President Nixon’s Farewell to the White House Staff – Blog


No president has ever – EVER – had to make a speech like this. He carried it off like a champion. He rose to occasion – and surpassed it.
William Henderson
The last three minutes of this speech always brings a tear to my eye. As a man from a poor background who made good, my father could relate to “the deepest valley” quote. It was an inspiration to him and a shared experience. Nixon may have been a flawed and imperfect man – like us all. But he was not an evil man as some would have you believe. Unless you have been the president of the United States you can’t understand what it is like to walk a mile in his shoes. Think about that before you condemn him.
Tyler Lastname
Listening to this speech always makes me feel better whenever I’m going through a deep valley in my own life.
Love him or hate him Richard Nixon was one of the most interesting and complex characters in contemporary American history. A psychology class could be taught on just his paranoia alone and the remarkable effect it had on his actions as President.
Albert James
“Only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain…” 😢
Honest One
This speech surpasses his resignation speech in passion, heartfelt emotion and candor. Nixon’s touching remembrance of his mother as a Saint (12:2712:30 ) and how no books will be written about her is enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone.
Zak Aesop
Is it just me or does this speech get better the more you watch it? Stunning.
Dustin Johnson
I see the sadness in him. Greatest speech I’ve ever heard. He came from nothing and became president. God rest his soul
Calvin Duncan
I actually admire Nixon for his honesty and willingness to own up to his mistakes name another president who was willing to admit he was wrong and give the presidency to someone thought was more fit.
Like him or not, that was a magnificent speech.
Roger McIntyre
He held up pretty well for such a historic moment! I can’t even imagine what Nixon’s going through!
thomas thompson
That’s no doubt one of the greatest — and most difficult — speeches ever given by any President of the United States.
Donovan Dolan
“Others may hate you. Those who hate you only win when you hate them. And then, you destroy yourself.”
Sheeple Mike
love him,hate him he gave one heck of a speech here,without a TELEPROMPTER!
Vincent Rochette
I never thought Nixon would make me cry 😢 RIP President Nixon.
Dash Riprock
This is a remarkably somber, introspective, and ultimately inspirational speech from a man who was completely destroyed at the time. By the time of his death in 1994, history had partially vindicated President Nixon.
William Pitt
A president almost crying. Many politicians today cry in public, but as Nixon says in this address, it feels – and is often – arranged. Here, it’s different, it has a weight, because it was once expected not to cry. It adds depth to his speech.
Glenn Feuer
Nixon had a lot of political savvy. This speech was very inspirational.
bluto blutarsky
Even Bob Woodward said years later this speech was brilliant
He was truly one of our greatest presidents.
He wasn’t as bad as the media portrays him to be. I remember when he wept in public when his wife died. He unfortunately listened to many bad advisors.
He was an amazing orator. This is totally unscripted and emotive and he did more than any other President to promote peace
Memory Warrior
I think this is the greatest speech I have ever heard. So many of the paragraphs should be printed out and posted on everybody’s wall.
Zander Mort
A fascinating and moving speech. He really spoke from the heart and there was a vulnerability to him here. Makes me tear up when he speaks about his parents. A great mind but terribly flawed soul. RIP Mr President.
John Mclaughlin
this was really at its heart an inspiring speech
Jack Brady
Best speech of all time I guarantee it. This was all off the cuff
This has to be one of the greatest speeches ever made when a man is at the lowest point of his life. Being stripped from the most powerful position in the world. It’s interesting and sad the part were he said don’t hate your haters because you will only destroy yourself, and thats exactly what happened to him.
Michael Adinolfe
Probably one of the greatest speeches that a politician ever made.
Literature Today - and Yesterday...
Absolutely extraordinary. Some moments of unique lyricism. Did he prepare this speech or were parts of it pre-written? Some passages , e.g. the metaphor about the mountain and the valley are very strong.
I remember I played this for my mother, and she cried.
Rosen Saramov
The most fantastic speech I have ever heard!
ACommon1 Connectivity Llc Robert N Johnson
Common Respect. Superb and touching speech. Added to my favorites. Nixon’s an American hero regardless how imperfect. He cared about OUR COUNTRY!
GeneralM60brigade Pluss
A beautiful and troubled soul. He opened his heart so much in this speech
Tyler Lastname
Such a great speech, one of the best in history! I wish we had this in HD tho :/
Hank Logsdon
Great speech. Nixon saved the best for last. A fascinating man.
Keith Glenn
“Always give ur best, never get discouraged, never be pity” This is my motto in life.
Jim McNeely
Nixon’s mistakes are emphasized repeatedly by the media. He had many. But his accomplishments for America during the middle and later years of the 20th century are amazing in strategic policy set the stage for the end of Communism in Europe. He was a complex man, but part of his personae was a helpful, humble man who wanted to be kind to others and further his nation’s interests.
Ian Stigler
One of the great speeches in American history that hardly anyone has ever heard. Thanks for the positive sentiments President Nixon.
arthur landry
Love this speech..extemparanous and from the heart.. a great man with a flaw
Drug and Alcohol
This was Nixon’s real personality. The one he hid because of his insecurity. If he just let himself be himself more and didn’t have what I deem to be a sort of borderline personality (disorder) rooted in his childhood which was not so great (his brothers died and his parents were distant) things could have been different. Still my favourite President of the 20th century.
cynthia cook
He loved his country! I loved him then, I still love him. None of us are perfect. If only this side came out more!!!
H.E. Pennypacker
The part about his mother was touching…felt the proverbial knot in my throat. A truly complex and intelligent man. God Bless 🇺🇸🙏
This is one of my favourite speeches. I think if JFK had made this speech, it would be on posters and constantly on replay on the TV. “Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win, unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”
the kid hartford
No notes…entirely from the heart and mind.
Christ, what a speech. And mostly extemporaneous.
this is the greatest speach I’ve ever seen
He’s the 2nd president I’ve seen almost cry. When he started talking about his mother and almost cried I was kind of surprised. She won’t have any books written about her? I don’t know about that though.
