus Watergate. Even with that he was a very good president.