John McElroy's Ghost
Hidden gem. I was 8 when this happened. I have never seen this speech. I remember my father really liked Nixon. I was confused when he told me “He has to resign.” My father loved the constitution and truth as a principle more than he liked Nixon. Stay true to your principles. Tell the truth as a principle and this will NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU. Happy fathers day Dad, Happy fathers day Richard Nixon. My mother too will have no books written about her but she too was a saint.
Frank Zen
He was president when I was born. My dad said even as a baby I’d laugh and smile when he came on screen… That fascination stuck and still exists to this day…. Best Nixon book IMHO is “Selling Of The President”
He made a huge mistake but he has so many redeeming qualities. An intelligent man and leader. This speech was very powerful. As Trump dismissed his staff from references to President Nixon I say President Trump you could not even stand in the shadows of this man !You will be remembered as one of the WORST Presidents in the history of our country!
kevbo mevbo
“I’m not an educated man, but I do read books”. Actually, he graduated from Duke University Law School.
Paul DG
I remember this so well. I was 18 and knew I was witnessing history in the making.
Nixon ended the Vietnam War,made peace with Russia and opened the door to China. I wish we could get a president like him now. This guy was awesome.
“The greatness comes, not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes…..”. Greatness. How many people today have that in their hearts. Greatness comes from succeeding against all odds, not posting a video that goes viral, not sucking up to the mob because you want to succeed and convincing yourself that you are right. Being true to yourself and fighting for it (not apologizing EVER) is a first step to becoming “great”.
Henrik Hedberg
One of the best speeches ever.
Jack Brady
Completely off the cuff speech one of the greatest OAT Completely from the heart as if he were talking to himself. God bless.
A Genius. A foreign policy expert. Such a smart leader in a difficult time, much better than the amateurs of today. He had a lot of greatness, but also insecurity played havoc with him. He was only human and the media went after him in a disgraceful way. . RIP Mr President.
Oswaldo Milano
this the best speech ever pronounced and heartfelt.his best speech!!
Honest One
—- Pres Nixon’s best speech is surprisingly his last.——– There’s so many memorable lines in this address that you could teach a college semester course on each and every quote and still fail to give all of them their proper due respect.
For all his failures and personal downfalls and issues this seems a very heartfelt speech !
Victor Kapustin
12:39 that’s when I broke down and cried. Poor guy
Always do your best never get discouraged, a great motto by a very decent patriotic guy who made mistakes, his Christian Faith is refreshing as he leaves with a touch of class and grace. May God have mercy on all of us
K Robert Schlüter
This is one of my favorite speeches of all time.
Sir Winston Lennon
His greatest speech came when he resigned.?? Great speech one of the best ever by a President.
Jay Oza
This was a great speech. This was his best moment.
Lee Fagan
Well said, especially the last sentence.
Frank Patrick
This sums up a lot. At time: 19:00 “Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win, unless you hate them. And then, you destroy yourself.”
Guy Jones
This is a great and heartfelt speech. On the verge of uncontrollable emotion. Nixon’s reference to the words of TR is an insight to what Nixon’s situation meant to him. TR was describing the death of those closest to him. Is Nixon’s situation really comparable? Perhaps to him it was. I wonder what TR would have thought about that?
Indy Wanderer
Gifted intelligent man destroyed by his own paranoia, insecurities, the political system, and bad advisors… He did a lot of bad corrupt things but I don’t think he was a monster at heart. He was a conflicted man capable of great good and evil. Overall, I find him fascinating and prefer him to most politicians of the present day who cater to the social media/politically correct/childish culture of the present day.
Dan Sable
19:05 Always give your best; never get discouraged; never be petty. Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.
jimbob jim
Im from Ireland and my dad always loved Nixon, forget Watergate in my dads eyes he could do no wrong.
James Burgmann
Sadly, this was his best speech. He spoke from the heart.
Andrew Sharisky
How can you not feel Pat Nixon’s pain while watching this?
Tanmay Mehra
A brilliant man. He had his faults. And I disagree with him more than I agree. But, this is a brilliant speech. If you listen every word, there is so much to learn.
Preto, pobre e feio
18:07“…because the greatness comes not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes and you are really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” 19:06 “Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.” its not good, ITS VERY GOOD.
Mark Campobello
Heartfelt and real. No notes or teleprompter that they all use today. Yes he made mistakes, but as president had many accomplishments especially in foreign affairs. Full honesty I have been a life long Republican, but I would take Nixon over the disaster that was Trump and the state of the party today.
John Rushworth
monumental in peace dear prince
Ali Sid
Never heard a speech so moving in my life. Wow from pakistan.
Absolutely Kumot
This made me cry i don’t know why..
Quite a fascinating guy for sure. I think if it wasn’t for his paranoia he very well could’ve been one of the best presidents America ever had.
K Warner
I thank Nixon for the EPA! a Republican who cared about the environment and planet.
JK 11
Fascinating character, story and “a tragic person” (Anthony Hopkins, who played his character). Only he knows what it is like to be forced into resigning the presidency. Touching speech.
Michael Lazuka
What is so tragic about Nixon is that he could have truly been one of the greatest Presidents, if not for his own demons. Yet those demons, and what he accomplished in spite of is what makes him great. Not just as a President, but as a man. Very shakesperian.
Beautiful farewell speech !!!
Very touching lines indeed. I’m planning to put this on my office wall.
C Rutherford
A great speech and a gifted speaker. Nixon was also clearly a man governed by his own sense of fairness and felt he did what he had to do. He had another quality critical to being a good President, one that we largely have taken for granted until now- because I believe the current occupant of the White House does not have it. And that is a sense that overall, the office he held for a time is greater than himself or any person. That he has, or had, a duty to live up to the expectations of the office and the American people. That could have been part of the reason why he resigned- and why also I believe Trump never will voluntarily. However setting his involvement in crimes aside, as well as his achievements…. imo his worst failure as President was starting us down the road of privatized hospitals with Kaiser Permanente, which began the transformation of the United States into a country which shamefully profits off its own sick, and Americans’ fear of being sick. While the rest of the world at this time moved toward guaranteeing healthcare as a right, America with Nixon’s push instead moved in the opposite direction- making illness ever more a moneymaking opportunity for some to take advantage of the rest of us. Hopefully one day, we can do better. :/
One of the greatest presidents of the 20th century!
Abhishek Singh
IMO .. Nixon never connected with audience more than here in this speech. Best farewell speech in the worst of times.
Brilliant speech. Brilliant man.
Ian Buchan
I can see why he inspired such loyalty.
Jorge Almeyda
One of the greatest Presidential speeches of all time.
Riot Cop the Second
Nixon was probably one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had. No man is perfect and the media loved to jump on Nixons flaws rather then what he did as a president. Rest in peace Mr Nixon.
Connor Daniel
you know in the age of the internet, someone would write a book about his mom, just because he said they wouldn’t
Cor Zim
One of the greatest presidents the world has never known.
moving , genuine speech by a devastated man. He made a mistake, so what ? should not be forever persecuted, tortured and defined by it. The other 44 men who held that office were not perfect be sure about that – and neither are some of the haters on here. look at yourselves first before judging others.
Fritz the Cat
Good or bad President? But definitely one of the most important!!
Hank Logsdon
Gifted intelligent man who was so insecure! He came from humble beginnings and made it to the top. I never understood why people hated him. He was only human.
He was a true patriot!
Anthony Castelli
Good god this makes me want to cry.
Allan Ostermann
Hate Nixon, love Nixon. Duality. At least, he was brilliant (and his mother cared)…Nixon had a conscience. Others may hate you, but if you hate them, they win. Beautiful today, beautiful always.
Prog Metal Drummer
Greatest POTUS of the entire 20th century bar none. I voted for him twice.
Luis Branko
Things are never black or white. And this is the best example. I believe his emotional words are heartfelt and if you only knew him from this speech you would never imagine how deep in paranoia he was and what he did to stay in office.
Andrew Pytko
One of our last truly great presidents. God bless you Mr. Nixon.
Chad Lovett
He contributed more in this 20 minute speech than the previous 6 presidents did over the last 30 years.
Truly a great president!
Tecnicos 2015
Read his books,wish I had met him.
I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I still think that – just from a purely human perspective – this is one of the most touching speeches ever made. I wish that even one Democratic OR Republican candidate could rise to this level of intelligence. Nixon was flawed beyond belief, but he was also, in some ways, one of the greatest Presidents we’ve had. I think I’m showing my age.
Scott Duffin
That was a great speech. I put him the top 10 Presidents in our history.
Filemon Ruiz
Remarkable words. Very inspiring.
Tom Donnelly
Always give your best never get discouraged never be petty always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them and then you destroy yourself RN
Ed from Queens
What a brilliant man, they just do not make them Nixon anymore!
Andrew Baroch
…the young must know it. The old must know it.
I never liked the man. But this was his greatest speech. All politicians of every stripe need to listen to this.
Dr Joseph V Russo
Remarkable man. Remarkable off the cuff speech. No TELEPROMPTER.
John Lockman
Nixon was a master politician like no other. The master of the objective correlative: a speech that focused on his dog Checkers and s speech to his staff–another words the butlers, chauffeurs and cooks and we sat watching with awe at an otherwise non event.
Beautiful speech, RN
He’s got blood on his hands but brilliant in the way he could reach out of the TV and grab you, grab your heart. Yes probably one of the best speech’s ever made.
Harris Nottas.
Sad day in history.Truly great a man.
Pils Nrimgaard
Milton Freedman once said he thought Ricard Nixon was the mose intellegent and articulate President he ever advised,and Milton advised MANY presidents on economic policy. Nixons biggest mistake was leaving the gold standard entirely
The best one I’ve seen so far. Thanks for posting.
a nice composition, inspiring, sobering well & peaceful (breath of fresh air, personally), even healing support applied at right time & space.ironic & yet consistent to my (rather to that which ive been blessed to instrument representative) bleeding heart sentiment of equality. to that i wept…
Great speech!
Undoubtedly, this speech is one of the most underrated Presidential speeches in US history. Why?– because of the context in which it was made and the fact that Nixon began it from a deficits perspective in regards to his relationship with the press. I whole-heartily agree with you that the quote you listed from R.M. is indispensable advice–however it’s cocooned by the man’s lifelong insecurities and self-hatred. Dick was a great man-but he himself never knew who that man was.
Anne S
Pat Nixion one of the great first ladies
Jorge Almeyda
One of the great presidential addresses, in my humble opinion.
Chrystal Schmitz
This mad died shortly after i understook Government…I was just a teenager. But my upmost favorite quote came from him…and I didnt know it until I was an adult. “The greatness comes not when things go always good for you. But the greatness comes when you’re really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes. Because only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” -Richard M. Nixon
Danny Ceron
What has brought me to this video starts at 13:40 after finishing watching Ken Burn’s “The Roosevelts” documentary. I remember having heard this speech about 10 or so years ago, and Nixon’s reading a passage out TR’s book is what I remember the most…
Petteri Harjula
This is a great speech by a complicated man, but not a malevolent man. It is very timely now that the current occupant of The White House is being compared to Nixon. Yet – as can be heard from this speech alone – they are men of completely different caliber. Nixon made mistakes, but did not seek personal gain. US Environmental Agency, which is being stripped down by the present administration was founded by him. Some of his principles may have been faulty, but at least he had principles.
Richard Nixon
From @11 minutes on, it is one of the greatest speeches ever The Watergate inquiry was over complicated, pressed the record button instead of the delete button. Could happen to anyone
Chris Mc Evoy
Nixon did the right thing by resigning.
Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films
His advice to not hate or those that hate you will win and you’ll be destroyed, change my life. Thank you Mr. President you’ll always be remembered.
Frank Patrick
I watch this speech at times so I don’t lose compassion for our politicians. If only they would give speeches like this when they were still in office. Looking back, so much of what happened that proved his undoing seemed so unnecessary and tragic. And he summed some of it up here. A lot of his domestic policies would seem ‘very moderate’ today, we’ve moved so far since then. And going to Chine was a huge deal. Being consumed by Watergate and his extreme reactions to the US public was too much
If only we could cross-pollinate the best of certain Presidents. Can you imagine a President embodying the best of Nixon’s and JFK’s intellect and foresight, LBJ’s ability to win over adversaries to move legislation, Eisenhower and Lincoln’s integrity, TR’s passion and love of the outdoors and real environmental conservation? Staunch Dem here, but Nixon was brilliant. Many people cite Carter as the finest example of a post-Presidency, but I think Nixon at least ties Carter’s noble final phase. Sure, Nixon was flawed, dirty in many political ways, but he saw things 10 or 12 moves of the chess board before anyone else. Yes, this is one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever seen.
Garrett Dalton
He was a great man nobody is perfect
An imperfect man, certainly, but still light years ahead of politicians today. If he could have only controlled his negative emotions better, his presidency would have been among the top 10 by far. Granted, controlling emotion is easier said than done, but would it kill Trump to at least try?!?!?!
Rik Schneider
One of the best speeches that #PresidentRichardNixon  ever gave. And had he spoked like this more often and had been more open about himself perhaps he is never forced to resign. 
brother creole
As big as a crook that Nixon was, he was undoubtedly one of the finest speakers we’ve had in office the past half century…
Julie Wortham
President Nixon’s speech humbles me……
Ashley Worden
Richard Nixon. That is the man I love! I’m so in love with him, it’s not even funny. I so wish I could have at least met him.
Cauxi Aixi Xqua
He was a Great President and fell from a high mountain …. and never broke a bone ….
Stuart Barrett
I didn’t know Nixon nor do I understand or will ever know what he went through during this TRYING time of his life. Everyone makes mistakes and goes through their “wilderness” experience. I believe that Nixon was always FOR THE PEOPLE. I believe that we all can take something from his speech and this time period that he went through. That is, always be humble and never judge because in times like this, we all need someone on our side. I’m not sure who Nixon had or did not have but the sincerity in his voice tells a story of a man that was broken, ashamed, embarrassed but wanted the forgiveness of the country….
This was right on my mind. He was also a son of the soil and worked for a 35 cents an hour research assistantship to pay his way through Duke University.
An excellent President
William Mize
Why am I so fascinated with his leaving speech? I really don’t know admiration love courage perhaps but I just don’t know kinda how I feel about the u.s.a
Martin Mitchell
Very complicated man, had great qualities, had some great achievements. Yet, ultimately destroyed by his own demons. A truly Greek or Shakespearean (spelled wrong?) tragedy of a man.
Sergey Oboroc
Not a single ”mmmmm”, ”aaaa”, ”oooo”, and alike between his words, phrases and ideas as is common all over the world when a politician starts talking over a microphone. Outstanding
Shivam Mehta
man who tried to save our culture
ali yardimoglu
Shakespearean style delivering, it is the most sincere and inspirational yet sad speech for a “never give up” “numquam desistas” President…..
swami 7774
Ben Stein at 16:31, accomplishing the difficult task of crying and chewing gum simultaneously.
Henk Molenaars
Very impressive…not matter what you may think of President Nixon’s Presidency.
Dr. Gennaro Giammarino, III
He was a great man and the smartest President we had. Today he wouldn’t have been impeached or had to resign. Sad, such good talent wasted. R.I.P. I remember him well. Dr. G. Giammarino, III
John Flynn
He had CLASS. Love him or Hate him. RIP
Thomas Pick
I love Nixon. He was a practical man. He tried his best to do what he thought was right. I disagree with our Vietnam involvement. Nixon was a moral man of high principal. JFK womanized. LBJ had his own sister murdered. Nixon did not do these immoral things. Nixon was sincere and fought against Communists in America. To pay for the Vietnam War, he took us off of the gold standard, which made our Currency worthless. Nixon was a man of principal. Not a scoundrel like Clinton. Nixon enjoyed playing the piano. At the time of this address, America was in a bad place economically. We had gone through social turmoil due to the Vietnam War, Black civil rights, feminism, economic downturn. It was a bad time in America. Poor Nixon, he had to resign due to covering up the Watergate break in.
Gabe O'Brien
What a shame. It took a disaster that would throw him out of office to finally humble him. But it’s sad because his entire life was marked by hardship, so the only way he knew how to be successful was by being tough and bending the rules. Despite everything else, you have to remember all the good things he did and try to judge him by those. I still think he was a great president with a lot more potential.
A time when the Republican party had a few shreds of morality and decency. All that is gone now. I remember watching this on television when it was broadcast live. I was 16 at the time. I remember thinking, it is too bad the President of the United States did not have a handkerchief with him.
Maryanne Melenka
I loved Nixon and I’m Canadian! Yes he screwed up because he made stupid decision s out of paranoia, weakness at time. He panicked but I still admire him. Because he fought though government a Was right to ask him to leave, even his family didn’t want him to quit. But he had no choice, but he left with dignity and grace, I think this was most touching and most heart wrenching American scene. He was sincere, the tears, so hard for him to do. Walking arm and arm to helicopter , with incredible grace! This man is a flawed man before being president, but they all are. God bless him!!, , Nixon says it all here. Still a wise man even through turmoil. This scene and probably is , be played in universities, became humanness is in government not just hyped up American image. He said you can persevere!! A grocer, s son!! Who did really work hard for what he believed In America even when wrong. Oh so heart wrenching!!!! We see Nixon the real man, who is sure shy. Americans should treasure this touching moment, compared to the last four years of Trump. This is what grace and dignity in government is , even through despair and a sad ending. This is why he is a hero to me, because of this scene. His kind smile. Good humor Ed. Frank Sinatra liked Nixon and simply said, everyone makes mistakes!!!
Richard Nixon
Love it thank you for uploading it, see the emotion when he is talking about his folks When he is talking about “”TR” and ”others may hate you” is he talking about himself in the 3rd person? Nixon ”went on” after the presidency and his hate and paranoia destroyed himself Anyway, I like Nixon , today’s politicians do a lot worse than dear old Watergate
Nixon one of the greatest presidents of all time…
David Ben-Abraham
Looking back in retrospect, President Richard Nixon was a man of exceptional qualities, with humility “crowning” his actions, if I can use such an expression.
Contemplations of a Stranger
He should have not resigned and dare his pathetic party to remove him from office. A great and successful president who lost to his own insecurity.
What a nice man I sure hope he did not do anything wrong
Boreal Boy
This appears to be an extemporaneous or at least an unscripted speech. If so it is remarkable oratory and political theatre.
Corine USA
I can still hear my parents & neighbors groan & shake their heads at Nixon’s resignation. They were all upset. Now look what we got.
Lynn Templeton
Nixon was neither railroaded, nor misunderstood. The man responsible for his downfall looked back at him in the mirror.
Jeremy Seals
I’ve always thought that the length of this was awful considering what he had done to his family. To force the wonderful Pat and beautiful daughters to stand for his self-esteem building was tactless and cruel. He still hadn’t considered how it was affecting his family.
Martha McLaughlin
one of our greatest
SlyferGaming Videos
He was a genius but an evil one
what an impressive feat
40 years later and the president still needs good “plumbers.”
Al De Niro
Better than Shakespeare, better than than Churchill, the greatest speech of all times, and the most meaningful.
Listening to his speech is reminder that Presidents are human with flaws and regrets…
Laora Arkeman
it’s a sad moment. remains me of my second beloved president, the smilling general: mr soeharto. in 1998 in jakarta, he says farewell to the people of indonesia. rest in peace mr nixon and mr soeharto. they’re both wasn’t as bad as the media portrays to be.
J Shepard
2:55 Speech starts here.
He was a brilliant politician but his short comings eventually destroyed him. If he connected to the people like this speech who knows how he would have turned out. At the end, he is a Greek tragedy, a man he could have achieved greatness but destroyed himself by trying to achieve it.
Andrew Baroch
…only when you reach the deepest valley….
Vladimir Svetashev
This is the 14th of 100 famous videos that I’m watching to make research on public speaking. I’ve already watched a few of Nixon’s speeches where he was reading intelligible words from the paper. It’s interesting to compare those speeches with a genuine talk that he presents here. Even though in both cases most of what he says doesn’t make any sense when he speaks from his heart there is a feeling of compassion that I can’t resist projecting upon him. At the same time, it makes me feel sad when I see an old man, a leader of a nation, saying that his house is the best house in the whole world ’cause it has a great heart that comes from those who serve. Other houses have only numbers of people who serve, numbers of rooms, and numbers of magnificent pieces of art.
Vladimir Putin
Rather painful to realize that Nixon in those days wasn’t particulary known for his class…. Compared to the orange fury of today Tricky Dick is a symbol of class and dignity… how far we have fallen.
David Fletcher
We need another Richard Nixon
Bill Bidwell
If only he had taken his own advice @ the 18 minute mark and beyond.
Suhail Shafeek
Great president 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Phillip Williams
40 years ago today Mr. Nixon made this speech and resigned. Say what you will about him, but he ended Vietnam before I had to go. He opened the door to China. He funded the war on cancer. I would CERTAINLY take him over our current President! I don’t excuse some things Nixon did and said, but let us remember the good he did as well.
Sharon Middleton
I love history I was little kid but you still felt the gravity.
Zachary Nascimento
Him, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln are the only three Republicans I ever respected.
Herbert Richard
The greatest president after FDR and before Obama. Period.
Charles Canterbury
Brilliant man, but sadly with some very serious character flaws. I have never understood the need for Watergate, there was no way he was going to lose in 1972, no way. But that said, it was nothing compared to some of the things other Presidents have done, both parties. Nixon’s performance reviews from superiors while in the Army in WW2, showed him performing brilliantly in every job he did. But the one thing if true I can never excuse him for is interfering in the Paris peace talks in order to extend the Vietnam War so it wouldn’t help Humpfrey in the election, if true, truly unforgivable for it surely cost American lives, downright treasonous. Complicated man.
Anatoly Luzhnykh
US is still eating what he brought to the table. One of the Greatest men of the US. He probably having coffee with T. Roosevelt atm
Matt Shaffer
That’s my favorite quite of ALL TIME!!!!!
Michael DAntonio
THAT’S A REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT – perhaps the greatest in my lifetime – just like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.
Lol people think it’s amazing that he can read a piece of paper rather than a teleprompter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
George williams
Such a noble departure. No coup, no absurd remarks. I respect this man
C-R-O-O-K! Clapping for a criminal. Way to go, WH staff.
Teresa Linton
sounds like his mother was a very nice woman
I think that close loss in 1960 was one of the reasons he would do anything not to lose…which cost him everything.
Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys
Herbert Richard
I always loved Pat Nixon.
Christian Brøndum
Great speech, Trump should listen to  it!!
John Mclaughlin
what a man of class and gravitas. the slime were and are the media
kevbo mevbo
Teddy Roosevelt’s wife that Nixon referred to passed away on the very same day, Valentine’s Day , and in the same hospital as his mother.
Gaetana Nelson
11:24 I remember my old man…
Literature Today - and Yesterday...
I think this section in which Nixon reflects on the humble origin  of his parents is lyrically extraordinary – a kind of re-run of the sentiment found in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller –  but actually much better in that slow,  poignant, yet accepting refrain about how ‘nobody will ever write a book about his mother’. I  listen to it often. I love his use of the word ‘probably’ when talking about his mother. (Did anyone ever write a book about her?) “I remember my old man. I think that they would have called him sort of — sort of a little man, common man. He didn’t consider himself that way….Nobody will ever write a book, probably, about my mother…And I think of her, two boys dying to tuberculosis, nursing four others in order that she could take care of my older brother for 3 years in Arizona, and seeing each of them die, and when they died, it was like one of her own. Yes, she will have no books written about her.”
Smiling but sad. I wasn’t born yet when Nixon resigned.
I really never hated Nixon, but I also find it hard to look at him, even now, and not feel a certain disgust. His “I’m not a crook” statement created that feeling. His own fears were his undoing. All he had to do was tell us Americans about Watergate and cooperate with investigators. His actions and decisions led to his downfall and resignation. He may point fingers and assess blame, but he just needed to look in a mirror to see the true culprit.
A classic clip of a demented, beaten man, but be sure to catch the bit at 19:00-:30. Physician, heal thyself!
Tony Walton
8:00 Nixon sweating, again, always.
I don’t know why but I am fascinated by this.
Galileocan g
All well and good, but greed and obsession for unyielding power can take someone and destroy their reputation and legacy forever. It undoes all the good things they otherwise might have done or did accomplish. Nixon in his speech simply calls his doings “mistakes”. By trivializing and minimizing his abuse of the office he was honoured enough to have been given by calling it a simple “mistake”, Nixon cast himself into a small group of Presidents who will forever more be known as “the worst Presidents in United States history”.
Giglath Plaze
I wish Nixon could come back and be our president!
Schroeders Current events
Nixon foundation must be the most underrated presidential library
Raymond Brown
This is a real man, instead of the President we have today
Jorge Espinosa
Vietnam, Watergate and all, I miss the ’70’s.
Interesting, for a man who loved & relished the power of being a politician, Nixon would always sweat like a broken fire hydrant. He perspired during the Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960, and he’s sweating at the end of his political career in 1974.
Rafael Storm
Oh, boy, could that man sweat!
Lisa Wynne-Magnuson
I only wish Trump had some time to learn from history. I wish he exercised class, dignity, poise, diplomacy and graciousness. What a great pity that his legacy will be forever tainted. Even Nixon looks like a saint now…
Lynn Templeton
Both Nixon and Reagan would be HORRIFIED— absolutely horrified– by Donald Trump, and what has become of the Republican Party.
He went into politics to become a hero, but he became the villain instead. This was his tragedy.
If it hadn’t been for Watergate, Nixon wouldn’t have given that farewell speech. He would’ve served out his entire second term.
The Gaming Kitchen
Even this guy had more grace than Trump.
Gaetana Nelson
Did anyone ever write a book about his mother?
Garfield Harrison
I forgot the the time we were living in at the time. I was enjoying my Summer Vacation as a second grader going to the Third. The Best House built by Slaves at the time of African Descent the Mr. Nixon. They were there against their will. Building that White House. He should’ve said that.
Donald Zinman
Actually Nixon was very educated. Whitter College, Duke Law School. But he always felt intimidated by Ivy Leaguers, which is foolish.
Hatred is a powerful emotion, it took down the leader of the free world, so take a lesson people are people, period.
Al M.
A speech doesn’t tell a man’s true character. Anyone can hide they true feelings and write anything
Andrew Baroch
…the young must know it… The old must know it…
Sutton 7162
I love you too , President Nixon. I was born on January 23, 1969 – just three days after you took office. I’m a lifelong Republican. I couldn’t vote for President till 88, but I’ve voted a strict Republican ticket ever since.
Patrick Crotty
History has unfortunately judged the late President Nixon’s administration primarily by Watergate. Did he make mistakes that deserved punishment?. Yes, by my overall opinion of him is that he was a good & decent man by heart. He bared his soul when he felt it was necessary to show that he was a human being first, and politician second. Compared to Obama, who got away with numerous crimes, Nixon was a pretty good guy in my book!!.
I had a good laugh when he said “Without our leadership, the world will know nothing but war, possibly starvation or worse in the years ahead.”
Jack Brady
One of the saddest speeches
Bob Walton
I am just about done with Bob Woodward’s second book about Nixon (with 3 other co authors) “The Final Days”. It is a truly amazing book to read, an insiders account of the last year and a half of the Nixon presidency. He only decided to resign in the last three days, up until then he was convinced he would be able to stay in office somehow.
R I P Richard Nixon.
I watched it live Everyone hated him They all.did
Knights Templar
For a scoundrel, he gave a good farewell speech
11:07 “This country needs…..good plumbers…” Like the Watergate Plumbers?
I look forward to some liberal wise-guy to tell us about the wonderful Jim Wright and the good-government practitioner Tony Coelho!
Jedediah Laub-Klein
He did try to launch one a whole bunch of times to the point that his staff was told to ignore him when he did that.
Its 2020, great speech
Roberto Bobo
I find him the last pleasant and amusing Republican president of the States.
Truly a great president but flawed in a detrimental way.
Boiler Room Drums
Pretty gripping theatre here. Tragic.
Brady Fry
You notice how most presidents have their library dedication about 4 years after they leave office, Nixons wasn’t dedicated until 16 years after this, did it have something to do with his circumstances surrounding leaving office
Garfield Harrison
Well at least Nixon got out like Man. No matter what he has been confused of. He stepped up to the plate and got out of there. It was the right thing for him to do in for the Country.
Bill Bidwell
His hubris, resentment and paranoia brought him down. Such a needless tragedy Nixon made the nation endure.
teddy labis
Nixon is a great president 👏
Ashwin Ramaswamy
Can someone link to the time where he cries like an insane person and then flies away?
Greatness. You do not hear that word anymore. Is greatness being a billionaire? Is greatness using influence to please your fellow billionaires? Your struggles to become great, will see more from the highest mountain. It will see mercy for ALL Americans.
Bruce Herschenson said it best, “this is the real Nixon. If people had scene this side of him more often Watergate never would have happened.”
John F. Kennedy
I first comment about Water Gate was at work in 1972. It was about 2:!5 PM in the afternoon it was the change shift. I had said you are witnessing the beginning for the resignation of the first President Of the United States and the Cold war was not over. The most poignant part of this  speech is that last 60th seconds. “Others may hate you. Those who hate don’t win if you hate them. Then you destroy yourself”  Like my father said, its okay to forgive your enemies but its not okay to forget their name.
“The top man always takes the responsibility and I’ve never ducked it.”….. 😳😳😳 #Watergate 🤣🤣🤣
Need “Good plumbers”, how appropriate
Joe Melendez
Can’t imagine Trump making a speech like this.
Terry Westbrook-Lienert
What a pity that Nixon didn’t follow his own advice that he tearfully gave his staff. His distrust and paranoid brought him low. An intelligent person who sacrificed principles for revenge and fear. Tragic.
He only develops humility after hes forced to resign
Nancy B
Trump would be up there screaming and raging calling people names, attacking his “enemies” and blaming others!
xihan hu
cant believe this happened 8 years ago.
Why was he organizing this little break in to the Democrat headquarters – such a small crime? He was a better president than most in his thoughts/deeds before and after that…
RRS the beat
Vilified by the liberal press but he was one of the greats!
Adam Nerland
Came here to see Richard Nixon weep. Thanks, Louis C.K.! And speaking of comedy legends, did anyone else notice Ben Stein @ 16:29?
Tomáš Kraus
They make everything in 3D these days! Where the heck are my glasses…
Robert Qualman
we could use him today a great Pres.
Joanne Hardin
Love him hate him is perfect. So smart, such a nasty man.
David Faas
President #RichardNixon 1969 – 1974 #blessings Sincerely Always,Dave Minnesota
George Shepherd
So, if I steal a candy bar from Walgreen’s, before losing my job would I get to make a speech too?
swami 7774
Ben Stein managed to cry and chew gum simultaneously.
Stuart, Jr Barrett
These were the good days when you could smoke indoors, especially a pipe! “How I wish it were yesterday”!
anibal cesar nishizk
Had he been chosen as the President of The United States instead of JFK,would have Vietnam war started or not?.I think the tragedy was not the murder of JFK but the way people got charmed by him during the tv debate he held with Nixon.
Clapping world record! 4min 17sec!
Ken Love
The great tragedy is that it never had to come to this. Nixon did not orchestrate the break in. Ergo, there was never a legitimate reason for the cover up. Yes – without the specter of Watergate (and quite possibly the “Pentagon Papers” scandal), this man just might have emerged from two terms as one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century. What a waste!
Liberal Rod
Nixon isn’t Trump, at least Nixon had smarts and leadership skills regardless of being a control freak.
I’m a die hard liberal. If Nixon ran today, I’d vote for him. Yes, God knows the man was not perfect, but even with the scadles, the man would be a God send these days. If he hadn’t been hoisted by his own trousers, he’d have ranked with FDR, Lincoln, and Washington
Agnew resigned due to getting caught for taking kickbacks while as Governor of Maryland.
Carlito Brigante
Nixon put up with criticism his entire political career. He was no Bill Cosby, on the “Plumbers'” list, loved, honored, and revered by everyone….If you knew what he knew about this Country, which is transparent now, you wouldn’t be such a scrupulous sweetheart, either.
Hans Johan Oei
he is the best President ever in America and very intelligents person..
lionel bergen
la seconde revolution coloree apres le reversement de De Gaulle … orchestree toujours par les memes
Karol Clark
In today world if this happened then the politician would just say “i was set up”
Prog Metal Drummer
Tricia and Julie were so pretty.
calvin nay
he made grave mistakes and fought to hold on to his presidency to the very end and hurt in the nation in the process. but in the end, his final speech was one of humility and grace. one can only imagine how Trump will handle himself in his last day in office.
Tonya Lynne
What a horribly sad thing to watch. A fall like this..
Charles Barilleaux
Damn. Nixon is subtweeting Trump from the grave.
Laura Ramirez
Interesting that he cites his father, mother, Teddy Roosevelt, yet not one word of gratitude to his wife.
Jesus is Muslim
Those who who killed JFK did not enjoy fruit of evil.
Others may hate you, but they don’t win unless you hate them. P.S. I don’t hate you Donald.
mohd fazlin
“tobacco”means any product obtained from the leaf of the Nicotina Tobacum plant or other related plants.p
Gemeral dis
Back in the old days,when Presidents were smart, AND evil…equally…
Zack Sayegh
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No script either. He was very bright.
akshay rathore
do I need 3d glasses to watch this
Mr B
Always playing I am the poor simple man in a poor little house. Never the man who punched Pat or was a drunk who waged war. My dad killed 5 Japanese is WW2 in one firefight. Never again.
Dennis Presson
Is that Ben Stein at 16:31?  Bueller?  Bueller?
Calvin Duncan
Valid point. I’m just saying, do some research before you reply to an obvious opinion. And thanks for being civil and intellectual in your reply, you don’t see that often on youtube comments.
Ashley Chase
I swear I’ll NEVER I mean Neverrrrr take HD TV for granted
James R. Hoffa
I don’t remember this at all. Oh, Christ…put on the glasses. Yeah, I must’ve been bombed.
Billy Leen
When you compare him to Trump, he shouldn’t have resigned.
Simon Bowden
Wow. “I’m not educated, but I read books”
Owain Williams
I think I feel a jowl movement coming on.
Why didn’t he destroy those tapes before they were subpoenaed? He had at least 3-4 days. He would have survived if he destroyed them
I’m not watching this whole thing. when does he weep like an insane person?
Alvin K
Lộc Mai
Obama surely needs a teleprompter to say farewell.
Anyone else confused on why he mentioned his parents, but not Pat(his wife)?
Backoff joe
Nixon has a conscience.
Alexander M
The president weeps like an insane person at 13:25. Well…. time to find that helicopter video!
He was great with foreign affairs – he just got caught – but rest assure past presidents have done worst
Ashraf el-baroudi
ask your selves this : if it was Nixon against trump in presidential elections, who would you vote for?
guy smiley
This is my kind of motherfucking President
Kris Castillo
yes thats him I happened to watch a special last night and ben stein confirmed it.
Christopher Aparicio
Donald Trump should watch this.
Pammi ASMR
President Nixon you are loved.
Ashley Chase
I swear I’ll NEVER I mean Neverrrrr take HD TV for granted
Louis C.K. brought me here
Dan Wilkerson
A very lonely guy. 37. Now 45 Beautiful mind with the best intentions . His people betrayed him.
John San Juan
He Lost Brothers To Illnesses! He Got Only One Youngest Brother!!
Robots; applauding a crime? Really?
Very sad speech, America still marches on.
Note this is how POTUS Bess McCord will leave office in “Madam Secretary”.
Michael Doyle
He is a seductive talker.  It is a con job though.  Look at his wife’s grief, the way he rudely gestures to his son in law for a book to reference.
Michel Grégoire
At last That is statemen speech.
Brian Delaney
Probably the most self-pitying speech ever delivered
Chris Mc Evoy
President Richard Nixon did the right thing by resigning.
Earl Gray
Nixon was the last republican would could deliver an intelligent speech. Reagan played dumb, Bush Sr. was too folksy. I won’t even bother to go any further.
John Garza
Why would people clap for a lawbreaker?
Anthony Maund
I think least he was better than most of the politicians of this day
Is tearing up from this OK? Yes, I’m asking you, politically correct world.
Lee Fagan
….mistakes, yes, for personal gains, NO….what other modern era President can attest to that?
jese soleshist
The spirit of John F Kennedy surround it.
Ruben Delgadillo
Nixon took off to Springfield to drink a couple of Duff Beers right after this!
Demos Theodorakakis
Trump could never make such a speech.
A. Jay
Visiting the library today. I cannot believe I lived in Yorba Linda for a few years without knowing his presidential library is there. Stupid youth.
Indeed. All his subordinates were crying.
Justin Bauk
holy cow, that IS Ben Stein at 16:29
This country needs “good plumbers” (11:14)…LOL…I wonder if he was thinking to himself then, “oh shit, bad choice of words.”
Matt Kratoville
Is it just me, or does Donald Trump make Richard Nixon look like a Sunday-school picnic??????????
Andrew Baroch
TR felt the light had gone out of his life…not so…
Candid and frank So unlucky President (T.T)
Adios, mi general
William Boynton
If Nixon could have let loose with the starch, and let people see this side of him, he might well have completed his second term….. IF the phlebitis didn’t kill him.
People smoking…good lord we have gotten so politically correct.
i’d take Watergate over what we have today
Lenny Ung
Great president I always love you,you so good heart, I will t
May I use this video for my project???? I need to make sure I don’t get any copyright issues….
the wise man, appears to be an fool
Sure beat’s Mitt Romney’s concession speach
BandC Guitars
I’ll go ahead and say it…Julie Nixon was a fox.
BKMN 101
Baby compared to Trump Nixon is an Angel of the Lord!
Ben Wyrick
Watergate was stealing a pack of gum compared to what other presidents/politicians have done and gotten away with.
Beatle McCartney
Donald Trump never had a goodbye like this at least Nixon knew when to put the country first
Peter Kierst
What self–pitying, grandiose tripe. He betrayed his oath, and his country, and had to be forced out of office by overwhelming evidence. Then shows up at a staged farewell to basically invite people to feel sorry for him.
but he didn’t cry like a crazy person like Louise CK said
James Palmieri
Disgraceful how much he was crucified for something he didnt do or know about…
Me Myself
He didn’t deserve the downfall.
jesus christ how long do they have to clap for
Wes Hunter
I’m here b/c of Ben Stein.
Ryan Miller
I wish the first thing he said was, “Oops”
Bobby Orozco
he went to my high school lol
Teresa Linton
could never be President (not that I have the qualifications) when im mad im mad–when im sad im sad (do not control feelings) seems like you have to have that trait as President
Mr B
He was number one in his class at Whittier College. What is with the no education thing. Poor, Poor pitiful me.
Michael Barnhart
Is that Ben Stein at 16:30? He was a speechwriter for Nixon and would have been 29 when Nixon resigned.
40 years ago today…
Others may hate you those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them and then you destroy yourself.
Tom Gibson
still better then trump and both bushs
Drum bum
10/10 filibuster
Joyce McSwain
At 8:39 he says no president should benifit from being president….wonder what he would think of Trumpy Bear?
Stefan Ritter von Borkenstein
Oh boy, a Kingdom for silent shutters. It sounds like he is in a birdcage.
Driving Force
No man or no woman profited at the expense of the public…. Until trump!
Man, he had a huge nose. Wait, that’s not a nose. That’s a duplex.
Lyles music
Why are they clapping lol this man committed a crime lol
Chris Real
Trying to picture President Trump doing this sort of speech.
david smith
This is went Nixon realize the truth well sit you free.
too bad there’s not a video of obama giving his farewell address
Dylan Cannon
Rigged election or not, I wish Trump went out this way.
John Smith
Nixon = 3d Obama = 2d.
Adam Kenney Friedlander
No nuclear war under his watch…
He needed better plumbers
Hatim Tim
How many mafia members are greeted like that when they stop? It says enough…
Miguel Granda
We thought he was a disgrace , But no shit Trump out did this man 100 fold
Paul Edelstein
A distant cousin Henry Kissinger
Ben Sullivan
(Fatuous comment alert, but…) I must say, David Eisenhower lucked out in getting Julie Nixon.
Laddie Meadows
The King of Sleaze.
put some insto to your eyes, and you’re set.
Tina La Placa
The year l graduated from high school
james zufelt
Jonathan Gwynne
How many people spotted a young Ben Stein at 16:29?
Andrew Baroch
Now, there’s Obama, the Clintons, Comey….KARMA.
Jonathan Pressman
Was he on the sauce in this speech?
Glenn Russell
Ford was on the Warren Commission
Lyles music
This man was a crook !!!!
Curtis McPhee
Will donnie go out this way?
Sam Bradley
45 years ago today. 😐
Matt Kratoville
What if Richard Nixon came clean on Watergate??????????
I’m surprised you don’t have more followers.
The last liberal president.
16:29 Is that Ben Stein?
Richard Schiffman
Nixon’s daughters were so pretty.